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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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. what happened at that store? >> one of the women works a at the grocery store. the district attorney says she called pli eed police and said who attacked me is in my store. >> if there's more victims, i. hope they come forward. >> investigators suspect the nine women they say 19-year-old attacked in chester since he was 16 are just the tip of the iceberg. >> we believe there are other vuk t victims out there. he's told us. >> according to prosecutors, lee confessed that in many cases, he would rob and rape his victims at gunpoint. in one instance here at the transportation hub in chester, police tell us lee struggled with his victims and shot her in the head causing a minor graze wound. do you have anything to say to the victims? are you guilty of these crimes? >> it wasn't until january of this year when police picked up lee at a delaware county grocery store. the district attorney says one of the women works there.
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>> the victim calls police and says the man that assaulted, raped and tried to rob me is here in this store. the dna was sent to the lab for testing a year before the results came back. >> i don't know why it would take so long. it's a shame they can't rush them through sooner. >> investigators took a swab of the suspect's dna in february last year when they picked him up on an illegal gun charge. the results from the state police lab didn't come back until january this year. during that time, prosecutors say lee attacked five of his victims. u reached out to pennsylvania state police to find out why the wait and what's being done to improve it. i'm still waiting to hear become from them. reporting from inside the studio, rosemary connors, nbc 10
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news. right now at 6:00, pounding rain is about to slam our reg n region. heavy downpours are headed our way that could create a mess tr your commute tomorrow. we have issued a first alert for tomorrow as the radar shows the system with heavy rain coming straight for us. let's get right to chief meteorologist glenn schwartz. we're talking about hours and hours of downpours tomorrow. >> yeah, you're going to get pretty tired of this rain. e we need some. we're in a a drought. we have been low on rainfall for this month. we don't need this much. we have a a first alert for the entire viewing area for friday and friday night. that's a lot of hours. heavy rain, the worst of it could be during the afternoon rush because we'll have later rain in the morning rush. local loized flooding by the afternoon rush and into the evening hours. as you can see on the radar, we have rain moving in already.
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getting a little heavier of that rain going into burlington county, new jersey. some more showers in western pennsylvania and then even more back to the west. there's a tremendous amount of moisture with this thing. take a look through the evening hours and you can see some of this rain moving through and then the general area just kind of expands. by tomorrow morning's rush, it's pretty wet. but that's just the beginning of that wet day. we'll go through hour by hour to see how much is going to hit your neighborhood ask when it's going to clear out, coming up. >> track this heavy rain and every storm that heads our way with the first alert radar on our nbc 10 app. to this now, a a man shot dead by police in delaware. tonight we learned philadelphia police fired at the same suspect is just hours earlier. police say leroy brown jr. ran down ab officer with his car last night. he got away until he ran new
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castle county police. >> reporter: it started with a domestic dispute. he came down here to new castle across the road here and ended over here on this bench that's covered with evidence paint. the 28-year-old, police were called to 56 in southwest philly last night for a call that he had been in a domestic dispute and dragging a woman. >> by that time, the male had entered the van and proceeded at a high rate of speed in reverse striking one of the officers and dragging the officer several feet. >> hit brown, but was able to
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get out of his van. he and the woman and the four kids stole someone else's car and took off for his girlfriend's home. new castle police went there to find him and after a struggle an officer shot the suspect again. e he took off in a car ask hit a county police cruiser ask went into a park. two kids were still in the car a as this happened. become in philly. leroy brown is working to c console his family including his grand kids. >> i think everybody is shook up. >> they will do ab internal investigation on the philly officer as well. there's still a lot of gaps in the story. i have more questions. i had the same questions. police aren't answering them yet, but i'm going to keep asking those questions.
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tim furlong, nbc 10 use. >> our state could be the first in the area to legalize recreational marijuana. it would allow residents 21 and over to purchase the drug. advocates argue would reduce arrests and boost the state's tax revenues. recreational marijuana is already local in eight other states. prosecutors in the bill cosby case want to use cosby's own words about date rape drugs in their case against him. the montgomery county district attorney filed a new motion today. it asks to introduce excerpts from a book cosby wrote in 1991 about trying to use a date rape drug. they also want to use a tv interview when talked about the same topic. the median is due in next week. the trial for sexually assaulting a woman in 2004 is set for june. a south engineer e see police officer is charged with lewdness for allegedly exposing
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himself in a bathroom. the officer was off duty at the time. the 13 and 9-year-old boys told investigators the officer exposed and fondled himself while laughing at them inside the men's bathroom last night. the boy's mother first asked for a manager and then called police because her sons were visibly upset. >> my son is upset. he didn't go to school today. he said every time he closed his eyes he sees this man laughing. >> he was arrested on a summons. the prosecutor's office is also launching an internal affairs investigation. governor chris christie held a press conference on drug abuse. it comes a day after e he took part in a roundtable with president trump in washington. yesterday crihristie was named e chairman of a new drug addiction committee. in his new role, christie will serve as a liaison to medical experts, lol and state officials
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and drug addicts. today eagles safety malcolm jenkins was among several nfl players on capitol hill today. they spoke at a forum on community policing within minority communities. >> we're here to use our voices to make sure our communities, our families our kids are a priority to the people here on capitol hill, to this administration and the rest of this nation. >> jenkins was also in washington in november to discuss ways to improve relations between police and the communities they serve. new at 6:00, police in delaware county are hoping a $,000 reward will help lead them to a quote, sadistic killer. one year ago today benson was found naked and dead in the bathtub of her apartment. today police announced the reward in an effort to track down her killer. her family pleaded for
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information and urged the killer to surrender. >> this is what we have to live with. and so if there's any soul left, dot right thing. >> police believe benson knew her killer. a man is accused of killing his girlfriend's dogs. joel davis strangled because he was jealous about how much time his girlfriend spent with them. . she had a surveillance camera in the apartment that captured him in the act. that was a lie, but she says it got him to confess to the killings. >> anything ever happened to him, i would have just been devastated. i told him that that weekend before u left. i hope nobody dates him and hope people realize that he's crazy. it always starts with animals and goes to people. >> investigators say davis confessed to them as well. new details tonight after the remains of dozens of people
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were discovered at an old city construction site. the institute has started a crowd funding campaign to analyze and then rebury the bones. the remains were first discovered at the construction site last fall. some of the bodies were buried here before the declaration of independence was signed. but they were supposed to have been moved more than a century ago. new at 6:00, a new plan would bring new life to philadelphia's old phone booths. city councilman drod a resolution today to repurpose booths throughout the city. he thinks they could become emergency service kiosks with wyoming fie capabilities. new at 6:00 therapy on thin ice. why local kans r survivors are worried about president trump's budget proposal tonight. prepare for soaking rain right in the middle of tomorrow's commute. i'm tracking the threat in my most accurate first alert forecast.
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plus good ckarma. why a good samaritan in delaware county is $15,000 richer all because he was honest.
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concerns from local cancer
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survivors that president trump's budget proposal. the plan would mean cutting arts therapy programs that help patients take on life after the disease. new at 6:00, nbc 10 reporter drew smith explains what this cut would mean for survivors. >> reporter: with the cut of sis sors and the swipe of a gloou glue stick, adjusting to life after cancer gets a little bit easier. >> it's peace, it's tranquility. it takes your mind away from pleading thoughts that might be as pleasant or productive. >> for survivors at the hospital of the university of < group is about getting creative. it's a a family with a unique find. >> what people don't realize is is your mental outlook and your psychological attitude has a lot to do with how you heal. >> reporter: programs like this and research into why it helps
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in the fight against cancer could be in danger. president trump's proposed budget would cut federal programs and services like the endowment for the arts the agency that funds drexel's art therapy study. >> to have the support for this is helping it do it. >> the president's america's first budget adds $a 54 billion in defense spending. the nea would be eliminate entirely. >> they make the difference between having this type of programming and not. >> the masters pieces made in this room hang in offices and bedrooms. >> do your best to enjoy whatever you can. make every day count. no dress rehearsals. >> a reminder that self-expression ask some art therapy can make a difference in the journey to recovery. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> the budget is just a blueprint for now. congress will make the final
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decision. they will start debating in the coming months. new at 6:00, honesty paying off. a good samaritan found $15,000 in cash right in the middle of a a road upper darby last march. he turned it into but no one claim ed it. he went to court to get the money back for himself and this week a judge agreed he should have that money. now to the jersey shore, for ocean city's main gateway should look a a bit more welcome whg you drive in this summer. this old is the last of a trio of eyesore gas stations to be demolished. right at the foot of the 9th street bridge. the resort plans to turn it into green space. it all goes as planned, the resort hopes to have it ready by memorial day. a move to cut down on traffic won't be ready for the summer. the cape bridge commission planned to have easy pass toll
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lanes up and running as these bridges by june 1st. now construction has been delayed. they will be installed over the course of four to five months. tomorrow it won't be a good day to head to the beach. things look calm now as we look live at cape may. rain is heading this way. you can see the system heading our way on the radar here. let's go to chief meteorologist glenn schwartz. this will be drenching rain. >> a few showers now, but it's going to be hour after hour with first alert for the entire viewing area for the entire day friday. and friday night and won't be heavy all the time, but some of it will be. . the afternoon rush is going to be worse because the rain is going to be heavier. plus all the l hours of rain ahead of that will help make for more localized fl ed flooding. every time this sort of thing happens, it's cloudy and 48 in
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philadelphia. we have up to 52 today. we're in the 40s elsewhere with a few spots of a a little bit of rain at the moment. and at the shore, you just saw the picture of cape may. it's 43 degrees there. the wind is on shore. so it's cool. 43 in holgate. winds going to be howling out of the southeast. we had a couple showers move through philadelphia and some of the northern suburbs now just exiting. e lower bucs county has gone into burlington county and me merser county in new jersey. that's race ago head of the main system. you can see we're not going to be getting dead steady rain tonight. there's more rain to the west. tremendous thunderstorms now coming into the chicago area. around here we're going to be
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seeing some of that rain. temperature not dropping a lot overnight. except perhaps up into polk knows a a lult bit of a a mix. by 7:30 it looks like it's raining everywhere. and it's hour after hour, but there's noon. still cold, still wet and winds increasing by the way. and by the afternoon rush, here comes even heavier rain. still in the 40s and windy. and by 7:00 some of the heaviest rain of all moving into the area. now it's friday night. how many hours in a a row do we theed to get? still in the 40s. but actually warming up in the evening hours. and finally tapering off on saturday. and at the very least ending in the morning. how much rain? looks like 2 to 3 inches of rain in several of our computer models by saturday morning. that is a good bit of rain. and tomorrow everybody gets it. it's not all that cold tonight.
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but it sure doesn't warm up much tomorrow. allentown only 43 degrees for the high. robinsville at 47. could see thunderstorms at the jersey shore and in delaware tomorrow. but the weekend things are going to improve quite a bit. i'm john clark. a a phillies player is in tears because he's making the team for the first time. which eagles backup is ready to be a a starter. that's next.
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liacouras center april 6-9 tickets on sale at liacourascenter dot com i'm john clark. the it phillies rosser is set.
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brock and daniel nava get the final spots on the bench. and brock was very emotional today. getting the news he's going to play in the major leagues for the first time. the phillies took him in the 33rd round of the draft six years ago. he was a substitute teacher in the off season when he was starting out in the minors. he's brock in tears. he says it's a dream come true. >> my scout joey davis drafted me in the 33rd round. he saw something in me. i'm just so thankful. >> his parents will be there opening day. tyler goodell designated for assignment. gives up a two-run single right here and another two had-run single. he gives up six runs in two-thirds and a an. one more game left tomorrow. how about the fliers? another must-win tonight.
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yes, they are still alive in their playoff chase. slim playoff hopes. the fliers have won 5 of 6 at home playing their best hockey. but they are still 6 points out against the islanders. the eagles side chris long to get after the quarterback. the birds have brandon graham at the end spot. it's going to be interesting to see if chris will start. how about the eagles first round pick marcus smith. hasn't panned out so far. he actually had a as many sacks as curry last season. but listen to marcus on csn tonight. he's got big expectations. >> i want to be the greatest that ever played. i want to just be a able to do the thicks i've always done and the things i have done in college and the things i have done last yore i want to gravitate off those things i have done. i want to become a starter. >> hopefully it opinions out for him. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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joe biden took the stauj at the university of pennsylvania today. he talked to students a about foreign policy and took questions. . as a professor he will lead the penn biden center for diplomacy and global engagement. for wub last check of the weather. . dry in center city as we look live from our campus camera. that is going to change. over the last week depending on the day, we have had had to grab the coat, gloves, hat, but tomorrow the umbrella no doubt. >> it's pretty much all day. we have had a few showers mover in already. tomorrow is a washout. saturday is the rain ends early. it's just cloudy during the day. sunday is just beautiful. especially after we go through tomorrow you're going to love sunday. let me tl you. there's another storm coming in. later monday into tuesday. we may get a lot of rain also.
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we'll update that at 11:00 as well. we could have some flooding. >> keep the umbrella handy. i'll see you backer here at 11:00. have a dpraet evening. tonight, secret sources revealed. the report sending shock waives across washington the claims from the committee chief came from white house officials. was it part of a smoke screen to give president to president trump's unproven wiretapping claims. church bus tragedy, horror on the highway, over a dozen elderly passengers killed. bathroom bill battle facing a deadline prom ncaa basketball. lawmakers reach a deal to rollback that controversial law but critics say it isn't over yet. death in the cockpit, a fatal emergency and passengers unaware as the captain lands the plane alone and inspiring america, strangers making a dream


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