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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  March 26, 2017 6:00am-6:41am EDT

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this morning runners will have to bundle up for the annual love run half marathon in philadelphia. we're live along the route for a preview of the race. what a difference a day makes. chilly weather this morning after temperatures climbed into the 70s yesterday afternoon. we'll tell you when conditions will warm upcoming up in the first alert neighborhoodoups hit the streets. "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being w it's 6:00 on this t's start with our weekend the most accurate forecast in th we're looking at our current temperature map, but the 24-hour change is where we're starting. looking in comparison from right now to yesterday morning. yesterday you remember how muchow nine degrees colder in philly right dover and at that it's a ld a more chilly step out the d yesterday. kind of spoils u we holly 42 degrees. in philadelphia right now we are
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43. the thing is we don't see much warming today. you can take a sneak peek at the bottom of the screen with the seven-day forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. only cap upper 40s to right around 50. what we've got is cloudiness in our area not rain to track. what's going to happen today like yesterday, sprinkles in the forecast, not a downpour at any point, but instead period where you might notice a lightthat the windseepes cool. the winds are notice a bit more ile-per-hour winds currently. 25. that continues the rest of sunday. we'll go torhood in a fewews we're following out of nice cl one of those victims is dead have life-threatening injuries. the scene just outside the people were inside that club just after 1:00 this of any cinnnati has tweeted that multiple s absolutely terrorism in what they're callingthe nbc 10 app for area mr. is inident that sent one person to the here in the parking lot of a it's unfair if outside a car or in the to find out
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more about that person's morning's love run inome franklin parkway where the race >> reporter: definitely cooler stery time. 90 minutes from now the runners will line up on the ben franklin parkway. 10,000 runners from around the country will be here. there are road closures to talk abou franklin pa will be he drive and finishing up at the art museum. it is a chilly morning, a little colder today. the temperature dropped overnight. so you might need those layers early on no matter what you're doing this morning. there are a few runs in our area today, not just happening. as we take a live look it's pretty empty at this point. a few of the workers here. expecting the runners shortly. again, this is starting at 7:30. so about 90 minutes from now the love run half marathon. for now, live in center city
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matt delucia, nbc 10 news. in fairmount park this morning, more than 4,000 people will participate in the philadelphia area's largest colon cancer awareness event. get your rear in gear a four-mile run, two-mile walk and kid's fun run. it begins at the police touch museum. the horvat regatta last week because of schools are participating in the with the championship round. you can competing demonstrations in ♪ ♪ >>nt donald trump held a m independence mall. they planned to mer got there. an opposing grasci action showed up. from the trump supporters. it right backtry. >> police say they disorderly dueling demon forces in southern califo. su pepper sfra. ight president trumpis gratitude saying thank youillorll make americaat again. >> trday where state and city on friday house republicans in tohe
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afford affordable care act. jim years since obamre than administration is trying to regroup after that defeat of health care reform. president trump had his first big legislative moss on his mind yesterday tweeting obamacare will explode. he also assured supporters do not worry. vice president mike pence took that message to a friendly crowd of small business owners in west virginia. >> told me how obamacare stands in the way and stifles growth. it's a burden not just to job creators, also a burden to the american people. folks, i frankly, i wasn't surprised to hear it. every promise of obamacare has been broken. >> democrats admit obamacare needs to be improved. the president told reporters this weekend he's open to working with democrats on health care but will turn his focus to tax reform. health care will be the hot topic on today's "meet the
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press." governor jerry brown will sit down with moderator chuck todd. chuck will also talk with allentown congressman charlie dent, a republican who opposed the bill. that comes your way at 10:30 on nbc 10. the main jury in the eric freed trial is set. tomorrow lawyers will resume picking six alternates. jury selection is taking place in chester county. frein is accused of shooting two pennsylvania state troopers in the poconos last september, killing one of them before leading police on a seven-week manhunt. opening statements are scheduled for april 3rd. i've got pieces of their house in my house. >> storm victims describe the damage from severe weather that pummeled the south. more storms are on the way. plus shore rental. we'll explain why there are fewer properties available and why many have already been snapped up this season.
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looks look at your neom yesterday. do not expect of people over in center city out and about. you can still do temps. start with yourently. thoon. w mostly cloudy get later t gusting up to 25 miles pe that helps keep 43 in philly as we go al by around e. not a lot of rain the most gorgeous it's going winds are 13 miles per hour with our time a will be your afternoon. exac of sprinkles out there. notice periods of at least a the surface. 44 at 2:00. about the same spots in new jersey may i'm on repeat but today. comes with more rain. coming up. today parade and folk chinatown. the 1:00 this morning. it features large puppets, ceremonial lion dance and food. 6:12 on this sunday. starting tomorrow, if you are a
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wells fargo customer you can tap your atm without using your bank card. details ahead in our business news from cnbc.
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a senior the bombing of t killed dozens of strike in lled. american with isised back in the thunde weekend. the national weather service will determine if a tornado destroyed a church in louisiana. in arkansas, a tornado destroyed four mobile homes. residents say the storm came quickly and threw people right
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in their houses. >> it threw him a good hundred yards out that way and the house landed on top of him. >> it threw him? >> yeah he was under the house, 100 yards from where he was supposed to be. >> the storms knocked out power to more than 15,000 people across the south. police in virginia arrested a man carrying a sword and dressed like the batman villain the joker. officers say they got calls friday afternoon about a man walking down the road wearing a black cape and carrying a sword. he's charged with wearing a mask in public. it's illegal in virginia for anyone over 16 to wear a mask with the intent of hiding your identity. cbs's dominic chew has a preview. did you forget your atm card? no problem if you're a wells fargo customer. on monday it will debut cardless withdraws across its system.
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you'll be able to withdraw money using a smart phone app. ministers from opec and non-opec nations meet in kuwait this week. they hope to extend and enhance production cuts to keep crude oil prices from falling even further. tuesday is the day that great britain will formally begin its so-called brexit, its departure from the european union. it will do so by triggering something called article 50 which is the formal notification of its intent to withdraw. the west coastal lent penthouse is on sale in san francisco this weekend. the property sits 700 feet above the city and could be yours for a mere $42 million. alec baldwin hits the big screen this coming weekend, or at least his voice does in fox's heavy promoted animated movie "the boss baby." it also stars the voices of steve buscemi, lease ka kudrow
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and toby maguire. it's a cool morning out there. these are your new mexico neighborhood temperatures not terribly cold. the good news is we don't have teens or 20s on the map. cinnaminson checking in at 42 degrees. robbinsville at 42 and florence 43. we've got consistency here this morning. it's also going to be consistent across the board through the rest of the day. we only warm up about five some spots maybe near 10 degrees. that's it, which will keep us below average. yesterday i was talking about how we would have a cold air layer to the north. that happened. on top of that it would force the winds to shift coming in from the east. that also happened. we're not seeing a lot of rain and you can't tell from radar and satellite. on top of the fact that we've got cloudy conditions. we have a lot of differences compared to just yesterday. you can tell those differences
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when you look at the forecast highs. here is our sunday. 50 in philly, 45 in the lehigh valley, 48 at the shore. remember yesterday we had 70s across the map. tomorrow we may have peaks of sun and we'll only see sprinkles. again, much cooler because of the east flow and the cool air dropping from the north forcing the warmer air farther south. tomorrow we start to pull back in the warmer air. monday we're at 65 degrees in philly, 64 in south jersey and the same along the shore. these temperatures might be a little bit of a struggle to make it to because we've got to wait for the wind change. it will be late in the day that we do start to see the biggest boost in our temperatures. we're also going to see another round of rain in the forecast monday. it's a little more impressive. take a look. here is the hour-by-hour. some sprinkles are possible. right now nothing is making it to the ground that we're looking2:30 light rain near parts ofeals as we getnt isolated showers, b outside
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yesterday, nothing, didn't turn on the minutes of driving becaus evening, eastern edge. on m and west of the to passe storms to kind of pop,quickly. by 1:00 most ofns for your half of theclouds isolated your tuesday, spotty rain, still cloudy and as we go into the of showers may pass in some areas. it will overnight. then things get a little we'll talk abouting like a party nbc 10 palooza in crafts as aweekend. thousandsennsylvania convention expo.from djs artists. entrepreneurship and maintaining healthy relationships. >> many want a day to experience entertainment, motivation and inspiration. we work so hard, we're the anchor of the family. it's great we can pour into the community the way we have. >> radio 1 organized the event as a way to give back to the community. nbc 10 was also a sponsor to the
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event. shore rental squeeze. time is running out if you're still looking for a place to rent down the shore. we'll explain why demand is up but inventory is down for the season ahead.
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if you haven't booked a rental at the shore this summer you might have fewer options to choose from. reservations are up and so are prices. >> ted greenberg shows us why. >> reporter: getting ready for summer at johnson's popcorn, and so are folks booking houses at the beach. agents at long and foster real estate in ocean city says summer rentals are hot. >> we're already seeing a 20% increase year over year. >> reporter: our unusually warm weather lured more weather to the jersey shore on winter weekends with many making
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reservations for summer. >> it helps drive it up earlier. >> reporter: on long beach island the broker and owner of the van dyke group says summer bookings are up there as well and so are rental rates by an average of 7%. owners who have rebuilt their homes from hurricane sandy are now charging more. >> not getting as much of the more summer cottage houses, mo of the modern housing. >> reporter: agents say they're seeing a trend. more owners deciding to use their houses for themselves rather than renting them out. >> they want it available for their family for their friends. it's resulted in a slight decrease in inventory. but we still have plenty of properties zblabl sights set on summer getaways as spring fights to take hold. children in philadelphia have books to read thanks to a nationwide program. part of the read to succeed
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initiative came to university city. workers and volunteered handed the books out to the students. kp &g has given out nearly 3 million books since 2008. 43 degrees outside. following breaking news out of ohio. a mass shooting at a nightclub in cincinnati. at this point we know at least one person is dead more than a dozen are hurt. we'll have an update coming up after the break. take a look at our radar and satellite, clouds right now, sprinkles possible later. we've still got more rain on the way. we'll track it out through your workweek. here is a live look outside in center city. we'll let you know when sunrise is coming up.
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ake a dip returnforecast. the starting off off. om back 6:30 on this sunday. t that meteorologist krystal klei who than w cape may, a.m. for help much becauseeling like 37 degrees right now in philly and millville. better in areas like redding at 41 degrees. it feels chilly to start and it will feel chilly the rest of the day as well. like i mentioned we've got clouds in place. we'll be breezy and those winds are coming in from the east today which typically makes it a cooler airflow. here is our radar and satellite flow. we have clouds in place right now that will continue throughout today. the light rain is mostly just to our northeast over parts of new york at this point. later area nothing heavy and out 47 by 2:00
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there are those winds. ed yesterday and what you'll experience today. we do warm up, have more rain in the forecast as we go into the workweek. we'll break that all down in a few minutes. >> thanks krystal. now to the breaking news out of ohio. we're following the investigation into a deadly mass shooting at a nightclub in cincinnati. police say 16 people have been shot, one of them is dead some of them have liech threatening injuries. cincinnati police provided the picture of the scene outside the cameo nightclub. they tell us hundreds of people were inside the club when gunfire broke out after 1:00 this morning. right now no reports of any arrests. we've been following the tweets from our sister station out of cincinnati. they say multiple shooters may have been involved. we're working to get more confirmation on that. police say there's absolutely no indication of terrorism. they are calling this the largest shooting in cincinnati history. they'll have an update later this morning after 11:00.
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we may get a news conference around that time. be sure to stay with us on the air and tap the nbc 10 app for updates. out west in las vegas, police have a man in custody whom they say shot people at random on a bus and barricaded himself inside that bus for hours. members of the s.w.a.t. team used that flash bang to cokes the man out of the bus. the man did surrender to officers without incident. authorities say he shot two people on board that bus, one of them has died. the man accused of planting bombs and getting into a shootout with police in north jersey wants his trial moved. the lawyer for ahmad rah meme many faces attempted murder charges. police captured him two days after the first of several pipe bombs exploded in new york and seaside heights last september. more than two dozen people were injured.
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now to this fight night at the basketball game. yesterday this brawl broke out in the stands at temple university. the fists began flying during the all-star celebrity game at the liacouras center last night. police helped break up the night and escorted the participants outside. officers did not make any arrests in what they're calling a minor incident. the game went on as scheduled. this morning a philadelphia man is grateful he installed a home surveillance system because he was able to catch burglars breaking into his house it all started friday afternoon. down on his cell phone he called 911. revere street in northeast down the street.ched it and got into a car. the driver parked cars. that's whenolice were able to arrest five people who weren this theft. >> he was at work and all of aching these guys in his house, c to catch him. >> not now say after seeing it inl phone surveillance system.ittle less than an hour streets for the ive look over the ben franklin parkway. that's where matt delucia is live this morning to fill us in on the race.
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matt? >> reporter: rosemary just about an hour away from the start time of the love run half marathon here in center here at 22nd and the shut down. keep that in mind if you need to you can see some ofng over registered. take a look at the map of runners will be heading throu enmlk drive and finishing t 10,000 runners from around there road closures y that it's a pretty saw yesterday. the temperatureaicame down. you might need extra layersthis morning if you're going out for church, what have you. there are a throughout our area. so not just this one here. another live look at the ben franklin parkway. the love run race time is at 7:30, just about one hour away. a lot of folks already starting to show up. nice run here the wind got a little breezy within the last hour as well. a lot of these runners say this is right around the perfect temperature for a good run here this morning. now live in centerws. half mayor can lung ter pass system in confusion for drivers.g tribute to
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we'll go from the low, mid 40 t 50s. that's it. look at the trendphilly, 47 at noon, 48 at possible. for forecast. this damp noo the lehig42 degrees. in delaware afternoon. upper 40s inshore. that's after starting in the low here is the next tee than yesterday. yestler and sprinkles in warmer temperatures in the i warming up even more so with morningow much moisture we have available. afternoon an the good news is we start to out wednesday. we take a look debut for penn state playi wt to make the
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inside a phi released balloons in honor of outside th the killer.eingalized in this mural. neighbors were welcome to engine 38 of and james hines. craig was the first woman firefighter in former vice president joe biden local basketball players last ntribute to his late son >> wyden received a speciale 87ers game in beau biden foundation night to raise money to strengthen child protection joe biden spoke to the crowd at half the cause meant so much to his son. >> a child abused is not a family issue. a child abused these are all our children. they're the kite strings that lift our national ambitions along. >> beau biden was an iraq war veteran who also served as delaware's attorney general. he died in 2015 after a battle
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with brain cancer. in other news on friday joe biden told a college audience that he regrets not being president. he said he could have won if he had run for office but his son's battle with cancer kept him out of the race. people across pennsylvania have been getting letters in the mail about changes that are happening to e-zpass tolls alongss dvers go through the tolls, transponder guidelines. over the next year don't see the light. want things commonly to get used driversrrectly and monitor their our explorast high school. onirst alert ent. if you're thinking yo tomorrow's s of companies help inviting me. a lite view you can see wacking little d next it doesn't really affectmorning. current wind speeds, those are to yesterday. right around 15 miles per hour in wilmington, 17 wildwood, 12 for philly. throughout today i expect it will stay around here talking
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br 25 miles per hour. no coming in . from the southwest pumping today our temperatures take a east winds for us. cool all through our cooler now comin help us start to see a a warm front pass the there's that means temperat a c going to see today. he40 for us right possible. and lingering in the the aftern model is through much of the evening, staying in the flow keeps thingsecessarily plunge the start your sunday nigh we continue. there' morsteadmore at those temperatures making iten-day on ten. also rain mornings are possible. along. we s tuesday. you do see a dip as we go thursday and friday, another round of rain moving in. >> this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> good morning, to you. happy sunday, i'm danny pommells from csn. flyers loss yesterday in columbus would mean they would be eight points out of the second wildcard with eight games to play. it was a game they had to have. check it out, columbus shorthanded.
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carlson gets behind the defense. michael neuvirth says no. second period still no score. matt read to jake voracek. bore rov ski sends him away. flyers did kill off the power play. same score. doughnuts on the board. columbus gets on the board right here. alex wennberg lights the lamp off the deflection, 1-0 after two. flyers desperate for a goal, bobrovsky stops all 36 shots. flyers are eight points out of the play-offs. >> couple times he didn't know where the puck was and we didn't find a way to get the rebound. he's the best goalie in the league, it takes extra effort. we put a lot of shots in the net, nobody cares. turning to baseball. how early is too early to worry about the phillies' offense.
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last in the majors in runs scored last year. they scored just ten in the last four games in spring training, grapefruit league. cutting boston's lead to one run. life. solo shot only run that hat's not deep. tyler hill jushe hardwood, 6ers down 27 wins. one more and thega. second half all gonzaga. gonzaga headed to the final fourchool basketball state championships.s basketball.t. scoring ten goals including the rst n-goal game in the tournament since 1990. penn state plays denver tonight in cincinnati. garth brooks is in town for a series of shows. before yesterday's early show brooks was at gloucester city junior senior high school where youngsters were treated to a free soccer clinic put up on the superstar with the garth brooks .
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he joined forces for garth >> pray for these babies, hoping thth to ir different paths will lead them. i'm danny pommells, csn. y any car ♪ ♪ any make, any model trading in our sellingust three easy steps. two, drive to your local car in as little as 30 min .get your free online valuation now. oh, he doesn't know any beries much better sher. finish® jet-dry®. children's hospital of philadelphia w for he event a previous on research.
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for theheads. th research. 6:57 on this sidebreaking newic scene at a cincinnati nightclub where a mass shooting left one person dead and dozens hurt. we'll update the investigation. here is your look at radar and satellite. we have clouds not rain yet, but we do have that chance of showers especially as we go into your early workweek. a live look outside camelback mountain in the poconos. great start out there. we'll talk temperatures coming up.
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live picture of camelback mountain temperatures taking a dive again. duelling rallies, violence erupts when pro and anti trump forces meet on the streets of southern california. a very different picture here in philadelphia. we'll show you coming up. rushing to the rescue. a south jersey police officer runs into a building to put out the fire. that story straight ahead. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:00 on this sunday. we have b
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