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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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stay with us for updates on this breaking story. and our 20 minutes of non-stop news continues with 50,000 stolen jewels. 50,000 from rings, necklaces to coins, all recovered from a burglary ring across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. now police are trying to find the owners of these precious gems. >> police tell us the thieves went from house to house stealing the jewels before making a profit on jewellers row in center city. nbc 10's deanna durante got a first look at all that jewelry. >> she's joining us live from montgomery county. you even spoke with one of the people accused of selling these stolen jul stolen jewels. what do they have to say? >> reporter: he says he didn't do and police have no proof. police tell a different story. one of the reasons why they're showing off the property today is they say they want to reunite the stolen jewelry its owners and it could lead cases they didn't know about. diamonds, coins, rings and
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watch watches, some of the items police say was stolen. some of the crimes go back as far as 2013. police say they caught some of the suspected thieves in the act over the summer. and the case led them to a jewelry store, run by this man. in january, police executed warrants here and other shops they say he operated. >> a massive trove of jewelry, coins, watches, gemstones, silver houseware and cash. >> reporter: that's when he was arrested. they began with sorting what they found, some in buckets and some staffed in chests and some in the store. >> the setup was consistent with a large jewelry fencing operation that included pillow casewi cases is stolen jewelry. >> reporter: he told me police have no proof of the crimes he's charged would. >> i'm innocent and nothing besides that. >> we may discover more crimes
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that have occurred. and there is the possibility that some of this stolen jewelry came from other criminals. so we got a lot of work left to do here. >> reporter: police say they want to be if you own any of this stuff, they've set up a website where you can view the items and hopefully get them back. we've put a link on nbc there are specific instructions if you feel you're a victim of one of these crimes. what you need to do is go on to the website and find the item number with the thing you think is yours and there's an e-mail address for an officer in charge. you need to give her that item number, a description of what you lost and the police department that investigated the theft. and, again, if you think that you can get this item by showing up here, police say you must go through that website. reporting live, deanna let's go back up to sky force 10 live over center city as we tackle first alert weather right now.
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this is a problem in center city, grid lock because of ice falling from buildings and roads being closed. traffic in center city this afternoon is really tough. this is south broad street. you can see the northbound cars all backed up right there at a standstill for about seven blocks at last check. again, all because of the ice that's falling from buildings. now to a live look of boathouse row. very chilly for anybody out there trying to get along their afternoon walk or run. we can see the cameras blowing in the wind. the big chill not letting up anytime soon. >> no, glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking the pattern in your most accurate forecast. around for a while? >> we have a cold pattern that's going to last for at least another week getng some minor breaks, let's put it thatt the sunshine. it's still windy out there. the flag is still blowing pretty hard. and the temperatures, they're in the 30s, despite that sunshine.
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38 in philadelphia. 36 in potts town. 37 in wilmington. hardly any spot has gotten to 40. the average high is 53. so today's 38 is a little bit higher than the last couple. and we're going to go up a little bit friday and saturday. that's still well shy of that 53 degrees. the wind on top of that, this is the sustained wind which is pretty impressive. 25 at tom's river. dover air force base. wilmington. 21 miles an hour in philadelphia. and of course, there have been higher gusts than that. and as we go through the night tonight, of course, the temperature's going down with the clear skies. it will go down some more and at least the wind will be diminishing. it will still feel like it's in the teens by tomorrow morning. let you know when we might actually get back to 50 again coming up a little bit later. >> that would be nice, glenn,
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all right we'll see you soon. the bitter cold is not helping anyone trying to dig out in the lehigh valley. people chiselling at the snow piles with their shovels. trying to free their cars. randy gyllenhaal has that story. >> reporter: it's been two days since the storm, and finally mike keller ventured outside. >> too cold, too much snow. >> reporter: he hoped it would start to melt, no luck, his car frozen to the ground. >> it's wet and heavy. should have came out before. >> reporter: major streets in bethlehem are clear but alleyways and streets tough to navigate, even harder to find a parking spot. >> it's all ice and you start sliding forward. >> reporter: the busiest people, food delivery drivers. >> 11 hour day yesterday, 11 hours driving non-stop. >> reporter: at some drop offs, no tips, even worse their car is getting beat up from all the ice. >> we destroyed the bottom of
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our cars with all the ice. >> reporter: for those that could escape, ski resorts were the place to be, finally fresh snow covering all the trails. >> this is awesome. it's been fantastic. best day to ski in three or four years. >> reporter: until now, it had been a tough few months for ski resorts. some temperatures actually felt like spring. but now that 12 plus inches of powder has dropped, the season is going out with a bang. >> things were looking bleak. >> reporter: they say better late than never. >> it reignites the interest in winter sports that usually they're taking advantage of schools closed, that means a lot more kids taking lessons and on the slopes today. usually the most popular weekend here, martin luther king in january. this year might be st. patrick's day. live at bear creek, randy gyllenhaal. >> looks like you don't need any
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lessons. we want to see you doing some tricks while you're being recorded. >> or get on a snowboard. >> thanks. >> i do know how to snowboard, so maybe. >> we'll have to wait for that. whether they like it or not the lehigh valley and other parts of the area, they're going to see some more snow this weekend. >> i'm guessing the pocono mountains are loving it. you know, randy one of the only people probably having fun in the area because of all that ice. certainly, there is going to be a little bit more snow to add, just a little dusting to the ski slopes out there. beautiful for tomorrow, but tomorrow night we see clouds move in. look, another fast moving clipper coming in. by saturday morning at 5:00 it's going to be knocking on the door in philadelphia. we're going to see a mix, lehigh valley, you will see snow. philadelphia, could be another a little bit of a snow/sleet mix, maybe a little bit of rain out towards the beaches. all of this just sort of heads out of the area. what happens is, is it sort of
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backs up, retrogrades back against the coast and we pick up just a little bit more on sunday morning. so how much are we talking about? nothing like the last storm. this is not a real big deal, just adds insult to injury. that's what it does. so on saturday we're looking at maybe an inch in allentown, really not too much in use basi anything that falls will probably melt as soon as the sun comes up. overall this is what we're expecting. maybe three in allentown, a tad more up there at mount pocono we drop down to maybe an inch on the beaches. a lot of that is going to melt when the sun comes up. guys, back to you. >> tammy, thanks. lots of news coming out of washington today. first, leaders of the senate intelligence committee today saying there's no indication that trump tower was under surveillance before or after the election. just in the past few minutes, donald trump's spokesperson says the president believes former president obama wire tapped him. today, the white house revealed its $1.1 trillion
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spending plan. here are the winners and losers. winners? defense. which will see a $54 billion increase. $1.5 billion for a border wall. the department of veteran's affairs a $4.4 billion boost. as for the trimmed by 28% drop in funding. loses 14% of its philadelphia mayor jim kinneyto he says this bet philadelphiaen. sense and compassion and working families in philadelphia and across the rublican health bill passed another committeeee advanced the inst it.
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republicans ho new jersey senatorho who gathered to oppose the republicans' healthcare plan in burlington county . >> republicans like to say their plan will give americans more choice over their healthcare. but if you can't afford any of the choices, that's not a choice. >> a congressional budget office report out this week projects the gop healthcare plan would reduce the deficit by $337 million over a decade. the same report says the plan would increase the ranks of the uninsured by 14 million people next year alone. the white house disagrees with that estimate. there has been another setback for president trump's revised travel ban. a federal judge in maryland blocked the executive order this morning, a court in hawaii did the same thing last night. the president signed the revised ban last week, it was set to go into effect today. it targets six predominately
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muslim countries. in an exclusive interview on "the today show" this morning, the u.n. ambassador insisted it's not a muslim ban. >> it's not a muslim ban. i don't think we should ever ban anyone based on their religion. that is unamerican. >> the federal judge in hawaii rejected the government's claims that the ban is about national security and not discrimination. the immigration debate was center stage in delaware today. this group rallied in wilmington hours after the president's travel ban was blocked. they gathered at freedom plaza to call on governor carney to protect immigrants in the state. >> he is receptive but he has to take a stand. he can't stand on the sidelines. it's either a yes or no, it's not a maybe. >> the group that rallied here today released an open letter to the governor asking he use his authority to shield immigrants from deportation efforts. the case against a former
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teacher accused of pushing a child down a flight of steps at a delaware county day care is moving forward. she was arrested earlier this month after authorities say a camera caught her shoving the four-year-old child. she waived a court hearing today she is due back in court for her arraignment next month. the race for district attorney in philadelphia saw most of the candidates face off today. these are seven of the eight people competing to replace seth williams right here. the business association of west park side hosted this forum. the primary election is may 16th. >> this forum is really effective, i think. each of the candidates is specifically asking questions and it's great to have neighborhood people have a local business people sitting here, really holding them accountable for their answers. >> seth williams announced last month he would not seek another term as da. the fbi is looking into $160,000 worth of gifts williams received
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and did not report. he said the scrutiny has become too much attraction. the atlantic city mayor is expect today formally announce his campaign for reelection within the hour. four candidates are challenging him so far. he became atlantic city's first republican mayor since 1990 when he took office. lawmakers in new jersey are pushing back against governor christie's new gun regulation, the senate there voted to support a lawsuit which makes it easier to legally carry handguns there. a lehigh county lawmakers is sponsoring a bill that would protect school bus drivers who use epipens on students. those pens are used to stop deadly reactions. the state representative would prevent a driver after being sued after using one. ireland has come to our nation's capital in time for the
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st. patrick's day festivities tomorrow. the irish prime minister joined president trump this morning. the two will attend a reception at the white house this evening. all right. villanova men's basketball is on the road to repeat their national championship. >> wildcats going to take on mt. st. mary's tonight. nbc 10 is on the road as they begin their big dance in buffalo, new york. nbc 10's keith jones, did we mention he's a proud villanova aalmost? >> that's right. i know that. >> he's joining us live from buffalo. >> the team is set to leave their hotel within the next hour. nova nation, you included, showing up? >> reporter: no question about it. villanova fans finally got in. it was a long road, though, to buffalo whether you drove. there were whiteout conditions. if you flew there were hours of delays. they're here at the team hotel. look behind me you have merchandise being sold in advance of the wildcat walk you were referring to. they're going to come down the
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escalator, parade on through, cheerleaders the band, the alumni who expended nervous injury getting to know the city of buffalo. the city of good neighbors, thawing out, city hall standing tall in the sun. looking like a birthday cake. president william mckinley's monument welling fans. >> made it into buffalo, a scary landing with the weather but we're okay. no band members or cheerleaders are busted up we're good. >> chowing down on buffalo pizza with friends like senior mark bowers. >> we have locals here who have given us tips. >> reporter: not far, main street featuring chez buffalo. nearby the niagara mohawk building. this is shark girl, a selfie sensation. i guess you got to be from here. at least in the it's the shadow of the uss sullivan in the
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niagara river. which brings us to the fan's next stop. >> i'll have to take a trip to the falls and check them out. >> it's a little chillier and windier than i would like. the food is good, the people are really nice. it's been a good time so far. >> reporter: we're going to get to niagara falls in just a bit. in the meantime i promised to take you behind the scenes with exclusive content. i'm doing that right now. this is what the wildcats will do at about 4:50. all right. we're going to try to bring that to you live as the team comes down here, they parade on through the band and the cheerleaders and all of these fans that are just starting to gather right now. and we'll bring that to you live 4:50. stay tuned for that. we have great content here in buffalo in advance of the big game coming up later tonight. live at the team hotel here in buffalo. covering my alma mater villanova. >> so glad you're there. we know it's exciting for you and the whole team and nova nation. i can't believe you didn't take
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a selfie, mr. selfie yourself with that shark girl thing come on. >> reporter: i did. you got to check out my instagram page. i had to. i don't get it though, i don't understand. but you know what? it's just a short stop, hopefully the wildcats will advance past buffalo, go to new york city, plenty of different selfie stops in new york city. >> sure. yeah. that was a great tour of buffalo, thanks, keith. anticipation building at villanova tonight, nbc 10 was at the campus bookstore today as students got their gear and got ready to watch the wildcats battle in buffalo. it's where the road to repeat begins as we just heard. villanova will host a student watch party tonight on campus. it's the wildcats taking on the mountaineers, tip off is slated for 7:10 p.m. keith will be with the wildcats every step of the way so watch his live report from buffalo here on nbc 1010.
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when you said behind the scenes does it mean like he's going to be hanging out in the hotel rooms with them getting breakfast with them? i wouldn't be surprised. >> i wouldn't either. he's been talking about showing us exclusive behind the scenes video we haven't seen before. you got to watch that. a guy who is watching the skies for us, first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. the cold here is like buffalo. >> that's the problem he's got to be in buffalo to do the reporting. in the weather department, we say that buffalo has two seasons, winter and the fourth of july. it's a rough climate up there. 38 degrees with an 18 mile an hour sustained winds. almost like a buffalo march. you can see we're in the 30s everywhere. we're seeing a lot of sunshine which is something new. and the temperatures in new jersey, for example, mostly still in the 30s. got 38 at mullica hill.
4:19 pm
vineland. a couple spots that's hit 40, lumberton and medford. 39 in princeton. and of course, it's going to get colder once it gets dark. the wind gusts, well, they'll be going down after it gets dark, too. gusting 36 miles an hour in dover. 35 in tom's river. so not quite as gusty as it was yesterday. but, still, doesn't help when the wind is -- when the temperature is like, what we're seeing. it feels like it's 28 now in philadelphia. 22 in coatesville. which, again, ismore tolerable than yesterday. below normal but not quite as cold. we have to be concerned about the melting of the snow and refreezing every night.
4:20 pm
because it's going to be cold enough for that to happen. and there is that chance of more snow as tammy mentioned. one threat friday night into saturday morning. another part of the system saturday night into sunday morning. now, more accumulation in the areas that got the most accumulation with the last one. we're still kind of dry on the radar here. a few lake effect snow flurries. this is the next system that's going to be affecting us over the weekend. it's a long way away, getting into the dakotas now. temperatures in the teens, when the wind diminishes and we've got clear sky and we still have that snow cover, the temperature can really plunge even lower than the computer models would suggest. 22 in philadelphia. and then by afternoon, we're only in the mid30s. then as we go into saturday, take a look at these
4:21 pm
temperatures in the 30s across much of the area. north of philadelphia. so not only do we have that chance of snow by saturday morning, it could possibly stick a little bit, special up to the north. as the day goes on, that rain/snow line moves up but then another area starts to come in for saturday night and sunday morning. so like i said, two shots, neither of them are big storms. and so we just have to keep our eye on this. there is sunday morning with the different computer model. and we'll update the rest of the forecast coming up a little bit later. all right, glenn, see you soon. a mystery reader at a montgomery county elementary school reveals a big surprise. >> still ahead on nbc 10 news at 4:00, the surprise homecoming that a second grade student never saw coming. plus, the waiting game. one man says his tax return never showed up in his bank account until he finally called nbc 10 responds. how our team got him the
4:22 pm
thousands of dollars he was owed. and hacked on social media. coming up, the fallout after a tweet from mcdonald's account slamming president trump. >> first, here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. the dow was down 15 points. nasdaq up slightly and s&p 500 also down. dear fellow citizen,
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mcdonald's is blaming hackers for a tweet that slammed president trump on its official twitter page this morning. the tweet read, quoting here, you are actually a disgusting excuse of a president and we would love to have barack obama back. also you have tiny hands. end of quote. that was deleted a short time later but not before being retweeted. mcdonald's is investigating. it says its been notified by twitter that its account was
4:26 pm
compromised. britain's prince william in hot water. >> he was dancing at a night club at a swiss ski resort. you can see the prince. william was on the ski trip with friends while the queen and other royals attended a commonwealth day of service in london. british tabloids have been slamming the prince for skipping out on the royal engagement and are fuelling claims that the second in line to the throne doesn't work hard enough. well, the cold pattern continues and yeah, we're even tracking some more snow for the weekend. i'm tracking the conditions you can expect in your most accurate weather forecast next on nbc 10:00 news at all.
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back to the breaking news in center city, philadelphia. gridlock right now near city
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hall. it's all because of ice falling from buildings. you can see crews out there trying to get rid of that ice. nbc 10's george spencer is live in sky force 10 to fill us in, george? >> reporter: rosemary, talk about frigid work on this march day. these crews are just pulling up their lines on the top of the psfs building in center city after they have been working to knock the dangling ice off the edge of this building. we take a look at the traffic below. we can tell you some of the ice earlier in the day had been falling out on to the streets below. until just recently, market street in this area had been entirely closed to traffic. but since we were last above the scene, we can tell you it has reopened here east of city hall. this is big news, of course, for commuters who drive their cars in this area, but just as much for people who take septa buses. there are a number of major septa bus stops right here on market street east of city hall. market street in this area has reopened. it seems they've gotten a handle
4:31 pm
on the falling ice at least for today. that is the latest live in sky force 10. george spencer. >> thanks for that. and of course, a block over from market street we've got the flower show happening at the convention center. we know traffic has been busy there. >> traffic's been bad today and reopening the street is going to help just in time for the height of rush hour. the bitter cold is not helping with the icy conditions. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz, tracking the chill in your most accurate weather forecast. that's a pretty shot behind you though, glenn. >> yes, it is. we finally have some nice blue skies. it's been pretty gloomy around here along with the chill that we've been seeing. and it's also been really, really windy. temperatures in the 30s, just barely 40 in atlantic city and dover. the average temperature at this point of the day, this time of the year is 53. no where near it. the last few days, and even over the next couple we're still way short of that.
4:32 pm
and we don't really have a big change in the weather pattern for at least another week. current winds, sustained out of the northwest, 20-30 miles per hour. and that's sustained. continuous wind. that is making it tougher. now, the temperature is going to be going down rapidly during the night tonight because the wind is going to diminish. that's going to allow the temperature to really plummet, especially in the pa suburbs and lehigh valley. the low temperatures tonight, down into the teens because of that snow cover. but it is going to stay clear. we're going to have sunshine for a good bit of tomorrow. we'll see if that lasts through the weekend and it won't. coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, we'll see you shortly, thanks, glenn. now to nbc 10 responds. one of our viewers was looking forward to his nearly $7,000 tax return. >> i bet he was.
4:33 pm
problem though he never got it. for months, no one could help him find his cash. he turn today harry hairston and nbc 10 responds. uncle sam wants its money. when it comes to getting it back, what happened? >> wait a minute, give me my cash. >> come on. >> no one was able to help him. this turned out to be a classic case of shifting the blame. and finger pointing until we got involved. nathan and his dog bruno are new homeowners. >> we moved into this house. >> there are improvements to make. >> this air conditioner doesn't work right here. >> nathan planned to buy one with part of his 2016 tax return. but there was one problem. >> we never received anything. >> he says h. and r block entered the rowrong routing number. >> everything was wrong in terms
4:34 pm
of the information that was put in. >> his money went to someone else's account, at a bank he never used. he says h&r block told him he had to fix it on his own. >> you got to go to the bank that the money got deposited into. >> he says the bank told him to contact the irs. the irs declined to help. >> they said, look, because there was an electronic deposit, we're not at fault. >> after nearly a year of trying to get help he contacted nbc 10 responds. we contacted h&r block. the company told us the problem has been resolved and it regrets any convenience the situation caused. >> they were basically going to be eating the cost. >> h&r block sent him this check for $69.,969 which inkwludclude filing fee. >> looking pretty good there. i would be too getting that kind of money back. we spoke with a tax expert.
4:35 pm
to prevent this, review the routing number before anything else is filed. if you catch a problem within a few days, you can contact the irs and cancel the electronic deposit. if you catch it later, you can fill out this 3911 form on the irs website. again, folks, this is the 3911 form. that allows the irs to start digging deeper and try to rectify the situation. i'm also told the bank doesn't have to give you the money. >> it's incredible. and then he had to go to the irs and the irs said we can't help you. he waited a year to get his money back. >> a year. >> you finally came through for him. >> he got it back. >> new air conditioner, harry. >> let's go to our recovery counter. we're going to claim some recovery there. brings up to $387,276. money back for our viewers. >> nice work. if you have a consumer complaint for nbc 10 responds, fill out a form on nbc also give us a call if you
4:36 pm
prefer. any way you do it we'll respond. coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, scammers pretend to be utility companies, threatening to shut off your power. now harry arms you with the information to keep the lights on and the scammers out of your wallet. that's tomorrow on nbc 10 news today. here's a look at the other news we're following county by county. northhampton county, more than the name at the sands casino could be changing. mgm could have mobile checking and consearge service. camdom county, cemetery vandalism in philadelphia and other vandalism. the remarks will come in the wake of desecration of grave
4:37 pm
stones here. new castle county a perishable food distribution company is making big cuts to his work force. more than half of its 80 workers could lose their job. the lay offs are set. the last drive in theater is back open. they will have shows on fridays and saturday. this weekend, "kong skull island" and get out. let's go. love the drive in. all right. they're supposed to help protect you in a crash. >> now a major automaker is recalling dozens of cars because of seatbelt problems. ahead at 4:00 what you need to know if you own one of the cars. cuddling a cute baby has its benefits. how touch can help boost a premature baby's development.
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a loving touch not only helps soothe premature babies it also has effects on their brain. researchers measured premies who were touched in their early days had better reaction. hyundai is recalling a million cars in the u.s. because the front seatbelts could detach. it includes sonata and midsized sedans from 2011 to 2015. dealers will inspect the seat belts and repair them if needed. well, if you have not had enough snow, we've got more coming in time for the weekend. in the places that got the most from the last one. i'm tracking how much you can
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expect in your neighborhood in your most accurate weather forecast.
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google is about to give parents more control over what their kids watch online. it's called family link it allows users to establish a child's first google account then manage and track their screen time. it sets deadlines and controlling what apps their kids can use. for now it's only available on android. a collegeville second grader got the surprise of the lifetime. >> i love these stories. his father who has been deployed overseas came home for the ultimate reunion. he is an air force pilot, he's been in kuwait since october. 7-year-old owen and his brother
4:46 pm
have been living with their grandparents since then. >> thanks so much for making owen feel so welcome while he was here. as i'm sure you can imagine, it's tough to travel around and have to change schools often. >> he also took time to read to the class and answer all of their questions. i'm sure owen became the center of attention in school today. >> kind of mini me right there with his dad. so great they got that reunion. and the sacrifice they make. being away for so long from their kids. let's turn to our weather now. taking a live look at ben franklin parkway. this snow isn't going to melt anytime soon because it's cold and sticking around. >> it's not the type of snow that melts very quickly. it's solid and there's ice involved in there. and you need more than just rain and more than just above freezing temperatures to melt all of that. 38 degrees get a little bit of melting. that's a problem, too, because
4:47 pm
it refreezes at night. and we're above freezing everywhere. but not by a whole lot and at least we have sunshine. and in delaware, we're seeing temperatures near 40 degrees. newark, harmony hills at 39. middletown at 39 as well. and southern delaware mostly around 40. harrington, bridgeville, milton, lewis, all at 40 degrees. the current wind gusts, 30-40 miles per hour in many parts of the area. still windy dover air force base in the 30s all day. nothing on the radar close by. the next area to affect is coming into the northern plains. it's going to race eastward. it's not a major storm. it's certainly not going to affect anybody for st. patrick's day in the morning. it's going to be a little bit breezy. and then less wind as we go through the day. so really pretty decent day compared to what we've been seeing. five to ten mile an hour winds.
4:48 pm
fairmount 44 after that cold morning. allentown down into the teens. it is cold in the morning, but we at least get to 40 plus in the afternoon most of the area, alongport to 42. new jersey, delaware to 44. might even seem balmy getting into the 40s after the chill we've had. here we go through friday, things are nice and dry. friday night we're dry. here we go, right, saturday morning, there's the snow. this is the first part of the system, snow to the north, rain to the south. then as the day goes on. the rain spreads to the north. again, we're not talking about a big storm. saturday night. maybe even comes down through the philadelphia area and into sunday morning. got another model showing a little bit of light snow. so it's not anything like the last storm.
4:49 pm
by 1:00 saturday afternoon, a few places get about an inch. this is one of our computer models. an average of our models. philly around an inch. west chester, potts town, 2. allentown around 3. i don't see the potential for anything really big out of this. but it's a nuisance, an inconvenience that's for sure. there's the snow and the lehigh valley. a little bit lighter snow on sunday. high temperatures only in the 30s. so you get that one nice day tomorrow and then it gets not so great over the weekend. and there's the jersey shore and delaware, we got a mix of rain and snow on sunday after just rain on saturday. so yeah, it's not going to be the sunniest or warmest weekend. at least we can tell you it's not going to be a repeat of that last storm that we had, the amount of precipitation.
4:50 pm
it's going to be a fraction of what we had. >> you said the snow is difficult to melt. slow to melt because of that ice coverage the top. we just got an update from the streets department, they're actually sending crews back out this evening to tackle some of the residential streets that still need it. >> some of them are terrible. i rode through a couple coming to work today. and these two lane roads are now one lane and that's a problem. >> yeah, it's tough. >> thanks, glenn. let's go back to villanova wildcats, they're about to leave their hotel for their first game of the ncaa tournament. keith jones is joining us live. when is the team coming down the escalator, keith? >> reporter: five minutes. i feel like the most special villanova alum right now. if you could turn around and show everybody around us, there is alumni around us, the band is playing. we'll have it for you coming up, whether we take it live, whether
4:51 pm
we have it on tape. you're going to see when the villanova wild cats take the bus and get on out of here to the arena. ♪ leave it to the pros? i am a pro. i made this lawn from seed pride, and less water than you'd think. to those who'd say the grass is greener on the other side..
4:52 pm
i politely disagree. pennington smart seed. guaranteed to grow with 30% less water. reclaim your turf.
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4:54 pm
as we've bleen telling you the wild cats about to leave for the tournament. keith jones is once again live in buffalo, are they there? >> reporter: not quite yet. this is the beauty of live television right now. coach wright is on a strict schedule to get his team from this team hotel, the hyatt regency, down this escalator and then play for the fans as they parade all the way down through the cheerleaders, through the
4:55 pm
band and the alumni. i'm going to take a quick peek to see if they're on their way. i see some of the team coming all the way down the hallway. could be another 30 seconds or so. i'm going to make sure i step out in front of them. you'll see coach wright and his assistant coaches. see the merchandising table down there if you tilt down. you see jay wright's brand-new book here, attitude. they're selling them to the fans who are eating this up. again, about this time last year villanova would made the improbable run, number two seed defending national champions as they went all the way to houston, texas. took on oklahoma state. and then beat up on unc with that last second shot. i'm going to take one more peek, one second and they are not coming just yet. you know what we're going to do? we're going to make sure we get this on television for you, jim and rosemary. in the meantime look forward at 5:30 not only to the wildcat walk, a villanova tradition, but also a villanova alum who
4:56 pm
graduated more than 60 years ago and travelled up from florida. and they're still not there. beauty of live television. i could still -- look, what i'm going to do. this is beautiful. hey. >> there he goes again. >> reporter: i feel even more special. going on back down the escalator. this is what they're going to be doing. we'll make sure we get it to you on nbc 10. keith jones, covering my alma mater, villanova, baby. >> used to be the team manager, you can't corral them, get them down the escalator. >> that was your job before. >> we know you'll have it -- >> i don't have any pull anymore. >> we'll come back to you and check it out when it happens. next at 5:00, the white house not backing down on claims of wire tapping and surveillance the developing story next. when will your street get cleaned up from all the snow? the philadelphia streets department just gave us the answer. that story next at 5:00. and some of us best not put
4:57 pm
those snow shovels away. the map is quiet right now, but we'll be having some snow this weekend. all right. and this, back up, the train is coming. what amtrak says after this video went viral. you got to see this.
4:58 pm
this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
4:59 pm
ice dangers, tonight rush hour in center city is a mess. weekend snow, the timing on
5:00 pm
more winter weather headed our way. stolen jewels, our first look at the valuables swiped from homes and sold on jewellers row. we begin with this developing story. no wire tapping, this afternoon, the senate intelligence committee revealed it has no evidence of wire tapping at trump tower before or after the presidential election. but president trump is still standing by his claims that barack obama spied on him. nbc 10's harry hairston joins us live. >> president trump's press secretary just ended a press conference. sean spicer took question after question on today's decision by u.s. intelligence chiefs. he kept defending unfounded wire tap claims made by mr. trump against his predecessor. >> no. he stands by it again. you're mischaracterizing what happened today. no. no. i know, no. no. -- i understand


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