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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 30, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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we'll update that at 11:00 as well. we could have some flooding. >> keep the umbrella handy. i'll see you backer here at 11:00. have a dpraet evening. tonight, secret sources revealed. the report sending shock waives across washington the claims from the committee chief came from white house officials. was it part of a smoke screen to give president to president trump's unproven wiretapping claims. church bus tragedy, horror on the highway, over a dozen elderly passengers killed. bathroom bill battle facing a deadline prom ncaa basketball. lawmakers reach a deal to rollback that controversial law but critics say it isn't over yet. death in the cockpit, a fatal emergency and passengers unaware as the captain lands the plane alone and inspiring america, strangers making a dream come true after a chance encounter at
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the drive through. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. a report getting a lot of attention tonight is adding to the grows mystery and controversy surrounding the white house and republican head of the house intelligence committee, the man in charge of the russia investigation. it leads back to the still unsubstantiated claim by president trump that president obama wiretapped trump tower. the mystery centers on what congressman devin nunez told the president and reporters about intelligence he had seen about government surveillance. that might at first glance appear to support some of the president's story. it didn't and now tonight "the new york times" is reporting that the trail leading to the source of the intel is a very short one. peter alexander has details. >> tonight that new york times report says a pair of white house
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officials played a role in the stunning allegation eight days ago. the republican chair of the house intelligence committee devin nunez charges u.s. spies surveilled president elect trump. >> the president elect and his team were, i guess, at least monitored. >> reporter: now the times identifying those officials as 32-year-old michael ellis a white house lawyer who form early worked on a white house intelligence staff and 30-year-old ezra watnick. a protege of michael flynn. nunez repeatedly refused to reveal his source but said even though he reviewed the information on white house grounds, white house officials were not involved. >> in fact, i'm quite sure people in the west wing had no idea i was there. >> reporter: if the source was a white house official, it would be a twist in what critics say started an effort to
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back up the claim he was wiretapped by president obama. last wednesday nunez comes under fire when he shares the new information not with committee colleagues but the press and president who said he felt somewhat kin ka vindicated. sean spicer dismissed suggestions nunez got the information from the white house. >> i don't know he would go to the president on something we gave him. i'm not aware but doesn't really pass the smell test. >> reporter: today spicer deflecting questions about the report. >> i'm not going to get into further details. >> reporter: instead, inviting this letter to review newly discovered evidence that may show information collected about americans was mishandled or leaked. >> we are willing to provide them with the information we have the materials that we have come across and i think that is an important step. >> reporter: the top democrat on the house committee accepting that offer but pouncing on the times report and questioning the white house's transparen
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transparency. >> is this instead a case where they wish tofectively launder information through the committee to avoid the true source of the information? that question the white house really needs to answer. >> reporter: with the house committee paralyzed, the senate panel with the first russia hearing and taking a shot at the colleagues. >> the vice chairman and i realize if we poll lit size this process, the efforts will likely fail. >> reporter: a top white house official says whoever originally accessed the intelligence reports shown to nunez must have been an insider here at the national security counsel because no one else they say would have had access to those secure computers. lester. >> let's bring in our moderator of meet the press chuck todd. these rev lauelationrevelation the white house gave this information, what's the fallout. >> the fallout is big. a classic case is the
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coverup worse than the crime itself? what's being investigated obviously is very serious here, but the fact of the matter is this would be an indication the white house is now interfering with an investigation and the fact is, it is amazing that the white house essentially now is being consumed by this russia story and perhaps the president itself because at the end of the day, this sort of consuming by the russia story led to the president's tweet which then in turn created a series of events that is essentially unravelled on the white house. it got the director of the fbi to not only push back on the accusation but then confirm there is an investigation. it is undone the house investigation. it is probably permanently poisoned devin nunez ability to conduct an investigation. somebody once a white house ally and now they are in a situation where their own credibility is being called into question on everything. this is a situation where they have had a bad problem on their
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hands in russia, lester and their own actions have made it worse. >> all right. chuck todd, thank you. in the meantime the man ultimately at the center of the investigations in congress, russian president vladimir putin spoke out today and flat denial borrowing a famous american phrase. take a look. >> you and the russian government did never try to influence the outcome of the u.s. presidential election and there will be no evidence found. >> ronald reagan once debating about taxes and addressing the americans said watch my lips, he said no, watch my lips, no. >> of course, it wasn't regan who said read my lips, george h.w. bush who went on to break the promise when he raised taxes. another challenge for the president, the revolt by members of his party and it had the president lashing out today at the group of conservative republicans. he warned unless they fall into line he would help defeat them in the next election,
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but there were more defiance today. let's get the latest from nbc's kristen welk welker. >> reporter: tonight less than a week after praising those in the house caucus that rejected his obamacare repeal, president trump casting blame intensifying attacks in a new tweet this morning suggesting he might back primaryp freedom caucus will hurt the agenda if they don't get on the team and fast. we must fight them and dems in 2017. >> most people don't take well to being bullied. it may allow a child to get his way but that's not how the government works. >> reporter: many fla blame the group for blocking the health care bill. a frequent faux of the freedom caucus, house speaker paul ryan not taking sides. >> understandable the
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president is frustrated. >> reporter: but unleashing his warning. >> this republican congress allows the enemy of the good, i worry will push the president into working with democrats. >> reporter: now new indications tonight the president is trying to bounce back. a source familiar with the president's thinking tells nbc news he's working to build a consensus of moderate republicans and even eyeing some democrats and he could make this fight very personal. >> they are willing to send the president and his big plane to these freedom caucus districts. trump is not an i dalog and if you go against him, he'll go against you. >> reporter: george w bush sending his message about the president after watching mr. trump's inauguration speech, three people reported to the new york magazine and said that was some weird expletive. the president targeting three members of the freedom, check mmeadows a sign he isn't backing down. >> kristen welker,
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thanks. in the senate a close vote on an anti abortion measure, so close the vice president had to be called in for a second time to break a tie. the bill would have state policies that block planned parenthood clinics and providers. the measure was tied after two republicans, susan collins of maine and alaska voted against the bill. it passed after mike pence passed the vote. in north carolina the legislature repealed the so-called bathroom bill after a year of controversy that included a major backlash by the business community but as nbc's maya rodriguez reports, it's replacement is drawing fresh criticism from supporters and opponents. >> what do we want? >> reporter: after a year of protests and debate. >> house bill 142 is adopted. >> reporter: today a deal to replace north carolina's bathroom bill. lawmakers were under intense pressure from the ncaa, which gave
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them a deadline. repeal the bill this week or face five years without any championship games in the state. >> today we repealed house bill two and we begin to end discrimination. >> reporter: house bill 2 known as the bathroom bill required people in north carolina to use the bathroom for the gender on their birth certifica certificate. critics called it discriminatory, supporters said it was an issue of public safety. is this bill an improvement? >> well, no. house bill 2 we believe is the best bill of this subject matter in the country. >> reporter: although the controversial deal repeals the bathroom bill, it leaves the door open for state leg slislatures to revisit and allows cities to pass anti discrimination ordinances until 2020. >> it's not real repeal. it doubles down by saying local towns and cities can't pass
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vital non-discrimination ordinances for four years. >> reporter: the original law cost north carolina big bucks. musicians including bruce springstene cancelled concerts. the nba moved the 2017 all-star game from charlotte to new orleans. and companies like paypal yanked jobs. all part of a potential loss of $3.7 billion in business in north carolina over the next 12 years according to the associated press. tonight, no word yet if some of the lost business will return. as the debate seems far from over. maya rodriguez, nbc news, raleigh, north carolina. we turn to the horrific collision on a texas highway. emergency calls about a pickup truck driving erratically shortly before a head-on crash between a crush and a church van carrying senior citizens. 13 killed and tonight investigators trying to figure out what happened. nbc's jacob rascon has
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details. >> reporter: investigators want to know why this pickup truck veered into traffic after slamming into a church bus. minutes before the accident, at least one other driver called police to report the pickup truck driving errat erratically. just one bus passenger would survive a devastating loss for first baptist church of new braunsfels. >> it makes you grateful that god allowed you to cross their path. >> reporter: the victims were senior citizens, most of them widows returning from a three-day church retreat. the bus driver 67-year-old barrett, a form erma reer marine and teacher. 87-year-old rosemont was retired and loving it. all 13 deeply missed, especially at first baptist. >> it's just hard to know you were singing with them that morning and they are in heaven tonight, you know. >> reporter: the investigation will consider whether
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alcohol, drugs, speed or distracted driving were factors in the crash as the church focuses on praying for all involved including the truck driver and his family. >> it's just going to be difficult to keep going but we have jesus and he is our strength. still ahead as we continue, the increasingly dangerous path for pedestrians. the alarming death rate among people simply crossing the street and what may be behind it. an emergency in the cockpit of a boeing 73
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we're back with a warning from federal officials to watch where you're going. there say sharp rise in the number of pedestrians killed each year. a lot of factors to blame including a growing problem afflicting not just motorists but those walking. miguel almaguer explains. >> reporter: the alarming spike in pedestrian deaths, nearly 6,000 americans killed while walking in 2016. the biggest increase in 20 years. according to a new study, the steady climb jumping 11% last year alone. walking becoming more dangerous every day. abby shake was hit in december, lucky to
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survive. >> i didn't see the car and just hit me. >> reporter: experts blame some of the increase on districted driving and now distracted walking can be just as dangerous. near misses seen online often show it's pedestrians at fault, some blame smart phones. >> our frenzy need to stay in touch on our smart phones is certainly a contributing factor. >> reporter: fortunately, incidents aren't always fatal but often embarrassing. in the nenetherlands, they are taking steps installing light strips at crosswalks to be alert. it will be hard to change the habits of those walking with phones often preoccupied, many are ocblivious to life speeding by. experts say you have to put your cell phone down like driving. you have to pay attention to the road. with engineers hoping speed bumps, speed limits and round
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tonight some 36 million americans are on alert from the midwest to the southeast. strong storms with damaging winds and possible tornados. for the second time this week, this system will move to the east bringing new threats to the region. we're back now with what must have been a harrowing experience in the cockpit of a fright from dallas to albuquerque. the plane was about to land when the co-pilot suffered what appears
6:52 pm
to be a fatal heart attack. the passengers blissfully unaware until the paramedics boarded on the ground. >> reporter: the call from the captain cape as the flight was approaching albuquerque. >> we have an issue with a pilot. we need medical crews meet us. >> reporter: paramed paramedics were unable to save 58-year-old william mike grubs. the captain deserves great credit. >> he kept his cool. he probably kept his stress level down and all he -- the captain thought about was us. >> reporter: cockpit deaths are not common but happen. >> the captain is incapacitat incapacitated. >> reporter: in 2015 a flight diverted to syracuse after the captain had a heart attack. >> one of the reasons there is two pilots in the airplane in case one is incapacitated. >> reporter: if a pilot goes to the laugh to
6:53 pm
bathroom, a flight attendant must take the place. half a percent involve cardiac arrest, it's 86% of in flight deaths. 27 times a day flight crews call one of two med centers that assesses a patient's condition from the ground. >> the patients in whom we have a high suspicion they are having a heart attack or stroke would be diverted to the closest airport and subsequently to the closest hospital. >> reporter: commercial pilots 40 and over must undergo two physicals a year, among the workup, a cardiac evaluation. when we come back, it all began at a fast food restaurant for one young woman meeting a man helping one young woman meeting a man helping liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed the living room. we were able to replace everything in it. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged. and we didn't have to touch our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. well, there goes my boat.
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if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. finally tonight, an exhausting job at a fast food restaurant is the best opportunity in the world for a young woman you're about to meet. it started with a chance encounter less than a week ago with a customer who struck up a conversation and is now helping her realize her dream. kevin ti kev kevin with the story. >> reporter: a takeout order unlike any other. a boxed chicken dinner with side order of
6:57 pm
compassion and a biscuit. don carter was grabbing a late dinner last friday night. >> i see her and she's visibly exhausted. just feeling that myself, i decided to say hey, long day or something like that. do you remember what i said? >> you said it's almost over. >> reporter: but something was just beginning. 28-year-old mays works at a kansas city popeyes but her dream is to some day be a nurse. in passing, she told don that coming up with tuition is a constant struggle. >> it's not easy doing it on your own. >> reporter: carter is a former cop providing for his own wife and kids. >> as i was driving away, i was thinking what i could do to help what she was doing. >> reporter: when he got home, don put the word out and started a go fund me page. who wanted to help send this young woman to school? >> if i got 300 of them to put $5 up, which i figured they would be willing to do, no problem. >> reporter: it didn't even take 24 hours. the $1500 was raised.
6:58 pm
>> something we want you to be able to do without having to worry about it. is that cool? >> reporter: the fund is now surpassed $7500 and for this former detective, it's overwhelming. so what kind of a nurse are you going to be? >> i think i'm going to be the best nurse that came out of kansas city, missouri. that's what i believe. >> reporter: a chance meeting at a drive through window serving up a heaping helping of kindness. kevin ti bbbles. >> proving once again there is a lot of good people out there. that's going to do it for us on a thursday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. > new hollywood divorce
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shocker. explosive claims mel b's marriage was destroyed by an open relationship. >> now on "extra." mel b leaving her lawyer's office in the midst of a new divorce scandal. the racy photo of now her ex and
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a mystery woman hinting at a threesome. >> plus, tv star speaking out today, accusing her ex of trying to sell thak sex tape for half a million dollars. >> ben affleck's first public appearance since revealing he was in rehab. we're in vegas with all the stars. charl iz on her steamy new makeout scene. dancing bad boy maks undergoing surgery. the latest on the surgery that could sideline him for the season. luke bryan and bentley pairing up for the acm awards. the country co-host giving us a preview of this year's show. >> i'm looking forward to it myself. "american idol"," temptatio island, who wants to marry a brl air. mi


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