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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  February 17, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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what led up to business owner's son being killed. we're live on the scene. officer dragged, the search this morning for the driver who injured a philadelphia officer and then sped off. overnight show down. right now democrats are continues a protest against president trump's nominee. 5:00 a.m. friday morning. welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're going to start with traffic because of the situation in mount laurel. >> that's right: we have a pretty serious scene going on in mount laurel. crash on turnpike heading southbound. closed in between that point. approaching exit 4 in between that and exit five. so now exit five is open. traffic can get off around exit five and get back to 295 as an
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alternate or just taking 295 is the best bet so you avoid delays. traffic stuck in between those two points, word is they're allowing a lane to squeeze by and get that backed up traffic that's been stopped behind the accident scene at least allowing them to get by. your alternate is 295. still open. a tractor trailer actually hit anover pass on its way through. debris in the middle of the road too. watching big delays. cleanup because of that. details on this especially when they begin to open any lanes on the road. i'll have that in about ten minutes. for now get a check on today's forecast with bill henley. it's cold outside this morning. temperatures dropped down into the 20s overnight. skies clear. wind much lighter this morning. 20s for lehigh valley. suburbs delaware now 25. that's down a few degrees just the last few minutes. south jersey is 27. there are some colder neighbors in philadelphia. the 28 is at the airport. close to that in center city at
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29 degrees. chestnut hill. 26 degrees in somerton. cold morning. you'll need to bundle up. with sunshine. look at the warmup for this afternoon. 4s for lehigh valley. low 40s for the suburbs. 46 in delaware. new jersey will see plenty of sunshine. few scattered clouds this afternoon in philadelphia. break it down hour by hour. the future cast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. 5:02. breaking news this morning. fight turns deadly at a north philadelphia bar. >> owner's son shot and killed. shots fired as customers were still in the bar just hours ago. live from the scene. >> reporter: tracey and vai, throughout the morning we've spoke on the investigator who have been on scene looking into what happened. they believe at this time that robbery is the motive for the deadly shooting. also believe the victim tried to stop it from happening. take a look at some video we shot earlier this morning of the
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scene. this unfolded at 23 and indiana. around one this morning, a man walked into monique's lounge and got into a struggle with the 46-year-old manager. also the owner's son. witnesses told police the gunman fired two shot into the managers chest. demanded and got cash from the bartender. just under $200 he got away with. witnesses then saw the shooter do. >> after getting the money from the cash register, the perpetrator then leaned over and took a wallet and car keys from the individual that he had just shot. then the peperpetrator fled out
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door. >> the victim was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. looking for surveillance from businesses or homes that may have captured images of what took place here. for now reporting in north philadelphia. katy zachry nbc 10 news. philadelphia police looking for a car and driver after a car dragd an officer in germantown and sped away. officer approached a car. smelled what he thought was marijuana. reached in and tried to turn off the ignition. car sped off dragging the officer about 500 feet. dragged officer was taken to the hospital to be treated for can you have thes and bruises. listed in stable condition. looking for a silver pontiac grand pree with pennsylvania tags. ix with pennsylvania tags. holding a protest against scott pruitt. expected to be confirmed by a
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narrow margin when the vote comes up this afternoon. democrats trying to delay the vote. judge ordered the release of e-mails of pruitt and fossil fuel companies. raise conflict of interest issues for the nominee. overnight, tweeted this from the senate floor. we must carefully review the new information before we cast a vote on scott pruitt's nomination. he used the hashtag, hold the floor. president trump still searching for next national security adviser. retired robert harward turned down the job. he would replace michael flynn who resigned monday over calls made with the russian ambassador made prior to the inauguration. president trump spend the weekend in mar-a-lago in south florida. the president trump continues to
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deny allegations of collusion with russian president vladimir putin. news conference yesterday, president called it a fake story. >> haven't made a phone call to russia in years, don't speak to people from russia. not that i wouldn't, i just have nobody to speak to. i spoke to putin twice. called me on the election. i told you this. and he called me on the inauguration. >> the president also says he appointed stephen fineberg to lead a review of the intelligence community in effort to crack down on leaks of classified information. news conference started with the president lesti inlisting what successes. uber driver in delaware under arrest following a six month police investigation. accused of picking up passengers, driving them to
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destinations and return to their homes s tto steal things. prayer will return to wilmington city council meetings. approved a measure last night. the silent reflection that starts every meeting back to spoken prayer. moved to silent reflection in january. wanted to be more inclusive, but the move was criticized by the public. one of two no votes last night. >> personal action and also there question about the first amendment would be separation of church and state. i feel strongly on my position of doing it the first time. >> the council will now work with local religious leaders on writing a new prayer to be used at the meeting. update a story we brought you yesterday morning. red cross helping fire victims including three children injured when flames ripped through their
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home. nbc 10 was on the scene of fire on south street. police told us a man who livid in the house escaped the flames along with three children and mother. three other kids on the block and neighbor were treated for smoke inhalation. police are investigating cause of fire. 5:08. we have a serious problem on the new jersey turnpike we're following for you this morning. >> check in with jessica boyington to get an update. watching mount laurel township. new jersey turnpike headed southbound in between exit 4 and 5. tractor trailer crashed into an overpass. hit the top of overpass spreading debris all over the road. injuries reported there. people taken to the hospital. a serious situation to cleanup and investigate as well. southbound side. with somewhere approaching route 73 with those lanes being closed there's also a lot of traffic stuck in between those two
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exits. they are letting one car or so at a time. one lane at a time trickle by, but for now get off around exit five. around burlington. that can get you back to burlington and mount holly road. take 295 the whole way down in you're heading south. best bet to avoid delays out of turnpike. 76 of schuylkill expressway. right around the on-ramp. back open. one of the last ramps closed in the morning. when we see the closure with construction. right now open. don't have to worry about any alternates for the vine. open east and westbound. connecting the schuylkill. rest of the roads when i come back. coal start in the mountains. cam camelback back to making snow. 28 rights now in philadelphia.
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25 in wilmington. 20s for the lehigh valley. 19 right now in the poconos. some of the suburbs really not much warmer this morning 23 right now in melbourne. westchester. 24 in north wales. cold start, cold winter morning. typical for this time of year. sunshine that's going to be nice and bright. see scattered clouds in the mountains and lehigh valley. break for mostly sun any skies. clear in philadelphia. horsham, westchester. washington township. sunshine around today. nice warmup. 20s to start with in philadelphia. close to 40s degrees at noontime. into the 40s this afternoon. winds will be lighter today in the suburbs. look at bright sunshine. 37 at noontime. lehigh valley will get close to 40 degrees this afternoon. with the sunshine it will feel like it's in the 40s even at lunchtime today. delaware nothing, but sunshine. less wind than yesterday. 40s for this afternoon.
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new jersey, sunny skies from the get go. 28 degrees at 8:00 and near 40 at noontime. into the 40s. no problem this afternoon. similar warmup at the shore. 40s on track for this afternoon. with less wind than yesterday, bright sunshine is going to feel a lot warmer. this weekend, it will be warmer. got that with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. >> looking forward to it, bill. thanks. showing the strength of a different kind of muscle. first of its kind exhibit opening in philadelphia. how the sea creature could be key to cleaning up water ways. matt delucia live at the wells fargo center. clowning around on a friday morning. look at these guys. greatest show on earth. making final stop in philadelphia. give you a live look coming up after the break.
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final fare we'well to the great show on earth. matt delucia getting an inside look at the show. performers giving you a sneak peak of the action. >> reporter: having fun at the wells fargo center this morning. here we are. moved into the center ring. look at these clouns. one time i can call people clowns and get away with it. trying to run me over right now. barnum & bailey circumstances on the final tour and stopping here in philadelphia. had first show last night. just saw a clip of that. going to be running shows through monday. the theme of this is out of this world. so they've got little spaceships
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and things of that sort that are out here right now. and we have a clown down. the circumstances organizers announced last month after 146 years they're going to bending in may. due to declining attendance, high cost and controversy involving animals use instead performances. this has been the greatest show on earth for quite a while. just spoke with one of the performers not long ago about this final stop in philly. >> i was a big fan of the circus growing up. it's a tradition to come watch the greatest show on earth. it was my love of animal. six years ago i started riding here at the circus and had the pleasure of riding the beautiful elephants in the show. >> this is the final tour. is it bitter tweet. >> definitely. . i had most fond memories here at the circus. made so many great friendships.
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it's like a family. >> as we come out live. you want to see this thing. you want to call the police right away. out of control driving this spaceship? is that what this is called? a clown rocket. okay. there you go. it might be radio active. i'm going to get out of here. vai and tracey, send it back to you. new sports complex would inject money into the local economy. says that's why it wants to build a facility that would include ball fields, courts, conference space. cater to local sports teams and outside states. start construction by the end of the year. update you on breaking traffic news with new jersey turnpike shutdown. >> jessica boyington has been on this story since we came on the air. jessica, tell us what's happening mpx we're seeing
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pretty vicious backup behind the scene. southbound side of the new jersey turnpike. now, what has happened is a tractor trailer hit an overpass. so injuring the people inside the tractor trailer creating a really big mess on the southbound side of the turnpike nor for now. what happened is in between exit five and exit 4, which is route 73 and near burlington mount holly. closed in between that point. traffic approaching the scene couldn't get off. so we're seeing some big backup for now. earlier they were allowing some people to get through. again, there's a lot of backup for at least a mile that we were seeing reported a little bit earlier. so that's a lot of cars that need to get through. even if one car trickling through at a time, we're going to see big backup and delay. alternate here. approaching route 73 on the turnpike. that's typically you're route you take to work. don't do that this morning. if you're there, call somebody and let them know.
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just take 295 all the way down south would be a better alternate there. 95 looks okay. 13 minutes right now. southbound from woodhaven road to vine street expressway. more updates when i come back. 5:19. also want to get bus stop forecast for parents walking their kids to bus stop. mike sure they're warm enough to be out there. >> both first alert meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate forecast. it is cold. this is typical february cold however. the temperatures have dropped down with clear skies and much less wind than yesterday. boat house road. the art museum. see a lot of sunshine during the day. temperatures that are falling right now are going to turn around. beginning of a warming trend that happens this afternoon, but if you are heading out to bus stop this morning, look at 20s in lehigh valley.
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26 in south jersey. 28 in philadelphia. delaware is getting colder numbers this morning. 25 degrees right now. even louis in 20z right now. cold all around. see a lot of sunshine. few clouds. see them extending in the lehigh valley, allentown, and to the north. those will thin out. any snow associated with these clouds are way to north and not heading our way. see the cold is also producing snow to the south. dry in our area. that's going to continue through the weekend. that will come with a warmup. 40s today. numbers will sore saturday and sunday. still pretty mild next week monday and tuesday in the 50s. another warmup at the very end of the week. here's how it looks on the ten day trend. 45 degrees. see a lot of sunshine. few clouds at times. blow through, but it's not going to be near as windy as the last
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few days. most of the clouds are going to stay out of the area. a lot of sunshine on saturday. wind will be picking up. southwesterly wind. start in the 30s. warmer than today. 35 degrees tomorrow morning. 65 in the afternoon saturday. and, again, on sunday. sunday an even warmer morning. 45 degrees. just shy of 40s monday morning. in the afternoon plenty of sunshine. sunshine fades on tuesday. there's a system, a weak system that's going to come through. give us a few clouds. there's a slight chance of shower on wednesday, but can't argue with those temperatures back in the low 60s for wednesday and thursday. and, again, on friday. and still mild on saturday. high temperature near 60 degrees and cooler air finally starts moving into the area next sunday. vai. bill, thank you. only nbc 10 getting a prisoners account of a deadly standoff in a delaware prison. letter that describes how the system unfolded. who the prisoner says he helped
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have to wait until next month to find out winner. start appearing in the game this summer. on wall street, could take a breather. recent run of record highs. stocks ending mixed. nasdaq and s&p snapping seven day winning streak. weighed down by a drop in the energy sector. trading expected to be on the lighter side today. dow closing up 7 points. nasdaq flipping four to 5814. 6:26. it is cold outside. temperatures in the 20s right now. still a little breeze blowing. 12-mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia. could to start with. warmup starts today and really takes off this weekend. i've got your neighborhood forecast just ahead. weather is just fine. it's the traffic that's been a problem this morning. jessica boyington with an update
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from first alert traffic center mpl . watching in mount laurel. new jersey turnpike southbound approaching route 73 at exit 4 is still closed. there's a tractor trailer accident in between exit 4 and 5. alternates for you, how to get around it when i come back. pushing back, an all-night protest of president trump's nominee continues. next we get reaction from lowball llocal lawmakers. murdered in a driveway. the information we have on two people killed in a philadelphia shooting. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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wrebreaking overnight. murdered in a bar. owner's son shot and killed. democrats continues to make a stand again


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