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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  March 5, 2017 10:00am-10:31am EST

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," critically injured. crews rescue a 7-year-old girl from fast moving flames that ripped through this row home overnight. we're live at the scene with an update on the investigation. vandal on the loose. police and drivers in montgomery county want to know who damaged several cars and why. just when you thought spring was here, winter bites back with bitter temperatures. but ice skaters at the blue cross river rink don't mind the wintery weather. it won't be here for the rest of the week. we have the details in the first alert neighborhood forecast. last day to do some ice skating at the blue cross river rink. it closes this evening at 11:00.
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thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 10:00 on this sunday. plenty to get to. let's start with the weekend weather. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking it for us with the most accurate forecast in the region. >> it feels like winter if you want to be out ice skating. conditions are cold this morning. here are your feels-like temperatures. this is a huge improvement from earlier this morning when temperatures felt like 2, 3 degrees in philly. now at 17 in philadelphia, 13 in pottstown and allentown and 12 in trenton. to really put this in perspective, it felt like zero, allentown and trenton just a few hours ago. that was because we were still a little breezy and we had the cold air in place. the cold air isn't going anywhere. the winds have started to weaken some. 5 to 15 miles per hour, wilmington at 8. allentown 12 miles per hour and 15 nor atlantic city. that's enough that the feels-like conditions will last into the early afternoon meaning
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it feels colder than it truly is. also dry, nice and sunny today. that changes in the days to come. temperatures climb, clouds return. we'll talk about the next chance of showers in the forecast in just a bit. right now a 7-year-old girl is in critical condition in the hospital following a house fire in philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood. the girl's parents were also injured. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the scene to tell us what happen happened. >> reporter: this is what's left of the house on the 6500 block of bouvier street. it was fairly chaotic. neighbors watched and firefighters rushed in to save a little girl in the second floor bedroom. there was heavy fire on the first and second floors of the house. it broke out around 6:30. the cold weather and wind made putting out this fire a little more difficult. of course, as you have the firefighters trying to save this property and the homes next to it, there were other firefighters who ran inside to find the girl who was trapped. the 7-year-old was taken to the
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hospital. as we mentioned, she's in critical but stable condition. her parents were taken to the hospital with less serious injuries. >> we see the children all the time. i would see them in the morning -- going to school. it's sad. it really is sad. >> reporter: we've seen neighbors come back to take a look at the damage. while neighbors are pulling for that girl, the cause of the fire is under investigation. you can see all the debris left over. one of the things you can see here is burned pages of a book. you see there are things strewn out on the front line. you have a lot of people asking questions as to how this fire started. also more concerned about the well-being of that little girl and her parents. now live in west oak lane, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> you are looking at dozens of
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nurses who began a two-day strike. nbc 10 was in drexel hill where the nurses hit the picket line. they're calling for more staffing to improve patient care. keystone health system issued a statement that reads in part we are disam pointed the union has taken this action. we're ready to meet the health care needs of the community. in montgomery county, police are searching for vandals who broke the windows of cars in jenkintown. this happened yesterday afternoon between the 200 block of rodman and cloverly avenue. investigators believe the vandals used bb guns to shoot out the windows. new this morning in new york, police in brooklyn are looking into possible vandalism as a mostly jewish cemetery. last night a local politician snapped these photos of the toppled headstones and authorities on the scene. police hate crimes division is on the case. it could be the latest in a rash
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of anti-semitic desecrations and threats across the country since the beginning of the year. police cadets are lending help in the investigation of vandalism. members of the philadelphia police explorers program went door-to-door yesterday handing out flyers to neighbors. they're encouraging people to report any information about the crime to police. you may remember last weeknd we reported that vandals knocked overhead stones nearby at mt. carmel jewish cemetery. local all thorts are calling it a hate crime. today new jersey senator bob menendez will address the wave of anti-semitism across the country when he visits cherry hill. he'll speak to jewish activists at temple beth shah shalom. today marks two years since a philadelphia police officer was killed during an attempted
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robbery that happened inside a video game store. the officer was there buying a gift for his son. yesterday police held a memorial to honor robert wilson iii. they released balloons and recommend his sacrifice at the district in north philly where he served. two years ago sergeant winston was at a gamestop picking up a gift for his son's birthday when two men barged in and tried to rob the place. wilson got into a gunfight with the men, they shot him several times. he died at the hospital. >> he laid down his life protecting the citizens of this great city. sergeant wilson will always be in our hearts and live on through all of us. >> the two men accused of killing sergeant wilson are awaiting trial on murder charges. tomorrow president trump is expected to sign a revised
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executive order on immigration and on another front just within the last hour we learned that the white house says president trump is calling on congressional investigators looking into russian activity during the campaign to also look at a possible abuse of investigation powers by the obama administration. president trump is offering no evidence to back up claims he made on twitter yesterday that former president barack obama tapped his phones at trump tower during the election. an obama spokesperson called the allegations false. russia and the trump administration is going to be one of the main topics on "meet the press" later this morning. earlier today i had a chance to talk to "meet the press" moderator chuck todd about the revelation that attorney general jeff sessions had contact with russia's ambassador. take a listen.
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did this controversy eclipse the president's address to congress this week and is it sidetracking his agenda? >> i think it absolutely did. i think russia is absolutely on the verge of consuming this presidency. it's i think becoming a major distraction on capitol hill. i think the question is going to be how do republicans figure out how to compartmentalize this distraction? >> moderateder chuck todd will be discussing the trump administration's alleged rushing yeah connection with exclusive guesting senate minority leader chuck schumer and republican senator marco rubio. "meet the press" comes your way in a few moments at 10:30 on nbc 10. eight minutes past 10:00 right now. in new jersey is child safety being put on hold? mandatory sensors to detect kids near school buses were signed
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into law last year, but they are still missing from most buses in the state. we'll explain why. also, changes could be coming to the beach. coming up next, what lawmakers in a delaware beach community are considering banning ahead of the summer season.
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>> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. temperatures starting to pick up just a little bit. it's still cold out there this morning. we've got beautiful blue skies, not a cloud in sight. temperatures still kind of ruthless. 25 degrees in philadelphia, 21 in the pennsylvania suburbs. we are sunny in new jersey at 24 degrees, the same in the lehigh valley and 26 over parts of delaware. now we're in the mid 20s. we should make it to the mid to upper 30s for highs today. now five to 15 miles per hour. that's likely where they will stay as we get into the day.
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we will start to feel better in the afternoon. 10:00 a.m. mostly feeling like the teens. we should be feeling like low 20s as we get into your lunch hour. philadelphia at 22, burlington at 21. mid afternoon, now we've got low 30s on the board. we'll talk about a better warmup, though, for your monday and tuesday coming up. >> can't wait. thanks for that, krystal. south bethany is the last beach along del were's coast without a smoking ban. that could be changing. town leaders are considering an ordinance that would ban the use of tobacco, vapor and marijuana on the beach. the ban could be passed as early as next month. child detection sensors on school buses is a law in new jersey. more than a year after governor christie signed the bill, they're still not installed on most buses. state regulations are still not approved. the sensors would trigger an
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alarm if a child were to run in front of or behind a school bus. the state education department says it's working with the motor vehicle division to develop the regulation. 10:30 on this sunday. staying safe on spring break. next, if you're planning to head south for warmer weather or will be traveling around the world, we'll tell you about some advice to help keep you and your kids out of harm's way. also, tops on the big test. several pennsylvania schools had some of the highest scores on the s.a.t.s. we'll tell you about it next.
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>> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> welcome back. still cold out there. the temperatures are climbing. we were in the teens, now 20s on the map. 25 at the airport, center city and society hill. also 25 west mt. airy.
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25 degrees bustleton to torresdale, port richmond as well. still below freezing. in fact, we're going to stay that way as we go through the rest of your morning hours. into the afternoon we will make it to the 30s, but not looking very warm for us as we continue only mid and upper 30s for highs. delaware neighborhood will be the same. 25 in marshall ton, newark 25 degrees. no 30s on the map, but 28 in lincoln, allendale. upper 20s for dewey beach and rehoboth beach, both at 27 degrees. radar and satellite, i've pulled this out because i want to show you from maine all the way through to ohio, not a thing on the board. we're not tracking clouds. rain, snow, just a sunny forecast for us today. unfortunately it's also a cold one as that cold air hangs overhead. it will look nice outside. it won't feel great unless you're really laird up. today's temperatures, there they
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are, mid to upper 30s about as good as we get. somerton at 38, chestnut hill the same. in the suburbs, doylestown 39 degrees. we sneak in just a few 40s, 40 for easton, 37 for allentown and mostly sunny. in new jersey, trenton at 40, hamilton 38. sunny and clear conditions through delaware, 37 is the forecast high in smyrna. if we look at your hour-by-hour forecast, today will be clear the entire day. there's no changes on the map. we'll hold the sunshine as we go through your sunday. overnight into your monday, we'll start to bring in scattered clouds. monday is going to be partly to mostly cloudy, but it will still be a fairly nice day with temperatures starting to pick up. notice you're seeing spots of green as we go overnight into tuesday, mostly to the north of us. that's going to be some moisture that starts to move in as we get into your tuesday afternoon and evening, we'll see showers pop up in the forecast.
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look at that, we get to 65 degrees. so from 30s today to 50s monday and 60s tuesday, we're also windy. that continues wednesday and thursday. spring break, hard to believe it with these temperatures, is right around the corners. we're helping you get ready. there are some dangers, so to speak, that you should keep in mind before setting off on your vacation. >> unfortunately in this day and age, you want to assume the worst. >> reporter: with spring around the corner, the sand and sea are calling. aaa mid atlantic says above all don't wing it. >> you want to make sure you have all of your excursions, all of your tours, all of those things booked through reputable tour agents. at hotels keep valuables in the safe. lock your doors and keep your passport and i.d. on you at all times, not in a bag. while you're having fun in the
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sun, don't let down your guard. >> you don't want to get overseas and start talking to strangers or get caught up with someone who may not be representing what they say they're representing. >> reporter: that could cost you money or more. in mexico, if arrested, you're assumed guilty until proven innocent. as of now, the state department hasn't reported any urgent travel warnings, but it's always a good idea to check. while you're at it, register your travel plans with the government. why? >> by doing so the u.s. embassy in the country where you're traveling has the ability to reach out to you should something terrible happen while you're abroad. >> reporter: stateside do the obvious, be wary of crowds, leave the excessive jewelry and cash at home and don't publicly post where you're going. >> there is safety in numbers. >> a lot of this, of course, is common sense. when you get caught up in the fun and excitement it's easy to forget the little things.
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aaa gave me a list of a dozen travel tips you can keep in your back pocket. you can check it out on and nbc 10 app. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> before you head to spring break, studying to do, midterms or projects. four of the top scoring high schools in pennsylvania when it comes to the s.a.t.s are in philadelphia. master man's at one, three is conestoga senior high school. rounding out the top five, lower marion high school. the pennsylvania department of education put this list together. we'll be right back.
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and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event. >> this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm danny pommells from csn. flyers visiting the capitals. orange and black four points behind the islanders for the
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second wildcard. no storing until the third period. flyers on the rush, nice passing and sean couturia redirects it in. 1-0 orange and black. 1:20 later, dmitry orloff blasts one by steve mason. a couple of chop sticks on the board. tied at one. we go to overtime, alex ovechkin to t.j. seems to have an open net. mason makes the great save. but how does he do it? with his mask. ouch. hits him right between the eyes. he stays in the game. caps power play, nicklas backstrom rips one by mason. caps win 2-1. flyers take it on the chin and get a point and are three out of the wildcard. >> yeah, a point is good. obviously two would be better. every point is huge right now, especially in washington. so we'll take it, got to recover and get ready for tuesday. >> following friday night's win over the knicks, the sixers back at it last night against the
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pistons, but minus jalil okafor. he sat because of knee soreness. nik stauskas hits the jumper to tie the game at 48 in the second. pistons went on a 12-0 run capped by philly native marcus morris stepping in for the jumper at the corner. the lead was 15 at the break. third quarter, former sixer smith takes it to the net. misses the layup. andre drummond cleans it up. pistons up by 30. sixers get drubbed 136-106. >> embarrassing getting beat like that especially on our home floor. we played this team well before in detroit we had a good game against them. we didn't bring the energy and effort today. >> villa nova regular season finale at georgetown. jalen brunson 3 of the 17, nova up ten at the break. to the second half, darrell reynolds back after missing some time, gets the ball to josh hart.
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reynolds missed five games with a rib injury. hart hits the three. later hart inside to jenkins. he had 19 points. nova wins 81-65. la salle hosting fordham, jordan price's final game at the gola. another senior stole the show. walk-on hank davis, nine career points goes sea to shining sea with the circus shot, a moment he'll never forget. explorers win. did i mentioned it was an and-one? give him his props. st. joe wrapping up the regular season at duquesne. charlie brown, the freshman, has been money all season, hawks at the one-point lead. duquesne trying to play hero. hero is just a sandwich. st. joe's wins 63-60. they'll play umass in the first round of the tournament. >> penn needed two things to happen to qualify for the inaugural ivy league tournament. quakers have to beat harvard and columbia had to lose to yale. columbia did its part. how about penn?
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that game ended before the penn game. the quakers aware of the stakes. tied in the final seconds. jackson donohue, get you some. the long three with six seconds left. his only shot of the game, harvard with one last chance, off the rim. cory john comes up empty, 75-72 penn wins and qualifies for the ivy league tournament. phillies hosting the braves, franco continues, base hit into the outfield, scores franco hitting .385. phillies turn a 4-2 deficit into a 7-4 lead. knapp and cousins with two of the key hits. phils bat around in the inning and win 7-4. philadelphia's danny garcia in the welterweight unification fight against thurmond in brooklyn. first round garcia takes a huge shot to the jaw. a lesser man would have went down to the canvas.
10:27 am
he stayed up right and hung on. final round garcia with a flurry. it is thurman in the end that gets the split decision. garcia's first loss of his career. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells, csn. it is the last day to lays up your skates and hit the ice at penn's landing or maybe a couple spills out there, see somebody down on the ice. this is a live look at the blue cross river rink where folks have been all weekend long enjoying the last few days of winter fest. after today crews will begin transforming the ice rink into a roller skating rink for summerfest. you can ice skate at penn's landing until 11:00 this evening. >> if you want it to feel like winter, that's the case. 25 degrees. a live look outside, it's sunny, looks very deceiving, but it's cold still.
10:28 am
we get to 53 monday, 65 tuesday with late day showers. the problem is we will stay windy. temperatures dropping off into the 50s. >> we'll take those 60s. >> it was brutally cold. >> that's going to do it for us on this sunday. i'm rosemary connors. for krystal klei and all of us here at nbc 10, have a good one. "meet the press" comes your way next. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to worry about student loan debt. i graduated into it. it was keeping me from doing the things i love, like traveling to see my nephews. but i knew there had to be a way to manage it. citizens bank education refinance loan. call... or visit to find out how much you could save in less than two minutes.
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this sunday, connecting the dots between the trump campaign and russia. after telling the senate this -- >> i did not have communications with the russians. >> attorney general jeff sessions concedes he did meet with the russian ambassador. >> i have recused myself in the matters that deal with the trump campaign. >> the growing evidence of the trump-russia connection threatens to consume the opening months of donald trump's presidency. i will talk to republican senator marco rubio, a member of the senate intelligence committee. plus, what happens next? many democrats are calling for sessions to resign. >> the attorney general, the top cop in our country, lied under oath. >> attorney general sessions should resign. >> this morning my interview with


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