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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  March 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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lodge. charley hoffman and kevin kisner are tied for the lead.
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the end of the road. villanova's hopes for back-to-back championships ends in heartbreak today. celebration canceled. the fears that forced organizers to pull the plug on philadelphia's largest cinco de mayo event. another incident. for the second time in a week an intruder takes aim at the white house. everybody's just really bummed, and this is awful. >> right now at 6:00, heartbreak
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for nova nation. the defending champion wildcats were bounced from the ncaa tournament in a last-minute loss to wisconsin. good evening. i'm denise nakano. it came down to those final seconds. but villanova just couldn't come back. the loss busted brackets across the country and left nova fans stunned. and we have nbc 10 live team coverage of the wildcats' loss to wisconsin. keith jones is with the team in buffalo and csn's john clark watched the game with fans on campus. we begin tonight with keith. a tough day, keith, for nova. i know you're feeling it. >> reporter: as a graduate of villanova university, these are the worst live shots to do. so you're witnessing my nightmare right now. listen, it was a great game. wisconsin came out to play. they were the better team today. but you know what? i am so proud of my villanova wildcats. i think fans are as well. we handled oufl with class, dignity, and we're a proud bunch. down the hallway and the
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escalator, through the band, all the local fans who made the long trip. out of the locker room and into the limelight. nova nation was by their side and still bleeding blue and white. >> it's been a long ride. it's been tough. it's really tough. but we're hoping to do it next year. >> they played villanova basketball the whole way. a few shots didn't fall. a few shots fell for wisconsin. as coach rice said before, if anyone can beat us we'll tip our hat to them. >> i was there last year when they won the championship. at least they went out fighting. it was a good game. >> reporter: you know, our director just pointed out something to me. we are still the national champions until of course april 3rd. the villanova wildcats, by the way, they've got a quick turnaround. they've got to be at the airport here in buffalo by 8:00 p.m. the band and the cheer leahers will also follow them, fly out tonight. as for the fans, some of them weren't able to get flights out. some of them might be driving, probably hitting the road a bit early right now. but others like ourselves, mark behind the camera, and me, we've got to sleep on this one here
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and drive back in the morning. coming up at 11:00, what we'll show you is how fans are spending the night after such a crushing defeat. wisconsin ripping my heart out, denise. that's all i've got to say. for now live at the key bank center in buffalo. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> i can feel your pain coming through the screen. i really can. now let's head to villanova and csn's john clark. no celebrations on campus tonight i'm sure. >> reporter: i tell you what, you could see the emotion on nova students' faces. and this place emptied out really quick. a big difference from last year because of course we're standing under a chris jengins pokins po that game-winning shot last year. take a look at some of the faces. villanova students were shocked and stunned, and they really can't believe that it happened. they had such high expectations after being national champions last year, being the number one overall seed. and it's interesting. there was a lot of praying and nail biting going on here.
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and they handed out some mini basketballs to the students. some students used them as stress balls. and they were stunned when it was all over. >> this is devastating. i can't believe we didn't win. i'm devastated. >> it's just really unbelievable. like we had so much faith in the team. and they're playing out of character at all and it was really hard to watch. >> reporter: it really is amazing what a difference a year makes. last year chris jenkins hit the biggest shot ever in a national championship game to win it for villanova. he was 0 for 823 in the tournamt this year from three-point range. i'm john clark. we'll have more at 11:00. back to you, denise. >> all right, john, thank you so much. a dreary start to the weekend. kind of how nova fans are feeling right now. nbc 10 at the italian market where people dealt with a little rain as they did their shopping this afternoon. and tonight we are dealing with the fog.
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here's a live look at the battleship new jersey but it is really hard to make out the buildings in the background there. time for the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood forecast and for that let's go to meteorologist erica martin. it's really soupy out there. >> that's right, denise. really kind of dangerous in fact because the visibility right now is poor. our live look outside, here aqua cam we're not seeing very much as denise just mentioned. pretty much the fog is diminishing any visibility right now. so keep that in mind. take your time driving because we still do have some icy spots. visibility in and around delaware valley, 3/4 of a mile for quaker town, one for reading, three for pottstown locally in philadelphia 12 1/2 miles northeast philly 2:00 1/2 miles for you and wilmington your visibility is two miles. it will start to improve but that's not until overnight into tomorrow. neighborhoods right now for philadelphia seeing lots of 30s, upper 30s. 39% city, 39 port richmond. chestnut hill currently 37 degrees. the lehigh valley just a bit cooler in the low to mid 30s. 33 kutztown.
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walnut port currently at 33 degrees. here's why. right now we do have lots of clouds, mid up ander-level clouds, and coming up in just a bit we're going to talk about the fact that we do have some light rain moving through and possibly some freezing drizzle but the good news is, denise, on sunday we get some sunshine. back to you. >> thanks, erica. tonight burks county immigrant families are making their voices heard against a possible plan that would let local police act as krim grace agents. demonstrators hit the streets in reading. according to published reports, the county sheriff is trying to make the county the first in pennsylvania to sign an agreement that would let officers question anyone's immigration status. supporters say it will increase safety while critics say it would cause fear and distrust. now to a story you saw first
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on the nbc 10 app. philadelphia's largest cinco de mayo event won't happen this year. organizeers are canceling the carnaval depuebla parade and celebration because of fear brought on by a federal immigration crackdown. nbc 10's drew smith is live in philadelphia. you've spoke nguyen people who took part in this parade for years now. >> this is one of the blocks that comes alive during the parade because so many of the mexican-owned businesses are down here. but since nbc 10 broke this news, there have been feelings of both sadness and also that this was a necessary move. el carnaval del puebla turns ninth street in south philly into one big fiesta. people captured the cinco de mayo celebrations in years past in these videos shared online. >> i've been in the carnaval for almost eight years. so it's going to be really hard ton do it this year. >> reporter: rosalina de los
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santos will miss the event but she understands where the decision to cancel is coming from. >> for me it's fine we're not going to do it this year because i care about our community. >> reporter: an organizer tells nbc 10 that reports of large-scale arrests by immigration and customs enforcement are creating fear and that led to the end of plans for carnaval. >> everyone's afraid because they're saying that pretty much i.c.e. is going to come in out of nowhere. >> reporter: in response a spokesman said i.c.e.'s enforcement actions are targeted and lead driven. they don't conduct sweeps or raids that target aliens indiscriminately. but still festival organizers claim i.c.e.'s actions are offensive. sought event is off. >> people aren't in hiding or anything like that. >> reporter: we also checked in with philadelphia's mayor jim kenny who said "i'm devastated to hear that i.c.e. had such a chilling effect that philadelphians don't feel comfortable engaging in this
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celebration. he said he will do whatever possible to bring back the event in future years. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, drew. philadelphia's archbishop is urging catholics from across the region to come to a prayer service for immigrants and refugees tomorrow. but archbishop charles hughes says he recognizes those in the country undocumented may not feel comfortable showing up because of recent tensions and deportations across the country. the service is scheduled for tomorrow at 4:00 at the cathedral basilica st. peter and paul. and new video tonight on nbc 10. a roof collapse in west philadelphia while people were inside this home. take a look. you can see the roof of the front porch in pieces and caved in. it happened just after 8:00 this morning at the corner of race and barton street. everyone got out safely and was still working to find out exactly what caused this collapse. a pennsylvania republican congressman became the first member of congress to hold a live town hall since president trump took office, and it was
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rowdy to say the least. inside the red lion area junior high school, nearly 400 people badgered congressman scott perry, rarely letting him finish answering questions. the one time he drew cheers was when he told the crowd he's not on board with the republicans' health care bill. up next, airport attack. tonight we're learning new details about the man shot dead inside a crowded paris airport. white house lockdown. the secret service stops a would-be intruder in washington. how close he got to getting inside. and neighbors helping neighbors. how local block captains are spending this saturday working to keep their communities safe.
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tonight we're learning new details on the man shot dead after he took a soldier hostage at an airport in paris. prosecutors say french soldiers shot zaid ben belgasem at orly airport after he wrestled away a
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rifle from a sxoej used her as a shield. we know the attacker is 39 years old, born in france, and was flagged once or twice before for suspected radicalism while he was in prison. tonight one man is under arrest in washington after he tried to get on the white house grounds. white house press secretary sean spicer says the man jumped a bike rack on pennsylvania avenue but never made it on the white house property. that triggered a lockdown. president trump is not in washington this weekend. he's back at his mar-a-lago estate in palm beach, florida. this comes just a week after another man got over a perimeter fence to try to get inside the white house. making prom dreams come true. today some local teens got a helping hand from their very own fairy godmother. erica? >> all right. i'm tracking some light drizzle locally, some areas of patchy fog, and also some light drizzle through the overnight hours. but tracking some sunshine for sunday. i have your most accurate forecast coming up in just a bit.
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from fixing potholes to finding jobs for young people, block captains met with city leaders for a boot camp at st. joseph's university this morning. it is the ninth block captain boot camp hosted by city councilman curtis jones jr. the councilman says it's all about knowledge and empowerment for the block captain. >> we tried tome power them with everything that we can from recycling bnz to ipads because they don't get paid to do this. but if they don't do this our community suffers. >> i'm hoping to learn about some benefits and things i can take back to my block to share with my neighbors so we all can live a little more peacefully. >> workshops included block captain 101, livable communities, public safety, oem, and what the state can do for you. some kids in chester county got a chance to build their dream home. around 100 model homes filled a
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gymnasium at a school in exton this morning. this is the 14th year chester county's habitat for humanity held a build a house, build a dream event. the local fifth-graders are 1yu7b8gd on creativity and design. that's nbc 10's katy zachry. she served as emcee. money raised from this event helps build homes for families in need. prom season just around the corner and the first ingredient for the perfect prom night, the right dress. but let's face it, prom can be very expensive. but today these dresses were free. the first ever prom boutique opened today in kensington. racks of dresses lined the walls at the community center at visitation. of course you can't complete the perfect prom look without the right shoes and jewelry. organizers hope to make this a yearly event. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. i'm first alert
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meteorologist erica martin, and deni denise, i have to add i have to make sure i forecast for these proms, i want to make sure they have perfect weather. meantime, not so perfect. we're seeing some areas of drizzle and patchy fog. live look outside. you can see the drizzle and the visibility is poor right now. get to that in just one moment but we do have some weather headlines that top off with that drizzle. foggy area of course. especially in and around philadelphia. and kind of a damp soggy evening and night in the forecast. on sunday we have a chance of an a.m. mix, especially north and west of i-95. but then the sun does finally come out but we do have a breezy sunday on tap. next week on monday the first day of spring although we will not feel like temperatures will be below average, we do have a warm-up in the works and i'll get to that in the ten-day on 10:00. visibility right now for northeast philadelphia. three miles. 2 1/2 miles for philadelphia. blue belfour, wilmington two,
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doilztown five, trenton three miles visibility. so take your time driving along the jersey shore. just a quarter of a mime for atlantic city and just under 2 1/2 miles for wildwood. so again, that's a little bit of an issue right now but no worries, it will start to imp f improve overnight to tomorrow. allentown 34. philadelphia 38. today's high temperature in philadelphia 42 degrees. so still below average. which is 53 for this time of the year. satellite and radar image pic picking up on some clouds. telling me we have some thick mid and upper-level clouds. we're seeing some light rains not making it to the ground but i am tracking some light drizzle and possibly a wintry mix. i'll time it out for you hour by hour. we do have this weak area of low pressure hovering right around pennsylvania. and notice we have a stationary boundary here. but the good news is we do have this cold front sweeping on through and a high pressure system right behind that. so that does mean we'll see a
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clearing. hour by hour forecast on saturday starting at 6:00 p.m. notice this isn't very organized and in fact mount pocono getting reports of some light snow. otherwise, for the most part we're not seeing much here. some light rain in and around philadelphia, around 11:00 p.m. certainly not going to be a washout. parts of delaware, newcastle county, you may see some light snow early tomorrow morning. but this system does clear out and, i want to pause this at 2:00 a.m. finally sunshine that will help melt the icy spots. overnight lows in the 30s for everybody including allentown. low 30s for you. and your ten-day on 10:00 brings us that warm-up and the first day of spring, we are liking this. by monday into tuesday we're seeing 50s and a windy saturday but this is my thick of the week. that's next saturday. we're going to hit 60s. here's danny with sports. >> erica, thank you. dontaye devicenzo came to nova's rescue in their first-round win over st. mary's.
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would he rescue them again? we'll tell you how they fared against a tough wes which is squad that took them down to the final ticks. highlights and reaction next in ports.
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breaking news out of the music world. legendary musician and rock and roll icon chuck berry is dead. berry had hits like "johnny b. good" and creating the rock and roll sound. he was 90 years old. . good to see you at always. i'm danny pommells from csn. villanova's quest for back-to-back national championships continued this afternoon. the cats the first overall seed in the tournament to face a much different test in the form of eighth seed wisconsin.
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than their opening round opponent mount st. mary's. let's see how things shook out in buffalo. this was tight from start to finish. chris jenkins once again started from the field, finishing 4 for 22 in ncaa tournament play. on the flip side dante devicenzo. nigel hayes puts the badgers up late. he and josh hart shared a game-high 19 points. but it was hard who was called f for late travel that did the cats in. they are out of the tournament with a loss to wisconsin. >> great college basketball game. just fun to be a part of it and give wisconsin a lot of credit. we played tough. that's what ncaa tournament games come down to. down the stretch they made two great offensive plays, two great stops. >> wanted to get the ball to
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jaylen and come down to the half-court and run a play. they picked this up full court and we couldn't get it to them. passed it to me and we went to a ball screen. that was about it. wisconsin made a heck of a defensive play. >> hats off to nova on a great season. let's turn to the boys of summer who are beginning to wrap up their spring commitment. the phillies hosting the pirates in clearwater this afternoon. the game gave proof it's still spring training for everyone on the roster including third baseman mike del franco. trying to go to the backhand. john jaso from second. pirates up 1-0. that was in the second. now we turn to the third. phil gosselin spanks one to center with runners on the corners. roman quinn can't bring it in. that scores a pair. they called a triple for -- did leave the yard late but it still added up to an ugly phillies lost. they dropped it to the pirates 13-8. to the ice now.
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thursday night was one to forget for the fly sxwrerz their fans. they had to endure their team getting roughed up 6-2 for the devils. steve mason left early thanks to cram cramps. mason able to get back outn't ice. it's been a tough year for the goaltender who's battled injury and had to fight for playing time with michal noyberg. >> we can't go from having one of our best games all year with pittsburgh and coming around the next night against jersey with that kind of outcome and overall team game. you know, it's just something that we continually seem to be talking about. that's what makes good teams. that's what separates them, is the consistency on any given night, what kind of effort everybody's going to have. so i think we're aware that it wasn't good enough, and we have
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to come back tomorrow night and have a much better game to a man. >> late-night doubleheader in south philly tomorrow. sixers early, flyers and hurricanes at 7:30 tomorrow. just 12 games remaining on the season dot flyers. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells. denise, back to you. >> danny, thanks so much. final check of the forecast with erica, and we are thawing out. >> that's right. we are thawing out. that's really some great news. here are the temperatures for the next couple days. look at this. we're seeing 40s tomorrow and we're going to get a quick nix but then we're going to see sunshine on sunday. we love it. first day of spring is on monday. 50s monday, tuesday. and then 60s next week. something to look forward to. not that bad a week considering how cold it's been. >> 50s right on track for the first day of spring. >> we love it. >> thanks so much. for erica and danny and all of us here i'm denise nakano. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. nbc "nightly news" is next. for news and weather updates anytime head to go nova. .
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on this saturday night, airport attacker. chaotic moments in a paris terminal as a man grabs a soldier's machine gun before he's shot and killed. a terror investigation now under way. attack by tweet. a man charged for sending a tweet the fbi caused a prominent journalist to suffer a seizure. what could be a new frontier in cyber crime. life and death. critical medical research facing big cuts in the president's budget. tonight how the funding has helped save lives. fear on the freeway. a new warning to drivers in california after another motorist is shot. and let's dance. how they begin the day in a school where tradition provides an important lesson. "nightly news" begins


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