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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  March 2, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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talk to experts in an effort to sculpt your beach body in the comfort of your own living room. >> we have a lot going on this morning. morning. o#h a warm 50 degrees outside. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. so, my next door neighbor has wind chimes on their deck, guess what woke weeme up this morning? >> you live in new jersey, i live in pennsylvania, they woke me up, too. that's how strong the wind has been. look at the flags blowing at penn's landing. getting closer to sunrise. we'll see a lot of sunshine but the wind is going to hold the temperatures back. and it's just gotten stronger in philadelphia. 31-mile-per-hour wind gusts in wilmington. 36 miles an hour in allentown. and the winds have settled down. in the short term for toms river. they were near 50 miles an hour
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last hour. but the wind, even though the strongest gusts will be this morning, the wind will still be blowing this afternoon. and that's colder air that's slowly flooding into the area. so that's going to make for a chilly day today. temperatures will tap out in the 40s nor lehigh valley and delaware. lots of sunshine for the suburbs and new jersey but going to be 30s and feel colder than that with the wind blowing. take a look at the feels like temperatures for your neighborhood when i am back in ten minutes but first, jessica boyington with "first alert" traffic. >> thanks, bill, around trooper road, right here, no backups or delays yet. we're seeing more volume head ig eastbound towards the schuylkill expressway. we typically watch for the delays but nine minutes only right now. eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. speeds are still up there also. checking in with bridges, the scheduled opening for the burlington bristol, that was scheduled about 5:350.
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checking in with mass transit, the market frankford line, delay, ten-minutes to be contact. around transportation center. vai back to you. >> jessica, thank you. developing overnight a democratic call for our nation's newly appointed attorney general to resign. this comes as a new report says jeff session hs had private meetings with a russian became. katy, what's the ag saying? >> vai, sessionsization the allegation against him is false. yet, top democrats accuse him of perjury. here's the moment in question, in january, sessions was asked in his confirmation hearing for attorney general, what he would do if he learned anyone it's in trump camp had ties with russia in the course of the presidential campaign? >> i've been called a surrogate a time or two in that campaign and i did not have communications with the russians. and i'm unable to comment on it.
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>> well, we now know that sessions had two separate interactions with russia's ambassador to the u.s. during that time. when he was senator on the armed services committee. a justice department spokesperson says there was nothing misleading about that piece you just heard because he was asked about communications between russia and the trump campaign, not about meetings he took as a senator and member of the armed services committee. senate minority leader nancy pelosi wants him to step down saying jeff sessions lied before the senate. sessions is not fit to serve agency the top law enforcement officer of our country and much of the resign. pennsylvania senator bob casey is weighing in as well. he's not asking for the resignation, but he says that sessions must recuse himself from the trump/russia investigation media. sessions oversees the fbi which is investigating any ties between the trump campaign and russia. i'm live in the digital
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operations center. katy zachry, nbc10 news. we also have details about presidential counselor kellyanne conway. the white house office said conway add acted inadvertently when she urged the public to buy ivanka trump's clothing line. now to breaking news locally out of south philadelphia, this video is just into nbc10 after a man was stabbed outside a bar along jackson street. the victim is in stable condition. standing against hate. happening today, religious leaders, lawmakers and citizens will gather on independent mall for a special rally, mayor kenney, governor wolf, religious leaders and archbishop mccue will stand together. the reward continues to climb in the jewish cemetery vandalism case. $69,000 up for grabs for information leading to an
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arrest. hundreds of headstones at mt. caramel cemetery this moment was damaged after the fbi opened a civil rights investigation in the case. education, drug abuse and the pension program, those are just some of the big issues philadelphia mayor jim kenney is expected to tackle when he lays out his budget today. nbc10's pamela osborne joins us live from city hall. pam, you've been going through the budget. break it down for us. >> reporter: well, tracy, the idea is to create long-term growth for some of the most vulnerable people who live here. the opioid crisis. mayor kenney wants to put $1.9 million towards the problem after thousands of hospital visits and 900 deaths reported in the city last year alone. the money would help improve the description of narcan, and overdose drug. and also sign a campaign aimed at the highest prescribing health care provider. and it would also develop a
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realtime database to track openings at treatment facilities. a little more than $1 million would go towards house, support families exiting shelters, as well as intervention to help families and people who are chronically homeless. the budget proposal is an increase for foster families with teens and children. plus a more than $900,000 increase in lead poisoning prevention that that would allow the city to tackle lead paint and dozens of homes right now. expects $92.4 million in -- full address about the budget before council at 10:00 this morning. reporting lie ining live at citm pamela osborne, nbc10 news. the philadelphia soda tax is getting new pushback. pepsi said the tax has forced them to lay off nearly 100
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workers at the the three distribute plants. the tax charges the distributors 1.5 cents per ounce. pepsi said it's lead to a 40% drop in sales in philadelphia alone. city leaders question the need for layoffs, pointing to the company's profits. and the hundreds of thousands of dollars that pepsi spent to try and kill the soda dax. and money from the tax pays for philadelphia's universal pre-k program. the city said that program has created more than 250 new jobs. about 2,000 children started the first phase of the pre-k program when it launched in january. it's 6:07, 49 degrees, temperatures continue to fall. let's get you updated with "first alert" meteorologist bill henley. bill. >> they're really strong this morning. we're seeing wind gusts at 30 miles an hour. you can see the cameras shaking. this is a live view from center city this morning. the antenna blowing in the winds. the winds will be with us
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through the afternoon but the strongest wind gusts will be this morning. right now, cooler than it was at midnight. 62 degrees at midnight. we've dramaed in the 40s. lehigh valley, suburbs and south jersey. 50 degrees in florence, upper 40s for turnersville. clayton is down to 47. but these temperatures will be falling this morning. princeton is 46 degrees. we'll see bright sunshine. calling for a little bit during the day. a little bit of a warmup, but the winds will really hold the temperatures back. and the winds, well, they're forecast to top 40 miles an hour this morning, with gusts. steady winds this afternoon. those will still be blowing during the afternoon hours and that's the colder air that's moving into the area. here's how it will feel. 8:00 this morning, feels like temperature at 31 degrees in philadelphia. feels like the 20s for areas north and west. as we go into the afternoon, bright sunshine at noon time it will feel like 34 degrees in philadelphia. we'll see enough sunshine and a little less wind this afternoon to make it feel like it's a
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little warmer. still much colder than yesterday. yesterday afternoon the temperatures were in the 70s. today, it's going to feel like 30s all day long. now, it is cold enough for snow or will be. right now, it's seeing just a few rain showers that are blowing through lehigh valley and suburbs. a little rain in richland and upper bucks county. these are brief showers. won't last long, then dry and sunshine for the rest of the day. stuck ♪ 40s for 40s and suburbs and lehigh valley. each of these locations will feel like it's in the 30s for the day. delaware, bright sflien, 448:00, upper 40s at noon. you'll feel the wind blowing all day long in new jersey. temperatures in the 40s will feel like 30s. at the shore, 44 degrees. and couple degrees warmer at 4:00 this afternoon. dry today while i'm tracking a chance of snow showers before we
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get to the weekend. a closer look at that, and which neighborhoods will be affected when i'm back in ten minute. >> thank you, bill. in lehigh valley, headed out to work or school, we'll help you out. >> jessica boyington has that. jess. >> we're watching 78 around lehigh street. we can see it definitely covering the camera lens there, you see the roads looking slippery, we're thought seeing any problems reported because of that rain. there's a krav in marlboro and swamp creek road. and magazine road. a crash at evergreen around swede road. with the bridges, a scheduled opening for the burlington bristol around 5:30 scheduled this morning. and the ben and tacony-palmyra nice and clear. ten-minute delays on the frankford line. vai, back to you. oprah for president? how does that sound?
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well, the media is weighing in on the possibility. >> still ahead what she said about a white house run in 2020, #oprah2020, we'll see. plus, a casino reborn. it could mean a new wave of jobs. straight ahead, get in shape for that, leaving your house, you will want to see this, our week-long workout, how you can get fit.
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get your body in summer shape without leaving your house. that's what's next. >> vai and i met with a fitness expert to test at-homeworkouts. take a look. if you're determined to look your best at the beach and you can't swing a gym workout, apps
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might be what you're looking for. >> ten minutes might be something you want to start with. >> reporter: fitness expert carlos bradley looks at the gazillions out there. most are free and mostly pretty good if you're already in shape. >> push the palms to the ceiling. >> reporter: he said the key is to know where you're starting physicalwise and where you want to finish. some of these are pretty high intensity. >> right, right. >> all of these people look like they're in shape. >> when you see words like insanity and beach, those are usually things that you do not want to start with. >> come on, push, push! >> all of these are down the road videos that you need to be six months to eight months in before you do this. >> reporter: same goes for many on-demand options and there are plenty. but what about all of those fitness items you see on tv. we have a few. >> we got group blast that could
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be functional. we can figure out ways to do that. we do not need that. >> reporter: but for this with challenging push-ups. >> take it down and up and we're good. >> reporter: and challenging squats. i lake that. >> good, one more time. good. and relax. >> we do these during commercial breaks. >> we do a few of these on the set during commercial breaks. >> you can do it. you can do it. >> yeah, come on, everybody. >> wait a minute, where's that rocker board -- >> she thought it was a sled when she first saw it. >> i live in an apartment complex. i used to work out in my living room because i think your neighbors get upset about that. you're doing running man in your living room. that's why i don't work out. >> especially, if she's on the top floor of her apartment building. we tell people leave your home
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and get off your couch, on the other hand you can stay in your home. >> bradley says stay away from the things that look hokie. just get moving. get up off the couch. you need a chair to do squats or stepups. >> i love working out at home. you got chocolate nearby. the remote. it's perfect. >> it workings your fingers. >> for your not inspiring crew for a workout. >> touch the traffic button right now, i think. >> yes, let's get on the road. if you're heading out the door in the next couple minutes maybe you can drive to the gym too. >> a downed tree -- >> maybe lug a tree around somewhere. on the southbound side, we're seeing a little bit of a delay moving towards center city. 17 minutes from woodhaven road to vine street expressway. on the p.a. turnpike, a downed tree on the westbound side around ft. washington.
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and the total drive time, we're fine, 23 minutes from route 1 to valley forge. and a crash at evergreen around swede road. another crash on marlboro and swamp creek road. and we're seeing an opening scheduled for the burlington bristol at 550. >> what's happening right now? >> he's doing a squat. always trying to encourage me. >> i'm going to go back to tracy. i'm going to squat my way out of here. >> yes, thanks. now, let's push the button for weather. "first alert" meteorologist bill henley has the forecast for your neighborhood. boy, those winds. >> yeah, and keep moving. and that will bring in the cold air and the return cold to camelback. it took a hit yesterday with the warm temperatures and rain but back to snowmaking tonight. and there could be mother nature
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helping snow come tomorrow. easton is seeing a few shower us and rain comes in. a few showing up on the radar screen, light stuff that won't be around for long. it will be blowing this morning. might see a few roads that are wet to start with but sunshine takes over and temperatures nowhere near the 70s like yesterday. in the 40s. philadelphia, the suburbs and lehigh valley, even though it will warm into the 40s it will feel like the 30s through the day. brief snow showers through kutztown, it won't be long, this afternoon, it will be dry. 40s this afternoon and this afternoon for trenton, voorhees and hamilton. at the shore, ocean city will top out at 51 degrees. to the warmest spot in the area. 48 degrees in wilmington. 58 degrees. and the wind will be blowing through the area this morning. a few spots of rain, we saw snow showers to start with, those are pretty much dying out. the possibility of snow showers returns for tomorrow. it's the hour-by-hour forecast.
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shows 2:00 this afternoon, we will be dry. but still some colder air to the west. that cold air is going to be racing into the area for tonight. and tomorrow morning it will be cold enough for snow. but the snow will be in northwestern pennsylvania. this is some very light snowfall. it will be blowing into the area, it looks like right around 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. some very light snow. maybe a dusting on the grass. other than that it's going to move too quickly for much in the way of accumulation. don't be surprised if you see a few snowflakes tomorrow. the temperatures should be above freezing when the clouds come through with the snow showers for tomorrow. then out of the picture for tomorrow afternoon. this is snow potential. 2.2 inches for allentown. less than a quarter inch for allentown and pottstown and maybe a few snowflakes in philadelphia too. that's tomorrow. today will be dry. we'll see those clouds break for sunshine. and 49 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow will be colder. the clouds will move through. a brief snow shower is possible. sunshine this weekend.
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but colder on saturday. 20s in the morning. 30s in the afternoon. a warming trend starts after sun in the morning. 45 degrees the high on sunday. back into the low 50s for monday and tuesday, not bad, but then we're back to cooler march weather for wednesday, thursday, friday. come next saturday, back into the upper 50s. 6:21, frustration for sixers fans as the rookie goes from bad to worse. and the teachers message to leaders in a big way.
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joel embiid is out for the rest of the season, his torn
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meniscus has gotten worse. the team not sure how to treat it right now. they're looking at all of their options including surgery. and mayor kenney helped a globetrotters take a shot. take a look at this. ♪ >> come on! >> that is why they call it assist. the mayor got an assist, swiss young, the globetrotters play three games this weekend. there it is again. how about this. >> amazing. >> hey, good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads right now, we're watching route 73. over in berlin, new jersey over around jackson road. most of the new jersey roads are
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okay. we have downed trees. i'll have details on those and where they are at 6:30. for now, let's get a check on the forecast. >> gusty winds this morning. that's going to make three-pointers more difficult to hit. temperatures will be in the 40s. feels like in the 30s. i've got your neighborhood forecast just ahead. also, ahead, missing the mark, how kids having a tougher time making the grade at school. live in atlantic city, a new deal to bring knew life into the old taj mahal, i'll have those details -- next. you have cancer,
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boardwalk boost. the deal to reopen one of atlantic city's casinos that could breathe new life into the summer tourist destination. a supersize message.
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school leaders team up to shame school leaders in a big way. and a new plan to help save lives and protect it's online community. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. it is thursday, this march 2nd, good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. get ready to bundle up. the winds have changed and bringing cooler temperatures. meteorologist bill henley has the details with the most accurate "first alert" forecast. bill. >> all night long, the temperatures have flopped. philadelphia was 62 degrees at midnight. and we're now in the 40s in philadelphia. in easton, clouds are blowing through. with these clouds some rain showers, too warm for anything else. started as snow showers in central pennsylvania riding at 36 miles an hour in allentown. we're seeing gusts as much as 40 miles in philadelphia. and gusts as high as 50 miles an hour at the shore.
6:31 am
the strongest gusts will be here this morning. but the winds will be with us this afternoon and colder air coming into the area. we're in the 50s in philadelphia when we went on the air at 4:30. now, 49 degrees. look at the camera shaking. that's the view of center city. this is your day for philadelphia, 49 degrees, down to 43 degrees at 9:00. bright sunshine at noon time, it's going to be colder than it is right now. that's just philadelphia. we're going to see similar conditions for the rest of the area. gone will be the 70s we had yesterday. and 50s overnight. it will be in the 40s through the day. it going to feel like 30s in new jersey even at the shore. break it down hour by hour to show you where the winds will back off when i'm back in ten minutes. but first, jessica boyington has the "first alert" traffic. >> starting in bensalem, a downed tree. bensalem boulevard is closed from new falls road and the
6:32 am
turnpike. with a downed tree, ft. washington, you are seeing delays in the total drive time because of that. at leastading ten minutes or so. speeds are starting to drop in the 40s there. we are seeing delays because of that storm damage as well. right here on the boulevard because it looks like a good ride so far, no major problems reported in either direction but watching for small delays headed southbound towards the schuylkill expressway. tracy, back to you. >> jessica, thanks. 6:32, atlantic city is waking up to a brighter future this morning. hard rock international has struck a deal to buy the shuttered trump taj mahal. and that could mean thousands of new jobs. nbc10's matt delucia is live on the ac boardwalk. >> reporter: right, tracy, when the taj mahal opened in 1990, it was billed as the eighth wonder of the world. you see it now. it is closed. it has been closed since october. now, with this new announcement, atlantic city's mayor said this
6:33 am
could bring in 3,000 new jobs that will place many if not all of the jobs when it was closed. hard rock bought this from carl icahn through investors to put about $300 million into renovating and branding this casino. now there has been a hard rock here on the boardwalk. but they couldn't agree on a new contract to restore health insurance or pension benefits and it had been the latest in a series of casino closings in atlantic city. governor christie called this great news. take a look at atlantic city mayor don guardian and other tourists here talking about this new development. >> i think it will be another highly competitive property and the reason to come to atlantic city. >> it's something, you know, hopefully it brings entertainment to everyone, especially during the summer.
6:34 am
>> that's just something else that we can go to and explore. >> reporter: take a look here. live on the boardwalk. you see the hard rock cafe that is down the way here. actually right next to the taj mahal. as we pan to the right you can see where the new hard rock hotel and casino will be once the deal goes through. the deal has struck but the actual purchase has yet to happen. right here at the taj mahal. the lights remain off. the plan is to open that casino next year. the company says it's 100% convinced that this casino will be a success. live in atlantic city, matt delucia, nbc10 news. 6:34. now to three headlines we're following. first, several key democrats on capitol hill calling for attorney general jeff sessions to resign. this after reports that sessions spoke twice to russia's ambassador during the presidential campaign and did
6:35 am
not close conversations when asked during the confirmation hearing. the dow topped 21,000 for the first time ever, the index soared more than 300 points wednesday. after president trump reaffirmed plans to cut taxing and push for other business policies. and finally, philadelphia mayor jim kenney will unveil his budget proposal today. here's a live look at city hall where this morning the mayer is expected to ask for more than 40 new paramedics and 30 more firefighters but also $2 million to fight the opioid epidemic. teachers in philadelphia are using this billboard finally up along 595 to send a message to jim kenney and school officials. it says the city doesn't value public school children and the city hasn't had a raise in more than five years. the teachers raised more than $5,000 to pay for the billboard. >> the fact that we were able to raise that much money so quickly just shows that the teachers in the city.
6:36 am
the public school advocates, the parents, i'm a parent in the city, too, we're all fed. you. >> in eye a statement, a school spokesperson said our desire is our contract which lull by compensates our teacherers but also retains the physical stability that the school district has fought so hard for. two sisters in philadelphia county say they were abused by an alleged offender. the two sisters are speaking up. the women whose names are not being released say william thomas used to babysit them when they lived in levitttown. they say he sexually abused them. thomas was arrested after police found thousands of pieces of evidence indicating he sexually abused children for decades. the women who came forward yesterday said they want to encourage other potential victims to do the same. >> i've been taken advantage of by a grown child molester will i hope anyone molested by this man
6:37 am
please step up. >> he remains in jail. a community will come together tomorrow and saturday to remember two dover police officers in killed in a crash last weekend. the police department announced the funeral and memorial services for rob defont and jimmy watts. the from certainly order of police have set up a scholarship fund in honor of the two officers. every morning, state by state, county by county for stories of your neighborhood. a task force set up to find out how arm robberies targeting cell phone stores. police and prosecutors are meeting every day on the case. a bucks county man accused of raping a teenage girl who was allegedly gifted to him by her
6:38 am
parents are allegedly able to get defense by the sale of his house. yesterday, a judge approved a plan for the house to be forfeited to the state and then sold after trial. the money set aside from that sale can pay his legal fees. new jersey governor chris christie will be in camden county for the opening of a new drug treatment facility. the victory bay recovery center was founded by a.j. solomon who once worked for christie. during his state of the state address christie highlighted a.j.'s recovery from heroin addiction. in delaware, hunters killed a record number of deer. hunters harvested more than 17,000 deer. that breaks a record. the first allowed hunting on sundays. >> the temperatures have dropped. it's going to drop even more because of the winds. >> yeah, we're dealing with the winds and it's going to warm up -- or get cooler as the day
6:39 am
goes on. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley. >> you're still thinking of those 70s we had yesterday. those are long gone. we were in the 60s overnight. but with howling winds blowing through the night and still going this morning, the temperatures have steadily come down. so, we're looking at a sunny day today. turning colder for tonight. heading out right now, we're looking at temperatures in the 40s for most of the area. we're getting ready to see a nice sunny day today. but with the winds blowing the temperatures are going to feel colder through the day. right now feels like 42 degrees in philadelphia. feels like temperatures for lehigh valley and suburbs. a few showers are possible. we're tracking a few rain drops coming off of snow showers in central pennsylvania. they're really falling a part. a few rain drops in lehigh valley and dry for the rest of the day. you there see the sunshine starting to come up over the city. 49 degrees right now.
6:40 am
it's going to get colder this morning. and then a little bit of a warmup this afternoon. the afternoon temperatures will be colder than it is right now, thanks to that wind. sunshine, yes, but the wind will be with us all day long. the suburbs and clouds blowing through right now, we'll see more and more sunshine and less and less heat. 43 degrees at this hour. 41 at 8:00, back up to 43 degrees at lunchtime. 45 degrees, the high temperature this afternoon. lehigh valley, you can see the light rain showers that are blowing through easton right now with clouds. 44 degrees at this hour. it will drop in the 30s at 10:00. and then with the winds blowing and bright sunshine, the wind will back off a little bit this afternoon. the sun will warm it up into the 40s. but the wind will make it feel like the 30s all day long, even in new jersey. 48 degrees right now. drops into the low 40s. we'll stay in the 40s all day. the wind is still blowing, that will feel like 39 degrees. at the shore, bright sunny skies.
6:41 am
51 right now, the cold air will reach to the shore as well along with the stronger winds. you see on trolley stadium, in the 40s. plenty of sunshine but this dry weather is going to change tomorrow and we can so some snow showers before we get to the weekend. i'll take a look at that and show you which neighborhoods and what time to expect them when i come back in ten minutes. >> bill, we'll see you then. jessica, as i understand is doing our summer workout series tomorrow. maybe she'll do crunches like she's doing this morning. >> i work out before noon. that's fun for me. >> we're going to start off with the schuylkill expressway this morning, guys. around city avenue, some delays on the westbound side. a little blurry here but we are seeing delays, starting to see them past the boulevard moving westbound. pretty typical right now for this time. we're not seeing anything major happening because of that no
6:42 am
major delays. the tacony-palmyra, we're in the middle of that right now, the betsy alternate, in bordentown township, a downed tree, 295 around 206, exit 6, a downed tree around 206 southbound. vai and tracy, back to you. oprah for president. >> oprah 2020 how about that is that a possibility? >> we'll have to see what they have to say for a run for the white house. plus buried under a mountain of late fees. "nbc10 responds" to a man with a croonic problem. and grab your pan and shovel. the billion reasons you may want to head out west.
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6:46, new this morning, facebook is adding new tools to try to prevent live streamed suicides. the steps come after several reports of children and adults broadcasting on facebook live as they took their own lives. facebook is using artificial intelligence that may he. questions for parents, how much tv do your young kids watch and are they prepared to learn? researcher it's nyu studied the connection between tv time and school readiness, kids who watched less than two hours tv were less prepared for school in math and critical thinking. northern california is
6:47 am
experiencing a bit of a gold rush. seriously. gold flakes across the region, one miner says he expects the dam of or roville dam to have me precious metals. before you race off to california, only likely to find a few flakes, not enough to make you rich. well, turning to "nbc10 responds," one consumer's story prompted another viewer to check his bill. >> surprised he found unexpected charges. and when the company wouldn't fix the problem, he knew right where to go. harry hairston and the "nbc10 responds" team. >> i'll show you the satellite. >> reporter: kenny has been a directv customer for the last five years. he said he worked out a deal. always pays the bill on the 1st of the month instead of the 31st
6:48 am
of the previous month. no problems? >> no problems at all. >> reporter: but he saw extra charges. >> $5 late fee for november, december, january. >> reporter: $5 added on each time. when he read his january bill more carefully, he saw a new late fee policy but it doesn't go into effect until this month. he called directv but they wouldn't butcdge. we contacted directv. >> as soon as you called them, boom, that quick. >> reporter: buck said he heard from direct tv right away. >> we're going to give you credit for november, december, january. >> reporter: $15 back. >> you're the man. if you have problem, let us know about it, the best way to reach us, right there on the
6:49 am
screen. we will respond to you. 6:48. 49 degrees outside. boy, did you hear the wind overnight? it's still howling. let's find out more about the wind and the cooler temperatures that it's bringing in as meteorologist bill henley. he has the most accredit neighborhood forecast. bill. >> you're going to feel that wind and feel the cold all day long. cape may. clouds blowing through with the temperatures dropping with the wind blowing all day long it's going to feel much colder today than yesterday. cold enough for snow showers in the pocono mountains. mostly to the north of scranton. that's rain hours moving through allentown. the temperatures will be falling, however. don't expect to see any more showers during the day today. dry for wilmington, philadelphia and trenton. but it is colder. 30s for allentown, quakertown and exton. the bus stop will be chilly for philadelphia at 40 degrees. 40, but with the wind blowing,
6:50 am
it's going to feel like the 30s. we'll number the 30s for wilmington. not a lot warmer. we will see lots of sunshine. so the temperature will come up a little bit. but that's not much of a warmup with bright sunny skies. that's because the wind will be blowing. it's going to feel cold all day long. 38 degrees the feels like temperature at 1:00. windchill at 40 degrees at 1:00. that's where it peaks. colder air is riding in on the winds and it will take over this evening and that's a chance for snow showers tomorrow. for today, the snow stays to the north and west. that's for today. tomorrow, that's a different story. we'll be watching the snow showers to the west. tomorrow morning, 8:30, tomorrow morning. look at that line of snow showers. this could hold together and swing through very quickly, allentown, reading, into the suburbs and even philadelphia. it will be moving so quickly and temperatures will be rising. so, if we see a dusting in some
6:51 am
parts, it's going to be on the grass. and it will be dry this weekend, but cold. especially in the morning. thursday, today, 49 degrees the high temperature. the winds, though, making it feel like 30s. tomorrow colder. that brief snow shower in the afternoon, 31 degrees and drying out. sunshine will be here this weekend. 23 saturday morning. 24 sunday morning. and then a warmup starts on sunday. and in the 60s monday and tuesday, that's a brief warmup. back to low 50s on wednesday. turning cooler for next thursday and friday. next weekend, another chance of showers and another warmup, up to 47 degrees. >> showers, more showers. 60 degrees. got it, bill. thanks. nine minutes before 7:00, let's get you to work. >> jessica, where are you starting, 309? >> yes, was thats 309. fortunately not blocking any portion of the road. a downed tree tipped over here
6:52 am
due to earlier winds. there's a police officer here over on the right-hand shoulder. we're watching that on the southbound side of route 309. again, dares are getting by the scene. not so fortunate everywhere. p.a. turnpike ft. washington, causing big delays. total drive time, now it's 48 minute. we're approaching the hour mark from route 1 to valley forge. bensalem a downed tree. on bensalem boulevard northbound side. and checking in with mass transit. the west trenton line is suspended until further notice due to a fire in lower moreland township downed peco wires. eight minutes before the hour. now for a look at stories trending this morning. more fallout from that webe picture at the oscars. >> accountants responsible for
6:53 am
the mix-up are now understand the protection of a security detail. this comes as someone posted personal information and posted pictures of their home online. the two accountants handed warren beatty the wrong envelope. pricewaterhousecoopers said the accountants will stay with the company but never again work an oscars show. oprah 2020 is trending on twitter. but could the queen of all media become the president of the united states? in the bloomberg interview, oprah winfrey was asked about running for the white house, she said, no, she's not running, but she did have fun with the idea in the interview. >> it's got a lot of people talking, for sure. there's this, it appears the widow of beau biden has found love with beau's brother holly biden is now dating hunter
6:54 am
biden. hunter also told the paper he and holly are lucky to have found love. the two have reportedly started dating after hunter separated from his wife. next for all the stories we're following throughout the day. >> that is the call of the resignation.
6:55 am
6:56 am
prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers,
6:57 am
[ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. here's some of the stories we're following today. >> a lot going on, several key democrats on capitol hill are calling for attorney general jeff sessions to stop down this coming as reports say sessions
6:58 am
spoke twice to a russian ambassador and did not disclose those conversations when asked during a confirmation hearing. we're following a live picture from clifton heights where a man suffered a minor head injury after a tree fell on his house. people say power is out to 1400 homes in the area but should be restored by 11:00 a.m. today. >> we're seeing a lot of downed trees this morning. route 309 we're watching around highland avenue. the southbound side, people are cautious moving around this tree. it actually is down. you can see cars are driving 81 neithe underneath it. out in the west trenton line, service is suspended due to a fire in lower moreland township that was caused by downed wires.
6:59 am
>> the trees are understand a l stress with the wind, you see the howling wind, gusting at 36 miles an hour at the shore. and 41-mile-per-hour wind gusts right now in trenton. a blustery day ahead. the temperatures in the 40s right now are going to stay in the 40s all day long. 46 degrees in delaware currently. 41 in the suburbs. afternoon temperatures will look a lot different with wind blowing and sunshine. the winds will keep us cooler. and the feels like temperatures, the windchills will be in the 30s through the day today. >> you can always get my "first alert" forecast on today's 101.12 more fm. >> that's march. >> that's right, we've been dealing with april and may temperatures. >> take your windbreaker and a coat. we'll have updates with more realtime institution and weather and traffic on the app.
7:00 am
>> thanks for watching. "today" show starts. ready to work out, jess? let's go. we're going to film you doing it, too. >> can't wait to see it tomorrow. good morning. breaking overnight, attorney general jeff sessions facing calls to resign, over a new revelation that he met with russia's ambassador during the presidential campaign. not once, but twice. something he denied at his confirmation hearing under oath. >> i did not have communications with the russians. >> why sessions is pushing back, claiming those meetings had nothing to do with the campaign. the trump effect. stocks surge to record highs. the dow opening the day above 21,000 points for the first time ever. up nearly 3,000 points since election day. how long will the rally last? finding love again. the widow of former vice president joe biden's


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