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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  March 6, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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loif piz love pizza hut. >> get her a pair of those shoes, pizza hut. >> new executive order today. the transmission is expected to announce an updated version of its immigration travel ban. making it legal, the push is on in in pennsylvania to legalize marijuana and growing number of lawmakers say dollar signs are the reason. right your own future. program at one university aims to make students into expert writers. 25 a.m. on your monday. i'm casy katiy zachry. this forecast is going to be pretty nice by this afternoon. once we feel the warmup.
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cold right now. not as cold as it was yesterday morning. yesterday morning feels like conditions felt like 2 degrees in philadelphia. 0 in allentown. not the case. take a look. 24 hour change map. we are 11 degrees warmer in philly than we were at the same time yesterday. 14 degrees warmer in coatesville. and at least a few degrees warmer in atlantic city and vineland. actual temperatures still in the teens and 20s. cold start. 22 allentown. 27 for philly and dover at 25 degrees for the current readings: starting out with clear conditions, sunrise close to 6:30 a.m. this morning. while we go through the morning hours, start to see some clouds. increase more as we get to afternoon. cloud increase ahead of moisture trying to make way into our area. track out the chance of showers and when they hit coming up in just a few minutes. talk traffic with jessica boyington. >> thanks, crystal.
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starting on the schuylkill this morning. cameras right around montgomery drive. east and westbound. 95 looks great. moving through delaware. 11 minutes right now. that's the most it's going to take you. speeds in the 60s there boast directions as well. vine street expressway was opening this morning. not dealing with construction. typically closes it down. between broad street and schuylkill. we are nice and open. don't have to worry about that when traveling through center city. vai and katie, back to you guy. >> steve:. driver of this car is expected to be okay after it flipped over. happened around 11:30 last night. driver lost control. the car went up that hill of dirt and ended up on its roof. happening today, the white
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house is expected to release details about version two of the travel ban. >> as you know, the initial rollout led to confusion, protest and families being detained, denied entry to america. nbc 10 matt delucia live at philadelphia international airport. tell us what is expected to hear today. >> the big question is what is in this revised order. what is the same and what is different as we look at philly international this morning. a lot of people wondering those questions especially those who travel overseas. speculati speculati speculations. sources within the white house says the goal is the same. over a month since a federal judge stopped the original order that banned travel from 7 mostly muslim countries. goal for the recollectistrictio time around would be to keep terrorists out of the u.s. one family has been caught up in all of this the original ban in january was the asali family.
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had tried coming from syria to join other members living in the lehigh valley. turned away and sent back. they have since made it successfully into the u.s. take a look here. timeline of how this has played out so far. january 27 signed the original order. february 3 a federal judge in seattle blocked that order. then on february 16 the president hint thad another executive order was coming. february 23 press secretary sce shawn spicer said the order was finalized and awaiting implementation. president trump wanted his address to congress to breathe a little bit. as for this revised order, some are waiting and waiting to file legal challenges to that. we'll have to wait and see what comes of this order and the aftermath of that. for now live at philly international.
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republicaning say they'll be rolling out bill to appeal and replace affordable care act this week. much of the current health care law over the next few years. the corner stone of the gop restart supported by the president trump would be to get rid of the employer and individual mandate. that's the requirement to provide and carry health insurance. investigator say he tried twice to get into syria in the past two years. to join isis fighters. in federal court yesterday. facing charges of attempting to provide material support and resources to isis. philadelphia woman who pleaded guilty to a similar charge is being sentenced in may. arrested leona thomas in april.
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called herself the young lion es while trying to raise money on line to travel to syria. calling for more funding will visit a jewish community center recently targeted by a bomb threat. at the jcc in cherry hill. plan to talk about boosting federal funding. hope to make it safer. senator bob menendez on board with that plan spoke to a jewish group in cherry hill last night. 5:06. one man dead and teenager r recovering in the hospital. found this car littered with bullet holes. investigator say a man in his 20 was sitting behind the wheel at the time of the crash. he later died from gunshot wounds. 14-year-old boy was hit in the face, but expected to be okay.
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no arrests. 17-year-old girl remains in critical, but stable condition after fire crews rescued her from burning house in west okay lane. parents suffered minor injuries. yesterday firefighters back handing out smoke detectors. investigator are looking for the cause of that fire. today pennsylvania's top fiscal watchdog lend his support to legalizing marijuana. auditor general eugene will hold a news conference to talk about the economic benefits of regulating and taxing marijuana. he believing legalizing the drug will help pay for the state's 3 billion deficit. >> take a live look outside in philadelphia here. looking out through center city. dark out there. sunrise 6:26 a.m. start with sunny skies out there. we are cold this morning. 27 degrees in philadelphia. 18 in the suburbs.
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20 in new jersey. 22 for lehigh valley and delaware at 24 degrees. starting out cold again. we've got the cold air left over from the weekend when highs were only in the 30s. now the good news is it was pretty windy saturday. breezy on your sunday. today light winds continue throughout the day. increasing clouds and highs that will climb into some spots 50s. low 50s in the suburbs. upper 40s. also upper 40s new jersey. and the lehigh valley. delaware 52 degrees. forecast temperature this afternoon. at least some spots across our delaware neighborhoods. look ahead through the morning hours specifically getting out the door early. 6:00 a.m. 28 degrees. 8:00 a.m., 31. about freezing and really not worrying about the windchill. winds are so light. be at 38 by 10:00 a.m. starting to see scattered clouds out there. suburbs stay 20 through 8:00
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a.m. layer up as you head out the door. lehigh valley same deal. 19 at 6:00 a.m. 23 at 8:00 a.m. delaware near freezing. same deal for the shore. close to it in new jersey. see temperatures getting close to 40 degrees by 10:00 a.m. let's take a look at your radar and satellite. start out with clear conditions. change over to more clouds building in. clouds build in and start to see the potential for some rain. right now well to the west of us. start to track our direction. mostly overnight. better chance for tuesday. take a lose closer look at chances of showers and snow when the extended forecast coming up. >> whoa, snow. all right. 5:09 this monday morning. getting ready to head out the door or get on 295 in south jersey. help you out. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington here. welcome back after a long weekend. >> thank you. glad to be here on this monday
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morning. nice and early. 295 raching this through west. no problems reported now. bridges, the delaware river cro over thatstreet. aded southbound. no problems o's not the case fr another obama cia, coming up, every kid hates summer school. one program aimed to change that by helping students right their future. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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oo. blasting north korea's launch of four ballistic missiles saying violates u.n. resolution. called the greatest move a grave violation. fired the missiles earlier today. south korea and japan officials said they flew more than 600s before dropping into the sea of
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japan. kim jong-un is pushing for a weapons program he can deter hostility from the north and north korea. when you think of summer school, usually not for the best reasons. one man wants to change that way of thinking. >> it is working. nbc 10 matt delucia explain as unique program to get kids to like the idea of surge learning. especially those who want the right the future. >> write down ten goals you would like to reach. >> in ninth grade. already looking at colleges. has her eyes set on med schools and teacher's are taking notice. >> makes me feel excited because makes me feel like they're noticing me and i'm doing something right. >> while friends and family are on the beach, she'll be here in a classroom attica brie any universi
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university. give something back, he started one. >> they have a place to go and learn. >> write your future. starts this summer for two weeks. students will learn from college professors learning how to write good. i mean, well. >> no matter what area of business you go into whether you be a plumber, have your own hair salon or own your own business, you have to learn thousand how to write. you have to send an e-mail. learn how to connect to client sdpls they can succeed in college, here, or anywhere, now or later. >> oh, my gosh. overly excited. overly excited. >> this helps someone else. that's all. that's the only way the world can change is by helping others. >> great program. >> yes. >> thousands in alabama this weekend reenacted a key moment
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in the fight for civil right. >> steve: reverend jesse jackson led the march. 5 # years ago police attacked civil rights activists as they attempted to cross the bruj in a push for civil rights. became known as bloody sunday. helped lead to the package of rights in the voting act. >> we're here marching across the bridge. that's one way while the nation is going backwards. and we can't be polite about this. we can't be causal or cavalier. we have less voting rights today than august 1965. >> at an earlier event, encouraging all residents with a photo idea to register to vote. some people in france are urging former president barack obama to run again, this time for the opposite president of france. online petition has gained more
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than 48,000 signatureses so far. of course this started as a joke among friends unhappy with the candidates running for election in france. organizers say they wanted to drop a dose of humor into the campaign. >> you're going to have to get going here. >> i have high hopes. >> a five-year-old girl from tulsa making history heading to compete in the national spelling bee. >> jnana, couldn't even spell that. >> youngest person to compete in the spelling competition. five-year-old beat out 53 students between the ages of 5-14 to win her region. said she discovered her talent for spelling just last year. >> she is very honestly very bright. we were amazed to find that she really has a knack for spelling and can remember words that
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she's seen and heard very easily. >> the five-year-old is home schooled by her mom. wish her luck in washington. >> five-year-old spelling bee champion. >> i'm looking for the actual spelling on that word. i feel like she should try to spell schuylkill expressway. >> spell that. >> let's see how well she does then. no one can spell that word. i don't even spell it half the time. watching right here. ben franklin bridge under here. that is the toll plaza. no problems or delays heading out in that direction. as for bridges dmek with the rest of them. not dealing with problems here or scheduled openings. keep eye on that for the rest of the morning. clear over the betsy ross. looks great as well. now have moving on 95, you have no problems here. the drive times haven't creeped
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up yet. 12 minutes southbound from woodhaven road to center city. average speeds into the high 60s there as well. i'll have updates when i come baa. >> weekend was cool. brutal at times. >> cool start today. we're going to get right into a warmup here. we're excited about. meteorologist crystkrystal klei you're right. so cold this weekend. yesterday morning i was working the morning show and we had feels like temperatures. 2 in philly, 0 in trenton. allentown, redding. brutal at there. the good news was the wind started to die down. don't have to worry about the feels like conditions too much. temperatures pretty cold out there. new jersey neighborhood, sitting at 19 degrees. 20 for mount laurel. 21 voorhees. sitting at 23 right now. princeton all the way down to 14
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for the current rating. the good news is the winds have shifted. come in from the north. bring colder air. come in from the south or southwest pump in warmer air. we will start to see a warmup as we get into this afternoon. take a look now at lehigh valley berks county neighborhood. 22 in redding. sitting at 21. you're at 20 degrees. 19 in allentown. 21 for our current temperature. again numbers are going to pick up nicely today. radar and satellite showing us scattered clouds. mostly clear. clouds increasing today. moisture increasing tonight. take a look. temperatures from 20s to lunch hour. close to it. now near 40 degrees. pretty quick pickup we're looking at near 50 degrees in areas by 3 this afternoon. still just going to have clouds. no rain to track: future radar. satellite is not over. spotty showers picking up around 8:00 p.m. spot shower down near
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philadelphia. continues overnight. temperatures much more mild tomorrow morning. how about this, mid 40s for philly. 40s for allentown. 45 in millville. we go through tomorrow in the afternoon. we're going to see 50s to fd 60s out there. start to drop down with rain moving back in late tuesday. overnight through to wednesday morning. notice 5:00 a.m. already moving out. when morning commute while roads may be wet shouldn't see much rain. a lot of this is going to happen in the overnighttime period. what to do with your refund. what a new study says most people plan for the cash they get back from the irs. :
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most people who get a refund on the tax return won't rush out and spend it. that's according to a study by bank found just 6% of americans plan to get a refund plan to splurge on something like a vacation or shopping spree. spend it on necessities such as food or utility bills. could change the way it building vehicles. here this morning with cnbc business news. ford has started testing 3d printing of large scale car parts. open up a world of new opportunities for niche vehicle lines and upgrade options. could order customizable parts for next car. also weigh less that could help in increasing fuel efficiency. wall street could start the week in the red. investigat investors high the interest
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rate. janet yellen confirmed an increase is coming. monthly jobs report. stocks coming off another positive week. saw the dow rise for fourth week in a row. ending up 21005. nasdaq rose nine points. >> thanks so much. out of the hospital and on strike. nurses from delaware county memorial are walking the picket line for a second day. coming up next, hear why they won't be back to work quite yet even after the walkout ends. let them eat cake. looks like art, but take our word for it, it's all edible. take you to a you freak baking contest for a very good cause.
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travel ban update.
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happening today, president trump expected to explain what a revised version of immigration travel ban means for people trying to enter the u.s. nurses on strike. right now more than 350 health care workers at delaware county memorial hospital off the job demanding changes before they re


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