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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  March 12, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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dule your eye exam at right now on "nbc 10 news today," bitter cold. folks out and aboutd will face more frigid temperatures to die. the blast of bitter weather will be t performing in the st. patrick's we're also tracking snow. it could be the most we've seen all season, when it will be hit hardest coming up in the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> septa riders. we'll tell you about the transit agency's latest move to phase out tokens and make the commut good "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this sunday. the return of this wintery weather,
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freezing conditions today and then the storm thisweek. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking it all. she has the most accurate forecast in the region. >> it's going thebe next few days as we continue to track the system that will help to fuel the fire on that storm that hits ou we've issued a first alert, but we'll talk about the cold conditions first, especially if you have plansnday. nine degrees in pottstown, 10 for mt. holly. 22 in atlantic city. in the south winds aren't strong. allentown 11, land caster feeling like 12 degrees. mix of clouds and clearing conditions. it will be clouds and sun once the sun comes up. as we move forward, things change. we've updated your first alert since yesterday because this is an ever changing system. for philadelphia, northern delaware and areas north and west of that line and the i-95
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corridor, looking overnight monday through early wednesday, here is what we're expecting, heavy accumulating snow. gusty conditions, and as a result poor visibility especially during the tuesday morning drive. now switching to south jersey, the shore and southern delaware, slightly different reasons. overnight monday through early wednesday as well looking at heavy snow, changing especially in the southern areas to the rain-snow mix, minor coastal flooding and damaging winds. we'll go into more detail and explain how important tracking this out is going to be with your snow totals coming back in. new this morning in burlington county, a car hit a person who i the laurel.tion of north 73 and we're working to find out more about the victim's condition. police continue to investigate the crash. now back to the b
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weather. today plenty of people will get an early start celebrating st. patrick's day in philadelphia. they'll be b the parade route as winter isn't done with usma delucia has more >> reporter: we are along the parade route here, this is where it will be going on. the sun will bece yourself with the cold. yesterday was just as cold for the st. patrick's dayparade. the pipe band was there and will also be here for today'snd know they won't be playing to empty sidewalks. just like wil held theirs yesterday and all sorts of activities, they're going to require extra levels. >> i've a parade
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this cold before. >> i was hoping to weather like we had the other day. >> reporter: we have another cold day in store. code blue in effect because of the danger to those living or staying outdoors. you're looking at fifth and market street. this is where they up as well. this is going to stretch out for most of market street. one of the city t rig here. the parade will go from noon to 3:00. at least there will be some sunshine later today which will hopefully cut down on some of this bitter cold we're experiencing right now. either way, the best idea is just come out and enjoy itois. news. n center city, matt this will be a st. patrick's day mass at the basilica in centcity. archbishop charlesha
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be presides over the mass. an update onff on i-95 north in south philly. the ramp to the walt whitman bridge and 76 east is back open. pa o closed for six hours last night after this tractor-trailer flipped onto its side. the driver injured his leg but this morning philadelphia police are hoping a surveillance photo will help identify the two men who shot a 13-year-old in the head. take a look. police say one of these two men is theshooter. the 13-year-old is sitting in front of them. when officers arrived at the goldfish chinese restaurant in nice town around 10:00 friday laying on the ground shot in the head. right now he's in critical condition. a robber is dead after breaking int investigators aren't sure how he died. police say a resident who lives on north 12th street woke up earltu
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man in his living room. the two struggled. they ended up outside when the homeowner called to a neighbor for help. by the timethe, the robber was unconscious. he died at the hospital. a 3-year-old child and firefighter are b following a fire in central pennsylvania caused by a cover board. the blaze broke out at this house inone the young victims from the window. crews rescuedther kids. another died at the hospital. a firefighter who responded to the scene also died. the hoverboard was plugged in to recharge. now to this fire in camden county. firefighters doing okay, but passed out yesterday while battling the flames here at this house in gloucester city. it happened before noon near the corner of powell and south king streets. the firefighter was unconscious when he was pulled from the house, he went to the hospital
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for observe vase. an amtrak train hit the horse and run away buggy friday night. the horse was killed. none of the passengers on board were hurt and they were transferred to another train. starting tomorrow, computers will be able to purchase and use key cards at more locations. more kiosks will go online over the next two weeks. commuters can load the cards with up to $250 to be used on rides. 5:37 on this sunday. coming up, not much time left to check out the boats and the water skiing squirrel at the philadelphia boat show. we'll have the details ahead. it's springerly every year. >> we thought we had an early spring, but not the case. we need some spring-like weather right now. we'll take you on a tour of the philadelphia flower show also ahead.
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we're staking a live look outside philadelphia right now. the winds still picking up out there. remember, this is higher up on top the aramark building. it is breezy this morning. as we go through today, it will remain a bit breezy. looking at winds right around 15 miles per hour so sustained, coming from the northwest which keeps the cold air in place. gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. it will still feel colder than it actually is through the day. only highs in the 30s. you'll feel it when you get out the door. 24 the temperature in philly. 29 by 11:00 a.m. and 36 as we get into the afternoon. that's as high as we go, the mid 30s in philadelphia. in the suburbs, 21 at 7:00 a.m. and 26 at 11:00 a.m. increasing clouds as we go through the afternoon. you have the sun-cloud mix
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likely until yesterday. delaware in new jersey and the shore, mid 30s in the afternoon. for today we stay dry. remember, we are tracking that system. it's going to develop monday night into tuesday. what will you see? philadelphia and neighborhoods north and west likely to see all snow with big accumulation. as we get closer and closer to this event it's easy for us to determine who is going to see what. how about south jersey and northern delaware, mostly snow for these zones. in southern delaware, a snow and rain mixture that we're now expecting because the center of that storm is looking to pull further from the shoreline. we'll explain that more in detail coming up in a few minutes. today philadelphia mayor jim kenney is in north texas for the south by southwest festival. it's back to promote the city as a place to live, work and
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perhaps start a business. they'll join forces for the south by southwest interactive and music festival. well, the world still waiting and watching for the birth of april the injury rav's baby. this is a live picture of the famous animal. getting a little rest. her keepers say she's doing great. no signs she's ready to deliver yet. this will be april's fourth calf. millions have been starting the live stream camera since it started february 23rd. president trump what about the aliens? they vaporized the entire state of krafrmt. >> did i win the popular vote. >> last night alec baldwin back as president trump. we'll show you the highlights from "snl" coming up. ♪ any, any, any, any at, the gimmicks stop with our ads.
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vice president mike pence is
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pushing his fellow republicans to get behind the health care overhaul plan. he held a rally in louisville, kentucky, to raise support for the legislation. the republican governor and junior senators of kentucky are among the skeptics. senator rand paul has called the plan obamacare light. the man accused of jumping the white house fence friday night will be back in court tomorrow. jonathan tran was carrying two cans of mace. he told secret service he was a friend of the president and had an appointment. the president was inside the white house at the time of the incident. yesterday mr. trump said the secret service did a fantastic job and he described the suspect as a troubled person. the irish prime minister is in our area this weekend. enda kenny was honored by the st. patrick's day association of
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philadelphia. today prime minister kenny will be at the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade, meeting with president trump this week. ready to fast forward to spring? you can do that if you head to the pennsylvania convention center for the annual philadelphia flower show. tulips among the tens of thousands of flowers in bloom. >> i love the flower show. >> it's springerly every year. >> compared to what it's like outside -- >> i love snow, too. >> finally. >> it's the largest event of its kind in the country. >> you can catch championship tennis in chester county. the platform tennis national championship wraps up in paoli this afternoon. it's being held at wans burrough country club.
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it's played on a court one-third the size of a regular tennis court and it's outdoors. if you're headed there, bundle up. markets keeping an eye on rising interest rates, inflation flavors. cnbc's seema mody has more. >> federal reserve expected to raise short-term interest rates at 2:00 p.m. eastern on wednesday. traders looking for information on furthering hikes later this year. wholesale inflation data for february will be released on tuesday followed by consumer inflation and retail sales figures on wednesday. also, watching housing starts on thursday and consumer sentiment on friday. how much is a ceo worth? csx says its new top boss deserves a pay package wourgt $3 o 0 million. shareholders get their chance on thursday. ceo hunter harrison will resign
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if the compensation package is not approved. disney's remake of "beauty and the beast" debuts on friday. the movie could haul in $120 million during the first weekend, one of the biggest movie openings ever in the month of march. i'm seema mody, get all your business news on cnbc. >> lots to talk about over the next couple days. take a look at temperatures in our philadelphia neighborhood. temperatures in the 20s. it's feeling like for some of us teens outside because we have a breeze. 22 in andorra, 25 in center city, 24 at the airport, 24 for torresdale and port richmond at 25. right now we're not talking single digits, but still very cold out there, especially considering we're in march where now we are typically seeing numbers start to boost up a bit more. what we're looking at is a cold pattern that holds tight our
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entire week as we go through our workweek. radar and satellite, this is the view i was showing off yesterday. not a lot to track in our area. no snow to speak of, no rain. instead just some clouds and later today sun that will mix together. forecast highs, 36 in center city and 37 in somerton. low to mid 30s for the suburbs. you see in the lehigh valley upper 20s to mid 30s. all of us are staying fairly cold outside. upper 30s for a few spots along the shore at 36, cape may. mid to upper 30s for areas in delaware to 40 degrees for rehoboth beach. today a drying one, can't say that as we move forward. monday will be a very important day. by monday we'll be tracking two storm centers that will help fuel the nor'easter that's going to develop in our region. we have an area of snow already
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brewing over the northwest portion of the country. by monday passing through areas like illinois, indiana. it's going to provide us with a little more moisture and cold air to fuel this storm. then we track the coastal low. there it is, down to the south. 2:00 a.m. on tuesday, and already forcing up its energy into our neck of the woods. starting for most of us as snow that we are expecting. you see it covers almost the entire region. as this gets closer to us, the track is now looking to be a little further offshore. that means the heaviest snow bands are now closer to philadelphia, wilmington, trenton and extending north and west. even steady snow into parts of south jer seend delaware. this will start to move off. let's talk totals. as we go through your tuesday into wednesday, because this will linger into wednesday. looking at zero to six inches farther south. a tight gradient from nothing to
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eight to ten inches or more stretching through most of our viewing area. alec baldwin returns to "saturday night live" as president trz. this time he's fighting aliens. >> this is the alien and this is us. >> this is us? >> yes. >> that's a great show, "this is us," but i can't watch it because it's on nbc and nbc has been very unfair to me. >> another skit is buzzing on social media as well. scarlett johansson played ivanka trump in a satirical ad trending on twitter. >> doesn't crave the spotlight, but we see her, oh, how we see her. a feminist, an advocate, a champion for women, but like how? she's loyal, devoted but
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probably should have bounced after the whole access hollywood bus thing. >> ivanka trump is one of her father's closest advisers and advocates. 5:52 on this sunday. the flyers play-off hopes take a hit, cutting the net is becoming routine for jay wright and the villa nova wildcats. we'll have highlights from the big east tournament victory next. it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle. lets all celebrate withients, a a lower cost pizza. i'm allergic to triangles. i'm about to go swimming. oh i just turned vegan. ah! i'm only kidding! i wouldn't make you eat that! just because its cheaper doesn't mean its better. that's why all our pizza are handmade with better ingredients.
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now, get a 2-topping pan or large pizza made fresh only $9.99. that's right, only $9.99. we're more than a pizza company. we're a pizza family. papa john's. cfor clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. but can it fix this teen's skateboarding mishap?
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that would be a sign of things to come for sure. later in the half nova on the run. jalen brunson into the paint, gets the bucket to fall, plus the foul. nova by 14 at intermission. after half-time, second half, another three from josh hart. had 29 and was named the tournament's most outstanding player. then another senior, last year's hero chris jenkins off the window for a pair and the foul. winning the big east tourney and likely clinching the number one overall seed in the ncaa tournament. >> this was a really nice break. i feel like we were like everybody else here because we weren't defending champions. we've got to deal with that. i'm not sure yet how that's going to impact us. >> very honored to win this. a tough creighton team. we've got to keep getting better. >> sort of like banging the titanic into an iceberg, the flyers play-off hopes took a major hit in boston against the
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bruins. pastrnak camped out in front of the net. cashes in off the feed from bergeron. flyers answer early, shot from the point, wayne simmonds there causesing havoc. it's jordan wheel who gets the payoff. a couple of chop sticks on the board. drew stafford floats one on net. brandon manning, off his stick and in. oi vai, what a way to end it. manning's friendly fire is the difference. they remain out of the play-offs. first in two for the sixers, this one against the clippers. like the movie "la la land" at the oscars, the sixers weren't in the conversation at the end. pick things up in the third, great ball movement from the sixers. mcconnell to covington to okafor. sixers up four after the flush.
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clippers took the lead in the fourth. they were up eight when cab row cut to the rim, drops in a pair over deandre jordan. the aforementioned chris paul puts it to bed on the other end. his three-pointer liquid as the sixers lose 112-100. phillies beat the blue jays in spring training. done any pommells, csn. >> you have one more day to see twiggy at the boat show. the boat show ends today. you can check out all kinds of boats to get you ready for summer. tikds are eight bucks at the door. it's just a few minutes before 6:00 on this sunday. it may be one of the coldest st. patrick's day parades on record. at least it won't be snowing. a live preview along the parade route in center city
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philadelphia. >> today we stay dry but cold. then take a look. we're tracking two systems that will combine to give us a snowy forecast. we'll track that out and let you know how much snow you might see in areas like camelback mountain coming up. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. get the best. go to
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right now on n"nbc 10 news toda today", we're tracking snow. a significant amount of it. the rest of the weekend will be dry, but the first flakes could start falling tomorrow. we'll have the details on that timing coming up. right now we are battling bitter cold temperatures. this is a live look down broad street. it could prove to be a brutal day for bands and dancers performing in the st. patrick's day parade in philadelphia. lawyers will return to work to select a jury in the trial of eric frein charged with killing a state trooper and wounding another. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today," thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this sunday. man, is it cold out here. nbc 10 cameras in philadelphia last night where folks were visibly uncomfortable as they were bumping their gas on a very windy evening. i've been there, you pump the


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