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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  April 4, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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to resign. subway attack. a bomb explodes on a train in russia killing nearly a dozen people and leaving investigators searching for answers. good morning and welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. heavy rain moved through the area overnight. on left here, radar showing showers still sticking around. on the right, a live look at center city which saw a good amount of rain in the last few hours. this is part of the deadly system that hit the south, spawning tornadoes in states including louisiana and mississippi. five people have died because of the severe weather. we'll get to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate first alert weather forecast. getting off easy with there one. the first round of showers has moved through, the steadier stuff. now sprinkles, lot, spotty showers. they're starting to die down. most of the day, showers will be
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off. there's a chance that we'll see a few more and possibly a thunderstorm pop up later this morning and early this afternoon from this line that's moving through western pennsylvania. it's got a ways to go before it gets here. much of the morning will be dry. look at how warm it is -- 57 in new jersey. 60 in philadelphia, and 56 degrees in delaware. we'll see a nice warmup, too, with the chance of more showers and thunderstorms. 60 degrees at 7:00. a chance of a thunderstorm at 7:00 in wilmington and at 10:00 this morning. for philadelphia, clouds will be hanging in there. the temperature will climb, nonetheless, to 65 degrees at 11:00 where we have a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. not going to be widespread rainfall. just enough to keep umbrellas going early this morning and later this afternoon. then we'll get sunshine, and look at the temperatures later today -- they take off well into the 70s. we'll take a closer look at when you can expect to see the next round of showers in your neighborhood when i come back in just a few minutes. first, let's see how the roads are dealing with the wet weather.
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jessica boyington has an update. not too good right now. we're watching 95 where we have a multi-vehicle accident. three tractor-trailers involved in the southbound side of 95 around cottman avenue. now, lanes are still open. it is over into this left-hand shoulder. you can see traffic on the southbound side is moving by slowly, as well. i did check in with cameras approaching the scene. there's really not a big delay or backup now. probably because it's so early and there's not a ton of cars heading out the door. the biggest impact at this moment before we advance into the 6:00 hour and get later in the commute is just getting by the scene. getting by the scene really slow for now. you can clearly see we have police activity there, as well. checking in with mass transit, amtrak running on a modified schedule. new jersey transit, running on a holiday schedule because of that train derailment in new york's penn station yesterday. the northeast corridor and the new jersey coastline is running on a holiday schedule. that's where that holiday schedule runs in. meridan valley will originate
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and end in new jersey. they'll be cross honoring bus and p.a.t.h. check before you go there. thank you. we're following several developing stories. >> that's right. we begin with former philadelphia district attorney lynn abraham suing to have the current district attorney, seth williams, removed from office. abraham and another lawyer argue that state law prevents williams from keeping his job because his law license is temporarily suspended. williams said he'll do administrative work while fighting federal bribery and extortion charges. neither he nor his lawyer has commented on the lawsuit. today in delaware county, the former president of mexico will speak at villanova university. vicente fox will give his take on u.s.-mexico relations. he's the keynote speaker at the world affairs council of philadelphia program. the fox is an outspoken critic of the new trump administration. he is expected to talk about the future for immigrants, trade, and the war on drugs. new from overnight, president trump's adviser, carter page, confirmed. he is the unnamed man in federal
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documents who met and shared energy research with the russian spy in 2013. according to, page was unmasked in a 2015 criminal complaint filed against the agent who was posing as a bank executive in new york. u.s. authorities freed the agent from prison last week and ordered him deported to russia. page released a statement saying that he blames the obama administration for revealing his name. russian president vladimir putin is mourn could the victims of a deadly subway explosion -- mourning the victims of a deadly subway explosion in st. petersburg, russia. the death toll up to 14. putin placed flowers in tribute to the dead and to dozens hurt in the blast. a bomb went off inside a train car as it sat in a tunnel between stations yesterday. witnesses said someone threw a backpack into the car. russian investigators have not confirmed that or if the blast was an act of terrorism. president trump called putin to
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condemn the attack and offer condolences. fire crews remain on the scene of this massive blaze at a food processing plant in los angeles. it started after 8:00 p.m. and took three hours to get under control. more than 100 firefighters worked to put out flames. the fire was so intense because of an active gas leak inside the building. luckily no one was hurt. 5:05. new jersey state trooper in the hospital in newark with serious injuries after this crash. it happened yesterday afternoon on i-78 in warren township, summerset county. it's not clear why the trooper crashed, but he suffered serious injuries to his leg. dozens of rescuers had to work to get him out of his smashed cruiser. philadelphia community is joining together to the remember a toddler who was found dead. nbc10 was at a vigil for 2-year-old azeem pheron in west oak lane last night. police organized the event which the family chose not to attend. azeem was found dead last month. police arrested his primary care
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giver who faces charges including concealing the death a child. >> a number of these officers came to the scene and were affected adversely by the scene. it's important that we get some type of closure. that closure comes through this vigil. >> we are still waiting for autopsy results which could reveal the cows of the death. philadelphia police hope that this video will help them catch a masked robber. last week, police say the suspect barged into the el punto sandwich shop on whitaker avenue waving a gun. he went behind the register, demanded money, and took off with the cash. more surveillance video catches a man on a bike robbing an elderly woman. the man riding the bmx bike at fairhill and hunting park avenue is a suspect. you see him ride by the 80-year-old woman and swipe her purse. she is okay. don guardian was the lone republican to meet yesterday's
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filing deadline. four democrats are lining up for the right to take him on in november including city councilman marty small and frank gillium, substitute teacher fareed abdullah, and navy wet jimmy whitehead. this year's election will be like no other with assets and decisionmaking powers seized by the state last year. vice president mike pence will be the commencement speaker for grove city liberal arts college, between pittsburgh and erie. the details of the visit are still to be worked out. graduation day is may 20th. 5:07. the showdown in the full senate over judge neil gorsuch is set for friday. yesterday, the judiciary voted to advance the nomination. democrats gave enough support to delay the filibuster. lindsey graham says the political tactics won't work.
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>> we will not have a successful filibuster of a supreme court nominee because if we have to, we will change the rules. it looks like we're going to have to. >> if republicans choose the so-called nuclear option, a simple majority of 51 votes instead of the normal 60 would be needed to confirm gorsuch to the high court. 5:08. drying out in cape may. this is a live view of beach avenue from the marquee de la fayette hotel. showers out of the way now for cape may, but showers to the west for later this morning and this afternoon. there's still a few showers in lower bucks and montgomery county into delaware county, as well. upper gloucester and salem county getting a few raindrops, scattered, light showers in delaware. that's to start with. most of the day it's going to be
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dry. this is the high resolution futurecast which shows light rain moving back with a chance of thunder and lightning. more likely, scattered showers. we'll miss the thunder and lightning with downpours overnight. the next possibility of seeing showers coming at 1:00 in the afternoon. a few scattered downpours possible in bucks and montgomery county in philadelphia. and in camden county early in the afternoon, and then at 3:30, there's still a few stragglers to be found with showers. they won't last into the evening. they'll be drying out. temperatures will stay mild this evening. once we get sunshine this afternoon, we will warm into the upper 70s today. i'll show you how long that will last with the ten-day on 10 when i'm back in a few minutes. >> all right. see you in a few. 5:09 on this tuesday. let's find out what's happening with the situation on southbound 95. >> yeah, the rain can't be helping things there.
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what do you know? right, now we're updating this a little bit. two tractor-trailers involved. one of them involving a diesel spill. cleanup underway here, and we're also seeing pretty big delays approaching the scene. around cottman and on the southbound side. all of this traffic is looking worse than when we saw it a about ten minutes ago. up ahead over here is where you see all the police activity, and we have it mostly into the left-hand shoulder. either way, it's not a shoulder that's blocking most of the lane. it wants to get over to this side. but with a fuel spill involved, as well, there's going to be the cleanup component underway, as well. a crash on sheltonham in a few minutes ago. moving through cher hill, new jersey, 295 around 70 looks okay. both directions nice and -- not dry, but they are futurie in mo. and want to check in with airport delays.
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not seeing anything now major at the villanova national airport. we'll keep you update there. when i come back in ten minutes, i'll check back in with 95. katie? >> thanks for that. a teenager is brutally beaten in the middle of the king of prussia mall. [ shouting ] >> we'll show the moments seven people attacked the teen and what the friend who filmed it has to say. plot against the pope. the fbi uncovers a teen's plan to kill the pontiff during his historic visit to philadelphia. and skipping the olympics. we'll tell you why nhl players won't be taking to the ice for the 2018 games.
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a 14-year-old boy says he was the victim of a random attack at the king of brush mall. >> it was caught on video. the eighth grader said he was jumped by a large gup roup of or kids friday. he said he doesn't know them and there was no reason for the attack. we see seven people throwing punches at the teen's head,
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back, and chest. the victim is too scared to show his face. his mother says he's grateful video of what happened. >> it was scary. i wasn't expecting anything to happen. and they were threatening that they were going to punch me. >> thank goodness there's videos and technology helps. it's hopefully going to help teach these kids a lesson. >> the victim and a friend were celebrating the 14-year-old's birthday. upper marian police are investigating the fight. those potholes, are they driving you advertise? the pothole hotline is open for business. drivers who see potholes on city streets are asked to report them. the streets department will need an address, and make sure you leave a call-back number in case the city needs more help finding the pothole. residents can call 610-437-8775. 5:15. nhl players will skip next year's olympics in south korea all because of the league's
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schedule. nhl commissioner gary mbetplan said the nhl doesn't want a break in the winter season to allow players to participate. the games are next february. the ioc says the decision could impact the 2022 winter games in beijing. new, patriots quarterback tom brady reunited with his stolen super bowl game jersey. video showing patriots owner, robert kraft, handing over the jersey to a happy brady. stolen after the historic win last february. it was found in mexico on the property. a media executive. no charges have been filed. actor harrison ford is in the clear. the faa the not penalize -- faa will not penalize him for an aviation mistake. he was landing his vintage plane in california and glided over the top of a loaded passenger jet waiting to take off, mistakenly. his lawyer said the faa finished its investigation and will not
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fine the actor or revoke his pilot's license. 5:17. maybe you want to get on 95. probably ought to find a different route. >> yeah. at first we thought we would just have the rain, that was enough on. 95, another big issue. jess? right, a tractor-trailer accident involving two tractor-trailers and now there's a diesel spill, as well. on the southbound side, might take a while to clean this up because it's not just two thes involved now that there's a -- tractor-trailers involved now that there's a fuel spill. we'll have the left lane blocked for a little bit. all of the traffic trying to merge and get by. about one lane or into the shoulder of the right-hand side. you see there's a few cop cars there, as well. and those tractor-trailers. we're starting to see some of those delays around cottman avenue. here's 95 but in a different area, moving through delaware. no problems now. ten minutes on the northbound side from 295 to 495. but in new castle, watch for
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flooding. this was closed at airport between i-37 and i-95. remember the crash on chelten ham, that's clearing up. >> thanks. other than the backup on 95, we could see the rain coming down, ponding on the roads. >> let's check in with meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate first alert forecast. bill? we had heavy downpours overnight, but now it's just mostly cloudy with a few sprinkles. this is the view from frawley stadium. blue rock's opening day, thursday evening. unfortunately, more wet weather moving in for thursday and possibly friday for the phillies game. doppler radar showed the light showers from wilmington into philadelphia and the suburbs into lower montgomery and bucks county, trenton, you've seen a few raindrops. the steady, heavy rain is moving on to the northeast. there is a chance that we'll see more scattered showers this morning from this line that's moving in.
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and we're watching this for thursday and into friday. doesn't look that impressive. wait until thursday. we're in for heavy downpours. for this afternoon, scattered showers. they'll start later this morning, and scattered showers, possibly a thunderstorm at 2:15 this afternoon. that's what the radar screen is expected to look like. by 4:00, showers are drying out. look at the breaks of sunshine. we'll get sunshine today, and a big boost in the winds, too. that's going to really warm our temperatures into the upper 70s this afternoon. staying dry tonight, but we'll be watching to the west. even though there will be a nice, sunny day tomorrow, this is the wet weather, wednesday, tomorrow evening at 7:00. look at the showers, to the southwest, they're going to be moving in for thursday. thursday morning at 8:00, light showers. watch what happens when we go into the afternoon. this is when we could see downpours. 4:15 in the afternoon. thursday evening at 6:30. rain in wilmington. game time is 6:35 for the blue rocks. yes, this is part of the same
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system that is going to continue into friday. so it's not looking good for the phillies versus the nationals. look at the temperatures -- wind will be blowing west 15 to 20 miles per hour. 40s with a chance of showers, not a lot of rainfall. maybe not enough for them to delay the game. then clouds will be around at 9:00. the winds will start to die down a little bit. still going to be quite chilly for the ninth inning and during the evening hours, as well. a good thing it's going to be on nbc10. you can stay inside and watch it. it's fun to go to the opening day, but not when the weather's crummy. 77 today, scattered showers and thunderstorms. a beautiful day wednesday. and here comes the showers and thunderstorms, heavy downpours on thursday. wind and cold and a chance of light showers on friday. 49 degrees. this weekend, things turn around. and we get a warming trend. 60s on sunday, 70s on monday. look at tuesday -- up to 80 degrees. nice weather again for wednesday and into thursday. >> all right. thank you. police catch the teen they say is behind a week's long
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crime spree. >> he's off the streets, that's a good thing. >> we'll tell you the string of violence this teen is suspected of and where he was tracked down. pretend pilot. a man puts on a disguise in an attempt to trick security at jfk airport. and internet pause. the new way to get kids to put down their phones and their laptops. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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two internet giants could soon become one. google is helping you take a pause from the web. landon dowdy is here with the cnbc business news. hey there, good morning to you. let's play the name game. when verizon completes its nearly $5 billion deal to buy yahoo!'s internet business this spring, it will combine them with aol and name the new entity o. it's likely mail, finance, and well-known sites will keep their names so users won't be
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confused. google wants parents to help pry phones and tablets from n kids' hands -- from their kids' hands. they can schedule a time when google is blocked. google suggests using it during dinner, homework or bedtime. you can set multiple timers and set alarms for school nights. and today futures are lower this morning. stocks slipped monday for the second straight session on disappointing auto sales and lackluster economic data. you can look for reports on the trade deficit and factory orders. the dow falling 13 to 20,650. the nasdaq which hit an all-time high during the day closed down 17 to 5,894. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 5:25 and 60 degrees. we're still tracking a few showers this morning, and a chance of more showers and thunderstorms during the day. i don't expect an all-day rainfall here.
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the neighborhood forecast ahead. jessica boyington, she's in the first alert traffic center. jesse? >> we're watching 95 this morning. two tractor-trailers involved in a crash on that southbound side around cottman avenue. we have a fuel spill there, as well. big delays starting to back up on 95. and i'll have updates for you on this when i come back. >> thanks. the trial begins today for the man accused of opening fire on pennsylvania state troopers. we'll tell you what the jury will now be allowed to see. and delays on the track, an amtrak derailment is still having an impact today. we'll tell you where to expect longer wait times this morning. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in...
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day in court. the murder trial starts for the man accused of ambushing pennsylvania state troopers. threatening the pope. new details on a teen's plan to kill the pontiff during his historic trip to philadelphia.
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trouble on the tracks. an amtrak derailment could cause delays for thousands of riders today. good morning and welcome to "nbc10 news today," i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's start with meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather forecast. bill, light rain out there? >> very light rainfall, yeah. the heavy stuff moved through overnight. it's cleared east. you see it's still damp this morning. that's the view from easton. the showers just a thin line. this is light shower activity for wilmington and into philadelphia. not expecting much more to start with during the morning commute. you'll see a few light, scattered showers, and mostly cloudy skies. an unusually warm temperature. these showers clear, and we'll be watching to the west for the next round of showers. that's not going to be here until later this morning and early this afternoon. what we're going to see is temperatures go even warmer with some breaks of sunshine late in the day. 53 with the showers overnight. the lehigh valley.


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