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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  March 22, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate first alert neighborhood weather forecast. >> the temperature is coming down. in the 40s right now. mentioned 48. nowhere near that warm this afternoon. the last half hour wind have been getting stronger in philadelphia and that's a trend that's going to continue today. now nine mile an hour winds in philadelphia. look at wilmington, 13 and 15 mile an hour wind in allentown. this is key. the winds increasing and north westerly wind at that. that's a cooling direction for us. that's cold air that's dumping back in the area. we'll be watching temperatures fall during the day. right now, 41 in the suburbs. 40 degrees in the lehigh valley. watch what happens during the day. come on lehigh valley. there we go. how about delaware. suburbs, no. okay. let me show you. 40s right now. wind kicks in. drops into the 30s during the day. high temperatures in the 30s.
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cold winds blowing. it's going to feel like it's in the 20s. i will see if this is taking the day off in ten minutes. first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. starting off on center city and moving through the vine street expressway our cameras right around 24th street for right now. everything a good drive so far. see this westbound side right here. moving towards the schuylkill. eastbound towards 95. haven't dealt with construction in a long time. vine is nice and open. also in mays landing watch for crash on the atlantic city expressway. earlier seeing red. now looks like it's gone back to the green. westbound side just around route 50 where we have a crash and left lane blocked. end here on route 422. no problems or delays reported so far. eastbound drive time so far from route 29 to schuylkill. that's just an 8 minute trip. average speeds to the 60s. back to you. thank you. developing this morning. philadelphia district attorney
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face a judge in just hours on corruption charges. federal investigator announced an indictment against seth williams yesterday. faces 2 s 23 counts. accepting more than $100,000 in gifts for favors and taking money from a relative. nbc 10 matt delucia joins us live at the federal courthouse. walk us through the allegation. first off, that arraignment is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon right here at federal court and that 23 count indictment against seth williams that was handed down yesterday by a federal grand jury investigator say the philadelphia da used office to commit bribery, fraud and extortion. the indictment itself is 50 pages long. williams is accused of offering to help two business owners exchange for money and gifts. in exchange for the gifts prosecutors say williams offered to help one business owner bypass security at philadelphia international airport after overseas travel as well as help
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the man's friend who was facing jail time. prosecutors say also the matter of a $20,000 gift that was meant for the care of a family member, but was instead used by williams to pay for his own personal expenses including mortgage payments and tuition. >> mr. williams simply took money that did not belong to him. and then he lied about it. >> the actions specifically alleged in this indictment if proven are violations of federal law of the district attorney's sworn oath and most importantly of the public trust. >> reporter: seth williams attorney had this to say, i can't comment on the specific allegations because we have yet to review the full indictment. can say on mr. williams behalf he vehemently denies compromising any law enforcement case or investigation. ask the public respect the judicial process and refrain from drawing conclusions until the facts can come to light. each of the 23 counts carries
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5-20 years. now live outside federal court. matt delucia nbc 10 news. jim kenny had this to say, at a time where our citizen's trust in government is at an all-time low, it's december heartening to see another public official. you can read the entire indictment on the nbc 10 app. see everything he is accused of doing. today investigates will cause for cause of row home fire in philadelphia. started around 1:15 this morning near the corner of havertown avenue. crew at the scene said the inside of the building heavily damaged. no one was hurt. former vice president joe biden head back to washington to celebrate the anniversary of the
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affordable care act. at the capital with house minority leader nancy pelosi and others to talk about it. seven years since president obama signed the affordable care act into law. comes a day before the house is expected to vote on the republican plan to repeal and replace the aca. that plan could be in jeopardy. according to nbc 10 news. they will vote against or are leaning toward voting against the bill. pennsylvania brine fitzpatrick is one of those lawmakers. if they lewis more than 21 members, won't have enough to pass. donald trump met to pass the care act. mr. trump warned them if they don't pass it, they could be putting their own congressional seat in jeopardy. neil gorsuch will be back in front of the senate confirmation
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meeting. including president trump. last night at a republican fundraiser. the president pulled no punches when talking about judges. >> the courts are not helping us. i have to be honest with you. it's ridiculous. somebody said i should not criticize judges. okay. i'll criticize judges. >> last month referred to seattle judge who blocked travel ban as a quote, so-called judge. the white house says president trump will go to brussels on may 25 to meet nato leaders. spoke person said the president will reaffirm the commitment to nato. trump has been critical of nato in the past once calling it obsolete. marks the attack of the brussels airport and subway. those who died in the suicide bombing gathered at the airport along with government leaders. king and queen of belgium were among those honors the fallen. 300 wounded and 33 killed when
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two suicide bombers blew themselves up. today in harrisburg, raise taxes for the rich. increasing taxes on wealth and reducing taxes on wages. sponsors say it will bring in $2 billion in new revenue. most people see a tax cut or no change in what that pay. >> you can get free nutrition and wellness health today. special event in northeast philadelphia. >> rst vp philadelphia is holding the fair to put a spotlight on the issue of hunger among seniors. doctors at the fair and cooking demonstrations and diabetes information being held from 10-12 at the center on jameson avenue. center delivers 75,000 meals to seniors every year in philadelphia. bucks and montgomery counties. we do a little bit more than just feed them. everybody who comes into our program is put in touch with a caseworker and we make sure they have access to all of the resources they need.
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the rst vp drirector said it's more than important than ever for volunteers to make a difference. temperatures in the 40s. not for long. some dropped to the 30s 6789 going to be a cold windy day. not going to see as much melting as the last few days. 48 in philadelphia. well into the 40s in south jersey and delaware. look at some of the suburbs. in morning. winds kick in. down to 36 in unionville. mix of 40s this morning. this afternoon, not one of these temperatures will be in the 40s with cold winds blowing. you'll feel it at the bus stop this morning. bus stop weather, 8:00 this morning. 20s for allentown. quakertown. just 30 degrees in exton. bright sunshine in atlantic city. warm spot at just above freezing
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for wilmington and philadelphia. winds will be blowing to make it feel even colder. we're dry right now. we will see clear skies, few showers overnight. push to the south out of the picture for the rest of the day. snow showers to the north. moving to the poconos. not going to see snow. get the cold winds that are blowing those showers through the area. look what happens during the day. unusual. we start in the 40s. we drop into the 30s. we stay in the 30s this afternoon. and with the wind, these 30s in the suburbs will feel like 20s. in fact it's going to get close to freezing this afternoon. later this morning and this afternoon. that's in spite of bright sunny skies. look at the sunshine for lehigh valley. look at temperatures dropping from 30 as 7:00 to 28 degrees at 11:00 this morning. see the numbers dropping in delaware today. pushing to the south. 42 at 7:00. 30s for 11:00. 3:00 with the wind blowing going to feel like it's in the 20s.
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windchills in the 20s too for new jersey. 38 degrees at 7:00. middle 30s this afternoon. see that cooldown at the shore. high temperatures in the 30s this afternoon. ten day on ten to show you when warmer weather will arrive when i'm back in ten. continue to focus on a problem jessica has been telling you about. mays landing. on the westbound side there's a crash blocking the left lane. westbound traffic is getting by the area. right around route 50. earlier seeing small delays here. not anymore. everything looking okay. westbound side of the expressway still going to get by. watch for this accident moving mast route 50. route 73 just around white horse pike, no problems or delays. not even a car on either one of the roads. everything new york city and dry there as well. down tree and now wires because
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of that crashing into wires. closed in between joshua road and the avenue. pa turnpike looks okay. end here. everything into the green. 23 minutes. a war over water. a local pastor is taking on the city of philadelphia. >> really feeling like the city has taken advantage of us. we'll tell you why he says he's being bullied by the water department and 11 minutes past five, the ellen degeneres show scheduled to take over part of philadelphia today. tell you how you can get on tv and also the road closures you need to know about. wishing upon a star. for a star. the hol by wood icon who surprised a long time fan.
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it's 5:14. north philadelphia church fighting the city over their water bill. >> starting a class action lawsuit and asking other faith
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groups to join them. past two weeks been no water at the church. pastor says the fight with the philadelphia water department started years ago over a monthly charge for storm water runoff. he said it's actually a tax, not a service so churches and nonprofits shouldn't have to pay it. >> i believe god told me to challenge that. i went to court and began the challenge. >> we reached out to city leaders about the issue. said it's not a tax. it's a service fee that everyone pays. >> polar ris recalling atvs following reports of more than 45 fires. consumers should contact polaris
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to schedule a repair. could be someone trying to cash in and make you a victim. >> calls like this are more common especially this time of year. sounding bolder and some cases threatening to lock you up if you don't pay your back taxes or your fees. anyone with a phone could become a victim. be warned it isn't the irs. no matter what the caller claims the irs says it's best to just hang up. the agency will always contact you by mail first. we told you this story yesterday. academy award winning movie star gave a surprise birthday gift to one of the biggest fans. 87-year-old pat adams had a big crush on george clooney. keeps a picture by her bed. on sunday guess who showed up with flowers? george clooney is here.
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you might be pulling my leg. he put his arm around me and i said well this gets better by the minute. >> i love her. it turns out that clooney and his wife live just down the road. the staff sent him a letter about pat. he agreed to surprise her. how great is that. >> what am i not getting about george clooney. why do you women sort of melt. >> whoa. i would just like to say i would love flowers from ryan gosling. if anybody would love to help me out with that. that's my wish. how do we transition into this. let's just go. boulevard. let's start around 17th street. where we're watching right now. north and southbound side no big problems or delays. everything moving along. roads nice and dry there. boulevard blocks good. whitemarsh township down tree. that will be there for a little
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bit while they clean that up out of the way because of the down tree hit the wires now a big mess on the roads there. watch that out in whitemarsh for you. this probably cleared for the most part right now. should be crews still in the area clearing it. new castle construction on route 141 northbound. ram ramp to 95 northbound was closed. just watch for crew in the area northbound 95 three lanes that were closed around route 141 are also back open. good news in new castle. updates on the rest of the roads when i come back in ten. >> let in you on a little secret. i've heard from more than one person they think bill henley looks like george clooney. >> have you ever been invited to bring someone flowers like that was the wish they had? >> no. >> but i bet a lot of people have that wish. >> thank you for reminding me.
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clooney. no i never hear that. brad pitt, yes. little bit of wind on the schuylkill creating a wave this morning. winds get stronger during the day. cold winds going to be blowing. gusts of 35-40 miles an hour this afternoon. look at the wind. steady at 25 miles an hour. that direction is bringing in the colder air. not here yet. we're looking at 40s for most spots. lehigh valley. suburbs, delaware, south jersey 46 degrees right now. this is as warm as it's going to get today. 46 and 45 in floshs florence. temperatures in 30s. see that spread across the rest of the neighborhoods during the day today. afternoon temperatures 30s for philadelphia. the suburbs and lehigh valley. the wind will be blowing too so that 38 degrees in somerton, 38 in lansdale. all feel like they're in the 20s during the day with the gusty winds. new jersey and shore will feel
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wind too. the winds will keep temperatures in the 30s this afternoon for trenton, voorhees and hammonton. 40s for the shore. just barely. wind blowing. make it feel like the low 30s. south little bit warmer in smyrna. out this afternoon. gusty winds during the day. clear right now. there go the showers pushing off of southern delaware. snow showers to the north. cold air riding in. a few scattered snow showers for the poconos. stay to the north and dry out as they move into our area. the cold weather that's pushing those showers will not stay out of the area. come racing in during the day today. winds gusting to near 40 miles out of the temperature. near 40 feel like it's in the 20s this afternoon. definitely have to bundle up today, and, again, tomorrow morning. 22 degrees. in philadelphia, some of the suburbs in the teens tomorrow morning. 44 in the afternoon. less windy and nice and sunny.
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see the warming trend in the 50s friday. partly cloudy skies. slight chance of showers on friday. dry on saturday. 70 the high on saturday. turns cooler with the rain for second half of the weekend. rain will linger monday and tuesday. holding temperatures back. wednesday warming up. mild weather stays with us thursday and friday. a ride in winter. special election in philadelphia that still has not been called and fizzling frustrations. pulling certain items off the shelf and blaming philadelphia soda tax. wall street worries. why concerns of president trump's plan caused stocks to tumble.
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dow has been up 13% since
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election day. stocks will look to rebound today. see what happens. major retailer sending out warning signs. find out more. cnbc business news. good morning jackie. >> good morning to you. while wall street seeing its worst day since before the election, with the dough and the s&p 500 all ending in the red yesterday, the dow and s&p breaking a streak of 109 straight sessions with 1% decline, that stretches back toll last september. investors worrying about whether the gop health care bill will pass tomorrow. that includes tax reform. spending and spending more on infrastructure of course. meantime sears holding the parent company of sears and kmart warning about ability to stay in business. struggled for years with losses and declining sales. once the largest u.s. retailer, now has a mountain of debt. closing stores and plans to cut
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about $1 billion in coast. let's get back to market for a moment. could be poised for more losses this morning. stock futures pointing lower. asian markets down overnight as well on the balkck of wall stre losses. europe in the red too. dow dropping 237 points. nasdaq down to 107. tracey, back to you. >> we'll be watching today. jackie, thanks. we put trust in the staff. >> distrust and disappointment. community and legal experts weighing in on the charges against seth williams. tell you what it could mean for cases handled by his office. plus, ellen degeneres has a surprise for philadelphia. tell you how you can become part of her show today. and at 5:26. landing a reallyole. chance you can have to star
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alongside robert de niro. fun.
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day three of spring going to feel like winter today. this is why. right there you can see it. wind blowing the view from penn's landing this morning. banner caught in that


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