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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  March 8, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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work or school. take a look where it is currently. just lingering scattered, very light rain for the suburbs. the lehigh valley, the line a little more steady rain, it's not heavy or anything, but steadier rain starting to get near philly and just moving out of wilmington. now into south jersey. let's take a closer look into philadelphia area. this is just starting to move into philly county but moving pretty quick. from 5:00 to 5:30 this thing is going to be on out and moving through the rest of new jersey. areas like gloucester county, next in line for the showers to move on through. this is not going to last long. we're talking by around 7:00 a.m., the line is out, some scattered stuff moves out over the next couple hours. you might need the windshield wipers but we're talking for sprinkles here. 60 in philadelphia, 62 in northeast philly, very mild air. notice where the colder air is. this is a cold front moving through so it will dip the temperatures a bit this morning down into some of the upper 40s you see in areas like redding and pots town. that will extend across the
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board but very quickly the temperatures are going to rebound because today we are looking at sunshine returning to the board. some clouds still at 8:00 a.m., but look at 11:00 a.m., now we're tracking the sunnier conditions. wind will be a problem as well. we'll talk more about the wind gusts for the day coming up, but right now we'll go to traffic with jessica. >> thanks, crystal. the express way this morning, our cameras right around belmont avenue. i tried to get this in our camera shot here. they moved the camera over so you can actually see a little bit, little bit of flashing light over to the side. police activity there with the disabled vehicle. so, traffic still getting by so it's not anything too major that is bugging anybody this morning. south philly watch for a crash 95 northbound ramp to the walt whit man is closed from an investigation from an earlier crash. the pico substation fire that happened yesterday in north philly, the fire is under control but fox street is closed roberts avenue right around allegheny avenue as well. don't have to worry about that. both directions open between
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broad street and the express way. rosemary, back to you guys. >> jessica, thank you. a disturbing story we continue to follow breaking news. >> an eight day old baby was hurt. katie sackery is live at the hospital with details for us. >> reporter: some chaotic moments, frantic moments took place inside that nice town home earlier this morning. eight day old baby boy at einstein hospital getting checked out by nurses and staff. initially investigators told us he should be okay. here's what happened. the mother told police she was sleeping in her upstairs bedroom earlier this morning. she was sleeping with her newborn son on her chest when she says three men all wearing masks, all wearing gloves and all dressed in black clothing came onto her room, woke her up and said they were robbing the home. they then demanded that she get them money. she said, i'm holding my baby. i can't go get you money.
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and police say that's when one of the armed men, all three i mentioned had guns, one of the armed men [ inaudible ]. out of the mom's arms and the baby landed on the ground. now, police say those three -- those three -- police say those three armed men then demand ed the mother go down to the basement. there were two other people in the home. they were taken into the basement as well. those three people who live in the home were unharmed. the men ransacked the house, got away with about $3500 in cash as well as two cell phones. police are looking for them at this hour. again, an update on that eight-day-old baby, he is here at einstein hospital. we are told he is going to be okay. we'll have an update later for you this morning. we're reporting live for you, katie sackery, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, katie. new developments involving the substation fire in
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philadelphia's nice tioga town homes. >> thousands of homes in the neighborhood have no electricity. two schools in the area are also closed because of the power outage and drivers should be on the look out for traffic lights that may not be working. nbc 10's matt is live in north philadelphia with more. matt? >> reporter: vai, here is one of those intersections, we're at one of them now, clear field avenue and hunting park avenue, you can see the lights are out. they put up temporary stop signs to help with the traffic flow here. of course at this hour we haven't seen too much in the way of cars. you can see some vehicles here trying to make their way through this intersection. there is some improvement to report within the last half hour. i just checked the numbers with pico. more than 5400 customers do not have power. that is an improvement of more than a thousand just in the last half hour. so, there are still customers waiting for power to come back on. it's ream i all because of this. you're taking a look at video from yesterday sky force 10, pico substation fire at 2:00 at
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the west more land substation. at its peak roughly 36,000 customers were left without power and pico says crews have been working around the clock firing a back up generators and making repairs. first the fire itself caused some havoc, then it was the darkness. >> i didn't know whether to stay outside or stay in the house because you could smell it in my house just as good as you could smell it, you know, across the street. >> we weren't able to do anything, so, we had to just sit around. >> reporter: here we are in north philadelphia. you can see the gas station does not have power. the intersection again where we have vehicles making their way through, traffic lights are still out. these homes still do not have power. just over here about half a block away, you see those street lights are on. business there has some lights on as well. the situation is improving slowly, but an important note here. two philly schools are closed today because they have no power. girls high school and the e.w. rhodes middle school.
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those are closed today. i've been working on new information throughout the morning. i'm going to give pico a call as well, try to get you an update. we did see a pico truck drive by here a few minutes ago. does look like they're trying to work on some issues in this particular area. for now we're live in north philadelphia. matt, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thank you. stay with nbc 10 and app for developments on the power outages and when service will be restored. >> 5:06 right now on this wednesday. today women around the country and here at home are making a statement by taking the day off. organizers of january's women's march want to show how important women are to the economy. a day without a woman is calling on women to strike and also to avoid shopping unless it is at stores owned by women. female workers are treated unfairly compared to their male counterparts. >> women still across the board receive lower wages. we are still vulnerable to other inequalities, harassment, and job insecurity, which means we
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are more likely to be let go from our jobs than our male counterparts. >> today is also international women's day. it's not clear yet how many women will participate, but thousands across the country have signalled their support and interest online and to their employers. >> 5:07 now in south jersey, police hope you can help catch a bank robber. take a look at this picture. police say the man held up a pnc bank in lumberton yesterday afternoon. he said he had a weapon and demanded cash. the teller handed it over and he took off. if you recognize him, lumberton police would like to hear from you. >> we have some new details now into tinted juice that sent two lancaster children to the emergency room. pennsylvania health inspectors are inspecting crystal lite. looi is commonly found in cleaning products. the children vomited and had blistering in their mouths and throats after drinking what they thought was apple juice on friday night. they are now in good condition.
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local officials closed the restaurant over possible code violations. >> the lights are back on at the statue of liberty this morning after the famous landmark went dark last night. the park service blames the unplanned outage on construction work. the social media went crazy with speculation that the statue went dark as a show of solidarity for the day without women strike. crews will return to liberty island this morning to identify the exact cause. >> lit is now offering a new service to entice passengers here in philadelphia. lyft has launched premiere and luxury service. if you want it ride in a high end sedan and suv you will be able to get one through lift. they add philadelphia and other major cities this week. >> let's take a live look outside the nbc studios. the flag is whipping. it started to crank up in the last 10, 15 minutes. getting closer to sunrise, 6:23, which means before 6:00 a.m. we
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should see the peeks of sunlight. clouds and rain passing through it is going to be a bit of a delay. current wind gusts, you can certainly tell begin where that front is. look for the bending of our kind of wind arrows we are showing you here. that's where the front is starting to pass through. just a bit ago, we had gusts above 40 miles per hour in coatsville. this is a quick move. gusts in 30 downtown, 20 downtown philadelphia. look where the 40s are, wilmington, gusts 48 miles per hour. we know what that means. next in line as this continues to track down from the northwest down to the southeast, yeah, that will be through jersey and southern delaware we start to see those gusts picking up during our morning. do expect a windy start to the morning as we continue along. here is a look at radar and satellite. this is the line of showers moving through and the front itself is passing along scattered activity through parts of berks county, lehigh valley, that will move into delaware this morning. the line itself is starting to. month out of philadelphia and more so in areas like burlington, camden and gloucester county.
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this will continue moving offer to the east as well. as we progress throughout your morning hours. right now 52 degrees the temperature in delaware. look as we go along, dips in temperatures 8 to 10, we pick it right back up. low to mid 60s for high temperatures later today and it will remain windy in the forecast as those winds come in from the west. in philadelphia where it's 60 right now, there's the dip i was talking about in your temps to the 50s. we clear out sunshine in the afternoon, same deal. low to mid 60s. the forecast high is later today we'll track out the rest of your neighborhoods today and talk about the potential for rain/snow mix. details on your forecast is coming up in a few minutes. >> rain/snow mix, all right. ten minutes past 5:00 a.m. let's get a check on the roads in south jersey. >> jessica? >> this is in hamilton township we're watching a crash, serious accident scene there, injuries reported there as well. the new jersey turnpike headed
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northbound, around exit 7 a near 195, the outer lanes are closed. you'll see some delays. the inner lanes are open. you can still get by, and probably won't close down the entire highway at any point. that's some good news there. you can still take the new jersey turnpike just use caution when moving through. also watching in township new jersey, traffic signal is down on the eastbound side of route 322 blocking that. that's what the strip of red is here. it is closed right around kings highway coming off the bridge. you won't have problems getting there this morning. also a crash in lower marion on win wood rhoda round south latches lane. and we'll keep our eye on that for you and check more new jersey cameras when i come back in about ten. >> tackling water worries on campus, coming up what roan university is doing to address the recent discovery of lead in several dorms. also, no more language barrier. next we'll show you how one local university is helping college students learn english in their efforts to chase the american dream.
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happening today in wash wash wash, two house committees will vote on repeal and replace affordable care act. the house commerce committee and house ways and means committee will debate the bill. congressional republicans released their plan on monday. the measure would offer tax credits to purchase health insurance and it would restructure medicaid. the plan would keep some obamacare protections like for people with preexisting conditions. the trump administration could announce as early as this week plans to roll back federal fuel economy requirements. back in january the ee obama administration locked in requirement all cars should average 54 miles per gallon by the year 2025. auto makers asked the epa to throw out that requirement saying it could cost them $200 billion to comply with that rule. >> now to south jersey where work will be done over spring break to improve water safety at
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roan university. lead levels at the school exceed federal guidelines over spring break the school will install water filters in nine residence halls. they also plan to add filters to water stations in other parts of campus. >> investigators are trying to figure out why a tour bus stopped on train tracks in mississippi leading to a deadly crash. the freight train slammed into the charter bus in biloxi. four people are dead and dozens more hurt. seven are listed in critical condition. authorities say the bus was on its way from a senior center in austin, texas to a casino. the bus stopped on tracks at a rail crossing bull they are not sure why. emergency crews in several stalts are battling wild fires that have killed six people so far. powerful wind gusts fanned the fires in colorado, texas and oklahoma yesterday. the flames interest destroyed hundreds of square miles of land and forced thousands of people from their homes. and new this morning, spanish is the second-most spoken language in america and getting into college can be
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tough if you don't speak english. >> that's where lasalle university's busca program comes in. it means search in spanish and as nbc 10 matt explains, it is the answer many college bound students have been looking for. >> reporter: like many of her friends, natasha santos had a dream of going to college, but she knew she needed more work. >> my essays, my vocabulary, everything. >> reporter: english is not natasha's primary language, and most, if not all of the undergraduate classes she looked at, were taught in english. a big problem. >> students that really want to go to college but have -- just don't have the language skills. >> reporter: joe ann woods heads up the busca program at lasalle. busca stands for bilingual undergraduate studies for collegiate advancement. >> for most of our students, the only way they could get into a four-year institution.
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>> reporter: by getting an associates degree, learning english and more. geo van i just graduated in january. he looked at other options that just didn't fit. >> i had to spend about a year or year and a half just learning english, but without any academic credit. so, in this case it was good because i was learning english. i also was getting academic credits which saved me a lot of time. >> reporter: since the early '90s when it started upwards of 800 students have made it through busca. >> every day you have the opportunity to help somebody that otherwise would not be a college student. >> reporter: matt, nbc 10 news. >> 18 minutes past 5:00, 55 degrees outside, time to get a check of traffic. >> jessica, is there an accident? what happened? >> we're watching a bunch of things actually. surprising busy morning for wednesday time slot here. south philadelphia watching a
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crash on 95. northbound ramp to the walt whit man bridge is currently blocked off. if you're heading down 95, you can pass the walt whit man bridge and head to the ben franklin bridge. ben can be your alternate. we're not seeing delays on the northbound side, 95 side. you should be good in that direction. this is around route 41. here at the northbound side moving toward philadelphia, that's where we typically watch in the morning time to see if there are any problems or delays. you can see not yet. roads look a little damp in both directions so watch for that. hamilton township in new jersey, there is a crack in the new jersey turnpike. this is also in the northbound side. some delays, but the outer lanes are only closed. the inner lanes are still open just around 195, that's just around exit 7 a. we'll end here over in township new jersey where there is a traffic signal down closing a portion of 322. you can see that here in that little strip of red. the eastbound side, kings highway traffic moving away from the bridge. we'll keep our eye on this stuff
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for you. checking with more of your majors when i come back in ten minutes. >> thank you, jessica. 19 minutes, 20 minutes past 5:00 a.m. this wednesday. i learned from chris cal yesterday the light green means light rain in the radar. >> that's right. the colors start to darken. we know we have real storms coming our way. meteorologist crystal has more details. hey, crystal. >> you guys are good. you're listening to us. >> we are listening to you. >> i love it. so, what we're looking at now like we just said, deeper green, a little more steady rain starting to move into parts of new jersey. that is a main line of showers moving through. you might remember yesterday morning i was saying there would be a line moving through in the early a.m. hours. there you go. now it's passing into parts of mur ford county, burlington county and gloucester to camden county dropping down salem, cumberland county. scattered showers along the points as well. backside scattered showers as well. nothing is heavy. this is mostly light to more steady rain now passing through. take a closer look, just a little spotty yellow here passing through parts of glass borrow and gloucester township.
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going to see just maybe a brief period of those drops hitting the windshield a bit faster. most of you hopefully won't have to worry about the windshield wipers because most of this should be out in the next couple of hours, meaning by 8:00, 9:00 a.m. if you're heading out the door should not be an issue. rain from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 scattered showers, 9:00 onward we should be drying out. wind will be the next problem. gusty this morning. we're already seeing it currently. it will be gusty in the afternoon as well and temperatures isn't really a problem but it will be warmer than average. 60s for our afternoon. here's a look at the future wind. gusts around 30 miles per hour consistently around the board. a minute ago we saw in wilmington gusts were about 40 miles per hour. that will next being in line for parts of new jersey to see some of those strongest wind gusts. they might dip a little in the late morning, but then they pickup in the afternoon. gusts around 30 to 35 miles per hour, up to 40 miles per hour
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certainly possible. gusty conditions throughout today are expected. you might need the extra hair spray, ladies. at least for today into the morning. tomorrow, thursday, 7:00 a.m., still breezy out there, gusts around 24 to 25 miles per hour. next three days, we go from 64 wednesday 60 wednesday, friday, rain/snow mix i was talking about. huge drop in temperatures. 39 in philly, 37 in the suburbs. just snowing through lehigh valley friday. this is a light snow with the high of 35 degrees. today 63 in new jersey, low 60s for the shore. 65 in delaware, but again, big drop in temperatures by friday with that potential for a mix of rain and snow. also do know it will be windy for the next several days straight. we'll get to that ten-day in ten in the next half hour. >> thank you, crystal. working on the coast line just in time for summer. ahead in our next half hour, find out what the long awaited dune and beach replenishment project will begin for jersey towns this summer.
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a new list ranks the highest paying jobs in the nation. kate rogers is here with that story and the rest of this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, kate. >> reporter: good morning to you, rosemary. health care and tech are top sectors with some of the highest paying jobs in america. glass is out with its annual list ranking jobs by the average annual base salary. the medical field holds four of the five top spots with doctors at number one, making median salary of just under $188,000. tech jobs especially in i-t appear most often in the top 25, although glass door says pay growth for tech workers has been declining. and wall street will look to break its mini losing streak today. a second day yesterday prospects of the fed raising interest rates and look ahead to the key jobs report on friday. the dow posting its first back to back loss since january we'll get data today on private sector
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jobs and productivity. dow falling 29 points to 20,924. the nasdaq slipping 15 yesterday to 5833. rosemary, back over to you. >> all right, kate rogers with cnbc. thanks for that. coming up today, making a statement together, next we've got the details on the local and national movement called a day without a woman. also ahead, separating real facts from fake news, there is a new report out this morning about talking to your kids about social media and current events.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, in the dark, thousands are still without power. some schools are closed following a fire that damaged a pico station. >> millions of voices uniting as one. today women are being asked to stay home here and across the country to take a stand for women's rights. >>


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