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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  March 8, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, in the dark, thousands are still without power. some schools are closed following a fire that damaged a pico station. >> millions of voices uniting as one. today women are being asked to stay home here and across the country to take a stand for women's rights. >> the gift of life, this
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delaware woman is recovering after getting a lifesaving transplant just days after her husband made a very public plea for help. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm vai. let's get to krystal klein, the most accurate weather. the rain won't stay long, but the wind will? >> that's right, vai. showers will pass the early morning hours, the early start to your day, you might run into some of this light rain. if you get out 8:00, 9:00 in the morning you'll probably only see sprinkles. this is moving along quickly. there is the main line moving through. passing through mercer county, camden gloucester county, tracking down south into southern delaware. and even that is not a heavy rain. this is more just a light to steady rain. and then some scattered lingering showers behind it, but even that is gone once you hit harris burg.
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pull this all the way out and actually behind the rain we see clearing conditions. so, there is going to be sunshine in our forecast later today. it's just this morning you're going to run into some of those showers. current temperatures, well, we're seeing a little bit of a dip now as expected due to the cold front passage and some of the rain cold air. we're in the 40s allen town coatsville, 50s now for philadelphia 53. this was at 60 just say an hour and a half ago. this is a big difference. trenton still at 60, vine land still near it and 50s atlantic city. you'll notice the difference this morning. temperatures will slope down a bit and pickup very quickly. winds, though, they're strong now. they'll be strong later. gusts are at 39 in philly. we'll track winds the rest of the day and more on your temperatures coming up. right now go to jessica. >> starting off on the boulevard this morning our cameras right around 17th street, definitely rain covering the camera lens here. you can see it looks wetd on the road. be careful getting on and off the ramps right now. a crash at miller mary.
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south latches lane and watching in north philly, the pico substation fire that happened yesterday, the fire is under control, but fox street is still closed between roberts avenue right around allegheny avenue. rosemary, back to you guys. >> thanks, jess. following breaking news outs of philadelphia, a baby barely a week old is in the hospital following a home invasion in the city's nice town neighborhood. here's what we know. police tell us three armed men woke up the baby and his mother when they barged into this row home on north 18th street early this morning. the mother was holding the baby when the men demanded that she hand over money. one of the robbers then pushed the baby to the floor. police say it appears the infant will be okay. the men got away with catsh and two cell phones. we'll have breaking news here and on the nbc 10 app. >> 55 degrees, philadelphia crews are working to restore power to thousands of people and two philadelphia schools are closed following a massive fire at a pico substation.
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the fire sent flames and thick black smoke into the sky yesterday at pico's west more land substation in nice town, tioga. it cut power to 36,000 customers at its peak, and now pico reports 5400 remain without power. crews put out the fire. no one was hurt. girls high school and e.w. rhodes middle school are closed today. and happening today, taking a day off to make a statement. >> women in our area and across the country are banding together to support the movement called "a day without a woman." nbc 10's pamela osbourne is here to explain. pam? >> reporter: the strike goes further than that. women all across the world are planning to take a stand today on international women's day. it started january 21st when more than 5 million women worldwide participated in the women's march on washington and similar sister marches. that was just the beginning and now activists are calling on women to make a day -- one-day
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demonstration rather economic solidarity by taking the day off. they are encouraging women to spend money only at small businesses and businesses owned by other women and minorities. and for those women who can't take the day off, they are asking that you wear red to show solidarity for what the strike represents. >> women of all backgrounds have a huge value to our socioeconomic system. but that being said, women still across the board receive lower wages. we are still vulnerable to other inequalities, harassment, and job insecurity, which means we are more likely to be let go from our jobs. >> and striking women hope their absence today will show the power and significance of the role that they play in day to day life. there are quite a few events happening in the city. we are going to be following those for you throughout the day. reporting live in philadelphia, i'm pamela osbourne, nbc 10 news. >> trial is expected to start
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today for a man accused of attacking a transgender woman in philadelphia. the victim spoke to nbc 10 after the january attack. she told us her attacker punched her and hit her with a bag of groceries near city hall. she streamed the attack on facebook live. police arrested the suspect after they say the video helped them to identify him. now to an nbc 10 follow-up on that vandalism at mount carmel jewish cemetery in philadelphia. the reward has been increased to $74,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. vandals toppled and destroyed hundreds of headstones at mount carmel cemetery at frankfurt avenue just last month. >> a court ruling after arguing his appeal of a federal fraud conviction, for todd, junior represented himself at the hearing. he claims his reputation was damaged after fbi and irs officials tipped off the media to a february 2012 raid of his
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apartment. and that damage affected his ability to adequately represent himself during trial. >> it's been a few hours in the news story. or a phone call, ways fired. my services were no longer needed. >> he wants the indictment against him dismissed. he is currently serving a five year prison sentence. >> this morning police are keeping up their search for a serial kidnapper in delaware. there have been three attacks in the past month at three different apartment complexes. the most recent was an attempted kidnapping at the preserve at deacon's walk apartments. we spoke exclusively with the victim's boyfriend. he said they came up with an escape plan they had to put into action monday night. the suspect tried to rob the woman at gunpoint in the common area of the complex. he made her go toward her apartment. she used her elbow to hit the buzzer for her apartment. that's when her boyfriend flung open the door scaring off the attacker. >> she's the hero. she did everything the best she
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could. she couldn't have done anything different. and i'm proud of her and i love her. >> the kidnappings have put the community on edge. a local gun shop owner tells us he's seeing more women buying pepper spray to try and protect themselves. this morning we're hearing from the delaware woman who got a new kidney just day husband put a sign in their front yard pleading for one. >> yeah, this is the story that gives you the warm fuzzies. she says she has a whole new life just six weeks after surgery, serena crawford says she is recovering well. earlier this year her husband posted a sign at their georgetown home pleading for a new kidney for her. a few days later by coincidence the university of maryland called with a perfect match. >> now i don't feel like i have any restrictions. i feel free to go and i have absolutely terrific. a bill crawford has put away the sign and the couple plans to travel in an rv they just bought. >> take another live look
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outside in philadelphia. this has been center city. a little hard to see because the sun is not up yet. wind whipping around ton top of the building. the gusts are cranking up this morning as this that cold front passes our area. temperatures are dropping as well and there are some showers that are moving through. most of it light rain. we'll get to that in a moment. i want to talk about the wind speeds because they're very strong, at least for a brief period as this front passes. close to 40 mile per hour gusts in philadelphia. close to 50 miles per hour gusts in wilmington. just a bit ago, we did have gusts in the redding area up to 55 miles per hour. there is some strength to this cold front at the path of the area. you can see where it is because it's causing a shift in our wind direction so you notice this kind of arching effect that we're looking at on our wind arrow. that is where the front is moving through. gusts now at 37 miles per hour in dover and close to 30 mill ville, how about mount holly? you can tell where the passage is. gusts of 49 miles per hour.
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this is windy enough to knock stuff around in your backyard or a weak tree branch causing issues. heads up, be careful if you get to early start, it will be tugging on the wheel as well. there is the radar and satellite. not any heavy rain but scattered showers passing through much of new jersey and delaware. very scattered in nature through the suburbs. lehigh valley burkes county area. already starting to come to a close as we get near burks county. this will move through about 7:00 a.m., 8:00 to 9:00, lingering rain and after that we start clearing out. sunshine in the forecast later today and temperatures that pickup, 62 degrees by 3:00 in the afternoon. in the suburbs low 50s through 11:00 a.m. sunny and 59 at 3:00 in the afternoon. up to 58 in lehigh valley later on today, 61 in delaware, 61 in new jersey. there you go at the shore, 56 degrees for the foerecast temperature at 3:00 in the afternoon. a dip in the temperature once the cold front passes.
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we were warmer than we will be around 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning. temperature trend, 51 monday. yesterday all the way up to 67 degrees. technically we're on the down for the next couple days but still way warmer than average. in the mid 60s today, 60 for thursday, and there's the big drop friday down to 39 degrees. that comes with a chance of at least a rain/snow mix for some. we'll talk a little more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. we'll see you then, jessica, 5:41 on wednesday, hump day. >> that's right. jessica boynton. >> there we go. i was waiting till the last second. an accident scene in the camera here on 95, just around the road. if that wasn't in the nick of time, i don't know what is. we're watching the southbound side of 95. left lane is blocked with an accident. few vehicles involved there. this is if you're headed towards delaware you'll see some of these small delays moving by. you'll see it is not anything massive yet with you something
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to watch for. especially if it's there a little bit of time. 95 south moving towards the delaware state line. also on 95 in a different area in south philly, a crash in the northbound round, the bridge still blocked. heading northbound to get to the walt whit man bridge, your next best bet is to take the franklin bridge and ted to that direction. that will be good for you there. we'll keep our eye on both of these things and check back in with both accidents and the stuff in new jersey when i come back in ten. >> we have to tell jessica it is never to early to think of summer plans. a multi-million dollar dune and sand project that will start along the jersey shore. up next hear how that could impact popular vacation spots. also when it comes to picking out facts versus fake news, what do you tell your kids? this morning we have some advice for parents. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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5:46 right now on this wednesday, 53 degrees outside. we now know the time line of beach replenishment projects up and down the jersey shore. and for some it will last through the summer. okay, here's what we know. work will start first in atlantic city. equipment is moving in this weekend but the actual operation won't begin until april. it is expected to last newly june. work in ventener will run from september through october. mar gate works in june, ends in august. long port sand project starts in april and lasts until june. a thousand feet of beach will be closed off when the work is being done. other parts of the beach will have to be set aside for storage of the equipment. the operation will run 24 hours a day 7 days a week. work on dune cross overs, dune grass planning and fencing will be completed last.
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now lets tap take you state by state and county by county for stories across our area. >> in delaware county the media will spend at least 13 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to raping four young girls. prosecutors say he lured the preteen and teen victims from a park to his apartment by offering them drugs and alcohol. police fear there could be more victims out there. and the newcastle little league is thanking the many people who donated money to help them pay their electric bill. the league was under a bill for more than a decade. the initial bill was 17 grand. the county reduced it and donations helped pay for the rest. the league thanked nbc 10 for bringing attention to their story a few weeks ago. a member of governor tom wolf's administration is promoting jobs in the lehigh valley. secretary for the department of community and economic relations toured a medical device manufacturing plant in allen town yesterday.
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he also outlined governor wolf's plans for job creation and work force training. >> a new documentary called feast on the beach had its premiere in wilmington last night. the movie highlights horse shoe crabs and endangered birds that show up every spring on the shore. scientists wildlife enthusiasts and visitors from all over the world, the movie will also be shown at the delaware museum of natural history this saturday. >> 5:48 right now, we have a follow-up to an incident caught on camera, allegedly showing a day care worker hurting a child in delaware county. the state is now involved in investigation of sara gable and she faces a hearing later this month. police say the pre-k teacher at the child care of the future day care center pushed a four-year-old student down the stairs. the student is doing okay. gable was fired. new this morning it's hard enough or adults to sort through all the so-called fake news. >> yeah, well, kids are having an even tougher time.
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common sense media serving nearly 900 twooens and teens about their news on views. only 44% of surveyed kids believe they can tell the difference between real and fake news. virginia point is the founder of news, a website dedicated to helping kids understand current events, even when those events are unsettling. >> there is a jewish center that's got bombed. >> there is a lot of information out there, it's like a fire hose, that they need someone to tell them what's real, what's not real. and how to modulate it. >> she says parents need to hel kids sort out the truth. the common sense survey found children trust news from their family more than any other source. not surprised. >> yeah, i maintain that the one thing in raising kids and talking about this, have meals together. >> exactly, the dinner table. >> have discussions, talk about what's happening and let them sort it out. >> we did it every night when i was growing up.
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my mother always said, tell me one good thing that happened today because obviously the you want to say, you know, the bad things that happened during the day. >> yeah. >> way to keep a positive spin on it. >> keep the foephones off the dinner table. >> that's a big one. nothing worse than that, ruins the meal. >> dad, i'm getting my news right now. [ laughter ] >> unless it's the app, that's okay. >> there you go. >> get a plug in there. >> the app certainly folks will be on their phones today checking in on the showers coming through. >> good news is they'll be moving out. but keep checking because of the wind gusts the rest of the day. the radar and satellite map showers passing through much of our area now. the green, of course, is mostly a light green on the board passing on through. we have that line of rain as expected at this hour. we are seeing now move through new jersey. so, expected around 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. should be moving off, still
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lingering rain behind it. it is not heavy. scattered over parts of philadelphia. missing out on some of the suburbs and passing through delaware this morning. you can already see the end is near, passing through harris burg and lan kantcaster heading direction. passing on now to the shore points, estelle manner, ship bottom about to get hit with a brief period of steadier rain. this is what it looks like 7:00 p.m., the line moving offshore. 7:00 to 9:00 a.m., sprifrnkles the windshield. everything clears out, mostly sunny but still windy. temperatures in new jersey, as the cold front is moving through, these numbers will start dropping. they haven't gotten the hit quite yet in some areas. you can tell a difference, 53, 60 for lumberton. robbinsville 60, but princeton now at 50 degrees outside.
5:52 am
here's a look at the neighborhood forecast high for today. 64, center city, 62 summer ton. i know some of these icons are showing rain drops. that's just for this morning like i mentioned, by 9:00 a.m. most of this is out and we're clearing out. sunshine landfill 61, allen town, york 58 for high today. 60s in new jersey and actually some low he 60s along the shore points today. a little warmer because the winds will be coming in from the west instead of the south. makes all the difference in those temperatures. for delaware, 61 in smirn a, 65 wilmington, smirn a icon showing the world the windy conditions both this morning and this afternoon. here's your wind gusts forecast. 15 for philadelphia, 70 for wilmington. wind speeds coming out of the west in the afternoon. but gusts, most this morning and again this afternoon around 30 to 40 miles per hour, and for brief periods of time above 40 miles per hour possible. this is a windy forecast. actually looking pretty windy. thursday, friday, even saturday as well. huge drop in our temperatures. we go from 60 thursday to only
5:53 am
39 friday. and look at that. mid 30s for your weekend. don't forget to spring forward that clock saturday night to get ready for sunday and we have that chance of rain/snow mix again picking up next tuesday. >> thank you, krystal. 7 minutes before 6:00 a.m. let's get another update on the situation 95 and the road. >> jessica boying ton is watching it for us. what are you seeing out will? >> this one, 95, there i am. nay man's road. that is the southbound side. so, traffic, that is approaching the delaware area is going to pass this scene right here. it is over into the left hand shoulder so that's the good news right here. you can see it looks like about one lane getting by for right now. make a little merging being done in that direction. not massive lanes now. still before the 6:00 hour we're not seeing huge amounts of traffic moving in this direction. something to watch for there. north philadelphia, the pico fire under control yesterday, but fox street still closed around roberts avenue and
5:54 am
allegheny avenue. we're watching the ramp to the walt whit man bridge. watching the investigation. if you have to get over one of the bridges, the ben franklin bridge is your best alternate. back to you guys. >> thank you, jessica. we're learning about upgrades. lighting and heating changes will save the iconic ship. more than $200,000 a year. the upgrade includes a witch switch to natural gas heat and led lights. in burlington county, the little boy who called 91 to save his mom during a health crisis will reunite with the dispatcher who helped him out. at their meeting in mount holly tonight, county free holders will recognize 7 year old rocco and dispatcher wade stein for their acts of heroism. a car accident can change your plans in an instant. but as bad as this wreck looks up next, you have to see the happy ending that follows.
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your trip through the pennsylvania turnpike mid county toll plaza will soon be slowing down. for about three weeks starting later this month, crews will close the ez pass express lanes so they can upgrade them. regular toll booths will remain open during the work. electronics and appliance retailer h.h. greg has filed for bankruptcy. just last week the company announced plans to close nearly 90 stores by mid april. more than a dozen are in our area. h.h. greg says those locations are not profitable. a distribution center in philadelphia will also close. now to this. it was all set to be the perfect proposal. >> yeah, i think you're going to love this story except it wasn't supposed to happen in a tennessee hospital emergency room. he slammed into a fence after slipping on slick roads on his way to pickup some flowers. well, he had intended to pop the question to his girlfriend that night at church, but he says his
5:59 am
close brush with death made him to decide to go ahead with his plans anyway. he got down on one knee, did it in the hospital. >> i could have died on my way to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me. i could have died not asking. i was like while i still have breath, i'm going to ask. >> well, she said yes and the couple, they plan to tie the knot after they graduate. how about that? >> nice end to that story that could have turned out very differently. >> i think they're going to be very, very happy. now for more of the stories we're following for you right now, nbc 10 news at 6:00. >> beyond the flames, yesterday's fire at a pico substation is causing widespread trouble this morning for homes, businesses, schools, and commuters. >> lowering standards, the change president trump wants to make that could impact your next new car. >> and a spy in your living room? new evidence that your tv might be listening in, even when it's off.
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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> i've often wondered that. i've had the television off. we'll have more on that story coming up. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connor. >> and i'm vai. we're expecting rain which i call free car wash. let's get to krystal for the most accurate weather in your neighborhood. >> for the car wash moving now, you see the green is where the showers are. missing the suburbs, spotty light activity. better hit now and through new jersey and parts of southern delaware. in fact, notice this line that i've been talking about all morning long is just now hitting the county. a little strength to it. yellow and orange means there is a bit of a heavier rain passing through cape may. this is on its way out. it is 6:00 a.m. now, and by 7:00 a.m. this should be off the shore. there should be scattered lighter showers. if we pull this out, the clearing we have in the direction, sunshine i


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