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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  April 1, 2017 8:30am-9:27am EDT

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citizens bank park today. that story is straight ahead. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors, it's 8:30 on this saturday. put it in reverse. yesterday's heavy rain created some road blocks for drivers all over our area, but the streets are starting to dry out this morning. runners along kelly drive won't have the downpours to contend with today, but it's cold and cloudy out there this morning as we take a live look at boathouse row. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the changes in our weather. she has the most accurate forecast in the region. krystal? >> yeah, rosemary, we are just saturated from yesterday's rain. those areas that saw some flooding yesterday, probably still going to see in low-dipped roadways the water this morning. any areas that parks that have a dip are going to be filled in with water. it's going to take a while for that to soak in.
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once the ground's saturated, it can't take anymore. take a look at our radar and satellite. it's not necessarily that today will provide anymore rain, but that rain and wet ground will be lingering today. we have a few sprinkles out there right now. little spots of green we have on radar. in some areas, it might not be picking up the light rain. we've got cloudy conditions. and the cloudiness will continue. that's what you see out west through today. cloudy and cool for our forecast this saturday. here are the feels-like temps. feels like it's near freezing in philly as well as pottstown. 34 in allentown and millville at 36. later today, we should get to about the low 50s, but that's it. good news is sunday is much warmer. we'll track the difference between your saturday and sunday forecast, coming up. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, krystal. now to that breaking news out of southwest philadelphia. that's where a building collapse led to a frantic rescue overnight. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live on the scene to tell us how this all unfolded.
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randy? >> reporter: and rosemary, fire fishes tell me this was likely a homeless man living in this abandoned building that collapsed overnight on top of him. let me zoom in and show you here in southwest philly, they have the heavy machinery out, beginning to clear this debris. neighbors tell us they heard the collapse this morning. it was very loud. they even heard the victim screaming from the collapsed home. the 59-year-old man was taken to presbyterian hospital in stable condition. parts of the home fell into the streets. neighbors called 911, and that's when fire officials and fire crews arrived. they dug through the rubble and they found that victim trapped in what they're calling a pocket that likely saved his life. >> and i looked out my back door and i seen something was different. and i was like, wow, like the house actually collapsed. >> he was stuck underneath the debris? >> yes, he was. the building was a total collapse. the gentleman was very fortunate in the sense that in the collapse, he was found in a pocket.
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>> reporter: fire department says they will have crews out here, cleaning up the debris for the rest of the day. as for the cause, it's unclear right now, but one contributing factor may have been the weather from yesterday. very rainy in the springtime, in philly, we often see structural issues with a lot of older row homes. that cleanup continues throughout this day. live in southwest philly, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 fuse. new this morning, police are investigating a deadly shooting in north philadelphia. this happened at 2nd and westmoreland streets, just after 1:00 this morning. police describe the victim who was shot in the head as a man in his late 20s to early 30s. we have some new information on another shooting in north philly. police now tell us two people were shot at 22nd and toronto street, just after 2:00 this morning. one of them is dead. the other somehow managed to walk to temple university hospital, with a gunshot wound to his leg. police tell us that an argument may have sparked the gunfire. so far, no arrests in this case. this weekend, loved ones and
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philadelphia police are searching for answers for clueing in the stabbing of a couple. yesterday, a man discovered his mother dead and his father critically wounded in their home in point breeze. nbc 10 was on south 19th street last night where police were still gathering evidence from the crime scene. investigators say someone stabbed the husband and wife multiple times. the wife is now dead. a friend of the victims tells us that she ran into the couple's son just hours before he made the discovery. >> we hugged and he asked how my family was doing, and i said, how was his family, and that was it. >> when you seen him, you seen her. they always together. always happy. >> it's heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking. >> police say it does not appear that there was a break-in at the house. the husband remains in critical condition in the hospital. for now, the senate intelligence committee is rejecting a request for immunity
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in exchange for testimony from former national security adviser, mike flynn. senate and house committees along with the fbi are investigating flynn's possible ties to russia and that nation's meddling with the 2016 presidential election. president trump weighed in on this yesterday, tweeting, mike flynn should ask for immunity and that this is a witch hunt excuse for big election loss by media and dems of historic proportions. the president yesterday ignored questions about his tweet during an event to announce two executive orders targeting trade abuses. but when a reporter started asking questions about flynn, mr. trump abruptly left the oval office without actually signing the orders on camera. in other news, the trump university settlement, done deal. yesterday, a judge approved the agreement in which president trump will have to pay $25 million to people who sued him over his urse. the decision ended nearly seven years of legal battles. customers claimed they were misled by trump's promises to
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learn success in real estate. the president has made claim that he has done nothing wrong. lawyers say the students should get at least 90% of their money back. senate leader chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell will be addressing those issues with moderator chuck todd on nbc's "meet the press," that comes your way norpg at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. following "meet the press" is "nbc10 @ issue." and with the russian investigation and the mike flynn controversy, critics contend that the president's agenda has taken a few hits lately. tomorrow morning on "nbc10 @ issue," we'll talk to a longtime republican white house strategist about what trump should do next. we'll also take a look at how a new initiative of the president could affect your wallet. >> and actually what trump has been -- president trump has been talking about, really a tariff on imports. and so, the that's 20%, than the avocados in the store will go up by 20%, or pretty close to it. tariffs tend to get passed on directly to the consumer. if that's part of tax reform, it's going to hit your
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pocketbooks. >> we'll also talk with two of the stars of the hit show "this is us." join us tomorrow morning at 1 11:30 right here on nbc 10. today in camden county, funeral services will be held for twin 7 nonld gir-month-old s died earlier this week on wednesday. relatives and friends are invited to a viewing prior to the funeral in clementon a little bit later on this morning. yesterday, the county medical examiner ruled that the twin infants died of natusesur according to authorities, their mother called 911 saying the girls were unresponsive infamil in lindenwold. a source working on the investigation tells nbc 10 that the baby girls were born three months premature. today in bucks county, a public memorial service will be held for legendary cb west football coach, mike pettine sr. his service is set for two this afternoon at the school's auditorium in doylestown. pettine led cb west for 33 years, notching a string of
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state titles and undefeated seasons. his son, mike jr., became a successful coach in his own right. mike pettine sr. died last month at the age of 76. 8:38 right now on this saturday. and we're learning some new details about that highway inferno that's paralyzing traffic in atlanta. authorities have arrested three people and believe one of them started the fire. that new information is coming up. plus, counterterrorism officials are revealing the real reason behind that recent laptop ban on certain flights coming into the u.s. we'll have that story, straight ahead. and a live look outside our nbc 10 studios. it is cloudy, it is gray, but the rain has come to a stop across much of the area. here's a live look from center city. we'll talk about when some breaks of sunshine will return to the forecast, as well.
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welcome back.
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here's a live look outside farley stadium in wilmington, delaware. just like the shot we just saw a second ago from philly, cloudy conditions. gray outside, but no rain collecting on the camera lens, because the rain for the most part has started to come to a close across our area. now, the sun, you might be able to tell from that last picture, trying to break through right now. and what's going to happen today, think of it as a few peeks of sunshine intermittently into the afternoon. nothing great. this has been a sunny forecast, but some peaks and temperatures that will make their way into the low 50s in philadelphia. in the suburbs, 44 at 10:00 a.m. about 52, the best we should see around 2:00 in the afternoon. and maybe just making it to 50 in parts of the lehigh valley, as well as berks county. for delaware, 47, 10:00 a.m. i think we'll see some mid-50s this afternoon in delaware. again, still outoday. new jersey, upper 40s to some low 50s. and the shore, as well, mostly just some low 50s, as we get
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into the later afternoon. that's today. if you would like sunshine, you can wit for tomorrow. we'll talk more about the rest of your weekend, coming up. this morning, police had three people in custody in connection to this fire that caused part of an atlanta highway to collapse. all three men are believed to be homeless, and at least one of them may have started the fire beneath the highway. nobody was injured during the blaze, but the loss of this highway is causing a traffic nightmare in atlanta. officials say it could take months to repair. 8:41 right now. and we're learning more about what led to a tragedy this week on a texas highway. we're seeing new video of a truck swerving all over the road, mom impact. why investigators believe he may have been driving so erratically. ne a recall involving a potentially life-saving device. what you need to know you or your children carry an epipen. dear fellow citizen,
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shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now. a witness now says the driver of this truck was texting before he crashed into a church bus in texas, killing 13 people. the witness said his girlfriend saw the truck swerving, called police, and then started filming it. after the crash, tb witnehe wit says, the driver even admitted to him that he had been texting. they say the truck appeared to have crossed the center line. we have new developments now on what led to the carry-on ban for electronics from ten airports in the middle east and north africa.
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intelligence experts believe terrorists have found a way to conceal explosives in laptops, well enough to get them through security checkpoints. the government also now believes that terror groups are in possession of and are using airport screening machines to test their designs. >> you really look at it, they're finding different ways of putting explosives in everything. >> everything. people can still put checked baggage, while flying from the middle east to the u.s. security experts say that's because the devices used to examine checked bags are better able to detect explosives than the ones that screen carry-on bags. recall to let you know about. the recall of epipen devices is expanding to the u.s.d thousands of epipens in countries because of reports that the emergency anti-allergy shots weren't working. the problem could be potentially life threatening. the recall covers epipens distributed from december 2015
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through july 2016. for the full details about the recall, just go to the nbc 10 app. let's talk some ports now. look who's back in town. the phillies arrived at citizens bank park last night, aboard buses from the airport. the team wrapped up spring training in clearwater phils not going to be in town very long, that's because they play their season opener in cincinnati on monday. bank park today. it's the start and finish line of today's 5k run toitieef the run begins in a few minutes at 9:00 this morning. the course will loop participants from the ballpark to the navy yard and then backd they get to run a cooldown lap around the field inside the ballpark. nbc 10 will be welcoming the phillies back to citizens bank parker. you can watch it next friday against the nationals, right here on nbc 10. we've got a pre-game show that starts at 2:00 that afternoon. we'lri the parade of players as well as
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profiles on catcher cameron ru p broadcaster, john kruk. >> announcer: this week's wednesday's child is sponsored by mealey's furniture. >> this week's wednesday's child isew things and hoping that a forever family will help live life to the fullest. vai sikahema introduces us to it happens kathleen. >> so you're 1 going to tribal ly are you excited to try it? >> kind of. >> reporter: if you can't already tell, kathleen isn't afraid to try new things. >> tell us some things that you would like to try that you haven't. >> well, food wise, i want to try octopus. it looks great, but so did baby
8:48 am
squid, until i tried it. >> reporte youe 15 and willing to try octopus and squid and you've never had it, you're pretty adventurous. kathleen is also very practical, with a strong sense of fairness. >> tell me whatrow ? >> i want to be a efs the attorney for criminal justice. >> whoa! why? >> because should have a fair trial. >> so what will it take to become a defense attorney? schl? good grades? >> yeah. >> you have to read a lot. >> i do read a lot. >> reporter: there you have it. kathleen's key to success, reading. and it's something she loves to do. as for her forever family. >> we're looking for a o-parent family for kk, just she can take some time to open up. so we're really looking for a family who can kind of fight through that process with her and help her open and get to know them. she would probably do well with
8:49 am
a family who would be either african-american or biracial or lived in a more diverse area. >> reporter: kathleen is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make kathleen's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's chd, and search "wednesday's child." you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. all right. i had to go back to the nbc 10 studios, because take a look, got some sunshine peeking through right now. this is a good sign for our day. while i don't expect it to be a sunny day, with i think we'll see some peeks of sun here and there, like you're seeing right now outside our studios in bla k baa baala kinwood. might be a few areas experiencing light ran, but for the most part, the rain has moved out. a hat myou may still want to grab, but you really won't need
8:50 am
sunglasses. some breaks of sun, but not a sunny forecast. as for the winter coat, may want that one, a little bit chilly this morning and a little better in the afternoon, and i still think you can have outside plans. it's not going to be a beautiful day, but it's not going to be a washout like yesterday was.nymo rain than the few sprinkles we're experience right now. you see some of that picking up in burlington county. otherwise, it's going to be in and out clouds through the day and we are going to experience those below-average temperatures with breezy conditions. so here are temperatures right now in our delaware neighborhood. they really haven't changed much over the last 24 hours. we're at 42 in newark, harmony hills and marshalton sitting at 40. and a little warmer farther south. 45 in allendale, bridgevale at 45. in our philadelphia neighborhoods, same deal. we haven't seen much change throughout the last several hours. still upper 30s in chestnut hill
8:51 am
and andorra. 39bustleton. richmond now up to 41 degrees for the current rating. later today, these numbers shouldn't make their w0s. so here's the weekend forecast. the average in philly today is 59 degrees, officially. we will not make that. 53, the forecast. 51 in the suburbs. you see low 50s through the lehigh valley, new jersey, even thbout 54 in delaware. tomorrow, way better. sunny conditions, low 60s for je ey, and 62 in delaware. take a look at the wind forecast for today, as we mentioned, bre conditions, about 15 to 20-mile-per-hour winds near millville and sts up to 25, that will be the same tomorrow, more in the week ahead in the next half hour. >> thanks, krystal. 8:51 right now. still ahead, an overload of ra ending up
8:52 am
along the shore. we'll explain how it's happening in our area and how it's complicating the effortsthem dance the night away. i'll have that song stuck in my. high school students were on their feetise money for a worthy cause. we'll be right back. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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there's some trouble in the ocean and it's creating a ripple effect at new jersey's only facility that's dedicated to rescuing sick and injured marine mammals. nbc 10's jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg explains there's barely only room left e facility, because stranded seals keep turning up. >> this is the one that came from virginia. >> reporter: seals turning up stranded along the east coast, putting a squeeze on brigantine's marine mammal stranding center. >> the past two weeks, it's been
8:55 am
pretty busy. >> reporter: this gray seal found on a beach now recovering from what staffers believe were bites from a young great white shark. >> one of the flippers is bitten down tote bone. >> reporter: the creature among eight gray harbor and harp seals being treated at the center, which is quickly running out of high schoom southern states where seals are turning up sooner than normal. experts say that's likely because of our unusually warm winter. >> some of the southern places don't have tanks, because they normally don't see that num >> reporter: this empty tank is the only one still available in the icu. so at this point, the stranding seals from out of state. >> we have to save fornioming u jersey. >> reporter: the nonprofit food to feed these animals, but the donations, s still driving up especially when times are tough righted now. >> this
8:56 am
returned to the wild on monday. >> that's one less we have to wo stranding season expected to continue for several months, the available space here may not last long. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. in just a few minutes from y get a chance springfield high school in delaware county wil marathon at this morning. the teens have been dancing for aurs. so far, they've raised more tha research. good job,s. 8:after rig56 right now on reaking news out of southwest philadelphia. nbc 10's randyyl a building collapse. randy? >> andcame own on top of what firefighters are calling a homeless man. coming up they rescued hip from insi and take a look at our first alert radar. that system that gave up all the
8:57 am
some breaks in the pounding clouds, a little sun, and awe lt to expect on your saturday and your sunday, coming up.
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♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside,
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crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. rescued from the rubble. a man is lucky to be alive after
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a row home collapsed around him. we're live in the neighborhood where crews are securing the scene. the rain is moving out, making way for some sunshine. as you can see on this first alert radar, the cloudy conditions, they're out there still, but they will continue to clear up. we've got the details in the ne forecast. it's been a tough week, week and a half for the phillies family. today, fans will come together to remember a local sports icon. >> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us on this saturday. i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00. let's take a live look towards penn's landing. after a very soggy friday, the showers are over, done. and we're seeing blue skies starting to peek out from those clouds. meteorologist krystal klei has the latest on our weekend weather. krystal? >> i'm so glad we can say this on a saturday instead of ruining your weekend, like it would have
9:01 am
had this been the story yesterday and we had all the rain move tlug. instead, we're looking at radar and satellite right now is actually a few breaks in the clouds. it's going to be a partly to mostly cloudy day, but i want to show you there are breaks in the clouds right here. another round of breaks right here and we actually see one more break in the clouds right there. so those little breaks are going to give us peeks of sun, blue skies, and go back to the cloudy conditions. it's more cloud farther west, and as we progress through the day, that's heading our direction. still clouds in the forecast today, but it actually doesn't look that bad. we're at 42 currently in philly. the view over center city is most a gray one. we see the peeks of blue where we're now in the upper 30s. even in the lehigh valley, sneaking in a little sunshine there at 42 degrees, and delaware at 43. so right now we are cool, as we progress through today, we will stay on the cool side. but, as we move into tomorrow, we really see a boost in the temps. we're going to track that rise through your saturday/sunday coming up in a few minutes.
9:02 am
>> looking the forward to it. thanks, krystal. now to that breaking news that we've been following all morning long out of southwest philadelphia. that's where a row home collapsed this morning, trapping a man inside and setting off a frantic rescue effort. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live on the scene there on yocum street to tell us how lucky this man was. >> reporter: firefighters say the building collapsed on top of him, but he was able to survive because he was found in a pocket surrounded by debris. let me zoom in and show you the cleanup that continues. you can see heavy machinery down there as well as a dumpster full of what was once that row home. the 59-year-old homeless man according to firefighters was found inside the rubble, taken to the hospital in stable condition. neighbors tell us they actually heard this building collapse, it woke them up. they heard a screaming coming from inside the row home and called 911. that's when firefighters got to the scene, and within minutes, they had to dig through all of the debris and they found the
9:03 am
victim barely scratched. >> came outside and i asked a couple people, what happened? they said, the building collapsed. >> we'll be out here all day long. they'll take this building apart piece by piece to make sure there are no other occupants found in the building. >> at this point, it does not appear anyone else was inside that row home. firefighters say this man is lucky to be alive. just happened to be found in a pocket without any debris on top of him. as for the cause, they're still looking into that. part of the problem may have been that really wet weather we had yesterday, usually in springtime in philadelphia, we do see structural issues with a randy of these older row homes. gyllenhaal, nbc 108 news. new this morning, police are investigating a deadlyphiladelp. it happened at 2nd and westmoreland streets just after 1:00 this morning. police describe the victim who was shot in the head as a man t. and we have new information on another shooting that
9:04 am
happened in north philly. police now tell us that two people were shot at 22nd ats ju this morning. one of them is dead. the other, who was shot in the leg, somehow managed to to temple university hospital. police tell us an argument may have sparked the gunfire. so far, no arrests in this case. philadelphia district attorney seth williams will not practice law while fighting corruption laws in federal court. yesterday, williams voluntarily suspended his law license, but he says he will stay in office, in an administrative role. williams was back in court yesterday to inform the jung that he has a new defense attorney. the d.a.'s former lawyer left the case out of concerns that he would not get paid. williams has pleaded not guilty to extortion. civil rights leader william coleman jr. has died. he helped to draft the landmark
9:05 am
legal case that pushed the supreme court to make segregl, bn wn v. board. he was also the second african-american to serve as a white house cabinet member and he served as a special counselor for septa. william coleman jr. was 96 years old. septa is still trying to figure out what caused this train to fill up with smoke during yesterday's morning commute. a viewer sent us this video. the train was heading from west trenton into center city when it made an emergency stop at the north broad station. everybody got out safely and then they continued their commute on another train. today, a public memorial will be held in wilmington for former phillies manager, dallas green. green led the phils to their first world series title in 1980. he spent more than six decades in baseball and earned a spot on the phillies' wall of fame. dallas green, of course, died last week at the age of 82. okay, now to this cherry
9:06 am
blossom video. yes, today is the first day of the annual cherry blossom festival of greater philadelphia. the japase in fairmount park will reopen after being closed all winter long. guests can wander the paths and admire the spring blossoms. there will also be a sushi-making class at the head house to mark the beginning of the festival. at great event to let you know about today is for the entire family and it's happening at the frali and telemundo 62 a teaming up for dia del nino. you can meet members of the nbc 10 and telemundo 62 teams. i will be there, as soon as i get done this morning, i'm heading over there. dia del nino is happening today from 10:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon at the franklin institute in philadelphia. just go to our website, or go to our app to buy the tickets. once you get to our website, you can get a $3 discount by using the promo code, del nino.
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texting while driving, not a good idea. and starting today, local law enforcement will be cracking down on the bad habit. we'll tell you where it's happening and how much you may have to pay up. one of the longest streaks in sports comes to a stunning end. coming up, one of the most shocking buzzer beaters in basketball history.
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9:09 am
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and let's start off with those feels-like temperatures. if you're getting an earlier start to your day, the good news is the rain is mostly out. but, it is chilly out there. feels like right now, 35 degrees in pottstown. a little better in lancaster, 40, the feels-like conditions. but check out northeast philadelphia. 32 right now. 31 in trenton, and also feeling like freezing in atlantic city. as you head out the door, you still probably want a bigger coat, although you don't have to worry about it being a raincoat, because most of the rain has moved on out. this is a look at the weekend forecast. we are tracking today, cloudy conditions with some peeks of sun in and out through our day. low 50s already for forecast high temperatures. sunday, though, is looking a lot better. we go from 53 to 61 degrees on our sunday in philadelphia, meaning of the two days, sunday is tick of the waekd. 58, your temperature in the lehigh valley and along the shore, the same for tomorrow. we'll look at a little more detail with your saturday coming
9:11 am
up in just a few minutes. right now a 5k to benefit phillies charities is underway. this is a live look at citizens bank park, under cloudy skies, but those clouds starting to break up. participants are looping prosecute ballpark to the navy yard and back. and when they're done, they get to go inside the ballpark for a cooldown lap right around the field. today, police in new jersey will be making a special effort to catch distracted drivers who talk or text on their cell phones. it's all part of the state's you drive, you text, you pay campaign, which runs now through april 21st. westampton township, cherry hill, ocean city, and north wildwood are some of the departments involved in this enforcement campaign. if you are caught, you could face a fine of $200 to $400. 11 minutes past 9:00 right now on this saturday. he was a long shot to make the phillies' opening day roster, but it happened. his emotional reaction when he found out he made the team went
9:12 am
viral. this morning, we are hearing from brock stassi about that tearful moment. careful joe, they've got you outnumbered.
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nbc 10nues our commitment to clear the sherl ss and find homes forthdo is the t when we introduce you to a lovely animal looking for a home. amy joins crystal and me to tell us about tinker bell here. girl and we all love her very much. she's a favorite at theus very
9:15 am
long time. she's been with us since july last summer. she was at ours a little nervoue shelter. ogsit to be there. she wasn't getting any ended up going to foster care, which was great for her. trained, but would rather sleep on the couch. >> which dog wouldn't want to do that. >> she knows sit and paw. she's a little dog selective, she does not like cats. she's looking for a home with maybe a laid-back dog or no other pets. she's great. she likes to cuddle. she's a great girl. she also has -- she has a great personality. she does this really funny thing on walks where she'll pick up rocks, big rocks, and bring them with her, all the way home. you're so silly! she sees herself in one of the monitors. >> come here. >> look, there's a dog on the tv. >> come here, tinker bell, it's all right. >> she's very well behaved.
9:16 am
and you think she's a hound mix? >> that's right, maybe hount d t bulls, maybe hound lab. >> those are lovers. >> they're great dogs and she's got these adorable little ears, one sticks up. and she's kind of just down for anything. very laid-back. >> very soft. great condition. >> she's actually the pet of the week at our everyday adoption center at petsmart plymouth meeting, which is where you can find her. and -- >> so nice to see you! >> she's working the camera right now. >> she is, she's smart. her adoption fee is only $50, which is half price. we're really hoping this is her weekend to find her home. >> i can say, we have met a lot of pets on the show and that she has been one of the biggest sweethearts we've seen in a while. >> you said she's been with you the longest. how old do we think tinker bell? >> we think she's about 7. which is an awesome dog. my dog is 9 and i love him at this age. he's so easy and laid back. i love pets in the later to
9:17 am
middle aged, great age. >> if people want to pick her up today, plymouth meeting? >> yep. >> and as always, you can get ask philly a call or visit them on the web, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good girl. >> announcer: this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. >> i'm john clark from csn. you've heard this before. more sixers done for the season. insert players name here. this time, robert a slight meniscus tear. he's done. brett knee injuries? >> i connect some of those dots,some. to point at some reason this re think. but it's just ogs i think you go through the sport, our sport, especially, of
9:18 am
basketball. especially nba basketball, i think they're quite coonoys las. sixers in cleveland taking on the cavs, gets heated quick. justin anderson making contact with lebron james here. the king goes down. can't mess with the king. moments later, a little retaliation from kyrie irving, putting anderson into the bench. it is on. third quarter now, j.r. smith blocks tlc's three, i don't want no scrub. then takes it down the court for his own three. sixers lose, 122-105. jimmy rawlins, former philly released by the giants last night, so his career could be over. phillies back home last night. the boys are back in town, arriving agee ining at citizens. the season opener is two days away in cincinnati. and how about the story of brock staszsi making the majors for te first time at 27 years old. he was in tears when he found out and that video went viral. >> i wasn't really able to hold it together. that was because both my parents
9:19 am
didn't ant the phones when i called, so the reporters were the first people i had talked to. and once they got in front of me, it kind of all hit me at once and i lost it. so, yeah. >> great story. phillies hosted the rays yesterday afternoon, leaving florida. the phanatic catching his last rays in clearwater. another rough start, giving up the two-run shot right here. he gives up five runs in the sixth. phillies down by two, cameron rupp ties it up. so phillies leave florida with a 7-7 tie. flyers won't have matt their final five games. watch here, thursday night, takes a shot off his arm. csn's tim pinnoccio reports, the pa arm the broken. flyers, they have signed mike sean gastas. he could play possibly sunday night. he said in his heart, he flew the flyers was the right place for him to be.
9:20 am
angleout some great plays fro he's shooting from. it's going to go in off the bac. talk about using your head, or henrick. look at that, that is amazing. >> ec gordon over marcus smart, not a right in the face! wow. good stuff. i am john clark with csn. enjoy your weekend. this next sto memories of w took my sister and me to the women's final hour in '96. this one last night a stunner. mississippi state upseats top seed connecticut on a buzzer beater. the huskies had won a college record of 111 straight games under legendary head coach adinos. philadelphia's john stehly
9:21 am
coaches south carolina. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> >> here's a live look outside cape may, new jersey. still gray, cloudy. you can kind of see where the sun is trying to break through right now. what we're going to see today, peeks of sun in and mostly cloudy forecast during the day. also, those wet roadways, still kind of damp, but they will slowly start to dry out as we go through today. and conditions continue to dry out, as well. here's a look at radar and satellite. maybe awe few sprinkles. that's not actually rain making it to the ground. overall, we're actually seeing breaks in the clouds right now. that's kind of the clear areas you see zig zags across the board. some thicker clouds may start to get back in as we get into the late morning to amp ho a mostly cloudy forecast. temperature wise, it is on the cool end. we're looking at some of our p.a. suburbs here.
9:22 am
west bradford township, you're at 39 degrees. and 38 in west township. 39 in melvern and chad's fard at 40 degrees right now. we continue with these upper 30s,newtown and new hope. wa gtreading. let's boost it up later today, right near 50 degrees for our forecast high. here are your new jersey ig 40 in vorhees township and atco at 40. 38 in mt. laurel and florence at 30. 38 as well, prion robbinsville. so here are those actual highs, neighborhood by neighborhood. in our philadelphia neighborhood, 53, center city, 54, summerton. as we get into the suburbs, lansdale, 51. westchester may get up to 54. kooxtown at 52. mostly right at the low 50s through the lehigh valley and berks county. low 50s as well in new jersey. like i mentioned, trenton, 53.
9:23 am
hannen ton could get up to 55. 52 for ocean city, and mid-50s expected over delaware. farther south may see a few spots into the upper 50s. hour by hour forecast, there are the cloudy conditions. notice our future radar here, really doesn't show off any green, because we're not going to see rain as we progress through the day. instead, it will just be the clouds and peeks of sun. kind of breaking through in spot areas on and off. th an isolated shower out near mercer county clear out and leave us with a sunny foreca those sunny conditions, they hold tight to the forecast, as we continue through the rest of sunday. we'll goat that ten-day on 10 coming up in just a bit.
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turns out most expecting parents may be severely underestimating the cost of their baby's first year. a shows that half think it will cost less than will only cost $1,000. but researchers say that aua av. >> i was crunching all the data to plan the perfect anniversary or that one. >> you think? april fools' day. it is april 1. all in the name of fun. alamo rentacar advertised a self-vacationing fleet that plans and drives your entire bob evans thinks its breakfast would make a perfect beauty product. the website shows a biscuits and gravy face mask and bacon perfume. none is real. >> no jokes for me today. >> i was telling her, i feel
9:27 am
weary, i don't know if anyone is going to try to prank me here at the station. wive been watching out. here's a look. this is not a prank. we're drying out today, sunshine rr low 60s. >> and that's going to do it fo. i'm for krystal klei and all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching. happy april fools and have a good one.
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we're here in yorktown heights to surprise the amazing finnigan family. bob serves his community as a firefighter and he and liz have been married for 13 years. she's the funniest person you will ever meet. she cracks a joke, everybody lightens up. she's also one of the kindest people i've ever known. it's just his looks. i find him extremely hot. and that's pretty much it. bobby is truly one of the nicest people i've ever met. he is loyal to a fault. he's so loving to his family. he gives-- everything we ever want, he gives. all right. hurry up. put your snack bags here. let's go. let's go. we're late.


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