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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  March 25, 2017 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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little bit. krystal klei has the details. >> this weekend has a little bit for everyone. if you like the 70s, today is your day. myself included. we're already in the 50s, some in the 60s. 56. 57 in wilmington. look at that. millville, atlantic city both checking in at 60 degrees. when you are at 60 in the morning, it makes it easy by the afternoon for us to be talking about spots into the 70s. radar and satellite. one thing you might not love about today, even though we get to the 70s in areas, it will be a mostly cloudy forecast. these spots are green are the light rain areas trying to make it to the ground right now. not many making it to the surface. a few sprinkles here and there. but scattered, spotty rain is in the forecast over the next several days straight. that's really going to affect the forecast in quite a few ways as a storm system starts to move in. including the temperatures.
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we'll take a closer look at the drop on sunday coming up. it's that time of year when the banks of the schuylkill river are packed with people watching the regattas. this weekend, the murphy cup regatta. randy gyllenhaal is live with a preview. >> reporter: a sure sign of spring in philadelphia is the schuylkill river filled with crew teams. take a look. there are a lot of them here, including local teams like temple. drexel. villanova and 40 others from all over the country for the 35th annual murphy cup regatta. what a perfect day for it. this regatta began 35 years ago with four teams hosted by temple. this is their biggest regatta yet. competition all day long. men's and women's collegiate rowers. many we spoke with were concerned about what kind of weather they'd get today. earlier in the week it was frigid. this is the first big event of the season so sometimes it's
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quite cold. we talked to parents watching their kids race. they say it's perfect. >> as long as there is no wind. that's the key. it's clear today. >> these are beautiful conditions. it was just horrible out here last week. it was bitter cold. it was windy. but this is beautiful. >> reporter: all they're asking is for just a little bit of sunshine to pop through the clouds. maybe krystal can arrange that. we should note the detours on kelly drive. shut down for the next 12 hours. we have a lot of crowds out already watching on this beautiful day here on the schuylkill river. randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. perfect timing for the warm weather this weekend. to get the forecast for your neighborhood anytime. just go to the nbc10 app. new this morning, allentown police are looking for a killer who gunned down people at random just outside of a nightclub. three people were wounded and one victim has just died.
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officers were working an extra duty job at club dubai when they heard gunshots in the parking lot around 2:30 this morning. they saw a man shooting at people in the street. police shot at the suspect who jumped into a car and took off. it's unclear if the gunman was hit. in other news, the affordable care act remains the law of the land. president trump was handed a defeat when his bill to repeal and replace obamacare was pulled from the house floor yesterday. for the last seven years republicans have been vowing to kill president obama's signature health care law. but in the end those same republicans couldn't agree on how to do it. they shelved the bill after failing to muster enough support to pass it. this despite days of appeals and negotiating from president trump. >> not sugarcoat this. this is a disappointing day for us. doing big things is hard. we're going to go back and figure out what the next steps are. >> president trump blames the defeat on a lack of bipartisan support and predicts that obamacare will quote-unquote,
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explode, forcing democrats back to the negotiating table. >> losers are nancy pelosi and chuck schumer because now they own obamacare. they own it. >> a day of victory for the affordable care act. more importantly, for the american people. >> the president is now moving on to tax reform, another one of his promises from the campaign trail. even though the affordable care act has been spared, democrats in philadelphia will still rally today to generate support for obamacare. mayor jim kenney is scheduled to speak an an event at 2:00 this afternoon at vernon park in germantown. he will be joined by members of congress, city council and state representatives. republicans will be rallying today as well. make america great again supporters march from independence mall at 11:30 to the ben franklin parkway just in front of the philadelphia museum of art and will end up back at independence mall. marches are planned all over the country in support of president trump.
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this morning we are learning a small plane that crashed into a home near atlanta took off from wilmington. witnesses say the plane was flying normally last night and suddenly spiralled toonward the ground. the faa and ntsb are investigating. police in burlington county are trying to piece together who killed a mother and her son. investigators tell us that sasikala narra and her 6-year-old son anish were stabbed multiple times in their home at the fox meadow apartments in maple shade. the woman's husband found the bodies thursday night. neighbors are stunned. >> i am horrified. i am -- you don't expect this right outside your front door. you know. and then you hear of a child being involved. that's horrible. >> investigators spent hours searching for evidence yesterday. a source confirmed they have not recovered the murder weapon.
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today, family and friends will remember a 13-year-old boy who died after he was shot inside a philadelphia takeout restaurant. they'll hold a candle light vigil in memory of khiseer davis-papther. someone shot him two weeks ago at the golden fish restaurant in the nicetown neighborhood. he died nine days later. police are still searching for the killer and the family wants answers. >> why would you shoot him. they didn't have to shoot him. he is only 13. he is a kid. >> it's hit the family pretty hard. we are all together, we stay in contact with each other. call each other. >> police say one of these men killed the boy. they hope that this surveillance image will help them track down the person responsible. today a west philadelphia high school student will be honored for his actions after he stepped up to defend his teacher against an angry crowd at school. richard williams will receive the local hero award tonight at the freedoms foundation at
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valley forge. here is the story. the ninth grader ended up in the hospital last year after trying to protect a teacher at motivation high school in west philly. the teacher was trying to break up a large fight when the crowd turned on him. williams recovered from his injuries. right now, family and friends are saying good-bye to a music legend. ♪ we are family >> funeral services are taking place this morning for joanie sledge of the philadelphia singing group sister sledge. the service is being held right now at the deliverance evangelistic church on west lehigh avenue. sledge was born in philly and earned her degree in communications from temple university before going on to become part of the famous singing group. she died in her home in arizona on march 10th at the age of 60. leaders in philadelphia are showing kevin hart how much the city of brotherly love loves him. first they named july 6th kevin hart day. yesterday they made it official
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with a visit to his movie shoot in delaware county. only nbc10 was there. take a look. >> kevin hart day in the city of philadelphia. >> i'm going to go ahead and start it up. [ applause ] >> big deal. this is a big deal. >> yesterday afternoon at sun center studios in aspen. city council members gave the comedian and actor a certificate and plaque. he is a philadelphia native. july 6th is his birthday. more about the close call for actor harrison ford. we saw the video of him accidentally buzzing a passenger plane. now we're hearing the faa recording of what he said right after the incident. that's next. young professionals in philadelphia raise money while they were sleeping. we'll explain and show you how. plus, we'll tell you the important lesson they say they learned. a look at the temperatures, already in the mid/upper 50s. some spots in the 60s already.
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70s for your saturday. the warmup today, details neighborhood by neighborhood and a little more on the winds and the change in weather we expect, coming up.
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and welcome back. we're taking the live shot again that we saw a moment ago. the flags blowing in the wind in center city. at the surface, it's mostly a light and breezy wind, about 10 miles per hour in millville. 12 dover air force space and 6 miles per hour in philly. a little breeze right now. the winds will be stronger and shift direction tomorrow. but today it's all about the temperature warmup. 62 at 11:00. some spots into the low 70s by this afternoon. notice the icons here. scattered showers are expected late day, into the night. it won't be heavy rain. it will be light rain at best. suburbs. 63 to 71. some parts of the suburbs will
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cap in the upper 60s. but warmer than average. lehigh valley mid 60s. the spotty showers may start earlier on in the day and will linger into the evening. in delaware, mid 60s already at 11:00. same for new jersey. the shore almost there. some spots at the shore will be in the 60s to upper 60s by later today. then a dropoff on your sunday. to that coming up in a few minutes. the top music, beauty, fashion and life-style experts will be gathering today for the third annual be beautiful expo happening at the pennsylvania convention center in center city. nbc10 is thrilled to be part of the fun. it's happening from 10:00 until 7:00 this evening in hall d. meet nbc10's erika martin and aundrea cline-thomas. check out the nbc10 app for more information. been to florida lately? you may have noticed wa was popping up all over.
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the company's stores are setting off a gas price war down south. we'll show you how coming up.
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harrison ford now says he was distracted when he flew over a plane filled with passengers. the faa just released tapes of the conversation he had moments after landing. >> hi, it's husky 8-niner. and the shmuck who just landed on the taxiway. >> he was supposed to land on a runway at john wayne airport in
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orange county but mistakenly landed on a taxiway, flying 100 feet over a plane carry 116 people. a philadelphia judge has cleared the way for prosecutors to retry a former catholic church official eveover his handling of sex abuse complaints. he was the first clergy convicted. the monsignor is said to have helped the archdiocese transfer problem priests. he served three years in prison before his conviction was tossed out over trial errors. three wawas opened this week in south florida. folks there are enjoying more than the freshly made hogies. the wawas in palm beach county are selling gas for $1.99. the state average is $2.29 according to aaa. other stations are lowering prices to compete.
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some drivers said they waited in line for an hour to get the gas. this morning young professionals from across philadelphia are waking up with perhaps a better understanding of what it's like to be homeless. more than 140 people slept outside in cardboard boxes at the friends center in center city last night to raise awareness for homeless youth and to raise money for covenant house that provides food and shelter for them. >> people get to come here, meet our kids and hear the stories. our kids have stories of real tragedy but also stories of triumph. our young people work incredibly hard to overcome and to succeed and build themselves lives of inspiration and stability. >> last night the young professionals raised $136,000 for covenant house. this week's wednesday's child is sponsored by meile's furniture. >> this week's wednesday's child in a teen living in a shelter.
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he is hoping to find a forever family to give him the love and the support that every child deserves. vai sikahema introduces us to isaiah. ♪ ♪ >> isaiah's situation has been so dysfunctional that he only played organized sports for one year. >> nice. he's got it. >> but that season playing soccer left him with a love of the sport. so we went to chester to meet philadelphia union head coach jim curtain to hone his skills. >> i hadn't played on a team since i was a kid. i do like to work out. i like to do everything. i like to keep my body in shape. parents is a good thing for me. >> this young man and bright and so athletic. he picked up the game like he has played it all his life. isaiah is very thoughtful and sensitive. he would love a home and a forever family with siblings and would welcome being the oldest child. >> i would like to have a
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younger brother or sister to be a role model to somebody. i think i would be a good older brother. >> isaiah has a heart of gold. he sees a future working with children like him someday. kids who are displaced or grew up in families in difficult circumstances. >> i want to work with kids some way to make it better. i don't know if i want to be a guidance counselor, a teacher, maybe a mental health technician. i don't know that. i guess i'll figure that out later on. but i do -- i do -- my primariry goal is to work with children. soccer is more fun than i thought it would be. >> isaiah is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make isaiah's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to our website, and search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center at
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1-866-do-adopt. we'll start with a look at the radar and satellite maps. right now we're tracking the cloudy conditions across the region. today is going to be a warmer than average day. it's a mild start out there in the 50s. unfortunately that does not come with bundles of shine. instead, we're looking at a complete area of cloudiness. mostly cloudy through the rest of the day. you see the green that's on radar. that's some isolated, very light spots of rain trying to make it to the ground. that's also going to be a theme for the next several days. on/off showers in the forecast. we have a storm center way to our west and a cold front that's bringing thunderstorms farther south. that won't affect yus. but the area to the north is a boundary between warmer and colder air. this is going to try to come our direction and really change up the conditions. take a look at the weekend forecast. so, today as we've been saying,
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70s in some areas. 70 in philly. lehigh valley, the mid 60s. upper 60s at the shore. some spots at the shore already at 60 right now. and 72 in delaware. could even be a little warmer in southern parts of delaware. then look at your sunday. 49 in philly. 45 in the lehigh valley. 49 at the shore. and new jersey. huge difference here. what's going to happen is temperatures drop off quickly overnight and really don't warm much through the day sunday. notice the icons. more chances of rain ahead. here is more of a visualization of what i was talking about. warm air is in place right now. winds pumping in from the southwest, and the cold air is sitting to the north. we're going to get a back-door cold front. it will drop in from the north. by 6:00 p.m. tonight, the cool air sinking into northern parts of pennsylvania, and the front is trying to move through.
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the winds will shift directions. instead of coming in from the southwest, they'll start coming in from the east. and that will help the cool air settle into place. by 8:00 a.m. sunday, now the winds coming in from the east. colder air has moved in. temperatures dropped to the 40s and pretty much stay there the rest of the day. the cold air will stay because the cold front kind of gets stucks right to our south. that holds the cool air in place. hour by hour forecast, also we have some rain to deal with as this moves through. that's the energy we need for a few showers to pass by. this morning very isolated, spotty areas of rain. drizzle areas. 2:00, same deal. not a lot. a few sprinkles. most of us are kind of cloudy with peeks of sun trying to break through as we go along through the day. into the evening, like the front i just showed you, 6:00 or 7:00, starting to creep in. we could see more spotty
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showers. again, it's not heavy rain or widespread. it's spotty and light and continues into sunday morning as well. 6:00 a.m. mostly north and west of philly. you see the pink over parts of the poconos. could see some freezing rain there. this is just an inconvenience type of rain you might run into on sunday morning. a break during the day. still cloudy for the most part sunday. even more rain chances monday and tuesday. we'll get to that with your ten-day on 10 in a bit. i'm lauren mayk. why it matters if russia meddles in the u.s. why a local expert says it's like nothing he's seen before. >> this is a brazen attack on our system. work has begun on a pipeline through our area. coming up sunday morning at
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11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc10.
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i got instant game, gus. instant game. (giggles) keep on scratchin'. we're back with some new details about the three-day festival on the parkway for the nfl draft next month. the draft is april 27th through the 29th. that's when all the events are happening. the setup will start much earlier. a live look over the ben franklin parkway. all the events are free for fans. road closures start going into effect april 10th because they're going to take a while to set up. some of the closures last until may 7th. a lot of museums along the parkway will have extended offers and being offering specials. april 27th through 29th. crews have already started preparing. the office of emergency
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management tweeted out this video yesterday. a live look at lincoln financial field where folks will be climbing the stairs of the stadium today. it's a training event for this year's big climb philly which takes place in may. participants will be climbing to the top of one commerce square to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. good thing the weather will cooperate with them. >> today will be a nice day to be outside. it won't be a sunny day but it will be warmer than average. 70 is the forecast high for us today. notice we're mostly cloudy. tonight we'll see more scattered showers starting to move through lasting into sunday morning. sunday daytime we might see a break, still cloudy, temperature there, only a high of 49 degrees. sunday evening, showers pick back up. and a little more widespread rain through your monday. we start to warm up again. low 60s. then mid 60s through tuesday. lingering showers into tuesday evening before we finally dry out wednesday in thursday with
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those 50s. >> we'll get into the beginning of april next weekend. so it's starting to look and feel a lot more like that. >> it does look like spring. 50s and 60s on the board. i'm feeling that. >> no 20s and 30s. >> let's get rid of those entirely. >> that will do it for us this morning. i'm rosemary connors. for krystal klei and the rest of us. have a good morning. have a good one.
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