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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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i like this, but it -- it's not a gimme. >> well, and it's also not something that you practice a whole whole lot. the technique is pretty obvious for these guys. you basically use a putting stroke wedge and try to hit the ball just above the middle of the ball. >> he's done it very well. >> good effort from there. very nice. >> you don't get that wedge in the right spot on the golf ball, a lot of other things can happen. >> well, if you hit too low, it will go down into the ground, and hop up. but you'll watch. the contact will be about the middle of the ball, maybe slightly above, and that's what gets the ball turning over and rolling. the other thing not just the execution, i like the fact that he had the presence of mind to know that that was the best shot in that situation.
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>> again, adam hadwin will tell you that he is in a totally different frame of mind this year than he was last year when he kind of blew up on the golf course. and he has shown us that new attitude. and now from 15 feet 7 inches, a must-make for cantlay. >> that will move to his left, a little bit up the hill. there's a tendency here dan, it seems as though players underread the break.
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>> and he did just the opposite. hit a good putt. >> and just outside there, hadwin, so cantlay for bogey, which would clear the stage for hadwin's par winner. and even though cantlay is most likely going to come up short here, you have to admire what he has done today, and what he has persevered through. >> with that second place fin h finish, dan, he's going to earn enough points and money to be able to retain that exemption. >> but 59 is now a pga tour
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winner! he is pumped. he gets married a week from this friday, and was scheduled to go on honeymoon with his fiancee, jessica. but i believe the plans have been changed dramatically. the honeymoon's going to have to wait. and that's jessica! and all the players that have broken 60s, mr. 59s, now they all have pga tour victories. but he was tested down the stretch. double bogeyed the 16th. if you were with us earlier he
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credited jessica with his new frame of mind of giving him the patience that we exhibited today as we send you down to steve. >> dan, thank you. adam, how would you describe just how difficult it is to win out here on the pga tour? >> oh, man. i don't know what to say right now. honestly. you know, i fully expected patrick to make that putt. i felt like i -- i said yesterday i just want a chance to win coming off the last and i had that chance, and you know, i thought we were going to have to make birdies to win it. but i'm just lucky that that one footer wasn't one and a half feet. >> congratulations on the victory. now the top five in the fedexcup point standings as well. >> thank you very much. >> adam hadwin is a winner, dan. >> indeed he is. an even par round of 71. good enough he survives that double bogey to win over cantlay. and there are the updated fedexcup standings. as hadwin zooms eleven spots into the top five, into the fourth position. and all that comes along with
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winning on the pga tour including that trip to the mastest. remind you if you missed any of today's action get caught up with golf central on golf channel. our next stop for our crew the arnold palmer invitational in orlando. the coverage 2:00 eastern time on golf channel and continuing on nbc on saturday at 2:30 eastern time. coming up next except on the west coast your local news then tonight starting at 8:00, 7:00 central, all-new episodes of little big shot, chicago justice and shades of blue. so long from palm harbor. adam hadwin gets getting ready for a major
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winter storm, it's still developing and we're monitoring every change to make sure you're ready. stocking up, stores are swelling with people getting the essentials ahead of tomorrow night's storm. number one. the reigning champ earn their number one seed and we're with the wildcats as they find out. a major winter storm is brewing and bringing snow. this is just one part of it moving in from the west. now everyone will be impacted by this storm. but what you see is going to be different depending on where you live. right now people are stocking up, some store shelves are already looking bare. and tonight we have team coverage. nbc10's drew smith is live where there's been a mad rush to the grocery store. but let's begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane"
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schwartz. >> i think we're okay through all the daytime hours tomorrow, it's tomorrow night when things go downhill, and tuesday is a total loss at least for travel. things are quiet now, but we have a first alert for the entire area for overnight monday night and all day tuesday, in pennsylvania, for philadelphia, at least a foot of snow. plus blowing snow and some power outages. the i-95 corridor including philadelphia, at least eight inches, much more if it's all snow, there may very well be some heavy sleet and rain for a part of this storm. and at the jersey shore, delaware beaches, not much snow, but we got the 60 plus-mile-per-hour and moderate coast flooding. there's 8:00 tomorrow. and the snow is racing up from washington. it starts as snow just about everywhere, as you see. and by what would be the morning rush on tuesday, it is snowing hard. the darker blues indicate heavy
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snow, this is heavy rain to the south and some of that mixed precipitation may come up to philadelphia. but if it doesn't and it's all snow, we're even going to get over a foot in philly. in the afternoon, the storm itself is offshore, dragging the colder air back, so everything would change back to snow and continue to accumulate. continued snow totals here, 15 to 20 inches in the area that gets the most and that includes parts of chester, upper mo montgome montgomery, just north and west of the city of philadelphia and in the city itself, 8 to 12, going down toward 0 to 4 toward the shore. we'll break this down neighborhood by neighborhood coming up in a few minutes. let's get back to nbc10's
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drew smith, live at the acme on city avenue where people are making sure they are stocked and ready for this major winter storm, drew, what kind of crowds are you seeing out there? >> reporter: you can see the parking lot is full up, just a couple of carts left outside here, and the people inside we're told are the early birds, they're expecting a much bigger crowd tomorrow. storm warnings for the beginning of the workweek has people getting people out of work and grabbing a cart at the store on sunday. >> i always keep a supply so i don't have to do this. but during this storm, i got my grands, so i came to get some snacks and stuff for my grands. >> reporter: already a worker has stocked this milk refrigerator four times today, also bottled water are in big demand today. acme had already put away some winter supplies, but today as you can see they have hauled the
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rock salt out. >> it's been busy all day, they have been buying rock salt, sodas, water, things like that. >> reporter: don't panic that those store shelves look empty, we're told those shelves will be restocked before the first flakes. >> we're keeping you covered as the storm develops and changes. if you don't have the nbc10 app, download it right now, it's free and when we're not on the air you can get weather alerts and track the storm right down to your neighborhood. now the bitter cold did not stop folks from heading out to philadelphia's annual st. patrick's day parade. parade goers piled on the layers for a day of family fun. >> the crowds and the irish beer
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will keep us nice and warm. >> it's not raining and it's not snowing, so that's a plus. got to take the good with the bad. >> the celebration has a long history in philadelphia, the first parade was held here in 1771. it's snowing in the car carolinas right now and it's making its way up to us, glenn "hurricane" schwartz is talking about how much snow you might see in your neighborhood coming up.
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the city of philadelphia is saying don't travel if you do not have to. you're taking a live look at center city and 30th street station. we're going to be keeping a close eye on mass transit during this storm. and if you're getting ready for work or school tomorrow, we're keeping you ready with nbc10 news today. we're getting an early start tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. to keep you prepared. and we'll be right back.
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a major winter storm is developing and we'll start to see the impact tomorrow night. things are looking pretty calm at the cape may marina right now and coastal flooding is a possibility. this is one of the areas that's going to see the most snow. camel back mountain. our first alert weather team has been track the storm and know totals, they keep going up. and in delaware, deldot has been pretreating the roadways, they're making sure you're safe if you have to go out. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is watching this major winter storm and it keeps changing, right, glenn? >> the totals will change depending on whether we get snow or rain, whoever gets all snow, you're getting at least a foot out of this. this is the cape may wind, blowing that way, that's the land breeze, it's going to end up coming the opposite way, and it's going to be coming the
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opposite way hard. to the north, all snow, at least 10 inches, power outages, i-95 corridor, heavy snow, changing to some sleet and rain. that's the main question in the forecast here. and mostly rain with 50 to 60-plus-mile-per-hour. right now it's plenty cold enough to snow. it feels like it's in the teens to low 20s. unlike what we got before, right now is ground is cold so the snow that's coming is going to stick. we have some moisture in a strong jet stream down to the south. we have this upper air system that's creating the snow out in the west, those two are going to combine to create this one monster storm. it comes up from the southwest,
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the snow in washington, baltimore, travel all over the east is going to be a nightmare, or nonexistent by tuesday. here we are with the heavy snow, in atlantic city, you even get some snow overnight, a little a accumulation, there may be thunderstorms, there may be thunder snow with this on tuesday, this could be heavy sleet, or thunderstorms with sleep and regular thunderstorms at the shore, all at the same time. and then, it moves through and diminishes a little bit as we go into tuesday afternoon. how much? 15 to 20, the bull's-eye, easton, allentown, lehigh, chesnutt hill, lynne, hamburg, pottstown, richland, redding,
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new morgan. 15 to 20 and maybe some locally high amounts. west chester, norris town in the 12 to 18. east nottingham, 12 to 18 inches, warrington, abington is right on the edge, maybe about a foot there, and trenton about 8 to 12 inches, philly 8 to 12, wilmington 8 to 12. gloucester, we're in the 4 to 8 category and as we head toward the shore, we're talking about little accumulation, maybe some at the beginning, and then some at the very end, but the biggest problems there are going to be the strong wind gusts, over 60-mile-per-hour, and moderate coastal flooding, high tide on tuesday morning, a combination of heavy rain and the tidal flooding is going to cause, i think a lot of flooding at the shore. >> and some rain depending on where you live. >> this is a typical time of big snowstorm for this part of the country when the ocean has an
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influence on it. big difference depending on how far you are from the ocean. >> when you're not near a tv, or if you lose power, no worries because you can go to the nbc10 app any time, it's free, you can track the snow with the interactive radar heading right into your neighborhood. we'll be right back.
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hey, good to see you, i'm danny pomells from csn, selection sunday always a huge day for sports fans. villanueva watched and waited ford their name called but did not have to wait very long. subdued reaction after earning the distinction of the first overall seed, they'll play new orleans in the first round. if they win their first became,
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they'll take on wisconsin, the eighth seed. john clark join us life on the main line. hey, john. >> reporter: yeah, hey, villanueva is leaving early for buffalo tomorrow night because of the snow and the playing game is a challenge for the cats, they haven't done that since 2006 and villanueva enters the ncaa tournament for the most wins ever for a defending national champion. and they know it's going to be a huge challenge to repeat. >> i don't think it's harder, but it is different. you're hungry, you're wide eyed last year, this year you're more business like, but people are coming after you, and there's a lot of expectations around you. so you're always dealing with different challenges, it's just recognizing them and identifying them and then being smart enough to handle them.
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>> we have the potential to. but a lot of things have the potential to. but we just got to keep getting better. >> reporter: so josh hart and chris jenkins both told me they think the celling is higher for this team than it was for last year's national championship team. wow, i'm john clark live at villanueva, we'll have more at 11:00, we're right back after this.
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glenn's back with the final forecast. >> it's all bad, different versions of bad. lehigh valley, burks county, worse during the morning, 15 to 20 inches with power outages in philly, northern delaware and jersey, i-95, starts at 8:00 to 10:00 p.m., heaviest 3:00 to 11:00 a.m. on tuesday. 8 to 12 inches, but there's likely to be some heavy sleet on tuesday morning. and the delaware beach and jersey shore, not getting a whole lot of snow, but gusts to 60. and moderate coastal flooding, the high tide on tuesday morning which is right at the peak of the storm when we should be getting gusts over 60-mile-per-hour and that will add to the flooding and even the streets, not just right at the
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beaches. and then it goes back to snow tuesday afternoon just as the water is receding. we have got some serious impacts throughout the area, this is a very serious storm. potentially dangerous type of storm so you really have to take this seriously. >> download the nbc10 app if you don't already have it. nbc10 will text you, all you have to do is signing up for our school closures on the nbc10 app sand you'll know school closings as soon as we do.
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night, blizzard watch. the snow and ice in the midwest as the northeast braces for a lot worse. a potentially crippling winter snowstorm, the biggest of the year. major travel and power problems. promise from a top trump administration official who says no one will be worse off financially under the republican plan. hoverboard tragedy after a house fire is sparked by a hoverboard safety. safe sleep. the simple idea cutting number of sudden infant deaths. the small town that found a


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