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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  March 19, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," the end of the road for villanova. top-ranked team bowed out early bussing brackets and leafing fans feeling deplated. jury selection begins in trial of former penn university president graham spaniard. drying out. we take a live look at cape may along the jersey shore. clouds are clearing out for this, the last full day of winter. good morning, everyone. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm ted greenberg. 10:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. thanks for being with us. right outside in our area up
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here in philadelphia, the clouds are started to move out. much sunnier and blue skies. >> you know, ted, things are starting to look a lot better in areas like philly and parts of the suburbs. you go south and we still have clouds and even farther south we still have just very light rain that is still falling. that's over parts of delaware here. we did see more of a steady rain as we looked early on, 5:00, 6:00 a.m. lingering near cape may and suffolk county. this is moving out as we speak. in the next half hour expect if you are in delaware, you will see all rain cease in the area. it's still cold this morning. these are your feels-like temps. 32 in allentown and only 27 in pottstown. atlantic city at 29 for the current feels-like temperature. so, it feels colder than it actually is. most are above freezing right now. as we get into the afternoon, temperatures climb a bit more. we are tracking changes once we move forward.
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decreasing clouds across the entire region. warming to the 50s as we get into your work week and theexls extended ten-day forecast. we'll go over all this in a little more detail coming up in a few minutes. >> see you then. this morning dreams of a repeat are dashed for the villanova wildcats and their fans. the team was eliminated from the ncaa tourn aamt surprise second-round loss. nbc10's matt delucia is life on the villanova campus where the team arrives late last night. big bummer, matt. >> reporter: big bummer. it was not the comeback they were hoping for to campus, having to come back after a loss like that. especially in the second round. a lot of the fans and even the team were hoping they'd make it much farther than this. the wildcats went into this ncaa tournament as the number one overall seed, but in buffalo yesterday, it eighth seed wisconsin badgers who battled them for the win. 65-62 the final score there. three points.
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another game coming down to the final seconds. this time the wildcats could not quite a few fans made the trip up to western new york to watch >> a few days we'll say 32-4 aut hurts tonight. >> feeling the pain but i feel for our team and thestf and the everyone affiliated with the team. it's toughest on them. >> everyone here is feeling deflated this morning. the team came home last night. fans waiting for the bus on campus welcoming them back after a hard-fought season. not one to be scoffed at. quite a few accomplishments. coach wright said the team is feeling sxhurt dhurt and disapp but they'll prepare for next season. for now live at villanova, matt
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delucia, "nbc10 news." >. csn was on campus last night and here's what some of the students had to say moments after the game ended. >> devastating. i can't believe we didn't win. i'm devastated. >> i'm shocked. we had villanova going all the way. >> we have a lot of talent coming in. we have a lot of good players staying. i'm not -- i can't be so down right now because it's addition that step back we need to go back up. >> unfortunately, this year villanova will not be one of the final 16 teams to compete in the tournament. we'll have much more reaction to the loss coming up in sports. new this morning, one person is dead, another in critical condition after a car crash in philadelphia. nbc10 was in hunting park where witnesses say they saw a car speed over a bridge, lose control and hit another car after midnight. police now investigating. now to a story we brought you new at 11:00 last night.
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philadelphia police are probing a bizarre crime vofling a man who was tied up, shot and held captive for more than a week. the victim escaped from this house in kensington yesterday. police say it was a week ago friday when a group of armed men forced the victim into the house to try to collect on a drug debt. when the man tried to leave, he was shot in the leg. police arrested one suspect. the victim was checked out at the hospital. also this morning, philadelphia police are looking into a deadly shooting in east mt. airy last night. police tell us the victim was shot several times. so far no arrests in the case. happening today, philadelphia afternoon bishop is urging catholics to attend a prayer service for immigrants and refugees. taking a life look here at the cathedral basilica of st. peter and paul in center city. he recognizes undocumented
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immigrants may not feel comfortable showing up because of recent detentions and deportations around the country. in berks county, families are making their voices heard against the possible plan that would let local police act as immigration agents. demonstrators hit the streets in reading yesterday. the sheriff is trying to make the county the first in pennsylvania to sign an agreement. it would let officers question anyone's immigration status. supporters say it will increase safety. critics say it would cause fear and distrust. jury selection begins tomorrow in harrisburg in the child endangerment trial of former penn state university spaniard. he is accused of covering up allegations of child sex abuse in the jerry sandusky case. two former penn state officials pleaded guilty in the case last week. they could be called to testify at spaniard's trial. the former school president maintains his innocence.
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remembering the man regarded as the father of rock 'n' roll. next we take a look back at chuck berry's legendary music career and explain how his impact will liv on. plus, mid-county slowdown. if you travel the pennsylvania turnpike and use ez pass, your commute will be a bit different starting tonight. hear what's happening and how long it's expected to last. hello, peco. so i'm calling to see if you can help me save on my energy bill.
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welcome back. we're taking a look at your wind forecast for today. winds today instead of coming from the east which will keep temperatures stagnant through the day, where they were to start, they're coming from the north. still cooler air in place and we're talking below average temperatures but its a help in change. we're looking at wind speeds sustaining or constant, right around 15 miles per hour but gusts up to 25 miles an hour.
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a little breezy today. might want to put a little extra hairspray on if you're getting outdoors later on or toss on the cap before you get out the door. as for your feels-like temperatures, they'll be lower than truly is because of those winds. feeling like the 30s, upper 20s right now. we go through noontime. temperatures feel like mid to upper 30s. 36 in filly and lynwood, 35 for wilmington. then we go to your afternoon hours about 4:30. it will be more like upper 40s through much of our area but feel a little cooler because of the winds. as we go overnight into your monday, we'll start to see that drop down again but overall, we're warming in the days to come. we'll talk more about that warm-up in a few minutes. ♪ founding father of rock 'n' roll is dead this morning fans around the world are remembering chuck berry.
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the gifted guitar pioneer and duck-walking singer passed away at his home near st. louis yesterday. chuck berry was 90 years old. we report on how his legend will liv on. >> reporter: chuck berry's life and influence can be summed up in three words -- rock 'n' roll. >> he's a legacy. he's a legacy to music. he's a legacy to rock 'n' roll. he's a legacy to the blues. and to guitar in itself. >> reporter: the pioneering guitar is first began making a name for himself in the 1950s. his showmanship on stage from his dance to posturing coupled with compelling lyrics set him apart. "johnny b. goode," "sweet 16" and "roll over beethoven" are some of his biggest hits. >> at the right time when afro-american music was spilling over into the mainstream. >> reporter: despite not putting out new music for nearly four
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decades, new generations continue to be directly and indirectly influenced by the legendary artist, including university of the arts guitarist sam, who was first introduced to berry's music at a concert. >> it was pretty old at the time but he was still doing the duck walk and everything. and it was like addition it was pretty inspiring. >> reporter: berry continued performing well into his 80s. it's hard to find awards he did not receive. >> weave lost so many great musicians. more contemporaries. yet he's sort of their father. >> reporter: in get his songs will play on. chuck berry was 90 years old. >> 12 minutes after 10:00. breaking barriers and turning heads. all of it on ice. next we'll introduce you to t teenage hockey player whose love of the sport puts her in a unique position playing alongside only boys. also, early exit. wildcats fans didn't expect the
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team's early elimination. ahead in sports, we have more reaction to villanova's loss in the
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taking a live look outside cape may, new jersey. watching this closely because this is going to one of the zones in southern delaware that lass see the clouds moving out. they're hanging out he startedy because the rain that was falling hasin actually stopped pretty much our entire viewing zone aside from just some isolated showers that are hanging over parts of southern delawa of cape may county. everyone else that were focused on instead is the view. that's the gray color you see. we're looking at more of a mix lo mostly sunny conditions by the afternoon. in fact, right now in philly we're seeing quite a bit ofnice your sunday. much better than what we saw
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saturday. your neighborhoods are in the e like 34 degrees township. exton at 38 degrees. milford township, a littleer, a reading right now. temperatures are going to be looking mid-40s through parts of the suburb. wind gusts, most areas aren't aren't quite strong enough to report. we have gustsp an hour in coatesville and 21 in trenton. starting to get a little breezy out there. this will continue as we go through the rest of the 25 here's the hour by hour. scattered cloudsin a.m. to lunch hour. they start to thin out by the late afternoon, overnight and into tomorrow morning. we talk a mostly sunny start to
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the forecast as we begin your work week. temperatures are climbing as we speak. 47 is the forecast high in philly today. the average is 54, so we'll still be below average. yesterday we only had 42. we are warmer than saturday. suburbs, 45. south jersey at 48. and the shore, 44. all of us by late in the day do see that nice mix of sunshine and some clouds. then the temperatures continue to boost up. 51 degrees in philly for your monday. the lehigh valley, 46 degrees. delaware at 52. still a mix of clouds and sun leaning towards the sun. we start to see changes tuesday and beyond. we'll talk about that ten day on 10 coming up. new this morning, the spacex dragon cargo ship left the international space station and is now on its way back to earth. the ship is set to splash down in the pacific ocean within the hour.
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teams will retrieve a capsule that will be carrying thousands of pounds of scientific examples. north korea is claiming success of the test of a new high thrust engine to propel its rocket. the state news agency says leader kim jong-un attended the test. they say it will be used to launch satellites as part of a peace space program. the u.s. and other nations are questioning that account. earlier this morning i talked live with "meet the press" moderator chuck todd about president trump's surveillance claim against former president barack obama. mr. trump has offered no proof but he suggested both he and german chancellor angela merkel were wiretapped by obama. >> what does that say about americans and world leaders, like merkel, taking the president at his word? >> i think right now they don't take the president at his word, per se. you certainly can't take this accusation at his word right now. that is something that over time
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is going to need the credibility that comes with the office of the presidency. >> chuck will sit down today with white house budget director mick mulvaney and talk with congressman adam schiff of the intel committee about the president's wiretapping claim. "meet the press" coming your way in just a few minutes from now at 10:30 right here on nbc10. a young hockey player in philadelphia is making a name for herself on the ice. nbc10's katy zachry shows us how this teen is breaking barriers and gang the respect of her peers. >> it's really fun to just get moving. >> reporter: ainsley rexford is not your typical teenage athlete. >> ice hockey, you have to be in really, really good shape. >> reporter: she plays hockey, plays it well, and she competes with the boys.
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>> i love this sport. identify always grown up playing at this rink and they only have one team. it just happens to be a boys' team. >> reporter: she learned to play nearly a decade ago on this very ice at philadelphia's wissahickon skating club. she doesn't just play on the boys' team, she's their captain. >> i was just, like, kind of surprised and honored they would pick me. it's not really different than any other team i've been a part of. the boys are really welcoming and supportive of me playing with them. >> reporter: though she's had her share of run-ins on the ice with those who aren't as supportive of her playing in a boys' league. >> i brush it off, keep playing my game, doing what i do. i don't let them affect what i say. and there's not that much that they're saying that can affect how i play. >> reporter: it turns out, ainsley isn't just a lead other this ice. she's in eighth grade and plays
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for her school's boys' hockey team as well, where she was recently named mvp. >> i love this sport. >> reporter: in chestnut hill, katy zachry, nbc10 news. good morning. good to see you as always. since florida won its second straight national title in 2007, no reigning champion has made it past the sweet 16, a trend that continued with nova bowing out in the second round. tied 62-62, badgers get it to nijal hayes. what a sick move on the baseline to fool a defender. nicefinish. cats get a final look with plenty of time. trailing by two. josh hart takes the inbounds, walks the ball up the court, takes it into the paint, draws
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two defenders but doesn't get much elevation as the defenders converge and that was it. noti best chance as they fall to badgers 65-62. a look at cats returning to campus late last night. a bittersweet end a group of seniors who never lost two games in a row. jay wright and remaining players forced to wait until next year. great college basketball game. just fun to be a part of. give wisconsin a lot of credit. they played a lot of great games. proud of our guys. we played tough. battled. these were ncaa tournament games come down to. down the stretch they made two great offensive plays, two great defensive stops. >> i'm always going to be with my brothers. i'm not going to be there on the court making plays with them but talking to them all the time,
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texting them, facetiming them. those are my brothers for life, regardless of this year. we're close on and off the court. that bond will never be broken. >> props to nova on a great season. to the boys of summer beginning to wrap up their spring commitments. phillies hosing the pirates in clearwater yet. let's have a look. not many bright spots on this one, but this is one of them. catcher ryan hanigan in foul territory. tracking it. bobbles it. rofrz to make difing catch. was a losing effort but we enjoy knock off fills 13-8. to the pitch, the union haven't won yet this season but haven't lost either. two draws in two games. the boys in blue visiting orlando city fc last night. orlando with a goal and they score in the second.
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union leveled things up. orlando retook the lead inpage . follows nicely to el peno but his shot can only strike the l . necessity lose and take it on the chin for the first time in year, 2-1 to orlando. that's a look at sports.
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. cherry hills planning board will hold a hearing to get the construction complex. township says this could attract more people to the area but residents worry about how project will affect nearby wooded areas and their neighborhood. if the planning board aproves the plan, the project will then go to township council for a vote. we have a travel alert for drivers who use the pennsylvania turnpi turnpike's mid-county interchange. the express ez pass lanes will be closed in both drictiondz
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starting at 6:00 and remain shut down for three weeks so crews can upgrade overhead electronic tolling equipment. during the project drivers can still use the traditional ez pass lanes next to the express lanes. we are counting down to spring. it officially starts tomorrow at 6:29. first day of spring, known as the vernal equinox, gives us an equal 12 hours of both daylight and darkness. on this eve of spring, its the final day for the philadelphia flower show at the pennsylvania convention center. the doors are open today until 6:00 tonight. the highlight of the show's finale is the annual teddy bear tea party for the kids. always beautiful there. i'm ready to say good-bye to winter. >> yeah, i think so. we've still got snow on the ground, piled up in a few areas. that's going to start melting off even more today. a life look outside cape may where we still have cloudy conditions because this is going to be the last spot to see the clouds move out and the sun
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break through. already seeing it in filly. 47 for the forecast high today. 51 monday. 56 by tuesday, which is actually closer to average. the morning showers and otherwise we'll stay dry until the weekend. we also sneak in some 60s to the forecast. >> that sounds good. hello, spring. >> seriously. thank you for being with us. that's "nbc 10 news today" for sunday. "meet the press" is coming up next. for all of us here, have a great sunday.
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this sunday, credibility crisis. president trump's unapologetic defense of his unsubstantiated claims. >> as far as wiretapping, i guess -- you know, this past administration -- at least we have something in common perhaps. >> did president obama wiretap mr. trump? the former head of u.s. intelligence -- >> there was no such wiretap activity. >> the speaker of the house. >> i have not seen any evidence of this. >> the republican house intel chair. >> we don't have any evidence that that took place. >> the top democrat on the house intel committee. >> thus far we have seen no basis for that whatsoever. >> now fbi director james comey will testify before the house tomorrow on spy claims and on russia's role in the


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