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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 23, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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breaking from overnight, shot while sleeping. we'll tell you what we're learning about three people shot in philadelphia. and reversal. president trump with the transgender students reaction this morning. and a foggy morning. it's tough to see the roads this morning. our "first alert" weather team will tell us how long the fog will stick around. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema.
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not just a problem on the roads but as the airport. to meteorologist bill henley with the "first alert" weather forecast, the most accurate weather forecast. bill. >> the fog is widespread. it's created as warm air surges into the area with lots of moisture. you can see the fog here. wilmington, this is a live viewed from stadium. the fog extending into south jersey. the thickest fog in coatesville. pottstown, blue bell, the fog for trenton, northeast, philadelphia, philadelphia international, wilmington, quarters-mile visibility, not any different from millville, atlantic city. thick fog to start with and temperatures warm for the most spots. a little warmer in lehigh valley. there's a possibility of fog develops at 8:00 this morning as the warm air reaches into the lehigh valley. by 11:00, though, the fog will be thinning out and giving us a better view of the cloud.
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the clouds are above the fog. the clouds, they'll be moving out this afternoon. and actually, you'll forget about the fog later on this afternoon, as the temperatures soar, 68 degrees in the suburbs, 70 degrees for philadelphia and delaware. a temperature turnaround. i'll break it down hour by hour, to tell you when you expect to see that in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes but first, to the roads with jessica boyington. >> we're starting out in new jersey, in cinnaminson. reporting on the southbound between o'donnell lane and high street. traffic still is getting by in the area. you can see that's what some of the slowdown is right there. moving on the southbound side, so not approaching the tacony-palmyra bridge. it's coming in the other direction. also watching the boulevard, route 1 at 17th street right here. north and southbound. no problems or delays reported. definitely reduced visibility that you can see on the cameras.
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norristown, a crash. and still watching the delaware river bridge. that connection, the new jersey turnpike and the p.a. turnpike still closed for structural repairs. breaking from overnight, philadelphia police trying to piece together what led to three people being shot in westbrook lane. two of the victims were shot while sleeping. matt, what are you learning about this? >> reporter: well, tracy, part of this investigation is going on inside a house here along the 2400 block of 77th avenue. and part of the investigation is in this alley behind the home. you can see a police car down there in the middle of this alley. but three team right now are in the hospital. and police don't know what the motive was. we talked with police a little while ago. this happened just before 2:00 this morning. two people were sleeping on the second floor of the home. they were woken up by the gunshots fired at them. both were shot in the leg. two men, they were rushed to einstein. and they are expected to
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survive. also shot another man walking behind the house along the alley bleeding. and he was carrying a plastic claire. so far, he's been uncooperative with police. he's being treated at einstein as well. there are plenty of questions, questions that the detectives are trying to answer. >> we don't know if this is some type of home invasion. or what the motivation. we didn't find any forced entry to the property. we only found the broken windows. it's obviously broken out. not broken in. >> reporter: and they also found a gun laying on a deck by that window. and there's also this, as we take a live look. there's a claplastic chair here behind that car. that is where the police say the third man ended up at the end of the alley and dropped that chair. that's where he was apprehended by police. investigators don't know what to make of this. if this is a home invasion, robbery or what.
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none of the men have been cooperating with police thus far. live, matt delucia, nbc10 news. philadelphia police say a man was shot and then dragged down the street in strawberry mansion. officers found the victim in a vacant lot along north patent street. and right now, they're not sure who the victim is or who shot him. president donald trump has reversed a directive by former president barack obama. the trump administration has lifted federal guidelines that said transgender students should be allowed to use public school bathrooms that watch their chosen gender identity. now, the trump white house said the issue should be a local decision. it will now be up to state and school districts to decide whether federal sex discrimination law applied to gender identity. there will be no change in philadelphia public schools. the superintendent said transgender students can continue to use bathrooms based on their gender identity. now, here's how congresswoman
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reacted on. twitter she said, trans, students i stand with you and will fight for your rights even if this administration won't. angry constituents made their voices heard at a town hall meeting in central jersey. they directed their arguments to republican congressman lance. the crowd questions lance about his stance on abortion, the environment and the dakota access pipeline. in delaware county, people worried about losing their health care coverage packed an affords only care act meeting. one brought up a teenager who said she doesn't know blwhat she'll do if off her parent's coverage. ebay tells nbc10 there's a dispute about who owns the sign and about a pending
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investigation. when the sign was on sale on ebay, it drew a high bid of $7,500. well, this morning, there is a winning ticket in last night's huge powerball drawing. >> yeah that ticket was sold in indiana. now ticket sales were brisk, heading up to last night's $435 million jackpot. the cash payout is worth $263 million. check your tickets, the powerball website said someone in new jersey won a $2 million prize. here are the winning numbers, 10, 13, 28, 52, 61, and the powerball, 2. again, 10, 13, 28, 52, 61, powerball number is 2. a burlington county woman faces sentencing for a hit and run that killed a teenager in camden count. the 16-year-old died on route 130 in pennsauken last month. investigators said susan
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highland took off after hitting the teen. a niece in the car later called 911 to later report what happened. and surveillance video from inside the victim's garage on nielsen street friday night. police say the two men went through the garage to get in after following the victim home. the man was found several days later, bound, beaten and gagged. not known if anything was taken from his home. the victim was hospitalized with a broken nose. he had cuts and bruises. 5:38, the time as you're heading out right now, this is what you have to deal with. much of the area seeing dense fog to start with. and it is getting thicker in many neighborhoods. it's coming in as warm air surging into the area. the temperatures have actually been warming up overnight. and it's going to be unseasonably warm this afternoon. 70s we're likely to see later today. we'll need sunshine for that to happen. and we'll get sunshine this afternoon. this evening, well, clouds are
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back and there's a chance that some neighborhoods will see some showers. this morning, early this morning, low 40s. at midnight, 43 degrees in philadelphia. since then, the temperatures will be climbing. as that warm moist air moves in, we're got fog and still at 8:00 this morning. but after 8:00, the temperatures climb. the fog starts to disappear, and once we get shine, the temperatures take off. 58 degrees at lurcnchtime. the suburbs seeing widespread fog this morning. a few neighborhoods down to zero visibility. 46 now, won't be much different at 8:00. so that will maintain the fog at 8:00. but the temperatures will start to climb. cloudy skies thus far at 10:00. then sunshine and 60s this afternoon. lehigh valley is still waiting for fog. hasn't reached there yet. that's why the temperatures are colder and that's why skies are clear right now. still a possibility we'll see fog forming by 8:00 this morning. then that thins out.
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the clouds will thin out this afternoon and look at the beautiful afternoon temperatures. won't be completely clear put enough sunshine in new jersey as well. will warm into the 60s. 48 degrees right now. fog 8:00 temperature of 50 degrees. the clouds still here at 10:00, will quickly move out for afternoon temperatures to climb into the 60s. at the shore, 52 degrees right now. not a lot of widespread fog this morning. but there are some neighborhoods seeing fog. and there will still be fog around 8:00. then sunshine takes over near 60 degrees at the shore. and near 70 degrees this afternoon for delaware. once the fog burns up, that's after 8:00 this morning, the clouds take over. and they thin out too. and then it's 60 today. southwesterly winds bring in the moist air. and also bringing a nice warmup. and the warmup continues as we head into the weekend. but it will not last through the weekend. take a look at the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten. >> all right, thank you, bill. 20 minutes before 6:00 a.m. on this throwback thursday.
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a look at south jersey. >> there's a problem,s in 10 "first alert" traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. >> in cinnaminson. route 73, tractor trailer reported on the southbound line right around high street. it's actually pretty much across the highway from the best bred brooming salon. moving southbound, that means it's going away from the tacony-palmyra bridge. at least you won't see any major delays approaching and trying to cross over the tacony-palmyra. right now, watching that lane, reported it should still be open there, even with restrictions in place. here's the schuylkill expressway just around route 1 to the boulevard. no major problems. you can definitely still see that fog in place on the westbound side when you're heading this direction. that's moving towards the boulevard, you can really see some fog up underneath those street lights. eastbound from center city, 13 minutes. speeds in the high 60s or low 60s there.
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moving through delaware, ten minutes in both directions. no problems reported north or south, 295 to 495. vai, back to you. >> thank you, jessica. jumping into action, a stabbing suspect is taken down. we'll tell you how local paramedics and an off-duty officer was able to stop him as he went after his family. also, why warm weather is bringing out these critters.
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>> announcer: thanks for watching nbc10 news. back-to-back emmy winners for best morning newscast. a quarter to 6:00. a man is in jail after paramettparamet paramett paramettics and an off-duty police officer stepped in to stop a man from stabbing his
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faemg. >> police say the man stabbed his wife and stepdaughter. when the car was stopped at a traffic light. that's when emts jumped out of an ambulance. just happened to be at the scene. >> i took the knife out. holding the hand with the knife. we got her out. it looked like he was trying to get out. >> they actually saved the day. >> stepdaughter was critically hurt. the wife is in serious condition. the stepfather spent the night at the lehigh county jail. today, delaware lawmakers are hearing conditions about the state prison. yesterday, we learned more than two dozen medical workers have quit their jobs at the james vaughn correction center in smyrna. that's where officer floyd was killed during a standoff. our colleagues spoke to a worker at the prison. he said workers there fear for their lives. >> i have had several inmates
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come up to me and say i'm sorry for your loss. and other inmates say oh, it ain't done yet. it ain't done yet. we're gonna get another one this time. we're going to get this time. >> the announcement comes after the warden is placed on paid leave. eight corrections officers have handed in their resignation since that deadly standoff. let's go state by state, county by county for a look at stories across the area. in delaware county, police are trying to figure out what caused a driver to lose control and crash into a building. you can see the car hanging outside of the store last night. firefighters rushed to the scene and found no one was hurt. >> to burlington county, the school board is rethinking its decision. last march, the board voted to close the school, despite
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arguments that there are other ways to save money and space. and in bucks county, fire damaged several classrooms at pennridge high school in perk kacy. and no one was hurt and the school will be open today. in south jersey county, changing the way its firefighters are managed. the voorhees council voted to dissolve its fire department and replace it. well, you may love the warm weather, so do the rodents. pest control experts say mice mate when it's warm out in unseasonably warm winters mean a much bigger rodent population. you may see the critters inside and outside of buildings, inside of construction areas. >> they look like dogs. >> they do not look like dogs.
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>> i'm not really surprised that there's mice everywhere. they're probably attracted to like all of the grime. >> pest control experts say this hasn't happened for the last few winters. this year, they're averaging 30 to 40 service calls a week. why must we show the close-up pictures? we get it, they're little thing running around. >> our photographers, which one was that close to shoot that -- that rat was so huge and fat. >> it's not going to come near you. what about spiders? >> spiders don't bother -- >> spiders in your living room. >> not a problem in my neighborhood. my neighborhood has lots of cats. let the cats out. >> you got to live near a cat lady. that's the secret. all right. let's talk weather and traffic. >> fog. >> fog. >> lots of fog. absolutely.
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it's going to be slow to clear. that's that live view looking towards the comcast center. that's in philadelphia. the view of the fog, well, that's going to be with us this morning into the late morning hours. but the fog will be disappearing. the temperatures will be climbing. warm air surging into the area. and that fog is creating the fog for delaware, south jersey, the suburbs, 48 degrees and climbing in philadelphia. we're already seeing 50s at this hour. rittenhou rittenhouse, center city, philadelphia, all into the 50s and climbing. this is even before sunrise this morning. we're still waiting for fog in the lehigh valley and berks county. pottstown has been slow. zero visibility in coatesville. trenton, philadelphia international and mt. holly and it extends to the shores. louisville and atlantic city, dense fog this morning. and it takes a few hours for it to clear. but it will be clearing outside. you'll see lots of sunshine for
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philadelphia, doylestown and trenton this afternoon. a mostly cloudy morning. to the south, there are some showers. i don't expect to see any showers during the day today. but this evening, we will likely get some showers in the area. but first, we'll get sunshine this afternoon. this is 1:30 this afternoon. we'll see clouds breaking for sunshine for philadelphia. wilmington, south jersey and the suburbs and the lehigh valley, too. that will lead to a quick warmup during the day today. but notice the showers to the northwest, those are on tap for this evening. 9:30 this evening, you see the lehigh valley, some wet weather. could be downpours down there. can't rule out a chance of a thunderstorm. very unusual for this time of year. but the next chance of thunderstorms will come on saturday. this is friday night at 11:00. we'll see a warm day on friday. but still quite mild at 11:00 friday night. look at the storms to the west. that's a cold front that's going to be arriving as we go into the weekend to the west. during the day on saturday,
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lunchtime it will be dry in wilmington, philadelphia and trenton and that cold front will be to the west. for noon time, the temperatures will be soaring. expecting to go into the 70s on saturday. as the cold front passes by, we get colder air for sunday and the temperatures come down so the weekend forecast is calling for a quick temperature turnaround. 72 degrees in philadelphia, saturday, tomorrows later in the day, look at the cooldown with gusty wind it's on sunday. we'll see the conditions in the suburbs and lehigh valley, look at the cooldown, to 49 degrees. it will be dry at the shore and in delaware. but nowhere near as warm as saturday afternoon. we'll show you how long the warm air will last. it will be back again next week. the 10 day on 10 coming up in the next half hour. we continue to focus on route 73 and an overturned tractor trailer. >> jessica mentioned earlier, this is where we take our dog
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when we're out of town. in the southbound lane, right? >> on the southbound side, across from that, a landmark that i thought of that would make the most sense to most people. cinnaminson, somewhere between o'donnell lane right around high street. traffic is still getting by. a little delay there. again, that's coming away from the tacony-palmyra bridge. so you won't see any of that traffic approaching the bridge, especially if there's an opening. watching a crash on upper moreland add byberry road. and route 202, lots of fog on this racamera. route 29. northbound at that point headed to the schuylkill expressway, still in the 60s. an injured dog is only the road to recovery. blah vets are now doing to help the dog survive the brutal attack a world away. the pitfalls of social
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media. how much can impact you personally and professionally. the problems and solutions that can help up at 6:00.
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history, the illustrious weatherman has two titles. it's your chance to join him al roker is going to college campuses across america. to see if your school has the most go to and tell us what record you seek and why and you can join al for rokerthon 3. come on, how fun would that be? from temple to villanova, what local college do you think has the stuffer to set records with al roker? >> submit your stuff before the deadline tomorrow and weigh on nbc10's facebook page. now to follow up on a story we told you on "nbc 10 news today," this morning a 2-year-old injured dog named teresa is recovering from corrective surgery to pull some of her teeth and repair her tongue. police rescued her from thailand. shes scaled from a man there who
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attacked her with a knife and tried to eat her. doctors say her prognosis is very good. thanks to the kindness of strangers, she's getting a new life in south jersey. singers and songwriters find inspiration in just about everything. usually something that's personal to them. >> and that's certainly true for a rapper who put his appetite for wawa hoagies to a beat? ♪ i need a wawa hoagie, turkey ♪ >> it's gotten nearly 20,000 view on youtube. out who has been rapping since a teen got the idea while he was walking through the store. >> i was really hungry one day. had a long day at work. i went into wawa and i was like, everyone likes wawa, you know? i decided i might as well pay
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homage to it. make an ode to hoagies. >> everybody does love wawa. he may have another rap, since he's a vegan, doesn't eat meat. lots of opportunities there. >> he could rap about wawa gas. there's so many things. >> or your turkey bowl. your favorite. >> wawa is a culture and phenomenon in this area. >> it really is. once people come from out of the area and they try it once, they look at it -- now do you say it -- now i get it. now to the stories we're following for you on "nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m." hitting it big. someone is holding on to a small piece of paper with a lot of paper. and the change hitting the transgender community that's sparking criticism and praise for president trump. social media. the negative impact texts and tweets could have on your life. and what you can do to quiet the noise. 6:00 a.m.
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good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. you see behind us here, the fog that blanketed our area. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. good morning, bill. >> good morning, vai. it's widespread overnight, warm air pushing into the area as the temperatures have been climbing, but the warm air has brought the moisture. the view from the nbc10 studios. coatesville, that hasn't changed since 4:30 this morning. zero visibility, language caster, pottstown, doylestown, at quarter mile visibility. look at the dense fog for trenton, philadelphia, philadelphia international is reporting a little better visibility than just an hour ago. but it's dense in wilmington, atlantic city, now three-quarter mile visibility. to the north, belmar. a quarter-mile visibility. a lot of fog this morning. it's going to take some time for it to clear but it will clear as the temperatures climb. and this afternoon, we'll get sunshine. 58 degrees in the


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