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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  March 29, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. a couple of days of rain. looking forward to today. we'll get to meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill? i am pleased to report the rain has already ended. >> thank you. >> you see a little movement on the schuylkill. that's the wind that's blowing. it has ejected the rain from the area. doppler radar is completely clear. a few lingering clouds, but not for long. clouds will thin in new jersey. 46 now, 43 in the suburbs. 48 in philadelphia. down to 44 now in the lehigh valley. we'll see the temperatures come down a bit more before sunrise. sunrise happens within the hour. we'll see enough sunshine to warm afternoon temperatures into the 60s for delaware, new jersey, and philadelphia, up to 61 degrees. just a little bit cooler in the lehigh valley but not by much. a nice, sunny day ahead. i'll break it down minute by minute, hour by hour, neighborhood by neighborhood in ten minutes to show how quickly the temperatures come up this morning. first, jessica boyington has the first alert traffic. >> and we're watching hamilton
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dwip. looks like we had improvements here on 195 on the westbound side. earlier, we had a closure around route 130, around exit 5. that closure was in this general area. that's why you see slowdowns approaching the scene. looks like at least according to the map system they might have lifted it. i'll check in with that to see either way. watch for delays on the westbound side. approaching 5. 95, center city. cameras around gerard avenue. 14 minutes southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. sfee speeds into the high 50s. the schuylkill expressway looks good, as well. there is around the eastbound sides, the blue route to the vine. 13 minutes. speeds into the 60s. both directions pretty much look the same so far. here are the top headlines we're following -- today a judge will sentence bill baroni and bridget kelly. a jury found the two former aides to new jersey governor chris christie guilty in a plot to cause traffic jams near the
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george washington bridge. they could face up to 46 years in prison. in philadelphia the man accused of killing an 81-year-olds grocery storeowner on christmas eve heads to court for a hearing. police arrested maurice green several days after the murder in south philadelphia. investigators say green walked in to marie's grocery on 6th and titan streets and shot marie buck 11 times. and a couple officially launches opioid -- and today officially launches an opioid task force led by chris chris e christie. he will object the "today" show to talk about his role. after 44 years, britain is expected to file to split from the european union today. a live look from london where prime minister theresa may is due to tell the house of commons that she has invoked article 50, what it's called, that formally triggers a two-year countdown to britain's exit. now to the sanctuary city debate that is sweeping the country. >> yeah. six counties here in our area
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are on a homeland security list of areas being watched for how they handle requests. these summit counties are said to limit cooperation with i.c.e. attorney general jeff sessions announced that any local government that doesn't cooperate could lose federal money. when we asked the department of justice if counties on the homeland security list could be at risk of losing grant money, they would not comment. philadelphia mayor jim kenney had harsh words about what he sees going on in the country in regard to immigration. the mayor was invited to a community college to talk about pathways to success for immigrants. a program that helps immigrants further their education and eventually get jobs. at one point, kenney stopped his speech to make these observations -- >> i'm embarrass good what's going on in -- embarrassed of what good on in our country. i'm embarrassed about the national leadership and the ugliness that the leadership or
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lack of leadership fosters. >> mayor kenney says it will remain a sanctuary city despite threats from the federal government. 6:04. 48 degrees. a philadelphia woman charged in the death of a toddler that she was taking care of. police still have unanswered questions. joy day as nessmith is accused of reckless endangerment and abuse of a corpse. the 2-year-old was found naked and emaciated in an apartment. preliminary autopsy results could not determine how he died. officials are waiting on toxicology results. repairs underway at a jewish cemetery where vandals knocked over more than 100 headstones last month. some of the headstones are broken. workers are modifying foundations to keep them from toppling over again. philadelphia district attorney seth williams needs a new lawyer to represent him as he faces federal bribery and corruption charges. nbc10 caught up with williams heading into court yesterday.
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williams' attorney told a judge that the d.a. can't afford to pay him, but the judge says he has to stay on until williams can find a replacement. williams is accused of trading his office's influence for gifts and cash. he denies any wrongdoing. a new detail for more money means no boycott for the u.s. women's hockey team. they reached an agreement for increased wages. this follows days of negotiations negotiation s in philadelphia last week. members of the team were threatening to boycott the upcoming world championships. the u.s. women will open the tournament friday against canada. and cypress is where some of the money manafort got from the
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russian tycoon went. banking sources tell nbc news at least 15 accounts were open ed for more than ten companies for manafort. he denies doing anything illegal. a bill that would allow advertisers to get their hands on your browsing information is up for debate. under the obama administration it provided at&t, verizon, and comcast from sharing your information without your consent. online companies like facebook and google are already allowed to track your browsing history. pennsylvanians struggling to pay home heating bills have more time to apply for help. the state has extended the deadline for the low-income home energy assistance program or liheap. it's april 7th. you can apply on line or go to your county assistance office and show a recent heating bill or a statement that shows your customer status. we'll get a link on today in wilmington, the
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anti-defamation league will give out an award named for the late state attorney general, beau biden. the first-ever adl beau biden shield award will honor a police officer from the tri-state area who has made strides against hate and extremism. bowe bie -- beau biden, son of president joe biden, died in 2016. and a live picture of penns landing. a light breeze blowing out there. it is warm but apparently beginning to cooling. bill henley will tell us how that will affect the rest of the day. you see a few clouds, bright sunshine all day will lead to a nice warmup this afternoon. right now the temperatures are cooling. mid 40s now at the lehigh value and suburbs. 49 in delaware. 47 in south jersey and in philadelphia right now, 46, andora, chestnut hill, westmont. airy cooler, 48 degrees at
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northeast philadelphia airport. society hill also 48 degrees to start with. that's the starting point. we're also starting off dry. forget about the umbrella today. the rain has already cleared out. we will see a nice, sunny day today. and that's going to lead to a pretty good warmup. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. by lunchtime today, look at the 50s for allentown, reading, pottstown, 54 in philadelphia. and no sign of clouds. we'll stay clear this afternoon and 60 at 4:00. a cool start but look at the warmup for philadelphia. plenty of sunshine for the suburbs. 57 at 4:00. the lehigh valley, a nice warmup from the low 40s in the mid to upper 50s this afternoon. sunny skies, a few scattered clouds. first thing this morning in delaware. no rain clouds, then sunshine for rest of the day. new jersey, up to 60 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. and a cool start at the shore. partly cloudy skies. but sunshine takes over. near 60 at the shore.
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sunshine today, before we get to the weekend, more chances for you to use your umbrella. i'll look at that when i come back in ten minutes. >> thank you. nine minutes past 6:00 a.m. let's look at traffic in south jersey. >> see if there are trouble spots. jessica boyington? route 7 in cherry hill to start. this is around kings highway. we have no problems or delays moving through the intersection here. a few cars. seeing dry roads. a much different scene than yesterday morning, as well. in hamilton tripp, a crash is closing a portion of the road. they removed part of the closure from our maps system. i checked in, and it's still closed on the westbound side, near exit 5. that looks to me like they're at least letting a shoulder by. again, we'll get more specific details when i come back as soon as they are into the traffic system there, as well. route 422, just around trooper road, starting to see a little
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delay on the eastbound side. it's not registering with the total drive time yet. eight minutes still if you're heading eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill. speeds into the high 50s there. we'll end on 95 moving through delaware. everything still into the green, 11 minutes at the most. northbound from 295 to 495, speeds into the early 60s. >> thanks. speaking of driving, gas prices are about to take a huge jump. still ahead, when you could be paying a lot more to fill up. yeah, and a mother's outrage over her son's airport screening. >> they opened the back of his pants. they opened the front of his pants. >> coming up, the tsa's reaction to her anger. hear how the little boy describes what the agent did to him. >> reporter: i'm katy zachry live at temple university. coming up, i'll tell you what cause is bringing hundreds of students to the streets of philadelphia and why some will be trading their sneakers for heels.
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later this morning, temple university students will take a stand against violence. >> the campus university will march to raise awareness. the walk will be different than the past. katy zachry with more live on the new focus in their push to create change. walk us through this. >> reporter: in the past, men have just taken part in this annual walk. this year, the school is including women and members of the gay and transgender communities. let me tell you, if you're in this area of broad and cecil b. moore later this morning, around noon today, chances are you won't miss them. walkers will be wearing these shirts as they make their way through north philadelphia. the walk replacing the annual walk a mile in her shoes where men wore red high heels to show their support for female victims of sexual assault.
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this year the school is changing with the times. event organizer tom johnson says because sexual assault is so far reaching, they want to include members of every community. >> last year individuals were saying, like, i could have been impacted if someone didn't step up for me. i think for a lot of people it can be personal. >> reporter: the walk is at noon. ledge administration at 11 -- the registration at 11:30. members from the gay and transgender communities expected to come out. the event for the school kicks off a long number of events for april, sexual assault awareness month. reporting live in north philadelphia, nbc10 news. 6:15. a video that you have to see. this really is scary to watch. look at this. helmet video showing a motorcycle rider suddenly flying off -- rider suddenly flying off
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a california highway and down a cliff. you see him in midair. three bikers were alongside the angeles national forest when one failed to negotiate the curve. the rider landed in a tree and amazingly only suffered a broken shoulder. almost got hit by the suv right there. >> that's scary. >> goodness. >> gosh. >> i think he was going too fast -- >> people don't get motorcycles to go fast. >> jessie is the motorcyclist -- >> when they don't make the curve, you're going too fast. >> that is scary. add it to the list of things you don't want to see before you do a traffic report. >> hopefully no such things happening. >> the road was dry for the record. >> california. >> the roads are dry this morning. a much different scene from yesterday morning. here's the schuylkill expressway. cameras around montgomery drive.
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that little green thing there, that's your drive time, 14 minutes for the eastbound drive time from the blue route to the vine street expressway moving to center city. a little volume, but everything's moving. you see all the lanes moving nicely. in hamilton township, we're dealing with a pretty big problem. there's a crash here. reports of serious injuries on the scene there, as well. the westbound side of 195 is currently closed down. route 130 around exit 5. sky force 10 on its way to the scene. we can get a better view for you. above the scene of the accident, as well. we'll have details for you on that and end with the 42 freeway. a five-minute trip to the walt whitman. high 50s, no problems in philadelphia so far. we'll have updates on 195 when i come back. >> thanks for that. 6:17. let's talk about the dry conditions and the sun that we will enjoy today. bill henley? >> yeah. a half hour away from sunrise.
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you see the skies are starting to brighten. a better view of the clouds still in easton. no wet weather and no fog for a change. the fog is not happening this morning. we've already dried out in wilmington. the skies are brightening. the live view from the stadium. the last couple of days, it was difficult to see the buildings first thing in the morning with the thick fog. it's gone. 39 in delaware. dry weather is moving into the suburbs and lehigh valley. you see the scattered clouds in the lehigh valley, 44 degrees there. 50s where we started in philadelphia. now 48 degrees. and in the 40s in south jersey, too. some cooler neighborhoods, mt. laurel at 45 degrees along with pittman. piles grove is 48. 50 in mullica hill. 47 in robinsville. 40s to start with, but a nice warmup. a breezy day, too. that's going to keep the clouds out of the picture for today and keep things cool to start with. at 8:00 at the bus stop, you'll be waiting, temperatures in the 40s for allentown, quakertown, exton.
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clouds in reading, they will be clearing during the day. the clouds in atlantic city will move out. too. 40s to start with in philadelphia. a warmup into the 60s this afternoon. there's the doppler radar, no sign of any wet weather for us. stays dry for the entire region actually. all of the northeast. you see the next wet weather that's going to be moving in to the area. that's moving through oklahoma, into kansas and texas. saw severe weather overnight. that will give us rain on friday. today nothing but sunshine. winds out of the northwest, 61 the high. the winds will bring colder air for tonight. we'll drop to the 30s by tomorrow morning. 56 in the afternoon on thursday. it's friday, this is when you can put the umbrelbrumbacumbrel action. the clouds linger with rain saturday. the rain ends in the morning. we'll get thinning clouds in the afternoon. late-day sunshine and 58 degrees. improving conditions on saturday. and eye beautiful day on sunday.
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62 after morning low of 40 degrees. sunshine back in the 60s on monday. book is duty umbrellas for tuesday and into wednesday. then a dry day thursday. and a chance of showers next friday. >> 20 minutes past 6:00. nbc10 and nbc changing how you watch the olympics. ahead, what you'll be able to do for the first time ever next winter. later, an all-hands-on-deck rescue. pull three children from a burning home. later, bringing back a classic. what do you think about this -- the fight to dress the eagles in a fan favorite?
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starting in june you'll be able to take a frontier nonstop flight from philadelphia national airport to san juan, puerto rico. this is frontier's 20th nonstop destination from philly as part of its ultra low-cost carrier
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expansion. samsung will launch new products today. industry experts believe the company will unveil a new phone with different screen sizes and a voice assistant named bixby. this will be samsung's first major launch since the galaxy note 7 was recalled for battery malfunctions. and facebook has new features similar to snapchat. new camera effects allow you to add masks, frames, and filters to photos and videos. another feature called facebook direct lets you share disappearing note owings and videos with friends -- photos and videos with friends. they can view the item once, and then it disappears. ♪ live, live, live. we have exciting news to share about the winter olympics here on nbc10. >> what is it? >> live. >> excellent. >> for the first time, nbc will broadcast winter olympic programming live all across all time zones. that includes daytime, primetime, and late night coverage. on most nights for us, primetime coverage will start at 8:00 p.m.
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the peongchang opening ceremony scheduled for february 9th. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington watching the roads right now. we're checking in with the roosevelt boulevard. here's our cameras around 9th street. no problems or delays at least so far for the morning. and it's -- wish we could say the same for all roads. we'll check in with hamilton township again. serious accident scene on 395. i'll help you get -- on 195. i'll help you get around that when i get back. first to meteorologist bill henley. getting closer to sunrise. skies are brightening. you see we have a few clouds in the area, but not for long. the rain has already ended. the clouds are getting ready to take the day off. your first alert forecast just ahead. ahead, the airport screening that is sparking debate this morning. any mother that saw their child being handled in that way would feel uncomfortable. >> up next, why she says the
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agent's pat-down went too far, and the tsa's response to her outrage. also, a fight over history in south jersey. a revolutionary landmark was recently reduced to rubble, but was the plan okay? a twist in the debate, next at 6:00.
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probation or prison? two ex-christie aides will learn their fate today for a politically motivated scheme to create a traffic nightmare. a team effort to save three children from their burning home at the jersey shore. and get ready -- for pain at the pump just in time for the summer travel season. prices could jump by 40 cents. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. just about 6:30 this wednesday morning. and the sun will come out today
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according to meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> we're 20 minutes away from sunrise. clouds are left over from the last couple of days. the rain has ended. this is a live view. a beautiful morning to be flying. breezy. winds will be with us all day. the winds will eject the clouds. you see the clouds, too, in delaware county, wayne, lancaster, route 30. look at the wind. the winds will cool things in the short term. the temperatures still falling now. we'll get sunshine and no doubt people will be taking advantage of that inexpensive car wash. $5 and something. i may have to -- the free cash washes yesterday didn't do the trick. they're out of the picture today. the rain has ended. we will be dry all day long. the next chance of showers won't come until the end of the workweek. 40s now, warming to 61 degrees in philadelphia, new jersey. close to 60 in the suburbs. you'll see sunshine in the
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lehigh valley, too, 57 this afternoon. bright, sunny skies for delaware into the low 60s today. i'll show you how quickly the clouds move out and temperatures move up. i'll take you through it hour by hour for each part of the area when i come back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> we have reports of a fatality on the scene of this crash in hamilton township. now accident investigation underway on 195. a portion of it is closed on the westbound side. that's when the strip is here. route 130. people from driving by on twitter, reports that they're forcing traffic off around exit 5. we will see delays there. 195 on the westbound, 206 is an alternate. you can get on the exit ramp. 295 is clear, as well. that's an alternate for you. we'll keep you update there. here's the new jersey turnpike. this is the camera near the delaware memorial bridge. no problems coming out or
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heading to. westchester, route 100 around boot road. no big problems or delays. a couple of cars moving in both directions. >> thank you. now to a fight for freedom in new jersey. two former allies of governor chris christie will be sentence today in what's become known as bridgegate. bridget kelly and bill baroni are asking a judge to spare them jail time for creating traffic jams on the george washington bridge as political payback. matt delucia joins us live in the digital operations center with more on the pleas for leniency. how much time are we looking at here? >> reporter: they face up to 46 months in prison, almost four years. it has been close to four years since the incident on the ft. lee side of the george washington bridge that created that bridgegate scandal. bridget kelly and bill baroni were convicted of wire fraud, conspiracy, and using the bridge as retaliation against ft. lee's mayor because he declined to endorse governor christie's bid for re-election. prosecutors said the two shut down several toll lanes at the
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gw bridge in 2013 intentionally causing a major traffic jam in ft. lee. sentencing guidelines call for 37 to 46 months. the exact sentence up to the judge. both baroni and kelly have asked the judge for leniency in terms of probation, house arrest, and community service instead of prison time. mat delucia, nbc10 news. 6:33. police looking for a man who emailed fire wounding a -- who opened fire wounding a 17-year-old and triggered a lockdown. the shooting started at 17th and suction happen a. the gunman -- susquehanna. the gunman barricaded himself into a home sending a an elementary school into lockdown. police didn't find the gunman but found a gun and jacket in a nearby yard. >> it's terrible around campus and around north philly all this
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violence goes on. >> it looks like a war zone. it's becoming normal, and that's the scary part. >> medics took the critically wounded 17-year-old to temple hospital. police are trying to figure out what sparked the violence. seven people including three kids are okay after firefighters, police, neighbors, and even a mayor rushed to rescue them from this house fire at the jersey shore. the fire ripped through the home in wildwood on monday. two of three kids had to be dropped from a second story by their uncle into the arms of rescuers below. >> we said, drop that child. >> she was just dangling. >> we grabbed her. we went in. >> i don't think i'd be able to sleep at night if i didn't come and know i did everything i could to get these people down. >> officials are still looking for the cause of the fire but labeled it accidental. our county-by-county coverage begins in chester county. >> that's where jury selection is complete in the trial of the man accused of murdering a state
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trooper during an ambush. eric frein is charged in the shooting that killed one officer and wounded another. frein is accused of leading authorities on a 48-day manhunt in the poconos before he was captured. opening statements start monday in pike county. also in chester county, authorities discovered a monkey while investigating a marijuana growing operation. the animal was turned over to a local zoo. police found more than 100 marijuana plants in a home on north coventry township friday. three people are charged with drug trafficking. cuban nationals part of an organized criminal network. dog owners at berks county have a new law to follow. reading has passed an ordinance that bans tethering dogs outside. leaders say the goals are to prevent animal cruelty and cut down on noise complaints. and governor chris christie is investigating the destruction of a revolutionary war landmark in bell mawr. the department of transportation tore down the hug harrison
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glover house without a required state demolition permit. at the time, local and federal lawmakers were working to save the house by moving it to another location. in montgomery county, whitehall elementary school is warning parents that their children may have been exposed to pertussis, also known as whooping cough. two students were diagnosed with the highly contagious respiratory disease earlier this month. at the jersey shore, the superintendent of the lakewood school district says they will be forced to lay off nearly 120 teachers unless they can close a budget shortfall. the district is short about $15 million. it has until mid-may to finalize a budget. 6:36. a mother is defending her son and criticizing the tsa because of how airport screeners treated her son. >> jennifer williamson calls the screening aggressive and posted video on facebook. this happened last weekend at the dallas-ft. worth airport where her son's laptop set off an explosive sensor.
6:37 am
her son suffers from a distlard can cause anxiety in kids when they are touched. she and her son say the agents went too far. >> the man needed to get his hands off of my child. i think that was my reaction. it was excessive. >> wherever this officer was touching me in certain areas, i was taught that nobody should touch you in that area. >> in a statement the tsa said it allows for pat-downs of a teenage passenger. in this case all approved procedures were followed to resolve an alarm of the passenger's laptop. williamson insists her son set off no alarms. 6:37. let's check in and find out, boy, it's looking really nice out there. >> the first time we've been able to see this view for a couple of days, bill henley. >> no signs of fog. the clouds are starting to thin, they're going to blow out of here. look at the winds. they've been steady all morning. that wind will be here all day. that's a northwesterly wind. it will try to keep things cool. with clouds moving out, we'll
6:38 am
get enough sunshine for a quick warmup. 48 degrees now in philadelphia. it's still falling. at 8:00 this morning, there will be clouds around. 45. the clouds will be thinning out. look at the sunshine. by 10:00, bright, sunny skies. 54 degrees at noontime. into the 60s in philadelphia this afternoon. clouds this morning in the suburbs. they'll still be here at 8:00. you will see some breaks of sunshine and then once they're out, they stay out for the rest of the day. low 50s at lunchtime. upper 50s this afternoon. steady wind blowing this morning in the lehigh valley. eight miles an hour. it gets a little bit stronger, up to 12 miles per hour at 2:00 this afternoon. you will also see clouds thin out. they're already doing so now. the rain has already ended. no sign of any rain for today. don't need your umbrella at all. new jersey, 47. look at the sunshine, 10:00, noon, 2:00, 4:00, 60 degrees
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with the winds out of the northwest. those winds stay below ten miles per hour this afternoon at the shore. a little bit stronger this morning. the clouds being ejected. a cloudy start. 51 about sunshine at lunchtime -- 51 with sunshine at lunchtime. close to 60 at the shore. a nice warmup in delaware. skies are brightening now. 49 currently. we'll see that bright sunshine and into the 50s, middle 50s at noon. and then 60s this afternoon. cooler weather ahead and rain, too, all before we get to the weekend. a look at the weekend forecast and when you can expect another warmup with the ten day on 10 when i'm back in ten. >> thank you. 6:39. to help our commuters by looking at traffic. >> jessica boyington has been watching a serious, now fatal accident. >> there's an accident investigation underway. the road is closed in hamilton township. 195 on the westbound side. around route 130, exit 5.
6:40 am
they're diverting traffic along exit 5 for now. if you want to get to 195, you can avoid the scene altogether. you can take 206 or 195. if you're headed that direction on 195, take cuther. once you get off the ramp, take that. that will take you to yardville, hamilton square road here. and you can get back on the next exit past the scene. ault also watching the schuylkill expressway at route 1. big delays both directions in the last couple of minutes or so. eastbound toward the center city area, really slow right here. exceptionally slow. you see a string of brake lights there. heading toward the boulevard. we'll end with mass transit on chestnut hill. east trains out there -- septa running 16 minutes late for trains 7413. everything else running on or close to schedule. >> all right. thanks. when you buy something, you expect it to be in new condition, right? >> that didn't happen when a chester county man splurged on a brand-new tv.
6:41 am
it came with a big crack. next, the helpless viewer called nbc 10 responds when he can't get the company to follow through on a replacement. also, a skin care breakthrough. next, a new treatment that could use the pain for millions of people in the united states who suffer from eczema. and the eagles are pushing for a throwback. the jersey color change that could be coming.
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quarter to 7:00 wednesday morning. look at that. wayne, delaware county, live picture. sunshine ahead today, we'll get details from bill henley in a couple of minutes. people battling eczema have a new treatment option. the fda approved a drug called dupixent. it's expensive, $37,000 a year.
6:45 am
patients who have the skin disorder saw improvement months after starting treatment. they say the price tag may be worth it to be free of the embarrassing and painful rashes. quarter of 7:00. if you're planning to drive somewhere for your summer vacation, you'll probably need extra cash. aaa says gas prices will be higher than normal this summer. the national average for a gallon of gas will go up about 30 cents. drivers will notice the increases next month. the reason -- annual shift from winter to summer blends. in nbc 10 responds, a man who ordered a brand-new tv, but it arrived damaged right out of the box. >> after promises of a replacement but nothing to show for, he called nbc10 responds. harry harriston has the story. >> reporter: select our language. >> reporter: jim spring and his wife wait good six weeks for this moment -- waited about six
6:46 am
weeks for this moment. when their faulty tv would be hauled away. >> all right. now we'll try this. >> reporter: and replaced with a new one. >> big img provement. >> reporter: the couple used marriott reward points to buy a samsung tv. it was delivered valentine's day, but right out of the box, they noticed a crack down the middle of the screen. they called marriott. >> and they said they would send a replacement immediately. >> reporter: a week went by and no tv arrived. >> called again. same story. apologetic. will be handled expeditiously. >> reporter: still nothing came. and the cycle continued. >> i spoke to eight different representatives. >> reporter: spring said one of the reps gave him a different story. >> sorry, we don't take things back to the warehouse. you have to work it out with the manufacturer. >> reporter: when he spoke with samsung they referred him back to marriott. >> the responsibility of the vendor where you got it to replace the television. >> reporter: spring contacted nbc1010 responds. we reached out to marriott.
6:47 am
the company told us spring did not follow samsung's request to have a certified tech inspect the tv. spring says he didn't take the option because samsung recommended having the period of time replaced. marriott said the new tv was ordered before we got involved. spring credits nbc10 responds for getting his tv replaced. >> thank you very much. all right, all right. >> reporter: nbc 10 responds. >> the value of the tv on the samsung website, $1,800. if you have a consumer problem, let us know about it. the best way is to reach us there on the screen -- we will respond to you. we're about 13 minutes from the top of the hours. the start of the "today" show. >> at 7:00, let's check with matt lauer and savannah guthrie with a look ahead. good morning. hi. >> good morning, guys. good to see you. coming up on a wednesday, damaging tornadoes rip through texas and oklahoma overnight.
6:48 am
tens of thousands without power. we're live with the latest. also ahead, new concerns over the latest craze for kids after a girl suffers serious burns, making that homemade slime. this morning, her mother is warning to all parents. rokerthon 3 tour has rolled michigan setting records along the way. where is al going to pop up morning? you're about to find out when we get started on a wednesday morning here on "today." back to you. >> fun to see al hanging out with those college kids. thank you very much. see you in about 12 minutes. >> you got it. looking live outside, cape may. clouds will be hopefully moving out, right, bill henley? >> hopefully. >> you tell us what's going to lap -- >> they will be moving out. i don't care what your phone says, they will be moving out. the clouds are thinning at the shore. i'll show you that picture again after a few of abbington.
6:49 am
this is a view this morning. you see clouds lingering. no snow. the nice warmup the last few days has allowed snow to last a little bit, get out of here. clouds will be thinning. you see the cameras shaking. that's a live view from the hotel. the wind is going blow the clouds out of here. and also going to keep things cool in the short term. temperatures now down to 42 degrees in the lehigh valley, 43 in the suburbs. delaware, 49. in philadelphia, south jersey, looking at 40s right now. and chestnut hill, westmont, 45. 47 degrees in parkwood, and 48 in port richmond. so a chill is in the air. and some clouds, too, at the bus stop this morning. at 8:00, we'll see breaks of sunshine for allentown, quakertown, exton. philadelphia at 46 degrees. atlantic city, closer to 50. this is where we'll start. a quick warmup as clouds move out. we'll see bright, sunny skies. clouds are already thinning out. the rain has already ended. no rain today.
6:50 am
that will change on friday because of that storm system. severe weather overnight. that storm will be on the move. not expecting severe weather, but it looks like we'll see the first showers late tomorrow afternoon. central pennsylvania. the clouds move in. sunshine today, tomorrow. friday morning, here comes the rain again. you won't need the umbrella friday. steady showers, possibly thunderstorms friday afternoon. we'll be watching that for friday. before the weekend, we'll get sunshine. and we'll see the clouds clear out over the weekend. showers first thing on saturday. breaks of sunshine later in the day. the 50s on saturday. look at sunday, bright, sunny skies. lined today. we'll see -- like today. we'll see plenty. sun. winds will keep -- we'll see plenty of sun. winds will keep temperatures in the 60s. the same winds bringing in colder air tomorrow, 38 degrees. 56 degrees on thursday afternoon. a chilly rain friday. the rain tapers off first thing on saturday with late-day sunshine. 58 degrees on saturday.
6:51 am
and then brilliant sunshine for sunday. and monday's looking good, too. both days into the low 60s. still mild for tuesday in spite of another round of rain that will linger into wednesday. drying out on thursday. thanks. let's check the traffic. we've been watching a serious accident on 195. jessica boyington with an update. 195, westbound side. earlier we had a lane close. they're diverting traffic off around 130 around exit 5. seeing big gaper delay. on the eastbound side, as well. westbound approaching the scene before they start diverting traffic off. to avoid 195 jag togethaltogeth head to 295. green in both directions. you can get on an exit further down, exit it or so. otherwise, get off at exit 7
6:52 am
beforehand. that's around exit 5. starting to divert traffic off. also watching in this, the charges around cottman avenue, we look okay. this is typical, though. southbound toward center city. woodhaven road, marion, a crash at valley creek around valley forge park road. and checking in with mass transit, we're seeing just minor delays for septa's chestnut hill east trains, 7413, 16 minutes late there. the rest of mass transit doing fine. the eagles want to go back >> the team wants to tweak its look to the classic kelly green. fans love the old look uniforms. so does eagles owner jeff laurie. he filed paperwork with the nfl to get the team to bring it back here's the sticking point -- the nfl doesn't allow teams to change helmets. the eagles don't like the idea of a kelly green uniform clashing with their modern midnight green helmets.
6:53 am
things for how it apparently on hold. >> we like the kelly green -- >> i love the kelly green. >> of course you do. they're a classic look. who better to show off the uniforms than to find the team -- that defined the team for decades, number 22, vai sikahema. let us know what you think on social media. you like the kelly green, does it matter if they clash? >> 20 years ago and 25 pounds ago. ahead, the top headlines for you. >> that includes sentencing day in the bridgegate scandal.
6:54 am
phone rings ♪"a new friend's coming here to sesame street."all w its sesame street live!
6:55 am
april 6-9
6:56 am
>> first off, two f christie face sentencing today. a jury convicted for their role
6:57 am
in the bridgegate scandal.6 months in pri for more lenient sentences involvin murdering a south philadelphia eve heads to court for a hearing. investigators say maurire maried fired 11 shots marie he police chief and other law enforcement officials to talk abodo on rece. they'll examine how policeut th. and today at noon, hundreds of people will walk theirple unive north philadelphia campus. the goal of the to raise awareness about tak su annual walk a mile in hvel even campus today. chris christie will begin leading president donald w opio. today the president will
6:58 am
officially launch his opioid commission. it will focus on addiction recovery and access to treatment. governor christie will be on the "today" show to talk about his post and the opioid crisis in america coming up in a few minutes. >> and breaking news in from new york. a live picture over laguardia airport where some hazardous material was found in the last hour. at least three tsa agents have minor injuries and are being treated. at last view when we had a closer look, we could see first responders on the scene. we'll keep you updated on the app, and the to"today" show wil have more details in a few minutes. our big story here for traffic is watching out in hamilton township a crash that unfortunately turned fatal. now an accident investigation underway on 195 westbound around route 130. that's at exit 5. they had the portion closed off.
6:59 am
you can take 206 or 2 scene. and on the westbound side, a little bit further off you pass this accident scene, as well. the ramp to 195 closed now because of police activity. you can get off around exit 7 before the westbound crash. lastly, we'll end on northeast philadelphia on route 1. watch for a crash there. clouds are still with us, but the rain is done. this is a live view of boathouse row. look closely, you see the flags blowing in the wind. it's the wind that's going to help push clouds out of here and keep us cool to start with. we're in the 40s right now. clouds are thinning out in the lehigh valley. we'll get sunshine. parting from the 40s this morning into the upper 50s and 60s this morning. 61 for philadelphia and new jersey. 63 degrees in delaware with sunny skies through the day. don't forget if you're on the go, you can always get my first alert forecast on today's 101.1 more f.m. >> thank you. we'll have local updates
7:00 am
throughout the morning or get it on the nbc10 app. good morning. breaking overnight, three storm chasers killed pursuing a string of powerful tornadoes in texas. 34g


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