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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  March 4, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, burr, the cold is back. before you head out bundle up. we will have the details on our return to winter just ahead in the first alert neighborhood forecast. ahead of schedule, before this cold snap the warm weather helped crews make real progress fixing a much traveled bridge over the delaware river. and making an exit, why arnold schwarzenegger is quitting celebrity apprentice after only a few months on the show. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors. 5:30 on this saturday. man, is it chilly outside. meteorologist erika martin is tracking those wintry conditions, she has the most accurate forecast in the region. erika. >> that's right, rosemary, kind of unfair, temperatures were above normal for the past couple weeks and now we're seeing temperatures well below normal for this i'm too of the year. in fact, the average in philadelphia is 48 degrees, we
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are going to get nowhere near that today. let's focus on delaware. harmony hills currently at 24 degrees, newark 23, greenville 21, ah22 lincoln, milton 23 degrees and georgetown currently at 25 with northwesterly winds. 8 miles per hour in philadelphia, 6 mile per hour dover air force base, millville 3, wilmington 7, coatesville 8, but they will start to increase as a secondary frontal boundary sweeps on through and kicks up those wind speeds and wind gusts and brings in much colder air right behind that. feels like temperature matt talked about that a couple seconds ago -- a couple minutes ago rather, we can see it feels like it's 16 degrees in philadelphia, doilstown it feels like 13, allentown 13 and pottstown 15. as those winds start to increase you think, well, it gets later in the day, maybe it will feel a lot more comfortable. not the case. we will have plenty of sunshine
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but with the increase in those wind speeds it will actually feel colder, in the single digits for doylestown, pottstown, west chester and allentown. feels like 10 degrees in philadelphia and egg harbor is will feel like a chilly 11 degrees for you. 10:30 still seeing single digit feels like temperatures. be sure you bundle up. thanks to these cold conditions the ice is in great shape for this last weekend of winter fest at the blue cross river rink on penn's landing. that's where nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us this morning thinking warm thoughts. matt. >> reporter: thinking warm thoughts indeed. when they say march comes in like a lion they were not lying. that rhymes, i didn't even realize that. that's how cold it is out here, i can't even think anymore. you've got the blue cross river rink down here, it's closed right now but the lights are on, it looks nice and picture-esque, that's good news when you have the cold weather, cold temperatures that is perfect for
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the ice down there. just in time for their last weekend. even though weekend still here for a couple more weeks as far as the calendar is concerned, so some folks it feels like the winter is playing games with them. in recent weeks with the warmups we were seeing it left this rink slushy and not that nice for skating. >> we weren't going to come because it was hot and the ice was going to melt. >> the up and down weather has been a challenge for most people. i think it's going to be a great weekend for us to start march off. it will be fun. real nice weather. >> fun if you like this kind of weather not so much fun if you don't. you see the blue cross river rink down there, no problems making the ice today. they are opening this morning at 11:00, they are going a flyers watch party tonight and they are holding on to the winter weather for so long as they can. for now i'm live in penn's landing, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. this morning philadelphia police are looking to find the gunman who shot up a school bus.
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one bullet hit a man nearby, the others missed two adults and a teenager on the bus. this was in nice toub yesterday afternoon. four gunmen were shooting near 19th street. an unarmed man standing on the corner was wounded in the air, they do not believe that he was a target. they say 42 shots were fired but amazingly nobody was seriously hurt. surveillance video hoping for leads in the case. we have new details now about several armed robberies at cellphone stores across the lehigh valley. police have arrested two people in connection with the crimes. the arrests are the result of a new task force that was formed following robberies in both pennsylvania and new jersey. that task force reviewed surveillance video to try to connect the dots among several robberies that had taken place since the fall. police say there could be more arrests in the coming weeks. today in kent county loved ones and comrades will pay their final respects to two dover
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police officers killed in an off duty car crash, a memorial service will be held for patrolman robert la fontaine and james watts. investigators say la fontaine was driver in camden, delaware, last weekend when their car veered off a sharp curve and hit a utility pole. now to a follow-up on a sinkhole that's still causing problems for people in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. east clearfield street is shut down until further notice. we first told you about the sinkhole situation thursday night at 11:00, our nbc 10 cameras were there when a car got stuck in the hole. we also have a follow-up on repairs to the delaware river turnpike bridge which could reopen early next month. sky force 10 was over the span
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yesterday. engineers tell us that the good weather last month helped to speed up their work. turnpike officials shut down the bridge in january when painters found cracks in a steel support. q terminate yo >> arnold schwarzenegger says you are fired to celebrity apprenti apprentice. still ahead we will explain why he's leaving the show. plus this -- >> people are not thinking, those are the people i'm concerned with. >> a broadway star gives local students a lesson on how to perform in a racially charged musical that's created quite a stir at their high school.
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pennsylvania state police are blaming a snow squall for this deadly pileup on i-81 near
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pottsville yesterday. one person was killed. hospitals are treating more than two dozen others who were injured. witnesses say cars and trucks went spinning out of control and slammed into each other when that snow came town. the crash shut down the interstate for hours, it is now back open. police are also blaming the snow burst for other crashes and traffic tieups in central pennsylvania. this one along interstate 99 near state college involved more than three dozen vehicles. let's see if there's any snow in our future with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist erika martin. >> none for us but we do have colder air sliding into place. as far as that snow goes, yesterday we did see those snow squalls, they were fast and furious, out of the area quickly. current temperature allentown 20 degrees, coatesville 19, wilmington 20, philadelphia 25 and mt. holly 23 degrees and winds are coming out of the northwest so we do have that colder air moving right into the place. today's high temperature expected high is 35 degrees, the average high is 48.
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sunset 5:57 p.m. and the record high is 74 degrees. overnight lows we will see 11 allentown, 12 trenton, mt. holly 13, philadelphia 16 but more importantly we do have very cold feels like temperatures so of course we have to consider these winds right now coming out of the northwest, still pretty mild, but by later today they will start to increase. so feels like temperatures through later tonight are pretty impressive. let's get this started and pause this a few times. first at 8:00 a.m., a couple single digits out here,9 keep this building until later tonight and you will see just how cold it will get by later tonight into early tomorrow morning. so pause point at 10:00 p.m., 1 below, that's your feels like temperature in allentown, 1 in doylestown, 6 in philadelphia, 4 burlington and 2 degrees that's your feel like temperature in trenton. then we get this going and pause this tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m., looks like very many people will be feeling temperatures below zero. zero for swedesboro and voorhees, 1 below for philly,
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doylestown 4 below, trenton 3 )!+(q&ow and burlington 20 2 be. with he do have the coldest air sliding into place. get ready for a very cold saturday and very cold saturday night. today in delaware county bonner and prendergast high school will mark five years of renewal with its fryers fest fundraiser. the event is set for tonight at springfield country club. the philadelphia archdiocese kept bonner-prendie open. today in camden the 76ers will unveil a sculpture honoring billy cunningham. cunningham figured in both the 76ers championships as a player in 1967 and as the head coach in 1983. the eagles get a win in the upcoming nfl draft. plus the sixers took on the nicolle wallace at home and it's another game that went down to
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the wire. we will have all the highlights just ahead in your saturday morning sports. fios in the house!
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what should i watch? things have come a long way since you got fios. [nervously laughs] what's fios? fios has fallen behind. don't fall with it. xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv. arnold schwartz neger says he will not return as host of the new celebrity apprentice. he's blaming president trump for the show's poor ratings. swars neger told empire magazine that president trump's involvement left a, quote, bad taste that drove away viewers. mr. trump was the show's original host and still serves as an executive producer. a drive in theater in alabama says its boycotting disney's remark of beauty and the beast because one of the characters is gay. the operators say they are, quote, first and foremost
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christians and that they won't compromise on what the bible teaches, end quote. earlier this week the director revealed beauty and the beast will include disney's first ever exclusively gay moment on film. the movie hits theaters on march 17th. glad you think it's an ugly word. it should be an ugly word. it's not a word to use. it's not appropriate to use the word. >> a broadway star brings his message to south jersey students dealing with a gate over a school musical. the debate erupted over the school's upcoming production of the musical "rag time" and it's use of the n word. nbc 10's ted greenberg has more from cherry hill. >> as long as people are talking that's a good thing. >> reporter: as one of its original broadway stars, brian stokes mitchell offers deep perspective on rag time's racial themes. >> the ugly language in the show is meant to be ugly. >> mitchell telling students at cherry hill high school east friday that the script is meant to send a message against hate.
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rag time set to take the stage at the school starting next week including its use of the n word. >> if people are notoxw thinkin it's an ugly word those are the people i'm concerned with. >> reporter: the musical is the fictional story of three diverse families in early 20th century new york. >> if you remove this word you disregard the intention of the author and deliberately tell the wrong story. >> a debate broke out in january over the racial slur and potentially substituting it in the production. but copyright laws prohibit changes so administrators decided the musical would go on uncensored while adding in school discussions on the sensitive subject matter. >> we came to the conclusion that it would be very good to include this as a curriculum piece, use it as a learn experience. >> the show runs from march 10th to 19th. the box office and play bill will have a warning about strong language that some people might find offensive. >> i'm really, really heartened
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by the fact that so much discussion has been going on in this community. >> you just inspired all of us. >> reporter: a dialogue mitchell urged these kids to continue for the rest of their lives. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. dozens of puppies rescued from a pet store in burlington county are now ready for their forever families. these dogs are up for adoption at the county animal shelter in west hampton. they were taken from the puppy barn, it went out of business last month after the spca and county health department cited it for unsanitary conditions. nbc 10 is committed to helping to clear the shelters in our area. a little later on this morning you can see a dog looking for a family on our weekly pet adoption segment, that's all happening today at 9:00. 5547 on this saturday, 25 degrees outside, meteorologist erika martin is tracking a wintry weekend for us.
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erika. >> rosemary, a cold weekend indeed. temperatures for today will be below average across the entire delaware 'ñ-&valley. current temperatures 25 degrees, feels like temperature is 16 and we're seeing west-northwesterly at 7 miles per hour. these vectors tell you the direction of the wind. notice how the winds start to increase by later this morning. 15 mile per hour wind speeds, when we do the math our temperatures will feel like it's in the low 20s. the secret sauce there is the wind coming out of the northwest and increasing behind another cold front sweeping on through. temperatures right now your neighborhood temperature parkside 22 degrees along with andorra. so very cold start to the day today and very cold end as well. port richmond 26, bustle wood 23, parkwood seeing 23 degrees. you want to be sure you bundle up. new jersey seeing lots of 20s. coil field currently at 19,
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robbinsville 22, florence 22 degrees and princeton in the mid teens for you. as we take a look at what to expect along the jersey shore of course we are expecting lots of 20s, a cold start to the day, a cold end as well. 24 wood bind, upper township 23, cape may courthouse 22, mays landing at 19 degrees. overnight lows tonight we will be in the low double digits, but those feels like temperatures are definitely going to be a lot worse. actual temperature overnight for allentown 11 degrees, coatesville 13, kill ming ton 17, dover your overnight low is 18 degrees, atlantic city 15 and mt. holly your expected overnight low 13 degrees for you, philadelphia 16 is your expected overnight low. again, a cold night in the forecast. your ten day on 10 brings us a warm up but that's not until monday. let's take a look at what to expect for today. a windy saturday to say the least, overnight lows in the teens. i bumped this down to 16
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degrees, the last time we saw temperatures in the teens was january 10th. a big surprise there. definitely keep that in mind. a cold night. 38 is the expected high on sunday. on monday developing clouds, a high of 53 degrees. we warm up just a bit. on tuesdh we will hit mid 60s although it will be windy and i am tracking some showers. wednesday keeping it in the upper 50s, a gusty thursday in  forecast, low 50s here, a mix of sun and clouds and notice that we pretty much2c stay in 50s from there on out, but we are tracking the potential for some showers to make it here later next weekend, saturday into sunday. more information of course if you follow up at nbc philadelphia. this is sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hello, marshall harris from csn. the sixers hosted the nicolle wallace last night, the third meeting of the season. the first two came down to the final shot, sixers they were
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missing gerald henderson because of a sore hip. early on jalil okafor trying to make a play on the ball here suffering a rib contusion, he would leave the game but he would return. justin anderson enduring himself to the home fans from jaug with carmelo anthony, double teaksa/ issued there. sixers up 6, shards with 21 points. behind the back pass shards to okafor 12 points, 8 rebounds. sixers down late. finds justin anderson cutting here 19 points including that to put the sixers up 103-102. nicolle wallace need a three to tie, that is off the mark, no good. sixers win it 105-102. here is the new guy anderson on sitting in. >> they welcomed me with welcome arms, i'm excited to play with these guys. they do so much to try to help me get acquainted and, you know, try to learn everything as fast as i can and, you know, all the
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credit goes to those guys. >> next month the nfl draft comes to philadelphia and yesterday the eagles learned whether they will pick 14th or 15th in the first round. the legal holding a coin flip to decide who would pick first between the eagles and the colts and the birds won the coin toss which means that minnesota pick acquired by howie rosy and the birds turned into the 14th overall pick in this year's draft. >> the phillies hosting the twins in clear water. probable opening day starter jeremy hellickson making his second start of the spring. did he give up a run but he also strucksx out four. scott kendrick warning track power and beyond. spring, phillies lose it 4-3 but a positive step forward for hellickson. >> i felt like my stuff was pretty good today.
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you know, left a few cutters over the middle of the plate there in the first and, you know, the last inning but i thought the curveball was good, changeup was down for the most part and ball is moving a little bit so happy with the stuff today. penn hosting dearth mouth. quakers down. darnell foreman gets the shot off here but it is off the mark. penn loses 76-74. they must beat harvard tonight to have a chance at the ivy league tournament. that is sports. i'm marshall harris. csn. get 30% off every guest in the caribbean and start wandering now. come seek the royal caribbean. ♪
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if you are a beer lover the philadelphia navy yard is the place to be today. the philly craft beer festival will run from 12:30 to 5:00, just look for the tents outside. tickets will buy you special tastes plus a meet and greet with local brewers. you must be 21 and older to get in. also today trout season opens in down state delaware. starting at 7:00 this morning you can go after the big one at tid bury pond south of dover in kent county and newton pond. anglers of all ages are invited. if you are 16 to 64 you need a license. in new castle county you are looking at basketball with a message. the delaware 87ers posted police
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groups in newark last week. kids participated in an anti-bullying rally. it sent a positive message about acceptance. well, prom season just around the corner and these students will head to the party in style. the girls got to choose from more than a thousand dresses in wilmington last night. county library spent all winter collecting new and gently used gowns for the girls. the dress give away continues this afternoon in new castle. 5:57 on this saturday. we have returned to some winterlike temperatures, but that's good news at the blue cross river rink along penn's landing, that's where matt delucia is live this morning. >> reporter: a good day for ice u yes, it may be cold outside but a look at the beautiful picture looking at the ben franklin bridge over the delaware river. looks nice, feels cold. we will tell you about what event that is making one last
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gasp for the winter season. >> i'm tracking that major cold blast sliding in place due to a cold front moving in. these winds are northwesterly they will get stronger. coming up i have those frigid feels like temperatures. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get our best offer of the year. 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. go to or call 1.888.get.fios
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get the best. get fios. . a return to winter here is a
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live look at the sun just starting to come up over camelback mountain resort in the poconos. this morning we are tracking just how cold it will feel today and when we will warm back up. >> pretty much unbelievable that none of the occupants of that bus were struck by gunfire. >> that's right, a close call for two women and a teenager riding that school bus that was hit eight times by bullets. we will tell you about the clue police are using to find the gunman. plus a young hero, a seven-year-old from south jersey did exactly the right thing to save his mother's life. we will tell you what police say every family should learn from this boy's story. this is nbc 10 news. >> good morning, this is nbc 10 news today, thanks for being with us, i'm rosemary connors and it's 6:00 on this saturday. our weekend weather is shaping up to be just a bit chilly outside. meteorologist erika martin is tracking those wintry conditions


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