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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 5, 2017 11:00pm-12:05am EST

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save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event. tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00, developing story out of the nation's capital, what fbi director james comey's asking the justice department following president trump's allegations of wiretapping. nurses on strike. local nurses walk off the job and hit the picket lienls in delaware county. hear why and when they could be heading back to work. and sending a message. tonight nbc 10 spoke with new jersey senator bob menendez in the wake of anti-semitic vandalism here in our area and across the country. nbc 10 news starts now. good evening, this is nbc 10 news at 11:00, i'm denise. happening right now in delaware county, nurses are on strike after labor negotiations fell apart at the delaware county
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memorial hospital. and you could see picketers were out in full force tonight. nbc 10's brandon hutchins is live with more on the demands and how the hospital is operating, brandon. >> reporter: well, denise, nurses went on strike because they want better health care wages and staffing practices. in their absence, the delaware county memorial hospital decided to bring in employees from outside agencies to keep it open for their patients. >> what do we want -- >> reporter: this group of nurses continue to make their voices heard well after sunset. >> what do we want -- >> reporter: it was one last effort by members of the pennsylvania association of staff nurses and allied professionals which began their strike this morning. tonight, we spoke to upper darby's mayor who says he's on call to help reach an agreement. >> my role has to be and will continue to be to try to get those two sides together. i believe i have respect from
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both sides. >> reporter: the strike began around 6:45 a.m. when dozens of nurses and staff walked off the job and delaware county memorial hospital. >> they treat us as if we have no right whatsoever to have a voice. >> reporter: their union and parent company prospect failed to negotiate a contract. the nurse's union wants safe staffing. >> unfortunately our staffing has been absolutely horrendous as of the last six months. >> >> we have good staffing here, it's at or above the average. >> reporter: hospital checks staffing four time us a day and the practices remain the same since the medical holdings last year. we found reports of hospitals under scrutiny. in january 2016, the san antonio express news reported three local hospitals were penalized after patients got infections from staying there. then two months later, the journal inquirer reported that surgical units shut down at a california hospital following a
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bad inspection review. it appears the strike will continue tomorrow. the hospital decided to lock out those employees for the three-days following. reporting live in drexel hill, brandon hutchins, nbc 10 news. >> brandon, thanks. tonight bob menendez is sending a strong message following anti-semitic threats and vandalism in our area. nbc 10's reporter is live in cherry hill. you spoke with the senator tonight, what did he tell you? >> reporter: well senator menendez really spoke out strongly against those attacks, but that's not enough. that's why he's urging his senate colleagues and even the trump administration to take it one step further. >> 71 years later, at a different time, in a different circumstance, i too say, we are all jews. >> reporter: united states senator bob maine nenendez deli the keynote address. the focus was on the continued
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tensions in israel. >> we need peace. we desperately need peace as a country and as a world. >> reporter: but it was not lost that peace is needed here at home. especially after the threats and vandalism targeting jewish institutions here in cherry hill, wilmington, philadelphia, and across the country. >> we may not be able to erase hatred from your heart, but we won't tolerate it. >> reporter: he is calling on the trump administration to double funding for religious institutions to increase security. we saw police and a security guard outside of temple shalom monitoring the deludes went inside. >> we have for several years now known that they are often the targets of hate groups. and so, by having the wherewithal for that to create the security parameters to protect those who come. >> reporter: some say the presence of hundreds representing various speech in support of israel sent it's own message. one that applies here at home
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and abroad. >> all cultures are together, it's not just about jews. >> reporter: now increasing funding for security at religious institutions like this one will be a topic of discussion tomorrow with senator cory booker. and representative donald norcross. they're visiting the jcc, you may remember, that's one of the many centers that received threats last week. reporting live in cherry hill, nbc 10 news. >> and as mentioned, congressmen will visit a south jersey community center that was a target of recent bomb threats. tomorrow senator cory booker and representative donald norcross will be at the cass jewish community center in cherry hill. they'll talk about efforts to address the decline in federal security funding for religious centers. last weekend, vandals knocked over headstones nearby at mt. caramel jewish cemetery. the fbi has opened an investigation and local authorities are calling it a hate crime.
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new york governor andrew cuomo on a visit to jerusalem today condemned the rash of anti-semitic sentiments in the u.s. he went to the holocaust memorial along with israel's president and pledged to take action against anti-semitic acts. >> we have made it clear that there will be no tolerance for these acts of anti-semitism. my sadness is that now another generation of young people has had to experience this pain. >> during the visit, cuomo layed a wreath and lit the eternal fire at the museum's hall of remembrance. the lights, they're back on in one west philadelphia neighborhood after an outage earlier tonight. the area around 60th and katherine streets lost power after a piece of equipment failed around 7:00. power was restored about 45 minutes ago. also new at 11:00, three people were taken to the hospital after their van flipped over tonight in chester. it happened around 7:45 at ninth
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street and highland avenue. firefighters worked to stabilize the van and free the passengers. none of the injuries appears to be serious. tonight a dozen people are without a home after fire destroyed six row homes in north wilmington today. authorities say the fast-moving fire started just after 4:30 inside a vacant row home on east 22nd street and then spread to five others. it took crews about two hours to get that fire under control. no one was hurt and all the properties have been condemned. investigators are still searching for the cause of that fire. and one man is dead, a teen boy is recovering in the hospital after a shooting in philadelphia's east wick section. police found this car littered with bullet holes after it crashed into a pole near 81st an pontiac streets. investigators say man in his 20s was behind the wheel at the time of the crash. he later died from gunshot wounds. a 14-year-old boy was hit in the
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face, but he's expected to be okay. police have not found a weapon and do not have anyone in custody. a gay rights videodisk ka si group says someone vandalized the jersey shore office while the executive director was inside. two people allegedly smashed the glass front door of garden state equality's office in asbury park yesterday. a rainbow flag draped on the floor was not damaged. well the fbi reportedly wants to refute president trump's allegations of wiretapping. director james comey is asking the justice department to publicly reject president trump's claims that president obama tapped the foenls in trump tower before the elections last year. president trump did not offer any evidence to back up his claim. a number of senior former officials denied the allegations. the president has called on congress to investigate. >> this is the greatest overreach and the greatest abuse of power that i think we've ever seen and attack on democracy
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itself. >> president obama spokesman says the accusation is false. republican leaders of two congressional committees said they would look into trump's claims as part of investigations into russian activities. trump also called on congress to investigate, but according to two sources with knowledge of the situation, the fbi asked the justice department on saturday to refute trump's accusation. the sources say the fbi made the request because it would be illegal for any president to order that kind of eves dropping. trump did not offer any evidence to back up his claim and there are no credible reports to support it. now a number of senior former officials deny the allegation, including former director of national intelligence james clapper. meanwhile, florida's senator marco rubio is weighing in. he appeared on nbc's "meet the press" this morning and addressed the issue of president trump's credibility. >> large number of americans are saying he's doing exact wla he said he was going to do.
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and that's what i think people are mostly focussed on. is the president's style different than mine? absolutely. orthodoxed political figure, absolutely. that's what people voted for. that's what they wanted in this election. >> rubio added he expects the white house in the coming days to outline what was behind the accusation. he also says he never heard anything of that nature in his dealings. well the last night of winter fest is now over. just a few minutes ago, the penn's landing winter celebration wrapped up. and this weekend's weather was certainly cooperating with ice skaters. and a local couple even took advantage of winter fest last night with a moment that will last forever, check it out. >> had all of our friends, everybody i could have even not anticipated being in one place at one time. he made it here. here at the last night of winter fest. >> well congratulations. now that winter fest is over, crews are now working on transforming the ice rink into a
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roller rink for summer fest. couldn't come too soon. first alert neighborhood meteorologist erica martin has the most accurate forecast and erica, after a cold weekend, warm-up is heading our way. >> we're looking forward to that. temperatures climbing to the 50s and 60s. a chilly night still for tonight, we're at the freezing mark, 32 degrees with mostly clear to skies, but currently the wrinds calm at six miles per hour coming out of the northwest, coast still very calm winds at three along with dover air force base and wilmington. sign that we are seeing a shift in the winds soon enough, southwesterly then southerly. then of course warmer air sliding into our area. so current temperatures westbound, areas below the freezing mark, 29 for you. chestnut hill currently at 24, fox chase, 31, and currently at 30 degrees. so bundle up for tonight, however, the temperature trend does look promising for the next couple of days. climb into the 50s on monday, 60s on tuesday and wednesday. and then thursday, we'll be in
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the 50s as well as friday. however, we do have a chillier weekend in the forecast. it looks like a couple of chances for some showers and possibly a wintery mix. details coming up in just a bit. back to you. >> thanks erica. just ahead at 11:00, going the distance. to prove a point. we'll tell you why this congressman from mexico sat on top of the u.s./mexican border wall. also making history with words. hear what this five-year-old girl from oklahoma just did as putting her name in the record books. dear fellow citizen,
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police are searching for vandals who broke the windows of cars in montgomery county. half dozen considers were damaged earlier yesterday evening. police say the damaged stretched from the 200 block of rodman avenue down to cloverly avenue. they believe the vandals used a bb gun to shoot out the windows as they drove by. we now know when a center city late night stap ll close doors for good. we're talking about little pete's. the 24 hour diner will officially close may 29th :00th 11:59 p.m. now the hot spot has been serving customers for nearly 40 years. the building is being torn down to make way for a new hotel. the ralph lauren store is officially out of business. the store closed today at 5:00 and the close sure is part of a larger restructuring plan at ralph lauren. well a big workout helmed
11:17 pm
little hearts at the children's hospital of philadelphia. this is the first ever phillies fit in where dozens hopped on stationary bikes to benefit young patients at the cardiac center. well, a five-year-old girl out of tulsa is making history as she heads to washington, d.c. to compete in the national spelling bee. she spelled the word to help clench her spot as the youngest person ever to compete in the spelling competition. remember, she is only five years old. this little champ beat out 53 other students between the ages of five and 14 to win her region. her mom says she discovered her daughter's talent for spelling just last year. >> she is very honestly very bright. we were amazed to find that she really has a knack for spelling and can remember words that she's seen and very easily.
11:18 pm
>> amazing. she is home schooled by her mother and we wish her luck in washington. hazardous road conditions and poor viz frblt snow led officials to close a nearby 70 mile stretch of highway in california. interstate 80 shut down from the nevada state line to cole fax, california. snow started falling yesterday afternoon and levels are expected to reach 30 inches. and in the poconos today, skiers and snow borders were loving the return to winter for the weekend. not exactly 30 inches out there, but still lots of snow. there is no skiing and teachers at camelback today. the sunshine and cold was a welcomed combination for those who look forward to winter. now some we spoke to say they'll head out no matter what, but to them, warm weather skiing does not feel the same. >> we were happy the ground hog said we had six more weeks of
11:19 pm
winter. >> officials tell us they'll continue to make snow as long as the weather permits. >> now nbc 15 first alert weather. >> i'm your first alert meteorologist erica martin. right now gorgeous, mostly clear skies. a great night for sky gazing, but it will be chilly, keep the coats handy. be sure to look at the bottom of your screen for your local forecast. satellite radar image, high pressure system pretty much in control. look just to the west a couple of clouds just to the west. otherwise, conditions are high and dry right now. the winds will start to shift later tonight into tomorrow, coming out of the north and then shifting out of the south so we have some warmer air on tap by monday. into tuesday and wednesday. for a temperature for trenton, 27 degrees, currently at 25, allentown, 23 for you. mt. holly, 21, and currently at 17 degrees. probably upper 20s rather, philadelphia, 32 degrees for you. and we topped out today at 38
11:20 pm
below the average of 49 degrees. now we're warming up by tomorrow into tuesday and certainly by wednesday. neighborhoods right now in lehigh valley, chilly. leonardsville, 21 degrees. fleetwood, 28. it looks like sbasz at 26. walnut, 25, and white hall currently at 22 degrees. now, our by hour forecast is dry right now, but notice we will see clouds built in from west to east by tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. some showers possibly a wintery mix by midnight for parts of lehigh valley and some rain showers moving in through tuesday, not very organized, but look at this, tuesday into wednesday, we're still seeing more showers move on through. and then everything clears by wednesday. so not a total washout, but we have some rain in the works for monday into tuesday. and early wednesday. overnight lows, mainly in the teens and 20s. so again, be sure you bundle up for tonight, but the good news is the winds are calmer and
11:21 pm
they're also going to be shifting out of the south. so you're expected high temperature for the next couple of days, 50s on monday, tuesday, 65 degrees, 60 on wednesday. conditions, notice here, we do have those showers developing on tuesday. more importantly, some showers develop thursday into friday. i want to take my time here because we do see temperatures a little bit chillier here. we could see a wintery mix thursday into friday. i will also include some p.m. showers thursday into friday here, temperatures topping out in the 50s on saturday, it looks like we will see rain in the forecast as well into sunday, do not forget to spring forward at 2:00 a.m. on sunday, 49 on saturday, 50 on sunday. and 53 on monday. with a mix of sun and clouds on monday and possibly some more showers next tuesday with a high of 52 degrees. here is danny with sports. erica, thank you. the phillies bats come alive in clearwater. highlights from florida coming up. and two of the biggest stars in philly. same place today. carson wentz and we'll hear from
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity, x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hey, good evening, danny from csn with you again. phillies regular season opener cincinnati now just under a month away with the home opener a month from tuesday. today the phillies in clearwater hosting the tigers. clay buchholz on the bump for the phillies today and flat out was not his day. first inning, justin upton, banks one. on to the lawn at left center. detroit on top 3-2. go to the second inning, brett
11:26 pm
pil, get his album, he's a solo artist off buchholz. phillies fall way back, offense in the fourth, michael saunders get the fightings on the board. this goes up and out to right field 4-1. still ground to make up. and later in the fourth, it's reese hoskins with a man on. deep and gone to left. right into the tee key bar. that's a tee key bar, 4-3, bottom seven. game tied at five. grounds one past the first baseman. they'll take the lead and beat the tigers, 8-5. the other part of the phillies squad lost 3-2 to the orioles. football, eagles brass out in indianapolis at the combine. free agency and the draft and plenty of work to do. carson wentz along with center, arguably the biggest stars doing work today. the sports car shows if you call that work. the autograph posed for photos
11:27 pm
with fans and wentz was asked about the eagles getting receiving help. >> yeah, we'll see what happens. it's an exciting time of the year with free agency, there's always trade rumors, the draft and the combine with just the last couple days still going on. and it's an exciting time. i remember a year ago when i was in that situation. it's a lot of uncertainty for those guys. it's an exciting time. we'll see what happens. >> wentz work ld out with the draft prospects in california last month. today he talked about that experience having just gone through the same experience in the draft recently himself. >> yeah. it's been cool. you know, at the end of the day i was working out with guys that my agency represents. it might be something i do almost every year going forward. to be able to meet the guys, give them advice as what to expect and you know to have, you know, just that dialogue every now and then with them, it's been really good. >> from pig skin to pucks. fliers back in action. buffalo tuesday mustering a win
11:28 pm
in washington against the best team in the nhl. flyers got a solid frefrt steve mason between the pipes. lead early in the third. caps quickly answered and won in overtime. this time of year, every point is crucial. >> it's an important stretch and you have to bring your best. everybody in the locker room understands the importance of these games. that you want to have to be meaningful. right now, control and destiny. >> right now going game by game, best way we're going to make the playoffs is looking into small picture and we're about that. >> the college hardwood temple wrapping up the regular season taking on south florida. second half action, temple trailing by seven. daniel dangles, later in the second, gets some room behind the yard. string music for him. and beat south florida 70-50.
11:29 pm
temple moves on to the american conference tournament. check this out, a finish from the nba comes down to the celtics. lay-ups high at the game. celtics turned the ball over. tyler gets the rock, time winding down right in front of this. what a finish. no one around here cares about that. i'm danny from csn. we'll be right back.
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a new york man told investigators he wanted to become a suicide bomber for isis and then admitted to trying it twice. the fbi arrested 26-year-old elvis at his parent's house on long island friday. investigators say he tried twice to get into syria in the past two years to join isis fighters. he was in federal court yesterday and is facing charges of attempting to provide material support and resources to isis. a philadelphia woman who pleaded guilty to a similar isis charge is being sentenced in may. authorities arrested leona
11:33 pm
thomas last april. she called herself young lioness to travel to syria to join the terrorist group. well, 60 people who either gave or received a life saving organ donation were celebrated today. the donors and recipients were joined by their families, friends, and members of the medical teams that assisted with the procedures. today's speaker was a woman who donated bone marrow, stem cells, and most recently, one of her kidneys. >> i do. i do feel there's a special bond. i feel like you haven't been hugged like you've been hugged by something you saved their lives. >> pretty amazing for 42 years the gift of life program coordinated more than 42,000 life-saving organ transplants. next on nbc 10, remembering an iconic moment that shaped american history. we'll take you to selma, alabama, to show you how
11:34 pm
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this is nbc 10 news.
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right now on nbc 10 news at 11:00, warmer weather heading our way. here's a live look at the philadelphia skyline after a cold and windy weekend. temperatures this week could be in the 60s. thanks for staying with us. rising temperatures this week, but we could see the return of winter weather again next weekend. time now for the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood forecast and for that, meteorologist erica martin with the accra forecast in the region. erica. >> conditions for tonight will be chilly, but we are warming up by monday into tuesday and wednesday. weather headlines for tonight include clear skies and conditions remain high and dry for tonight by tracking some showers for monday into tuesday and tuesday into wednesday, but i'm also tracking a warm-up. temperatures at or above normally, not completely a dry week ahead. neighborhoods for the pa suburbs seeing plenty of 20s. bundle up, alaskaland at 21
11:38 pm
degrees. 24 degrees for you so notice we're seeing temperatures below freezing right now. north wales 21, port washington, 20. newtown 28 and bed minner at 25 degrees. future temperatures, i want to show you a shift in the wind by early you're going to see and of course that does mean some warmer air sliding into place by 5:00 a.m. 27 degrees in philadelphia,.milstown, 25 for you. swedesboro 27 and potstown at early tomorrow morning. now by noon tomorrow, temperatures climb into the upper 30s and some low 40s by tomorrow afternoon. southerly winds, west cherer 47 and.milstown, 45 degrees. so this nice southerly flow of course warmer air moving into our area just in time for tuesday when temperatures top out in the 50s and 60s. so a nice trend ahead. we're not completely dry,
11:39 pm
showers making their way by tomorrow into tuesday. more details coming up in just a bit. back to you. >> thanks. change for bus riders tomorrow. construction began today at 15th street station. that's just a block away. riders who usually board buses at 15th and market can now get on at 16th and market. the construction will last until at least october. the work is also closing the entrance to subway and trolly services at 15th. instead been use 16th streets and get to the market frankfurt, broad street, and trolly lines. seven-year-old girl remains in critical condition after she was rescued from a burning house in west oak lane last night. her parents suffered less severe injuries. firefighters were back at 6500 block of the street handing out smoke detectors. investigators have not determined what sparked that fire. 18-year-old delaware man is behind bars accused of murdering another man last month.
11:40 pm
state police arrested stefen jackson in georgetown county. he's accused of shooting an 18-year-old inside the laurel apartment. jackson is also facing weapons and other charges. well taking a look now at the top stories we are following tonight. nurses are on strike at delaware county memorial hospital. walkout is in response to a break down in contract negotiations at the hospital. the nurses have been working without a contract since june 8th. in cherry hill, new jersey senator bob menendez is denouncing anti-semitic threats and vandalism in our area. he delivered the keynote address tonight at the middle east institute. senator menendez is calling on the trump administration and his senate colleagues to double funding for religious institutions to increase security. well fbi director james comey is asking the justice department to publicly reject president trump's claims that president obama tapped the phones in trump tower before the
11:41 pm
election last year. president obama spokesman said the accusation is false. well new photos taken a female marines and some were taken without them knowing about it. tonight the new investigation from the department of defense. and thousand involves social media. ♪ get 30% off every guest in the caribbean
11:42 pm
and start wandering now. come seek the royal caribbean. ♪
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fight for civil rights in alabama. jesse jackson led the crowd reenacting the march across the bridge. 52 years ago, civil rights activists attempted to cross a bridge into montgomery in a stand for voting rights. they were brutally attacked by police. day is now known as bloody sunday. the march spurred momentum for the passage of the voting rights act and for some activists those rights are now in jeopardy.
11:44 pm
>> we're here walking across the bridge while the nation is going backwards. we can't be polite or casual. we have less voting rights today than august 6, 1965. >> today celebration also included an induction ceremony into the national voting rights museum and institute. and now to a scandal in the u.s. marine corps. it involves nude photographs of female service members that were allegedly shared among military personnel. nbc's pentagon correspondent hans nichols has the latest on defense department investigation. >> reporter: word the defense department is investigating hundreds of marines for allegedly circulating naked pictures of fellow veterans on social media. condemnation from the marines swift and unambiguous. there's no place for this diep of demeaning or degrading behavior. this includes our actions online.
11:45 pm
lawmakers are already demanding an investigation. >> i was infuriated. it's disgraceful. to treat fellow marines, to treat fellow service members, people who are literally willing to do anything to protect this country, even die for this country with such disrespect and such disregard. their mothers would be fuming right now. >> reporter: the pictures are more than two dozen women surfacing after the first females were assigned to a marine infantry unit in early january. the female service members were allegedly identified by their full name, rank, and duty station on a private facebook page called marines united. the photos and more than 2500 comments were uncovered by the war horse, a nonprofit news organization run by thomas brennan, himself a marine veteran. according to brennan's article published by the center for investigative reporting, now deleted google drive folders linked from the facebook page, photos of undress and many images appear to have originated from the private exchanges of racy images.
11:46 pm
some clearly taken by the women themselves. others brennan says were taken without consent. brennan contacted the marines with the findings in late january and one day later, the accounts behind the sharing on facebook and google were deleted. by the criminal investigative services is under way, but others say the problem will require a two-pronged approach. >> you need both top down guidelines and enlighten small unit leadership to create this kind of environment in which cannot occur. >> nbc news. well the fbi is joining the investigation into the shooting of a sikh man in washington state over the weekend. police say the 39-year-old man was working on a vehicle in his driveway friday which the suspect approached him and told him to quote go back to your country. the suspect then shot the man in the arm. the victim is expected to be okay, officials say the shooting is being investigated as a hate
11:47 pm
crime. south korea's military says north korea fired something into the waters off the northeast coast. it's not clear what was fired, but pyongyang staged a series in recent months. kim yonk unis pushing far nuclear and missile program that can detour what he calls hostility towards the north by the u.s. and south korea. well, a mexican congressman climbs the fence that separates the u.s. and his country to protest the plan for a border wall. he was photographed on top of the steel barrier that celebrates mexico from california to demonstrate what he says is the futility of president trump's plan. congressman says it's important to cooperate with washington to stem the flow of migration, but said a wall along the border is unnecessary. well tomorrow in the lehigh valley, board of commissioners towards the township will take a final vote on some medical marijuana measures. officials want to limit where
11:48 pm
growers and dispensaries can open when the medical marijuana program gets up and running next year. the measures would also prohibit dispensaries from having drive throughs and outdoor vending machines. street sweeping is back on in the city of camden. important to know. the mayor announced the service will be back up and running tomorrow and street sweeping will take place during the first complete in each month in all areas except fairview. and they'll get swepted second week. residents are asked to obey no parking fines or face a fine. check it out, believe it or not, this is a cake. in fact, all of these amazing creations are entirely edible. dozens of professional chefs bake up the outrageous and creative cakes for variety clubs annual let them eat cake competition at the hotel in center city. this year's theme, a childhood of fun and fantasy. and all the money raised goes to support varieties many programs
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and it's camps which helped children in our area. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well here's a live look now at boat house row, warmer weather is heading into our region this week. as well we'll see temperatures in the 50s and 60s after a cold weekend, but erica, i know you want to get right in on this,  there's a chance of snow next weekend. >> yes, chance of mix later next weekend, but right fwhoub denise, i'm tracking a warm-up, live look outside, mostly clear skies for tonight. will be chilly bundle up, the winds are dying down quite a bit and it will be shifting out of the south. we have warmer air sliding into place. satellite and radar image right now, it's pretty much most lie clear. one or two, that's just about it, we are tracking a warm-up for monday into tuesday and wednesday. highs out of 65 degrees on tuesday. wednesday, 60 degrees and staying in the 50s for thursday
11:50 pm
and friday. that's good news there, neighborhoods right now in and around philadelphia, 20s and 30s currently at 30 degrees. fox chase 31. 28 for you chestnut hill. society hill, 35, and parkwood currently at 28 degrees. keep in mind, still chilly for tonight. and it looks like jersey also seeing some nice chilly temperatures, but warming up nicely by tomorrow. 24 degrees, at 23. and keep in mind, it is a cold night tonight with those mostly clear skies, but again, those winds are dying down. robinsville 27 and florence current temperature, 30 degrees for you and in delaware seeing that shift in the winds currently at 26 and green. and redden currently at 20 degrees. hour by hour forecast is try right now, but you are tracking some clouds and showers moving in from west to east.
11:51 pm
mostly cloudy skies by tomorrow afternoon and showers leaving possibly a wintery mix for parts of the lehi valley on tuesday and tracking showers and early tuesday, not a wash-up, but we have more showers moving in for the second half of tuesday into wednesday. and then everything cleared by wednesday. so keep in mind, tuesday, keeps the umbrella handy. overnight lows mainly in the teens. and 23 degrees, and allentown, one degree cooler at 18 degrees. there's your expected overnight low. ten day on ten will bring thus nice warm-up. overnight lows warmer than we have been seeing showers monday into tuesday. and it looks like showers on tuesday. notice here, thursday, i'm adding p.m. showers into friday. we may also see fog overnight thursday into friday. do not forget to spring forward on sunday at 2:00 a.m. temperatures for the following weekend in the 40s and 50s. but we could see some shourps
11:52 pm
possibly a wintery mix saturday into sunday. be sure to follow us at nbc philadelphia. here's danny with sports. erica, thank you. the phillies offseason gets roughed up, but the bets make up for it. we have the highlights coming up. plus one of the biggest stars in phillies sports. carson wentz trying to recruit free as
11:53 pm
dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to want to relax with your family. but enjoying today doesn't mean losing sight of tomorrow. so while i invest in "the now" my mortgage, vacations i still invest in the future, like my children's college tuition and retirement. i can help you piece together your financial journey for today and tomorrow. if you have a question about investing, ask me. sincerely, amanda etheridge, fellow planner and fellow citizen.
11:54 pm
local fans got a glimpse of the future of the philadelphia sports team. eagles quarterback carson wentz and discussing things today at valley ford that the phillies show memorabilia event. fans, many of them shifting their focus to the eagles. and their offreason. wentz for one, life with the franchised competitor. >> just talking about how excited we are. and it's an exciting time of year with free agency. trade rumors. there's the draft and the combine was just the last couple days. still going on, and it's an exciting time. i remember a year ago when i was in that situation, it's a lot of
11:55 pm
uncertainty. it's an exciting time and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: photos surfaced with murray and multiple draft prospects. but the eagles qb says those aren't much to worry about. >> it's been cool. at the end of the day, i was down there working out with guys that my agency represents. it might be something i do almost every year going forward in the offseason. to meet those guys and give them advice as well as what to expect for the process, you know, then to have, you know, just that dialogue every now and then with them. it's been good. >> fans agree the organization needs to give the second year qb some help if they want the offense to succeed, but there are a ideas of how that process happens. >> everybody talks about the wide receivers, that's probably one of the biggest changes that we're looking forward to. >> i guess if you can get rid of a line backer to try to get a receiver in, possibly get a draft pick and maybe get a
11:56 pm
cornerback and a good receiver in the draft or a running back and the second round and the first round receiver would be great. >> and as a report that began circulating last week that wentz experienced some elbow soreness in his rookie year. >> that was great. that was great. >> all right. let's turn to baseball now. the phillies had a split game today down in spring training. one of the squads hosting the tigers at spectrum field. former red sox on the mound for the phillies today. flat out first inning, justin left center, three run homer. detroit on top by that margin michael saunders in the fourth. it's 4-1. later in the fourth, trying to make his way on the team with a
11:57 pm
man on. laying down the lumber. 14-3. bottom seven, nick williams, grounds one past the first baseman. that scores a run. phillies take a lead and get over on the tigers 8-5. the other split squad lost to the orioles 3-2. college hoops now, temple wrapping up the regular season have a look, second half, temple up by seven, daniel from the perimeter to the paint, banging the bucket. up nine, later in the second. likes the view from distance. ouls up 13, they beat south florida, 72-60. opener for the union. taking on the caps in vancouver. corner kick for the white caps. golden chance, keegan, teaming up with keep r andre.
11:58 pm
that's your look the sports. see you next. we'll be right back.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
the power of music is transforming young lives. it's a program called bravo youth orchestra. music to our ears, it serves more than 100 students in four of the cities poorest schools
12:01 am
where music education did not even exist. students practiced for a couple hours after school five days a week. parents and teachers can see the difference. >> it was following kids that were getting in trouble. >> sometimes it relaxes me. and sometimes it helps me in math. >> seeing those kids struggle, but in the end come out and persevere is amazing. >> across the board, the test scores are higher for these students. up next, it's in depth with graham, here's a preview. >> this week we're in charlotte city thing down with four of nascar's champions. we chat with jimmy johnson, brad keselowski, and kevin harvick. plus the king, richard petty says is wrong with one of america's favorite sports. >> it's more of a show now than it used to be. it used to be a race. >> all that next right here on
12:02 am
in depth. >> like a race car, can't keep up with the weather. whether it's going next. >> i like that segue, that was a good one. conditions are nice and warm for the next couple of days. really cold weekend. now we get 50 tomorrow or today rather, and then tuesday, 65 degrees, 60 on wednesday. we're going to stay in the 50s, 140u on saturday. the thing is thursday to friday, we could see a wintery mix and saturday into sunday, little far out right now, especially with the temperatures are just kind of debating each other with the models. i want to add, be sure that you spring forward on sunday at 2:00 a.m. >> that means -- >> that's right. >> that's all that kind of like i think about. we're going to get warm. >> thank you. and that nbc 10ed news for now. from all of us here, have a great monday. fios in the house!
12:03 am
dave this fios party is da bomb! fo shizzle! it's tv totally ahead of its time. yo, let me check that. oh snap. that x1 voice remote is crunk!
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and it lets me search with the sound of my voice. what should i watch? things have come a long way since you got fios. [nervously laughs] what's fios? fios has fallen behind. don't fall with it. xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv. >> referee: what do you think makes a great athlete? >> i'm a realist.
12:05 am
i learn from my mistakes and i fear my mistakes and i used it to motivate me to get me to where i am. >> nascar sprint cup, america's top racing series. this week, we're visiting with some of stockcars most popular champions. >> i like that. >> one of the sports best modern day contenders, jimmie johnson. >> when there is a streak,


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