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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  March 26, 2017 7:00am-7:45am EDT

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live picture of camelback mountain, temperatures taking a dive again. duelling rallies, violence erupts when pro and anti trump forces meet on the streets of southern california. a very different picture here in philadelphia. we'll show you coming up. rushing to the rescue. a south jersey police officer runs into a building to put out the fire. that story straight ahead. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:00 on this sunday. we have breaking news of a mass shooting in ohio.
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we'll get to that in a moment. first let's begin with meteorologist krystal klei. >> we're starting with a look outside those cloudy conditions we've got. similar to how we started yesterday, and temperatures, they're close to yesterday, a little cooler though. we're 43 in philly and now upper 30s in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs and the lehigh valley. parts of new jersey 40, and 44 in delaware. what we'll see as we move forward today, very different picture than yesterday. yesterday we had the big boost in temperatures, mid 70s in many spots. not the case today. instead we've got the clouds. but what you can't see from radar and satellite is the wind flow. it's now from the east. that really changes where the cool air comes in from which affects our temperatures. we've got damp days ahead. cooler, breezy and sprinkles in the forecast today. when i say cooler, i mean cooler. instead of 70s, more 40 rs and
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50s. tonight we'll see fog develop and more sprinkles across the region. by monday morning, fog is expected and rain mostly north and west zones, talking lehigh valley, berks county and our pennsylvania suburbs. then lining up along the i-95 corridor as well. later in the day, lingering spot showers and finally temperatures start to warm back up to more seasonal conditions and warmer. we'll talk about those temperatures through your workweek with your ten-day on 10 in just a bit. now to that breaking news out of cincinnati. a mass shooting at a nightclub. police say 16 people were shot. one of those victims is dead. several other victims have life-threatening injuries. you're looking at new video of the scene just outside the cameo nightclub in cincinnati. authorities say hundreds of people were inside the club when gunfire broke out just after 1:00 this morning.
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right now there are no reports of any arrests. our sister station in cincinnati has tweeted that police confirmed multiple shooters were inside the club. we just learned that atf agents are on the scene. at this point police say there's no indication of terrorism in what they're calling the largest shooting in cincinnati history. they plan to have their next update after 11:00 this morning. we'll be staying on top of it on the air and on the nbc 10 app. back in our area, you can credit philadelphia police with keeping two competing demonstrations in center city yesterday at arm's length from each other. >> supporters of president trump held a make america great rally on independence hall. they planned to march to the art musz sem but never made it there. an opposing group, antifascist action showed up. officers kept them away from the
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trump supporters. >> give their opinion, that's fine. we're giving it right back to them. it's a free country. >> police tell us they handed out only two citations yesterday for disorderly conduct. hundreds of people turned out for another pro trump rally at the jersey shore. you're looking at the event on the boardwalk in seaside heights. police reported only one scuffle. last night president trump tweeted his gratitude saying thank you for all the trump rallies today, amazing support, we will all make america great again. >> health care was the hot topic yesterday in germantown. on friday house republicans killed their own health care bill designed to repeal and replace the affordable care act. at the forum in germantown yesterday philadelphia mayor jim kenny, a democrat said he enjoyed seeing the bill's dem
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mice. he said in the seven years since obamacare became law, it's given more than 220,000 philadelphians health care and created 20,000 jobs in the city. the trump administration is trying to regroup after the defeat on health care reform. president trump had his first big legislative loss on his mind yesterday tweeting obamacare will explode. he assured his supporters, do not worry. vice president mike pence took that message to a friendly crowd of small business owners in west virginia last night. >> he told me how obamacare stands in the way and stifles growth. it's a burden not just to job creators but to the american people. folks, i frankly, i wasn't surprised to hear it. every promise of obamacare has been broken. >> democrats admit obamacare needs improvement. health care will be the focus of discussion today on nbc's "meet the press." moderator chuck todd will be talking exclusively with allentown area congressman
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charlie dent, a republican who opposed the gop bill. that comes your way at 10:30 on nbc 10. later in this hour we'll be talking live to chuck todd for a preview. this north jersey man wanted for harassing women in dover kent county is now under arrest. police in delaware say marvin wiggins approached several women in department stores last week asking about baby shower or house warming gifts. they say that's when he committed lewd acts in front of the women and asked them to touch him. in south jersey a police officer in mercer county is giving a first-hand look as he raced into a house to put out a fire. officer joseph mcneil arrived at the house last weekend and saw the fire in the laundry room. he grabbed a fire extinguisher from his patrol car and ran into the smoke-filled house and quickly put out the flames. because of his actions, the fire damage was limited to just that area. in philadelphia today, a
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cold start for the thousands of runners gathering right now near the philadelphia museum of art, taking part in a half marathon to raise money for charity. nbc 10's matt delucia is in the middle of the action on ben franklin parkway. >> reporter: we're here at the starting line of 22nd and the parkway. you see runners already starting to line up here. they're going to be getting ready to start that race is about 30 minutes. 7:30 is the start time for the philadelphia love run. 10,000 runners here from around the country and there are road closures we're talking about this morning. ben franklin parkway is closed. take a look at the map. runners will be heading through center city up mlk drive. they will be finishing up at the art museum. it is cooler this morning. it is a little chilly today. in the low to mid 40s.
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some people who are in their short sleeves. others are wearing jackets. you run the gamut here in terms of what people are wearing. some folks do have the layers on this morning because it is a little chilly. one these guys start running, they'll shed those layers. race time starts at 7:30, less than 30 minutes away. it's a half marathon. live in center city matt delucia. coming up, a philadelphia community comes together to remember a young life lost. the teenager that was murdered as he sat inside a philadelphia restaurant. we'll show you how his family and friends are honoring his memory. nobody wants a call from the irs. well, there's a new phone scam that will make you think the tax collector is calling. what you need to know if you receive one of these calls. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh!
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let's go through the hour-by-hour planners. starting with our philly neighborhoods. looking at temperatures that will go through the low 40s this morning. officially at the at 43 to the upper 40s aest d the da. why? we have the winds coming in from the east. when you've got an east flow, it's not necessarily that it will make you much colder than where you start, but keeps you
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day. isolated sprinkles and breezy conditions today as well. mostly clo t valley at 39. 41 at noon. could see a spot shower move on buy around noon to 2:00 p.m. lingering spotty showers as well as we start to go into the overnight hours. a better chance of rain moving in. notice the temperatures only around the mid 40s for forecast highs. shore point, 44 right now, time is 7:12 a.m. at 48 degrees by your lunchtime and stay pretty constant. upper 40s as good as it will get at our shore points with isolated showers continuing. wind speeds around 17 miles per hour today. coming up, we'll talk about the warmup and more on the rain potential that continues through monday and tuesday. >> thanksor krystal. today the horvat regatta gets under way on the schuylkill river. the first stage had to be canceled last week because of the lingering snow and ice. crew teams from public, private and parochial schools are
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participating in the event which wraps up later in the spring in may with the championship round. the nissan owners will be getting recall notices pretty soon. coming up, the problem that wil. also ahead, don't get scammed this tax season. nbc 10 talks to the irs agent who almost became a victim. what
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feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. weekend a community is wrel khiseer david-par. outside the goldfish restaurant. kifiters who died in the
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neighbors 38 in the mura lieutenant craig was the first the ntagon says a u.s. air lea responsible for deadly attacks the target allegedly plotted thg islamabad in is owning up to a mosul. the attack was aimed
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iraqi security fighters and equipment. this next one in virginia arrested a dressed likersay the a mask in public age of 16 to wea mask witheir identity. new this morning, a recall nissan is recalling more than b steering hoses may leak fluid and that could lead to fire. and 2014 muranos. new hose free of charge. nissan with questions at that number o could be from a ank. irs poer t
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warning ahead oe explains why this yearer is sick of getting s irs employees. few months. >> people telli m call -- the t you. >> reportetir: was special agent they come from people threatening arrest if you by a and wire never do. >> to get more informa repter: the messagesoye a voice l o
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the phone. it's long been said the but this spring a chang using private won't be thre cats,munication will be via ma10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> beginning with a look outside cape may, new jersey, the sun is up. it's hard to tell because we have this blanket of gray overhead. that's across our entire viewing area. from the shore up to the lehigh valley, easton, same deal, a gray shot overhead. a blanket of cloud coverage that will hold tight to most of our day. we may see peeks of sun. overall a mostly cloudy forecast. we'll see periods of spotty showers move by. currently on radar and satellite, no rain to track. we pull this all the way out. today some sprinkles. tomorrow will actually see this line of rain start to press our direction. the front itself is farther
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back, but the rain ahead of it will start to affect us, particularly in our north and west zones by tomorrow morning. as for your temperatures this morning, well, it's not a bad start. it's a chillier start than yesterday. it stays cooler consistently the entire day. 42 right now in chestnut hill and andorra. 44 in center city. 43 in bustleton, torresdale mid 40s. richmond now at 45 degrees. not going to see much of us above 50 degrees today because of the cooler airflow, winds coming from the east. the cold front has dropped south of our viewing area. yesterday it's to the north of us. able to hit 77. today it's to the south of us. winds in from the east. look at the high, 50 degrees only for philly. 47 in the suburbs. delaware may make it to about 51. that's the best we do. also notice the icons, i left in
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a little raindrop to let you know you may see some sprinkles. this is a cloudy forecast today more than a rain forecast. better chances of rain come on your monday. also monday we start to see warmer air surge back in because the wind direction will shift from the southwest. we'll see a warm front move in. that helps the boost. 65 for your monday in philly. 56 in the lehigh valley. 64 both south jersey and the jersey shore. sprinkles on the board at 7:00 a.m., cloudy the rest of the day. sprinkles around 2:30 in the northern zones. a chance of light rain around 7:30 that lingers overnight and lasts right on into your monday morning where north and west zones will get the best chance. most of that starts to move out for cloudy conditions on your monday. after that ten-day on 10, 61 monday and 71 by tuesday. there is a warmup. concern yourself with morning
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fog. we start to dry out wednesday and thursday. police say it was bad behavior by basketball fans. coming up, the brawl that erupted in the stands at a philly sporting event. we'll show you how it ended and what happened next. honoring beau biden, the former vice president pays tribute to his late son. we'll take you there after the break.
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kids in philadelphia have new books to read thanks to a national literacy program. the read to succeed initiative came to university city yesterday. plenty of volunteers on hand to give books to the student. kpmg has given out nearly 3 million books since starting the program in 2008. thousands gathered inside yesterday at the pennsylvania convention center in center city for the expo.
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panel discussions included how to break into the music industry, how to be a entrepreneur and how to maintain healthy relationships. >> women want a day to experience entertainment, motivation and inspiration. >> radio 1 organized the veent as a way to give back to women and back to the community. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 were also proud sponsors. 7:27 right now on this sunday. thousands of runners are lining up for the start of the philadelphia love run. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in center city where the half marathon will step off momentarily. matt? >> reporter: rosemary, just about three minutes away from the start. after the break, some of these runners will cross through. back live after this. >> the good news is it's dry for those runners, but cooler and breezy for us. this sunday we'll look at the ups and downs from areas here in
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center city all the way to the lehigh valley and shore coming up.
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breaking news out of cincinnati where there's been a mass shooting at a nightclub. 15 people have been shot. one of them is dead. we've got the latest information from investigators next. fists fly at a celebrity basketball game. what philadelphia police did when fans at temple university went too far. the weather roller coaster has it feeling more like winter than spring. a live look from our kimmel center camera along broad street. folks have to bundle up. the temperatures take a dip to wrap up the weekend. we'll tell you when you can finally put the chevy coats away in just a few moments. >> nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us on this
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sunday. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:30. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the chilly day ahead for us. >> this is a big difference from yesterday. we warrant you about it and said today is going to be nice, saturday it was. we hit 77 degrees. yes, 77 officially in philly. today, look at the feels-like temperature. 36 right now in the philadelphia area, same for northeast philly. gigantic difference. 20 what it feels like in mt. pocono, 37 in wilmington. atlantic city feeling like 35 degrees right now. that's partly due to the fact that we are breezy this morning. wind speeds around 10 to 15 miles per hour from philly to wilmington. coastal almost 20 miles per hour. we'll stay breezy through the day. on top of that, we'll stay cloudy. it might be a little hard to see. we have cloud cover to cross our region as we speak. it's not going anywhere. with the cooler start and air
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coming from the east, we'll continue cool. i'll talk high temperatures for your sunday and beyond coming up. about 10,000 runners are taking off right now for a half marathon through center city, feeling that chill in the air and dressing in layers. nbc 10's matt delucia is live near the starting line along the ben franklin parkway for us. >> reporter: rosemary, the runners are getting ready to start in a couple minutes. i'll step out of the way so as they start going, we'll be able to see it. a chilly morning as krystal was mentioning. low to mid 40s in center city. about 10,000 runners from around the country taking part in this. of course, there are road closures to talk about this morning. you can see the ben franklin parkway is shut down right now. we have a map here. take a look. runners will head through center city, up mlk drive and finishing up at the art museum. >> absolutely perfect.
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i've been training in this, it's been 40s all winter. >> great weather. >> at least it's not raining. >> reporter: it is not raining, but it is a little cloudy this morning. they just gave them the head start. we're getting ready. let's watch them. >> get out of here! >> the start of the love run half marathon in center city. about 10,000 runners here from around the country. you see so many of these folks are somewhat bundled up, others in short sleeves. you see some of the folks with the hat, some of the layers because it is a little chilly. low to mid 40s at the moment. you might need the coat as you head out the door this morning compared to what we saw yesterday it is a little cooler. a few of the runs going on in the area. this morning there are other races that are happening as we speak. so keep that in mind. some of these folks here, they are very eager to go.
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i talked with some of the runners earlier. they say this is perfect running weather, although they would rather take the weather they had yesterday. i'll leave you with a shot here. live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that, matt. now to the breaking news we're following out of cincinnati. a mass shooting at a nightclub. police say 15 people were shot, one of those victims is dead. several others have life-threatening jig. this is video outside the cameo club. hundreds of people were inside when gunfire broke out just after 1:00 this morning. there are no reports of any arrests. new reports from police say there was only one shooter. they are investigating if others were involved. we've also learned that atf agents are on the scene. police say at this point there's absolutely no indication of terrorism in what they're calling the largest shooting in cincinnati history. we'll be sure to stay on top of this and bring you updates throughout the morning here on
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the air and on the nbc 10 app. back in our area, fight night at the basketball game. yesterday this brawl broke out in the stands at temple university. the fists began flying during the all-star celebrity game at the liacouras center. we're told police inside the building helped to break up the fight and lead the participants outside. police did not make any arrests in what they're calling a minor incident. the game went on as scheduled. we have new details about the deadly shooting outside a nightclub in allentown that we first told you about yesterday morning. we learned that joshua colon has been charged with homicide and attempted homicide in that shooting. authorities say he fired on a group of people outside club dubai early yesterday. he's accused of shooting three people. one of them died. police then shot at him before he took off in a car. colon was struck in the leg. right now he's being held without bail. out west in las vegas, police have a man in custody whom they say shot at people at
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random on a bus and then barricaded himself inside that bus for hours. members of the s.w.a.t. team used that flash bang to cokes the man out of the bus. the man surrendered to officers without incident. authorities say he shot two people on board that bus. one of them died. 7:36 right now on this sunday. changes are coming for drivers who have e-zpass. what you'll soon see on the pennsylvania turnpike. why some are worried it could cause confusion on the tolls.
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people across pennsylvania have been getting letters in the mail about changes happening to e-zpass tolls along the turnpike. usually when e-zpass drivers go through the tolls they get a green light or some indication their transponder registered. the signals are against federal guidelines. over the next year the turnpike will be removing them from toll plazas. people are worrying some drivers may slam on their brakes when they don't see the green light. >> it produces a backup, a problem, you know. we don't want that. we want things to work the way it's most commonly accepted. >> the turnpike commission expects drivers to get used to the change. to help avoid problems, they
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advice drivers to properly mount their transponders and monitor their accounts monthly to make sure they're being charged accurately. joe biden! >> paying tribute to beau biden. the former vice president honors his late son and raises money for charity. we've got some clouds right now, but chances of rain are in and out of this forecast for the next several days. it's already a gray look outside here in cape may. we'll talk more about those conditions coming up. ute his l
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joe biden spoke to the crowd why the cause meant so son. 10hild abused,he kite strings c let's start by taking a look satellite. the clouds in place rig t hangover head as we lastli pee.
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di temperatures. we are going tler because we have got skill this big yesterday, moist your to will a not until monday. the coir the temperatures are noticeably differen remember yesterday that there was a cold front to o it has done so. instead of a high of 77, 50 for us today in center city. somerton only 47 degrees. same for lansdale, 47. mid 40s over the lehigh valley. 49 in voorhees today. the shore points mostly right ouhighs, and low 50s in delaware. soicons. you see a lot of the cloudcodro. that's because it's just
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like yesterday, this isn't enough to be any sort of thr c today. with these cool conditions and gusts to 25 miles per hour in th already seeing theus shore points. here is why we a have the cold fronro cool air, now we have shifted direction coming from water is cooler. we are pulli over our region. watcho s through your sunday. cooler air. we go overnight and i now we start seeing these southy lling in the warmer airo our southwest typically. good
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is not the day be warming up. for the oudyight now, isolated sprinklreca. notice the clouds, may see a few drops here and your sunday, we are going to sh. better in on your monday. we'll talk more about that comi u >> good morning, to you. happy sunday, i'm danny pommells from loss yesterday in columbus would mean they would be eight points out of the second wildcard with eight games to play. it was a game they had to have. check it out, columbus or carlson gets behind the defense. michael neuvirth says no matt reid to jakecek.
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ov gud dass got an extra minor.f e play.usets on the board right here. ennber two. flyers are eight points out of the play-offs.he dn't know where thck he's the best goalie in the we put a lot of shots in the turning to baseball. ho run. bottom four, jki 3. that's the w h final four for the first timen-retti girls.
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basketball. reddwi0. f the ncaander way. taking on union. nittany lions the second halhei final seven to beat union 10-3, tournament since 1990. dver ton in cincinnati. a series of shows. brooks was at gloucester city junior senior high school where youngsters were treated to a free soccer clinic put up on the
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superstar, joining forces with union team coordinator for his garth brooks teammate for kids foundation. >> makes you sleep well at night. pray for these babies, hoping they know somebody they didn't know when they got here so they've got a friend. hopefully they take the word love with them to wherever their different paths will lead them. >> that's your look at sports this morning. i'm danny pommells, re a is still the law of the land after president trump and republicans in support to vote on then. it's a top issue on "meet the pr"odator of "meet thes good morning, rosema >> chuck, you'l ea congressman charlie dent on the show,d his own party's heal ca representatives like d aent w replace obamacare?
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>> inknd of the charlie. de time as mike lee,tah who also opposed this bill, but for melieving there was too much is and mike lee at the polar can'tn a bill to forge a com question whether the republican party can party . i timal debacle days on a pledgehe trump campai
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watergate, conclusion that willcc inside thek to one of the credibly in uncar at this pointt
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our very own first alert meteorologist krystal klei spoke with girls interested in math and science. the stem event called girls
7:51 am
exploring tomorrow's technology was held at westchester east high school. >> it was an amazing event. girls exploring tomorrow's technology, so many different businesses helping these girls out. >> very cool. let's talk about your forecast, the extended ten-day on 10. a live look outside the art museum where the runners will finish up in a built. today a high of 50 degrees. monday and tuesday i expect morning fog and periods of rain. best chance is monday morning and tuesday later in the day before we finally dry outou temperatures are te it. >> or we'll take it compared to us.wi we'll be back here at 9:00. see you then.
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we're going to be living with obamacare for the foreseeable future. i have no information that supports those tweets. >> we will all move forward together. ♪ good morning and welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. there is breaking news overnight. a mass shooting at a cincinnati nightclub. at least one person dead, more than a dozen others are injured. we'll go live to the scene to get all the details in just a moment. plus, another saturday tweet from president trump that's raising eyebrows this morning, steering viewers toward a tv takedown of paul ryan that called for the speaker to step down after the failure of the health ce
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