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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  February 22, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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airport problems. computer issues caused travel headaches at philadelphia international airport this morning. subway shutdown. septa suspends service on one of its busiest lines. and the warmer weather is returning. see how high the mercury could go before the end of the week. right now at 11:00, flier frustration. a computer glitch triggers long lines at philadelphia international airport this morning. >> american airlines flights headed to philadelphia were put on hold. they were grounded. pamela osborne joins us live
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from the airport. we can tell from the shot behind you it's a lot better now than it was a few hours ago. >> reporter: that's right, katy. the systems are up and running again. the ground flight order, the cancellation rather, for incoming flights has been lifted making things a little easier for passengers flying out at this hour. unfortunately, things weren't as smooth for passengers who left early this morning. >> got here about 4:00 and the lobby here was mobbed. people were all over the place. >> reporter: american airlines passengers departing from philly international showed up this morning only to realize that while they were here there really wasn't any way to go. >> about 20 minutes after i got here, they started to announce that there was a power outage. >> reporter: the airline began checking passengers and their baggage in manually, but that took a whole lot of time. >> that line looks about a 25,
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30-minute wait. i'll miss my plane by then. >> reporter: they were worried they would miss a convention in las vegas. the problem started hours before many of these passengers even arrived. nbc10 has learned the division of aviation had a planned power shutdown from 1:00 to 4:00 a.m. when the power was turned back on, the internet remained out rendering kiosks useless. >> you try not to get frustrated, but you plan on traveling and they take your money in a timely fashion, but you don't get the service that is -- that you pay for. >> reporter: they did hold some flights so that passengers could
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make them. there are just a few cancellations that took place earlier this morning. look to the board right now. really not seeing any major delays or cancellations at this point in time. but if you're heading here, of course it never hurts to check on your flight status before you come down. reporting live at philly international, i'm pamela osborne. nbc10 news. subway service on septa's broad street line is running again. the line was suspended this morning because of a police investigation. the trains are bypassing the tasker morris street station while police finish their work there. septa crews are right now hard at work at 69th street terminal. nbc10 was on the scene earlier this morning as crews prepared to move the derailed cars from yesterday's crash. sky force 10 was overhead yesterday morning after three trains collided along the loop at the terminal. several people were injured and one of them remains in critical condition. septa says the cause of the crash is not yet clear. in montgomery county now two
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people are in the hospital after this crash on the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike. it happened in plymouth meeting just after midnight. both victims are listed in critical condition at this hour. they are expected to survive. philadelphia police are still investigating a crash in northeast philadelphia that seriously injured a man and 2-year-old twin girls. their mother says their car got a flat tire on woodhaven road yesterday afternoon. she pulled over so her fiance could change it. that's when a car rear ended them injuring the twins and the fiance who was changing the tire. we saw some showers around parts of our area this morning. look at the ben franklin bridge in center city. clouds still in the sky, but temperatures are starting to warm up. krystal, we're almost at 50
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degrees. how high is it going to go today? >> even yesterday was still a warmer than average today. already it's nearly 50 in philadelphia right now. we're going to make it to the low 60s this afternoon. 47 is our temperature in town right now. lancaster, 51. wilmington, 48 degrees. atlantic city checking in at 52. these temperatures have already made it above average for the day, and they'll continue climbing as we go through the afternoon with a little more sunshine breaking through in the afternoon. radar and satellite for us. we've got just some light rain still kind of lingering near the lehigh valley. for the most part, this has been moving out. mostly to partly cloudy in the afternoon. 57 at 2:00 p.m. between 2:00 and 6:00, that will peak to the low 60s. more clearing conditions.
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in the suburbs, we get to about the upper 50s. a few spots low 60s. notice we are staying dry as we start to track into the afternoon. delaware, 57 at 2:00 p.m. around 60 in the afternoon for new jersey. 56 at 6:00 p.m. coming up, we'll talk about the highs for this afternoon and more importantly will we make it back to the 70s across the board. president trump's administration is laying out a new approach to illegal immigration. the sweeping rewrite targets millions of people for possible deportation. anyone who was caught crossing the mexican border will be sent back to mexico even if they're not from mexico. also the administration will hire thousands of more federal agents to handle border security and more judges and officers will be sent to deal with asylum claims. the administration wants to prosecute parents who pay
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smugglers to bring their children into the u.s. supporters of planned parenthood are trying to send a message to pennsylvania senator pat toomey. they went to his office today. they're frustrated because they say toomey refuses to meet face to face with them. planned parenthood is fighting to keep federal funding. >> he did have some people come down from his office, staff members, to talk to our people. our volunteers are just really expressing our frustration. >> this same type of demonstrate took place at toomey's offices statewide. the senator did tweet a picture today of his meeting yesterday with voters. we reached out to him, but he has not yet responded to us. a high school teacher at the jersey shore was charged with having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. state police arrested
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32-year-old william jacobson. the relationship with the student started back in november and it ended last month. police say they also found hundreds of electronic images between the two. police in bucks county have a warning for all parents after two children were sexually assaulted in a local park. >> neither of the incidents are related, but the cases have similarities. in both cases the suspects connected with their young victims include popular social media apps. a 29-year-old man used snapchat to lure his victim to the park. he was working as an animal control officer in princeton at the time. that man, a 21-year-old, first met his victim through grinder. >> children can access any applications on their cell phones through their tablets, laptops, even gaming consoles where predators or offenders can
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reach out to them. >> parents should know their kids' password. buy an internet content filter. we're learning new details about the man philadelphia police say made up a story about a child abduction. a pizza delivery driver seen here is now charged with making a false police report. monday night he told police officers he was robbed at gunpoint and his car was stolen with his 4-year-old nephew inside. detectives say after extensive questioning the delivery driver admitted he lied because he wanted to watch the police work harder. in delaware, new castle county, police are looking at surveillance video as they try to find the man wanted for two kidnappings over the last week. both attacks happened at apartment complexes. police believe the same suspect committed both crimes. vai? in montgomery county, dozens of guns are nothing but chunks of metal.
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police destroyed 185 guns that have been stored since 1998. they were weapons that were either surrendered to police for disposal or their owner could not be found. the guns were first shredded and then melted down in a furnace. a panel will hear from people who petition to be added to the program. migraines, autism, lupus, and opioid addiction were some of the ailments mentioned in the petitions. ask yourself what you'll miss more, your children or cigarettes? >> expect to see more emotional ads about the dangers of smoking. it tells personal stories of americans suffering from smoke-related illnesses. the number of calls to the smoking quit line significantly increases after these ads run.
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a school district will close one of its elementary schools at the end of this school year. the school board voted to close audubon elementary. it is due to declining enrollment throughout the district as well as budgeting issues. harrison ford has starred in some of the highest grossing movies of all time. >> but there is one video he probably wishes he did not appear in. this morning we're getting a new look at the actor's aviation scare and the clip that will likely be the center of an faa investigation. can you open the door? >> caught on camera, a dramatic rescue of a car burst into flames. and a live look outside cape may, new jersey. some cloudy conditions out there, but the temperatures still rising. we'll look at how the temperature goes through your workweek and on into your weekend. ññyñññçwçwñwñwñww?qoówvoó
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we're now getting to see harrison ford's plane incident that prompted a federal investigation. here it is. the "star wars" actor accidentally landed his plane on a taxiway. this video shows his plane flying low over a jet. controllers gave ford clear instructions of where to land. a problem with the gps forced spacex to delay its
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shipment to the international space station today. a problem cropped up with the gps about a mile from the station. no one was in any danger. another delivery attempt will be made tomorrow. and liftoff. liftoff. >> this unmanned russian cargo ship is on its way to resupply the space station as well. it is set to arrive on friday. this is the first cargo ship launch from russia since a failed mission back in december. a police body camera captures the dramatic rescue of an injured driver from a burning car in washington, d.c. officers had to break a window to get to him. >> can you open the door? open the door. >> the driver crashed into a pole monday night and was not able to free himself. the officers said they could not see much inside the car because
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of all the smoke. they were able to drag the man to safety. he will be okay. a prep school grad convicted of using a computer to lure a girl for underage sex is back in court. it exposed what critics say is a disturbing culture at a prestigious school. and there are now two persons of interest in the murder of kim jong-un's half brother. early this morning malaysian police announced they're looking for a north korean embassy official and a north korean airline employee. both men are believed to still be in malaysia. investigators are looking for more people to question. kim jong-nam died after a toxic chemical was put in his face at
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an airport. heavy rains have forced the evacuation of more than 200 people in northern california. bob riddell tells us some rescuers saved people trapped in their cars. >> reporter: we are finally starting to see the floodwaters recede here in san jose. there's a mandatory evacuation for part of its downtown area. this is not a normal rain year. the coyote creek, fewhich is feeding these floodwaters, peaked an hour ago flooding many homes and businesses. people have been evacuated. 250 of whom had to be rescued by boat. bob riddell for nbc news. we have much different weather conditions here in our area thank goodness. >> krystal klei is here with
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your most accurate forecast. >> our's is a mostly dry forecast. still have the clouds. as we go into the afternoon, you'll see those clouds, but some peeks of sunshine will breakthrough as well. temperatures in our philadelphia neighborhoods already making their way into the low 50s, but i expect we'll be seeing upper 50s and low 60s by later this afternoon. 48 in chestnut hill right now. 51 the temperature graduate hospital. port richmond at 50 degrees. we have these low 50s on the board right now. we're climbing in the afternoon. this is the start of our warming trend that will make us in the 70s tomorrow. still some lingering spotty light rain that is trying to make it to the ground in the northern edge of our viewing area. most of that has fizzled out as
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it continues moving along to the east. temperatures. here are the highs i was talking about. 61 in center city. somerton, 62. low 60s in the suburbs. 60s even in the lehigh valley, berks county. new jersey. mid upper 50s on the jersey shore. low 60s for delaware. wilmington a high right at 60 degrees even. you see the icons. the peeks of sun, but the clouds will be present into the afternoon as well. then we talk thursday and thursday is when we get 70s on the board. it's not going to be record breaking, but it will be near record breaking for at least some of us. 75 is the high tomorrow for philly. close in reading, 68 versus the current record of 72 as well as areas like wilmington forecasting a high at 70.
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72 is the current record we are looking at. as we go through your thursday, near record warmth again. we just broke records all over the place this past sunday. there are the clouds that i was talking about. as we go through your afternoon, they're going to thin. i think the model thins them out a little too much. we'll see some scattered clouds across the board as we go into the afternoon, but some sun as well. we go overnight. the clouds build back in. maybe some isolated rain. otherwise tomorrow is another partly to mostly cloudy day. in the evening with possibly some scattered showers as well that break into the night and linger through your morning forecast. the good rain does not come until we extend out your ten-day forecast. friday up to 73 degrees in philadelphia. then sunday is our rainmaker. gusty conditions, possibly some thunderstorms. still at 70 for the high. then a cooldown for sunday. gusty at 48 for the high
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temperature. thank you. >> we have news for people planning a getaway. >> it will soon be cheaper to fly out of philadelphia on one airline, but there are some things you'll have to give up. we'll explain just ahead. a royal remembered. see how one new exhibit is celebrating princess dianne celebrating princess dian diana iconic style.
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he's a young man who gets good grades, loves cars, and enjoys playing sports. >> and he's still searching for his forever family. one of the greatest car collections in the world is in south philly at simeone foundation. it's a car lovers' dream and
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that's why we brought our wednesday's child. >> he loves cars. anything having to do with cars, he loves it. he's going to talk about this place. tomorrow he's going to talk about this place. the day after tomorrow he's going to talk about this place and all the cars. >> reporter: he does have some developmental challenges and attends a special school where he actually excels. he's a good student, gets good grades, has no behavioral issues. he even joined the softball team. >> the ideal family for him is a family that's patient, a family that makes him secure. once he's comfortable, the flower starts to open up and you see this young man who is really excited about life and knows what it is that he wants. >> reporter: he loves people, especially the ones who are there for him. >> he loves the connectedness and the people who support him. it took a little time for me to
11:26 am
develop a rapport and a relationship with him. however, through developing trust, he has opened up quite nicely. >> reporter: he is this week's wednesday's child. what a great young man. if you would like to make his dream come true, go to our website, when you're there, search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center directly at 1-866-do-adopt. you might see long lines at a local convenience store. >> a giant jackpot is up for grabs, but two people in our area are already a lot richer. we'll explain. and as our celebration of black history month continues, we'll get to know a local man who is literally breaking new ground in philadelphia and helping to change the city skyline.
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checking out our nbc10 headlines. american airlines is returning to normal at philadelphia international airport after an internet issue disrupted service this morning. the airline had to check passengers and their bags in manually for hours. that led to a ground stop for incoming american flights to philadelphia. septa crews are hard at work at 69th street terminal. they're removing the damaged rail cars from yesterday's crash. four people were injured and one of them remains in critical condition. in montgomery county, two people are in the hospital after a crash on the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike. the crash happened in the northbound lanes of plymouth meeting just after midnight. both victims are in critical condition, but they are expected
11:31 am
to survive. it is just 11:30 on your wednesday morning. you know cloudy skies remain around the area as they have for much of the morning. this is a live look. temperatures will rise though as the day goes on and they'll get even warmer tomorrow. first alert meteorologist krystal klei is here with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> this is a very nice forecast that we have moving forward because we're now on the upside of a warming trend. we're starting to see the warming. this is the 24-hour change map. we are three degrees warmer right now in philadelphia than yesterday at this time. that's not a huge amount, but we'll see that number grow as we get into the afternoon. coatesville we're seven degrees warmer. allentown, five degrees warmer than yesterday. i know those don't seem huge,
11:32 am
but we'll see that number grow as we go through the next couple of days. 49, philadelphia. mt. holly, 46. dover now at 51 degrees. here's a look at our radar view. the rest of us have clouds and even the clouds will thin a bit in the afternoon. meaning you'll see some peeks of sun with your clouds later today. we're at 49 right now. winds are very light. as we go through the rest of the day, peeks of sun and climbing. between 2:00 and 5:00 we'll make it in some parts of philadelphia neighborhoods to the low 70s. all right. thank you. after nearly a month into his new job, americans are weighing in on how they think president trump is doing. halle jackson shows us the
11:33 am
results of a new survey. >> reporter: this morning a new look at how americans think the president is doing after one month on the job. according to our latest online poll, 43% of americans approve of his performance, but more than half, 54%, do not. some of that anger boiling over at republican town halls across the country. >> it feels like we have a juvenile running our country. >> here here. >> reporter: members of congress facing furious constituents. >> if you can answer that, i'll sit down and shut up like elizabeth warren. >> reporter: president trump taking aim tweeting, without providing evidence the so-called angry crowds are in numerous cases planned out by liberal activis activists. sad. the president responded to
11:34 am
anti-semitism. >> will you denounce anti-semitism once and for all many. >> i do all the time. i think it's horrible, whether it's anti-semitism or racism. anti-semitism is likewise. it's just terrible. >> reporter: that answer not good for the head of the ann frank center. >> nothing the president today mitigated the cancer growing in the white house that starts with him. >> reporter: the white house pushing back on critiques the president should have denounced anti-semitism sooner and more forcefully. >> we shouldn't tolerate groups hating individuals for the color of their skin or ethnicity. >> reporter: tougher enforcement
11:35 am
of immigration laws now and the hiring of 15,000 more ice and border patrol agents. now the president is working on a new executive order, a kind of redo to replace his temporary travel ban now tied up in court barring immigrants from seven mostly muslim countries. that new order is expected later this week. >> that was halle jackson reporting. the nbc poll also shows 50% of americans approve of president trump's executive order temporarily preventing immigrants from seven predominantly muslim countries to the u.s. the lieutenant governor says there's no state house project. she told the associated press she wants to focus on auditing
11:36 am
state spending. the winner of tonight's powerball drawing could be able to spend as much money as they want. the jackpot is up to an estimated $403 million after no one matched all six numbers on saturday. if you choose the cash option, you can walk away with $243 million. this jackpot is the tenth larger in powerball history, but your odds of winning are 1 in 292 million. two people in our area are holding million dollar winning tickets right now from saturday's powerball drawing. one was purchased in burlington county. the other bought their ticket in south philadelphia. it was purchased right here. winners have a year to claim their prize. this morning we continue our week long look at youtube advice. >> today we talk to an expert about car repair videos, which ones can help you with an easy fix and when you should bring
11:37 am
your car to the shop. a mechanic says he has customers who consult youtube videos. those are good for things like checking fluids, changing air filters, replacing lights, but every car is different. certain videos might not work with your car. if you're not confident in your mechanic skills, you should take your car to a professional. >> strip a bulb and cost yourself a few hundred dollars. >> the manager says before you try any repairs on your car you should always read your owner's manual and follow any recommendations listed there. tomorrow morning we're looking at cooking tips. plus, we want to hear what kind of advice you turn to youtube for and if you find it helpful. weigh in on our nbc10 facebook
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page. princess diana will be remembered in a new exhibit in london that celebrates her style. the exhibition shows off some of the princess' most iconic outfits that helped cement her reputation as a fashion meter. one man believes her clothes were to make a fashion statement. like the time she visited an aids clinic not wearing gloves. >> she was able to touch people with hiv. the first person with profile who was prepared to take what was perceived then to be a risk. >> the exhibition opened to the public on friday inside kensington palace and runs throughout 2017. this morning nbc10 continues our celebration of black history month. >> one of the most sought after construction firms in the delaware valley, he is literally breaking new ground and barriers
11:39 am
all at the same time. erin coleman has his story. >> reporter: this is what angelo perryman lives for. building is in his blood. do you ever think about your father when you're on the site? >> i think about him all the time. all the time. >> reporter: back >> reporter: his father returned from the korean war with a tool box and a truck. >> we have come a long way. >> reporter: now decades later, angelo perryman has his hands on some of the most recognizable landmarks in philadelphia. he's behind the renovation at love park, the live work project, and part of the team working on the new subaru headquarters in canton, new
11:40 am
jersey. perryman construction has grown nearly 400% in the last five years landing it number 29 on the fortune city 500 list. >> we try to make sure the work works for us. >> reporter: trying to lead by helping others along the way. >> we're looking at the engineers that maybe not have gotten a chance. we're trying to let people be all they can be. >> that was erin coleman reporting. you can find more black history month stories and our half hour special on well, a jersey shore police officer is getting to know loved ones she just met. >> that's right. it's all thanks to a new state law in new jersey. long beach township police officer megan keller tracked down her biological mother last month 37 years after being put up for adoption. the new law gives adopted people access to their original birth records. nbc10 was there recently as
11:41 am
megan and her 4-year-old son talked over face time with her biological mom and sister in north carolina. >> surreal. definitely surreal. i'm still in shock, and i still think it's -- i sometimes pinch myself. wow, did that really happen? >> it was sometime that megan and her son came face to face for the first time with their newfound relatives. they plan to meet many more family members in the coming months. how a mother feels during pregnancy may have something to do with the baby's gender. >> we'll find out who can make a mom feel sicker, a baby boy or a baby girl. we're looking at 70s again as we end february. we'll talk more about it coming up.
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you can soon fly out of philadelphia for less. american airlines is offering cheaper flights. now basic economy fares are now on sale from philadelphia to new orleans, ft. lauderdale, ch charlotte, and miami. you cannot pick your seat and you will board last. you also have to check your
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carry-on luggage. parents know boys and girls can act differently. those differences may start before they're everyone born. researchers at ohio state university say why some women carrying girls may feel worse. the scientists took the mother's immune cells. cells from women carrying baby girls showed greater inflammati inflammation. knee injuries are becoming more common among kids and teenagers. they have more acl tears than ever before. the push to play year round sports at an earlier age may be partially to blame. scientists say south korea leads the way when it comes to life expectancy. by the year 2030, women there are likely to top out at age 90. here at home it's about 83 for women, 79 for men.
11:46 am
scientists put part of the blame on a lack of universal health insurance in the united states. thank you. tomorrow part of the center city hotel will transform into a glitzy casino and it is all for a good cause. thank you for joining us. tell us a little bit about glamsino which is now in its fifth year. >> this year the theme is carnival. it will be a fun evening. >> your organization action wellness is actually a new name for something that's been around for a long time. >> that's right. we were action aids. last summer we changed our name to action wellness. we wanted our new name to reflect the reality that people with hiv can achieve wellness and to broaden our services. >> is there a connection then to the money that you raise and what you raise it for? >> absolutely.
11:47 am
so last year we raised $15,000 through this event. we're hoping to go over that this year. all the money goes to support services, medical case management, to the client that is we serve. >> we're looking at the photos i assume from last year's event. gamb gambling, it is all for a good cause. >> that's right. the gambling is for the prizes. we have lots of prizes that people can win, some trips. some have been generous in the other hotels offering overnights. >> how many people do you expect to draw? >> we're hoping for about 200. we're almost sold out. people can go to action wellness' website. we've sold out the last several years. >> hopefully your appearance will sell out the last few tickets that are left. thank you so much for coming on and telling us about what you're
11:48 am
doing. the fifth annual glamsino action wellness carnival is tomorrow. thank you. >> thank you very much. let's start by looking at those temperatures again because today is the day we start seeing that climb. yesterday we only capped out in areas around the low 50s, some spots upper 40s. but as we go into today and the next several, it's up, up, and up. here are the temperatures in berks county. reading, 53 degrees. warnersville, 49 degrees. walnut port, 47. they'll be making their way into the 50s. and even a few areas may get
11:49 am
into the low 60s as well. 53 audubon. lumberton, you're at 49 degrees right now. princeton in the upper 40s as well. 48 the current temperature. here's our radar and satellite map. we've got the clouds. that's the gray you see laying over the region. the green, that's the rain. it was very spotty in nature early on this morning. that has fallen apart and moved off to the east. you see most of the rain action. that's a little too far south for us to tap into it. today we continue with the clouds, but not much more in terms of rain. you see some isolated activity that's far to the west of us again. we stay mostly dry today. here's the three-day outlook. 61 today in philly, 70 by thursday, and 73 by friday. mostly cloudy the next couple days, but mostly dry. some isolated showers early
11:50 am
thursday down south. then thursday night across the region, but it's not looking like that'll be much rain to speak of. in the suburbs, 61 as well for our wednesday. 68 thursday, 70 by friday. there we go. 70s again by friday. we saw records both days in allentown this past weekend, and we'll be flirting with but probably not breaking records as we go into the end of this workweek. new jersey 60 today. 56 at the shore and 60 in delaware. thursday, upper 60s to 70 delaware. upper 50s in some areas at the shore. we're at 70 both delaware and our new jersey neighborhoods. delaware up to 72 degrees. sun by your friday as well. this is a nice and continually warming forecast as we round off our february month. what we're looking at is record warmth in the forecast. these are the average
11:51 am
temperatures for different years. the top five warmest average temperatures start in 1925 at 41.2 degrees. we crunched the numbers. we did the math. by the end of the month, this month will be the warmest february in philadelphia ever on record. we see the 70s lingering on your saturday. that's when we'll see some showers and thunderstorms in your forecast. look at the change in temperatures as we go into sunday. mid, upper 40s in the forecast. jersey shore at 50. delaware at 50. notice the difference from showers and thunderstorms to a mix of clouds and sunshine for your weekend forecast. we'll take a look at that ten-day forecast coming up. we'll be right back after the break.
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tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. a bit of sun is bringing tourists back to egypt. crowds gathered today to watch an ancient tradition play out. the sunlights up the statues of
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ramses ii. the government is hoping events like this will help rebuild tourism in that country. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, actress and singer demi lovato pays a visit to the "ellen" show. this afternoon, bad for business. we're looking into the impact of philadelphia's soda tax on the city's jobs. why some retailers say the sticker shock is worse than expected and what the city has to say about it. now to an update on our top story. american airlines is returning to normal at philadelphia international airport after internet issues disrupted service there this morning. the airline had to check passengers and their bags in manually for hours and that led to a temporary ground stop by the faa for american airlines flights coming into philadelphia. it has been lifted and we're told the delays right now are minimal. krystal klei here with a final check of the weather. >> we're looking -- it's a good one. it's a warming one over the next several days.
11:56 am
today we're at 49. but we're going to make it to the low 60s by this afternoon as some sun starts to breakthrough. then we go into thursday. there it is again, the 70s returning to the forecast. who would thought in february we would say returning to the forecast? 70 thursday, 73 friday, and saturday even looking warm at 70. tracking windy conditions. that's when our rain and thunderstorms move into the forecast as well. sunday, 48 degrees and windy. next wednesday again with rain. we're back to 70 degrees. >> it's a trend. >> the third time in a week and a half we'll have 70s in the forecast. i can't complain about this one. >> two weeks ago is when we had the snow. that's all we had. >> we only had 8 inches in philadelphia. >> no more. >> we got 8 inches in philadelphia for the season as a whole which compares to a little over 26 last year. >> wow. when you put it in perspective like that, we are pretty lucky.
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thanks for watching "nbc10 news." >> have a great day. enjoy the weather out there.
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