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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  March 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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fight building over president trump's claim that barack obama tapped his phones during the election. green or green. one pennsylvania lawmaker sprouting a new plan to close the state's gaping budget gap. >> good morning. nbc 10 news today. i'm not losing my voice. i hope i'm not. >> we're going to experience a little warmup. get right to meteorologist krystal klei and accurate forecast. >> good morning. this is a good time. weather gives them a breather over there. looking at a live shot outside the nbc 10 studios. gorgeous shot of sunrise out there. if you happen to have a camera phone on hand, you can tweet me at crystal klein. sucker for good sunrise picture. going to pick up cloud coverage as we go through the afternoon.
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current temperatures cold out there this morning. so maybe you don't want to take the picture outside. 29 in philadelphia. 19 in mount holly. 24 in wilmington. allentown 23 and 18 for atlantic city. this is actually warmer than it was 24 hours ago. yesterday morning the same time brutally cold yesterday. 13 degrees warm emergency roer three degrees warmer in atlantic city. upper 30s like we did yesterday in the afternoon, we will get to upper 40s and low 50s by later on. radar and satellite shows currently we are clear. that's why we've got nice sunrise currently. clouds going to start building in. you can see a little action as we track further along to the west. some of this rain will be making way to us again that's not until really tomorrow. we'll track that out hour by hour. coming up in just a bit. right now go to traffic with
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jessica boyington. >> watching right now. you can see a couple of cars going both directions. not seeing any problems or hearing of any reported. disabled vehicle out in mauricetown. 422 looks great this morning. on the eastbound side we typically watch for all the traffic approaching the schuylki schuylkill. normally see delays. not yet. speeds in the 60s. clear on 4 # 2. end with mass transit. 409 running about 10 minutes late. other than that new jersey transit, am track, patco running with no major delays. >> second and final day of the strike by union nurses at the delaware county memorial hospital. they won't be off the job longer than that. nbc 10 pamela osborne live in drexel hill to explain why and more on the fight. >> we're still waiting for
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nurses to arrive here this morning. we know they will not be on the picket line after today. they will be locked out of the hospital for three days following the strike. when you talk to nurses on the picket line, tell you the biggest sticking point is staffing. the nurses union says the hospital has increased the number of patients per nurse and shortages of basic equipment. that's why dozens of nurses and technical staff here at the hospital walked out yesterday. total of 370 are participating. officials said nurses have been offered competitive wages, benefits and nursing staff levels are checked throughout the day. spoke to chief nursing officer. she responded directly to the striking workers claim unsafe staffing, apply we no ethe mayor has been working to get both sides back to bargaining table. >> one of the issues that the nurses are talking about a lot is about our staffing. and we would like the community to know that we have good
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staffing here. our staffing here is at or above the national average. we check or staffing at least four times a day and adjust daily. >> it's our local hospital. want to hear what the future could bring and get the nurses back to work. >> the hospital has brought in employees from elsewhere to serve its patients degr s durin strike and lockout that will follow. >> pam, thank you. two big headlines today involve president trump. he is expected to sign a new travel ban today taking a live look right now. philadelphia international airport where the order could have implications. the last travel ban created chaos at airports around the country and here at home. the revised order is expected to remove iraq from the list of countries involved. citizens from syria, sudan, iran, somalia and face the ban.
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new order not expected to single out refugees. white house hopes new ban will not result in legal challenges. more on the potential challenges coming up in the report at 6:30. big headline out of washington today. head of fbi wants to knock down president trump's claim that president obama had wiretapped trump tower. fbi director james comey is asking the justice department to publiclically debunk the claim that president obama tapped the phones in trump tower before the election last year. president trump did not offer evidence to back up claim, but has called on congress to investigate. number of senior former officials denied the allegation. >> one man is dead and the teenager recovering in the hospital after a shooting: police found this car littered with bullet holes yesterday after a crash into a pole. investigator say a man in his
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20s was behind the wheel at the time of crash. later died. 14-year-old boy hit in the face. he's expected to be okay. no arrests. >> also in philadelphia, 17-year-old girl remains in critical, but stable condition after fire crews rescued her from burning house in west okay lane saturday night. parents suffered minor injuries. yesterday firefighters back on the street handing out smoke detectors. looking for the cause of that fire. today in new york, accused of trying to join isis terror group back in court. 26-year-old was arrested by the fbi at parent's house on long island friday. investigator say he tried twice to get into syria in the past two years to join isis fighters. was in federal court yesterday. facing charges of attempting to provide material support and resources to isis. >> philadelphia woman nepleaded
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guilty to similar charges in may. called herself the young lioness while trying to raise money online to travel to syria to join the terrorist group. >> calling on washington to help anti-semitic threats and vandalism here at home and across the country. >> spoke to jewish activist in cherry hill. captured police and security guard keeping watch outside. temple b.e.t. shalometh shalom. one at the jewish center just blocks away. >> we may not be able to erase hatred from hart. societal message we won't accept it. >> called on the transmissiump administration and senate colleagues to double funding to
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increase security. about 6:07. people getting up. thinking about getti ting out t door for work or school. gorgeous shot. another view from the same vicinity here. looking at the nice sunrise we have out in center city. view we're looking from philadelphia. again, this is a beautiful shot no matter where you are because all of us are mostly clear. we're going to see more clouds later in the day. increasing clouds coverage into tonight. take us to mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures picking up as the clouds increase. 45 by noon. 48 by 4:00 p.m. some spots in philadelphia neighborhood today should make it to low 50s. suburbs. 28, 8:00 a.m. 43 by noon. 4:00 p.m. right in the mid to upper 40s. forecast highs. same in the lehigh valley. see 47 degrees at 4:00.
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you will not see across our delaware new jersey, joerm neighborhoods any chance of rain during daytime hours. right near 50 by 4:00. same deal in new jersey. just a little lower along the jersey shore. 3:18 a.m. highs in the mid 40s. keeps temperatures down a little lower. radar and satellite for us. talking about right now. we all have a beautiful sunrise. officially sunrise at 6:26. seeing cracks of sunlight. the clouds from the west will build in later today into this evening. temperature trend, well, we have 36 on saturday. sunday we have high of 38: both were below average by ten or more degrees. today will be very close to average. average of 49 forecasting high of 50. then we keep climbing. 65 tuesday. still in the 60s wednesday.
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during those days we notice the winds picking and you happen the chance ff rain picking up. winds today are not going be a problem. 5-15 miles per hour. nice things about winds coming in from a south, southwest flow. helping move in the warm erp air continue to increase temperatures in the days to come. coming up in a few minutes, take a closer look at how high the temperatures go across all neighborhoods. we're also going to track those wind gusts and the strength of them particularly by your tuesday. all coming up. how about the roads. check in and find out what's going on. >> jessica boyington here with all look at that road. gets busy this time. maybe a half hour from now. watching the road for some delays. little bit blind the game here. 422 right around trooper road. starting to see more volume on the eastbound side. traffic moving towards the schuylkill.
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more cars always end up heading towards the schuylkill. still behind here. speeds rely starting to drop. disabled vehicle in anymonorris checking in with 95. starting to creep up there. still in the green. 14 minutes southbound. and speeds still into the 50s. now we'll end here in hamilton new jersey. 295. just around 195. just a few cars going north or southbound. not having any problems reported. back in ten minutes. new photo scandal is rocking the marine corp. this morning. >> secret facebook page sparked the navy to investigate hundreds of their own. message for texting and tweeting catholics. what the pope has to say about your faith as it relates to your
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phone. hi
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quarter past 6:00 a.m. live look at cape may. crystal tells me it's going to be in the mid 40s today. we'll all experience a warmup. crystal back in a few minutes to tell us more about that. happening today, state department hold first official briefing. former fox news anchor speak for the department. just over a month since rex tillerson was sworn in to lead america's diplomats. republicans say they'll be rolling out bill to appeal and replace affordable care act. draft bill would repeal much of the current health care law known as obamacare over the next few years.
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corner stone of the corner stone restart would be to get rid of employer and individual man mandates. condemning north korea's launch of four ballistic missiles calling it a violation of u.n. resolutions. called on north's latest move a grave violation. north korea fired the missiles earlier today. south korean and japanese officials say they drove 600 miles before drop lg it in the sea of japan. test fired a new style ballistic missile. today pennsylvania's top fiscal watchdog lend his support to legalizing marijuana. hold a news conference to talk about the economic benefits of regulating and taxes marijuana. he believing legalizing the drug will help pay for the state's $3 billion deficit. >> if you ride septa buses might
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notice a change today. change going on at 15th street station in center city. bus shops shifting to a block away. normally board at 15th and market get on at 16th and market. construction will run until at least october. work will also close the entrance to subways and trollies and services at 15th street. use 16th street to get to market frankford broad street line and trolly lines. >> about quarter after six on monday. back to work and back to school. jessica boyington is joins us with a smile on your face. usually means things are running well. >> it does. actually i'm pretty surprised for a monday morning. usually by this time well into right before 6:30 we will start to see pretty big delays. here is the eastbound side. almost never looks like that. 13 minutes from blue route to vine street expressway. no major problems. little bit of a delay on the
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westbound side approaching the boulevard. other than that, no major problems reported on most majors right now. good nuz to watch that on schuylkill expressway. disabled vehicle. here's the new jersey turnpike. approaching the delaware memorial bridge. no problems right now north and southbound side. see cars moving just fine. end with delaware river bridge. structural construction on the new jersey turnpike and where i was connects pennsylvania turnpike. remember that's closed for morning commute and evening commute sml sometime in april. you can take the burlington bristol bridge at alternate. >> thanks for that. 6:18. 29 degrees outside. first alert meteorologist krystal klei has most accurate forecast. tell us it's going to warming up a bit. >> it is. 30s for highs anymore like we saw saturday, sunday. we are looking at 40, 50, 60s in the days to come. outside cape may new jersey. didn't matter where you were.
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pretty sunrise. cape may beautiful pinks along the ocean there. going to happen is we're going to go from clear conditions we've got right now to more cloud coverage later in the day. new jersey temperatures, well, we're at 22 degrees right now. voorhees 21. you're at 16. still cold out there this morning. lumberton. 18 for princeton. low 20s right now in hope well township. jump over to pennsylvania suburbs. 23 in lincoln university 22. exton the same. 22 degrees and about the same through warrington. 24. temperature right now. going to jump quickly. we're going to see like i mentioned 40s, 50s, today. tomorrow up to the 60s in the areas. radar and satellite. there's clouds. grayish color you see. most of us are pretty clear. the white you see here.
6:20 am
actually snow making it to the ground. it is clouds coverage starting to creep into place near us. bring potential for rain in the days to come. particularly tonight very spotty light showers. tuesday late day into the night through early wednesday morning. that's when we have the chance of rain. put it for tuesday icon. mostly focused around tuesday. there's a climb. 50-65. still at 62 wednesday in philadelphia. 51 for monday in suburbs. 06 to tuesday. wednesday down to 59 degrees drop to 57 in lehigh valley. showers start late day in lehigh valley. night as you progress further to the south and east. new jersey stay dry. 46 at the shore. delaware up to the low 50s. we're in those 60s for both delaware and new jersey. delaware all the way up to 66. have that chance of evening showers. again, overnight into the early hours of wednesday morning.
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the shore early morning you may still see some rain as well. we'll talk about ten day on ten coming up. thanks for that. new calling for barack obama. still ahead. the country where some are petitions for him to be their next president. plus, customizing your car may soon get a fuel injection. next, the change putting personal innovation in overdrive. ♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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little pete's will close may 29 just before midnight. 24 hour diner has been serving customers more nearly 40 years. become iconic in the area. tear down little pete to make way for a new hotel. here's another closing to tell you about. the polo ralph lauren store now out of business. store shut doors yesterday afternoon. the closure is part of the company's restructuring plan. short ride raises big bucks for little hearts at the children's hospital of philadelphia. first ever philly spin in. dozens of people hopped on stationary bikes. almost $200,000 was raised to help young patients at the cardiac center. take a live look outside in center city. we've got sunny conditions right now. clouds will be increasing.
6:26 am
temperatures rising. we have a chance of rain in workweek forecast. take a look at all of it coming up. good morning, matt delucia live at philly international. coming up after the break, look at one of the changes that could come from revised travel ban. could see as early as today. >> also the queen b. there she is. five-year-old making history. letter b. letter.
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ready for relaunch. advised travel plan today. live at philadelphia international airport. could be different about this new executive order. >> nude photo scandal. secret sharing that has nation's elite fighting for us facing a different kind of battle. the pope's new message to
6:30 am
catholics about their priority. good morning. nbc 10 today. katy zachry. 6:30 on the dot. >> see on the bottom of the screen. going to warm up. most accurate first alert fabd forecast. >> hi, it is actually very nice morning. it's cold. i keep showing off the sunrise pictures. officially the sunrise right now so just trying to break the horizontal there. what we're going to see is right now it's a sunny day. we progress through your morning and early afternoon, more clouds will start to spill into place giving us partly to mostly cloudy conditions later on. right now, 29 degrees in philadelphia. still at 19 mount holly. 18 atlantic city. holding on to cold air. 20 in pottstown. redding at 23 degrees. going to be a quick climb as we start to hit afternoon hours
6:31 am
because we will be about 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. i across the board. skprard satellite wide view. wanted to show off. we are mostly clear now, going to have increasing clouds through the day. moisture that trying to move in tonight especially for tomorrow. today's forecast in philly, 29. 40s by noon. upper 40s in the afternoon. we'll go through rest of the neighborhood hour by hour in a minute. right now talk traffic with jessica boyington. >> case starting off this morni roosevelt boulevard. no problems really reported right now. we're still pretty quiet. you can see here southbound side. that's what's moving towards schuylkill expressway. see a little more volume heading in that direction. route 202 drive times. no problems reported here. having a good day so far with drive times. nine minutes in both directions. skoog and will have speeds into the 60s. route 55 in millville looks the
6:32 am
same. barely a car in site. right around route 39. looking like a good drive as well. back to you guys. thank you, jessica, today president trump is expected to sign a revised travel ban order and once again halt the nation's refugee program. in the works since a federal court blocked the initial effort. original order caused chaos and confusion at the philadelphia international airport and around the world back in january. nbc 10 matt delucia live at the airport this morning with more on the changes we might see in this new order. walk us through it. >> the big question this morning is what is really in this revised order: what's the same, what's different. one of the things we could be seeing later on today might be a change in the number of country is affected by this. there's been speculation. sources within the white house said the goal of this will be pretty much the same. been just over a month since a federal judge stopped president trump's original order that
6:33 am
banned travel from several mostly muslim countries. the goal for the first time around was to keep would be terrorists out of u.s. and taking time to look at vetting procedures for applicants. one family caught up in the original ban back in january was the asali family. tried coming from syria to join other family members in the u.s. in the lehigh valley to be specific. they were turned away and sent back. they have since made it successfully into the u.s. take a look. one of the changes we could be talking about here according to sources who spoke with nbc news the number of countries. originally seven. now believed iraq will be removed. still leaving iran, syria, libya, sudan, yemen and somalia. white house secretary sean spicer said it had already been finalized: now waiting if the president signature. now live at philly international
6:34 am
matt delucia nbc 10 news. >> thank you. count on nbc 10 to follow the story for you today and any problem it creates at the airport will send you alerts on the nbc 10 app. investigating a shooting in atlantic city. nbc 10 on the scene along south vermont street. police say a person was shot just before one this morning. there are conflicts reports about the person's condition at this hour. we're working to get more details. when we do, we'll wring them to you. police tell us the driver lost control and went up a hill of dirtd and ended up on the roof. in chester county, high school teacher aide go on trial today on charges she had sex with a student. christine towers also coached softball and other sports. prosecutors say she had a sexual
6:35 am
relationship with a 16-year-old boy. one of new jersey's most power frl political players could have a new title today. federal inmate. former new york and new jersey port authority chairman faces sentencing in a bribery case. last year samson pleaded guilty to pressuring united airlines into reviving unprofitable flight from newark to south carolina where he has the weekend home. the airline was in negotiations with the port authority at the time. samson could get up to two years in prison. >> a common witch hunt. that's how one female marine describes nude photo sharing scandal within the marine corp. investigating some marines posted photos of female marines on a secret facebook page. called marines united said to have featured pictures of female marines kam s captioned with fu name, rank, duty station.
6:36 am
take your state by state and county by county for look at stories across our area. >> today in lehigh valley officials voting on the issue of medical marijuana. state new program begins next year. considering locations for growers and dispensaries and whether or not to ban drive throughs and outdoor vending machines. today at the jersey shore, atlantic city counsel president seen here will formally launch bid for mayer. run against councilman gilliam and abdullah in the june democratic primary. winner faces republican incumbent don guardian. >> police in montgomery searching for vandals who broke car windows. half a dozen vehicles damaged early saturday evening. the line of vandalism stretched between rodman and clover leaf avenue. believe fired a bee bee gun from moving car to shoot out windows.
6:37 am
moving to delaware, red cross is helping dozen people homeless after fire droid their homes in north wilmington. fire began just after 4:30 yesterday afternoon inside a vacant row home on east 22nd street and flames quickly spread to five other homes. no one was injured. today in camden. street sweeping is back. sweeping crews do their thing during the first complete week of each month. service covers all of the areas of the city except fairview. streets will be swept the second week of each month. car owners urged to obey no parking signs or they'll face the fine. >> skiers and snowboarders are hoping it stays cold enough in the poconos for a few more weeks on the slope sgls that's right. had the sunshine and the cold this weekend. that was a welcome combination for those who love the winter weather. some we spoke to say they'll head out on the slopes weather it's cold or mild. already making plans to come
6:38 am
back. >> next week and maybe a couple more weeks in march. happy the groundhog said we have six more weeks of winter. there's one person happy, right. >> resort officials tell us they continue to make snow as long as the weather permits. >> nice to have sun in the face and cold enough to have snow on the ground. >> that's the best. >> yes. we'll see what happens. meteorologist krystal klei here with the accurate forecast for your neighborhood. maybe not so much in the afternoon, we start to see a warmup. right now still pretty cold out there as the sun is now up and lighting up the region. 29 temperature right now in philadelphia. 18 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 20 in parts of new jersey. lehigh valley and delaware both in the low 20s as well. we still have a ways before you can hit the freezing mark her cold starlet, but need the wear the layers. later today peel a few off.
6:39 am
not nearly as cold by the afternoon. in delaware, we go to 29 at 8:00 a.m. noon pretty quick warmup we're talking about. 46 at 2 in the afternoon. believe between 2-4 see peak conditions. slooes some parts of delaware will make it to the low 50s. along the jersey shore, temperatures will be just a little cooler. still warmer than yesterday. right around freezing at 8:00 a.m. to 42 degrees at noon. notice the wind not a problem today. 5-15 miles per hour in the afternoon. will be picking up a little bit into the night. otherwise mid 40s for forecast highs at the shore. and pennsylvania suburbs we go from mid 20s right now to low mid 40s by your lunch hour. and there you go, 46 degrees at 4:00 p.m. i think we should cap out in the suburbs in the upper 40s for high temperatures. showing this off right now still clear conditions. aside from scattered clouds, but it will be a changing scene as we go through the later part of the day.
6:40 am
clouds start to increase. hour by hour, clouds at lunchtime. 1:00 p.m. startling to build to the west. from 1-8:00 p.m. now we see cloudy across the board with some spotty showers starting to pop up as well. continue a time for your tuesday when better chances of rain move into the forecast. also talk more about the temperatures as they continue to climb. got to peak at the bottom of your screen there. 60s on tap on the days to come. more on that in just few minutes. >> happen to have a ticket and madison square garden on thursday. there watching panic at the disco and person sitting next to you singing really loud and off key looked like jessica boyington, guess what, it was jessica boyington. >> not even to mention i also saw them on saturday here at the wells fargo center. >> i took my niece. >> you're the best aunt ever. >> i know, i'm really cool. also went for selfish reasons as
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well. right around city avenue watching westbound delay. pretty typical. drive times in total aren't doing too bad. jammed a little bit past montgomery on westbound side moving up through city avenue. westbound side seeing some of those delays. here's 76 over in new jersey around market street. this traffic right here is what's moving northbound. or at least up towards the philadelphia area right before we head to the walt whitman bridge. no problems moving that direction. speaking of the directions checking in with tacony palmyra, still clear. same goes for ross. jersey shore woman says her love for travel was clouded by trouble. >> after just two trips in her new camper, started to have problems and after a year of frustrating repairs, called nbc 10 responds: show you how harry hairston got her back on the road all new up next.
6:42 am
plus, obama for president take three? country pushing for the former commander in chief to run for office.
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6:45. pope francis wants catholic to check the bible as often as they check their cell phone. made that plea to a crowd following weekly blessing. pope francis asked them to consider what would happen if they read the message of god contained in the bible the way we read messages on our mobile phones. some people in france are urnl lg former president barack obama to run again. this time to run for office of president in france. online petition has gained more than 48,000 signatures so far. of course. started as a joke among friends unhappy with the candidates
6:46 am
running for election in france. organizers say they just wanted to drop a dose of humor in the campaign. in today's nbc 10 responds, a woman's camper has problems after she uses it just twice. >> after a year of it still not fixed calls nbc 10 responds and harry hairston got on the case. >> went and bought the most beautiful camper in the world. >> spent almost $14,000 on this travel trailer 18 months ago. >> has everything i wanted. >> reporter: took it on two trips then two months after she brought it, the roof started leaking. >> this was all filled with water. >> reporter: she took it back to driftwood rv where she brought it. it was at the dealer for one year getting roof and other parts repaired. when she got it back, she tells us the leak wasn't fixed. so she called nbc 10 responds. we reached out.
6:47 am
sent the camper back to factory to get it fixed. tells nbc 10 fell short of goal of customer smax satisfaction and this extremely unusual information. after about two months got the travel trailer back fixed. >> awesome job. >> awesome. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> satisfied customer and a hug there for harry. after she got back the rv. came to a different arrangement. driftwood agreed to buyback the rv at the original price she paid and plus the warranty nearly $15,000. happy with the outcome. if you have a consumer problem just let us know about it. the best way to reach us right there on your screen and we will then respond to you. about 13 minutes before the top of the hour. start of the "today" show. >> that's right. lester holt and savannah guthrie standing by in new york. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. that's right. we woke up lester nice and early on a monday morning.
6:48 am
coming up, more on the fire storm over president trump's claim he was wiretapped by president obama during the campaign. the white house now calling for investigation. the fbi director blasting that allegation as falls. we' false. we'll have the latest. best ways to protect your family from home invasions and burglaries. thieves tell all. >> then al checks out. digital free this week. even the weather today will be done old school. check out resurgence of final records. when we see you hereby today. >> i remember records. >> i grew up. >> 45s. >> 45s. >> and 76s. >> the 33 and a third. >> yes >> i used to put the records on my wall when i was a teenager. >> the changer. you could start the records. flop down.
6:49 am
yes. we're going to throw it right back. >> we can't wait. >> that was enjoyable. >> all right. see you in a little bit. >> you would put it and the notches. i think we should stay with that. they're still talking about it. >> live look here. center city. cool 29 degrees. very nice. going to warm and you happen get nie nicer. check in with krystal klei. accurate forecast for your neighborhood. big warmup later on today. cold right now. and we are tracking temperatures that are just starting to break into the 30s in some sports. 30. 29 at the airport. low 20s still in brussels at 21. parkwood at 24 degrees for the current temperature in our philly neighborhoods. those will be making ways into upper 40s low 50s later on today. delaware neighborhood. at 22 degrees. harmony hills at 24.
6:50 am
glasgow at 21. still low 20s out there. we're seeing variation in temperatures across the map. cold regardless this morning. 21 at allendale. lincoln 20. milton 20 degrees start. get into the afternoon, you will see changes. on your radar and satellite, it's clear right now. most of us, at least. got scattered clouds going to start moving into our neck of the woods. then you see all this green, that's rain starting to pop up. ohio, west virginia, make it to us soon enough. talking tonight isolated chances and better chances by tuesday night on into early wednesday. today we are dry. we have clouds that will increase. 50s forecast high. city sormton. low 50s. merton. low 50s. in new jersey, voorhees, 48.
6:51 am
shore point stay a little cooler. mid 40s for today. about 50 forecast high temperature in smyrna. just a bit ago, tracked out the increasing clouds today and spotty showers that start around # 8:00 p.m. tonight. most of that will be to the north. going to be very spotty in nature. see continue 3:00 a.m. here. nothing to write home about. mostly cloudy to start tuesday. could see isolated sprinkles out there. better chances of rain may come late tuesday. 7:00 p.m. we see those showers popping right back up. start north and west. they spread across the board. rain at the shore and north at 1:30 a.m. next line pulses through philly, jersey, delaware about 4-6:00 a.m. the good news is your actually commute wednesday morning the rain will have moved off. the clouds start to clear out. we will be windy. we'll talk more about that with your extended ten day on ten in just a bit thanks for update. getting up and heading out to
6:52 am
school or work, jessica boyington standing by with look at roads. >> no surprise here. increase volume on 95. >> one of the few places that we're seeing some delays or volume for the morning were light for monday. 95 around girard avenue just a little bit slow. typically 12 minute trip. at 26 minutes. speeds are dropping into the average here. into the 30s. so we are watching some slow downs. blue route looks okay. nothing reported there. look on the southbound side. seeing increase and still into the green right now. 19 minutes schuylkill and 95 speeds into the 50s. not seeing anything too major. soim goes for same goes for 42 freeway. headed northbound towards the philadelphia area. we typically start to see that get a little slow. right now still doing okay. checking in with mass transit. lastly 21 minutes for delays on thorndale train. everything else pretty much
6:53 am
running on time or close to schedule. vai, back to you. some creative creations raising money to help children with disabilities. all of these amazing creations areal entirely edible. dozens of professional chefs baked up creative cakes for let them eat cake competition in center city. this theme, childhood of fun and fantasy. all the run raised depose to support programs and camps in which special need children are given the opportunity to go have fun. >> some look too good to eat. >> that's a lot for me to say. five-year-old girl from tulsa making history to head to washington, d.c. to compete in national spelling bee. >> edith is the youngest person ever to compete in national spelling competition. she clenched he spot by correctly spelling the jnana which is spelled jnana.
6:54 am
doesn't sound hard. the five-year-old champ beat out 50 students to win her region. fuller's mom said she discovered her talent for spelling last year. >> she is very honestly very bright. . we were amazed to find that she really has a knack for spelling and can remember words that she's seen and heard very easily. >> pretty amazing. home schooled by her mom. wish her good luck in washington. >> good job. few minutes before 7:00. nebs run down the morning's headlines and stories throughout the day. >> that includes the changes we could see if president trump rolls out new travel ban today.
6:55 am
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6:58 am
we're following two big headlines out of washington this morning. >> both involve president trump. new travel ban expected to be issued today. new order remove iraq from list of countries included in the travel ban. syrian refugees no longer singed ld out for indefinite ban. white house hopes the new executive order will stop legal challenges. another big story, head of fbi wants justice department to knock down president trump's claims that president obama wiretapped trump tower. president trump did not offer any evidence to back up claim. a number of senior former officials denied the allegation. president trump has called on congress to investigate. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one last check on the roads. watching through center city right now. vine street expressway cameras around 24th street. this is headed down from the westbound side. that would affect all the
6:59 am
traffic that is moving eastbound. seeing some sun glare and delay moving towards the schuylkill. also, watching mass transit. end here. we have glen side 6417. that train is cancelled right now. other than that mass transit doing okay. amtrak and patco. and let's take one more look at temperatures out there this morning. cold, 29 in philly. millville just making it to 20. allentown at 23. grab the coat as you head out the door. warming up nicely as we go into the afternoon. 50 for today. 65 for your tuesday. showers late day into the evening. windy, we stay windy. wednesday even thursday looking windy as well. temperatures will start to slip back down. seasonal this time of year. 50s by the weekend. slight chance this sunday we could see rain snow mix. don't forget on the go, get first alert weather updates on 101.1 more fm.
7:00 am
>> looking nice out there. for local news update. good morning. the president versus the fbi. director james comey urges the justice department to publicly reject president trump's allegation that then-president obama bugged his phones during the election. the white house doubling down, demanding an investigation, by offering no evidence for the president's claim. what's going on inside the white house? and what was behind this heated discussion in the oval office? our report straight ahead. image problem. the marine corps rocked by ill gagss that its own membered shared graphic photos of mafema marines on a facebook page. the just-launched investigation, as the veteran who uncovered the scandal speaks out. >> seeing a woman i knew, a woman that i'm friends


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