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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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around here, but to get this snow, with the sleet, and have it hang round. >> and the cold on the tail end of it. i had to pull out the long, long, long undies, how about you? >> no, i stayed inside. >> all right. >> fortunately i don't have to do the weather outside anymore. that was back in the old days. right now, yep, we've got snow. reducing the visibility. you can hardly see center city. and that's a fairly solid area of snow. it's mostly light. not big accumulations, but just enough to put another layer on some of the roads that got cleared, and you're trying to get rid of. and here's a little bit closer look. we can see that a little bit heavier coming through atlantic county. that's headed towards atlantic city, mays landing getting some. they hardly got any snow in those areas. that was mostly rain.
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but as we go into the next couple officials, this area of snow is really going to diminish. and by 8:00, it should all be gone. we're not expecting any more snow later tonight or tomorrow. but there is a chance of some snow in parts of the area as we head towards the weekend. we'll get into that later, but right now we have to talk about the cold and the winds. let's go to tammie souza talking about those conditions. >> you know, we were just mentioning how we were lucky we don't work outside because it was raw out there today. is will be horrible tonight as the skies start to clear, we will lose that heat into the atmosphere and it will get quite cold. we are about 6 degrees cooler today at the sam time than we were yesterday. look at current temperatures, only 2. we only ma only 28. we warmed a bit, 25 a couple
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hours ago. 28 is the daytime high. 30 in vineland, 29 in wilmington. the windchill is the big thing. you'll have to cover all that exposed skin. when you wake up tomorrow morning, windchills in the single digits, 3 agrees is what it will feel like in allentown. in philadelphia, it will feel like 11. if we head out to the jer shore, we'll be looking at windchills in the low teens. so the story here will be the cold. when i come back, we will talk about the warmup and go neighborhood by neighborhood to look at who is getting that snow this hour. back to you. >> philadelphia schools opened on time this morning. skyforce 10 flew over students in olney walking through the snow and over the ice piles to make it to school on time. >> even some teachers couldn't make it by the opening bell. rosemary connors joins us now, and conditions across philadelphia made travel rough. >> that's right. the sidewalks are by in large clear, but a lot of collar car
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plowed in, even if you could make it out, the snow and ice on these cars is rock hard. it's a tough call for the school district, they want to make sure students can get in safely and they also know parents rely on their kids to be in school. some students depend on the meals, so it's a difficult balance. >> we were surprised that school was in session because it's icy. we have a short walk, it's about three blocks. >> the walk was easy around the meredith school in queen village thanks to mr. mark. that's how the students know him. the on-engineer tackled the snow and sleet as soon as it started falling. >> snowing pretty good yesterday, my snow blower broke down, we had to finish the rest by hand. >> reporter: this week the school is celebrating its annual book fair. today it was supposed to stay open into the early evening, but the principal decided it was best to cancel. >> we had to reschedule a literacy night for parents because some parents would no s
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attend. >> reporter: yesterday's storm left a thick coating on ice on parked cars around philadelphia. >> i took a couple good whacks at it with my fist and decided that was a bad idea. >> reporter: for this man, a hammer seemed more appropriate and effective. >> i couldn't put a dent in it with anything but some heavy tools. >> reporter: a live look at monroe street between 4th and 5th. even these narrow streets get tighter with this snow, trying to get in and out of the parking spaces a difficult task. in terms of school for tomorrow, it's expected to be back on like today. reporting live in queen village, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. check that out. in allentown cars were stuck left and right across the city as a foot of snow that fell overnight froze. that left many streets icy. many drive erbs couldn't make it
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through, but good samaritans grabbed shovels lent a hand. >> karma, people have done it for me, done it in the past. i like to give back where i can. >> reporter: heavy equipment at work throughout allentown. snow removal will continue in allentown until at least tomorrow evening. in south jersey the rush is on to get the power and heat turned back on. >> some families are preparing for another night in the cold. cydney long is live in audubon, camden county. >> you've been in that neighborhood for the last several days. how are they coping? >> the fact that pow was restored here at 3:00, it is a good start. they're beginning to get warm. but it will be some time before things look and feel normal here again. this family cannot yet return home. so there is the leftover physical damage this storm, but there is also emotional distress. >> reporter: the ice beneath
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their feet now was boiling water this time yesterday when a giant tree split forcing life electrical wires to touch the ground. >> the wind was blowing t the wire went down. there was sparks, johanna coul hold back tears as she watched the tree crush the left side of her home. >> when i got out of the car, i saw the crash of the tree. the top was split -- >> reporter: she and her husband watched it fall apart two hours after their call to 911 and pse&g. >> i said there goes the tree on our house. >> reporter: now with the windows shattered, a gaping hole in the roof, their home is off limits. >> thank god nobody was hurt. >> reporter: safe but shivering in the cold and dark is how jill and her three teens spent the last 30 hours. >> there wases and complaining. because we didn't realize how long. >> reporter: her fireplace needs maintenance, and with a 100-year-old radiator it gets
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cold. they braved 50 degree temperatures inside and piled on layers. >> three on the top, my jacket, two on the bottom. >> reporter: crews finally got residents back into the warmth at noon today. she is so grateful. >> if a tree s s in moorestown, my house goes dark. >> reporter: she said it was a wifi hot spot kept them entertained on their cell phone and kept them calm through the storm. she told me next time they plan to stay with friends or neighbors or in a warm hotel. the thousands of outages pse&g had this morning are finally dwindling into the hundreds. they had 4,000 earlier today. about 1600 left to turn back on. we're live in audubon, cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> they are making progress. a live look at philadelphia international airport where all is not back to normal. there was a ground stop earlier today because of snow showers. cancellations and delays rolled
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overed into the morning as a result of yesterday's storm. travelers left stranded by the snow still being shuffled around so they can make it back home. biggest problem for some drivers was a car battery. aaa mid-atlantic says it got about 800 calls before 10:00 in the morning. most of those calls for batteries. when the temperature dips below freezing, starting up that engine can take twice as much current. skyforce 10 captured side street problems for people living in king of prussia. check out these cars trying to get out. doesn't look like it went well there. count on the nbc 10 app for all your weather information. it's a free download. a major heroin bust in bucks county. investigators say the people involved sold so much heroin they made about a million dollars a year. today the county's district attorney detailed the case. prosecutors say the organization
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was run by two brothers in a remote family compound in richland township. the heroin came from a supplier in west philadelphia and flowed will you drivers, dealers, subdealers and users. 13 people are charged in connect shun with the bust. a developing story, russian spies arrested and charged with yahoo's massive data breach. harry has details for us. >> the justice department has charged russian hackers with cybercrimes before, but this is the first criminal case brought against russian government officials. the 2014 hack is being called one of the largest data breaches in history. at least 500 million yahoo accounts were compromised. russian officials, financial journalists and russian services employees were targeted. tonight two hackers are charged with the crime. the scheme allowed russian spies to gather intelligence while the
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hackers lined their pockets. with these charges the department of justice is continuing to send a powerful message that we will not allow individuals, groups, nation states or a combination of them to compromise the privacy of our citizens, the economic interest of our companies or the security of our country. >> one of the defendants was arrested in canada. three others are on the loose. it's not clear if those three will ever step foot in an american courtroom. in the breaking news center, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. straight ahead, scary moments when a young child is left home alone. and trump's tax return. the president fires back after someone leaked a portion of his return to a reporter. also ahead at 5:00, the ground caves in and takes a car with it. and new at 5, fists fly inside a fresh grocer.
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what started this supermarket attack.
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tonight the question remains who leaked a portion of president-elect trump's tax return to a reporter. >> last night on the rachel maddow show, a reporter showed a
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portion of the 2005 tax return. mr. trump's income more than 150 million with a 1$100 million writeoff for business losses, making his effective tax rate 25%. in a statement the white house says the president had a responsibility to pay no more tax than legally required. the documents stamped client copy was obtained by david k. johnson. he suggested it's even possible president trump sent it to him. >> he has a long history of leaking material when it's in his best interests. there's nothing improper about journalists getting over the transom. >> the president tweeted this morning does anybody that a report their nobody ever heard of went to his mailbox and found his tax return? fake news he said. nbc news will have much more at 6:30. today the senate voted to
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confirm dan coates, president trump's choice for national intelligence director. lawmakers approved the former indiana senator in a vote of 85-12. mr. coates will oversee 16 intelligence agencies. despite a republican backed plan to repeal and replace obamacare, millions of americans are still buying in. the government reports more than 12 million signed up for coverage under the affordable care act. another 765,000 signed up under an option called the basic health plan used in new york and minnesota. now back to our first alert weather. we will not be putting away those winter coats any time soon. >> tammie souza is here and the cold sticking around. >> even when it warms up, it will be cold, colder than we normally should be. did you spend much time outside today? i didn't. it was awfully windy cold. those that did, this is what they've been encountering. snow showers out there. little snow squalls coming
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through. gusty winds will knock you over. if you're only ice, you will be sliding across. quite windy as we head through the evening. this is our studio showing you those snow squalls flying out there. this is doppler radar, you can see still all the purple, that's that light snow making its way through the area. it's not covering everybody, some of us. let's look at the lehigh valley and berks area. just a strip of light snow making its way through. allentown, you have clouds but no snow falling. coatesville, you're clear. east nottingham, you're clear. king of prussia clearing out. abington some snow showers, also into philadelphia and mt. laurel. gloucester looking at some snow showers. to the north we go towards warrington and trenton. looking at light snow showers.
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getting into south jersey, snow showers are morsteadedy. more steady. for the most part looking at light snow showers and also into delaware, not the southern part, just the northern part. athe beaches some light snow showers. this will clear out through the mid evenings. you can see putting it into motion, it's moving quickly. this is one of those gusty northwest and west wins. i normally don't go this wide on the map, but the lake-effect snow machine is in full tilt. i wanted to show you further west. nothing. that's the good news. a couple days to really clear out, we'll see some sunshine returning, maybe getting warm enough to melt a bit away. our hour-by-hour forecast, the snow squalls are gone, we are clearing out and very chilly. tomorrow morning, sunshine out
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there. at the very least in the inland areas, perhaps we'll see partly sunny skies. a few high thin clouds coming through philadelphia in the afternoon. about 5:00. friday, plenty of sunshine. friday evening, some clouds move in and maybe some sleet north and of the city. allentown you may get a bit more snow. this will be the case early into saturday, maybe a brief shower and then things quiet down. the winds still gusting from 17 to 26 or 27 miles per hour. we'll talk more about this when i come back later on. i got to tell you, the wind is going to be something that will be very fierce and something we have to deal with tonight. that an that bitter cold. my gosh, those windchills are nasty. anybody that does have to go out, it's not going to be pleasant for them tonight. does not feel like march. >> still ice on the tree branches.
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>> yeah. >> in washington square they had it closed off because they didn't want people walking under those big old trees. >> yeah. the snap of the trees. the comcast guy was over installing some stuff at my apartment today so i could watch tv, the guy told me afterwards he had to go to a full install on the outside of a house. i felt bad for him. bundle up. thank you. have you seen what they're dealing with in massachusetts? let's look at worcester. this is after yesterday's storm dumped 2 feet of snow and some sleet slammed some towns. that frozen mess is hard to clean up because it's also really cold there. at least the sun was shining there today. >> three men in oregon lucky to be alive after a landslide took out the car they were riding in you can see the car buried amongst the trees on the side of the road. the spill measured 75 feet wide, 150 feet long. all three men inside the car are okay. they did not get injured.
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still ahead tonight, a white house hire freeze is having an impact right here in philadelphia. tonight the historical sites now closed. and video you have got to see. what happens when gators cross the road? the story behind this video straight ahead. what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america.
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check out this video from a philadelphia gas station. someone jumps from the white car into the suv and now that suv will take off while the owner is still filling the tank. happened at a sunoco on cottman knew early this month. car gone.
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>> american airlines is joining delta to bring free meals back to coach passengers. the service will start may 1st on flights from new york to l.a. and san francisco. passengers on coach will be served a continental breakfast or a boxed meal with a sandwich or wrap. you could soon pay on your cell phone with mcdonald's. mcdonald's taking note of customers who say ordering in the restaurant could be stressful. the company's ceo says he will look at feedback before launching it nationally. this week's wednesday's child, featured by mealey's furniture. she's mighty in so many ways. a teen who is energetic, loving and yearns to find a forever home. vai sikahema had the pleasure of spending time with afrodite, this week's wednesday's child. >> this princess is more than a disney animated character.
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she's the real thing. no shame in her game or in her unique name, aphrodite. her dream job? >> a lawyer. >> why do you want to be a lawyer? >> so i can handle cases. >> do you have a favorite class? math, science and history. >> reporter: we share adieu of painting in conshohocken. she loves disney and especially the show "frozen." crazy about it. she's the kind of child who will melt your heart. >> aphrodite is warm, beloved. where she's living, she's everybody's darling. i would say that a family that was very warm and nurturing and supportive would be what she would like, especially a female single parent would be a terrific thing. >> reporter: she's developmentally challenged and will require lots of patience and love, but she has tons of potential. >> the ideal family for her
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would vidprovide a lot of suppo and activities for her, and at the same time they would be receiving a lot of hugs and a lot of enthusiasm and every little thing really matters to her. >> reporter: but she's 16, everything matters when you're a teenage girl. aphro-it eshg aphrodite is this week's wednesday's child. if you would like to make her dream come true or any wednesday's child, visit several of philadelphia's historic sites are closed because of president trump's hiring freeze. those sites i clu s include ben franklin's home and print shop. the halt in hiring has affected seven sites in the city. bathrooms for the park are already closed because of short staffing. coming up at 5:30. snow flurries again.
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this is a look at i-95 in south philadelphia about two hours ago. your neighborhood weather forecast is coming up next. >> biggest storm related power problems were in new castle county, delaware. still lots of trees down buts are making progress. it won't make everybody happy because progress isn't coming quick enough.
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right now at 5:30, still shoveling. nbc 10 found this guy trying to get his car out this afternoon in conshohocken. and we're in for another freeze tonight. >> let's get over to our first alert meteorologist with more on this cold sticking around. >> the cold is making that snow even harder to shovel. this is not the kind of snow you like to shovel. it's really, really hard and heavy and dangerous. i don't mind shoveling the regular stuff. >> i don't mind, but glenn, way back when, i used how to learn a front loader and backhoe. i don't mess around. >> well, that's not a city girl. okay. we've got snow still out there. this is right outside the station. we still have the snow. the visibility is cut down. not necessarily a steady snow.
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we're almost out of it, it looks like, in philadelphia. back to the west we got dry air and that's what is coming down this direction. but in the meantime, what do we have here? approaching atlantic city. this is probably right near the atlantic city expressway. yeah, galloway township. egg harbor about to get it. this darker blue, that's some of the heaviest snow we've seen on the radar over the last several hours during the day today. and they got so little snow in atlantic county and cape may county, they may get more snow today than they got with the actual storm over the next couple of hours, future cast shows that we will be seeing this area just shrink. the sun's rays help that area of snow expand. get a little bit heavier.
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as soon as the sun starts going down, that area should be shrinking. let's go to first alert meteorologist tammie souza on the wind and the cold temperatures. >> glenn, the temperatures are shrinking, too. we don't like that. they're going down, getting much smaller, wind gusts are not. the gusts in philadelphia, 25 miles per hour. look at this in wilmington, 33 minneapolis. coatesville, 41-mile-per-hour wind gust. dover, 38-mile-per-hour win gust. on out here to atlantic city, 4 24-mile-per-hour wind gust. it's not improving yet, but overnight they will lessen. tomorrow we will have wind gusts that approach the teens by late afternoon. not the 20, 30, and 40-mile-per-hour mark they're at now. again the big story is the feels-like temperature. when you wake up, single digits. when you get out into chester, montgomery, parts of bucks county, lehigh and berks, that's where we will feel bitter.
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into philadelphia, it will feel like 11. get yourself bundled up and little ones, too. frostbite can set in in as little as 30 minneapolis. i'll be back in a bit. we'll go neighborhood to neighborhood with your fore. >> the storm clean up continues and more customers in delaware without power than anywhere else. >> tim furlong joins us live from north wilmington. >> 76,000 new castle residents lost power during the storm. we're down to about 9,000 homes. that sounds like good progress unless you were one of the ones with trees down, no lights, no heat. progress is coming but it's been a frustrating 28 hours or so for so many people. >> a whole's worth of groceries gone. >> reporter: by early tuesday morning, the hunt knew they would be throwing away all the food in the fridge. we heard pop. we knew the transformer had blown. >> reporter: a tree down on an ice covered power line popped
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the local transformer, no wifi, no working and losing all the food. like many of us, the hunters ma thought a whole house generator was too expensive. this morning peco trucks moved o out. the chi-town guys were told sunday night to start traveling east, and they know a thing or two about tough storms. >> how many people asked you who would win in a fight, this storm or hurricane ditka? >> no one asked yet, but ditka would definitely win. >> reporter: and they're making progress. >> we restored 70,000 customers. >> reporter: if you're one of the thousands of homes without power still, you won't pat them on the back until your heat and lights come back on. the hunters got their power back on around noon today. >> thankful it's over.
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>> my house got luckier than this guy. a couple schools remain closed. st. ann's in wilmington is one of them. here is good news, delmarva power out here working on things, they're all over the area working on things. they're saying customer should have power back on by midnight tonight. that sounds horrible if you're waiting 1/2 hours, but it's b6 better than tomorrow. sky ies fyforce 10 over maa where people had a hard time getting out of parking spots. finally this car made it into the road. still hasn't made it out. winter is almost over. the ski resorts are finally cashing in on the cold weather. this is a live look at camelback mountain. we have been watching the sloee sloping all day long.
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skiers are taking advantage of this weather. be sure to count on the nbc 10 app for your weather information. spring is next week. here's a look at some stories making headlines county by county across our region. in montgomery county, lower merion police are looking into threats made by high school students on snapchat. investigators say students have been temporarily removed from a high school after posting this message yesterday. it said everyone better watch out tomorrow t contained gun emojis. police also say they took a student into custody from lower merion high skochool after he reposted the message. a mom is charged with leaving her son alone. sue pottoboy was away at work when the child set paper towels
5:36 pm
on fire. a neighbor smelled something burning and called 911. no one was hurt. crews battled more than flames when they tried to knock down this nightclub fire. snowy streets created an extra challenge as the fire raged at xo lounge. look at this tape right here. two women caught on the tape walking into a philadelphia grocery store, and then what do they do? they attack one of the workers here they confronted her at the fresh grocer on grays ferry avenue. suddenly one of the women starts throwing punches, and somebody had to separate them. once they wered the two women just calmly walked out of the store. >> in delaware, the flu is to blame for the deaths of three more people in the first state. all three victims had other health issues. so far eight people have died in delaware. state health officials say the
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number of people with the flu is seven times greater than this time last year. we know the name of a man shot and killed by police after a fight at a toms river apartment complex. 56-year-old christopher appostolos was shot and killed at the silver ridge apartments. they went there after reports of a person in need of meantal health services. the a-list celebrity teaching a college course. and the cherry blos cosoms washington, d.c. are in serious jeopardy. and midair mishap, what caused this damage to a traveler's face on an airplane.
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scare in the sky. >> a woman on an overseas flight suffered burns on her hands and face after her battery operated headphones caught fire. it was two hours into the flight from beijing to melbourne last month. flight attendants put the fire out with water. authorities blame the explosion on the batteries. they have not revealed the brand of head phones. this is great video here. call it gates ors on parade. a dozen gators large and small were caught crossing a dirt road in florida. erin, do you want to ask the question snfrn
5:41 pm
question? >> why did the gator cross the road? >> we don't know. apparently they were making their way out of a pond into a deeper canal. that's wild. an unforgettable experience for mark zuckerberg. >> he rode shotgun with one of nascar's most famous drivers. all of it broadcast on facebook live. dale earnhardt jr. drove the facebook founder around charlotte motor speedway around 170 miles per hour. then zuckerberg took a turn behind the wheel himself. >> won't forget that. professor jolie will teach a masters course at the london school of economics this fall. the 41-year-old actress and filmmaker will lecture on women, peace and security. back here at home, villanova's road to a repeat is about to begin. you'll hear from the coach next. and we're at the jersey shore checking out the damage left behind from the storm.
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and there are even more changes ahead. what you need to know. i'll let you know, there's a lot of it coming up after the break. coming up at 6:00, he's not just your average man's best friend. why this dog is being called a hero for what he did for his west philadelphia owners.
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how about a little karate practice in the snow. you can see this guy showing off his skills with a spear out in the the snow. >> he's intense. >> john has some information on villanova repeating. villanova 24 hours away from their opening game in the tournament. the wildcats favored by 26 1/2 points over mt. st. mary's. villanova battling the snow in buff talo the last two days. this is the winningest class in the big five. they won the national championship last year. so sh so, jay wright last season you
5:46 pm
said the cats would be judged by what they do in the tournament. is it the same this year? you are defined by what you did in the ncaa tournament as a college player. if you're a team that gets there year after year, you and the team get to find that way nationally with fans. that's okay. we don't doe fienn't define our way within the program. it's reality. there could be a guy who doesn't have a great career, but if he does something great in the ncaa tournament, everybody remembers him. >> jay takes way all t s away a players cell phones the night before a game so they can get the proper sleep. so in a few hours those phones will be collected, i'm sure there will be a lot of moaning, crying and upset players, because you cannot live without your phone when you're that age. one of them even got a fake
5:47 pm
phone and tried to turn it in. >> oh. >> sneaky. >> whatever works, right? >> better not happen around here. would be a lot of problems. >> john, thanks for that. keith jones happens to be a nova alum, andrrived in buffalo a short time ago. he'll have a report tonight at 11:00. a montgomery teenager just won a 175,000 scholarship in a huge science contest. >> aaron developed a math equation to solve complicated geometry questions. he had not gotten to that question yet. that's why i didn't develop it. now only computers are used to solve those problems. he placed second in the science talent search. we wish him congratulations and if you didn't guess, english major here, not math. >> me, too.
5:48 pm
good for him, though. now to your first alert forecast as people continue to dig out. >> tammie souza is looking at how how long this cold wilong t around. >> science major. >> figured. >> a couple things going on tonight. snow showers will come to an end. it will be gusty and windy out there. bitterly cold, a windchill of 4 degrees. tomorrow morning when you wake up, the suns it will look pretty but feel very, very cold. we'll wake up in the teens a bitterly cold started to the day. by tomorrow afternoon, much less breezy, hanging on to the sunshine but only in the mid 30s. that's 10 to 15 degrees below average. our average this time of year, 52 degrees. nowhere near it. let's look at what's going on with the radar. you can see the shades of
5:49 pm
purple. the dark shades of purple are the robust snow squalls. let's look at what's going on. the biggest swath is stretching from philadelphia all through south jersey all the way out along the shore, especially atlantic city getting more snow today than yesterday. the second swath is from allentown down through howell. both of those will continue off to the east. we won't see much snow after this. a flurry or two through mid evening but getting out of here quickly. the other part of the story is this it's a wide view. you may say why are we showing such a wide view. look at that,ing in for now. it's qui. we'll have a couple days to clear out. look at the lake-effect snow for you villanova fans. that won't shut down any time soon. we'll continue to see the lake-effect snow machine on. the winds have been fierce today. look at these wind gusts, 29 in west chester.
5:50 pm
swedesboro at 27. burlington at 22. doyles up to at 25. allentown at 25. egg harbor at 25. so, this is we'll see the winds go between now and tomorrow. they'll drop. doylestown at 19. they'll start to calm down by the time we get into the weekend, we'll get back to that normal 10-mile-per-hour wind. at least the winds are from the west. a land breeze here, not an ocean breeze. temperatures, this is what we're looking at overnight. we'll drop from the 20s where we are now. look where we go. into the teens we'll bottom out in the mid to upper teens around the area, again with that nasty windchill that nasty windchill will feel like the single digits. let's go neighborhood to neighborhood. innin inreading, 36 degrees. easton at 37. phoenixvil phoenixville, 32. we are looking at those mid 30s across the area.
5:51 pm
and in fact we get down here into new jersey, 37 for trenton, glass bor glassboro, 37. aif avalon, 37. all in all an improvement. we warm up by the weekend. that's the nice thing. you know what they're worried about in the nation's capital? the cherry blossoms may be in trouble after yesterday's winter storms. some forecasters worry for the first time close to a century peak bloom may not happen. one visitor today said while he's disappointed, he's putting it all in perspective. >> i was hoping to see them in full bloom. i was excited when i heard an early bloom in february. but, you know, it's still beautiful. i'm still so blessed to be here. >> bitter temperatures are the biggest problem. most of the pink petals die at
5:52 pm
temperatures under 24 degrees. next at 5:00, the storm aftermath. the rough surf left its mark at beach. nbc 10's jersey shore bureau drove up and down the coast checking out the damage. for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪
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welcome back.
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high tide at the jersey shore did some damage yesterday. >> nbc 10's ted greenberg surveyed the dunes today. he has the story from atlantic city. >> reporter: these dunes in atlantic city took a beating, but they're set to be rebuilt in a major beach construction project this. and other shore communities are also gearing up to make their own emergency fixes. >> it's a vicious cycle. the dunes in need of repair
5:56 pm
force a second time this winter. in seaside heights, 30% of the dunes were lost. >> we were lucky, it's not as bad as anticipated. since storm sandy we are always cautious. >> an initial post storm assessment of the coastline by the state found pockets of moderate erosion but less overall compared to january's nor'easter. a section of dune in north wildwood collapsed in that storm, but not this time. >> the dune system is doing its job. it's our first line of defense. >> you claim the land, water will try to take it back. >> reporter: officials believe the fast-moving nature of this nor'easter helped them out and kept the damage from being worse. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. breaking weather news at 6:00, fall ice in center city where a major intersection is shut down because of that threat. and soda tax impact.
5:57 pm
how one local college says it is passing the cost of the new tax on to students. and one brave dog. why doctors at the university of pennsylvania are calling this pup a hero tonight. glenn? >> and i'm tracking another snow threat. this time for your weekend. details are in my most accurate forecast next at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
at 6:00, post storm pain. packed emergency rooms tonight as people slip on ice or have heart attacks while shoveling. >> there's so much snow on the roads, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: cars spinning to get free. as ice won't melt. and thousands without power for more than hours. 24 hours. >> there was tears. >> the aftermath of this winter storm gripping our region tonight. good evening, i'm jim ros rosenfield. right now at 6:00, snow showers passing through, it comes as most neighborhoods are dealing with the major winter storm. new tonight, philadelphia is worry being falling ice from city high rises. the high winds could send that ice plummeting on to sidewalks
6:00 pm
below. about 10,000 people still without power. some have been without light and heat for 24 hours. nbc 10 has been out in every part of our area today from the lehigh valley to the jersey shore. and in delaware, south jersey and philadelphia. some people are digging out, others are clearing ice and others are struggling to get around. landedy gyllenhaal is tracking the digout in allentown, and glenn "hurricane" schwartz has the forecast, but rosemary connors has the latest on the road being shut down. >> we are outside the loews hotel. they put up the caution tape and signs in front alerting people to the falling ice. now they're keeping everybody away from the sidewalk. but unfortunately the only option is to walk in the street close to the barricades. that's their best bet at this point. no reports of injuries.


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