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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  March 20, 2017 6:00am-6:50am EDT

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drowsy. safety experts prepared to take action on a growing program on our tion roads. 6:00 a.m. on the nose. good monday morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> we've got less than a half an hour from the start of spring. bill henley explain to us what's on your tie, would you? >> those would be flowers. springwers >> very nice. >> go ahead, take that, snap be atheautiful day. spring begins in 28 minutes. and it's going to be a beautiful spring day. but may have to wear a pretty good coat this morning. there's a little breeze in the lehigh valley, 30 degrees there, 35 in philadelphia. we'll see lots of sunshine. look at the warmup. 37 degrees at 9:00, 44 at noontime and we're on track for
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50s this teeverywhere. the exception will be the suburbs close to 50 this afternoon and 46 degrees in the lehigh valley. a little cooler at the shore. the shore communities will be 48 degrees. the wind blowing at the shore right now. in the 50s this afternoon for delaware. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour to show you what it looks like in your neighborhood when spring is sprung this morning. but first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. watching a disabled vehicle here around our cameras at broad street. you can see this in the southbound shoulder. the traffic is still moving by np not cau. not causing a huge problem. there's a lower privilege on ridge pike. and in willingboro we're watching the clearing of this scene. earlier route 130 headed soou crash. and the northbound side has two
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lanes blocked. now lanes are blocked in both directions but the lanes are open. ending with mass transit, 20-minute delays with mccall call problems on win train. we just learned that investigators arrested the suspect a short time ago. matt delucia is live on the scene with the breaking details. tell us what you know. >> reporter: we just any new details. it happened along this parking lot. it happened just after 4:00 this morning. police tell me it was struggle and an officer was thrown the to ground. the suspect i'm told is a teenager. a an officer was responding to a call for a m a gun.
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when he got here he saw the man. he stopped him and tried to frisk him. that is when the struggle began. >> the suspect was able to pick up the officer and actually body slam the officer violently onto the parking lot. so fortunately he is in stable temporarily did lose consciousness when he hit his head. >> reporter: the officer is expected to be okay. the suspect ran away but he was found 20 minutes laterom he beh in the parking lot. the officer positively identified the man at the hospital. this man fits the description of a man who robbed a 7-eleven right over here yesterday morning. he could be charged in a second incident here. the investigation is under way. and the police are still trying to find a gun that that man was reportedly holding at that time.
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matt delucia, nbc 10 news. it's 6:03. new overnight. a man is dead after his car crashed in philadelphia's winfield heights neighborhood. the police say the man hit a traffic light pole near city avenue around 2:30 this morning. philadelphia police investigating a deadly shooting. a mann was shot in the back of his head at close range in logan. police don't know the man's identity and they plan to look at surveillance cameras in the happening today in harrisburg, jury selection begins in the child of graham s. he's accused of mishandling complaints of child abuse in the sandusky trial. two former officials who plead guilty last week could testify against span jer. the school commission led by the fbi director concluded that spannier, the two officials and
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jo paterno concealed facts about sandusky's child abuse. now to a traffic alert for anyone who uses the mid county tolls in montgomery county. the easy pass express lanes are closed right now and will be for three weeks. here's a live look at the scene. work is under way at the interchange to upgrade the overhead electronic tol equipment. you can use the regular pass lanes but not the express lanes. happening today, president donald trump will hold a rally louisville, kentucky to push the american health care bill. he could find kentucky aha hard sale for repealing and replace l obamacare. under the bill the state brought or expanded health coverage to nearly half a million people there. brian fitzpatrick is the first republican from the philadelphia area to say that he won't vote for the new health . he put out a statement on facebook saying that the plan
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will negatively impact the big issue in his district which isa. fitzpatrick did not rule out voting in favor of the bim if it is modified. speaker paulike to see some changes made to offer more help to older people who are not yet eligible for medicare. he feels good about the bill's prospects but acknowledged that the house leadership was fine tuning the bill to reflect people's concerns. a house bill vote is expected on thursday. happening today, senator bob casey plans to voice his concerns about president trump's proposed cuts to the environmental tro text agency budget. the senator and environmental w conference at 30th street station today. and president trump's approval ratowest point. a new gallop poll shows 37% of
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people approve of his performance, 58% disapprove. this is the lowest since harry truman in 1945. new marching orders for the marines. the marines issued a new social media policy after former and current female marines reported their pictures were posted on social media without their consent. the new policy will lay out the professional and legal consequences for the conduct. all marines will be required to sign a statement saying they've read and understand the new guidelines. uber president jeff jones is resigning less than a year after taking the job. he's leaving after a number of controversy at the company, including multiple sexual harassment allegations and then there was this video you remember when he was arguing with one of his drivers. 6:07. we're about minutes away from spring being ushered in as we give you a live look at center city and the
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the comcast tower lit up, swell liberty one and two. it's going to be hopefully a nice day. already 35 degrees. let's check in with bill henley. >> a little more than an hour away from sunrise this morning. if you're heading out, it's time sthe temperatures are falling. it's winter-feeling this morning but springtime this afternoon. we're warm into the 50s today and more of the snow will be disappearing during the day. but clouds return this evening a enwe could be looking at some showers first thing tomorrow morning. this morning, 20s for the suburbs. lehigh valley, 35 in philadelphia. south jersey is seeing chilly temperatu temperatures. 35 in mount laurel, middle 40s for florence. below freezing for hope wel township and princeton. stand by, lots of sunshine and
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not a lot of wind. the wind forecast, northwesterly winds limited the 7 miles an hour in philadelphia, 9 miles an hour in wilmington and 8 miles an hour in millville. that's dry air flowing in. a nice sunny day today and we'll see sunshine warm temperatures into the 40s in philadelphia by noon and then 50s this afternoon. sunny skies for the suburbs, light winds. near 50 degrees this afternoon. and for the lehigh valley, 20s to start with and into the 40s with sunshine. delaware will see the warmup, 33 degrees at 8:00, 53 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. plenty of sunshine for new jersey. 50s this afternoon and a nice warmup at the shore as well. up to 51 degrees today. and there's some warmer weather open some colder weather too. a dup l of days coming up that are going to feel like winter again. i'll tell you when to expect that when i'm back with the ten-day forecast. >> no, no, no.
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we're done with winter. >> let's check in with jessica looking at the blue route. >> we're watching the blue route around the germantown pike onramp. watching a disabled vehicle. it looks like it might be a penn d.o.t. crew or something like that. but we're watching the traffic get by there. no problems or delays. a little bit of snow into the shoulder as well. but other than that roads are dry and it's a goods drive there. really close to the sfpot right there. also in lower providence near ridge pike and crosskeys road accident. still watching in willingboro. looking a little better. you can see a little delay on the northbound side. southbound we've been watching the crash that closed it for most of the morning. now it looks like we're starting to do a little better with lanes going by in both directions. 295, cameras around 130. no problems or delays.
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32 minutes southbound from the freeway headed over to the delaware memorial bridge. another major retailer is dealing with a data breach. >> personal information of tens of thousands of shoppers was posted for anyone to see. plus equal pay for women. female hockey players are battling. 11 minutes past 6:00, the wakeup call, the new push to keep drowsy drivers off of the road.
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just about a quarter past 6:00 a.m. on the monday morning, first day of spring which is still 14 minutes away. giving you a live look from the
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campus camera, looking north on broad street. very nice. going to be a nice day for the first day of spring. in lorde anxious families are watching a wildfire threatening homes there. 400 homes were evacuated there. emergency officials warn residents an initial 800 homes will have to evacuate if conditions get worse there. the fire is now 50% contained. new this morning, buzzfeed news is reporting that the personal information of tense of thousands of saks fifth avenue customers was available to the public on its website until recently. the customers signed up for a wait list to buy products. the company took the information off line. the company is moving to resolve the breech. buzzfeed has a business relationship with comcast. safety experts are sounding the alarm about drowsy driving. >> yeah, take a look at this
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dramatic illustration of the dangers of driving while sleeping. in 2015 a city bus in idaho plowed into a building after the driver fell asleep at the wheel to 1.2 million crashes and up to 8,000 deaths per year. >> akin to an imapartment like dri drinking. it can come on really without much warning at all. >> today san diego with the highway traffic safety administration will unveil a new nationwide plan. sleep is the only remedy for drowsy driving. >> i've talked to a number of doctors who believe that it's just like driving drunk. it's really, really very dangerous. >> get your rest and don't get behind the while eel if you're tired. let's check in with jessica
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boyington. >> watching 309 right around route 75, church road. actually looks like a good drive. i had reports of a disabled vehicle and i was looking through the cameras. i don't see one. but you can see that the traffic is moving by just fine. so for right now most of our majors are still looking okay. there's a crash out in douglas on philadelphia after right around gilbertsville road. route 38 around nixon drive, mo problems or delays on the east or westbound side. and willingboro we're watching lane closures in both directi s directions, not all lanes. traffic is getting by. now i'll end here on 422. everything is still in the green, a ninety-minute trip, maybe two minutes of an increase. average speeds are into the 50s. i'll have updates for you on the rest of the roads in ten.
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6:17.bout the weather as we enter the first day of spring. morning, bill. >> nice clear view from spring city pennsylvania. getting closer to sunrise as well as the beginning of spring. we'll see sunshine, warm temperatures, well above where we have been lately. going to be about normal this afternoon. 40s for the suburbs and 508s for the rest of the area. it's cold now. lehigh valley 30, 33 in delaware. just love freezing for chestnutville. so the melt has been slowed. but you'll see the melt accelerate this afternoon from the 30s into the 50s later today, including northeast philadelphia, cfox chase all warming into the 50s. a little bit of a breeze out of the northwest, mainly below 10 miles an hour. just enough to make it feel
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cooler but the sunshine is going to be bright. radar, we're completely clear with sunny skies. we'll see no wet weather today. but i'm tracking showers potentially for tomorrow morning. s i a cold front that's going to swing into our area first thing tomorrow morning. but the warm air that we'll feel during the day is going to continue into tomorrow morning. so when this a area, it looks like it's only going to be some rain showers for us. and light at that. the forecast shows just a few hundredths of an inch. they'll be done by noontime and then breaks of sunshine tomorrow morning and another warmup. just minutes away. nine minutes, 25 second before we hit springtime. and the temperatures, 53 degrees. 58 tomorrow with the showers in the morning and some sunshine in the afternoon. but those showers are coming with a cold front. so that's going to bring the temperatures down for wednesday and thursday, especially
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thursday morning down to 23 degrees. and then a warmup for friday and the weekend, too. we'll start off pretty nice. saturday partly sunny skies and 66 degrees, the high temperature. the clouds build saturday night. sunday will be rainy, cooling things down. 50 degrees the high temperature. showers on monday. then it starts to warm up on tuesday and by wednesday we're looking at mostly cloudy skies back io the 60s. 20 minutes past 6:00. spring is just a few minutes away. the freebies you cantoet celebr plus, blocking robocalls. the change ahead to stop scammers from ringing your phone relentlessly.
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philadelphia city council an unveil a new energy savings
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announce a program later this morning.desit energy efficiency ands. it is also meant to off the district's backlog for capital improvements. the rio standing held last night. the archbishop asked the her lling for immigration reform. >>be welcome foreigners out of respect for the encouraged peop welcome immigrants andgage peop immigration jessica boyington with a quick check on the roads.
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now, this is route the atlantic city fine. but we've had a situation have in the low 50s minutes away f today. but as you walk out sure to grab a coat. otherwise it's going to be aero. we'll a first alert forecast in j are just hours aw from the start of negotiati hoc women players. wh could determine whether or not those women take the ice for the world champion. and all new at 6:00, says my
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protesting their pay. women team brings their fight tore equality to philadelphia. nveigation into hacking and election tampering goes public for the first phil. why this team's manager is demanding a dollar. and the behind it. good morning. on this spring day. this is nbc news today. >> i'm tracy davidson. drum roll please. winter is officially equinox st seconds ago. to date with bill henley with the most accurate first forecast. >> 49 seconds into spring. how is it so far.
6:30 am
>> awesome. >> love it. >> beautiful isn't suburbs, 32 degrees. a little chilly for the beginning of spring. clear skies over king of prussia. still chilly at 9:00, sunshine will be bright. 42 degreess the noontime hour. 35 right now in philadelphia. the sun comes up 37 degrees by lunchtime, 4 h degrees and the winds will stay light northwest. mainly below 10 miles an hour today. that's going to allow the temperatures warm u50s for phil. close to 50 in the suburbs. val with bright sunshine. it will feel great. new jersey at the shore. look at those beautiful clear skies cape may. delaware hits 52 degrees this afternoon. i'll break it down hour by hour when i come ten minutes. starting off this morning o
6:31 am
montgomery drive, starting to towards center city. averageeds e into the 40s. so we'll starting to see the normal morning volume. douglas on philadel a gilbertsville road. still watching the left laen wi cooper street. we've wed morning. we'll end in millville, route just around route 49. no problems or delays north or . a good drive so far. >> live picture of breaking news we're following for you outadphia. a police officer a recovering after he was slammed into the ground in a parkingpoce say a v began when an officer tried he's being treated. the suspect was arrested. the u team has a faceoff of a different
6:32 am
kindda philadelphia to for equal pay. st the league in negotiations get under way.hreaa bo boycott. tell us more. >> reporter: training camp starts two day a lot riding on the negotiations taking place today. empensation, programs and marketing support. last week the playersto boycott significant progress is made with a deal. offer them a living wage. they're pushing for afour-year deal and they want usa hockey to help tm marketing. and that is what's going on right now. that are represented here. some of philly. the rest with making their way
6:33 am
that's when the negotiations start. so in the next expected to s p nbc 10 news. happening hearings in washington dealing with who might have broken the law and who might be j future. the senate will begin its confirmation hearing for supreme courtgorsuch. president trump picked him to fill the judge from colorado has full support from republicans and spliet. >> fbi director james comey rus role in hacking democratic campaign. he's also expected to testifyim that former president obama wire tapped his phones at trump tower in new york. lauren d.c. covering the russian hacking inveateports later on
6:34 am
to l t week. septa police are asking you to ta a surveillance pictures of a brawl on a subway ptform on thursday. it's involved in the fight. but the septa place want to find t. the eight people are all wearing darkcoat some with hoodies. we have the pic and mentioned, the figh happened on thursday. a he was near the sfags when' noticed a group ors throwing ice at other children. the boy told the t but was then followed to the septa station and assaulted. 6:34. cnty to check your headlines in your c with jury selection resumingric trial. he's accuse of shooting two
6:35 am
stoot troli one of them. seven jurors are now seated. chester county and then the on l will hear opening april 3rd. near laas hospital nearly three weeks a buffet restaurant that burned their throats. didt the problem. officials closed the for code violations. in thevalley, the township leads will hold a rezoning to that a medical marijuanailto open there. today is alsohe department's deadline to apply for a permit to grow or process medical county, plans lleari on ae toship says it cou attract more people toei thebor
6:36 am
until ow theafct nearby woods the start of the baseball seasot jeremy heldicson will be the team's starter. >> hehe ball the first day of last season if you remember. ar this spring. pete teach his team a d every playerm 1 dollarshird baseman ball his hat. they were supposed on his face. nbc 10 home for the phils home taking on the wng 10. 6:36 and we're now offily we can start talking about
6:37 am
spring baseball, the startf weeks away. we're excited about that. bule what's happening today. the most acce >> it is chilly this time of th got in philadelphia. the mornings are the afternoons warm. nicely. we seal just htimand then in th 50s for philadelphia. the sky i rise. the3 the rig2 right now.warmup, afternoon for the lehigh valley. look at the clesar skies for easton. sunny skies in new jersey will warm the temperesddle 40s at midday and then 50s this
6:38 am
afternoon. you'll see a warm up with nothig but sunshine. bright su clouds this afternoon. no winds at 8 miles an ing things in the low gadelawar. tomorrow will be warmer after morning. 58 degrees the high temperature on tuesday. it's and thursday with the afternoon highs peeking in the 40s. then another warmuphi but i amtraking some wet weather for the wed. i'll show you what to expect when i'm back in ten on ten. 6:38 on this monday morning. th irspring. been a busy morning on the roads as we as well. >> we're watching the clearingse
6:39 am
vine street expressway. flashins right there up ahead. th affected right now. traffic is still getting by. the accident scene. its not on the actual on the ramp. there's a crash out in on philadelphia avenue around gilbertsville road. and we've watchingtle t of a slowdown out in out 130 so. the boulevard looks great. no problems moving through camden. you can see just a couple of th. we'll keep our eye on that a up. well there's a new effort tm overseas. >> up next, a plan to keep > al therefund. a local couple says they kept
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new c ulia istism. reason to autism. and hbo.ical mergency that pls. >> when the refund ishey contac the 10 respondsteam. >> anna and her husband look at a photo album. they werho memories during a vacation new orleans in february 2016. >> my husbandou mardi gras and
6:45 am
watching down the street and ih >> but it didn't happen. wade's husband fl and couldn't >> i tried. >> e-mailed her stating it refunded her card. account. saw no refund credited >> so wade called american. the arnlthe credit. so she spoke union manager. >> he said he researched nowher found. >> after five months ogo and her credit union, wade we contacted american. turnut refund transaction referenceive transaction number for her. we got the gave it to her credit union and says twoer
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they found her mo$1264.40. >> i can't thank youenou. >> nbc 10 responds. >> wade's credit repeated calls and several e-mailsou d't see a the vendor for thetrsaction num. if you have aw about it. screen when' o reach us is l beg >> let's get a savannah guthrie and >> good to see you. coming up, it is aci director of the fbi heads to russia's meddling in the presid explosive wiretapping ahead a t exclusive, the alabama who esca
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her kidnapper trunk we'll meet the toddler twin. . they'll be here live. laughing tells me yound awesome. it's incredible. >> isn'tte're just worn out wat it. >> i know.ficult to watch than march dnhinguke get my bracket. >> and villanova fank u very mu >> i know. sorry that. all right. got a beach avenue and cape may. >> that's per day of spring. >> just peeking there horizon. looks
6:48 am
going to be a nice day. meteorologist bill henley. >> we've been enjoying springmi. a beautiful spring willmingtwilmgton, beautiful. at the shore, getting ready for some sunshine, nichoul be nice and sunny all day long today. c. 30s for m and toz for the 26 degrees. where it areas are in 30. 31 in elvroy. 27. finally new hope atde low as the going tohis morning, look at th 20s foreddi at the bus stop, 30s in quaker tow philadelphia, wilmington, atlantic city will chilly,
6:49 am
sunshine and 36 deat32, won't l. s today. completely dry today. glaslls today. but tomorrow morning, we'll of showers. this is rain and snow we plenty of sunshine today. by 6:30 the are moving through h the ohio valley. the first morning, 2:00 in the morning. that swings the morning. most people will be asleep. there is a chance for dayti no. the showers will push o we'll get late-day sunshine to rain totals, not expecting much in therain but we could see hundred
6:50 am
hundredths of an inch. a warmup. 53 spring starts with rain showers. but the showers cth a cold frons the colder air for thursday morning down into the 20s. a warmup for friday ando, thoug day looks like it's going to be high on cooler on sunday. some of the rain cnu break and it's back on the warming for t degrees next wednesday. 10ut get you to work. >> jcaki at the vine street expressway? >> our cameras rightstrero. a crash on the ramp getting to the vine street expressway on
6:51 am
the eastbound side. you can see the traffic is moving by. it's not really affecng we're s delays as well. we'll keep on eye on that. you'll see some delays there as well. w have a crash around the blue route area on the northbound side. ing that right here. actually this is time. these average speeds toward center city are now into the 20s. the northbound side approaching the blue route. i'll check in with drive times on that in a little bit. for now, let's look out in west township. back to you. trending this morning, free sweets to celebrate the sprik today. ritas is giving away free water ice as they do every year. >> and if you stop in at dairy queen, you can skocore a small vanilla ice cream.
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duke is out of the ncaa tournament. south carolina shocked the blue devils last night. t ans thought duke would cruise after villanova was eliminated. it's so sweet. this emotional northwestern fan is getting a lot of eyes on social media. john phillips, son of athletic r couldn't stand it as his time lost. the video of this fan frenzy has become an internet sensation. i bet every parent can relate to thrchis. >> a nanny cam showed the kids seemed to have the night of their lives climbing in and out of the clib, over theth're movi just destroyed the room. they went on for seven hours. the full video is on the nbc 10 be on the ge this morning.
6:53 am
"today" show coming up. plus the u.s. women's hockey team brings their paycheck battle to philadelphia. we'll have that for you next.
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. we continue to follow breaking news from northeast philadelphia. >> a police officer is recovereding after being slammed to the ground in a parnging lot. the violent struggle began when the officer tried frisking the man. the officer hit his head on the ground anness consciousness. two significant congressional hearings happening today. tesfy before a house panel on russia's
6:57 am
role iha democratic officials during the campaign. and he's also going to taef about president trump's claim thata wiretap his phone. president trump picked the federal judge to fill the vacan vacains in the trial of graham spanier. two former penn state guiy the case last week could testify against spanier. happening today in philadelphia, the u.s. women's hockey team will try to score a new salary deal. players are threatening to upcoming world championships until they see progress in the talks. the players say u.s. hockey doesn't offer them a living wage and that the team gets more benefits. now a traffic alert on the
6:58 am
pennsylvania turnpike. here's a live look rig e scene, along the turnpike. the easy pass express lanes are closed right now and they will be for three weeks. work is under way at the interchange to upgrade the overheadl quick. you can see the regular lanes but not the express lanes. jessica boyington is watching the roads. >> we're watching on 95 around 320 for a crash there. little ving the camera all over difficult to see. but you can see somebody moving over into the right-hand shoulder. we're seeing some pretty big northbound delays because of it. traffic moving northbound and toward the ina a crash around park view drive and check in around willingboro. we'reee
6:59 am
blocked on the southbound side. knot bound looks great. here's the map system showing we're green in both directionsn. it is springtime and it's chilly outside. temperatures in the 30s right now. 34 degrees inee plenty of sunshine. look at the numbers climbing. 38 degrees by 9:00, lunchtime 44. and the wind should stay below 10 miles an hour. bright sunshine minutes away in delaware. up to 44 degrees at 11:00. much of the area will make it into the 50s. so close in the superbs,degr 4sd new jersey up to 53 while shore communities will see sunny skies and 52. 40s for the delaware, a nice warmup today. plenty of sunshine. get my first alert forecast if you're on the go on today's
7:00 am
101.1 more fm. >> we'll have update throughout the morning. >> thanks for watching. "today" show starts right now. good morning. just the director of the fbi heo capitol hill this morning, testifying befe about two ongoig controversies. president trump's unproven wiretapping claims and collusion between hi campaign and russia during the election. this, kicking off a week of major showdowns, including battles over president's supreme court nominee and the gop's health care bill. colorado bu wildfire near boulder forces thousands to evacuate their homes. crews working around the clock to get the upper hand.


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