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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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dangerous get away, a driver hits and drags a police officer, then does even more damage. school scare. who brought this loaded weapon around students along with dozens of bullets? making it legal. one of our states is pushing for a new law on marijuana. right now at 11:00, an officer opened fire. police say a driver tried to run him down and that was just the beginning of the suspect's dangerous get away. i'm jacqueline london. it started when police tried to break up a domestic dispute. that's when the driver hit the officer and the officer shot at his van. the suspect drove for another
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four miles hitting another car along the way and ditched the vehicle near southwest philadelphia. andrea kline-thomas is live with more. police are still looking for who was inside that van. >> reporter: after the officer was hit he still was able to manage to fire off one shot but detectives still don't know if the van was shot as it sped away. when officers first arrived, they said a man and woman were in a domestic dispute. the man was trying to drag the woman out of the van. when the police approached -- >> the male had entered the van and proceeded in reverse striking one of the officer and dragging the officer. >> reporter: the officer was able to recover and attempted to confront the man. an auto mechanic was outside working on a car. >> as i was under the car i hear
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a gunshot. i'm not getting up. >> reporter: the officer fired a single gunshot as it sped away. children at the multicultural learning center saw a crash. >> it was a big crash. all the upstairs kids came running down. >> reporter: police say the van sideswiped this car sending it into the fence. only the driver was inside. >> he was shaken up. a little delirious but still realized that something happened and he said he just bought the car. >> reporter: police found the green dodge van abandoned at a shopping center. at this hour police are still looking for the suspect. now back out here live again police are looking for the man who was driving but they also don't know where the woman he was with, where she is either. the officer will be okay. he is recovering.
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reporting live from southwest, andrea kline-thomas nbc 10 news. a middle school adu is under arrest after he was caught with a gun and ammunition today. he was arrested at drexel hill middle school. someone found a bullet in the bathroom. police found a backpack that belonged to the school adu filled with the guns and more than 40 rounds of ammunition. >> he's hired to take care of the needs of the special needs child is what he is hired to do. and he's walking around with an arsenal. >> the company that placed him at the school says he passed all background safety checks and is no longer associated with the company. a truck caught fire causing a traffic mess in northeast philly. no one was hurt but it caused major backups in the southbound lanes. that road is back open tonight.
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new at 11:00, someone spray painted this anti-immigrant message on a road. the message reads, illegal immigrants go home. and an nbc 10 viewer says the graffiti has been there for several weeks. a plan is in place to have the graffiti removed as soon as possible. a teenager is facing charges for vandalizing a local synagogue. someone threw a baseball-sized rock through a window at the synagogue. surveillance video shows two teenaged outside the synagogue sunday night. the damage was discovered by a worker the next day. just a tragic scene in southwest texas tonight. 13 people were killed. another three hurt after a truck and small church bus crashed head on. investigators say the mangled mess is a result of the truck veering into the lane the bus
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was in. the bus was carrying a group of church members home from a retreat. the ntsb is investigating. family members come face-to-face with the man accused of killing their loved one inside her own store and tensions boiled over inside and outside the courtroom. >> what kind of animal does that? are you an animal? he walked in and shot her for no reason. >> reporter: outrage for the daughter of marie buck, shot to death on christmas eve and outrage when the judge decided that the suspect will stand trial for her murder. >> don't put it on the news, man. >> reporter: heated emotion from both sides three months after the 81-year-old was shot more than half a dozen times in her corner grocery store in south philly. >> i want the death penalty for him. >> reporter: the alleged motive revenge against the victim's
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grandson. he and his ex-girlfriend bought heroin for green and his ex-girlfriend was having an affair with the suspect and buck convinced her to steal a gold chain from her last may. they pawned it for drug money. >> you don't walk into a grocery store and kill them. you ain't getting your money back or your chain. >> it's an emotional case. we have respect for the victim's family but by the same token it doesn't make it better to have the wrong person victimed. >> the defendant was looking for the victim's grandson. his vehicle that is recovered matched to a tee not just the make, model and year but all the dents. >> reporter: prosecutors showed video from the neighborhood that shows the suspect and his car one block from the corner store the day of the murder. whether that can be proven will be decided at trial. >> the suspect will be back in court next month.
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two of new jersey governor chris christie's aides have been sentenced to prison. bill maroney has an 18-month sentence. they were convicted of closing lanes to the george washington bridge. christie has denied any wrong doing. camden mayor is calling it quits after two terms. she announced tonight she won't run for re-election. she was worn and raised in camden. the city underwent more than $2 billion in economic investments under her watch. but there is work to be done. >> while we have not claimed victory we can see the difference the men and women of the metro division is make in our neighborhoods and throughout our business corridors. >> reporter: the mayor endorsed the city council president as the city's next mayor. ivanka trump is now an
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official employee of the united states government. she will serve as assistant to the president. we're told the position is not paid. trump's lawyer tells nbc news she will file all appropriate financial disclosure forms required of federal employees. she will be sworn in but no date yet on when that will happen. governor chris christie is getting a chance to fight the opioid epidemic at the national level. during an emotional round table discussion, christie said this initiative is important to every family in every state of the country. and fighting the opioid opepidec was the focus of this round table today. casey's concerned that proposed cuts to health and human services could impact efforts to help people battling addiction. former vice president joe
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biden honored his late son beau in wilmington. the event recognized more than two dozen local members of law enforcement who are embodying beau's legacy fighting for civil rights. >> beau understood to his core it was a sacred obligation to use the power of government to intervene. it guaranteed dignity for any individual for whom was being affirm tuvly denied. >> beau biden died in 2015 after a battle with brain cancer. need to report a crime in allentown? there's an app for that. allentown officials unveiled an app that allows residents to be crime fighters. anyone can share anonymous tips with police. there is a section that allows for two-way conversations with
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responding officer. covered bridge road in cherry hill is open for business. it was shut down after a truck was stuck on the bridge. the crews repaired a beam but more work will be needed in the coming weeks that could lead to more closures down the road. pack your patience. first medical marijuana and now one of our states want to make it legal altogether. the new push for pot next at 11:00. also, dogs in danger. the infection that's on the rise. and what owners should look out for. it looks like a tornado, sounds like a tornado. but find out what really came blowing through this texas town. we have more sunshine coming tomorrow. but then some of this. some heavy rain moves in. see how long that's going to stick around and what's in store for the weekend, next. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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when is a gust of wind not a gust of wind when it's a gustnado. this is video of one in west texas. is it a small whirlwind that forms in a thunderstorm outflow. take a look, this twister tore through an area west of dallas yesterday. it was one of seven reported there. here's a look at the damage left behind from those storms. you can see roofs and walls ripped off houses. there were no reports of any injuries. another round of storms is expected to arrive this weekend. the grandson of a philadelphia radio icon is charged with stealing her fortune. mary mason is suffering from alzheimer's and lives in a nursing home in montgomery county. someone stop paying her bills last year.
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nearly $1 million of her money is gone. her grandson kalvin turner burned through the money. he waived a preliminary hearing set for today and will go on trial. a warning in new jersey, veterinarians in the state say they have seen a rise in the number of dogs that have contracted a sometimes deadly bacterial infection transmitted through rat urine. health officials say dogs may be exposed after lapping up puddle water. symptoms include fevers, loss of appetite and urination problems. supporters in the general assembly will introduce a new bill tomorrow. we'll show you why opponents are not on board. >> reporter: in delaware you can head to the strip mall to get your booze or tobacco and if a bill becomes law, we could soon
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see pot shops in the state. our round up of opinions range from why not? >> drinking is legal. >> reporter: to no way. >> it's an introductory drug to the hard stuff. and you know, we're stupid. >> reporter: others with a light hearted reaction. >> the fast food industry will definitely bump up. >> reporter: zoe is the president of the delaware cannabis advocacy network. she joined us in wilmington to talk about this proposals legislation, the culmination of years of work. >> we have bipartisan support in the general assembly right now and we're excited about the bill. >> reporter: she says the proposal has support this law enforcement circles. >> it will save millions by up ending unnecessary arrests and create economic development. >> reporter: there are people against easier access to drugs.
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but those we talked to agree the taxation of the product would likely benefit the state. >> it's like colorado, another money machine. >> reporter: delaware's governor has not signaled support for a bill like this. but the cannabis at voeks group shared research with us and say they are on the governor's calendar and will share it with his office in a couple of weeks. today temple's school of media was dedicated to lou kline. students and friends gathered for the dedication of the college of media and communications. bob saget emceed the event. kline was an adjunct professor at temple for more than 60 years. dozens of the region's top mathletes competed today.
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the kids took part in the 24 math challenge. they represent pal centers throughout the region. turning to our first alert weather. our team of meteorologists tracking heavy rain and if it is going to stick around for the weekend. let's get it started with glenn schwartz. >> we have great weather for a little while but there is definitely rain before the weekend is out. a beautiful skyline shot. no fog, no rain, no problems during the night tonight. the temperatures starting to go down to 42 in allentown, 32 in mt. pocono. most places in the 30s overnight. got up to 62 tonight after that 54 rainy day yesterday. going down a little bit tomorrow despite some sunshine. 56 and then friday only 52 degrees with the rain. no rain around now. not even any cloud cover to
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speak of. but there's a whole lot of it out to the west. and really impressive storm that's organized out there. and a lot of that moisture is coming this way. and there's nothing to stop it. and all the computer models are growing, it's all dry during the day tomorrow. the clouds start to increase in the afternoon and by tomorrow night, we could see some areas with a little bit of light rain. but it really starts picking up during the morning on friday. and by noontime we are just socked in with rain. we're talking about steady rain, hour after hour after hour, some of it on the heavy side. there's the afternoon rush. that is going to be a mess. and there, friday evening. it's still raining hard. that's a lot of hours of a lot of rain. but in the short term tomorrow, different story. light wind, temperatures getting into the mid-50s after lows in
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the 30s. 56 in taconi. no rain anywhere in these areas. that's for sure. egg harbor township, 54. but then things change just in time for the weekend. >> so you're saying it's going rain a little bit? >> absolutely going the rain? >> 100%. >> yes. >> should i build an ark? >> no but it's going the rain. >> it is going to rain. let's take a look. so the temperatures are in the 40s and low 50s for the most part by the time we get to friday evening. it has rained all day. but more rain and thunderstorms still crossing the area. as we watch the evening wear on we get to about midnight and if it gets cold enough and i'm thinking this model has overdone it but if it gets cold enough we could see a little bit of sleet
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mixing in with all of this. but for the most part this is rain and rain showers saturday morning at about 6:30 in the morning the temperatures will be around 30 up there in mt. pocono. but in the philly area we're looking at 40 degrees. this is rain that is going to make its way through the area. we clear out by saturday evening. i think we may even get a few peeks of sunshine on saturday and on sunday beautiful sunshine. if you are in wilmington right now you are in the bulls-eye of 2.4 inches. mt. pocono 1.1. and philly, 2.2. here's the weekend. just ignore saturday if you don't want to see the rain. we're probably dealing with plenty of sunshine on sunday. that is definitely the pick day if you want to get out there and enjoy outdoor plans. it may be soggy on the ground but for the most part it will be a delightful day with above
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average temperatures too. >> the average high is 58 this time of year. so in the mid-60s on a weekend without rain. that's a big deal. >> isn't march toesed supposed n line a lion and out like a lamb? >> still to come, the eagles are feeling nostalgic but what could be in the way of a return to kelly green.
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the eagles could be going retro in the shade of kelly green. the owner wants to bring back the jerseys as an alternate uniform but it would also require a helmet change. the team could wear the kelly green for thursday night games and they could become the main jersey again. you never know. >> we're going the hear from doug peterson coming up invoking a popular slogan in philly for
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the team. and what got brett brown a technical tonight and why he may have lost a couch. that is next. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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i'm john clark from csn. the eagles are make it clear, the birds are building around carson wentz and looking long term. they have a lot of holes to fill and the coach uses a familiar slogan in philly. >> we have to trust our plan. we have to trust our process, trust the coaches, trust howie and joe and the guys that make decisions that way to acquire talent. >> speaking of trust the process, sixers coming off a five-game road trip. they maybe lost their legs.
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they were tired after the game. the sixers center shaun long defending dwight howard. long is called for the foul here. brett brown not happy with the call and is teed up. the sixers are fired up. coming from behind in the fourth. sixers within two but the hawks not letting this one go. hawks win 99-92. listen to the story of brett brown's technical foul. >> i was like standing between him and the ref and i'm like, i tried to stop him. he's like no, i got this and brushed me off and they called a tech. there goes that. >> you tried. >> i tried. and he came back to the bench and he was like, guys, that was a brand-new couch for my wife. that was pretty funny. >> $2500. brett brown visited with dwight howard in the hawks
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locker room. he said i love the way your team plays. the phillies win a split squad today. nava sends a blast gone. that is off verlander. and in the sixth. can you smell what the brock is cooking here. a lock to make the team now. the other game against pittsburgh, look at this. look at this. the center fielder doesn't move. phillies hitting good pitchers today. they win both 8-2. two more games in florida and they come back home. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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final look at weather tonight. >> in that rainy kind of pattern where we had it yesterday, a couple days that are decent and getting it again on friday. no doubt about it. possibly into early saturday. then a couple dry days sunday and monday. and more rain next tuesday and we have to watch out for the phillies next friday. >> don't do that. fingers crossed. for glenn, tammy and all of us, have a good night. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- katie holmes, andrew rannells, musical guest zaow


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