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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  March 11, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today bundle up. we're waking up to a cold blast that will last through this weekend and we're tracking another snow threat for early next week. police and firefighters rush to rescue people caught in a six car pileup in 0 south jersey. several victims are still in the hospital this morning. we'll have an update. talk about a hockey fight. police are investigating this brawl involving two local high schools. we'll hear from the players who took some heavy punches. 6:00 on this saturday. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today". i'm rosemary connors. thanks for being with us. that bitter blast of winter still with us this morning, saw it, saw it last night. brief burst of snow fell in parts of the delaware valley late into the evening. nbc 10 here was in middleton,
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bucks county at a shopping center as folks hurryed into their cars and stores. over to bridge in south jersey a similar snowy scene in audubon, camden county. definitely feels and looks like winter out there. guess what? it's going to be with us for a few days. krystal klei is tracking it all in the most accurate forecast in the region. >> so now winter is going to stick. you and i were working and we warned people there's that good line of snow through the morning hours and scattered snow showers throughout the later part of the day. what's next? big drop in temperatures. take a what it feels like currently outside. 11 below in mount pocono. philadelphia sitting at 9 for the feels like conditions. 6 in lancaster and 12 for millville. mount holly feeling like 10 degrees. if you stepped out the door early this morning you to break out the big coat, the biggest you got and under that a few layers, maybe a scarf, gloves.
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it feels bitterly cold to start and stays very cold the rest of the day as well. the wind gusts dropped off a bit in the last half hour but lehigh sitting with gusts of 20. breeziness is enough for it to feel colder than it truly is outside you get those wind chills that are in the single digits. radar and satellite there's no rain. there's no clouds really for us to track either. later today some scattered cloud cover is expected but sun mixing in as well. what we're looking at today is a cold one. same for sun. then we pull in that chance of snow into the forecast and we're look at the potential for it being the biggest that we have seen this season in terms of snow potential. look at the trend for today. we get up to. 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. that's all we get to today. we'll track troimts for the west of our neighborhoods and what it feels like due toy conditions coming up in a few minutes.
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new from overnight, and only nbc 10 cameras were there as choppers flew victims from a car crash to the hospital. is in upper providence montgomery county. one car crashed along blackrock road along 2nd avenue at 2:00 this morning. four people went to the hospital serious injuries. three had to be flown by. no word yet on what cause this car to crash. another accident sent four other people to the hospital. this happened in camden county. the white horse pike was closed for almost four hours after this crash in oakland. sky force 10 cap firefighters retrieving the victims from their cars. this happened at the intersection of the white horse pike and capital. four people went to cooper hospital. one in critical condition. police and firefighters had to rescue several people who were trapped after one of the cars caught fire. we spoke to a witness who heard the dprash a nearby diner. >> i heard the biggest boom. like a grenade launch that went
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off. it surprised me. you could hear it for miles. it was crazy. one car sitting on top of the other car. >> just a sad situation. it's real sad when you come on something like this and you don't know if it's your last day. >> investigators are now trying to get in touch with some more eyewitnesses to the crash to figure out exactly what happened here. 6:04 right now on this saturday. this morning a philadelphia tow truck driver is accused of using his truck to steal cars and then sell them for scrap. police say he stoll at least half a dozen cars from neighborhoods in north philadelphia in december and january. according to investigators he sold one of the cars for as little as 60 bucks. he pleaded guilty to illegal towing and scrapping charges in 2011. in burlington county a driver hit and killed a woman walking along the highway yesterday. it happened on route 130 in delran around 6:30.
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driver did stay at the scene. police are investigating what led to the accident. as of now no charges have been filed. let's stay in south jersey. a man there convicted of murdering his girlfriend and her father will spend several decades behind bars a judge sentenced the man to 60 years in prison without a chance of parole. in december a jury found him guilt for beating nicole wilson and her father to death with a wrench. in mount holly in 2015. princeton university insist as gender discrimination lawsuit filed by a former grad student is meritless. the student says princeton did not properly handle his reports sexually assaulted bay man he was dating. princeton says it responds seriously and compassionately to victims of sexual misconduct and to all students who need support. now let's take that live look at camden. some more news coming out of new jersey. another building could be added to camden's skyline. three south jersey companies won
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approval to construct an 18 story building called camden tower. the project could bring more than 850 jobs to camden. the companies hope to get the green light at a meeting next week. if you are looking for an escape from winter you can get a reprieve this weekend at the philadelphia flower show. >> reporter: if you're missing that spring like weather from last week come down. doors open at 11:00 this morning. philadelphia flower show about to get under way. theme is holland flowering the world. when i think about holland i think about those funny looking clogs, those wooden shoes and wind which are world we knowned. holland is known for their flowers and horticulture industry. i'm joined by the communication director. tell me why holland and what
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about these the lips and other flowers. >> they are developing wonderful flowers since 16th century focusing on the lips developing beautiful colors and varieties. also very well-known for other kinds of bulbs. fantastic with all kinds of horticulture, hyac i-n-t hs. >> one of their main industries. >> yes. >> tell me about sustainable farming. another big theme. >> because the dutch are innovative. it's what they do. they think very forward about sustainability. how to make sure whatever they do, whatever they grow involves repurposing, recycling. finding ways to make it so it's possible for possibllenators.
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>> spring is here. don't worry about the cold outside in philadelphia. wonderful here in the convention. please come to the flower show. >> perfect weekend for the flower show. doors open in a few hours. check it out. we're live inside here the convention center. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. in addition to helping people get to the flower show septa is selling discounted tickets for event. you'll pay $29 for adults and 15 for kids. a few dollars off if you buy your tickets at the show. customers can purchase them at regional rail ticket offices. i don't know what would make kids do anything like that. >> a hockey brawl involving two local high schools. now police are investigating. still ahead nbc 10 sat down with players on the receiving end of the punches. plus this -- >> a philadelphia woman turns 100 years old. what is her secret it involves a ball and some pins.
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welcome back. your flirt radar map. not a lot to show off now. we were tracking snow. that has moved out. still we got movement from the northwest which is pushing in cold air for us. we'll start sunny and see mostly to partly cloudy afternoon. here's the feel like temperature. 9 degrees at 6:00 a.m. 13 for us at 10:00 a.m. up to 17 by 1:00 in the afternoon. right now mostly feeling like single digits. we get to 11 by 10:00 a.m. in the suburbs. notice increasing clouds. overall very cold feeling like teens into the afternoon in the lehigh valley. delaware feels like 15 at 10:00 a.m. up to 20 in new jersey. 17 at 1:00 in the afternoon. about the same, feeling like 19 degrees along the jersey shore
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by 1:00 later today. spring forward this day. at 2:00 a.m. we jump to 3:00 a.m. sunrise today is happening as we speak, 6:18. sunset for us 6:04. tomorrow there's a change. 7:17 for your sunrise and sunset on our sunday at 7:05. that means we get to miss an hour of sleep tonight when we come in nice and early. remember to put that as we move into daylight savings time the first snowstorm potential we're looking at early work week chance. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. i appreciate that. >> lighter moment, to laugh about at the latest new breefrg. we'll tale you what brought that
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smile to sean spicer's face.bri. we'll tale you what brought that smile to sean spicer's face.
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police are calling this not your average hockey fight. that's why they are investigating you it in hatfield township. they want to know exactly what happened during this brawl on the ice. fight began during a tournament thursday night. central bucks west was up overly high 7-1. in the third period the losing team began to throw punches while some in the stands cheered them on. two players from central bucks west ended up in the emergency room. last night they watched the video of the fight for first time with some of their teammates. >> really sickening. i don't know what would make a kid do anything like that. >> that was the first time in my career when hockey wasn't fun
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for me. >> one player has broken bones in his face. another had to be treated for a concussion. the superintendent at ridley high school said she's not happy with the conduct but she says it's a club team and doesn't have control over them. nbc 10 to reach the club leaders and players but we did not get a comment about the incident. 6:16 right now anthony saturday. 21 degrees outside. it's unclear whether legal challenges will stop president trump's new travel ban it's scheduled to take effect on thursday. the federal judge who issued the ruling halting the first travel ban hasn't decided yet whether his restraining order applies to the new one. he says the states challenging the ban need to file motions before he can make a decision. there's a job opening today for top prosecutor in new jersey. late yesterday attorney general jeff sessions requested 46 attorney general's hold over from the obama administration to resign. paul fishman stepped down effective at midnight.
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customary for u.s. attorneys to leave their positions once a new president takes office. however some are complaining the transition was rushed as they were told only yesterday to resign immediately. social media was abuzz over the latest west white house press all because press secretary sean spicer's flag pin was upside down. a reference to the popular netflix show "house of cards." take a look. >> i appreciate that. no. there's no promo. >> spicer joking it wasn't a promo for the show. the logo for "house of cards" features an upside down flag. you'll not want to miss tomorrow's "meet the press" with mode ratedor chuck todd. he'll be talking to tom price with the new health care act introduced by republicans this week. that airs at 10:30 right here nbc 10 tomorrow.
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also tomorrow on nbc 10 at issue actor robert de niro opens up about his son who has autism. he blames the teen's condition on mercury in vaccines. >> i love my child more than anything. wouldn't change him. but it's still -- his life has been altered forever. >> to be clear you believe your son's autism is linked to the vaccination. >> i believe so, yes. >> he says that even in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence that finds no link between two. this week on nbc 10 at issue we discuss a new study with a local autism advocate that may the end debate. this sunday morning at 11:30 right here on nbc 10. let's talk about the cold temperatures. 21 degrees in philadelphia, 14 in pennsylvania suburbs. 18 in new jersey.
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17 in lehigh valley. delaware at 20 for the current temperature take a look. now the sun coming up. looks clear. looks like it will warm up nicely. not going to happen. we'll stay in up the 20s, low 30s as we get into the afternoon. windy later today site will feel very cold all day long. 21 the current temperature for rittenhouse and center city. same deal for areas like parkwood and bustleton, 18 the current temperature. when trying to get out here with the early teens. if you have to get outside make sure the big coat goes on with a few layers as well. grab the sunglasses. you'll see some sun this morning into the afternoon as well. today this is what we're looking at for forecast highs. 32 in center city, 33 for somerton. doylestown at freeszing and upper 20s for areas like allentown, easton in the low 30s. new jersey 33 for strength, hamilton at 32.
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ocean city to may and atlantic city right in the lower 30s and mid-30s across the board for our delaware neighborhoods like wilmington at 34. it's cold today. actual very cold tomorrow as well. we stick in the 30s right on into your monday, your tuesday. here's the problem. we stay in the 30s into tuesday when a big system is looking to pass. take a look. this is the long range forecast meaning there will be changes to it. this is the potential for how a storm system may develop and pass over our area. it's just one model projection. this is the european which is one that does well in our area. coastal low will form about the same a system will in from the west. two combined will pump a lot of moisture flight to our area as we go midnight into early tuesday. as we continue to track along here you see it's got strength to it. yellows indicating heavier precipitation passing through. that's a.m. tuesday into 2:00 in the afternoon.
6:21 am
typical the more northern portion you see snow. we could all see snow with heaviest bands at the coast. if this gets closer to us heavier snow would hit philly and farther along. we've been looking at a lot of different models so far. uncertainty is still there because it's a few days out. that's why we're not giving you exact totals. all snow north and west of philadelphia with the biggest accumulations likely in those areas. for philadelphia, it's looking like we'll see on interstate a change over to rain and then back to i likely. for areas and east of philadelphia, more likely to see rain and a mix of some snow if that coastal track is persistent meaning it hits against the shore. it could lead concerns to coastal flooding. things we'll update you every show up until this passes through. thanks for that. to track this weekend's cold and the snow next week be sure to
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have the nbc 10 app downloaded on your device. we'll get the forecast, the updates. it's a free download. coming up, it's all strikes for this seasoned citizen. still ahead we'll have the story of a local woman who says staying active in her favorite sport is the key her longevity.
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the average life expectancive an american woman is about 81 years old. but one woman laughs at that number. she turned 100 yesterday. her secret to a long life, doing what she's loved for decades. nbc 10 matt delucia has her story. >> reporter: what does it mean to be a winner when you had a century on earth? >> i don't know. i didn't think i would be here at 100. >> reporter: dot is one of the few to make it to the three digit club. still maintains a busy schedule. >> i do my thing. >> reporter: to this day twice a week dot has plans. >> she gets up, gets going and she just goes. >> reporter: to do something even dot's daughter joan can't help but admire.
6:26 am
>> she gets excited. >> reporter: to go bowling. >> i got to get my ball. >> reporter: an eight pound beauty that keeps dot rolling through life. >> do you remember the first time you picked up a bowling ball. >> yes. i was on cottman street when they had cottman lanes. >> reporter: from church leagues to senior leagues today dot bowls at thunderbird lanes in northeast philadelphia. >> she's amazing. that's the best way to describe dot. >> reporter: after all these years she's still got it. is your dream to one day get a 300. >> not any more, no. that's when i was young. >> reporter: after all, winning a game isn't everything. it's about enjoying your slice of victory 100 years in the making. matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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well said. 6:27 right noun saturday. looking to get away for spring break? how about holland? you don't even have to get a flight. the philadelphia flower show is celebrating te ing thing the be culture. randy gyllenhaal is giving us a sneak peek. >> reporter: winter's revenge outside but inside spring has returned at the convention center. next we'll take you on a tour of the philadelphia flower show. randy has the right idea because today it will be cold andy and that pretty much sticks in the forecast over the next several days. here's a live look outside in center city out in the sports complex where those winter winds are sitting around. we'll talk about gusts and your temperatures coming up. in both my when i came home from the hospital i needed to be able to recover.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," bitter cold.
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here's a live look down broad street from our campus camera. the wind it feels like single digits in some neighborhoods. wintry weather will be with us for a little while as we're tracking snow for the week ahead. you can get out of the cold and enjoy a breath of spring as the philadelphia flower show. the doors open in a few hours. we'll have a live preview from the pennsylvania convention center. it's almost time to set those clocks ahead. we spring forward one hour for daylight savings time. we lose that hour of sleep which is something we definitely don't need these days. a new study says there are ways, those we can get better rest. tell you about it. we'll help you try to get better rest. always a struggle. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today". thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:30 on this saturday. we're up and at them because we
6:31 am
got some changes ahead in the weather, so to speak. meteorologist krystal klei is it all for us. so we know the cold air is in place but we got some snow that's, that looks to hit us in about the beginning of the work week. >> yeah. i think that's what a lot of people are seeing right now. it's march. we just had snow yesterday. another chance coming up in the early part of our work week. that has the potential to be a big storm. what sets it up is cold conditions. snow yesterday we had warm ground. take a look we're 22 degrees colder right now in philadelphia than we were just yesterday at this time. 17 degrees colder in allentown, 23 wilmington and 24 degrees colder in atlantic city. temperature wise we're sitting in the teens to low 20s currently, and we're look at only to get in some spots to 30s later on. radar and satellite, clear out
6:32 am
there. clearing conditions. remember the heat from the previous day there wasn't a lot to release. that's why it's so cold. what will happen a few clouds scattering in through the afternoon. today we stay dry and stay cold. here's the look. 21 right now going to low to upper 20s 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. look at feels like. on up to 14 degrees at 11:00 a.m. and getting windier as well. we'll track those wind gusts and more on those feel like conditions. >> when we're not onto air stay on top of the wintry weather with the free nbc 10 app. throughout the weekend we'll be updating the forecast on next week's storm. new from overnight only nbc 10 cameras there were as choppers flew victims from a car crash to the hospital. this is in upper providence montgomery county. a single car crashed along blackrock road near 2nd avenue. it happened around 2:00 this morning. four people went to the hospital with serious injuries. they had to be flown there by helicopter. no word yet on what caused the
6:33 am
car to crash. in south jersey an accident there in oakland sent four information the hospital. one victim is critical. this happened at the intersection of the white horse pike and capital avenue just before 6:30 last night. six cars were involved. investigators tell us they are still trying to talk to eyewitnesses. in fact they are asking anybody who happened to see the crash to call them. a new lawsuit accuses a northeast philadelphia hotel helping sex traffickers enslave a 14-year-old girl for years. lawyers claim the teen was forced to have sex with men two and three times her age at the roosevelt inn. the nbc 10 investigators found police and criminal records that show sex trafficking arrests at the hotel. we did reach out to the u.s. attorney's office but they would not comment on the possibility of any criminal charges. let's head to bucks county where prosecutors say they have not ruled out the death penalty in the case of sara packer. she's accused in the rape and murder of her adopted daughter.
6:34 am
sara packer appeared in court in doylestown yesterday. judge told her she didn't have to be the person who killed grace packer to be charged with her murder. according to prosecutors packer's boyfriend jacob sullivan strangled grace packer in july, one day after he raped beat her while sara watched. here's what lawyers on both sides of the case have to say about it. >> when we present the case it will be presented the good, the bad, the ugly and the terrible. >> she's kwhargd a lot of things we allege she did not do. jacob sullivan is set to appear in court at the end of the month. work will continue today in old city philadelphia to remove dozens of coffins found during a construction project here. the snow yesterday delayed the excavation project on arch street between 2nd and 3rd. the coffins were part of first baptist church burial ground. bodies should have been moved to
6:35 am
a cemetery in southwest philadelphia around 1860. but that did not happen. we will keep you posted on this developing story. the weather may be wintry but we'll get a taste of spring. another taste of spring at the pennsylvania convention center. i'm sure you've been missing it since we were with it last month. head on down the philadelphia flower show. that begins later on this morning nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal is at the pennsylvania convention center. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned freezing cold outside when we were walking over here it felt like 20 degrees. here inside the philadelphia flower show it feels and smells like. the theme of this year's show is holland flowering the world. celebrating the contributions of the dutch and the netherlands to the horticulture industry. they are well-known for their the lips, daffodils and for their wind mills. they have a lot of those on
6:36 am
display let me show you a bit of video from last night's opening gala. a lot of vendors were at as well as members of the pence horticultu -- pennsylvania horticulture center. come down and see these beautiful flowers they have been working for months on and maybe even get that breath of spring air. >> we're saving spring here four. come see us. we're here at the flower show and we love it. and we're bringing spring no matter what the weather. another big theme of this year's flower show is sustainable farming and eco agriculture. they got a big display on that. come check it out. doors open officially at 11:00 this morning. because of that cold weather outside they are expecting a lot of people come down and get a taste of the flowers here. live inside the convention center, randy gyllenhaal. back to you. so we had the snow yesterday. even into the evening there were
6:37 am
some bursts. today we get the frigid temperatures. this winter blast is going to be with us all weekend long. we'll check back in with meteorologist krystal klei after the break. plus we'll lose that hour of sleep when we spring forward this weekend. chances are, though, you're already way overdue for some much need rest. we'll tell you what a new study says about how tired we are and what we can do to get some better sleep. but can it fix this teen's skateboarding mishap? nope. so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen things.
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welcome back. we're taking a live look outside the nbc 10 studios. nice and sunny out there. flags blowing along in the wind. not terribly gusty. it is breezy. we'll see those winds increasing as we track through today. those winds will be coming from the northwest right around 20 miles per hour or so are the
6:40 am
sustained winds. but gusts as we get later in the day, 30 to 40 miles per hour expected. another windy one for us as we get later in the day. today we stay dry. no rain or snow in the forecast. we'll see scattered clouds increasing but temperatures, they don't increase. not by much. 23 at 8:00 a.m. 28 by noon. right at freezing by 4:00. that's as high as we go for today. suburbs 20 at 8:00 a.m., 29 later in the day. same deal for lehigh valley. 29 at 4:00 in the afternoon. 33 we're expecting at 4:00 p.m. in delaware. 21 at 8:00 a.m. to 23 at 4:00 p.m. in new jersey. staying in the low 30s along the shore. some spots along the shore wouldn't be surprised if they hang around 30 degrees. a cold forecast for us today. on cop of that with windy conditions it will feel colder. spring forward, those clocks tonight before you go to bed because daylight savings time
6:41 am
starts tomorrow. sunrise today at 6:18. we already saw that. sunset today hit at 6:04:00 p.m.. once we spring forward those clocks tomorrow morning sunrise is at 7:17 in the morning and sunset at 7:05 p.m. love it, hate it, depends on how you're feeling. you'll lose an hour of sleep tonight. then we start focusing onto beginning of your week and potential for snow again. we'll look more closely at who has the best shot of seeing the biggest amounts coming up. >> i'll go with don't love it. don't love springing ahead. ahead in sports we'll hear from the eagles two newest wide receivers. and seton hall goes up against villanova. those highlights are next. and now you can love fios too. get our best offer of the year. 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone.
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>> just about quarter to 7:00. this is a live look over the basilica of saints peter and paul in center city. mass for healing and recovery be held today at noon. archdiocese is asking anybody who is exacted by addiction to come in and zrien from each other. pope francis says he is open to the idea of allowing married men to become priests. the pope says he would consider the idea because of a shortage of priests in many parts of the world. but he would not allow single men to become priests and then get married later in life. we spoke to ta priest in delaware. >> the eucharist will be the focal point of church life and not enough priests to provide that that creates a serious situation. >> archdiocese in philadelphia has not commented yet the pope's
6:45 am
remarks. when we go to sleep tonight course we'll have to change our clocks, set our clocks one hour ahead. tomorrow marks the beginning of daylight savings time, 2:00 a.m. to be precise. the change will give us some more daylight in the afternoons. also don't forget this is a good time to replace batteries in your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. when we spring forward we'll lose that hour of sleep. but as nbc news national correspondent chris clakum tells us millions of americans are actually losing sleep every week of the year. >> reporter: right when we're springing forward to daylight savings time comes a study that shows 75% of all americans missing at least one day of work a year, some missing up to five days just to catch up on sleep. >> so we're really talking about sleep deprivation. it's starting to reach epidemic proportions. >> reporter: this sleep doctor who has written several books on getting a good night's sleep
6:46 am
saying the most common obstacle to sleeping well is stress. >> one of the biggest things my patients say, they can't turn off their brain at night. that can have a pretty big effect on your ability not only to fall asleep but to get into deep sleep. >> reporter: he also says not having the right mattress, sheet, pillow, lighting and sound can interrupt sleep as well as drinking caffeine and alcohol too close to bedtime. he says the best bet for good sleep is going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. >> the more consistent you are with that the more your brain actually knows when to sleep. >> reporter: that should start this weekend even though the clock will read an hour later. chris clakum, nbc 10 news. getting plenty of sleep. yeah. krystal klei and i are hoping to do that at the weekend. at the moment she's busy. you're tracking the cold weather today and then a coming in on
6:47 am
tuesday. >> in this business we have a snowstorm. we're busy. >> you were in on your day off. >> we were both working together and tracking the snow. forecast yesterday verified very nicely. now we're looking at the next potential. before we get to that, cold conditions. take a look at the jersey shore temperatures right now. we're at 20 cape may courthouse and 23 in ocean city. go inland there are the teens. 16 for may's land. i know it's march. i know we thought we lucked out after the warmest february on record. we're paying it for now with these cold conditions. further inland to our new jersey neighborhoods. clayton you're at 19 right now. 19s and 20s on the board. lower values in princeton at 11 degrees. 15 for hopewell township. here's the weekend forecast for our saturday and sunday. doesn't matter where you go across our region it's going to be cold.
6:48 am
60 or 32 rather for the temperature on your saturday in philadelphia. 27 only for a high in lehigh valley. 34 in delaware. on our sunday 36 for philly. 29 for the lehigh valley. jersey you're at 34. along the shore 36 for the forecast high temperature. both days we look at mix of sun and clouds. mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. most days are dry as well. but that doesn't last too much longer. let's look at the hour by hour forecast as we go into your monday because we're going to be tracking two set ups. storm system that will move in from the west. this is going help pump in colder conditions. we're already going to be cold. it will consistently push that cool air in. then a coastal low that forms down to our south. this kind of system can grab a lot of ocean moisture and pull that in from what we call a nor'easter. we start tracking this. these two won't merge perfectly but have a perfect storm.
6:49 am
by 8:00 a.m. on tuesday we see all this moisture dragging in. what will happen it looks like the freezing line will cut close to our region. meaning some of us could see heavy rain and thunderstorms potential. others of us could see heavy snow potential. this continues as we push this forward and tracks off to cut off the coast rather as we go into tuesday night into wednesday. this may be the biggest snowstorm that we see this season. that's the potential. a little early to talk totals got to track where the system sets but that's something we're closely watching. every show will have updates. here's the ten day forecast starting the first seven days. goes to mid-30s tomorrow. there's the cold. 37 monday and only 34 tuesday. this is the day that we're talking about. have to watch closely the center of that storm closer to the coast. heavier snow north and west of philadelphia.
6:50 am
that's what we're leading towards now. that snow line could drop into jerry and delaware. snow showers on wednesday. still at 34 and windy conditions. then finally temperatures boost up into next weekend. >> reporter: hello. i'm marshal harris. the eagles went on a shopping spree of first day of free agency. yesterday we got to hear from the newest bird. john clark has more on the two biggest signing as pair of wide receivers. >> reporter: the eagles brought in the biggest free agent name out there, alshon jeffrey and torrey smith to give carson wentz better weapons. they are both only guaranteed money for one year. take a look at alshon arriving in philly having fun with our cameras. he told us at the airport and at his press conference, carson wentz is a big reason why he decided to come to the eagles. >> yeah.
6:51 am
he's a great quarterback >> i told him my job is to help him win the mvp. he said, "i don't care about mvp i want to win championships." i'm like that's right. right mindset. right attitude. distance and you can see that he obviously he's still young so he's not perfect. but i know that he has the potential to get it done and to be able to play with a guy and also grow with him and help him in other ways. >> reporter: these starting receivers were signed with low risk and not making a commitment. will alshon stay here? >> we feel confident when alshon gets here and sees the passion this city has for our football team, gets around the people, on and off the field, that this will be a place he'll want to be. >> reporter: john clark, csn.
6:52 am
thanks, john. villanova playing number five seed seton hall in the semi-finals of the big east tournament. final 15 seconds. going down to one. kris jenkins off the mark but here comes josh hart. there for the rebound and the foul. seton hall last chance down two angel comes in close. off the mark. villanova holds on 55-53. >> it bounced into the perfect spot and i was able to get it and go up with it. and then the last play, played as best as anyone could. >> on the ice flyers face the bruins today. both teams fighting for a playoff spot. see that game on csn at 1:00. sixers take on the clippers at 3:30 on tcn. that's sports.
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phillies sports fans are showing their love for conner barwin who was released from the eagles this week. barwin got a standing ovation.
6:56 am
he spent four seasons in philadelphia before the eagles cut him. he has things to say about the team and his support from the fans. >> very humbling. i'm very that you feel. i had a tremendous time in philly playing for the eagles. really grateful to have the opportunity to play for that organization. >> barwin tells us he's not done in philadelphia. he plans to continue his charity work here even when he moves on to a new team. bucks county is celebrating st. patrick's day with its 29th annual parade. pa tricks day is march 17th. day begins with a special catholic mass honoring the grand marshals. then the parade kicks off at 10:30. atlantic city about to celebrate the green. 3st st. patrick's day parade will kick off at 1:00 this afternoon. as i mentioned st. patrick's day is on friday. we may be still cleaning up some
6:57 am
snow by the end of next week. >> certainly looking like there's potential. someone will get a good dose of snow. we have to track very closely where that coastal loo will pass through. something we're updating with every show. there's a live look outside house row in philadelphia. sunny look outside right now. mostly sunny in the afternoon to partly cloudy. gusty. but only 32 degrees. stay cold sunday at 36 and there it is, monday those overnight hours into tuesday, lingering snow showers into wednesday. right now what we're leaning towards is best potential for snow in philadelphia and areas north and west. northwest are the getting hardest hit. >> seeing that ten day looks like it should be ten day from december or january. >> i was okay in december. >> not used to seeing 30s. we'll be back throughout the "today" show and of course at 8:30.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. you're fired. 46 u.s. attorneys around the country forced to step down after attorney general jeff sessions asked for the resignati resignation. many surprised after receiving calls from reporters. is the reaction of the leaks frustrating the new administration? offense and defense. >> this is the time we're going to get it done. >> the white house ramping up the pitch to replace obamacare with vice president mike pence set to travel to kentucky in an effort to woo conservatives. administration officials deflecting new questions about when they learn


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