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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:27pm EDT

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close call, gunfire nearly hits someone standing in a shopping center parking lot. tonight the person who pulled the trigger is on the loose. protecting your password. how someone used a person's social media account against them. a bridge to nowhere. how a truck can cause weeks of headaches for neighbors in south jersey. right now at 11:00 a shooter on the loose. he fired into a parking center parking lot and nearly hit a woman getting into her car. >> police blocked off streets and sent in the s.w.a.t. team but the shooter got away.
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>> the shots were fired at the parking lot of the gentleman's club delilahs. >> we are following this developing story. >> reporter: witnesses told police they heard gunshots coming from this building on the north side of spring garden street. s.w.a.t. found an open fifth floor window. they believe the shooter shot three times right into this parking lot, hitting a woman's car as she opened the door. they say the woman worked at delilah's. sky force 10 shows s.w.a.t. in action searching for a suspected shooter in a construction building on garden street. this gives you an idea how the shooting happened. a trajectory across several lanes of traffic into a parking lot hitting a woman's car twice. >> the woman was shaken up. she was scared. the bullets missed her by inches. >> reporter: workers in the
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building told police they heard shots around 6:00 tonight. police briefly shut down sports of spring garden, i-95 north and a train stop. >> we had to wait 15, 20 minutes for the train. >> how was the train? >> very crowded? because they had to run the trains on the same track. >> reporter: the barricade kept people from walking on spring garden. philadelphia police didn't find a shooter or a weapon. but they found an open fifth floor window with two bullet strike marks. we caught up with another passenger who was worried about her daughter. >> they had 95 closed and everyone going over to the 95 south area and they had lights in the middle of the street. >> reporter: that woman's daughter was okay.
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police are looking at evidence to find out what kind of gun was used and looking at surveillance video for any leads. it is too early to find out if that shooting victim was targeted. >> thank you. also tonight the first alert weather team tracking fog, rain, and thunderstorms. you can see what is moving in right now on nbc 10 radar. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is has more on what is coming to your neighborhood. >> the first thing is the fog that is going to be developing as we go through the night and we're also setting up for a chilly, cloudy day, you can see the winds now have shifted. we had a southwest wind to warm us up this afternoon. now the northeast wind is in. and that means it's going to stay cooler and fairly cloudy. got up to 62 today after the 45 yesterday which was after the 77 on saturday. this is one of the biggest
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temperature drops that we have seen in one day. nothing on radar close by right but you don't have to go too far to the west. the first rains coming into pennsylvania now. a little bit in washington but a lot more out by west virginia. that will be coming in during the day tomorrow. could get showers even first thing. a lot of clouds during the day prevent it from getting warmer. the lehigh valley especially with the cooler weather barely getting to 60 in the lehigh valley and that is the symbol for fog in the morning. more on the timing of the rain as we go through tomorrow coming up. we have all connected with former classmates on social media but what if that connection turned into a crime? >> one man targeted dozens of women from his former school and the victims may have helped him do it. nbc 10's denise nakano explains. >> reporter: prosecutors say a philadelphia doctor hacked into the social media accounts of
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several women he went to school with. the way he got into those accounts should be a warning to others. peter grossman worked as a doctor during the day but prosecutors say when he was off the clock he hacked into the social media accounts of several former high school classmates. >> a doctor? when does somebody have time do that? >> reporter: jefferson university hospital confirms the 29-year-old doctor no longer worked there. investigators say dr. grossman faces 35 charges in connection to illegally gaining access to victims' e-mails, cell phones and password protected accounts such as facebook and icloud. he downloaded 2,000 photographs. experts say it is easy to break into accounts if your password is weak. >> you can go in and look at a target's social media account and glean information like pet names and type of car.
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>> reporter: the investigation into the alleged hacking revealed the victim accounts contained password with information found on social media. experts offer this advice to make it harder for hackers. >> use upper and lower case numbers, numbers and special characters. >> reporter: ryan is now thinking of ways to protect himself. >> deaf when shaft ifferentiate. >> reporter: in dell ran, i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. a bucks county man akud it of sexually assaulting several children is facing more charges. prosecutors revealed a sixth victim has come forward with sexual assault allegations against william thomas. he was arrested after police say they found thousands of pieces
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of evidence indicating he sexually assaulted victims for decades. a case teens outside the broken windows no charges for a busines t rob hislaundromat. the suspect is in in the owner was li be coming for a grith hundreds in dropped it. tonight the top doc is calling
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recuse himselfro campaign. nunes admitted hee said donald trump and his teap s he says it's not of thete ader interviewe between president trump'skuner g side. philadelphia could be at after a surprise announcement h aboutnc offer safe har f
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refuse to helpgrtion officers. if they are applying for grants from the office of justice programs they have to prove they are complying with immigration officials. jim penny is responding to the announcement and defending the city saying it is morally right. the mayor says his administration will come up with a strategy in case philadelphia loses funding. and tonight in south philadelphia a look at the contribution of immigrant business owners across the city is a focus of a forum on immigrant entrepreneurship. they talked about how philly can grow. across the delaware river members of a south jersey community have a message for anyone against diversity. >> it's important to everybody around here to understand -- >> hate has no home in cherry hill. >> reporter: the video was
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unveiled at the township leaders. they want to declare cherry hill free from hate. the students from cherry hill west's broadcasting program helped to make the video possible. also tonight, traffic trouble. this truck was too tall for a south jersey bridge and now that mistake could have neighbors paying the price. searches for sale. why congress could decide if your online habits can be sold consent. phillies fans will have a lot more options in their next ,rip to the i'm tracking fog, a and we could see more storms latern first alert neighborhood forecast is next.
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mean losing sight of tomorrow.,
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like my childr i can help you piece together yo f for today and tomorrow.g, az . a heavily traveled bridge in south jersey is closed tonight after a truck hit it and got
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stuck for hours. answers on how the mayor of badly the covered bridge was damaged and how long it will be. a bridge squashed. just too tal scarborough bridge over covered bridge tires until the driver squeezed out. for neighbors like chuck, it's a headache. >> they should be fined. >> reporter: especially to glances, police, and fiver firefighters. this is the shortcut. >> you will see it backed up all over the place. this is a major state road. so cherry hill's going to be in a nightmare for the next few days. >> reporter: days? try two to three weeks according to the mayor. >> it is very upsetting to me. i use that road all the time. >> reporter: the mayor says the covered bridge is part of the
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fabric of the city and clearly marked. >> it is a shame that the driver made an error. i'll give him the benefit of the doubt. a serious error. >> reporter: the bridge needs to be repaired and inspected. >> i'm going to weave my way through the neighborhoods to get around this when i have to get to the other side of the bridge. >> at this point it itruck's dr be orts in morning onre destroyed half a market street. the cause i still undetermined but officials say i started in was hurt. to nearby businesseso one man is dead after crush deposit box.1:30 this argo bank. two workers when it fell on one
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of the identified as35-year-old of l elizh this dog named duke was stabbed five for dead on saturday morning. expected to r. d inkn altercation with another dog bu connected to the on. governor chris christie will a white house official says he ll opioid tasks trying to cur his state. is brewing in thekin a push to
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browsing history, more without customer republicans argue that google t practice without penalty. >> they want to take users information and turn that into targeted, relevant ads that make them a lot of money. >> reporter: republicans have voted to kill the fcc rule. the house votes tomorrow. back at home, the camel back resort has more bad news for customers. it will be closed to skiers tomorrow because of warm temperatures and rain coming to the area. that is the second day in a row. >> between the rain, fog and thunderstorms a lot of people's plans could be interrupted. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to help you plan ahead. >> we're waiting for t is very .
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wegoan. this is c here. but the showers are near washington.t. more significant rain thunderstorms, farther to the webu wind and the fog that we'reill any kind of threatf thunderstorms. the futureche visibilities drop as we go and by tomorrow morning in ther among other things fortonight, have ofho the area. buanth see, especially in th not last all scattered aroun.
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i best chance of thunderstorms in south, delaware andut be warmer sunn yok at that. wednesday, thursday, sunshinehu. now inthere, we may not get to may have trou n parts of the area. now you notice at thmperatures considerably north rsday while delaware is near 70. so big temperature contrast again tomorrow. that's what this neighborhood weather thing is all about.
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and then everybody gets the sunshine for wednesday and thursday. as we go into the weekend things change again. we've got another pretty significant storm coming in on friday. looks like a rainy day. rainy, chilly, windy, and it also looks like a good bit of that rain lingers into saturday at least into the morning. some models keep it in a good bit of the day but we're all clearing out for sunday allowing the temperatures to go back into the 60s. so we are chilly and wet to start off the weekend. and then we get a little bit sunnier and warmer on sunday. just kind of the opposite of what we saw this past weekend. >> thank you, glenn. also tonight, "game of thrones" "charlie brown" and "star trek" how they will make an appearance in south philadelphia. >> they don't sound similar in
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the least. call him 100 years young. why this man wanted to celebrate his 100th birthday by going back to work.
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most people want to take the day off for his birthday. bill hanson isn't most people. he is celebrating his 100th birthday by coming out of retirement and going back to work. hanson who retired at the age of 97 was a permit coordinator for hutchins hutchinson plumbing and heating. >> i want what he is having. he looks fantastic. >> yes. we are 11 days away from the phillies home opener. >> that is a new season and new treats. feast your eyes on this fare.
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among the addition is a jersey shore dog, topped with pork roll and a drizzle of american cheese sauce. also a falafel sandwich along with three theme nights, a "game of thrones" night, a charlie brown night, and a star trek night. never mind the theme nights, pork roll and hot dog. >> and a jersey shore dog. phillies played tonight. we'll tell you who the top dog was for the game. and ben similmonds is cleared f takeoff. that is next. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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i'm john clark from csn. the phillies season opener is a week away. andrew knapp will be the backup catcher. tonight, phillies had the bats going against the blue jays. tommy joseph in the fifth, look at him crush this ball. two-run shot. four for five with two rbis. that is pleasant request for velazquez. he strikes out seven and allows only one run. phillies beat the blue jays 7-1. the flyers didn't get help from the lightning. flyers did get help from the red wings and look at this collision. the hurricanes goalie is hurt on the game-winning i go the
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hospital. he did give a thumb's flyers still six points out. they have seven games left. fi starting tomorrow night hosting ottawa. the flyers havet home lately. >> you know where we are in the standings. it's not going the be easy to make the playoffs. we all know that. we just try to play relaxed and loose. >> we are at that point when you just need to win and you just show up. you know, there's nerves in the back of your mind. but we're pretty loose. we're trying to enjoy it as much as we can. >> the sacramento kings got permission from the sixers to talk with sam hinkie. it a statementyiri sam hinkie. is and
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another california l las ve ready in three years fans.
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phonri "yeah!" ♪"a new friend's coming all new its sesame street live! liacouras center april 6-9 tickets on sale at liacourascenter dot com umbrella tomorrow morning? >> yeah, and maybe fog creating airport delays as well. a temperature contrast.
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60 to 70 tomorrow. rain, and dry wednesday and thursday. and wet on friday into saturday. so you don't have to worry about drought conditions this week. >> not at all. >> "the tonight show" is next. thanks for watching. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- scarlett johansson, richard dreyfuss, magician n
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