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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  March 5, 2017 7:00am-7:45am EST

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child rescued. crews pull a little girl from the second floor of a burning home. this morning in a live report, re in one neor outside. it will feel better than yesterday. it won't. but it will next week. details ahead in the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> i'm just keeping it real this morning. it's cold out there. you definitely should get the heavy winter coat out. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. let's start with the weekend weather. we're in for another day of brutal temperatures. f meteorologist krystal klei has the forecast. >> good plan. it's colder than yesterday
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morning. we're six degrees colder in allentown, eight degrees colder in philadelphia, nine degrees colder than 24 hours ago in mt. holly. let's look at the actual temperatures. most of us in the teens. 12 right now in coatesville, 16 in philadelphia. you remember that was our forecast low for the morning. 14 in trenton, mt. holly and 15 in atlantic city. while these sound brutally cold, it feels about ten degrees colder than the numbers out there right now. in allentown, it feels like zero currently. not a good time to be outdoors. radar and satellite shows us we are clear. that's part of the problem. when you have clear conditions overnight, it allows the warmth from the presatmosphere. what you're left with are temperatures plummeting today, what we're expecting. ect temperatures. the blue line, that's a look at the feels-like conditions. we're going from teens at around
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10:00 a.m. to feeling like freezing by your afternoon, and that's all we got. it will be in the upper 30s for today. here is the good news. numbers will start to meet back up as winds die down. we'll talk more about the changing conditions of your workweek as temperatures rise coming up. this morning a 7-year-old girl is fighting for her life following a house fire in philadelphia. her parents were also injured in the fire in the city's west oak lane neighborhood. that's where nbc 10's matt delucia is this morning. he has more on the family and how they were rescued. matt, fill us in. >> reporter: rosemary, that girl is still in the hospital this morning. this is what's left of the house here on the 6500 block of bouvier street. firefighters rushed in to save a little girl who was in a second floor bedroom. the firefighters arrived last night around 6:00, 6:30, the llrst and secondth cold and win
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of course, attacking the flames. a doum went inside to try to t bedroom. the 7-year-old was taken to the hospital in critical but stable condition. her parents were also taken to the hospital, bru they have less serious injuries. >> we see the children all the time, i would see them in the morning going to school. it's sad. it really is sad. >> reporter: while neighbors are pulling for that girl this morning, meantime the cause of the fire is under investigation. the fire marshal is expected to be out here later today. firefighters say they will be back out here later today, handing out smoke alarms. it's unclear if that would have made a difference in this particular case. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. liss are searching for vanned dals who broke windows in
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jenkintown. investigators believe the vandals used a the vandalism at crimes division it could be the latest in a rash of anti-semitic desecrations is on the case across the country. police cadets are lending their help into the investigation of a vandalism at the jewish cemetery in philadelphia. officials are encouraging people to report any information about the crime to police. last weekend you may remember vandals knocked overhead stones nearby at mt. carmel jewish cemetery. the fbi opened an investigation into the case. local authorities are calling it a hate crime. today new jersey senator bob menendez will address the wave of anti-semitism when he visits cherry hill. he'll speak to jewish activists
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at dow will beaiet storm yesterday. formerac pisition simply fallan. sit certain. a repubann inclear. if president trumpksape malyed across the country. thousands of people came out in full force to say they back the president all the way. bensalem bucks county was also the scene of a pro trump rally. nbc 10 was where hundreds turned out. one of the organizers say it's not just for people who agree with the president but all americans. >> even americans who don't like what we're doing here today, we still want them to do well. we want to bring them along. >> rally organize irs tell us they're determined to grow they're vent over the next four years. trump backers are no longer known as the silent majority.
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coming up, one lehigh valley town is ready to lay out the rules for medical marijuana. next, we'll tell you what the plans are and when they'll face a vote. also ahead, you may be looking forward to spring break. th doing now before you make the reason a
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the foot-care experts at amope introduce the latest fashion secret to turn your heels into sneakers. new gel activ insoles. made with ultra-thin concentrated gel, they even fit into slender shoes. get one for every shoe in your closet. from amope. love every step. welcome back. right now temperatures are cold out there. 16 the crept reading in philadelphia. winds are at 14 miles per hour which is making it feel closer to 2 to 3 degrees outside. in the suburbs 10 degrees, 14 new jersey and 13 in the lehigh valley. delaware picking up a reading at 15 degrees right now. it's very beautiful out there. it's beautiful to look out a window, not to be outside because the single digit feels-like will grip the morning
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hours. even in the afternoon, the best we'll do, we're at single daj its across the map right now. we start to put this into motion. there's your lunch hour. low 20s across the map. 21 in voorhees. allentown at 24. by the way, i just checked some of the feels-like temperatures. right now, trenton, allentown feel like zero outside. as we go into the afternoon, that will pick up a bit more. not a lot. low 30s, feeling like freezing in sweats burrough. 29 the feels-like temperature in doylestown. as we get into the afternoon, it will still feel very cold. yesterday mid 30s officially for highs. today we hit upper 30s. good news, winds overnight into tomorrow morning die down. monday morning, temperatures will be close to what they actually are outside instead of feeling considerably colder. there is going to be a warmup on the way, your monday into tuesday. we'll take a closer look at how
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high the numbers go coming up. >> thank goodness for that. all right, krystal. this morning pennsylvania senate democrats are locked out of their websites and e-mails following a cyber attack. here is what we know. state officials say hackers infected the lawmakers' computer system on friday demanding an online ransom payment to clear it. democrats are working with the fbi and microsoft to fix the issue. if you take the bus in center city, the bus stop at 15th and market streets right by city hall will be closed starting at 6:00 this morning. it's because of a construction project that's expected to last through october. if you normally get the bus at 15th and market, you can board the bus instead at 16th and market during this project. coming up, staying safe on spring break. you may be heading south for warmer weather or traveling around the world. either way, we have advice on how to keep yourself or your kids out of harm's way. plus, a popular beach town
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in delaware may soon snuff out smoking. those details are after the break. this morning a road rage incident led to a stabbing. u.s. marshals and state police arrested mary craig yesterday. she's accused of stabbing a woman back in november.
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craig is now out on marijuana vending machines. h vapor and little more f . th 16s 15ur new jersey chad's ford 14nehope at 14 degr. you step out the scarf, glovesn. 38 as high as we to 65 with showers nic days.air. asts, that's something ternto keen. winds are nowindier, 7:00 there's the temperatures climbing to thursday. we do drop back off, thuday and dry until the dangers, so to efd age, you w abovethings booked d represico,ngf arrested, any urg warnings. while you're at it, register
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your travel plans with the government. >> by doing so the u.s. embassy in the country where you're traveling has the ability to reach out to you should something terrible happen while you're ab brootd. >> reporter: stateside do the obvious, be wary of crowds, leave the excessive jewelry and cash at home and don't publicly post where you're going. >> there is safet i of course, common it's easy to lol retailer is hours next. executive chef are gers. >> thwe hand form our burgers. we use about 700 pounds per week. these are local farm raised out
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of unionville. we'll grill these up. >> how many burgers do you have going on at one time? >> oh, my goodness, 30. our grill is a foot longer than this. my guys are incredible. i've got a great team. they rock out 400 burgers on tuesday. it's amazing. it's amazing. the build-your-owns can be something. that's a caramelized onion. put the brie on the six ouncers. this is the cat blue. >> so juicy. >> ready for this chupacabra. >> salsa verde. i'm putting on jalapeno. i like my spice. >> you're a gringa. >> to see today's recipe, logon
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what firefighters will do today to try to save more lives. joining isis. a new york man is facing charges after prosecutors say he tried to become a member of the terror group. talk about a bitter blast. the cold could break records today, but it's not going to last forever, not for much longer. we'll tell you when we'll be back in the 60s in the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:30 on this sunday. talk about that frigid weather outside. bundle up for one more day and then we get a break. meteorologist krystal klei has the forecast. >> in philadelphia feeling like 2 degrees. atlantic city one, one degree is what it feels like outside.
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it is cold out there this morning. if you can avoid walking outdoors, i'd say do it. conditions are not conducive for being outside for any length of time. it's not just that it's cold, it makes it feel much colder. we know how it works with windchills. we have clear conditions that help to keep us cold as we went through the nighttime hours and into this morning. now the sun is out. it should be a sunny to mostly sunny day. winds will be dying down as well. here is the forecast. right now 16 degrees, as low as weave seen throughout the morning hours. that's the forecast low we have for today. by 1:00 in the afternoon, 34 for our temperature. that's almost as high as we get. winds start to weaken and sunny today. tracking temperatures below
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average. tomorrow we start to get above average with our temperatures. we'll talk about the next chance of rain on your extended forecast coming up. today investigators will return to the scene of a house fire in philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood where crews rescued a 7-year-old girl. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on the scene to tell us more about the family and the fire. >> reporter: this is what's left of the house here. we're on the 6500 block of bouvier street. neighbors watched as firefighters rushed in to save a 7-year-old girl. when firefighters got here about 6:00, 6:30, the first and second floors were engulfed in flames. these cold temperatures and the wind last night made it a little difficult to put this fire out. but, of course, you have the firefighters that ran inside with one mission to save that girl who was trapped.
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>> that's how we were fortunate to get to this young child hopefully in time that we made a difference here. >> reporter: the 7-year-old was taken to the hospital. she is in critical but stanl condition this morning. her parents were also taken to the hospital. they had less serious injuries. now, of course, the focus is on that little girl. neighbors here are pulling for her. meantime, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the fire marshal will be back out here to investigate that. firefighters say they will also be back in the neighborhood handing out smoke alarms to folks on this block. it is unclear if that would have made any more difference here in this particular case. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. as crews in north philadelphia were on their way to another fire, their truck rear-ended a car. it happened here at east lehigh avenue and emerald street. you can see the back of the car had significant damage. fortunately nobody was hurt. the crews were headed to this fire on north american street. it took firefighters about an
7:21 am
hour to put out the flames in the two-story warehouse. nobody was hurt here either. investigators continue to look for the cause. this morning a new york man is under arrest on charges that he tried to join and support isis. he appeared in federal court yesterday. authorities say he traveled overseas at least twice in the hope of reaching syria to join isis fighters. they also say he told police he was prepared to strap a bomb to his body. a philadelphia woman who pleaded guilty to a similar isis-related charge will face sentencing in may. authorities arrested leona thomas last april, they say she called herself young lioness to try to raise money to join the terrorist group. now to the president's first 100 days in office. it's the fourth time he's been to mar-a-lago since august. it turns out the president's
7:22 am
visits are a mixed blessing for businesses in palm beach county. upscale shops are seeing more traffic, but aviation firms are dealing with flight restrictions and the county appears to be stuck with a growing bill for extra security. >> i think there's a lot more people interested in coming to the avenue. >> we've written a letter to the federal government asking for the reimbursement for the over time for the sheriff and the impacts, but as of today we haven't heard back. >> as a candidate, president trump says he will rarely leave the white house. if elected. he also blasted president obama for taking vacations that cost taxpayers millions. back in our area, the polo ralph lauren store at the bellevue in center city is closing as part of a larger restructuring plan. the store will be open from noon to five clock today.
7:23 am
potential tenants have been looking at the space at broad and walnut streets. today marks the anniversary of a philadelphia police officer's murder. we'll show you how sergeant wilson is being remembered. that's next. talk about a dramatic rescue. we'll show you the efforts it took to save a stranded skier swept away in an avalanche.
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take a look at this rescue operation following an avalanche in canada. here is the story. two men were skiing in british columbia yesterday having a great time when a wall of snow swept one of the men 400 feet downhill and into a gully. somehow the other skier was able to find him and dig him out. he is now in the hospital with serious injuries. today marks two years since a philadelphia police officer was killed during an attempted robbery. that happened inside a video game store. the officer was there buying a gift for his son. yesterday police held a memorial to honor sergeant robert wilson iii. they released balloons and remembered his sacrifice at the 22nd district where he served in north philly. two years ago sergeant wilson was at a gamestop store in north
7:27 am
philadelphia picking up a gift for his son's birthday when two men came in to rob the place. wilson got into a gunfight with the men. they shot him several times and he died at the hospital. >> he laid down his life protecting the citizens of this great scity. sergeant wilson will always be in our hearts and live on through all of us. >> the two men accused of killing sergeant wilson are awaiting trial on murder charges. "snl" is hitting hard on the latest controversy for the trump administration. >> is my best girlfriend kelly ann. she ain't got no legs. >> jeff sessions as forest gump, the latest comic treatment for the president's cabinet. that's next. winds this morning a little breezy, 10 to 15 miles per hour to make it feel like single digits.
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you are looking at dozens of nurses at delaware county hospital who are now on strike. nbc 10 was in directional a short time ago where the nurses hit the picket line. they're calling for better wages and benefits. the health system says it's disappointed over the strike but the hospital is fully staffed to meet the health care needs of the community. if you missed "saturday night live" on nbc 10 last night, you missed the cast portraying attorney general jeff sessions as forest gump on the russia controversy. here is the clip. >> i've just got to prove to everybody that i don't have any ties to the russians whatsoever. >> this meeting never happened. >> i wasn't going to remember it anyway. >> that's kate mckinnon, by the way, playing jeff sessions.
7:32 am
beginning with a live look outside philadelphia at center city. the winds are still picking up out there as we overlook citizen's bank park. the winds will continue at least through your morning and early afternoon to play a factor into the forecast. while we will get to the upper 30s, it will only feel like low 30s later today because of the light to breezy winds. here are the temperatures currently in your philadelphia neighborhoods, 18 society hill, 16 at the airport. that's our official temperature. 15 west mt. airy. a cold start out there no matter which way you slice it, no matter where you are across our viewing shown. how about our delaware neighborhoods? same deal. newark at 17. claymont you're at 16 degrees. middletown 17 degrees and just a tad warmer, a few 20s now, ellen
7:33 am
dale lincoln and milton all in the low 20s. rehoboth beach at 22 degrees. it's still cold out there. remember, because of those light breezes, it feels colder than what you're seeing on the board. in some spots ten-plus degrees colder than that. radar and satellite, it's clear. no rain, no snow, no clouds for us to track. it's a sunny day. it will remain that way. it's going to be a nice day outside. if you've got a ton of layers on, you can make it outdoors. probably not best to stay outside for extended periods of time. 38 in center city, lansdale at 37. you see even a 40s squeezing in for the lehigh valley near easton with the sunny conditions. in new jersey, 40 for trenton, cape may at 36. at 39 pour the forecast in wilmington. your conditions stay clear for the rest of today. no chance of rain for your sunday. really we should remain mostly dry as we go overnight into your
7:34 am
monday as well. we start to pull in clouds and we'll be partly to mostly cloudy for your monday. especially afternoon into evening. as we go into tuesday, we will pull enough moisture to start talking showers moving through, this as temperatures continue to climb coming up in just a minute. we'll take a closer look at your ten day on ten. >> i'm danny pommells from csn. flyers visiting the capitals. orange and black four points behind the islanders for the second wildcard. no storing until the third period. flyers on the rush, nice passing and sean couturia redirects it in. 1:20 later, dmitry orloff blasts one by steve mason. a couple of chop sticks on the board. tied at one. we go to overtime, alex ovechkin to t.j.
7:35 am
mason makes the great save. but how does he do it? with his mask. hits him right between the eyes. he stays in the game. nicklas backstrom rips one by mason. flyers take it on the chin and get a point and are three out of the wildcard. >> yeah, a point is good. obviously two would be better. every point is huge right now, especially in washington. so we'll take it, got to recover and get ready for tuesday. >> following friday night's win over the knicks, the sixers back at it last night against the pistons. but minus jalil okafor. he sat because of knee soreness. nik stauskas hits the jumper to tie the game at 48. pistons went on a 12-0 run capped by philly native marcus morris stepping in for the jumper from the corner to lead with 15 at the break. third quarter, former sixer smith takes it to the net. misses the layup. andre drummond cleans it up.
7:36 am
pistons up by 30. sixers get drubbed 136-106. >> embarrassing getting beat like that especially on our home floor. we played this team well before in detroit we had a good game against them. we didn't bring the energy and effort today. >> villa nova regular season finale at georgetown. jalen brunson 3 of the 17, nova up ten at the break. to the second half, darrell reynolds back after missing some time, gets the ball to josh hart. reynolds missed five games with a rib injury. hart hits the three. later hart inside to jenkins. he had 19 points. nova wins 81-65. la salle hosting fordham, jordan price's final game. another senior stole the show. walk-on hank davis, nine career points goes sea to shining sea with the circus shot, a moment he'll never forget.
7:37 am
ford him wins. did i mentioned it was an and-one? give him his props. st. joe wrapping up the regular season at duquesne. charlie brown, the freshman, has been money all season, hawks at the one-point lead. duquesne trying to play hero. hero is just a sandwich. they'll play umass in the first round of the tournament. >> pen needed two things to happen to qualify for the inaugural ivy league tournament. quakers have to beat harvard and columbia had to lose to yale. columbia did its part. how about penn? that game ended before the big game. the quakers aware of the stakes. jackson donohue, get you some. the long three with six seconds left. his only shot of the game, harvard with one last chance, off the rim. cory john comes up empty, 75-72 penn wins and qualifies for the ivy league tournament. phillies hosting the braves,
7:38 am
franco continues, base hit into the outfield, scores franco hitting .285. phillies turn a 4-2 deficit into a 7-4 lead. knapp and kougs ins with two of the key hits. phils bat around in the inning and win 7-4. philadelphia's danny garcia in the welterweight unification fight against thurmond in brooklyn. first round garcia takes a huge shot to the jaw. a lesser man would have went down to the canvas. he stayed upright and held on. it is thurman in the end that gets the split decision. garcia's first loss of his career. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells, csn. president trump and his administration say it's a non-issue, but questions persist about a connection to russia dating back to the campaign. that's all ahead this morning on nbc's "meet the press." joining us now for a preview of the discussion is moderator of
7:39 am
"meet the press," chuck todd. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, rosemary. >> attorney general jeff sessions he will give the senate amended testimony about his contacts with russia's ambassador before the election. did this controversy eclipse the president's address to congress this week and is it sidetracking his agenda? >> i think it absolutely did. i think russia is absolutely on the verge of consuming this presidency. it's i think becoming a major distraction on capitol hill. i think the question is going to be how do republicans figure out how to compartmentalize this distraction? is it so politicized at this point that congress can't really do both focusing on health care and tax reform and this investigation? does it need to be in the hands of an independent prosecutor or some sort of independent commission? we can make an argument that, if you have an independent prosecutor which on one hand may raise the stakes for this russia
7:40 am
investigation, at the same time it can serve as a way to put it in a box and buy the white house some time to focus on policy, so that way when questions about russia come in, they can say that's a question for the independent prosecutor, let them deal with it. we're going to focus on the agenda. i think right now without that ability to compartmentalize, this thing is going to -- every week it's going to eat into the president's ability to drive an agenda. >> chuck, i'm going to pack a lot into this next question. looking ahead to the week coming up, we've got a new executive order on immigration that's expected. also i'm guessing this week a lot of people will be spending more time analyzing the president's tweets from this weekend, both yesterday morning and this morning. talk to us about it. >> well, first of all, note of caution on the new travel order. we've been warned of a new travel order for three or four weeks and it keeps getting delayed because i think they're trying to write it narrowly
7:41 am
enough that it passes legal muster and they keep running into legal brick walls every time they write a version of it. i think the president's saturday morning tweet storm isn't going to go away easily. the allegation is so serious that either one deserves, if it's true, this is the biggest scandal since watergate and that deserves a thorough investigation, and it's just as scandalous if it's not true and it's an allegation this president made against a former president that's totally unsubstance eighted and that would be worthy of investigation. it will leave a mark for sure. >> moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. thanks, chuck. >> you got it. >> this morning chuck will discuss the russian connection on "meet the press" right here at 10:30 on nbc 10. we'll be right back.
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we have clear skies. it's going to be sunny. it's all there except for the temperatures. >> thunderstorms in the 70s and cold when it's sunny. we need the perfect situation. not today, though. still breezy. the flag blowing atop the aramark building in center city. 38 for the high today and sunny. you can get outdoors in the afternoon. it will be cold this morning. i will not advise being outside. we get to 53 monday. we look at increasing clouds into tuesday, showers in the evening. 65 for your temperature. and then we are windy through wednesday, thursday. temperatures drops to 50. >> we'll take that. i'll take that over the teens early this morning.
7:45 am
>> we're going to be back with updates throughout the "today" show, and then we'll see you at 9:00. have a good one. clearasil rapid action begins working fast for clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. wow! but what other teen problems can it fix fast? maybe it can quickly give this teen a thicker mustache? doesn't look like it. will clearasil act fast to help this teen concentrate on his math test? darn. can it help... nope. no.
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