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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  March 26, 2017 5:30am-5:48am EDT

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temperatures take a dip fromehe wa first alert neighborhood dress in layers for an annual half a . we're live preview. basketball brawl. cameras caught out in the stands during a those details ing with us. i'm rosar this sunday. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the chilly weather. >> the good news is, not talking 20s or teens, anything like
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that. there is going to be a considerable cooldown compared to yesterday where hopefully you got out and enjoyed those 70 degree temperatures. take a look at currently. not horrible. 44 in philly and pottstown. same deal, 44 see almost no warmup the ee youe getting now t the day. we're tngfor few spots. on your radar and in pl cloud cs day. yesterday. possibly peeks is offering now . mostly stay there for now. some ht sprinkles yet again like yesterday are we're still track that it's closer to us now, just aryet to us.
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we're talking tomorrow e still morning instead of this morning more steady rain in some areas. in terms of temperatures. not43 at 8:00 a.m., mid 40s by 11:00 a.m. breezy today and the winds are coming in from the east which will keep us on the cool side. we'll talk more about the change of winds and how that changes your temperatures coming up. >> we'll see you krystal. a d nightclub in6 pple were shot, one was killed. several of the victi life-threatening injuries. cincinnati police have outside thekeogg street. they say hundredde tsf club whe. right now no reports of anyiste
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affiliate in fillity multiple shooters may have been involved. ce no indication the largest shooting in cincinnati history. on top of this throughout the morning. be an stay with us for area today. thousands of runners will hit th sru philadelphia half marathon.luci along the ben franklin parkway. the runners will need the long sleeves this morning. >> reporter: don't have to worry too much about sweating for this run i.'s the half marathon, the love run that's happening about two hours from now, the race kicks off. here is the starting line at 2nd and the parkway. they've got everything set up and they've also got the
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barricades set up for the roadblock. there are road closures in effect this morning that you do need to keep in mind. talking about the weather here, we were in the 70s yesterday, in the 40s this morning. it's going to be a little cooler than what you experienced yesterday if you went out for that morning jog, wherever it was in our area. this is going to be one of those days you have to start with the long sleeves and bring those layers. of course, you see the starting line here, getting this all set up. about two hours away from start time. it's going to run through center city, up to mlk boulevard. there could be road closures in effect throughout the day. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. the caesar rodney half marathon begins at 9:30 and winds through the city. participants raise money for the american lung association. now to this, fight night at the basketball game.
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yesterday this brawl broke out in the stands at temple university. the fists began flying during the all-star celebrity game. police inside the building helped to break up the fight and escorted the participants outside. officers did not make any arrests in what they're calling a minor incident. the game went on as scheduled. we have new details about the deadly shooting outside a nightclub in allentown we first told you about yesterday morning. we learned that joshua colon has been charged with homicide and attempted homicide. authorities say he fired on a group of people outside club dubai yesterday. he's accused of shooting three people, one of them died. police shot at the gunman before he took off in the car. colon was hit in the leg. right now he's being held without bail. this morning a philadelphia man is grateful he installed a home surveillance system. he was able to catch burglars breaking into his house right as the crime was happening. on friday afternoon the
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homeowner saw the whole thing on his cell known which is connected to his security system. he called 911 and police rushed to his house on revere street in northeast philly. officers say they saw two men running down the street, one carrying a tv. he ditched it and got into a car. the driver crashed into parked cars. that's when police arrested five people allegedly involved in the theft. >> he was at work, and all of a sudden his phone went off. he's watching these guys in his house, called the detectives and thank god they were able to catch him. neighbors say after seeing the whole thing in action, they want to invest in the same cell phone surveillance system. out west in las vegas police have a man in custody who shot people at random on a bus and barricaded himself on that bus for hours. s.w.a.t. team members used that flash bang to cokes the man out
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of the bus. the man did surrender to officers without incident. authorities say he shot two people, one of them died. back in our area, the man accused of planting bombs and getting into a shootout with police in new jersey wants his trial moved. the lawyer for ahmad rahim many says his client can'tr after several f pipe box more than twoton county several tous see the flames e fortunately nobody was hurt.nda. coming up, maybeou the waynnsyl. we'll explain whydrivers. immorli memorial for
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two fallen firefighters.
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welcome back. a look at our neighborhood planner for today. noticerenc in the temperature from yesterday. yesterday we to 70s in the afternoon. stead of pulling in winds from warmer air, coming from the 46 at 11:00 possible and sprinkles on and off across then different onic about a degreenc valley, sta yidelaware at 45 at 7:00late to.
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we'up expecting the are consid co a damp day for us. on our monday, we will be warmer once we get intod tnds start t. in the morning, some rain the forecast which may affing condi. tuesday,ill, a.m. fog again and then in the afternoon another round offinally start t. 10.l talk more about that with heads uppennt's constructio continue turday. crews are bolstering the the br over old york .y hill work will
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on route 70. lane closures between chambers avenue and the. began losures will be during last summer but was suspended sr fall. >> joe bin! a c for drier, shinier dishes.
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happening to rnpike. usually when you go through an will be some drivers willla the green light. problem, we don't want that. way it's most ex problems, they transponders correly being char
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>> delaware 87osted beau biden which works to a t the crotwd so mucho a fami our children.ings that lift our national battle with brainda joe biden told a college audience he had run for
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of the race. weekend a philadelphia honor ofpragter. sobo outside the goldfishpoli are st line solve this mural. ig38 to paint craig woman firefighter line of duty. mother-daughter star power ofwh
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were part of the pc cemetery near los ang her role in "singerra in," fisher in fisher died while on board a flight, he mfolling day. a steurnament. we have the lie lights make the way last mak local expert says russia'sik somethin he's never seen before. >> this is a very brastem >> work has begun on aorhoods i. is awe'll discuss both sides.
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>> 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc 10.
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take a look at your me clouds in place,esteay morni. raint. as we go through today, j an-offspringless are still nkle this isn't ruin your day is pe today. instead we'll see then the cooler side. cooler side becarectusofn has shifted. in that's out to our that will give us better chanc
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res on not until tomorrow the boardcurrently. south jersey at actually not a terrible start to the ago, the problem is we're not going t s here are your delaware harmony hills at 44. glasgow same we see farther al. your philly neighborhoods, for our airport somerton at 42 right up than yesterday. instead of maybe peeling it off us. 50 in center somerton. those mid to upper 40s in parts
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of the suburbs and mid 40s through the lehigh valley. also notice the icons here, similar to yesterday. did not rain all day. don't think you'll need a big umbrel umbrella. for the most part you'll probably be find out side. just light sprinkles here and there. particularly looking laterthday. 45 in atlantic city, lowthe nd pattern. he cl conditions.s have shifted as youan in the wind direction. as w coming from the south. this is going to warmer air. n, the afternoo now pulling in from the southwest and that means we boo back up as we get i still chances of rain, though. we at your future model in the
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next half hour.rts desk brought to you by xfinity will change way you experience happy sunday, i'mcsn. flyers loss yesterdn be eight points out of the second wildcard wite they had t. k out, shorthanded. michael ne matt reid to jake voracek,up. flyers did kill off same skill, the lamp off the after two. flyers des a goal, vor 36 shops.
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fl a play-offs. >> coupl t didn't find a way to he's a better goalie in the league, it takes extra effort. we put a lot of shots in the net, nobody cares. turning to baseball. how early is too early to offen. last in the majors inun in the t four games in sprg red knock phil kendrick. cuin bottom four, jackie bradley one-run lead. he's liveing the hard knocks life. solely shot off adam morgan, 3-1 red sox. only run that morgan allowed in three innings of work. we go top nine i.'s 3-2.
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chris coghlan, a fly ball to left that's not deep. tyler hill just drops it. the run scores, ties the game at three. that's the way this ends. to the hardwood, 6ers down to the final ten games, visiting the pacers tonight on csn. coverage begins at 5:30. ncaa tournament action, xavier and gonzaga. nigel williams straight all pa williams. gonzaga heaever. oregon beat state championships. rhettity girls n. t on the boys side, props to, the
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boys couldn't get it done on the football field, but they do in 44 years defeating pine rich land participating for the first time in the hockey philly three years ago. team in the nation including th final seven union 10-3, first ten-goal game in the tournament since 1990. penn state plays denver tonight in cincinnati. garth brooks is in town for a series of show. before yesterday's early show brooks was at gloucester city junior senior high school where youngsters were treated to a free soccer clinic put up on the
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superstar with the garth brooks teammates foundation. >> pray for these babies, hoping they know somebody they didn't know so they've got a friend and take the word love with them to wherever their dinkt paths will lead them. >> that's your look at sports this morning. i'm danny pommells, csn. >> on your u
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sick, huh? i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. what's this sudden cooooling thing happening?
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it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. new mucinex clear & cool. feel the menthol burst. while powerful medicine clears your worst cold symptoms. let's end this. this morning runners will have to bundle up for the annual love run half marathon in philadelphia. we're live along the route for a preview of the race. what a difference a day makes. chilly weather this morning after temperatures climbed into the 70s yesterday afternoon. we'll tell you when conditions will warm upcoming up in the first alert neighborhoodngal wh hit the streets. "nbc 10 news t" thanks for being w conrs. it's 6:00 on this to,
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but let's start with our weeken the most accurate forecast in th ystal? >> we're looking at our current temperature map, but the 24-hour change is where we're st


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