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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  March 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> i've often wondered that. i've had the television off. we'll have more on that story coming up. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connor. >> and i'm vai. we're expecting rain which i call free car wash. let's get to krystal for the most accurate weather in your neighborhood. >> for the car wash moving now, you see the green is where the showers are. missing the suburbs, spotty light activity. better hit now and through new jersey and parts of southern delaware. in fact, notice this line that i've been talking about all morning long is just now hitting the county. a little strength to it. yellow and orange means there is a bit of a heavier rain passing through cape may. this is on its way out. it is 6:00 a.m. now, and by 7:00 a.m. this should be off the shore. there should be scattered lighter showers. if we pull this out, the clearing we have in the direction, sunshine is actually
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on its way for us as we get into the afternoon. here's where we are right now. we have cooled down considerably thanks to the cold front passing by and the rain cold air. 52 the temperature in philadelphia, 46 in the suburbs. we're looking at cloudy conditions now. only some showers remaining in parts we saw in jersey and delaware. upper 40s in the lehigh valley and delaware as we track along. winds are strong, they'll continue to be strong into the afternoon. so, we're going to take a look at those wind gusts later today and talk about the temperature trend dropping off this weekend. all that coming up in a minute. but currently we'll head to traffic with jessica. >> and krystal, currently it is starting to get 95 around nay man's road. it is starting to see some jamb ups. getting messy ourt there. we're starting to see lay little more volume moving by the scene. we are watching two lanes getting by. at least some good news there. the accident is over into the left hand shoulder, part of the left lane is blocked. this is the southbound side of 95 so this is traffic moving towards the delaware state line and trying to cross over there.
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you might run into some delays. looks like a truck was involved. off and to the center median there, police activity on the scene as well. a few more cars involved. we're seeing some slow doungz especially as we start to get into the beginnings of rush hour. also watching ham i am ton township in new jersey. turnpike around 195, exit 7 a, outer lanes only closed, inner lanes open. you are allowed to get by the scene now. in the township, into new jersey, a signal closing a portion of 322. heading eastbound. coming away from the bridge kings highway, that portion of the road is closed and watch for police activity there. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. to a developing story now, two schools are closed today and thousands of people are still without power because of this fire at a pico substation. yesterday's flames here in philadelphia, nice town tioga neighborhood having a widespread impact this earn monthing. nbc's matt dlush a for us in
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philadelphia. traffic lights affected by the outage. matt, tell us what you found. >> reporter: right, and for 16 hours this area has been without power, vai. take a look we're at honey park. in the last few minutes a police car showed up here because the lights are out. they put up some of these temporary stop signs at the intersection, but that police car there with the lights flashing just kind of letting drivers know, hey, you have to stop here because this is a four-way intersection here. i just checked the numbers, though. pico is reporting 5400, a little more than 5400 customers still without power this morning. that is down from 36,000 as of yesterday. so, they are making some improvements there, and two philly schools are closed today because they don't have power. that would be girls high school and a.w. rhodes middle school. take a look at some video. this is what it is all because of. the pi credit, o substation fire yesterday afternoon, this starting just before 2:00 in the afternoon at the west more land substation. at its peak as i mentioned,
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roughly 36,000 customers did not have power. crews have been working throughout the afternoon and into the night. we did ask pico when will the power come back on for everyone. >> it is a little difficult at this point to let a customer know what time they'll be on. but based on the configuration of our system we'll continue to switch in the streets. we'll be working with back up generators whenever possible to get as many as possible back on. we expect that will happen in relatively short order. >> right. so, here we are back at the intersection of honey park and clear field. you see the gas station, they have been without power a little while. the gentleman working here has candles on -- candles lit in his office. traffic lights are still out there. they have the stop signs up. the police car here, you see the homes over here as well, row homes still do not have power. just over here down the way, you see this street has power. mcdonald's, which did not seem to have power about two or three hours ago did not have power. they have since been restored.
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so, improvements are being made but still some more work left to go. live in north philadelphia this morning, matt, nbc 10 news. >> candles at a gas station, doesn't sound good to me, matt. one man is in a hospital after being shot in a robbery. this happened on summer dale avenue. three men were taking a piece of exercise equipment in a home around 1:00 in the morning when they were confronted by two armed robbers. they took $450 from the victims and shot one man in the leg. police are looking at surveillance video. >> today in washington, two house committees will vote on the republican plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. the house energy and commerce committee and the house ways and means committee will debate the bill. the republicans released their plan on monday. the measure would offer tax credits to purchase health insurance and it would restructure medicaid. the plan would keep some popular provisions of obamacare like those for people with preexisting conditions.
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the trump administration could announce as early as this week plans to roll back federal fuel economy requirements. and early january, you may remember the obama administration locked in a requirement that all new cars should average 54 miles per gallon by 2025. auto makers then asked the epa to throw out that requirement saying it would cost them $200 billion to comply with the rule. >> 6:06, 52 degrees right now. the man accuse of making threats against jewish community centers and synagogues is expected in court. juan thompson fired last year for allegedly making up quotes and sources. he was a est ared in st. louis last week. federal agents say thompson called or e-mailed jewish institutions across america, a fresh wave of threats were made against jewish centers yesterday. and now we have a follow-up on vandalism at a jewish cemetery in philadelphia. the reward has been increased to $74,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction.
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vandals topple and destroyed hundreds of these head stones at mount carmel cemetery on frankfurt avenue last month. >> 6:07 right now on this wednesday. this earn monthing he is waiting for a judge's decision in his appeal of a federal fraud conviction. he represented himself at yesterday's hearing. he claims his reputation was damaged after fbi and irs officials tipped off the media to a february 2012 raid of his apartment. fattahd june jer said it impeded him from representing himself in a trial. >> i was fired. i was told my services were no longer need the. >> he wants the indictment against him dismissed. he is currently serving a five year prison sentence. his father, the former philadelphia congressman, is also in prison on a fraud conviction. in other news this morning, wikileaks says you may be opening yourself up to an
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unwanted guest if you have a smart tv in your home. >> yeah, the organization posted nearly 9,000 cia documents online yesterday. these documents suggest the cia is able to hack into tvs and defeat encrypted data on messaging apps so they can spy on americans. the cia says they do not comment on the authenticity of purported intelligence documents. >> 6:08 right now, 52 degrees outside. this is a live look at those wind turbines churning there down at the sprits complex. >> they're getting a lot of work this morning. wet and windy out there in philadelphia. krystal clie has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> guys, i think that's going to be a scene we see pretty relg regularly the next several days. wind gufrts 25 miles an hour in philadelphia. 23 in wilmington and gusts into the 30s to millville, wild wood and dover. you can see where that front is
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again, notice the arch in our little wind lines here. that's where the front is starting to pass. it is moving quickly through new jersey this morning. that is going to dip our temperatures a bit before they boost right back up. delaware we're 48, that is going to be in the 50s by 10:00 a.m. and the low 60s this afternoon. notice the wind, though, they stayed strong coming in from the west which will pump in that warmer air. 52 degrees in philadelphia right now. we will stay about the same through 10:00 a.m. we grew much warmer a couple hours ago. because of the cold front passage, we're seeing the drop. the pickup, though, into the low mid 60s by afternoon, 2:00 p.m., 61, 4:00 p.m. the same. and those winds a at around 15 to 20 miles per hour. gusts above 30 miles per hour this afternoon. along the shore, 56 degrees right now. and we are going to see those clouds thin out as we get into your afternoon. 54 at noon, mid upper 50s for high temperatures later today. and same deal windy condilgss in our forecast with more sunshine by the afternoon. then in the days to come, the
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winds hold on. temperatures take a big plunge. you got the preview at the bottom of your screen with the 7-day forecast. i'll get to the ten-day forecast, snow chance for friday coming up. >> thank you, krystal. let's go to nbc 10 with jessica for an update on the traffic. >> slow going. it started to pickup. one car at a time moving by the scene, it wasn't a big deal especially because of the accident scene in the left hand shoulder. they're finally getting a truck out of the middle of the center median. looked like it tipped over a second. police on the activity on the scene. merging together as one. getting buy on the southbound side. naaman's road, we are starting to see some of the those delays so we'll keep our eye on that for you. check in with more of the problems in the area when i come back in ten, rosemary and vai. >> thank you, jessica. women are going on a strike to
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prove a point. >> women's marches made headlines in january. the impact we could see from a day without a woman. plus the response on social media. doctors have pinpointed the top eating habits, what to avoid and the foods that can help you live longer. blueprint for safer streets, philadelphia's new plan to prevent crashes and protect drivers and pedestrians.
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just about quarter past 6:00 on this wednesday. today women's voices will be heard in a noticeably different way than we saw in january's marches here in philadelphia 76ers and acro-- across the cou.
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>> women's marchers are calling for a day without women asking ladies to take the day off to show their economic strength. nbc 10's pam osbourne is live for us with more on the protests. what kind of impact we could see today? pamela, give us some context. >> reporter: yeah, i mean it could be when you get to the office this morning you could see a few less places if you work in a chain type store. it could mean you see a few less customers as well. but the strike goes even further than that. women all across the world are planning to make a stand today on international women's day. it started january 21st when more than 5 million women participated worldwide and the women's march on washington and similar sister marches. now activists are calling on women to make a one-day demonstration of economic solidarity by taking the day off. they are encouraging women to spend money only at small businesses and businesses owned by women and minorities. women's march organizers say they are representing several
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issues such as income inequalities, working for living wages, reproductive rights as well as lgbtq rights. in addition to making an economic statement -- >> we would also like this to be a show of solidarity. so, if you can't afford to strike, we are encouraging people to wear red. we are also encouraging people to call their legislators. voice their concerns over laws and policies and are at issue right now. >> reporter: striking women hope their absence will show a significance in the key role they play in society and there are quite a few events happening throughout the city today. we're going to be following those events for you here in philly. rosemary? >> all right, pamela osbourne live for us in center city, thanks for that, pam. >> this story of course is getting mixed reaction on the nbc 10 facebook page. raja writes, for instance, i'm participating. lynn says this will be at her place of employment, i'm thankful to be work being. we want to know what you think
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if you'll be participating let us know on the nbc 10 facebook page. >> now let's get a quick check of our traffic with jessica boying ton. >> a quick check of the i-95 in naamans road, jess. >> south of i-95, moving towards the delaware state line. this accident is in the left-hand lane, part of the left hand shoulder there as well. traffic is pretty much merging down together to two lanes. right at the work time as well. the beginning of the morning rush we are starting to see slow downs southbound towards the delaware area. so, watching that. there is a crash around rit enhouse road and north philly, that fire that happened yesterday for pico under control, but fox street is still closed because of that between roberts avenue just around allegheny avenue. in south philadelphia, the northbound "up to the minute" ramp to the walt whit man ramp to 95 is blocked with an investigation. if you have to cross over, ben franklin bridge could be a good
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alternate. new jersey, a crash headed northbound just around exit 7 a, right near 195. outer lanes are closed, inner lane still open. we'll check in with the delaware state line when i come back. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, jess. krystal is tracking the showers moving through the area. should be out of here pretty soon, chris talg. >> that's right, rosemary. it will come to a close. you can still see the receipt roadways out there. if you're getting an early start to your morning, the commute, wet roadways, a few sprinkles. there is not a lot left of the rain. the green, the showers that are moving through, the line is starting to move offshore as expected. still a little light rain passing through philadelphia. wilmington very scattered left over in nature through berks county and chester county as well. the end line was passing through harris burg. it is out of harris burg. a good indicator as this moves
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through, by 9:00 a.m. almost all of this should be out. there is a closer looing at where some of the lingering steady rain is, but even in kate may it has lost its strength. not a lot left to this. future wind gusts will be a problem. 30 miles per hour now. right as the cold front was passing 50 miles per hour. for the most part gusts will weaken a tad early afternoon, and pickup 3:00 p.m. gusts 35 to 45 miles per hour. could see spot areas up to 40 miles per hour. those will drop off a bit overnight, but really still breezy, even through to your thursday morning. and again thursday afternoon windy again. so, we've got these windy conditions consistent over our three day outlook. 64 the temperature today. 60 on thursday, and then, bam, big drop for your friday. colder air moves in, 39 degrees, that's the high. a rain/snow mix is possible in our forecast. for the suburbs we go from 61 on
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wednesday 57 down to 37 on friday. only 35 and snow likely for the lehigh valley. in new jersey, 63 wednesday, 60 thursday and 39 friday. i know this rain snow mix may look a little frightening. this is not heavy snow, it's a light snow at best and it's mixed with rain. same for shore and delaware. we go from 60s today to low 40s by your friday. here is the hour by hour and this is for your friday outlook. remember the rain is almost out this morning. then we clear out today. but thursday night we go from most mostly clear to clouds moving in. there is the rain 4:00 a.m., and snow mixing across the board. i think this model is being a little conservative actually. we may see more rain snow passing through and even scattered snow showers into our afternoon hours as well on your friday. so, tracking that trend for friday and then actually again next tuesday we'll have the potential for a rain snow mix. the temperatures do stay cold over the weekend in the 30s and don't forget to spring forward those clocks. your weekend saturday into sunday. >> you just reminded me.
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thanks for that, krystal. a local college is doing some serious spring cleaning. coming up next roan university to protect students from high levels of led on campus. plus preparing for the worst, nbc 10 has exclusive details about a woman's escape from a would-be kidnapper. why her boyfriend says they were ready for something tliek this to happen. ♪
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we have new details in the investigation into tainted juice that sent two lancaster county children to the emergency room. pennsylvania health inspectors are checking krystal looi that was taken from the restaurant where the children drank "the juice." lye is commonly found in cleaning products. children had blistering in their mouths and throats after drinking what they thought was apple juice friday night. they are now in good condition and local officials closed the restaurant over possible code
6:25 am
violations. now south jersey work will be done over spring break to clean water safety. they exceed federal guidelines. the school will install water filters in nine residence halls. they also have plans to add filters to water stations in other parts of the campus. and philadelphia is working on a new blueprint to make the streets safer for drivers, bicyclists and walkers. yesterday the city unveiled a draft of its vision zero three-year action plan. it includes more bike lanes, red light cameras, and speed limit changes. the goal is zero traffic deaths by the engineer 2030. the city will now get feedback from the residents and commuters and a final draft will be released in the fall. >> and here's a live look outside new jersey. you can see the wet roadways. still showers coming down there. we're going to track when the rain moves out, the sun comes back out, and it's windy. more on your peek of gusts coming up.
6:26 am
>> also ahead, breaking news in philadelphia. we're live in the search for masked men who injured a newborn baby in a home invasion overnight. plus predicting emergencies, the cutting edge system in south jersey that is helping rescuers respond faster and save more lives.
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a tiny victim breaking overnight, a newborn baby is hurt when masked men invade his philadelphia home and knock him from his mother's arms. >> escape plan, only nbc 10 has a woman's boyfriend's story about why they were prepared for a kidnapper on the attack. >> minding your meals, the diet linked to an early death and a sup -- the super foods that can prolong your life. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> it is just about 6:30.
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good morning. i'm vai. >> krystal fills us in on the detail. >> this morning it was one of those gray days we deal with. later today it is going to be pretty nice. but we have to get rid of the showers first. the bulk of the rain has just started to move offshore. this is really right on time. we knew by 7:00 a.m., the main line would be off and there is that main line moving off as we speak. still some light scattered rain over parts of jersey and delaware and then you look into philly. we have the small little line passing through and just one more that is moving into chester county and burkes county as we speak. these couple of lines will continue to move along from west to east as well. but really we're talking much more spotty light showers that quickly move in and out. yes, you'll need windshield wipers as you move out the door, but not for long. you can see the end, it starts to clear things out in our forecast. right now temperatures are mild but cooler than they were a couple hours ago because of the cold front that has just passed
6:31 am
our area. you can tell the difference in the cold air pulled in. 45 redding, 52 for philly and low 50s as well out to the shore like atlantic city and millville 51 degrees. later today the winds are strong now and they'll be strong the rest of the day. 35 mile per hour gusts at mill ville. 44 in atlantic city. that's where the front is passing now. like i mentioned the winds will continue coming in from the west. they will continue windy today. we'll track out your gusts for your mid workweek coming up in a minute. right now we'll go to traffic with jessica. >> and krystal, on 95, good niez -- news on naamans road. it cleared five minutes ago or so. we're good on delaware state line. the drive time, we also have another accident reported on the northbound side just around 295 in delaware. right here on the north, doing okay for the most part between 295 and 495. in both directions still, south
6:32 am
philly also on 95 for this crash on the northbound ramp to the walt white man bridge. that is still closed. if you have to get over the 95, you can take the ben franklin bridge still open. in new jersey we'll end this traffic signal is down. route 322 headed eastbound coming away from the beary bridge along kings highway is closed due to police activity because of the downed signal. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. a newborn baby was hospitalized after being violently thrown to the ground when masked men stormed the town home. he is at einstein hospital in logan where the baby was taken. katie, i understand there is a little boy. do you know how he is doing? >> reporter: i do have an update. he was born just a week ago and now he is back at the hospital being checked out by doctors after what you said he was violently thrown to the ground in a really frantic and chaotic home invasion. doctors tell me they believe he
6:33 am
is going to be okay. they're going to keep him here another couple of hours to make sure. here is what happened. that little boy's mother, a 21-year-old woman who lives in the nice town section of philadelphia, tells investigators around 12:30 this morning, she was sleeping in her bedroom, sleeping with her newborn son on her chest which is what so many new moms do. she says that she woke up to find a gun at her head, three men were in her bedroom all with handguns saying they would shoot her unless she gave them money. police say the men were angry and cursing at her. here is what the mom said next >> she said, i'm holding my baby and that's when one of them just forced the baby onto the floor by pushing the baby onto the floor, which is pretty brutal as far as we're concerned. >> reporter: and to continue with that brutal nature, police say the men ignored the newborn on the floor, forced the mom downstairs while, again, her baby just lay on that floor helpless. there were two teenage girls in
6:34 am
the home at the time as well. friends of that new mother. they were also threatened with their live. police say the house was turned upside down as the men searched for money and valuables. police say they left with over $3,000 and a couple of cell phones. their surveillance video from the neighborhood that police have obtained, they have seen it and they say it shows three to four men leaving that house, but unfortunately the men were wearing masks, completely covered with dark clothing. so, they aren't able to get a description from that surveillance video. when the men were inside the home, they wore gloves so there are no fingerprints that police can pull from that home. again, just to recap, that eight-day-old boy here at einstein hospital being observed by doctors, but they believe he is going to be okay. reporting live in logan this morning katie zachary nbc 10 news. >> thank you, katie. police continue to search for a serial kidnapper wanted in dell. there have been three attacks in three apartment complexes.
6:35 am
the most recent was an attempted kidnapping at the deacon apartments. the boyfriend tells us in light of the recent attacks they came up with an escape plan in case it happened to them and it did monday night. the suspect tried to rob the girlfriend at gunpoint in the common area. he forced her toward her apartment. she used her elbow to hit the buzzer for her unit. that's when her boyfriend flung open the door scaring off her attacker. >> she's the hero. she did everything the best she could. she couldn't have done anything different. and i'm proud of her and i love >> the kidnappings have put the community on edge. a local gun shop owner tells us lately he has seen more women buying pepper spray in the area to try and protect themselves. >> a trial is expected to start today for a man accused of attacking a transgender woman in philadelphia. the victim reanna quigley spoke
6:36 am
after the january attack. she told us her attacker punched her and hit her with a bag of groceries near city hall. she streamed the attack on facebook live and police arrested the suspect, de john warp man after they saw the video which helped identify him. >> 6:36 right now on this wednesday. 52 degrees outside. here are three stories making national headlines this morning. emergency crews in several states are battling wild fires that have killed six people. powerful wind gusts yesterday fanned the flames in kansas, colorado, texas and oklahoma. the fires have destroyed hundreds of miles of land and have forced thousands of people from their homes. federal investigators left just minutes ago to head to mississippi following a train crash that involved a tour bus. they will try to determine why the bus stopped on the tracks in biloxi. yesterday the freight train slammed into the bus, killing four people and injuring dozens more. authorities say the bus was on its way from a senior center in austin, texas, to a casino.
6:37 am
in utah, the cell phone video shows a man jumping from the roof of a burning home into the arms of fire fighters. officials say there was an explosion at the home and they are now investigating the cause. the man remains in the hospital. now let's take you county by county beginning in delaware county. >> media will spend at least 13 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to raping four young girls. prosecutors say he lured the preteen and teen victims from a park to his apartment by offering them drugs and alcohol. police fear there could be more victims out there. >> in montgomery county your trip through the pennsylvania turnpike's mid county toll plaza in plymouth meeting will be slowing down for about three weeks starting later this month, crews will close the e sarks pass express lanes so they can work on upgrading them. regular toll booths will remain open during the work. let's head to burlington county where health systems has
6:38 am
unveiled cutting edge technology to to redikt where the next emergency call is likely to come from. the darker the color on these maps, the higher the likelihood somebody is going to call 911 soon. the system also uses gps traffic information to choose the best ambulance to respond to the emergency. >> and in neighboring camden county, the battle ship new jersey is being upgraded to conserve energy. they will announce lighting and heating changes that will save the iconic ship more than $200,000 a year. the upgrade includes a switch to natural gas heat and energy efficient led lights. >> too bad we can't have blue skies like that today. yeah, it's going to be one of those wet kind of dreary mornings. >> you see it just behind us there. let's go to krystal who has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. hey, krystal. >> we're starting out not the prettiest day. we will see sun later on. that is the good news. a light at the end of the tunnel to look at.
6:39 am
live shot in philadelphia, the flag blowing in the wind. it is a windy start to the day. you can see we're 52 in philly. it's gray ourt there, winds are at 15 miles per hour. 46 the temperature in the suburbs, 47 in lehigh valley, 50 in jersey and the camera got water all over it and 48 in delaware. still showers out there. later today the rain dries out, we are actually going to be mostly sunny. and temperatures will make the rain in the 60s, 64 for philadelphia, 61 in the suburbs and 65 in delaware. we'll dry out that rain in the lehigh valley and see some sun through the lehigh valley as well by later today. as for those winds, it will be windy even into the afternoon. sustained winds will come from the west. you see those wind lines coming right from the west. wind speeds will be 15, 20, 25 miles per hour at best for your sustained or constant winds. but gusts could still be above 40 miles per hour at times in the afternoon. likely to range 30 to 40 miles per hour across the entire region. radar and satellite map, well
6:40 am
there is the rain that has been passing on by. we got scattered showers. the main line has moved off the shore. we have spotty areas of rain. you see in chester county. this is not heavy rain. this is going to be a brief shower that passes through westchester to norris town. looking to philadelphia, very light rain to ben salem. you see the same deals we start to track in south jersey as well. along the shore that was the line of rain. it has weakened considerably as well. we have a chance of rain and snow in the forecast as we go into the next several days. we'll look closer at that coming up a. he all right, thank you, krystal. 20 minutes before 7:00 a.m. we had a problem all morning at naamans road further north on street road. we have a problem. >> jessica boying ton is watching for us. jess? >> we have a string of accidents all morning long from the delaware state line even into delaware 95 up through right around street road. this is the southbound side. a lot of vehicles that are involved here, a lot of rescue crews, emergency crews here as
6:41 am
well. you can see police officers, fire truck here. there are tow trucks, a few vehicles that are thereinvolved. looks like the traffic moving southbound by the scene is actually doing okay. all the lanes are still getting by besides the bottom of this off ramp which is blocked as you can see right here. this traffic has to pretty much go around it and almost merge before they are actually supposed to before the off ramp ends actually at the end of this scene. so, that could be a little bit of a dangerous situation here. we'll keep our eye on that for you. again, watch that multi-vehicle accident. here is 95 again moving through delaware. we're watching a northbound crash just near 295. other than that, drive times are doing okay, traffic is getting by. for now we are watching delays through delaware because of that hamilton township in new jersey, we are watching this all morning. outer lanes closed in the turnpike headed northbound exit 7 a 195. that is from an earlier crash. again since it is over to the right handouter lanes that are closed, the inner lanes are still open. traffic still is getting by there.
6:42 am
updates and details for you on all this stuff and we have a little bit more to talk about when i come back in about ten. rosemary, back to you. >> thanks, jess. lady liberty caused quite a bit of stir on twitter overnight. >> up next, new yorkers noticed and thought it was a silent protest for women. also deadly diets, a new warning about meal time and your health. up next, the list of super foods that can help prolong your life. and slight frustration, family's vacation turned into an expensive hassle after their airline did not pay out on a promise. watch our nbc 10 sponsresponds takes action up next.
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my girlfriend loves artists. to be unique... and i need a conservative pair, cuz her parents hate artists! get up to 40% off a second pair of glasses. schedule your eye exam at new at 6:00, what you're eating could be killing you. new research links deaths from heart disease, stroke and diabetes to either overeating or
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not eating enough of these ten foods. the good foods that are under eaten include nuts and seeds, seafood rich in omega 3 fats like salmon and czar deans, fruits and veggies and whole grains. the bad foods that are over eaten are salt and sal at this foods, bacon, baloney, red meat and sugary drinks. now to a story trending overnight. lady liberty if you can see it in the dark. plenty people in new york, obviously the city that never sleeps, they noticed the lights were out on the landmark last night. >> some thought it was a nod to today's protest of quill equality. it is likely due to an emergency generator there. lights came back on just before midnight. >> also trending this morning your philadelphia fliers are on a very hot strike and they have a chance to make it to the police officers. >> they won three of the past four games. last night's win over the sabers
6:47 am
puts them three points behind toronto for the final playoff spot. the fliers play toronto, the push is on. meanwhile turning to nbc 10 responds, what was supposed to be a fun trip to orlando turned into an expensive hassle. >> after waiting months for a refund that never arrived, the family turned to us, nbc 10 responds reporter inez has her story. >> reporter: del mari torres flips through the pictures for their trip to disney land. the frontier flight to orlando was supposed to take off on the night of december 20th. >> i see a flight attendant and she said there's no flight crew. there's no pilot, nobody there, just her. >> reporter: the flight was canceled. >> i started crying, the kids were crying. we were highly upset. >> reporter: the airline said they could get a refund or buy tickets with another airline and frontier would reimburse the difference in fare with four to six weeks. she bought eight tickets on
6:48 am
another carrier for $1800 and submitted a request and never received a response. we spoke to frontier and they told us their customer relations team would look into the issue. the company fedexed the check to torres. >> we want to thank nbc 10 for getting us the refund from frontier. >> reporter: nbc responds. >> they did not tell us why it took so long for the check to arrive. theish hawes be issue has been . let us know about it. the best way to reach us is on the screen and we will respond to you. >> 6:48 right now on this wednesday. you know what? i think if you missed the umbrella out there, if you didn't bring the umbrella with you -- >> you'll be okay. i think you'll be okay. however, the wind, that could be a problem for you if you don't like the wind. let's go to first alert
6:49 am
meteorologist krystal klei who has the most accurate forecast for y neighborhood. >> really it's not even a heavy rain. this is all that's left on the board. you see spots of green all over the place. this is some sprinkles, a little lighter rain moving through chester county. not much left. the steady line has moved off the shore. we're going to see the rest of the rain move out in a couple hours. by 9:00 a.m. we should be on the dryer side and we are dealing with those windy conditions as a result of that cold front that passed through. the rain is about to move away. the clear air we have moving our direction. i have a little icon here. make us happy. cloud coverage mixing in with sunshine, mostly sunny conditions in the afternoon. it is going to be a pretty nice day. you will have to deal with the winds. here we have left over showers. they move out through 9:00 a.m., by 10:00 a.m. we have cleared out. scattered clouds, but the rain won't be gone and we will start to boost up our sunshine
6:50 am
coverage as we go through the afternoon. temperatures in pennsylvania suburbs, cochranville sitting at 44 degrees, yu clid township. milford township in the mid 40s. we have upper 40s for you fort washington, north wales, 47 degrees. really pretty nice mild start with your temperatures. it's going to boost up in the later part of the day to the 60s again. 64 center city, 62 summer ton. doyle town to lanz daily, westchester all in the low 6 0s. upper 50s for much of the lehigh valley. some of these icons are showing sprinkles still. that is just for this morning. remember it's all out by around 9:00, 10:00 the latest. 61 for atlantic city. look at the spots in the mid 60s for areas like wilmington, although our delaware beaches upper 50s at 59 reh obot h beach. by friday, bam, cold air.
6:51 am
39 philly and south jersey low 40s for the shore in delaware. could see a little rain/snow mix in the morning hours, more likely snow for the suburbs in lehigh valley. we are dry on saturday from sunshine, but notice only mid 30s for forecast highs. how about sunday? same deal. mid 30s, that's as good as we get. and low 30s right at freezing for high temperatures. the shore in delaware where snow could clip those areas as well, both shots not looking like heavy snow. this would be light snow. but the potential is there. winter not quite yet over for us. we're talking about your ten-day on 10:00 coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks for that, krystal. tough morning commute out there. it means jessica boying ton is very busy. >> she has been busy. another crash on the vine street express way, jess. >> yeah, another crash vine street express way, 24th street. this is the eastbound side. this is coming off of the express way. you can see it is over, actually you can see right behind the vehicles here and the police
6:52 am
officer here, this vehicle is facing the wrong direction. it crashed into the side of this ramp so it's blocking part of that. the ramp is still open fortunately, but traffic that's coming off right here is really slow to merge by the scene. again, this is the eastbound side so this is traffic that's moving towards 95 what we're seeing some of those delays. that will start backing up onto the express way. center city, slow downs there. speaking of 95, watch the southbound side for delays. 29 minutes haven road to did he vine. the bottom of the ramp is partially blocked. traffic is getting by on the lanes, though. still seeing some delays as we are starting to see more traffic head out the door. also again on 95, this is in south, the northbound walt whit man bridge blocked. you can see delays. head to the ben franklin bridge still open but expect delays as well. we'll end here in hamilton township, the outer lanes are closed, inner drive still open there. you'll be able to get by the
6:53 am
scene. that might be there for quite sometime with the accident investigation. heads up use caution when traveling back to you. bye. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. you can register to start cleaning up philadelphia. this afternoon, mayor jim kenny and other city leaders will begin the count down to the annual philly spring clean up. they'll call for volunteers to submit project ideas for the sfi wide event which will happen on saturday, april 8th. >> coming up next we'll run down this morning's headlines and the stories that we're going to be following throughout the day. >> and that includes breaking news in philadelphia where we are following where an eight day old baby was hurt in a violent home invasion. we'll have that up next. we didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie that space together.
6:54 am
with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. it's perfect for our family.
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see, you still got game, dwayne. i got instant game, gus. instant game. (giggles) keep on scratchin'. kept coming back in different places. we went from everything being fine to everything not being fine. i really needed someone who could think outside the box. we did the genomic testing pretty early had great success for her. they gave me treatment options i didn't know about before. there's an atmosphere of hope. i want to be around just to be a grandma. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. just about 7:00 and here are
6:57 am
some of the stories we'll be following today. >> one to follow breaking news. a newborn baby hurt during a home invasion in nice town. philadelphia police tell us three harmed men barged into a row home demanding money. one of the robbers violently shoved the baby who was in his mother's arms to the eight-dafa expected to be okay. the men got away with cash and two cell phones. >> two philadelphia schools are closed to the. traffic lights are out and thousands of people remain without power because of this fire at a pico substation. crews put out the fire in nice town, tioga last night. this morning pico crews are working to restore power to about 5400 customers, down from 35,000 at the peak yesterday. >> you may see fewer women at your workplace today. a day without a woman is a nationwide event. women are being asked to stay home for recent marches. you're asked not to shop or spend money unless the business
6:58 am
is owned by a woman. the goal is to show the impact women have on the economy and to push for equality in the workplace. >> today the house will vote to repeal and replace obama's affordable care act. president trump says he hopes americans will pass the american health care act quickly and we'll be watching to see if the trump administration will announce plans to roll back federal fuel economy requirements. auto makers asked the epa to throw out the stricter rules that were passed by president obama. >> good morning, jessica boying ton checking the road. 95, our cameras around street road, southbound side a little slow down at the bottom of this ramp being partially blocked with the accident. you can see officers there as well. the vine street express way dealing with a crash right around 24th street. this is coming off the express way heading eastbound right there. that is why we're seeing all
6:59 am
this big delay. if you're moving towards 95 and through center city you'll see eastbound delays there through divine. >> and we're still windy out there right now. wind coming in from the west, gusts 25 miles per hour, wilmington up to 44 miles per hour. atlantic city. we will stay gusty through the rest of the day peaking again in the afternoon. 64 for the forecast high. look at the windy conditions lasting through saturday. 60 on thursday, friday big cool down. 39 degrees, a little rain/snow mix possible in the morning and we see the temperatures in the 30s for your weekend as well. don't forget, you have to spring forward that clock saturday night before we go into your sunday as we lose eep. we will pick temperatures back up next week. if you're on the go you can get updates to your forecast from 101.4 fm. >> talk about a roller coaster of a forecast. >> 60s and snow. >> i'm going so start making up that hour beginning to the. start making up that hour. exactly. a >> i'm doing the cutting this
7:00 am
morning. >> we'll have local updates throughout the morning. you can get it on the nbc 10 app. >> have a good one. >> good morning. dead on arrival, republicans rebel against their own health care plan. >> we are united on repeal but we are divided on replacement. >> the president puts it on the line for the plan as conservatives lash out and the proposal officially heads to capitol hill today. >> tragedy on the tracks. >> we need an ambulance, headquarters. we're going to need ambulances. >> an investigation underway after a freight train slams into a tour bus. four people killed, dozens more injured. why couldn't the bus get out of the way? >> scorched earth, wildfire killed by high winds ranging from colorado to texas. killing at least six people and forcing thousands to evacuate. this morning


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