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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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he's been watching the flames for quite a while. doesn't look like they've got this under control. >> reporter: there is still flames on this left side of the building here, which they were not here when we first started covering this fire. the fire actually started in what appeared to be on the right side of the building, you can see it seemed to have died down but has been slowly moving to the left. as we've been here we've also been seeing a steady stream of fire equipment arriving to this location. state road over here is closed and you can see that there is just about half a dozen fire trucks here just standing by and providing water and supply and equipment and personnel to help fight this fire. >> dan, you had mentioned you could see the smoke for many miles as you made your way towards the scene. you have not scene any evidence and we are not finding out any evidence of any injuries from this fire? >> we haven't seen any evidence or any injuries. yeah, as you said, we launched
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from penn's landing and we could see the thick black smoke in the air, which is 15 miles away from penn's landing. these railroad tracks, there were some tanker cars that were parked here that they have since moved out of the way. i'm guessing as a precaution. this is bristol pike here on this side, which is still open, but you can see there are some people that are parked on the shoulder. just be careful when traveling down bristol pike there. >> dan kent, live for us in sky force 10. we'll keep an eye on it as will dan and we'll bring you updates as we get them. i will not sugar coat this, this is a disappointing day for us. >> u.s. house speaker paul ryan calling it a healthcare setback this afternoon. republicans pulled their bill that was meant to repeal obamacare, just minutes before a vote was set to happen this afternoon. this is the first major legislative defeat for president trump. he says republicans pulled the bill because they lacked the
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support to get it done. >> we were very close. it was a very, very tight margin. we had no democrat support. no votes from the democrats. they weren't going to give us a single vote. it's a very difficult thing to do. >> let's go sto erin coleman. as the situation continues unfold, erin? >> the president said in the end it could turn out to be a good thing the bill was pulled. he said he would be open to working with congress on healthcare again if obamacare quote, explodes. by early this afternoon it became clear that the votes just weren't there. that's even as gop leaders and the white house made a last ditch effort to convince conservative and moderate republicans to support it. in the end, house members had too many concerns about various parts of the bill. paul ryan clearly disappointed by today's turn of events. >> ultimately, this all kind of comes down to a choice. are all of us willing to give a
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little to get something done? are we willing to say yes to the good, the very good, even if it's not the perfect? >> ryan says right now he has no idea how long it will take to replace obamacare. house democrats see today's no vote as a victory for the american people. nancy pelosi called it a great day for our country. we continue our team coverage now with nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal. he got instant reaction to the healthcare bill being pulled for people in bucks county who were fighting to get it killed. >> reporter: a surprise celebration healthcare activists here to protest republican congressman brian fitzpatrick instead rejoiced. reacting to news president trump pulled his own healthcare bill. what's your reaction? >> great news he pulled the bill. there shouldn't be another bill. we need to expand on obamacare and build on it. >> reporter: since the election
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groups like this have held signs and chanted outside republican districts, making thousands of phone calls e-mails and faxes. >> day after day after day and keeping his phone lines tied up with calling to tell him to say no. >> reporter: they believe those efforts paid off helping to halt the plan. >> it's a win for us but we need to keep working at it. >> reporter: many admit obamacare has major issues, including rising costs, losing doctors, and insurance companies leaving the market. >> it wasn't perfect for you? >> no, we lost our doctors now we were told we have to switch pharmacies. i'm not happy with it. but i know in my heart that it can be improved. and that it's better than what was trying to be forced through within the last few days. >> reporter: the activists here do call this a victory, but they say they're not done yet. they do tell me they'll be outside the congressman's office every friday. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. today in delaware, cancer
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survivors explained how obamacare has made coverage more available for people with preexisting conditions. diane beat cancer five times. >> would you cover someone with a 20 year cancer history if you could avoid it? i wouldn't. we need the affordable care act. everyone with a preexisting condition needs to be protected. >> u.s. senator tom carper also spoke at today's event. carper, a democrat, says obamacare can be improved but did not want it repealed. our coverage of this healthcare shakeup continues on nbc nightly news with lester holt. look ahead to what happens next, that's coming up at 6:30 right after this newscast. right now to our other headlines, a woman who kid napped a baby from the king of prussia mall is waiting too sentenced after being found guilty. prosecutors say sheria moore trolled the mall looking for a
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new born to steal. deanna durante reports she faked a pregnancy and needed a baby to continue her lie. >> reporter: she stays silent after her kwindsconviction, prosecutors are shedding light on why she went to the king of prussia mall and stole a baby. prosecutors say she continued with her fake pregnancy story. after she ran from the mall with the baby prosecutors say she took him home to our boyfriend. where she passed off the little boy as their baby. >> she want today change the child's clothes because she didn't like the clothing that the case worker had had him in. she had previously told her family and friends that the child was in the custody of dhs in philadelphia. >> reporter: prosecutors say she continued with the lie when she took the baby to her family's
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house. her defense attorney said he was removing the insanity plea from the case. they refused to answer our questions. moore remains free on bail. prosecutors say they want the maximum when it comes to sentencing. nbc 10 news. a murder mystery in burlington county tonight. police are trying to figure out who killed this mother and her son. they lived at the fox meadow apartments off route 73 in maple shade. investigators say the mother and son were stabbed multiple times. the victim's husband returned home from work and found their bodies. neighbors are naturally stunned. >> i'm horrified. you don't expect this right outside your front door. you know. then you hear of a child being involved. that's horrible.
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>> the family came to live in new jersey from india nine years ago. nearly ten hours after a derailment at new york's penn station there are problems along the busy northeast corridor tonight. an amtrak acela train was leaving for philadelphia when it jumped the track and scraped a new jersey train that was coming in. there were minor injuries. but new jersey transit rail service into penn station is suspended tonight. only out bound trains are running. a live look at the 30th street station. amtrak is telling riders to expect delays along the northeast corridor. a former youth hockey coach is accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old. police say he abused two boys in the late 80s and early 90s. one happened in gloucester county the other in wilmington. police say the statute of limitations is up for the case in new jersey, so he's being charged in the delaware case. investigators say there may be more victims and they're
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encouraging them to come forward. in bucks county a bus driver quit on the spot leaving kids on board after he was pulled over. police say they nabbed the driver for running a stop sign and with that the driver said he quit. and told police to find a way to get the kids to school. the eight students are from elementary schools from calvary christian academy in northeast philadelphia. another driver from the district did come to pick them up. there is a new call for more changes to be made at delaware's prisons following last month's deadly hostage standoff. members of the delaware coalition for prison reform and justice gathered today. they want the federal investigation into the takeover at vaughan correctional center. lieutenant steven floyd cause killed. two judges have been appointed to investigate what happened inside the facility. today's group says the state cannot investigate itself. they allege inmates are being
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abused and they want federal action. >> we're not asking, we're not urging, we are demanding that one, united states department of justice intervene with a criminal investigation into the actions of the delaware correctional officers and officials. >> following the standoff governor carney announced $340,000 for new security equipment as well as a plan to add 50 officers at vaughan correctional center. back in washington, the chairman of the house intelligence committee is backing away from claims president trump and his associates were monitored during the presidential transition. meantime, public hearings scheduled for next week have been canceled. paul manafort volunteered to be interviewed by the house and senate intel committees. manafort resigned his campaign after his ties to russia were revealed. tonight, philadelphia's election fraud task force is
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investigating allegations of illegal activity at the polls. >> this is part of the special election in the city's 197th district. democratic write in candidate was enouncannounced the winner. the task force received calls this morning. the green party candidate says she wants a completely new special election. >> i had this election, it was a slam dunk. they stole this election. and that's what happened. >> it's absolutely overwhelming what the voters wanted. they wanted emealio vasquez. they voted for him and would like to see him sworn in soon. >> he received 1,900 votes. a south jersey police officer was cleared in a shooting that was caught on his dash cam last october.
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today, prosecutors said the township officer was justified in the shooting. the whole thing began as a traffic stop. the man in the truck drove off with the officer clinging to the door. after crashing, the driver got out and during a struggle the officer shot the man in the leg. take a look at this new video, a truck going up in flames today in wilmington. nbc 10 viewer caught it all on camera. the owner of this shorty shack truck says he put gas into it around 2:00, started the truck up and the fire began. he is okay. no one else was hurt. all new at 6:00, kid connection the new way philadelphia officers are trying to bond with elementary school students today. also new at 6:00, kevin hart day. how the city of philadelphia is celebrating one of the hottest comedians around.
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we continue to following the breaking news. you can see the flames, they don't seem to be diminishing. the thick black smoke billowing into the air. this is a building fire in bucks county. a metal manufacturing plant. sky force 10 is over the flames. the good news here, so far there's no word of any injuries. we'll stay on it. new at 6:00, nbc 10, the
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only tv station with kevin hart at his movie shoot today. he was given a plaque, they're making it official, july 6th is kevin hart day. >> hart is a philadelphia native. and july 6th it's also hart's birthday. new at 6:00, connecting philadelphia kids with police officers. cops becoming big brothers and sisters as part of a national youth mentoring campaign. as aundrea cline-thomas explains, the goal is building strong bonds between officers and the kids and families they serve. >> reporter: philadelphia police captain and 10-year-old miles have struck up what may seem like an unlikely friendship. they tell you, they have a lot of in common. >> cheesesteak, pizza, we like sports. >> reporter: they're the first match in the bigs in blue program organized by big brothers, big sisters, police officers mentor students in four
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of philadelphia's public schools. >> i basically want to have fun with him. and i want him to visit my family and stuff. >> reporter: the program launched friday afternoon. it will start with 20 mentoring relationships between the participating schools. >> it was a big climate out there in the united states with the negative effect on the police. and i thought it would be a good opportunity as far as to engage the children. >> reporter: the captain's own children are grown. he's hoping to pass down some of the lessons he taught them to miles. but he also expects the fifth grader will teach him some things as well. >> he's very intelligent, very out spoken. we got a lot of things in common. you know, i think it's going to be a good opportunity for both of us. >> reporter: aundrea cline-thomas nbc 10 news. great effort there. turning to this, you hear it? it's a breezy day.
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as you can see, not everyone felt they needed their jackets. people were enjoying an afternoon stroll in ma. taking a live look at boathouse row, it's 15 degrees higher than yesterday. tammie souza has details in her first alert neighborhood forecast. >> we'll tack on another 10-15 degrees tomorrow. it will be a mixed weekend. saturday, it will be unseasonably warm, near 70 across most of the area unless you're north and west of the metro in the lehigh valley and berks county area. sunday we see a big drop. that's when we get a back door cold front coming through. we lose 20 degrees. rain, really see rain, showers on and off through tuesday. keep that umbrella right next to you in a little holster, you're going to need it t. th.
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we're going to be looking at nothing tonight. the beam from the doppler radar is sweeping the sky but we have this huge storm system that's off to the west. it's cresting over this big ridge of high pressure which has kept us pretty much dry and it's starting to warm up us. look at the p temperatures. it was 81 in chicago. versi versi verse 44 in minneapolis. behind it comes the cold air, thumb's down. 57 in philadelphia. 56 in vineland. 50 in coatesville. and this is where we're going to be going. we'll stay quite mild. the metro area, we'll stay in the 50s. we're going to be looking at -- by tomorrow afternoon, the 70s across much of the metro area, only the 40s up near mount pocono. we'll see the rain showers kind of coming in, especially tomorrow night. they'll linger on and off through our sunday. look at the numbers on sunday. only into the mid, upper 40s if we're lucky out there.
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so for the most part, enjoy tomorrow. that's going to be our big warmth. that's going to be the big day, the best day after that things are going to head downward. 70 for saturday, 49 sunday, 59 monday. look at the rain. monday, tuesday, we get a break wednesday and thursday, it comes back on friday. guys? i'm john clark, coming up will jaleel oaka formiss a game? the eagles are working out a running back. k miss a game? the eagles are working out a running back. a miss a game? the eagles are working out a running back. f miss a game? the eagles are working out a running back. o miss a game? the eagles are working out a running back. r miss a game? the eagles are working out a running back. . ♪
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i'm john clark from csn. it does not look like jaleel okofor will play. his right knee is sore. he missed monday's game in orlando. phillies sent jake thompson down to the minor league camp. goodell will start this year at aa reading. he says he is definitely surprised about it. he says he's not happy about it. he knows he can't control it. >> it's tough. there's a lot of guys in here. just got to, you know, do what i can do. i know i can play in the big leagues. yeah, it's going to take care of business down there. >> phils at yankees, new philly, michael saunders hit in the hand by a pitch. phillies took him out for precautionary reasons, he's fine, it's just bruised. tied at 2 at the ninth. yankees win it 3-2. phillies' opening day starter hellickson looked good.
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gave up one run in six innings, one more start before the opener. eagles fans were getting excited hearing the birds were trying to get a second helmet approved. but the eagles withdrew the request. joe mixon was suspeneded in college for punching a woman. the nfl did not allow him to attend the combine. garth brooks begins a series of shows tonight. csn's michael barcamp wanted to see if garth could sing the eagles' fight song. let's see ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to ♪ on the road to victory
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eagles! that's good. i sang it, not you, but thanks garth. >> all right. now we got to work on the sixers song. i'm john clark, we'll be right back.
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before we leave you another look at this stubborn fire in bucks county at this metal works facility. no sign of this fire under control at this point. you still see the flames as sky force 10 pulls out wider. we were getting reports that some of the fire might have caught on brush across the road there. there you see it by the railroad tracks. flames there as well. firefighters extremely busy this evening in bucks county. this has been going on for an hour and a half. we'll keep an eye on it. >> the winds fanning the flames. >> you can see it out of the southwest, the gusty wind, 20 miles an hour or mow. 70 tomorrow, enjoy tomorrow, we could see an isolated shower n afternoon. we crash into the 40s, 49 is optimistic with a chance of rain sunday and on again off again
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through tuesday. >> that's our news at 6:00. >> up next, nbc nightly news with lester holt. breaking news tonight -- meltdown for the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. doomed to fail, the speaker pulls the bill. an embarrassing defeat for president trump. tonight the fallout, the blame game and what it all means for millions. surveillance backtrack, the new revelations about the trump team might not be what was first implied in the bombshell announcement. scorched earth -- wildfires blaze a path of destruction and tonight a new threat -- violent storms moving in. weekend danger across a big part of the country. harrison ford's scare, we're hearing what the movie star said when he discovered his mistake. a wounded warrior overcoming obst


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