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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  March 27, 2017 6:00am-6:50am EDT

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6:00 a.m. monday morning. welcome to the week, welcome to monday. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. behind us, hazy, cloudy. let's get to meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. good morning. rainy and foggy, too. showers -- showers in philadelphia and steadier rain just off to the northwest. look at allentown. the rain will taper off this afternoon. this afternoon, any fog will be long gone. it's getting thicker now. coatesville, one-mile visibility. it's at three miles for philadelphia international and wilmington. one-mile visibility in wrightstown and at the shore. light fog for wildwood. millville seeing improvement this hour. temperatures well above freezing. rain, not a problem. we're not going to see icing, not with 41 in the lehigh valley. fog and 43 in delaware.
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new jersey, 40 degrees. this is the starting point. rain showers, a little fog. the rain ends, fog will be gone, and temperatures near 70 degrees for new jersey, for philadelphia, for delaware, and the upper 60s in pennsylvania and the suburbs, 64 degrees for the lehigh valley. we'll show when the rain will move out and when the visibility will be improving when i come back in ten minutes. first let's see how the fog is affecting traffic. ja jessica? >> thanks. to the right-hand shoulder, fog not bothering the roads too much. you can see all the lanes are getting by. a 14-minute drive time now on the eastbound side from the blue route to the vine street expressway. average speeds in the 60s. a crash in lymerick on fruitville around smith road. checking in with the philadelphia national airport, no delays now. they have a dense fog -- fog
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advisory in and out of philadelphia. check with your airline before heading out and see if you have any address. we'll keep our eyes that and updates on the foggy spots when i come back. >> thank you. in the kensington section, firefighters found a heavy fire on the first floor of this home when they got there at waymouth near clearfield. no one was hurt. new, a teenager dead after he was shot on the front steps of a house in philadelphia in cobbs creek. the shooting happened on largewood avenue around 11:15 last night. the 17-year-old was shot twice in the chest. police have made no arrests. 6:02. student fights like this at a septa platform have gotten the attention ofpolice.he cwds undel and keepsafer.
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katy g. platform below us. badly injured. now, though, t measure to try and prevent another fight like tfr the more than a dozen studentsafterl those who started it have beeng tween 3:00 and dismissal ddin this extra presence.nk you. arged with murder during a enter a plea in the case.ring i
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superior court for hisg tt killed t in the eric frein to pick n x alternate jurors. signals, replace concretela loo in the poconos. the result, clo and skiing. skiing. snow tubing is camelback is planning to reopen the slopes tomorrow. tee big st making national headlines this morning -- first, police in multiple gunmen who opened fire in a crowded n witnesses say the club immediately became the scene of chaos. people r for cover. one person died15 others were wounded. police say an argument escalat
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take cover. this as egg-sized hail that pelted homes outside of dallas. weathe blew through the area last night. and the national weather service a possible tornado. drive it in -- for the win -- [ wild cheers ] notng like late. the university of north carolina e nearly last-second shot. now the brach set officially set -- unc wil final four since 1939. university of south carolina takes on gonzaga. into the hosted the eighth annual huddle up for autism at the link yesterday. >> the event ises and exercises benefiting the center for autism reidsch and parents told us it's an experience that they ca
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always easy to find foramils with children on the autism spectrum. >> sometimes get easily overwhelmed in big, crowded situations or plaityces or a lot of noise. >> tantrum or breakdown, it's do y? you feel support. you don't feel singled out. nrl $36,000 for autism6:07. 42 wet degrees outsrain, we've wow, usually we see a that picture. bill henley? >> just see across delaware. the view of cape foggy here. dreary, mist and rest of the area, too. 42low s in south jersey. delaware, 43 with the suburbs, there are cooler numbers in the 30s this morning. now 3t callen
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township and very low 40s f unionville and ma newtown, we will see a big warmup today. will be after the fog leaves us and after the showers taper off. 1:00 this afternoon, 61 degrees. look at the upper 60s. this is a good 20 degrees warmer than it was yesterday during the day. you'll need the umbrella this morning. look at the rain in pennsylvania. haven't seen much in delaware or south jersey. a few sprinkles so far. the heavier downpours, just moving through north hampton county now toward easton. rain this morning, but it will taper off as we go into the afternoon. look at the warmup. in spite of showers, philadelphia goes from 46 degrees to 58 degrees. at lunchtime. the 50s in the suburbs will warm into the 60s with mostly cloudy skies later today. drying out this afternoon. keep an eye out. we might see late breaks of
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sunshine. a possibility for the lehigh valley. this morning, no sun, dreary, rainy, foggy. 41 degrees, a chilly rain at 8:00. by lunchtime, dry, cloudy, 53. the warmup, up more than ten degrees between noon and 4:00 today. for delaware, you've got fog to start with. sunshine later this afternoon. 70 degrees in delaware and close in new jersey but not this morning. rain, fog, 47 this morning. light rain showers in new jersey. by lunchtime, looking at cloudy skies but dry conditions. and 60 degrees in new jersey at lunchtime. the cool area today thanks to southerly winds off the ocean, the shore. 47 degrees with showers at 8:00. by noontime, cloudy skies and 55. then breaks of sunshine, near 60 this afternoon. a warming trend. yes, tomorrow the temperature trend shows we're up to 71 tomorrow. the big storms you heard about in texas, those are heading our way. there's a possibility we'll see
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strong thunderstorms in our area. we'll go through it hour by hour to show when the storms are likely to pop up. n your neighborhood when i'm i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. t 6:00 a.m. flashing lights never a good sc. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has youuld what we're seeing now. the aro schuyd montgomery drive, a disabled vehicle over intore still getting by. we're not seeing too many scene here. 14 minutes moving towardhead we route to the vine street 50s. that earlier vehicle that was on fire in philly,und the philadel national airport. now it's been moved. it's on the shoulder of the depathat direction. from 95 southbound. it will be off into the shoulder. you'll be able to get by also watch for a crash on horsham around davis grove road
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and an accident in lymerick on fruitville around smith road. we'll end over with the philadelphia national airport. theye advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. for philadelphia. chin you have one today before you head out the door. >> thank you. s card bill may be easier than you think. >> ahead, the secret to paying unwanted fees. plus, a wild philadelphia caught on surveillance. a robbery attempthe streets. and the not-is two teens prevented from boarding a flight because of what they were wearing. the decision that h
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just about a quarter past 6:00 a.m. is this final monday in march. i-95, the roads are wet. there will be a couple of waves of rain. one has already gone through, another is expected later. bill will be along in a few minutes to tell us more. today the growing chorus of voices pushing for philadelphia's district attorney to resign will get a little bit louder. seth williams was indicted last week on charges of robbribery, extortion, and defrauding his own relative. despite the charges, williams says he isn't stepping down. nbc10's pamela osborne is live outside the d.a.'s office with more who wants him out. >> reporter: mayor kinney, the fop, and black lives matter is asking for the d.a. to step down from his position. black lives matter will be here later this morning. they're going to be blocking doors leading up to the building and surrounding streets. they are hoping to send a strong
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message to all elected officials. that is that they represent the people of the city. i mentioned this earlier. what's interesting is how many voices are getting behind the call. the fop and black lives matter in agreement, joined together in thinking and demanding that seth williams step down from office. >> i think we're beyond the stage of asking seth williams to resign. we are demanding for him to leave. the garair guarantees that allo -- the arrogance that allowed him to get to this place cannot allow him to stay. >> reporter: we'll be keeping nb eye on the protest and let you know if it interferes with traffic in center city. reporting live in center city, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> thank you. love takes on many forms. >> for 10,000 men and women this weekend, it involved grabbing sneakers, shorts, and hitting the center city pavement. the fourth annual love run half-marathon takes runners
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through the ben franklin parkway, up mlk drive, to the art museum. the winners in the men's and women's categories crashed the finish line in less than 90 minutes. here's another run. this one in wilmington. the caesar rodney half-marathon relay andhe american lung association. the 13-mile race is the country's oldestee pple with le. no problem there. >> -- yesterday. warmer today. >> i did the broad street run last year, a run. i thought it would be miserable, but it made it really fun. >> you were a rock star. >> i've got toye pre. >> this is the best weather to in --. >> if somebody's chasing me, i'll run. >> otherwise -- >> not happening.morning.
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taking a break -- seeing showers in the area. not everybody is seeing wet weather to start with. we are f on the roads. >> that's true. definitely affecting some of the mml t there first. we'll start on the schuylkill expressway this morning. you see a disabled vehicle around our cameras at montgomery drive. so nea too many problems on the roads now. over into the right-hand shoulder. you see the blue routesw. cameras looking okay. you see the lanes getting by ain, the schuylkill looking okay. seeing small delays. the vehicle t earlier on 95, on the southbound side just near the airport, that's it's away from the roads. you see we don't have any of that delay there. it's off on the ramp of the departures ramp. watch for that when you're moving through. and also another crash in horsham on horsham roadoad. and back to the fog.
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we have a dense fog advisory at the philadelphia natioor delaysd at the airport. you want to check before you go. the advisory is in effect100 a. out of philadelphia. updates on the fog and more on the roads when i come back in about ten. >> got it. thanks. 6:18. 6:19. let's talk more about the fog. the rain, and the warmer temperatures with bill henley. >> you see the fog in the lights here at penns landing. the southerly wind is pushing warm air into the area. that's warm, moist air. that's giving us the fog as temperatures try to cool down. not thick. coatesville at one-mile visibility. three-mile visibility in pottstown. holding at three for philadelphia and wilmington. shouldn't be an issue with three-mile visibility. it's down to one in wildwood and atlantic city. and we've seen conditions improve in millville already. the fog here this morning, out of here this afternoon. the temperatures at the bus stop around 40 for allentown.
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quakertown. and showers in reading and a possibility for philadelphia and wilmington. seeing raindrops. dry at atlantic city. rain to start with. 8:00 this morning, there's the line of showers moving through the area. watch what happens into the late morning hours. that line of showers is on the move. by lunchtime, it tapers off. by early in the afternoon, look at the warmup, 61 degrees in philadelphia. still some showers, residual, spotty showers during the late morning hours. later in the afternoon, other than a sprinkle, you get breaks in the clouds. 70 in mt. holly and 70 for wilmington. a temperature turnaround. here are the showers this morning. you see some moving through bucks county and into upper montgomery, chester county. the steadiest showers have been at berks and lehigh so far this morning. and there are more showers to the west. and also thunderstorms. i'm watching this produce severe weather in texas yesterday. that line of showers is on track
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for us for tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon. it's most likely to impact parts of delaware and south jersey. we'll start the day dry. but by lunchtime, you see that line of showers moving in. and then moves through philadelphia by around lunchtime. and then out of here tomorrow afternoon. a bit of fog this morning. 69 this afternoon. low 70s tomorrow. we'll get storms in the afternoon. we dry out with bright, sunny skies for wednesday. cooler, yes, but still nice for this time of year. 57 on thursday. another line of rain showers possible on friday. it looks like rain will move through and be clearing during the day on saturday. saturday, dry, 59 degrees. warmer for sunday. warmer next week, 60s for monday and tuesday. and near 60 degrees wednesday afternoon. a philadelphia eagle made one fan's wedding extra memorable. he kept a promise and showed up
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even though they'd never met. what brandon brooks said about the surprise invitation. and at 6:21, ahead, a furry delivery. the animals headed to philadelphia who escaped international danger.
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♪ the sights and sounds of chinatown yesterday. the seventh annual hoya parade. puppets and chinese folk acts made their way along the parade route. dozens of dogs are getting a second chance at life in the u.s. 46 dogs were rescued from a south korean meat farm and were flown to the united states over the weekend. some of them will come to philadelphia area shelters to be put up for adoption. the humane society has helped to save more than 800 dogs from south korean farmers.
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6:25. 42 degrees. clouds are starting to break over cape may. a dreary day mofor most of the area. the neighborhood forecast ahead. >> reporter: and good morning. i'm matt delucia live. a storeowner shoots a thief, but that's not the most extreme thing about the surveillance video here. we'll show the whole thing coming up. plus, the office of innovation. we'll explain the new white house job president trump is creating for his son-in-law.
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just about 6:30. a storeowner fights back. a businessman opens fire on a thief, and in the process, a flurry of cash rains down in the street. fire fallout. flames at a delaware shoe store creating traffic trouble for drivers this morning. and barred from boarding. two teens kept off a flight because of wearing leggings. the airline is explaining its decision.
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6:30 in the morning. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. and we have meteorologist bill henley and the latest forecast. we have clouds, rain, and fog, too. look at this, the view of center city from the adventure aquarium looking across the delaware. you can make out lights in the distance. the fog is obscuring the buildings this morning. too. the rain showers have been steadiest at some of the suburbs and the lehigh valley. county. a few showers have moved through philadelphia. the ste rnorth and west for now. grab the rainll n gd it this mo. you may need extra time because of fog. no dense fog, but t a mile in coatesville. light fog for atlantic city. we're starting with fog this morning. you see it best in this camera.
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it does better in the low light than the rest. 43 with fog in delaware. chilly, but no real cold no threat ofwarmup. we were into the 40s all day 70 philadelphia, new jersey, a t i' show when the showers end omn when i'macon watching foggy cameras this morning. roads. t center city ar. to the vine street expressway, speeds into thethere. in sdchestnut at east main. we're ww. earlier we watched
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pleasantville. on the eastbound side, e jt wit philadelphia. >> thanks. 6:32. now to video that you have to see from north philadelphia that shows a storeowner fighting against a we have that tried to rob him and then a cash free for all on the sidewalk when the loot goes flying. matt delucia with what happened. >> reporter: the story you might find unbelievable until you see the video. this was from a surveillance camera outside the launder center on north 5th yosee a thi jacket running from the store, dropping thousands that he b th storeowner who has a gun. this happened yesterday afternoon. the thief went into the
6:32 am
laundromat with a knife and demanded that the owner give him cash. the thief ran off with $2,000 but didn't hold on to this long after the owner started chasing he fired five shots at the thief. two hit the man in the chest. a in the crossfire and was shot twice in the bystandersth moneye themselves. >> i saw the man runnin g withst, east. all of a sudden like, wait, com? ththe air. >> reporter: the thief and inno does have a license to carry the weapon, h the> ofcials in wilm
6:33 am
as yet seet between 5th and putting out hot spots from a fire that ripped through a shoe store and ra homes yesterday. plumes of smoke consumed the area for hours. >> seemed unreal. end of days-type was cr. >> wouldn't let us grab extra stuff. he was like, come on, let's go. you guys got to go. >> no one was hurt, but families had to evacuate for the night. 6:34. a new york man is under arrest accused of raping an 11-year-old girl in lehigh county. police say the 33-year-old man met the victim on line and twice picked up the girl and sexually assaulted her at a lehigh valley hotel. he's being held on half a
6:34 am
million dollars bail. state police want to find a driver who hit and killed a man in barrington. the escalade hit the person in the parking lot and sped off. now to the first 100 days. president trump will announce a new white house office that will try bring business ideas to government. the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, will run the office of american innovation. it will work with experienced business leaders and look for ways to overhaul the way the government operates. analysts are blaming the failure of the gop health care bill for sharp drops in the number of leading economic indicators. among them, the u.s. dollar has dropped to nearly -- two a two-month low. in the wake of the health care failure and overhaul, congressman ted post says he's resigning from the freedom caucus. president trump blamed the hard-line group for scudling the gop -- scuttling the gop bill.
6:35 am
reince priebus says the president is moving on for now but may revisit the health care legislation in the future. and democratic leader chuck schumer says his party is willing to work with republicans on fixing obamacare, but repealing is t it -- repealing is off the table. there are concerns of a boycott. a team pushed back the training camp schedule and canceled a game in the wake of the contract talks last week. the women are threatening to boycott the world championships which begin on friday. the members of the men's team could join the boycott if the board votes down the deal. kids and adults in camden county are sporting a sleek n new 'do for a good cause. >> ready? >> here we go. the st. baldrick's foundation held a shave for the brave fundraiser at county max irish pub in pennsauken yesterday. it raises money for children
6:36 am
with cancer research and serves as a learning experience. how about that there? organizers say it gives people an idea of what it feels like to lose your hair which happens to so many cancer patients during treatment. we're getting you ready for the day. here's what it looks like outside. look at that, a beautiful live picture of city hall through the low clouds and fog. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast. bill? you see the fog at philadelphia international, too. still good visibility here. it has been thickening up in the last hour. and usually the coldest time of day, coolest temperatuarcle to . we bit. we're also seeing rain. sprinkles sovalley, berks, chester county, the heavier showers.
6:37 am
for us, you see the rain tapering to the west. that's what we'll see this afternoon. grgears. we were stuck in the 40s all dal s this afternoon. we'll be drying outsuburbs, too. 41. the steady rain at 8:00. showers at 10:00. by noon, the last few raindrops are moving through. cloudy and a nice warmup for the suburbs and lehigh valley. 60 in the lehigh valley, 20 degrees warmer than now. still seeing rain first thing this morning. showers at 10:00, drying out at noon. might even see breaks of sunshine late this afternoon into the lehigh valley. new jersey, 41 now. you'll get rain, too. the steadier showers coming through at 10:00. by lunchtime, it's drying out. the warmup near 70 this
6:38 am
afternoon. at the shore, cooler. southerly winds off the water. that will keep temperatures in the 50s this afternoon. a chance of showers this morning, and mostly cloudy skies this afternoon for the jersey shore. and delaware, you'll see a foggy, cloudy, rainy start. a few showers at 8:00, and at 10:00. by lunchtime, drying out. look at the warmup. in spite of mostly cloudy skies, 67 degrees this afternoon. this will not be the last of the rain. i'm tracking potentially heavy downpours and strong thunderstorms for tomorrow. a lady ahead with the ten day on 10 when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. 6:39 on this monday. sometimes you get out and maybe fly some places, and not another -- this morning it seems widespread. >> we'll see the roads with jessica boyington. wet roads and42 freeway. our cameras aroundreek road.uch.
6:39 am
northbound toward maybe phil adelph split for the bridges or heading and 295, you'll be fine at least for now. further in -- at least in in pleasantville, the atlantic city eastbound side just around on route 9. watch for small delays. there's a crash in lansdale oas street. again, the dense fog affecting the diphiladelphia national airport. a dense fog advisoryilelphia. check with your carrier before you go. more delays for you when i come back in about ten minutes. >> thanks. if someone in your house has a nut allergy, chances are you don't take any chances with any type of nut. >> doctors say a total ban might not be necessary. we'll have the advice next. also, ask and ye shall receive. the secret to saving money on your credit card bill. and you have more power than you think.
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a live picture of clouds a. >> looks like london. >> we'll tell you what youil oud we'll update you coming up. new at 6:00, if you're allergic to one kind of nut, yo of nuts, at least according to new research that's just out. doctors followed 109 people to specific nut like walnuts, almonds, whe blood or skin pred tests showed sensibility to other nuts, 56% sho had the patient eat other nuts. few ofho peanll tree nuts. new this morning, do you ever wish you rid of
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credit card fees? in many casest just ask. an analyst at says a survideo shows 80 --% a d lowered are it's a competitive and in certain cases all itall. >> tell them you have other offers and see how you do. ud fter the internet went crazy when three youngls we wearing leggings. airport in denver. a woman overheard a united attendant telling the board. they were pass riders, meaning they wfr united oy code for pass ri whatever they want. the issue took off on twitter
6:45 am
responses. most of the people onayinurit ho set its own rules for pass riders who really are getting a special deal. they know they're informed about it. >> people talking about it krco morning. and to nbc responds, a eah insurance refund. >> after months and months of waiting and no chec turned to nbc 10 responds. >> reporter: phuciand barry tel always pay their health insurance bill one month apse i coverage. >> reporter: when barry got a new job last summer,new surance. the sauders realized they were paying for two july, 2016. one through conexus and one ne. sider says conexus agreed toseno a new plan >> they wanted a welcome letter or a copyf insurance
6:46 am
card. >> reporter: they faxed in the paperwork, cred ived, and waite. that was in august. then one month later, said it needed another letter showing the date when the new you did that? >> yes. >> reporter: she never got a refunds, and her returned. >> i was basically helpless i w us, we called wage works, the parent it says it takes participant feedback seriously a sauders to matter. after we gotinvolved, sauders sent us this nbc10 cam. >> our full refund was sent back to us via fedex thanks to harry harriston a the nbc10 responds nbc10 respo. >> weou amount on the check from the shot, but the amount is $1,302.
6:47 am
od for her. if you have a consumer problem for nbc responds or telemundo, let us know about it. reach the screen. we will respond to osing in e hour which means the beginning of the "today" show. >> coming up at 7:00, matt lauey to tell us what's on tap. good morning. hey, and coming up on a monday, the bl intensifies over the republicans' failed bid to where does president trump go from here? we're live at the white house. al's on the road all week m is rokerthon 3. first stop, a record-setting morning at the university of okma a monday morning here on "today." back to you. >> guess al's not throat. take care of that thing. >> yeah.fe better than i sound. >> a>> all right. thanks.
6:48 am
>> outside, i-95 in south philadelphia. we've been warning you low visibility because of the clouds and fog. >> yeah. you know, bill henley's tracking that for us. what are you seeing? >> reporter: a rainy start and a foggy start at easton. that's the view from easton this morning. the temperature, around 40 degrees. a chilly rain falling. cape may, skies are plightbrigh. the clouds will stay put. light fog at the shore. thicker in spring city, pennsylvania, and seeing fog in wilmington, too. this is the view from the stadium. can't se thicker. skies are starting to brightnent abbington. the fog wl day. we'll see it disappear from delaware w as the temperatures crime temperatures climb. fog thickening at coatesville, one-mile visibility, two for
6:49 am
reading and the area. fog at mt. holly and visibility. it's maintained at three-mile hour and a half woimilmington. and visibility near the area. temperatures cooling down this ho. there's a chance we'll see the fog thicken in the suburbs, in n 43 in center city. 42 in chestnut hill. fog at northeast philadelphia airport. 42. thehilalphia -- at philadelphia international, that's not going to last. we'll see a big warmupdisappeard will kick in. a southwesterly wind will boost our temperatures to near 70 this afternoon. look at the temperature 60s by 1:00. close to 70 degrees at by then, we will be dry. this morning, the umbrellaspor
6:50 am
lehigh valley. there are more west. tomorrow, another round of showers and possibly some thunderstorms. these could be strong tomorrow. a long way to go. tomorrow morning, we'll see a few scattered showers around midday tomorrow. look at the thunderstorm activity roll information to wilmington toward philadelphia, coming through at 1:00 in the afternoon in bucks county and burlington county. moving out. there's another chance of some showers tomorrow evening. we've got more wet weather ahead. after the fog and rain disappear later this morning, we'll see enough of a warmup today to get away from those chilly blues that we had yesterday. near 70 this afternoon. might see late day breaks of sunshine today. not as cold tomorrow morning. 53. 71 the high temperature. the storms rolling through round midday tomorrow. sunshine as we clear out for wednesday. stays dry on thursday. but we may see a few more showers come through on friday. they're done by the weekend.
6:51 am
and a warmer weekend, 62 degrees on sunday. 60s again monday and tuesday. close to 60 next wednesday. >> looks good. thanks. a wet ride to work means lower visibility. let's get to a check of the roads. >> maybe that's the reason for police activity on the boulevard and schuylkill. jess? a mess on the schuylkill. a crash on the eastbound side. you can clearly see it on the camera here. also into the left-hand lane, partially blocking another lane over. everything on the eastbound side past the boulevard is coming past about one lane. maybe every once in a while two cars will squeeze through. police activity clearly, as well. huge delays on the eastbound side approaching the scene. you can even see westbound looks nasty, as well. we're moving westbound toward king of prussia. eastbound toward center city. the schuylkill expressway is not a good drive now. watching a crash at lansdale and east main. the 42 freeway, an overturned
6:52 am
vehicle northbound n pulled ove into shoulder. now it's e drive time from 55 todown on northbound side of 42 thanks. you're a philadelphia eag f he'soursvp? >> if you're offensive ♪ i'll b that brooks k >> there on the left. the big guy in them, n jeff lanr right, sent the invite. on saturday, b wedding of lane and his bride, marnie. brooks tweeted that he appreciated being able to share in their special day. ho ceooks and jeff lane also have ersity in ohio.ion.
6:53 am
very nice. >> cotsline including a change septa riders may notice a shoote for all in north phi
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we're a few minutes before 7:00 add. >> we're working to find out about a storeowner who opened fire on a suspected thief shooting the thief and a bystander. surveillance video showed people scooping up the cash dropped by the suspect. today wilmington investigators looking for the cause of a fire that ripped through a shoe store and several apartments. crews are still putting out hot
6:57 am
spots. officials ask that you avoid that block of market street between 4th and 5th street this morning. protesters are expected to gather outside the office of philadelphia district attorney seth williams later this morning. community activists and members of the group black lives matter philly are demanding that williams resign. williams pleaded not guilty last week to bribery and extortion charges. and expect to see more police officers this afternoon along septa's market frankfurt line. septa says officers will be out in full force on trains from 3:00 to 7 septa says those are the hours most kids are riding the trains, after school good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads. now it'smoing. we're watching the schuylkill expressway, a slow one here, as accident scene, only one lane squeezing by. all trafficcent city.
6:58 am
a 26-minute drive time. i guarantee once you get out there by the time this restarts, that. eastbound from the blue route to the vine, 30 miles per hour is the average speed getting by the scene, as well. fog and rain, too. dventure he view looking toward aquarium. you make out a few lights, but that's it. in the 40s now, get a drier afternoon and a nice in the 40s all day yesterday.noonor delaware and ph warmup, too. showers ending this morning in the suburbs a a chance we'll see late-day sunshine today. don't forget, if you o can alwa alert forecast on more f.m. >> we'll take kingorward to it. >> get realtime news, weather, and traff
6:59 am
good morning. lame game. republican lke obamacare. but who issetback yet for the w dallas. severe weather pu. at least 18 people injured. an investigation leading to two. and fantastic
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