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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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and a little further north on 95, conditions are slow and slippery in south philadelphia. it will be a struggle anywhere you're trying to go on a major highway this evening. good evening to you. i'm jacqueline london. a first alert is in effect tonight as this rain will keep pounding us for the next several hours. you see that system hovering right there on first alert radar. everything is drenched in center city. live at broad street where those side wauks are soaked, conditions are terrible for your friday night plans. and storm force 10 is struck in traffic in newark. drivers are moving cautiously out there right now. let's get to first alert meteorologist tammie souza who is timing out this rain hour by hour. how much longer? >> we have to go through at least mid to late evening before we're going to be in the clear. we have a first alert for the heavy rain out there. the entire viewing area is still going to see periods of heavy rain although it is starting to diminish from northwest to east. we are going to be looking at maybe spotty showers through
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pre-dawn tomorrow morning, but the heavy stuff is truly going to be through about mid-evening. we could see localized flooding on some of the roadways which we've already been talking about. to top all that off, we do have a flood watch. usually we get an urban and small stream advisory for roads but the national weather service threw down a flood watch for the entire area specifically because we've seen such pockets of heavy rain that you can see localized flooding in many spots. this goes until 2:00 in the morning tomorrow morning. here is the doppler radar right now. spottier showers out toward allentown. there is more to come on the back side of this system, but we're going to get a little break. the heaviest right now has moved into new jersey, and that's where we're seeing steady downpours. moving to burlington county and into ocean county, so we'll continue to watch that move off to the east. when i come back, we'll talk about specific totals and how much more you can expect tonight and of course your weekend. what part of it you can get back outside during.
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guys? >> all right, tammie. the heavy rain is impacting flights tonight. we're looking live at philadelphia international. arrival flights are delayed by an hour at the parent. trolley trouble in delaware county. take a look at the water levels rising over the tracks in colling dale. the route 102 trolleys are stopping at mcdade boulevard because of flooding between there and the sharon hills station. alternative shuttle services are being used. and slippery roads are leading to accidents all around the area tonight. this car flipped over along lincoln drive in east falls. luckily no one was hurt. francesca ruseio is tracking major trouble on those roads tonight. francesca, where is the worst? >> everywhere you go. i'm going to be very honest with you. all of the majors were very rough right now. traffic is crawling in the teens and 20s in terms of travel speeds. we've been talking about street flooding. take a look at the schuylkill expressway. this is eastbound, and we're looking at it from montgomery
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drive. it's going to take you 47 minutes. westbound we're doing okay. again, a report of some street flooding along conshohocken road between station and diamond avenue we remain closed still at this time. so, again, we've been talking about street flooding, accidents, slowing down. here's another accident in york wood at hillside africa. again, take it very slow out there, folks. in delaware, high water under this railroad bridge in newcastle county. this driver made the right decision to turn around. we'll check on conditions in delaware with a live report coming up in just a few minutes. reversing as he should. and you can keep tracking this heavy rain all night long with the nbc10 app. there you can use our live interactive radar to see exactly when things dry up in your neighborhood. breaking right now, a murder investigation is happening in the point breeze section of philadelphia where a son found
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his parents stabbed in their home. a woman was killed and a man is in critical condition. police say it happened just before 4:00 this afternoon. no arrests have been made. nbc10 has a crew on that scene. count on us for updates. right now at 6:00, police call him armed and dangerous. the man who fired a high-powered rifle at a philadelphia strip club parking lot is under arrest tonight. nbc10's rosemary connors is joining us. rosemary, police say this shooting was random. >> reporter: jacqueline, charged as a fugitive with an illegal weapon, tonight the suspect is in the camden county jail. authorities in philadelphia identify him as 29-year-old lawrence mitchell. officers in gloucester township were the ones who picked him up. now he awaits extradition and a hearing back to philadelphia. with a gunman on the loose, authorities shut down parts of i-95, spring garden street on monday night. concerned that the gunman would strike. according to philadelphia police, suspect lawrence
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mitchell shot at random into the parking lot of delilah's nightclub near front and spring garden streets. they say he was perched in the fifth floor window of this building under construction, aiming a high-powered rifle at the parking lot. investigators tell us he fired as many as three shots. a woman was walking to her car but was not injured. two of the bullets did hit this white chevy pickup truck. >> detectives from philadelphia police tracked down that suspect to south jersey. camden county authorities are working with philly police to bring mitchell back to the city to face those charges here. we'll be following this developing story over the coming days. i'm rosemary connors. jacqueline, back to you. prosecutors want the death penalty for the two people accused of killing 14-year-old grace packer. the teenager's adoptive mother, sara packer, and the mom's boyfriend, jacob sullivan, are charged with murder. prosecutors made it official today. they will fight for the death penalty. grace was raped, beaten, and
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strangled in quakertown last summer. her body then dumped in a field near scranton. philadelphia's district attorney now has his law license suspended. today seth williams accepted a temporary suspension of his license as he fights the bribery and corruption charges against him. but he will remain in office. williams came to court today to get permission to switch attorneys. now, a new lawyer will defend him against 23 counts. williams is accused of accepting bribes in exchange for favors. the former national security adviser's request for immunity in exchange for testimony has been denied by the senate intelligence committee. house and senate committees and the fbi are investigating russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. that includes former adviser michael flynn's ties with russia. the president sent out this tweet today saying, quote, mike flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt,
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excuse for big election loss by media and dems of historic proportion, end quote. just a few hours ago, the white house press secretary talked about the president's stance. >> he believes that mike flynn should go testify. he thinks that he should go up there and do what he has to do to get the story out. >> flynn resigned after the trump administration said he misled the vice president about his conversations with the russian ambassador to the u.s. a drexel university professor is defending his tweet about a u.s. soldier, a tweet that has him under fire tonight. professor george chick release low meyer tweeted that he was trying not to vomit when a first class passenger gave up his airline seat to a uniformed soldier. the professor later wrote on facebook that he respects american soldiers but not american actions in iraq. drexel says his comments do not represent the university's views. new at 6:00, an historical
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marker will soon mark the site of the bombing. in 19d 85 philadelphia police dropped a bomb on a west philadelphia neighborhood killing 11 people, including five children. police were targeting a row home occupied by a radical group called move. the pennsylvania historical and museum has approved a historic marker. sturnts at jubilee school nominated the site for the marker after they studied the incident for two years. turning back to our first alert weather, this is not a lake even though it looks like it right now. this is harvey road in arden, newcastle county. remember, you should not be driving. umbrellas working overtime as the rain keeps pouring right in the middle of everyone's friday plans. and no fun walking to class in the rain. villanova students looking for cover on campus this afternoon. now let's go live to nbc10 delaware reporter tim furlong in storm force 10.
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>> reporter: i'll tell you what, roads are better. we were the ones that shot up that video in arden, newcastle county. we're now on route 4 in newark heading toward the downtown area of newark, the only mbna complex. you can see for the first time all day, we can say it's not raining. now, i heard tammie say another wave is on the way, but i'm not going to let that spoil our party. right now, no rain. all day today, lots of rain and a lot of yuck. >> every day can't be a sunny day, you know? days like this make you appreciate the good days. >> most of us don't share his sunny outlook about days like this. we checked out some low spots near stanton that are flood prone. no major issues yet. so far the rain is just a wet, cold, nasty inconvenience. the rain pushes the davey tree company behind schedule. days when the rain is this heavy, it makes it hard to keep
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up with their responsibilities to all their customers. >> we can't do any climbing activities. guys have to do things in the bucket. if we get thunder or lightning, we have to pack up all together. >> it's busy on rainy days. >> why is that? >> i don't know. >> she guesses they're extra busy because folks don't mind braving the rain to get comfort food. but judging by the small crowds at this home depot, this weather is a major turnoff. most of us want no part of this rain. >> i'm going back home to get dry. >> that's a good idea. that sounds good to me. right now we're sitting in traffic. it seems like the traffic has picked up as the rain has tapered enough. wherever you're going, be careful. in northern newcastle county, we've seen a lot of issues. do me a pafr and be very, very careful. we like you people at home watching us on nbc10 and we want
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you to stay safe on the roads. live in newark, tim furlong, nbc10 news. you saw tim right there. yes, a little bit of a break right now in northern drar, but there is another wave on the way. how much more are we going to get? i've got all those rainfall totals coming up right after the break. plus i go one-on-one with media mogul cathy hughes, talking about her rise to the top and her $400 million empire. plus rockwell recovered. a cherry hill family gets their $1 million painting back 40 years after it was stolen. their story next at 6:00.
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>> announcer: this is nbc10 news. a rain soaked evening at citizens bank park as we look live there. the phillies home opener is just one week away, and we are hoping for a drier day then. let's go to deanna durante looking at the traffic backup. >> reporter: if you're trying to
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go anywhere quickly, some people are slowing down, yelling things to us. that's how slow the traffic is here. i'm looking at the merge where route 1 and 76 come into merge here on 76 west. you can see how slow it is. people beeping maybe at us, maybe at their frustration. certainly a long night. it was about an hour ago we took an hour to come down the blue route through conshohocken to city avenue. it took us about 60 minutes. hopefully the traffic conditions will lighten up for people as time goes on so that people can get home and enjoy their friday evening. but tonight certainly slow going. reporting live near city avenue, deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> be careful out there. a norman rockwell painting is back with its owners. it was stolen from their cherry hill home more than 40 years ago. the fbi returned the famous painting to the grant family today. the owners now, six siblings,
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aren't saying what they'll do with the painting. their dad paid 100 bucks for that painting in the '50s. it's now believed to be worth more than a million. she is one of the wealthiest african-american women in the country, and much of her influence is felt right here in philadelphia. media mogul cathy hughes was reentsly honored for her dedication over the years. i had a chance to talk with this entrepreneur about turning her life-long dream into reality. radio one founder cathy hughes and her son, ceo alfred ligons honored at the african-american museum in philadelphia's 40th anniversary gala. a celebration of their careers, legacy, and willingness to give back to the community. this museum in philadelphia along with the one in detroit and a handful of others around the country made it possible for the smithsonian. >> cathy hughes is founder of
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radio one and tv one. radio one growing into the largest black-owned radio chain in the country. the media mogul was the first african-american woman to head a publicly traded company. a company now worth $460 million. ranking hughes the second wealthiest african-american woman in the country, only second to oprah. >> taking an idea and turning it into a business is what so many americans strive to do. you have epitomized the success of that. what has been the biggest contributing factor to your success? >> my belief in god. i don't consider myself successful. i consider myself a work in progress. >> a work in progress that started when she was just a young girl with a dream to work on the radio. >> and you would stand in front of the mirror, right with a toothbrush? >> with my toothbrush. >> pretending you had a radio show? >> no. having a radio show. i wasn't pretending. so few of us ever know
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particularly that early in our lives what it is that we're destined to do. i knew. >> a gift she may have been born with, a gift that now reaches eyes and ears in 16 markets and 58 million homes. to say she's accomplished, an understatement. to let cathy hughes tell it, she's just beginning. >> a life should be judged successful when you have helped more people than you have hurt in your lifetime. that's a final tally the last night you close your eyes. >> what an inspiration. cathy hughes' rise to the top wasn't easy. she had a child at the age of 16 but continued her education. she was determined. and during the most difficult times, she was homeless and had to sleep on the floor at her radio station. she says she is proof that anything is possible with hard work, faith, and determination. just an honor to meet her. turning now to our first alert weather. fridays don't get any more dreary than this one.
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everyone had their hoods on or umbrellas up dealing with the heavy rain in easton this afternoon. looking live at the beach in cape may, no one should be out there right now. let's go to meteorologist tammie souza. tammie, it has stopped raining in some areas but far from in the clear. >> outside as we were just showing you cape may, you can see all the rain drops on the lens. the heaviest rain is falling in south jersey and cape may at this point not the heaviest. just kind of a steady rain has moved through there and a little bit of a break right now. you can see out here towards tom's river, that's where we're seeing the heaviest rain. burlington county and down toward atlantic city, you've improved vastly just over the last 15 minutes. in fact, right now the metro area of philly out to bensalem and cherry hill back to haverford, upper darby, all not seeing rainfall.
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i won't say there's not a drizzle or mist in the air. that is out there but things are much improved. pemberton, woodland, that's where you're seeing a more steady rain. winslow, you're in the clear right now. then we go down to cape may. you're looking at a light rain right now but things are kind of quieting down. we do have a little break in the action, but there is more to come because you notice this whole area of rain that is still off to the west of us. this is being driven by an area of low pressure. so we're going to get these sporadic showers and heavy downpours overnight. just not as consistent as we've seen all day long. here's that area of low pressure. here's what's going to happen. we'll go hour for hour for you. you can see we have a steadier rain over in jersey through the evening hours. then by the time we get to about 11:00 tonight, it is just scattered showers across the area. maybe cold enough in the poconos to see a little bit of a freezing rain. we get into tomorrow in the afternoon, and you can see that we pretty much don't have any rain in the area, but we are
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going to be saddled with cloud cover. we're not going to get away from that, sorry. how much more will fall tonight? well, we're looking at maybe just around a half inch up here in the lehigh valley and berks county, the poconos. you get into jersey, 2.2 inches maybe in millville. how about your weekend? not so shabby for the second half. tomorrow we'll deal with clouds. could see an isolated sprink the in the morning toward the jersey shore. we'll see the 50s. we get into sunday. it's magnificent. in the 60s with sunshine. you're going to need the sun glasses. 53 tomorrow. 61 on sunday. we'll do 60 monday. could see rain showers coming in at night. we will see heavy rain again on tuesday. dry on wednesday. heavy rain thursday for the phillies home opener. we're hoping the rain showers get out of here in the morning. after that, it looks pretty decent headed into the weekend for games two and three at home. we'll be back with much more right after this break.
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>> announcer: this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. i'm john clark from csn. phillies are on their way back right now. they wrapped up their spring in clearwater this afternoon. phillies hosting the rays and the fanatic catching his last raies in clear water. another rough start for clay buchholz. he gives up five runs. the phillies and the rays would end it in a 7-7 tie. that is a legit getaway day. now, you've heard this before with the sixers. another player is out for the season with a slightly torn meniscus in his knee. robert covington done for the year. jahlil okafor done for the last seven games with knee soreness. the flyers also have a player out for the year. no matt reed for the last five
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games. takes a shot off his arm last night. the report is he broke his arm. the flyers have signed a college star, mike vecchione. he could play in a few days. and how about this, kid? ja marian styles. look at him. he has no arms. the 13-year-old middle schooler from florida knocking down threes. he lost both his arms as a kid from an infection but he has heart. wow. we'll be right back.
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that's all day today and into the night. >> it's just ugly. bad hair, umbrella alert. nasty. but it does end. that's the good news. looks like we will get cloud cover tomorrow and 53. any showers end early and a beautiful sunday. get out and enjoy that. rain returns monday night and tuesday. that's going to be ugly. then again on thursday night and early on friday. we hope it's out of here in time for the phillies' home opener. >> with a day like today, at least we have you for our sunshine. >> aww.
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>> i'm jacqueline london. up next, "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. we'll see you back here at 11:00. savannah guthrie is filling in tonight. breaking news tonight, laptop bombs, sophisticated explosives hidden in electronics, u.s. intelligence finding a new u.s. terror threat that may slip past airport security. what does he know? michael flynn seeking immunity from the government to testify and his lawyer says he has a story to tell. tonight, wha or who does he have to offer? highway inferno. a bridge collapse at the height of rush hour raging out of control. questions what is being stored under the nation's roadways. attacking cancer by using your body to hunt down the disease and wipe it out where it is. a treatment giving patients a second chance at life. cinderella goes for


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