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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  March 9, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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of the wintry mix for lehigh valley into the delaware valley by early tomorrow morning. >> thanks. starting off in bellmawr, new jersey, we have a lot of construction. 76 ramp to northbound 295. that's this little stretch right in here before we get to 295. that northbound ramp is closed. 295 northbound ramp to black horse pike, 168, that's closed as well. that's this introduction in here. if you want access to the black horse pike this morning. and also the freeway headed northbound. 42 freeway northbound ramp to 295 is also closed for construction. and this will be there until about 5:00 this morning or so. here's the schuylkill expressway. looks good right now. girard avenue no problems or delays. construction signs on the shoulder though it's not bothering anybody right now. eastbound, 13 minutes from the blue route to the vine street expressway and speeds into the 60s, rosemary. we are following that
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breaking news out of same level county where a police chase ended with a car crashing into a house. officers say the car was packed with people and the driver escaped into the woods. nbc10's katy zachry is live in penns grove. tell us about the case, katy. >> reporter: rosemary, we just arrived a few minutes ago. take a look at the scene behind me. if you go in, you can see right below the step of the corner of the house in penns grove, there's significant damage. that's because a car crashed into this home earlier this morning. take a look at this video, they pulled over the car in penns grove several hours ago. they tried to pull over, however. police say the driver did not stop, continued on and didn't to a stop until the car came to a crash on this house. inside this home, two people, a man and woman married in their
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70s. the woman actually is recovering from recent back surgery. fortunately, they were not in the location of the house where this car hit. they were in another place. so they are badly shaken and clearly very upset about the state of their health. here's what police say when they pulled up to that car that crashed into the house. they believe there were five people inside the car. when they got to the car, there were only four people. they say the driver took off running into the woods. in the car, the four remaining people. three people here refused to be treated for their injuries. one person is not so lucky. her head hit the windshield when 2 crashed into this house. we'll have much more on this developing story in the next half hour. reporting live from penns grove, katy zachry. hawaii has become the first state to sue for the donald trump travel ban. the state says the it will murt the muslim population and
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foreign students and hurt tourism. the justice department declined to comment. jury selection will begin in chester county in the trial of the accused cop killer. he's charged with killing trooper dixon and wounding alex douglas at the state police barrackses in the pocono mountains. caught at about 30 miles from the shooting scene, the publicity surrounding frein's case, the state police ordinaried that it be in chester county and then they will be bussed to the county courthouse for the trial set to start next month. >> 911 services were restored for at&t users across the county. >> users in bucks and chester and montgomery counties were unable to make calless for s fo least an hour last night. law enforcement agencies used
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social media to spread the word about alternative numbers that residents could call if they needed help. >> we know one instance where there was a serious medical emergency where the caller was unable to get through which caused a 10 or 15 minute delay. finally, they were able to use a land line to connect with us. >> at&t apologized for the problem but they have yet to say what caused the 911 outage. a 5-year-old boy is dead this morning after he was hit by a truck in morrisville last night. this happened in the trailer park where he lived. people started attacking the car and forced the driver to take off. a police officer was forced to shoot a dog after it bit him on the leg. at the department of human services at a home in philadelphia last night, they were taking custody of two
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children when a german shepherd attacked the officer. the officer was treated at the hospital. nurses at delaware county memorial hospital is the last day for the walkout. nurses and technical staff hit the picket line on sunday calling for more staff for patient care. hospital officials insist it's not a lockout. they say it requires that they work a five-day minimum. the regular nurses return to work tomorrow. 4:35. this thursday morning, in philadelphia, crews are working to restore electricity to the last 900 customers left without fire by yesterday's substation fire. yesterday, we showed this look at damage left behind with the city's neighborhood. investigators still haven't figured out how the fire started. women are vowing to keep the momentum going along a day of marches here in philadelphia and across the country.
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demonstrators who took part in this day without a woman event briefly delayed traffic in parts of center city last night. they rallied for better pay, equality in the work forcing and gender rights and they say they will keep up the fight. >> just knowing it's a road that everybody has to keep going. we can't let what is happening in our world wear us down. we have to stay strong but stay energized. >> marches here and across the country were connected to global demonstrations for international women's day. 4:36 on this thursday. senate democrats in pennsylvania say the cyber attack that has their computer network shut down is worse than they originally thought. >> yeah, we'll tell you how they're moving forward as hackers demand a ransom. also, prison siege fallout. why the recent guard resignations and retirements show no sign of slowing down
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following the deadly takeover in smyrna. and lingering threat. local community centers are once again the target of intimidation. we'll tell you what lawmakers want from the trump administration. and case of a stolen smoker. we'll tell you what thieves got with the 30,000 pound piece of equipment that appeared. i am tracking snow that will get here overnight tonight and into tomorrow for your a.m. friday commute. >> announcer: this portion of nbc10 news sponsored by morgan & morgan, for the people.
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coming in this direction here. 295 northbound over here. this ramp to 168 which is the black horse pike that is blocked. according to the freeway ramp it's partially blocked as well heading to the northbound side to 295. a lot of construction projects and ramp closures in the bellmawr area. that will be for the next 20 or 25 minutes or so until the 5:00 hour. 78 over lehigh valley. just around lehigh street. no problems for delays right now. you can see both directions east and westbound look great. and the vine street expressway construction, not dealing with construction in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. and we'll take you out to the jersey roads and more drive time when i come back in ten minutes. i'm "first alert" meteorologist erika martin. your most accurate forecast. conditions are pretty mild. in fact, with westerly winds. neighborhoods for the lehigh valley feel really comfortable
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temperatures. cooks town at 50. we're seeing lots of upper 40s, and walnut 49, and walnut also seeing 49 degrees. and the suburbs also seeing really mild conditions. we're seeing lots of low 50s for the most part. chester heights, 48 degrees. warrington, 49. and fort washington, current temperature, 50. so we are tracking temperatures that will be. above average for this time of year. the average is 50. looks like we'll see plenty of 50s and 60s by the time the day is through. satellite radar image picking up on high dry conditions. this is the weathermaker right now. however, a wider perspective shows that we do have activity heading west to east. there's a low pressure system developing moving across the great lakes. that will bring us clouds later in the day and then showers, a wintry mix for the lehigh valley by about 11:00 p.m. tonight. hour-by-hour forecast with the
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wind, i want to show you right now, we do have that westerly influence by later tonight and tomorrow. we expect to see a shift in the winds by 7:00 p.m. northwesterly and northerly, we have that cold front coming on through. this really will be the story for tomorrow into saturday and sunday, which is why temperatures will be so cold. in fact, we do have an arctic blast in laplace just in time f the upcoming weekend. current winds at 10 five for toms river, 10 for philadelphia and 12 for dover air force base. the winds are gentle breezes. hour-by-hour forecast picking up on that system i just mentioned headed in our direction. by 11:30 p.m., we're starting to see rain showers and sleet and slight snow from west to east. by tomorrow morning, it looks like light snow could be an issue for the a.m. friday commute. vai, back to you ♪ i'm in love with the shape of
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you ♪ hey, did you see ed sheeran on the "today" show yesterday? if you missed it don't worry, you can catch it even closer to home this morning. the pop star is bringing his show to filly july 11th. tickets go on sale one week from friday. 54 degrees outside. today, the villanova wildcats begin their postseason run. we'll have a preview of the big east tournament. >> villanova basketball is looking for the future. we'll give you a sneak peek of where the wildcats will soon call home. and the nfl rumor mill, we'll tell you who could be on his way to help out the eagles at wide receiver.
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. quarter to 5:00 this thursday morning. police are looking for a gunman this morning. >> yeah, a man is in the hospital with serious injuries after shot in the head in
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wilmington. skyforce 10 through over the scene. medics rushed the man to the hospital where he's being treated. in south jersey, voorhees police is investigating a message of hate painted on the side of a house. when nbc10 arrives at brownsville road yesterday after the graffiti as you can see is partially covered up. neighbors tell us the owner of the home isn't living here today. in montgomery county, the religious sect leader died in her home. she was 92. she was married to father divine and led the international peace division in 1955. they founded the divine hotel in philadelphia which is one of the first integrated hotels in the city. it was transformed after years of neglect and opened last year as apartments. today in the lehigh valley, bethlehem's mayor will give an update on how his community is doing. the mayor will present the 2017 state of the city to the chamber of commerce. the event begins 7:30 this
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morning at the arts quest center in founders way. >> the sands casino could soon be changing hands. according to the allentown "morning call" mgm resorts has agreed to buy the sands for $1.3 billion. neither the sands nor mgm is confirming that report. and in chester county construction is under way to repair twin bridges along a stretch of route 202 penndot will renovate the bridges running over amtrak rail lines for the interchange. penndot says it will keep at least two lanes of traffic open during the work. it is expected to take about two years to finish. speaking of road projects, traffic in the morning, j.b. j. jessica boyington is up and at 'em. >> green every. good time to get up. >> always a good time to get up before the 5:00 hour hits
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because we don't have a lot of traffic out. construction projects are the ones to worry but we'll get to that in a section. girard avenue, no problems, southbound side looking great. moving from center city to the woodhaven vine and average speeds in the 60s. 95 looks good. over in delaware, construction 495, that southbound ramp is actually closed until the 5:00 mark as well. watch for construction crews in the area. that could be a dangerous situation. again that ramp will be closed. 168 to black horse pike, that is closed. and froot freeway northbound ramp to 295 is also closed. again that will clear in the 5:00 hour as well. maybe a little bit ahead or behind schedule. either way, within the next 15 or 20 minutes or so, you'll see that construction crew out there and removing all of the
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construction signs and blockages in the area. we'll keep an eye on that when i come back in ten minutes. good reports on the roads there. hoping to get reports in the weather. morning in early march that starts in the low 50s is a good start. >> we will take it. meteorologist erika martin is tracking it for us. >> that's, true, vai, of course, temperature, right now are actually average for this time of year as far as the high temperature goes, we're seeing 53 right now for philadelphia. 50 in pottstown. 50 in readinging. allentown, 51. mt. pocono, 42 degrees. trenton currently at 49. so we are doing well with westerly winds. out the door forecast at 7:00 a.m., in philadelphia seeing upper 40s. mid-50s by 11:00 a.m. again, plenty of sunshine for today. the system is a weathermaker. same for the p.a. suburbs. lehigh valley seeing low 50s at
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11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., we're going to keep a couple clouds moving, especially later in the afternoon. jersey shore seeing 7:00 a.m., 49 degrees. 11:00, 56 for you, 59 by 3:00 p.m. conditions for today will be ideal, above average for this time of year. look at this temperature trend for the next couple of days. we will get into the 40s by friday. low 30s on saturday. lehigh valley, you're expected high temperature will be in upper 20s, below the freezing mark on sunday, we rebound just a bit. 35 degrees. but we are tracking a majorly cold weekend in the forecast. so be sure that you enjoy as much as you can outdoor for today. back to you. pennsylvania senate democrats are still locked out of their computer network. and leaders say it's not clear when the issue will be resolved. staff aides discovered the cyber attack last friday. hackers shut down the system and demanded a ransom. the fbi is investigating and microsoft is working to rebuild
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the computer network. and pennsylvania governor tom wolf is putting the brakes on talk of legal recreational marijuana use. the state suggested legalizing recreational marijuana earlier this week saying tax dollars from sales could help close budget deficits. but governor wolf said the state needs more time to consider regulation and should focus on getting the medical marijuana program up and running. residents at several apartment complexes in new castle county are taking action to protect themselves following a series of kidnappings in the area. maintenance cruise installed new security locks at one of the complexes yesterday where the kidnapper struck. the neighbors have put up their own surveillance cameras. also a nearby karate studio has added self-defense classes. police are investigating three attacks at three different apartment complexes in the area. the suspect is still on the loose. staying in delaware, new fallout this morning in the deadly prison hostage standoff isn't smyrna.
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>> yeah, the delaware department of correction says 18 prison guards have quit since the prison riot that left employee steven floyd dead. another 18 stand to retire. the president of the officers union says he expects more guards to leave. inmates took four hostage last month. the standoff lasts 20 hours. it turned out to be nothing but a threat for the evacuation of the jewish community center yesterday. the threat came in just after the jcc opened for the day. following a search of the property investigators determined that the threat was safe. in chester county, congregations are coming together to stand against hate. demonstrators packed the steps of the county courthouse in westchester last night. participants tell us they want to be part of the solution. >> i think it's really important with the students i teach to speak up and we live in a dmauk creation and stand with members of the community who are being
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targeted. >> six jewish community centers in our area are calling on attorney general jeff sessions to put more resources into investigating here and across the country. a follow-up from a smoker that was stolen from a philadelphia barbecue restaurant last month. police found the $35,000 piece of equipment behind a home in strawberry mansion. it's back to its owner. the smoker was taken from the restaurant last month. investigators say a woman recognized the smoker from the news and contacted the police. what's in a number, for the phillies how about history and tough decisions. >> yeah, on "nbc 10 news today," why fans may be upset because of some of the team's greatest players. also how a local community will honor a marine returning home from a tour of duty. we'll tell you about his connection with this famous ufc fighter. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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good morning, everyone, jessica boyington. watching the roads right now, in new jersey, route 73 right around the 295 on-ramp. no problems or delays reported there right now. for the most part, the roads look great, but we'll check back in with that construction project over in new jersey around the bellmawr area. i'll let you know the ramp closures and when they're clear when i come back in the 5:00 hour. >> the wildcats take another big step towards defending their national title. nova begins play it's in big east tournament when they take on st. john's in new york. yesterday, one of their star players pick up an award. senior josh ward picked up big east player of the year. as villanova goes for another title this year, we're getting a look at what's in store for their home court next year. the university has plans to makeover the pavilion. this is what it will look like
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after $60 million in renovations. the work begins in june and could be finished in time for next basketball season. meantime, the eagles could be adding receiver help today. denver radio host dan albright reports that kenny britt with the rams, britt scored five touchdowns. and desean jackson, the farmorm eagled it headed to tampa bay. captain jerry hatcher is returning to blackwood after serving four years overseas. in 2015, he posted a video online inviteding fighting champion ronda rousey to the marine corps call, and she accepted. >> we'll follow up on that. now, for more of the stories
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you're following right now at "nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m." we're following breaking news. a car crashes into a house following an overnight police chase. now the search is on for a driver who got away. taking on a chief. several police officers say their boss crossed the line and now they want him to pay. plus, an out of this world experience for a newark elementary school. they get to study the innings and outs from the comfort of the gym. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it's just about 5:00 a.m. boy, it is warm outside for this time of year, early morning, of course. but it's early march. and it's what you normally would expect. >> don't get used to it. that's all i'm going to say to you. >> let's get to meteorologist erika martin for the most accurate weather forecast. >> hi, rosemary, hi, vai, that's
4:59 am
right, don't get used to it because we could have a much colder weekend on tap. current temperatures mainly in the 50s across the delaware valley. we're tracking a weather system keeping everything high and dry but also we're tracking much colder temperatures. today's high edge 60 degrees. upper 50s and low 60s, big difference by tomorrow. we're seeing temperatures above average. 52. we'll see 42. saturday, 33 degrees, sunday, 35. we do have a secondary cold front sweeping on through by later tonight and into tomorrow which is why we will start to see those really cold temperatures, especially by saturday. saturday night into sunday morning. feels like temperatures in the single differentgits. i do what to show you what we're tracking. it will not be an issue but by early tomorrow morning, we could see trouble especially tracking
5:00 am
light snow for your morning commute. >> thanks. to wilmington, delaware, 495, the southbound ramp to dupont highway, that's actually been block for most of the morning. again, that should be clearing around this time. same going for the bellmawr construction out in new jersey. the 76 ramp northbound is fine. both sides are blocked, 168 to black horse pike, that's blocked as well. that ramp to get you to 295 that is blocked and supposed to clear around this time. we'll keep checking in there, either way, even if it's getting picked up at this exact moment, watch for construction crews in the area. here's route 38 at morristown, new jersey, and east and westbound on route 38 looking good for now. we'll have updates for you and checking with more of the majors in p.a. when i come back. now to that breaking news out of south jersey.


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