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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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snowfall depending on where you live. we have you covered if at all. >> i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. nbc10 is own the air, online. it's a snow day for thousands of kids in the area. more than 700 schools closed or delayed. some of the big one, philadelphia puck and archdiocese schools in penn, cherry hill and trenton. those are all closed. the full list is running on the bottom of the screen and the nbc10 app. we have first team coverage track be the storm and conditioning created out on the road. we begin with meteorologist bill henley. bill. >> let me show you what's happening. we have a live view, this is from philadelphia, looking across from delaware. from adventure aquarium. it's starting to change over to snow in philadelphia. and looking here at a review of the nbc10 studios. that snow that is falling, that snow, once is changes over it's going to be all snow. the wind bringing in the colder
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air. and that's why we're seeing the changeover to start off. and it's sweeping through philadelphia and now into new jersey and delaware as well. the intense rain you see to the south, it's too warm just yet as the easterly winds are pushing the warm air in from the ocean, giving a few thunderstorms at the shore. inland, cold air that's sweeping now into chester county and northern new castle county. this is what we're going to see from delaware county. it's going to take some time to happen. one of the indicators of intense snowfall. the lower the visibility, the heavier the snow. quakertown and pottstown. coatesville even heavier snowfall. temperatures drop 35 degrees in philadelphia and we're now getting snow. cold enough for snow. not necessarily cold enough to stick. as it clears down, it's going to be sticking like we've seen so far in lehigh valley and suburbs.
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and the new neighborhoods that have been in the 40s all morning have just dropped into the 30s in center city. and a few more minutes we'll see that happen in northeast philadelphia agency well. as the air cools down from north to south, we'll see that snow line dropping from philadelphia to south jersey. now that we're in the 6:00 hour, between 8:00 and 9:00, the snow will be intensify iing. this will change in the 9:00 hour in south jersey as it exits the area. and we'll have shoveling to do and we'll have difficult travel as well. krystal klei is in the weather center with me tracking things with me, and jessica boyington, as they're telling me in the control room, standing by with a look the what you'll see this morning. >> thanks, bill. we're watching route 100, exit route 113. we're watch something snow actually starting to accumulate on the roads here. you can see at least through the intersection.
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every once in a while, i see a plow exit here. we just heard from penndot a few moments ago, the best advice, make sure you stay behind the salt trucks as you're driving. you'll get most of the salt as well. you don't want to pass them for your commute. you want to definitely take your time for your commute as well. no need to rush anywhere. allentown road along ridgeade, 76 around market street, hard to even see the roads through the camera lens covered in water. you can see the traffic that's moving through this direction. that's moving towards philadelphia. you can see the water spraying out from underneath. it's definitely damp waiting noor changeover around market street. and check in with philadelphia international airport, a lot of flights are cancelled. check will before you go. three minutes past 6:00, we're starting to see snow falling here from our cameras at camelback mountain.
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and they could see 10 inches before the storm is over. also busy today, our nbc10 reporters there scattered around the area, to show you the winter conditions county by county. we begin in lehigh county where nbc10's pamela osborne is live in allentown. pamela. >> reporter: yeah, i'd say at this point, we're definitely working with about an inch here. definitely looking at the roadway. i'd say 5:50 this morning, when we saw a plow truck come through. this is how much snow has accumulated on the road this morning. and we've been making phone calls to people in allentown to see if we can get an exact number as to how many plows are on the roadway. we're still waiting for a phone call back. you can tell, we've seen quite a few back this morning. as we take a look farther down the road. this is the other thing we're talking about this morning, the visibility is not very good. we've seen drivers really taking their time this morning.
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we've talked to one guy who told us if he didn't absolutely have to go to work this morning, he probably wouldn't have. i would say that's probably your best advice, with drivers limping along trying to get to where they need to go. reporting live in allentown, i'm pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> now to nbc10's matt delucia, he's riding through berks and bucks county. >> yeah, matt is live in berks county. they have over 350 trucks according to charlie metzger. they have salt trucks ready to go. did you happen to see any driving around now? >> reporter: we have, vai and tracy. we're approaching birdsville right now. we did see a few penndot plowing the snow off the roadways. you can see it is somewhat snow-covered. the vehicles are still out here. people are heading to work or school, the ones that are still
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open, that is. we have seen a light breeze as well. in terms of the wind. the snow is blowing. for the most part, the drivers not having much difficulty here. and we'll be back again shortly. live in snow force matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> here's a live look at the mt. airy neighborhood. our ace photographer is along germantown avenue. the city is under a snow emergency and public and parochial schools are closed today. >> if you haven't moved your car from the streets around philadelphia, someone may have done that four. we have police towing cars since midnight. you can go to nbc10 for a map of those routes. and a list of city parking garages offering discounts during the storm. >> 6:06, the storm won't have the same impact on everyone as we give awe a live look at cape may. right now, it's rain and
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thunderstorms there. this is a live look at wilmington where you see it's raining there, some flakes of snow there. but not a lot. officials say state offices will open add scheduled today. let's go back to the "first alert" weather center and meteorologist bill henley with an update. bill? >> what's happened just in the last hour, we've seen a change from rain in germantown to steady snow. that's a live view from germantown. pete kane is on the job betting ready to clean the lens there. since a half hour ago, we've seen rain and a cooldown in penns landing. the cold air moves and intensifies. right here, the heavier echoes. snow falling in philadelphia and reaching into gloucester and camden counties as well. we've seen a mix, sleet and eventually all snow.
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we've seen pretty good totals. that will only be here this morning. you see the tail end to the west. it's moving past hagerstown and maryland, it's going to tamer off quickly. but we still have the commute to get to. and this rain and thunderstorm activity has popped up this morning in atlantic city. and cape may, those thunderstorms are just offshore. believe it or not, eventually, we'll get snow here as well but the totals will be much greater inland where it's been snowing for most of the morning. compared to the morning, where we'll see snow pull away. meteorologist krystal klei is standing by. >> yeah, we're looking right outside. you can see that we've got the snow coming down, heavy in areas, north of philadelphia. and then for us, we are starting to see that changeover here in philly, right here, bala cynwyd, right here, our cameras showing that. we're still talking only a
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coating 2 inches farther south. notice the blue, 3 inches. and we've tweaked these numbers. let's go neighborhood by neighborhood. right now, rely valley, berks count kutztown, in the upper part of bucks and montgomery county, higher totals, 6 to 10 inches. a viewer reported at hazleton they're around 6 inches. then the pink, 3 to 6 inches, that's still enough to make trouble on roadways. westchester to coatesville, abington right through to philadelphia. that extends into trenton where we are getting reports of snow as well. it falls through to burlington county also where we've been getting reports of sleet starting to see the changeover throughout that area. that extends from toms river as well. you go farther south and you get lower values. if you go into parts of cape may
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area, you're seating that coating of 2 inches on grassy surfaces. you see the blue in new castle county where we should see that 2 to 3 inches. and let's talk temperatures, though, as we go throughout the next few hours. 9:00 a.m., look at this. already feeling like teens outside. currently, it's feeling like low 20s in philadelphia. 19 degrees what it will feel like at 9:00 a.m., we go through your afternoon, it stays cold, feeling like 19 to 20 degrees. and then as we get into the late part of your thursday, overnight. feeling like single digits. we'll talk more about your temperature it's and track out that snow hour by hour coming up. it's 10 after 6:00, we're dealing with ice, snow, we have a couple of travel updates. we just talked to the airport. most flights in and out. septa just sent us an update saying at 7:00 a.m., weather-related detours go into effect. >> 700 schools so far have
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closed. we're constantly getting updates. right now to find out what's happening on the roads, if you're outside traveling, driving around, check in with jessica boyington. >> we've been getting text message it's on twitter as well, wondering what center city is like. a lot of people that work in center city trying to get out and about. maybe hit the gym before they try to get to work. this is what it looks like on the vine street expressway around 8th street. we're still just wet. doesn't look like any snow accumulates of course on the roads yet. right now, really is a good time to go if you have to get out the door. westbound towards the schuylkill. eastbound towards 95. we're not seeing any major problems yet. but we are watching speed restrictions. pretty much all across the board and every road we're going to get on. 45 miles an hour, speed restrictions for the schuylkill. blue route, vine street expressway, that we looked at, route 1, route 202. i could name them all, route 422
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and 309, either way, go slow out there, it's going to be dangerous especially as we see the changeover. we want to see what's happening outside your window this morning. snap a picture and send it tougs on the nbc10 app. or on facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram. nbc10 is here with you for the duration of the storm. if you're heading out, we'll check the latest forecast on facebook live. i just shared krystal klei's live facebook. that was good. >> and nbc10's tim furlong has been driving all over the place. he's checking on conditions at university city. >> announcer: the nbc10 "first alert" severe weather update is brought to you by colonial generators. never lose power again. 123450 where should you start when you're
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it's 6:16, snow is falling across the suburbs this morning. this is a live picture from plymouth meeting where you see snow-covered roads. all montgomery county courts and government offices are closed. i just got this, temple university class, delayed until 11:00 a.m. our "first alert" coverage continues with nbc10's tim furlong. >> tim is driving skyforce 10, checking on checks in philadelphia and delaware. tim, are you still there? >> reporter: no, we are on 76 west heading out towards the philadelphia zoo area. take a look, we're finally starting to see some snow falling. we had hard sleet coming down. we were stopped at a spotlight a few minutes ago, we heard a lot of pitter patter coming through on the roof too. i also wanted to mention, somebody can flag this to jessica boyington, we saw a
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truck bumped down, tractor trailer, on the southbound at schuylkill, westbound, only one lane was getting by on the right side, so take it easy through this area. you can see, it's west on the roads, overall, not too bad at this point. if you have to go out, be very careful. the traffic isn't too bad. it's still slick out here. we're going to head into the area where the hills are a killer especially on days like this one. back to you. >> tim, thank you very much. tim giving a report where he's driving. >> and road conditions. let's get you updated from across the region. >> yeah, need a little help on a day like today. on route 113, this is a great example of an intersection dealing with the snow. every once in a while, you see snowplows and salt trucks moving through the area. stay behind the trucks.
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another accident starting to top up. lower pottsgrove and lower toga road. septa reporting detours this morning. the market-frankford line dealing with problems all week. today, they're running on a regular weekday schedule and they're now having the buses supplement the passengers there as well. that's going to be back to normal as completely. 63 bus routes affected. patco is running on a special schedule. watch for delays on other mass transit. new jersey transit, watch for delays there. area bridges we're seeing speed restrictions on the walt whitman and betsy ross. down to 25 miles per hour. watch for slippery spots on the majors. >> needless to say, icy conditions, snow covered roads. let's get you to bill henley.
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>> it's not a lot of snowfall. you see shoveling in front of aaa in west chester. it starts off as rain in westchester when we went on the area at 4:00. in the last hour, snow, and now snow in philadelphia. live view from the kimmel center. that snow not accumulating yet. we're still from that warm day yesterday, the temperatures are falling so the snow line has been push to get south. that's all snow for westchester, limber rick, abington. to the south, this rain will eventually change to snow. we're seeing that happen in delaware. new castle county in delaware, we're seeing that changeover as tim furlong was telling us. that's the darker area. allentown, it's all snow for the suburbs this morning. this is where we have live pictures from allentown this morning. which shows the snow accumulating. significant accumulation a lot
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more of this storm ahead. that's a live view. you see neighborhood by neighborhood, with meteorologist krystal klei. >> yeah, reports in that area, but we still have more to come. in philadelphia, neighborhood temperatures are key this morning. we're saying yesterday, look at that, the westbound area at freezing. a lot of us close to it, manayunk, and 33, at the airport, i just checked, at the airport, ice pelts reported. and a little warmer into center city. how about in new jersey the in which neighborhoods slightly warmer, starting to see that sleet changeover in areas. voorhees, we're seeing temperatures at 34 for florence. hopewell twm for princeton at 31. we're getting reports of snow passing through mercer county. right now, we're more in a moderate rain/snow mix in the philadelphia area. it's going to turn heavy from
6:21 am
7:00 through 9:00 a.m., this is where we see our highest accumulation. very quickly, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00, everything outside of the philly area. here are the forecasts. updates this map for you just a tad. 6 to 10 inches in the northern most viewing area. 3 to 6 inches in wilmington. lower values as we go farther south. >> 6:21. we have a complete snow emergency guide on our nbc10 app which includes an app for the philly snow emergency routes. you've got to get your cars offer the roads. a list of parking garages listing discounts for you and a list of others across the region with snow emergencies. we're now more than 700 schools closed. next, we'll take a look at other headlines making news this morning. including the next step for our country's new attorney general. >> and we continue to take you county by county to show you the winter storm impact.
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>> now to other stories making headlines this morning. jeff sessions will be sworn in as u.s. attorney general. after a bitter fight, senators confirmed his nomination by a narrow vote of 52-47. some of his fellow senators applauded when the confirmation was announced. and police are continuing to investigate a deadly hit and run crash. skyforce 10 over the scene late last night. 248 and park avenue near the palmer park mall in park township. a woman died after a driver ran her over and took off. and the victims in the $227 million settlement announced yesterday the money will be split among the seven people killed and the 12 people injure
6:26 am
ready on the 2013 collapse. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington watch ing the roads right now, this is the schuylkill expressway right around university avenue area. you can definitely see snow falling on the camera right now. it's approaching on that westbound side. we've seen that go slower on the eastbound side. we'll keep an eye on that in the west of the roads. let's get a check with meteorologist bill henley. >> 95, a view from sully stadium in wilmington. it was all rain. now snow is falling. cold air squeezing into the area. much more of this storm to go. neighborhood forecast, just ahead.
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it's predicted to be the worst of the season so far. a live picture from the camelback mountain in the pocono mountains. >> you see that car driving slowly. in philadelphia, meanwhile, the temperatures are dropping and rain changing over to snow. don't be fooled that it's melting at first because a lot more is on the way. you can see what's to come on the "first alert" weather radar. this isn't exactly a cookie cutter forecast for everyone. because it will be a sharp contrast in snow totals across the area. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. we have you covered online, on air, only social media. it's snow day for thousands of kids. 750 schools closed or delayed. philadelphia public and parochial schools closed. central bucks, camden city and norristown also closed.
6:31 am
a full list on the nbc10 app. we have "first alert" team coverage tracking the storm and conditions and that are being created on the roads. we begin with meteorologist bill henley. >> storms like this is exactly why we go neighborhood by neighborhood. vai, you mentioned snow that's melting at first. check out plymouth meeting. storm ranger 10 up and surveying the area right now. that snow that is falling, accumulation not happening. the ground is still very warm after that springlike day yesterday. meantime in the pocono mountains, we saw heavy snowfall. it's starting to lighten up. this is improved condition. it will only be snow. once it changes over in your area, it will be only be snow. ocean city, this is rain. in fact, thunderstorm activity is detected on the radar. just offshore, there's echoes moving quickly to the northeast, but don't be shocked if you hear some thunder or see a flash of
6:32 am
lightning that that snow from the pocono mountains to the lehigh valley and now into philadelphia. and these darker echoes, that's where the changeover is happening. we're seeing some areas of sleet moving through new jersey, salem, glouster, camden. you see the snow falling and accumulating. of course, it's time for the morning commute which is jessica boyington's problem. she's following the latest on the "first alert" traffic center. >> just unload all of it on me, bill, that's great. watching university avenue, we had earlier a crash around south street that's cleared. we're seeing a slowdown because of that. these are the first flakes we're starting to see around the schuylkill expressway area. which by the way has a speed restriction down to 45 miles per hour as do most of our majors. over in new jersey, a bunch of things happening here. a crash on the atlantic city expressway heading eastbound
6:33 am
route 54. and another vehicle that's actually spun out in vineland. route 55 northbound around garland road. upper providence, a crash here many south park avenue. there's more and i'll be back in ten minutes with more details. >> snow is falling on the slopes on camelback mountain. it's a live look at the poconos where it's been a snowing scene. our team of reporters outside to show you what's happening county by county. let's begin with katy zachry live in westchester. good morning, katy. >> reporter: die have a yard stick. i didn't bring the ruler, vai. we have high expectations. speaking of that yard stick, let's stick it in where snow has accumulating. what i'm seeing roughly a half inch accumulating over 45 minutes or so.
6:34 am
route 3 in westchester. plows have not come by to clear the snow and slushy mess. what you're seeing is the result of light traffic that we're seeing typically on a very busy route 3. we're going to do a demonstration. i'm writing nbc10 in the snow that has accumulated so far in the pavement here. when i see you in just about 20 minutes, i'm going to show you now evidence of how quickly the snow is coming down. back to you, guys. >> nbc10's matt delucia has been riding through berks and berks county with conditions. >> matt is live. tell us how it's working. >> reporter: vai and tracy, we have seen slick conditions. let's go ahead and give you a look here. you can see the vehicles in front of us here. taking it extra slow, being cautious as we should expect on a day like this.
6:35 am
it's 422, we're approaching the royalsford area, you see the snow-covered cars. people have to get out there and get ready for the drive this morning. so they are taking it slow. a little slick snow cover. penndot has been out there as well. you see some of the coating on the side of the road as well. we are getting accumulations. now live in storm force 10, matt delucia. >> the majority of flights are cancel add philly international because of the storm. >> we just checked with them, the airport is open, with trucks battling the snow to get ready to open as soon as possible. make sure you check with your carri carrier. nbc10 is at the huntington park with 300 trucks rolling out. officials say the timing of the storm is especially challenging because the heaviest snow
6:36 am
expected at rush hour. >> we just talked to charlie metzger from penndot who said the best place to be is behind the plow. don't try to pass. here's a live picture from delaware county in state street and media. government county courthouse and government center in media are both closed today. all morning we've been watching the change over happen. we know courts and government offices are closed in montgomery county. we just mentioned delaware county. camden county because of the snow today. >> we have more than 700 school closures so far. you see them on the bottom of the screen on the nbc10 app. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill. >> we're seeing the snow make steainsteasteady progress from
6:37 am
to the south. now that it's all snow north and west, we'll see accumulation until it ends. that's going to happen later this morning. you see the tail end of the storm system that's moving towards harrisburg. it hasn't reached hs ed harrisb yet. we have hours of snowfall, still going to accumulate because the ground is warm but agency the temperatures are falling we'll see that accumulation start north and west and will happen in philadelphia and into new jersey. this is an area of sleet. that's an indication that the cold air is make something progress. to the south, bridgeton, vineland, royal lake, that's only rain. and the snow totals will be much more limited. one of the keys we look for is the visibility. that will show how heavy the snow is coming down. the lower the visibility, the heavier the snow. allentown, quakertown, steady accumulating snow for pottstown, coatesville, down to a quarter mile. that's heavy snow. now it's three-quarter mile
6:38 am
visibility. and a mile and a half visibility, lighter snow that's is calling at philadelphia international. and just rain in south jersey which is what you'd expect with temperatures that are in the 40s. but cold air hasn't moved in here, but we've seethe a dramatic fall from the 40s to the 30s. below freezing at lehigh valley. right at 32 degrees in the suburbs. just an hour and a half ago, every one of these neighborhoods was in the 40s. now freezing for andorra. once the temperatures drop to the freezing mark, just dip below, we'll see the accumulation start to center city. snowing right now, but not accumulating just yet. here's how it looks, hour by hour. 7:00 this morning. you can see the snow reaching through new castle county, into salem, montgomery and camden and burlington county. and that area of sleet is pushing farther to the south. at this hour, still rain for atlantic city. but accumulating snow continues for allentown and reading. as we go into the 8:00 and 9:00
6:39 am
hour, it starts to taper off to the west. the tail end moves past harrisburg and started moving towards reading. this will be the end of the accumulating snow but still going strong. new jersey, reaching towards the shore. that's at 9:00. then as we go into the afternoon, we'll see this one pull away completely. we'll even get breaks of sunshine. we'll talk totals when i come back in a few minutes. >> thank you, bill. i'm just glancing over there at jessica's traffic cam. it just doesn't look like as much volume as we typically have on a thursday. >> people taking advice maybe and staying home. jess. >> definitely what part of the problem is, a lot of schools cancelled. people taking off work or waiting a while to get out the door. i'm getting a lot of text messages, tweets, people saying it's not snowing in my area, i guess this is a bust? no, it's not. it's just starting in some areas, that's why.
6:40 am
cottman avenue, typically, we'll see huge delays headed towards center city. either way the drive times clocking in slower than normal. roads are west, you can clearly see the snow is starting all across the board here. and mass transit to check in with route 35, suspended right now for septa and 63 bus routes detowards. the market-frankford line running on a regular weekday schedule now as opposed to what's happening running on that modified schedule because of equipment problems. patco running on a schedule special. temperatures have dropped to 33 degrees. in "nbc10 responds," a mother relies on a tablet to communicate with her son with special needs. >> after it breaks she calls the company to get it fixed. for months without a working tablet or refund, she turns to
6:41 am
"nbc10 responds" and harry hairton. >> reporter: holly brown said 3-year-old son maddic is making great strides. >> he's able to log into it and focus and learn. holly bought maddox a tablet on amazon and paid extra for a warranty from warrentech. a few minutes later the screen broke. >> it was months that we were without a tablet. >> reporter: holly sent it back to warren tech again. >> at that time, i had to buy our son a replacement tablet. >> reporter: she still wanted the novi returned. >> aeverybody said it was coming. >> reporter: after six months, one is at warrentech finally denied her claim. she said the company agreed to return the broken tablet but wouldn't 26 it. so brown made one more call to
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"nbc10 responds." >> hi. >> reporter: we reached out to warrentech. the company never got back to us. but days later, brown said warrentech called her and apologized. they also gave her a $150 amazon gift card, the amount she spent on the tablet. >> can i get a hug? >> reporter: you get a hug. harry hairston, "nbc10 responds." >> warranty plan says it will cover the cost of repairs in the event of a product failure. it doesn't mention a broken screen. the browns said maddux now uses an ipad and has an apple protection plan. let us know about it, the best way to reach us is on the screen and we will respond to you. and i'm "first alert" meteorologist krystal klei. we're taking a look at a snowy i-95 behind me in philadelphia. the details update on snow totals across the region. and then all of this moves out, coming up, after the break.
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6:46, depending on where you are, you could be looking out your door at tim furlong. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, tracy, we are live. yes, we're here. we're taking it really snow right now on lincoln drive in wissahickon section. you see the snow coming down it's tough to see the road. we're taking it very slow on really what is the most dangerous curvy roads anywhere. as you can see, that guy is not picking a lane. people are trying to weave through here. not a good idea.
6:47 am
very slick, slippery. into the manayunk area. we're hearing that tractor trailers aren't able to get up the hill. we're going to check that out as well. if you have to go out be very careful, you can see what the roads are like right now. it's pretty bad. back to you. >> depending on where you are, you're starting to see snow outside your door, maybe, and you're thinking, geez, i've got to find a shovel, how am i going to deal with this. >> nbc's jeff rossen is live in philadelphia with snow hacks that will save you some time. jeff, tell us how that works. >> reporter: good morning, vai and tracy. it's coming down. we saw rain, snow, sleet, now wind-driven snow. here are the hacks that we'll go over on the "today" show this morning. i'll give you a sneak peek here. a little chilly for your car. you know how it is to scrape on mornings like this. actually like right now, you take an onion, split it in half,
6:48 am
take a potato, you rub it against the window and ice won't form, believe it or not, it actually works, the sugar in the onion and potato breaks up the water. and it's the melting process versus the freezing process. we're also going to show you on the "today" show that you can use hand sanitizer. so throw out your scraper -- no, just kidding but hacks if you don't have one. >> there's a collective what throughout the studio as you were rubbing the onion. >> i'm trying the onion. >> you're going to look ridiculous, maybe you'll cry from the onion, but it's going to work. >> jeff, thank you. giving you a live look plymouth meeting. >> photographer cleaning off the lens. not using the onion. >> if he heard that, he would have used the onion. let's check in with bill henley. >> eggs, milk, bread and now
6:49 am
onions. >> and hand sanitizer. >> it's been a snowy morning in allentown. early this morning, between midnight and 1:00, it was rain. since then, snow and accumulating snow. not a ton of snow, still a lot more storms in the system. now, we're seeing the snow falling at philadelphia international. that's the view after rain for most of the morning. that's an indication that the cold air, up in the lehigh valley has been blowing into philadelphia. this is above the building level. the view from the loews hotel. the snow blowing. the kimmel center cam showing center intensifying snow. you barely see broad street. we're starting to see the of course first accumulation. the temperatures have come down. now, we'll be seeing 30s in south jersey. philadelphia is at 33 degrees below freezing in the lehigh valley. snow falling in philadelphia, it
6:50 am
is not going to change back. it is going to stay snow. with temperatures at freezing for greenville, and falling for the rest of the neighborhood, it will be accumulating. here's a live look outside of the snow falling in westchester. for more on the contrast, we could see neighborhood by neighborhood, we go to meteorologist krystal klei. >> areas of north philadelphia reporting 1 to 3 inches. here's the future model as we go through, starting at 6:30 in the morning, zooming in for the current time showing the rain and then snow falling. camden county we've been getting reports that's going to drop farther south. 38 degrees in south jersey. so, there we are at 8:00 a.m. remember, we said the heavy snow would start around 7:00? you just saw the live kimmel center cam, you can see the snow is heavily falling.
6:51 am
8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., but right around 10:00 a.m., things move out of berks county. and this is going to continue to move along. moving occupant of philly by 11:30 a.m., it's moving out of the viewing area. we have updated it. we're starting to see a thinning of the snow to the west. heading our way will it weaken. 4 to 8 inches. this is still a good accumulation. just saw the cam from allentown with the plows moving through the roads. 3 to 6 inches for wilmington, stretching through philadelphia and trenton where they have been reporting already some areas half an inch of snow. and that line 2 to 3 inches of much of jersey and delaware. a lot of cape may county and southern delaware, just a coating to 2 inches mostly on grassy surfaces. >> krystal, thanks so much. let's talk about driving conditions. icy conditions snow covered. governor carney just tweeted
6:52 am
please use caution. saying what jessica always says, bridges and overpasses freeze before road surfaces. >> we're starting to see snow accumulate in places like 422. jess. >> right, 422, when we showed you it was dark out you couldn't see the road. but the we're not seeing the normal delay that we typically see at this time. either way, we like to see you going slower here. 15 minutes eastbound from the schuylkill, that's eastbound. typically shows that delay. i just saw an entire line of snow ploughs move through the area. at least we're out there trying to get this together and under control. watching the bridges. 25 miles per hour, you want to go slow anyway, before the bridges are frozen and you're slipping all over the play. if you're on the walt whitman bridge, a crash here. headed eastbound, traffic moving back into new jersey you're going to pass on the toll side.
6:53 am
>> our live team coverage of the winter storm continues next. >> also almost a whiteout here on top of the aramark building. we'll take you county by county.
6:54 am
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♪ ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ an nbc10 "first alert" weather alert is in effect as we're in the heart of the winter storm this morning. a live look from camelback mountain. this is one. areas that could see the most snow. >> a look at what's happening around the region. >> i'm katy zachry live in westchester where it's been snowing since 5:00 a.m. we have about 2 inches on the grassy surfaces. behind me, you see trucks
6:57 am
clearing snow from parking lots and pavement. here in our area, i showed you  nbc10, as you can see the snow is falling and it's thickening and covering up what we've done. let's go to pam in the lehigh valley. [ standby ] >> reporter: i'm matt delucia, we're seeing snow falling here on main street, you can see the roads are mostly snow-covered. we have seen plows come through quite often. main roads as well. we've seen penndot trucks as well off of 422. you see people taking it slow. taking it easy. people out there shoveling sidewalks getting the snow off their cars for those who do have work or school. be sure to take it easy. live, i'm matt delucia, let's send it to tim furlong. >> reporter: yeah, i'm tim
6:58 am
furlong in manayunk, you talk about manayunk in snowstorms, this is what it looks like, ridge avenue, having a tough time getting up and down the hill. if you have to go out, be careful, it's very, very danger option and slick. back to you. >> that's what it looks like there. this is what it looks like in germantown, in mt. airy. cars have to be off to a allow for plowing. the government center in media closed today. now to the road conditions, "first alert" traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. >> it's safe to say we're pretty much seeing slow speeds everywhere. and you can barely see in the camera here, 295, west deptford, the southbound side. towards the bridge, we have an
6:59 am
accident and watching speeds behind it. no delays really because we're not seeing much traffic but that's a good thing because road are covered with snow. there's a crash in moreland avenue. there's a crash on the walt whitman bridge heading eastbound towards jersey. >> snow is falling on penns landing, snow for the rest of the morning. here in the nbc10 studio, you can see snow falling for much of the morning. it's going to be cold enough that the snow is sticking. and the snow is reaching well into burlington county in new jersey colder north and west, lehigh valley, allentown now reporting 4 inches of snow on the ground. so, we're looking good for these snow totals during the day today. lehigh valley, upper suburbs, in the 4 to 8-inch rain. 3 to 6 for philadelphia, less
7:00 am
for the south. >> if you're just waking up, heading to school, you're late. first of all, check the nbc10 app. >> all on the app. good morning. snow emergency. a powerful winter storm hammering the northeast corridor right now. more than 50 million people in its path, with more than a foot of snow expected in some cities. roads, already a mess. thousands of flights canceled coast-to-coast. the worst is still to come. law and disorder. after a bitter senate fight, jeff sessions wins confirmation to become the next attorney general. as president trump comes under fire from his own supreme court nominee for criticizing the judges deciding the fate of his travel ban. >> i listened to a bunch of stuff last night on television that was disgraceful. it was


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