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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  February 12, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, we're tracking a wintery mix. we could see slick conditions on the road this morning. we'll have the details on the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> activist honored and a demand for justice. remembering a murdered community activist, we'll have that story ahead. eye on embiid. fans want to know what the injured sixers star was thinking when he took to the concert stage and was dancing this weekend. we'll have that story in just a few moments. >> good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors.
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wrapping up the weekend with wet conditions out there. crystal has the most accurate fraf forecast for us. >> we're concerned about icy spots out there and we're seeing reports of freezing rain in the lehigh valley area. the airport near allen town, just got a report of moderate freezing rain there. folk that's will be on roadways especially further to the north. the rest of us, it is rain that you see, the green that we're seeing around philadelphia. we zoom in and this is very spotty activity from philly and delaware county. light rain right now, more steady rain is expected in the next hour or two. we're also seeing reports of freezing rain in trenton. some of the surface temperatures are still just enough. everywhere else we're talking
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rain. we'll look more closely at when the rain ends and more on the workweek conditions coming up in just a minute. one of the first areas to likely see the wintery weather will be the lehigh valley. matt is there in allentown for us this morning. half an hour ago, the umbrella was up, conditions have changed there? >> >> reporter: right i had to put it down because it is getting windy which also makes it feel coulder. the rain is coming down at a steady rate. let me step out of the way first. we're here at the service plaza just off of the northeast extension. people are trying to make their way inside. not seeing too much in the way of umbrellas but people are making that way in. you see some of the trucks making their way, patrolling the
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area. they tell me they have not had a need to put salt down on the roads yet. the ground, the surface area is not surface yet. so it is not freezing on contact and that is the big concern that crystal has been talking about this morning. we could have that potential for freezing rain, that water, that precipitation that comes out of the sky. that would be a big concern. coming back out here live, you see the folks here trying to grab that up brel la out of their vehicle there and making their run inside. you see that it is really not too bad in terms of slipping and sliding if we have not seen too much of that. we'll show you what the turnpike looks like. we're here at the northeast extension. it looks like it is come utah
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out here. but again, as the seasons change throughout the morning, as i said, it feels colder. penn dot tells me they have equipment in their truck that can sense when the ground is below freezing. at that point when the ice crystals start to form, that is when they start to dump down the salt. be careful as you're out on the roads today. for now in allen down, i'm matt delucia with nbc 10 news. >> we will continue to updoate you on the news and the nbc 10 app. the word on the victim's condition, what we do know is that at least one of them suffered a head injury. police don't investigate. a man is in a hospital after crews pulled him from a burning out in chester. the fire started around 2:30 this morning. investigators are now looking
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for the cause of it. >> police are working to find out who shot two people. both shooting victims went to the hospital. >> and there was crews trying to extinguish the flames. they were able to return and get the fire under control around midnight. >> an activist was murdered in her home and supporters gathered around to honor the life of winifred harris. she was the acting executive director of university city green, an urban gardening
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nonprofit. police discovered her body this month, she was shot several times. >> there was nothing she didn't think she could do and everything she did do, she did it amazingly. >> right now there is a $20,000 award for information leading to an arrest in her death. overseas, south korea says they will punish north korea after their missile test. they launch an intermediate missile. last night in florida, japan's prime minister who is visiting president trump offered a joint response. >> the missile launch is intolerable. >> president trump said that the u.s. stands behind japan 100%.
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>> concerns over north korea will be one of the top issues on "meet the press" this morning. you can watch "meet the press kwgpress" in about 20 minutes here on nbc 10. a series of demonstrations across the country and here at home. supporters say the affordable care account gathered outside of congressman pat meehan's office calling for a repeal of the law. they also asked for a face to face meeting saying they be back every weekend until they get one. he speaks to them over the phone and over e-mail. >> in northeast philadelphia, congress was urged to defund planned parenthood. pointing a finger at a
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sickesick sixers star. what was embiid thinking? and the transit agency is continuing to repair cracks on the fleet. we'll have a update. that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪
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right on cue, that rain is moving in. thousand we see rain taking over new castle county. more light rain through philly up to mercer county. you can see it has been a steady rain in the lehigh valley. it has been a mix of rain and freezing rain. we have been getting reports now of freezing rain for about the last half hour or so. going further to the north, in the poconos, snow and freezing
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rain for the last few hours. there has been ice on the camel back cam. in the lehigh valley, only mid 30s through the afternoon. ice spots will remain into the early afternoon. looking at new jersey, 35 in trenton. rain as well for delaware, we're just starting to see that, southern delaware may see a few spots in the upper 60s. we have a update on a story we have been telling you about this weekend. it is about a missing smoker. thieves swiped the smoker. here is a look at the equipment. last night the owner decided to
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up the reward from $1,000 to $2,500. he says there will be no questions asked, he just wants the smoker back. what was he thinking? embiid was showing off some dance moves at a concert. the next day he was at practice with his knee wrapped. he has a minor tear in his knee. he is reminding his critics he is only 23 years old. >> i don't think it was a good or bad decision. i just had fun. >> there is a time and place to have fun and party, but when you're in the spotlight, you have to watch it. >> we're going to have the team's reaction to his injury in
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our morning sports. coming up, train car cracks continue to disturb the septa lines. we'll have a update on getting the cars back on the tracks when we come back. also a day to remember and cheri cherish. next we meet a very happy couple in south jersey that tied the knot this week. why it would not have been possible without the generosity of neighbors.
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welcome back, here is a live look outside at philadelphia. we're looking at the sky. it is gray and cloudy, but more obvious is the rain on the cameras. just a few spots with concern of freezing rain or sleet, and those spots are mostly near the
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lehigh valley. burke county is a little too warm. so these are spots where i would not be surprised if there was a few slick spots on roadways. this is not a major event because the temperatures just turned over and it has already been raining for awhile, but it's a heads up for the drivers that will be going further to the north. we have spots where icing is possible. at the lehigh valley airport, we have reporting of freezing rain for about a half hour now. temperatures are around freezing at 32 degrees. the hour by hour forecast, there we are at 10:00 a.m. i think it is going a little too far to the south here. this morning into the early afternoon, there is potential as temperatures will not climb much for today. there we go through 11:00 a.m.
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that is indicating a steady to heavy rain. it does stretch down to denten and down to the showers. everyone gets a dose of rain today. the best rain moves out from 11:00 to 200. the clouds will start to clear later in the day and into overnight. the temperatures will not be climbing much. we saw it climb a few days ago and then it dipped in now we're sitting steady. look at the valley. the only stot where we're calling for a mix. everyone where else is rain and peeks of sun. tomorrow a more cry forecast. temperatures still mostly in the mid 40s. winds tomorrow are the big issue. they will be coming from the northwest. some spots up to 30 miles per hour.
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gusts above 40 miles per hour are possible from morning to afternoon. temperatures finally pretty average for this time of year. that's where we stay through wednesday. your valen tines day is a dry one and then you see as we move along, thursday we drop to highs in the upper 30s. philadelphia police are searching for the driver who sped off with an officer hanging on to the suspect's suv. the officer is recovering after hurting his hands, leg, and food when he jumped off. it was early yesterday, police saw the suv hit a parked car and then stop. an officer decided to check and see if everyone was okay. he stepped on to a running board, and that's when the driver took off. police found the suv later, abandoned. >> now to a wedding that has been a long time in the making.
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a very deserving couple exchanged their vows and celebrated with a reception for free. >> ashley wood had her dream wedding. >> it's unreal. >> i can't believe it's finally happening. >> she felt the nerves as she headed down the aisle, but she has not had to worry about paying for or putting this together because a restaurant picked her and kevin to win a free wedding. >> we feel very blessed to be part of this day. >> we were there around christmas when the couple won the contest. >> they have been calling to make sure that i'm okay. >> their plans to marry date back years. cancer was in the way for both of them. wood is now cancer free, but kevin's stomach cancer has
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unfortunately spread. >> a lot of strength and courage. >> he beat the odds so far. >> for those that stepped up to donate, it was an easy decision. >> very emotional. >> i'm grateful for everything they have been doing to help me through this moment. >> a moment to forget about struggles and let generosity and love lift everyone up. >> best wishes to the happy couple. coming up, trust the process. that is what the sixers have been telling their fans for awhile now, but what about embiid's injured knee. we'll hear about why that is not their main concern.
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hey hey, happy sunday. it turns out joel embiid has a minor tear in his knee. they say they're more concerned with the bone bruise. >> the mri revealed what we thought it to be, a bone bruise, and it was also the recognition that there was a very minor tear. he is being treated for the bone bruise and the bone bruise treatment and progression toward getting back to play is simply a pattern of loading, recovery, and training that ultimately results in him being asymptomatic. >> so the show must go on. he got rookie of the month award
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last night. the sickers on the fast break, they go in for the one-handed finish. the sixers have been enjoying it. scoring drives with a one-man wrecking move. coming out of the locker room in the third quarter. the steal, the stick. he kept it close. but this is a finishing touch and they snap a 13 game winning streak. >> feels good any time you get a win, but when you stop a streak like that -- >> they're the hottest team in the nba. now that we have we expect to win at home. >> brett brown reaches 20 wins for the first time. and a win against the sharks. starting the fourth game of the home stand. going to the third period, a
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couple donuts on the board. it is 1-0 flyers. just 3:00 later, marleau in the slot. this one goes to overtime. in the extra period, the wayne train comes calling. and then he cruises in on the goalie. the flyers win and double up the sharks 2-1. they're a point behind for the second wildcard. to the college ranks, villanova will be the top seed. the wildcats facing cincinnati yesterday. driving and setting up donte who is sneaking back door for the two-handed finish. this time again with the rock, doing it ims. a lefty off of the window.
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here is the vanilla cone, a perfect alley-oop. wright gets his 500th career victory, but he is taking chris jenkin's advice. >> chris taught me this, when we retire, we'll look back about this stuff. i heard him say that and it's true. right now we're so into the next game. >> let's take in the goal. tied at 45. the beginning of a 17-2 run. in the west philly, mosting umass. tied at 55-55, but back to back steals and layups launches umass
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into the lead and the minute men never look back and st. joe takes it on the chin. that is your look at sports. >> that update on septa, they will be adding more rail cars to the market frankfurt line. they pulled more than 100 rail cars from service because of cracks that they discovered on two of the cars. they're now working to speed up repairs to get more cars back on the track in the days ahead. this morning we're dealing with cloudy, wet weather. not the best of sundays. >> it could be worse, we're talking rain for the most part. they have been reporting snow and freezing rain back and forth. we have just been seeing reports of freezing rain in allentown. philly, 44, rainy in the afternoon. very windy on monday. valentines day is 45.
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things shape up nicely for the rest of the workweek. we could see isolated snowfalls through thursday morning. >> i swear i could see a skiier or snowboarder there in the picture. that will do it for us on this sunday if. us for all of us here at nbc 10, thank you for watching.
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this sunday, immigration fight. president trump's travel ban is struck down unanimously by a federal appeals court. >> courts seem to be so political. >> but the president vows to fight on. >> we'll win that battle, but we also have a lot of other options. >> so what happens next? i'll ask president trump's senior policy adviser, stephen miller. plus russian intrigue. after white house denials, national security adviser mike flynn concedes that, yes, he may have spoken to the russians about obama-era sanctions before donald trump became president. >> i don't know about it. i haven't seen it. >> is flynn's job already in danger? and hostile takeovers. angry protesters jam republican


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