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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> reporter: as firefighters pulled piles of debris from the house, what she was seeing was not shocking. firefighters say they didn't know what they were walking into. >> every room in the hallways, kitchen, basement, first, second floor, there's debris year where. >> reporter: the fire broke out in the basement where julia's son was. he got out. they found her in the front bedroom. she was taken to temple hospital. getting to her, according to the fire department, was difficult because of the pile of stuff everywhere. >> the fire is difficult enough with the smoke and the heat, but then the amount of debris. >> reporter: she was not surprised to hear her friend did not survive. she did say she hopes she didn't suffer. >> this would be a terrible way to go. >> reporter: now, firefighters say they're still investigating what caused this fire. they do believe that it broke out in the basement. that's where the woman's son apparently was before he was able to get out on the front lawn and alert other people to get help. so the cause of the fire right
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now still under investigation reporting live from bensalem township, deanna durante. >> to another fire. neighbors knocking from door to door to get people out of this burning apartment building in old city today. cydney long found out what had renters so concerned for their safety and why they had questions for the city. her story still ahead. but now first alert weather where rain and snow showers are just out in time for work and school. some parts of the area still seeing snow today. light flakes falling as people made their way down germantown avenue in chestnut hill. >> where we saw snow earlier today on those slopes they love as much powder as possible. you're looking at camelback mountain there. glenn "hurricane" schwartz with your most accurate weather forecast. >> weather shouldn't create any problems on the roads this afternoon. big difference from this time yesterday. >> oh yeah, remember that? 24 hours to go it was snowing like crazy.
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now we have sunshine coming out, hardly any wind. you can see the turbines at lincoln financial not moving at all. we did have some rain showers briefly. they have raced out to sea. snow in lehigh valley, that's raced toward new york. and this other system in pennsylvania is not racing anywhere. it is crossing the mountains. looks like we'll be in dry conditions for the night tonight. 41 degrees in philadelphia, but 51 in dover. that's a sign of things to come. it will warm up across much of the area. 32 in allentown. a 22 degree temperature difference. 48 in vineland and atlantic city. as we go through the night tonight the temperature really isn't going to drop very much if at all in parts of the area as some of that 50-degree air from dover starts coming in, we'll just have partly cloudy skies. you rarely see this.
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temperatures holding steady with just partly cloudy skies at night. that's a sign of the atmosphere really warming up. lehigh valley a possible snow flurry by 6:00, but that's about it. as we start the day tomorrow, temperatures now into the 30s, close to the average high for this time of the year. so you know it's going to be a mild day. but it won't stay mild for the rest of the week. we'll get to that, the return of winter temperatures in a few minutes. new video into nbc 10 of a school bus fire in gloucester county. a viewer sent us this cell phone video showing us that smoky scene. no passengers were on the bus at the time and no one was hurt. we are about four hours away from learning president trump's supreme court selection. >> meanwhile, the nation's security chief is defending the president's action on immigration which is prompting emotional reaction across the country as we've been seeing. erin coleman joins us with all
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the details. >> president trump plans to announce his nominee for the supreme court tonight during an 8:00 address to the nation. two finalists neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman. hardiman is based in pittsburgh. the court has had a vacant seat since antonin scalia passed away last year. republicans refused to hold hearings on president obama's nominee following scalia's death. 900 refugees will be allowed into the united states this week despite president trump's executive order on immigration. a senior u.s. official says this group of refugees had been cleared before that order was signed. meanwhile, homeland security chief john kelly defending the order. today he denied reports that he was not given details of the order until around the time the president signed it. the order temporarily halts the
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u.s. refugee program and bans citizens of seven musl muslim-majority countries for entering the u.s. for 90 days. but today the white house press secretary disputed the word "ban." >> it's not a muslim ban or a travel ban a vetting system to keep americans safe. plain and simple. all the facts and the reading of it clearly show that's what it is. >> today's comments follow a tweet from president trump monday that read, if the ban were announced with a one week notice, the bad would rush into our country during that week. a lot of bad dudes out there. also, democrats today delayed a vote on attorney general nominee jeff sessions. the senate judiciary committee is now slated to vote on sessions' nomination tomorrow. president trump fired acting attorney general sally yates last night after she publicly
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denied to enforce his immigration ban. lawyers for an allentown family whose loved ones were turned away at philadelphia international airport you now filing a federal lawsuit. george spencer has more on the families at the center of that lawsuit. he joins us live from the breaking news center with more on this. >> that lawsuit claims the family members had valid visas and had gone through the proper channels to gain entrance to the united states. they made the announcement at city hall today shortly after filing the lawsuit. it claims the president's executive order violates the equal protection clause of the constitution by discriminating based on both nationality and religion. the sister-in-law of those sent back said she's been trying to bring her husband's family here for 13 years. >> i know by the support that we have received from lawyers, from people all around america and the world, it's just not
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american what has happened. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney echoed the family's sentiments. >> to be turned around in philadelphia, the birthplace of america and put back on the same plane to be sent back for 15 more hours to a country whose own government is gassing and bombing their own citizens, to me it's just an unconscionable cold and callous attitude about human beings. >> also today we learned of one iranian woman who was also turned away from philadelphia. her two daughters go to school here in the united states including one who attends the university of delaware. there is no lawsuit at least so far in that case. reporting live in the breaking news center i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. today pennsylvania lawmakers are considering a bill that would strip money from philadelphia and other sanctuary cities in the state under what's called sb-10.
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grant money would be cut off to more than a dozen municipalities in the commonwealth that don't cooperate with federal immigration officials. mayor kenney said that's funded by state grants that drive down crime in cities like philadelphia. new video shows a group attacking a man from behind as he walks down broad street in south philadelphia. the four men knock the victim to the ground and started punching and kicking him. police say they tried unsuccessfully to steal his cell phone, then ran off. the video was recorded back on january 10th. call philadelphia police if you know anything about that crime. a setback for the developer who wants to reopen the old revel casino. today the casino control commission ruled glen straub has to be licensed even though he plans to have a different company run the property. he purchased it two years ago. he plans to reopen the property as a hotel on february 20th. new details on legislation that would have you paying an
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extra $2 a night to stay in a hotel in atlantic city. that bill has advanced in the new jersey legislature. it would add the surcharge to each hotel room bill in ac. the money would be used to fund police and fire fighting operations in the struggling gambling resort town. pennsylvania governor tom wolfe is taking new steps to fight the state's opioid crisis. he plans to ask lawmakers for another $10 million. that money would be used to help first responders buy the overdose antidote naloxene. >> we have saved lives here in pennsylvania as a result of first responders having nal oxen. an iconic piece of real estate in downtown wilmington is changing hands. the dupont hotel will soon have a new owner. dupont has sold the building to
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a wilmington based developers. they're not releasing details on the sales price. it opened in 1913 and has welcomed several presidents. a group of philadelphia charter schools is about to go under the magnifying class. pennsylvania's auditor general office announced an ought et of the five charter schools operated by aspira incorporated. all five are based in philadelphia. aspira says it believes the decision was prompted by opponents who attempt to serve their own political agenda. betsy devos is one step closer to being the nation's education secretary. she's one of president trump's more controversial cabinet nominees. teachers unions have charged that devos intends to dismantle public education. to berks county where a building at kutztown university is in the spotlight. the faculties union has filed a complaint with the department of
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labor because of what it calls significant health insures surrounding lydell hall. it shows roaches and signs of rodents above ceiling tiles the and others that it says showed decay and corrosion. lydell hall is an education building on kutztown's campus. the faculty says it has reported problems there for years. we reached out to officials who say they aren't aware of any health issues but they are aware of the complaint. renovations are planned coming up this summer. new details in the case of an ocean county pediatrician who allegedly fail to store vaccinations properly. dr. michael blyman was prevented from participating in the medicare program. his office did not refrigerate vaccinations properly. as a result the parents of some 900 children were notified their kids may need to be revaccinated. pennsylvania state police are loosening the college requirements needed to be hired as a cadet.
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incoming cadets no longer have to obtain an associate's degree or 60 hours of college credit before applying. the cadets will still be required to meet those requirements before the training begins. it's part of a number of changes used to boost recruitment. senator cory booker is coming to the university of pennsylvania for a day. the school announced that the u.s. senator from new jersey will give the commencement address at the upcoming spring graduation. senator booker will also receive an honorary doctor of law degree. new jersey's supreme court has rejected governor chris christie's request to overrule teacher contracts. the governor asked the court to allow the state to nullify teacher contract rules in 31 mostly urban and poorer districts. the governor made the request while he attempts to create a new funding formula that would split the state's education money equally among all districts rather than giving poorer districts more money. today is the last day to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. >> you have until midnight.
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and that count down shows that it gives you less than eight hours to enroll. president trump has started the process of dismantling the health care law. anyone signed up is guaranteed coverage through the end of the year. about 11.5 million people have signed up for coverage this year. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> this group is working to save the affordable care act. they rallied outside senator pat toomey's center city office. they're calling on him to oppose repealing obamacare. >> it's one of the things you're looking at for your own interests. i'm looking out not just, no, everybody. >> today's group in center city is trying to stp the senate from confirming a number of president trump's cabinet nominees. >> without warning some old city residents were forced out into the cold while fire on the roof of the building spread quickly.
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cydney long is live in old city where inspectors are working to figure out what went wrong. no one is allowed back inside that building. >> reporter: that's right because restoration crews could easily spend the next several days if not weeks here making repairs. we're told the residents of all 24 units in these five floors will have to spend the next several days finding someplace else to call home. residents described it as a fireball, orange flames shot through the roof of this old city apartment building before 5:00 a.m. >> it turned from just smoke and seeing orange light to just fire coming down. >> reporter: now an orange uninhabitable keep out sticker is slapped on the door. park and several others who were evacuated said no smoke alarms ever sounded. >> i was freaking out. knocked on every door. >> i pulled the alarm and it didn't work. >> reporter: 25 trucks responded. >> as far as we can tell the
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fire alarms are going off in the building. >> this is not a joke. i'm banging. and i got so tired banging every door. >> reporter: we brought the fire alarm issue to the city's l & i department to ask were smoke alarms in working order. we're told the building has no known violations but it doesn't fall into a high rise category requiring routine enforcement by that office. the fire marshal's office is focused now on cause and origin. >> we have folks here looking at the fire alarm system and other building features. >> reporter: park initially spoke to us before dawn as hot spots were being doused but now the reality of what could happen is setting in. >> i slept literal 'minute ago where my bedroom is i wouldn't have been able to make it out. >> reporter: now park just a few minutes ago sent us some of these pictures the of the damage that was done inside her apartment. if you can see here, her neighbors are crediting her with saving their lives by knocking
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on door. but local fire union president of local 22 also says there's not an engine situated at the closest station at fourth and arch. we're also talking to the fire department about that to get you some answers coming up at 5:00 and 6:00 cydney long, nbc 10 news. runners get ready. the registration lottery opens tomorrow for the blue cross broad street run, runs through february 13th. the registration fee is $50. lottery selections are made at random so you'll have an equal chance no matter when you sign up. the information is available on the nbc 10 app. you can watch the race live on may 7th right here on nbc 10. a piece of american history is now in its new home in old city, philadelphia. you're looking at the tent george washington used as his headquarters during the revolutionary war. it's been installed at the new museum of the american revolution. the museum opens in april.
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the tent is the centerpiece of the museum's collection. turning to our weather, plenty of traffic out on the schuylkill at the vine street expressway. you can't blame the weather at all. today's a little bit of rain and snow cleared out before the afternoon commute. sun peeking out. >> pretty sunset behind us. glad to see it, glenn. >> quite a difference from yesterday. and we have big differences across the area, too. as you'll see, 41 degrees in philadelphia. now we're seeing a lot of sunshine, had a few sprinkles in parts of the area but temperatures a lot colder farther to the north and more clouds. lehigh valley only 32 degrees. much of tedelaware is in the 40. we had a few showers racing through, a few light snow showers as well. more in the way of snow back out to the west. so keep an eye on it to see if it does cross the mountains and cross the susquehanna river to head toward the lehigh valley or
4:18 pm
berks county. right now not showing much sign of it. futurecast shows nothing more than a couple of flurries coming through those areas over the next few hours and then things clear out. as you see, some places are not just in the 30s or 40s, as we take a look at the neighborhood temperatures. talliville is 43 degrees, glasgow 45. 46 in middletown. now let's head farther south. we've got numbers in the 50s here. 51 in harrington. 50 in ellendale and lincoln. 50 degrees at bethany beach. it's close to that at dewey beach, and rehoboth. with that southwest wind that's bringing some of the warmer air up toward the philadelphia region. so tomorrow we're going to have some more areas at 50 or above. now, that's not going to last
4:19 pm
because late this week we're going to be back to winter. temperatures in the 30s during the day, 20s at night. even teens in many of the suburbs. that's winter. saturday's going to still be cold but sunny and the latest on sunday looks like a possible mixture of rain and snow in and around the philadelphia area. a little better chance of some light snow to the north, light rain to the south. and speaking of snow, as we end the month of january, how are we compared to last winter? philadelphia 6 inches of snow this winter so far compared to 23 last winter. of course, most of that occurred in one day in that one storm. look at the difference in allentown. 32 inches last year, not even 3 inches this year. all right? let's take a look at wilmington. 17 inches last year, 4 1/2 this year. atlantic city is actually the closest to what we saw last
4:20 pm
year. 7.2 inches. notice the snowfall winner of these places this season is at the shore. over the next three days certainly too warm for snow tomorrow, near 50 in philadelphia, near 40 on thursday, 34 for the high on friday. a nice little drop there. in the suburbs, chester, bucks, mobt gomry counties, 47 to 38 to 32. lehigh valley, 44 to 36 to 29. look at these nighttime temperatures, 19 degrees there in much of new jersey with a high of only 35 friday after 50 tomorrow. 52 degrees in delaware. now, as we go through the next several days, we had the milder air coming in briefly, then an arctic shot for friday and into saturday, and then watch what happens. the warmer air starts coming back next week. i mean, big time.
4:21 pm
that's some really mild air going to come in on wednesday. but that's not going to last either. that's only going to be for a day or two. so this weekend we're talking about a cold dry day on saturday and a chance of some snow in northern areas, a mix of precipitation philly and new jersey and rain at the shore and in delaware. >> all right, glenn. to this now, facebook fatigue. >> back and forth bickering over politics has social mode ya users defriending some of their followers. >> just want everything to go back to the way it was. >> how the current political climate is changing how people interact on social media. plus an extended warranty wasn't enough to cover the repair costs on one woman's washer. how a call to harry hairston and the nbc 10 response team helped her get the money she was owed. plus ellen on the executive order. how the talk show host is using her favorite animated movie to
4:22 pm
tell a modern-day immigration story.
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ellen degeneres has found her own way to comment on president trump's executive order on immigration. she used the movie "finding dory." >> ellen provided the voice of dory in the animated movie. here she is on her show today. >> "finding doory" is about a fish named dory and dory lives in australia. and these are her parents and they live in america. i don't know what religion they are but her dad sounds a little jewish, doesn't matter. dory arrives in the america with her friends marlin and nemo and
4:26 pm
she ends up at the marine life institute behind a large wall. and they all have to get over the wall. and you won't believe it, but that wall has almost no effect in keeping them out. >> president trump reportedly screened "finding dory" with his family at the white house this past sunday. talking about a little snow and rain the past couple days. we're trying out. >> we're also warming up for the first day of february. >> that's right. we're going to have one-day warm-up to break from that. it won't last long. i'm tracking the return of the cold weather in the most accurate weather forecast. plus we're counting down until super bowl sunday and chester county's own quarterback on the field. how matt ryan says he's keeping a level ahead ahead of the biggest game of his life.
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right now at 4:00, today's snow and rain cleared out just in time for your drive home. taking a live look at the schuylkill expressway at city avenue. y with can't blame the weather for all that traffic. in margate crews worked to repair dunes that were destroyed from the most recent nor'easter that ripped through the region. the rain mix we've seen over the next couple of days. >> dry out there. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the conditions and your most accurate forecast. >> we have the sun returning as we go to the end of the day. this is in bala cynwyd right outside the station. it was not looking like this yesterday. the snow was coming down hard at least for a few minutes. we have a tremendous contrast
4:31 pm
across the area today. 32 degrees in allentown. we've had light snow, trenton only 33, but farther to the south it's 51 in dover, 48 degrees in atlantic city. you see the wind direction. some of that warmer air will be making its way across the entire area as we go through the next 24 hour. so those rain showers raced out, the light snow showers have raced out and the other areas not really moving in this direction. that looked like it's going to move up to the north of us, if at all, crosses the mountains. and temperatures tonight really don't move at all despite just partly cloudy skies, that's a sign of the atmosphere warming up as we head into the day tomorrow. now, we're starting at the mid-30s, the upper 30s, so we've got a good chance of several places getting to 50 degrees
4:32 pm
tomorrow. it's not going to last. i'll tell you about those big roller coaster temperatures coming up a little bit later. >> in today's nbc 10 responds, a woman buys extended warranty on her washer. >> but when she goes to use it, she can't get reimbursed until nbc 10 responds got involved. harry, we always wonder about those extended warrants, should we get it, shouldn't we? i's not a bad thing to have but sometimes you have to fight to make sure it will work for you. this mt. airy woman says for months her issue went unresolved but one call from us made all the dins. bo neat ta williams is a busy mom of four. the laundry can pile up. >> we try to stay on top of it. >> reporter: when the agitator of the-stopped working she ca called lowe's that's where she bought the washer. >> they weren't able to send a
4:33 pm
repair person out until the week after. >> reporter: lowe's told her to get the machine repaired on her own and the company would reimburse her. she got it fixed the same day. when she tried to get reimbursed by lowe's no results. >> i needed to submit the form. i did that, twice. they said i needed to submit a credit card receipt or proof of payment. i did that twice. >> reporter: but still no check. >> i'm frustrated. >> reporter: we contacted lowe's which told us it would work with the williams to resolve the issue. >> after i got you guys involved, a couple days later i got my check. >> and lowe's says an error in entering information caused the delay. the company has apologized to williams and is happy the concerns are resolved. williams' refund came to $198. lowe's also threw in a $25 gift card as a goodwill gesture. it all worked out in the wash. >> everything got cleaned up. >> oh, boy.
4:34 pm
>> sorry about that. >> regardless of the company, though, when they try to sell you on the extended warrants, it can be pretty convincing. often you don't know what to do. >> you have to sometimes just fight and say, listen, no you sold it to me, i'm going to use it. you have to make good on your promise. >> how did we do some. >> the recovery counter is now at $273,899. all that money back to you, our viewers, who deserved it. >> it's climbing. if you have a consumer complaint at home for nbc 10 responds, fill out the form on our website or give us a call. we'll respond to you. coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, a woman bought a gift card but was charged four times the amount? when she was only refunded some of her money, she called harry. that story tomorrow on nbc 10 news today. now here's a look at some of the other stories we're following county by county at 4:00. in delaware county new jobs are available at the marcus hook industrial complex, they're
4:35 pm
looking for full-time operator. the acme market is closing its doors. the store located on burlington mount holly road is shutting down due to underperformance. officials with the company say the move is to allocate resources to other locations. lehigh valley international airport is about to get passengers to sign up for the tsa precheck program. they can sign up in early march. the airport cut the ribbon on its new precheck lane. it allows travelers to pay a fee to get through screening without taking off their shoe, belts and jackets. ashley biden will open a lecture series tonight. she's the daughter of former vice president joe biden and the executive director of the center for justice. that's this evening in wilmington. do the negative news and
4:36 pm
opinion posts on your facebook feed have you defriending any of your followers? >> i want to be able to stay friendly with the people that i'm on facebook with. >> still ahead at 4:00, how facebook fatigue is changing the political conversation between you and your friends on social media. plus, cracking down on cyber harassment. the changes twitter is expected to announce this week. that's next at 4:00. and we have a programming note to tell you about. nbc news will have a special report on president trump's supreme court announcement, that's live here at 8:00 p.m. a new episode of the wall will air starting at 9:00 followed by -- you know it, you love it "this is us" at 10:00. chicago fire will not air tonight.
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pain is common among school aged children. the research founds it affects 6% of 10 wrlds and 18% of teenagers. girls were at a greater risk of developing lower back pain. we have a child dresser recall to warn you about. bolton furniture is recalling a thousand dressers because of serious tipover and entrapment hazards. they can become unstable if they're not anchored. they were sold in children's specialty stores across country and online. consumers should stop using the dressers right away. twitter says it will announce new measures to crack down on harassment later this week. the company has been criticized for not doing enough to protect users from online abuse. the measures are expected to include fixes to mute and block people and stop repeat offenders from creating new accounts. well, february's going to start with a break from the bitter cold, but it's not going to last long. i'm tracking that winter chill
4:41 pm
coming in for the weekend, the most accurate weather forecast. plus, a tearful tom brady, the person who made one of the toughest nfl quarterbacks choke up during super bowl media day.
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just five days from today chester county's own matt ryan will lead the atlanta falcons on to the field for super bowl li. >> ryan and the falcons will take on the new england patriots, as we all know. today kids at ryan's old grade school paid him this special tribute. 300 students at his school in exton formed this giant number 2. ryan wears that number for the falcons. he graduated from that school back in 1989. he said he is ready.
4:45 pm
>> you know, it will come down to execution and those things. we'll feel really confident and really good about ourselves and our game plan going into it. >> ryan's in his tenth season with falcons. this will be his first trip to the super bowl. he'll face the legendary tom brady. and brady got a little emotional when a 7-year-old reporter asked him who his hero is. >> who's my hero? that's a great question. well, i think my dad is my hero because he's someone that i look up to every day, and -- my dad. >> it's tom brady and the patriots versus chester county's matt ryan and the falcons in super bowl li at nrg stadium this sunday in texas. >> even tough guys can get choked up. >> absolutely. interesting to see that he'd been asked a lot of questions at that media circus, if you will,
4:46 pm
about deflategate and politics, but that's the one from the little 7-year-old. >> leave it to a youngster to come up with a good question. glenn, we want to know about our weather. >> well, it's going to get warm, then it's going to get cold, then it's going to get warm, then it's going to get cold. i literally have that kind of changes in the ten-day forecast. you can see some changes in the seven-day for your neighborhood the bottom of the screen at any time during the weathercast. it's 41 in philadelphia now, right at the average high temperature for this time of the year but it's way colder than that in the lehigh valley and much of new jersey and it's warmer than that farther to the south. and let's check out the shore with that southwest wind. it's 50 degrees in woodbine while it's 46 at cape may point. 49 at stone harbor, ventnor, summers point. 46 at may's landing and that southwest wind, look at this. making it 11 degrees warmer in atlantic city than it was this time yesterday. philly's 11 degrees warmer,
4:47 pm
coatesville, wilmington. how about dover, 18 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. but allentown is 2 degrees colder. trenton, 1 degree colder. that's why we do neighborhood weather. things sometimes you get tremendous differences across our own area. well, here's the temperature plot here. today up to about 41. tomorrow up to 50. thursday down to 40. and then going down from there a few showers in southern parts of the area have moved out. snow showers across state college not really making it across the mountains. looks like it will be dry for the rest of the night. nothing more than a couple snow flurries up towards the lehigh valley and the poconos. and now, as we go into the day tomorrow, you're going to see those temperatures go up. near 50 degrees in fairmount. 48 in tackeno, 45 at chestnut
4:48 pm
hill. i'm not expecting any precipitation. schwenksvil schwenksville. allentown where it's near freezing today. you'll see the biggest change there. vorhees township, 50 degrees. 52 in longport and in newark, delaware and that's kind of a warm day for this time of the year. but it won't be warm over the weekend. especially saturday. look at that. lehigh valley high of only 29 despite sunshine and lows at night in the teens. then on sunday it's a rather weak system coming in. it looks like it would be snow in the lehigh valley and p.a. suburbs to the north. a mix in philly and new jersey and rain at the jersey shore and in delaware. yeah, neighborhood weather. you get different weather in different neighborhoods. all right, we're gusty and colder on thursday. there's the cold air for friday, saturday and sunday, then look what happens. it warms up next week close to
4:49 pm
60 degrees and then it goes back down toward the end of the week, up and down and up and down. >> 60 degrees, nice. thanks, glenn. >> bickering over politics on facebook. >> oh, man. some on social media users say they're losing sleep over the negative opinion posts. how the political climate is creating difficult dialogue with you and your friends on your newsfeed.
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they say they are disgusted and just ready to disconnect. >> some viewers telling nbc 10 they have fatigue over their facebook feed.
4:53 pm
nbc 10's tim furlong found out how the current political climate is really changing the conversation on social media. >> at this point i'm ready to disconnect. >> reporter: rachel and many others are fed up with facebook. >> since the inauguration and the last what, eight or nine days that trump's been in office, it has been crazy. >> reporter: she doesn't really care who you voted for and she doesn't think you should care who she voted for. she's tired of the political vitriol and she's not alone. >> i feel like i'm on reality tv. >> reporter: she lines to talk politics in person but he's appalled by the name calling and the unfriending that's taking the fun out of facebook. >> i feel like i have the weight of the world on my shoulders. i'm not sleeping. >> reporter: so many comments, so many people throwing the around the facts as least as they see them. today i asked on facebook if people were getting tired the of all the political posts back and forth. guess what a lot of people chimed back in with political posts. and you did it. >> i know. i didn't mean to do it.
4:54 pm
>> reporter: lori is one of those people who happens to be a trul supporter who feels he deserves a chance to do the job. she tries to walk away from facebook fights but sometimes it's tough to resist the reply button. the anti-trump folks do it, too. >> they just sort of let it rip. >> reporter: this doctor helps folks with all sorts of relationships. social media discussions are not deep and can become a fight where people slug each other while others stand around and watch. >> do i want to win or be in a relationship sf if i want to win there's going to be a high cost to my winning. >> reporter: lots of people care about their country's future, some don't want to constantly battle it out here. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. when it turns nasty that it's really tough to keep reading. >> a lot of people on facebook and instagram to be a night respite, a relief from the nastiness. >> post some dog pictures the and stuff. >> we'll hug it out.
4:55 pm
next all new at 5:00, new jersey state police arrest one of their own for sexual assault and child pornography, plus bringing her home. two sisters tell us about their fight against president trump's travel ban and why it's keeping their own mother out of the country. that's next all new at 5:00.
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history in flames. a fire destroys people's homes in old city. now neighbors say it wasn't just the flames that put them at risk. clutter and chaos. why this mess made it difficult for firefighters to get to a woman trapped inside her home. and sisters in waiting. their mother was kept out of the country by president trump's travel ban. now they're starting a new fight to bring her home. nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 5:00, a historic building goes up in flames as neighbors rush door to door to save each other. tonight they say the fire wasn't the only thing that put them in danger. >> now firefighters are also raising concerns about safety in this old city neighborhood. nbc 10's cydney long is joining us live with new details this evening. what are the concerns here? >> jim, on this two alarm fire the concerns are two-fold, but on the forefront from furious or from frightened, rather, to furious.
4:59 pm
residents say their smoke alarms never alerted them. in fact, they didn't sound at all. they say it could have placed them directly in the line of fire on the now destroyed fifth floor. it is a ball of fire that halted acce septa service this morning. the same that dropped debris into jung park's living room. >> the roof that's not there. >> reporter: park just texted us these photos of the damage. she's still catching her breath. >> a lot of people with a lot of questions. for me, i just want to see if i have a home. i already know the answer. >> reporter: she spent critical moments banging on other residents' doors when she and the residents did not hear any smoke alarms. >> i would be asleep, probably. i'm a sound sleeper. >> without any kind of warning, if she hadn't been home, i don't know what would have happened.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: fire crews say alarms were sounding when they arrived. licenses and inspections tells nbc 10 this building isn't a high rise so it falls into a gray area on enforcement. >> the fire department got here very quickly, so i'm appreciative of that. >> reporter: local marshal says it could have been faster if the city had an engine base there. firefighters constantly battle those critical last moments and renovations of century old buildings. >> some of the older buildings don't have fire stops. basically a designated wall that goes all the way up through to the roof so that the fire doesn't pass from building to building. >> reporter: and the fire did spread to at least two adjacent buildings this morning. i just hung up with fire commissioner thiel. he did not comment if a fire wall would have made a critical difference here. he said structuring of any apparatus would fall directly on the mayor's office as it is a city budget


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