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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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super soaker, heavy rain is moving in and it won't stop anytime soon. the fire that caused a major in atlanta lasts. strength in numbers. an exclusive look at their new
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strategy to stop the violence. >> nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, gets your umbrellas ready. the first alert weather team is tracking rain. it's already been a noisy night. check out the lightning a short time ago. this is looking west from the north town area. let's get the varlatest from first alert meteorologist. >> that rain has been increasing over the last few hours. we've got a first alert for heavy rain for the entire viewing area all day friday and all of friday night. heavy rain. the worst is during the afternoon rush, worst than the morning rush. localized flooding, especially later in the day and the evening. look at this over the last hour. we've got heavy rain and
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thunderstorms back to trenton and other area. wilmington, town to washington township and new jersey. everything moving west to east. there's more developing back in central and western papennsylvania and the core of all of this is back in the ohio valley. we've got the worst of it to come and the future cast as we go through the next several hours, we've got rain covering a good bit of the area. most on the light to moderate side but it's going to keep raining hour after hour after hour. and here we are midday and the heaviest rain is still to our west, coming in just as we get into the afternoon rush. look at the morning. temperatures not moving. the rain on the heavier side still not cold enough for ice or snow in the lehigh valley but that's a cold rain, increasing wind, a nasty, ugly day.
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a total washout. we'll see how much rain is going to fall coming up. a massive fire is causing an even bigger traffic mess in atlanta. take a look at these flames that consume part of i 85 earlier tonight. it caused part of the highway to collapse. investigators still don't know how this fire started but both directions of 85 will be closed for the foreseeable future. police in south jersey return to the son where a mother and son were killed a one week ago. at fox meadow and maple shade, a large police truck was also out there tonight. they canvas looking at potential witnesses. >> nobody knows what happened and what's going on. that's not something you hear about around here.
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>> they were found stabbed multiple times. the woman's husband found their bodies when he came home from work. new details on a deadly shooting at new jersey rest stop. sources tell us the state trooper fired after the driver tried to run him over. the driver was killed and his truck crashed into a guardrail. this all happened in cranberry middle sex county. the name of the victim has not been released. new at 11:00, enough is enough. passengers said violence like this was happening too often. so starting tonight, police are making their presence known. nbc 10 got an exclusive front row seat to the new strategy to stop the violence. cline thomas live. what kind of changes will passengers see? >> passengers will see officers now arriving on the train. behind the scenes what they won't see is people closely monitoring surveillance video.
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police are really trying to get to these fights much faster. after school hours -- >> go ahead. >> reporter: have always been prime time for septa officers. a new strategy starting today. police are trying to combat fights like this one caused by students heading home between 3:00 and 7:00. >> loud, sometimes rowdy but no respect. >> reporter: captain daryl jones shows us the changes including officers riding on the train. >> everything's calm. >> reporter: stations where multiple lines meet, cold hubs are of particular concern. >> a small recipe for trouble. >> reporter: at only -- problems into the station. that's why you'll see five officers specifically assigned
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here. the goal was to get to the problems faster or deter them altogether. try to keep kids in line. >> told her to put her foot down. that's the thing we're herer for. >> reporter: riders say they feel safer and hope the changes improve their experience. >> i think it's a good idea. >> reporter: in february we've learned there were five assaults committed by students and today after school police respondedo it's the first day of the program. but police say they're going to be monitoring these statistics every day to see if the new plan is working. reporting live, thomas nbc 10 news. a suspected serial rapist is under arrest. 19-year-old dejohn lee attacked nine women in chester. it years old. investigators tell us they tracked lee down when oneftted
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grocery store where she works. he toldy more victims. authorities are urging them to me about the police shooting that left a 28-year-old man dead. according to family members they shot killed lee roy brown jr. in new delaware. two kids were still in that car when brown died. at philly. police were called to a domestic dispe.arrived, brown sped away, hitting and dragging an . that officer fired off one shot before brown got away. advisor, michael flynn is willing to testify before federal and ors t only if he is granted immunity according to
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his attorney who tweeted a statement tonight. flynn wasfter it came out that he had mislead vice president mike pence about his communications with the russian ambassador to the u.s. and a officials invited the four leaders to review classifieindr hacking. the new york times reported two white house officials secretlyn he's leading one of three investigations. democrats argu to the white house to run a fair investigation. a man is accused of killing he strangled two pups because he was jealous about how much time his girlfriend spentthem.
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his girlfriend told them he had a surveillance captured him in the act. it got davisconfess to the killings. >> killing two dogs and basica torturing them. >> i hope that people realize he's cr davis is being held cruelty charges. new at 11:00, a standing ovation for a hostage for two days inside a delaware governor john carny singled out joshua wilkinson. it was only his second public appearance since he was attacked during an inmate uprising last month. he was one of four taken hostage at the james t.ce. so far no charges have been
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filed. but the governord an independent investigation into what led to the stand off. and keep why a septa driver was handed $1500 for doing a good deed. repu new again. plus desperate for answers. a year after this woman was murdered, her family makes an emotio p killer. >> now the rain's already started and much more is on way. see how much could fall in your neighborhoodnd finally going to dry out at 11:00.
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for years, fios has been prong but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ this is our life from now until eturny. this is what we have to live with. >> a family living with the pain of their loved one's murder. it has been one year since she was found dead and police have
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still made no arrests. today her family made an emotional plea to find her killer. here's nettbc 10's drew smith. >> she was young, vibrant, intellige intelligent. >> reporter: one year ago today someone who continues to elude police ended the 26-year-old's life. they found a hateful message smeared in blood on the wall of her apartment. >> whoever committed this heinous act scolded the rest of her in the shower. >> reporter: last year neighbors told us they were puzzled. >> no one heard anything? it's unbelievable. >> reporter: benson had a great job and was a part-time student. >> to lose her io senselessly, so violently has really broken us as a family. >> reporter: today ther was too emotion tool
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speak about the crimend this incident has left an and while icsome people, they don't have e person they've been looking for. >> if there's left, any soul left, do the right thing. >> reporter: the right thing to. a south jersey police officer is charged with for allegedly exposing himself to young boys in a restaurant bathroom. anthony ezwas off duty at the time. they said he fondled andast nig applebee's. >> he says every time he close
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his eyes he sees this man laughing, shaking his they're internal affairs investigation. they released new video of the group they say is responsible for robbing a jeweller earlier this month. thievesut roof to get thousands of gold from saves. they believe the very same thieves hit lawn crest section by cutting through a roof. proof that your mom honesty was the best policy. just ask a delaware county man who's $16,000 richer tonight. they found a money on the street in upper darby last year. authorities held on to that money for a year hoping the orn owner would come forward but no one did. tracy filed a civil suit to get the money he turned over and
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this week a judge ruled that cash was all his. they're trying to bring them back to life they introduced a resolution that would turn it into widespread kiosks. as well as providing people without cell phone access, emergency contacts. the program is already in use in new york. it's just a in the discussion phase in philadelphia. school of business administration handed out its highest honor tonight. david cohen was presented with a 2017 distinction in performance management award. comcast is the parent company for nbc 10. congratulations. in center city, the chamber of commerce held a reception tonight. members of the fill dempia city
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counsel took part in the court yard downtown. food trucks as far as you can see tonight in south jersey. we were at night market on king's highway. they had about every kind of cuisine you could imagine. from barbecue to mexican and more, it all looks good. local restaurants also stayed open late. luckily they got that event in before the rain started. but friday looks like big wash out. if you haven't already made alternate plans for tomorrow and tomorrow evening, this might be time. all day friday and friday night for the heavy rain, nasty conditions, localized flooding and maybe even creek flooding by tomorrow night. this is serious rain.
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the temperatures are nin low 40s. so it's a cold rain too. and the wind is going to be increasing. so what a nasty day. fleetwood 38. got to keep an eye on these temperatures but i don't think they're dropping down to the freezing mark. bethlehem 42, nazareth 43 and bill hemly will see what we're doing tomorrow morning. a lot of rain developed over our radar in the last couple of hours, including lightning. there's more coming into pennsylvania now. more thunderstorms and even more back to the west around the ohio valley. got severe weather down there. tremendous amounts of moisture. as we go through the morning tomorrow, starting off wet, cold and it's going to stay that way. it's just going to get wetter and not going to warm up much. 38 at 10:30 in the morning.
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in the afternoon. areas of heavy rain just a solid area. it's going to rain hour after hour after hour. the heaviest rain of all in the orange colors and more as we go through the it evening. you can't get that much rain without getting some flooding at least in parts of the area. friday night it's still raining and into early saturday morning. but watch what happens. the dryer air comes in and we're going to get some really nice weather by sunday. how much rain though? by noon time friday, not a whole lot. a half inch or more. but look what happens by the end of this thing. we're talking about two to three inches of rain, a little less to the south and some of that in the form of over three inches on that model in philadelphia down to wilmington.
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fair mount only 49. that will be in the evening. allen town, 43. and everybody gets rain. everybody gets wind. everybody is cold. and finally gets better. saturday is a cloudy day but at least it's better than friday. still lingering showers in the morning at the jersey shore in delaware and look at all the sunshine for sunday. at least we get one great day out of it. >> that is good. kra ocrayola is one of the favorite companies and now they're getting rid of a classic color.
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honoring women who go above and beyond. they announced the women of
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outstanding award. they were recognized for their tireless work in areas such as law, and education and volunteerism. a sweet competition in delaware town. this is just a sampling of cake creations from the school of hospitality management. they baked up and decorated amazing edible works of hardart the annual cake boss decorations. crayola is removing the box. the replacement is during natio day. >> how about kelly green for a cull are? hist
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flyers with a record breaking night but even though they've won four of five, they're six points out. the playoffs really on life support. dale wheets starts it off, goal,igoal, an assist, and a fight. fastest in flyers' history. wayne simmons, watch him take one off the knee for a goal. an assist as well. he's in too much pain to celebrate right here. he said it wasn't as bad when he got hit in the face with a puck.
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so two gordy howell hat tricks. it it was so rare, out of the coach. >> that's pretty . been playing really well since they've been put and just kind of happened. >> newag chris the superchampion. and we got the first interview with him. he says it is special coming to where his dad played. hi chris wanted more playing time in new england and he will compete for it here. >> i didn't a perfect scheme fit up there and playing football and defense i'
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accustomed to playing in. so i'm >> i wouldn't have tried to be a part of this thing if i on the . >> philly's roster is set for the opener. what a long journey for broc to he said rartsz dream come true to play in first time. >> my scout, jy davis, drafted3. he saw in meju so thankful. >> this is what littlof. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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rough on the roads tomorrow. a washout tomorrow and a chilly. cloudy beautiful sunday and more floodi floodi flooding paceable then. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight,oi louis c.k., musical guest tinashe,


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