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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  April 4, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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an amtrak derailment could cause delays for thousands of riders today. good morning and welcome to "nbc10 news today," i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's start with meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather forecast. bill, light rain out there? >> very light rainfall, yeah. the heavy stuff moved through overnight. it's cleared east. you see it's still damp this morning. that's the view from easton. the showers just a thin line. this is light shower activity for wilmington and into philadelphia. not expecting much more to start with during the morning commute. you'll see a few light, scattered showers, and mostly cloudy skies. an unusually warm temperature. these showers clear, and we'll be watching to the west for the next round of showers. that's not going to be here until later this morning and early this afternoon. what we're going to see is temperatures go even warmer with some breaks of sunshine late in the day. 53 with the showers overnight. the lehigh valley. kind of murky.
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cloudy conditions. 55 in the suburbs. new jersey is at 57 with a few scattered, light showers. and 60 degrees in philadelphia with a southerly wind at nine miles per hour. that southerly winds will boost temperatures in spite of clouds and the chance of more showers and thunderstorms at 11:00. into early this afternoon. once we get sunshine, look at these afternoon temperatures. taking off today for the lehigh value, 72. 76 degrees inland. 75 at the shore. the suburbs up to 75. and 77 degrees for philadelphia. delaware could hit 80 this afternoon. it won't be completely dry. the next rounds of showers, i'll look at where you can expect them in ten minutes. let's see how the traffic is moving with the rain. jesse? we have 95 and a problem here. this is where there's two tractor-trailers involved in a crash. a few spill now covering a portion of the road on that southbound side. they turned the cameras around because they were trying to get a good shot of the emergency
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crew coming to the scene up into the right-hand shoulder. it looks like all of the traffic is almost stopped. maybe they're trying to move it from the one side over into the shoulder because earlier we were seeing it blocked on the southbound side and into the left-hand lane. again, this is around cottman, they'll move the camera around for you. what you need to know mostly is that we're seeing big delays approaching the scene. we're already climbing with the drive time. in the yellow, 17 minutes from woodhaven road to the vine. speeds are dropping to the average of the high 40s. the northbound side looks okay, as well. in cheltonham there's a crash at ogontz avenue. today the trial starts for the man who allegedly shot two pennsylvania state troopers. one of the troopers died, and eric frein could face the death penalty if convicted. take a live look at the pike county courthouse in milford, p.a. freezing rain freezing rwh
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death penalty if convicted. matt delucia is live outside the belmont state police barracks. there's been an argument about what the jury will be allowed to see. tell us more about that. >> reporter: right. both sides say they are ready to present their case today. yesterday, it was a bit of back and forth as to what would be allowed in this trial. the big issue was a videotaped confession by eric frein taken right after he was captured. yesterday the judge ruled the video is okay to show the jury. eight women and four men will decide the fate of eric frein. he is accused of shooting corporal brian dixon and trooper alex douglas outside a police barracks in pike county in 2014. corporal dixon was killed. trooper douglas was seriously injured. it has been a little wild. about 2.5 -- a little while, about 2.5 years since the shooting. and prosecutors are ready to get this front of the jury. corporal dixon, meantime, he worked here at troop k in philadelphia. the belmont barracks here.
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prosecutors say that they are seeking the death penalty in this case. the trial is expected to last several weeks. as for whether freezing rain freezing rain will take the stand, his lawyers say that decision is up to him. live outside the belmont barracks, nbc10 news. >> thanks for the update. there's new information this morning on a deadly shooting in north philadelphia. we've learned a third victim has died as a result of the gunfire. police say a pair of gunmen opened fire on west styles street yesterday afternoon hitting four people. a nearby school went into lockdown with parents trying to shield their children from the bodies in the grass. >> still young, so -- they see -- they know what dead bodies are, you know what i mean? come home, say yeah, daddy, i seen a dead body. what? you know what i mean? how am i supposed to feel that? >> the lone surviving victim remains in stable condition. police are looking for the gunman and say they may have driven away in a gray suv. the shooting may be linked to a
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neighborhood gang. a new jersey teen faces up to 15 years in prison after admitting to wanting to kill the pope. he pled guilty to the charges. the lindenwald 17-year-old admitted to trying to hire a sniper to shoot pope francis during the pontiff's visit to philadelphia in 2015. an undercover fbi agent said cole own scouted out the best location for the sniper. today the senate homeland security committee will hold a hearing on president trump's plan to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border. the panel is billing the hearing as a discussion on fencing along the southwest border. those set to testify include former top leaders of u.s. customs and border protection. the president says the border wall will curb illegal immigration. he wants to hire thousands of enforcement agents within the next two years. president trump says he remains serious about reaching a deal on a new health care plan.
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last night, vice president pence met with moderate house republicans and floated the compromise proposal to house conservatives who helped stop the american health care act from reaching a vote. president trump told nbc news he doesn't plan to work with democrats on the inner but hopes republicans can come together on the issue soon. today you could see delays if you're taking amtrak to new york. amtrak is acting on a modified schedule after a new jersey transit train derailed at penn station yesterday. there will be fewer trains running between washington, d.c., and new york city, but there will be additional stops in delaware, pennsylvania, and new jersey today. just check the nbc10 app for more details on that. and new jersey transit will run on a holiday schedule because of the derailment. five people were hurt. commuters in new york city were packed into penn station for hours yesterday because of delays after the accident. this is the second derailment in just ten days. >> felt a little boom, boom, boom, boom.
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i knew something was wrong. it was intense. >> investigators are still trying to figure out what caused this latest derailment. they will only say it does not appear to be related to the last one. and new details about what caused two septa trolley cars to crash into each other back in january. federal investigators say a faulty emergency brake button is to blame. more than 40 people were hurt in the collision, and the city's pal tin village neighborhood. both route 10 trollies were heading west on lancaster when one rear-ended the other. 5:37 now. police in new york say they caught a drug smuggler while he pretended to be a pilot for delta airlines. they say mario hudson was carrying a bag that raised their suspicions as he went through security at jfk airport. inside the bag they found five pounds of cocaine worth about $85,000. hudson was dressed in a pilot's uniform and had two fake delta airlines i.d. badges on him. happening today, philadelphia's annual bridge walk for peace will commemorate the assassination of dr. martin
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luther king jr. on this day in 1968. sky force 10 was over last year's walk from old city across the ben franklin bridge to camden. today's event is set to begin at 6:00 this morning when the pedestrian walkway of the bridge opens up. this is the 10th year for the peace walk, making it the nation's longest running commemoration of dr. king's assassination. 5:38 and 60 degrees at nbc10. looking at mostly cloudy skies now. and i'm tracking a few showers in the area. there you go. tracking showers. right now they're not falling at penns landing. a warm deep freeze making f-- w breeze moving through. not an all-day rain. a dry and pretty mild evening. nice weather to start with. 60 degrees now in philadelphia. northeast philadelphia at the airport is 61.
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look at dover at 64 degrees. even warm in the pocono mountains this time of year. 45 now. the southerly winds that are flowing this morning will stay with us and get stronger during the day. that's going to lead to the big warmup, especially when we get sunshine after we get this line of showers moving through the area. this is on the way for late tloerng and early afternoon. the first rounds of heavy showers already in new england, well past us. now we're looking at a few sprinkles right now. this is what you're going to find if you're heading out the door now. clouds and a few sprinkles. later this morning, the next rounds of showers. here you see for yourself. hour-by-hour forecast, at 10:00, you might see a few isolated showers, 63 degrees, look at the clouds spread across the entire area at 10:00. by lunchtime, early this afternoon, still just a few scattered showers. you see them popping up in chester county. that will be looking more impressive at 2:00 this afternoon. we could see thunder and lightning with the showers.
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not everybody's getting the rainfall. in spite of the wet weather, look at the temperature -- 71 in philadelphia. 72 in pottstown, 70 in wilmington. once we get sunshine, the warmup happens this afternoon in the middle to upper 70s today. a nice day ahead. and the trend is for another nice day tomorrow. 77 today, 70 tomorrow. then it tools down on thursday and friday, that's the philfil home opener. the chances of rain thursday and into friday in more detail when i come back in ten minutes. >> thanks. about 20 minutes before 6:00. normally we wouldn't be talking about such a major issue on 95  southbound, that's not the case. >> yeah. we've got a fuel spill and a pair of tractor-trailer crashes on 95. jessica boyington will give us an update. >> right. there's two tractor-trailers involved and now a diesel fuel spill, as well. seeing pretty big delays for now. they turned the camera around so you could see the delay
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approaching the scene. traffic almost at a standstill. every once in a while, you see somebody moving. traffic looks like a halt. i can't see the front of the accident scene. they're try moving stuff around to get under control there. emergency crews trying to approach to the right-hand shoulder. southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway, a 23-minute trip. average speeds into the 30s. still dropping because we're starting to see more delays and backups. right now, avoiding 95 especially if you have to move past cottman avenue, is your best bet. you see we're in a bing string of red approaching the accident scene. if you come from new jersey, cross to 95 and head southbound that way, 130 is a good alternate. and you can jump back on down to 95 over the ben franklin bridge. you can take roosevelt boulevard into the green. head down broad street to the vine street expressway and that way. either way, give yourself a lot of extra time before you head out the door. this is going to take you a long time to detour around. it's a big portion of 95. again, updates for you as it progresses throughout the
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morning. my next comes back in ten. >> all right. thank you. police say a crime spree in philadelphia has been brought to an end. we'll tell you the violence the teen is allegedly behind. also, we speak exclusively to a woman who witnessed one of the crimes. home run, the phillies get off to a hot start. we'll tell you what the manager said about the season opener. and new words and popular terms that have become official.
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shootings, and seven robberies. the crimes happened within a six-block area of west philadelphia the last two weeks. the crime spree began march 17th with the robbery of a cab driver near 59th and market streets. it would later include the murder of a 17-year-old on larchwood avenue. the victim was shot several times in the chest there. nbc10 spoke exclusively to a woman who described that deadly gunfire. we were thinking it was a car backfiring or somebody's car tire going flat or whatever. and the next thing you know, a couple of seconds later, we heard another boom. >> police arrested stewart on friday at his mother's home in west philadelphia. about a quarter to 6:00 now. septa's body camera program appears to be paying off. this is actual body camera footage from three separate incidents. a new audit finds injuries to suspects are down 20%. officer injuries have dropped 30%. complaints have gone down 25%. septa wants to make it easier when you travel to and from the airport on the regional rail line.
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starting this month, train passengers can buy quick trip tickets at new fare kiosks located at each airport terminal stop. they can be used to travel from the airport to any station on the regional rail line. north carolina is your men's ncaa basketball champ. one year after falling just short of villanova, the game came down to the wire between the tar heels and gonzaga. clutch three-point play and suffocating defense clinched the sixth championship in north carolina's school history. meanwhile, dawn staley is showing her philadelphia pride. the former basketball star from dobbins tech in temple led south carolina to the national championship sunday night. she gave a shout out to her roots on north broad street. staley will lead the women's team at the 2020 olympics. first place out of the gate. the phillies and their fans are relishing a 4-3 win over the reds on opening day. and what a start yesterday.
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first batter of the season, caesar hernandez. leading off with a -- the game with a home run in cincinnati. and new philly michael saunders followed with an rbi double to the gap. phillies racked up ten hits for winning pitcher jeremy hellickson. pitcher couldn't stop thinking about the leadoff homer. >> caesar hernandez set the tone. i tell you, we don't need power from the corners. we get our power from the middle infielders. >> going to be -- the whole season's going to be like that. we're going to stick together. we're going to play hard and give 100%. >> jessica likes that music. how about this nice moment late in the game. brock stassi's family taking video of theirst f at-bat. got the first on a walk. good for him. and nbc10 will help welcome the phillies home to citizens bank park this friday. you can watch the home opener against the wash nats at 3:-- washington nats at 3:05. watch the pregame show leading
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up to the game at 2:00 p.m. is adding hundreds of more words and terms to its data base. >> these are fun. see if you know some of the new additions -- how about hangry. irritable because you're hungry. that's never happened to anyone on this desk. man bun. when a guy gathers his hair in a bun at the back or top of his head. also there's dad bod. i can't read these with a straight face. a man's physique but still attractive, if that exists. other words include mic drop and friend-iversary. >> i don't like any of those. >> no? you don't like the new words? >> they're not real -- like two words -- >> like hangry makes perfect sense. >> hangviewry is a word. >> i'm still having trouble with the old words. >> i got a new word -- kept wwe. when the weather forecast has rain. >> sounds like a diaper change right there. >> it could be that.
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let me show what's happening outside. we have a bit of wet weather this morning. the heavier stuff has moved on. the wind stays with us during the day. that's a southerly breeze. it's going to boost temperatures. they're already warm this morning. 53 in the lehigh valley. the suburbs at 57 along with delaware. 60 in philadelphia, and just shy of 60 in south jersey. some of the neighborhoods right at 60, mullick hill, warmer, 52. pemberton, 58. 61 in florence. a nice warmup today in spite of clouds. and a chance of more showers and thunderstorms. i'm not looking at all-day rain for philadelphia, the suburbs, or lehigh valley. it's late this morning and early this afternoon, the showers and possibly thunderstorms move through new jersey. and then toward the shore. delaware, you could see a few of shows those -- few of shows scattered showers but mainly dry. wilmington could hit 80 degrees this afternoon. this is what's left of the rain from overnight. not much at all. the heavier stuff has already
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moved into new england. just a few spots on the radar screen this morning. a little bit of light rain in bucks county, around buckingham and north hampton. most of the morning is going to be dry. not all of the morning. this line is holding together. it will move in late -- look lou quickly it's moving. will be here this morning and into early this afternoon. then we'll get sunshine and dry out. tomorrow will be beautiful. see this blank space on the map? that's your wednesday, tomorrow. there's thursday. and into friday, more wet weather. and a chance of some downpours and some thunderstorms, too. here you see it wednesday evening. to the southwest. by thursday morning, we'll be tracking more showers in the area. light rainfall to start with. as we go into the afternoon and evening hours, we could be looking look looking at heavy downpours and thunderstorms. that will mess with the blue rocks game on thursday evening, the home opener at frawley stadium.
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and some of this willinger into friday. the phillies versus the nationals, not going to be a beautiful day at the pballpark weatherwise. 48 with a chance of showers. look at the winds -- to 20 miles per hour. a raw day at the ballpark. dry in the ninth inning, but colder with the winds starting to die down for friday. before we get there, we'll get the warmup. some scattered showers and thunderstorms, but again, not all-day rainfall today. late-day sunshine warms us up today. 70 tomorrow. storms bring down the temperatures on thursday. that cold wind blowing on friday with a high of 49. the rain out of the picture for the weekend. sunshine and a warmup begins over the weekend. 70s for monday. 80 on tuesday. we'll stay in the 70s again next wednesday. >> thank you. just about 6:00 a.m. and we have elevated the situation on i-95 which we've been following for the last hour and a half to breaking news because of the severity of the accident there. >> jessica boyington is here
5:53 am
with a crash involving two semi trucks and the result of a fuel spill. >> right. we're seeing big delays approaching the scene. traffic at a standstill on the southbound side. earlier we did have lanes moving by. i can't see the accident scene, but as you see approaching it, traffic isn't moving anyway. around cottman avenue in the southbound side from wood haven to the vine, a 47-minute drive time, very heavy especially considering when we add normal volume, it was about 6:30 or so when we typically see that start to climb up. usually only 25 minutes. we're already doubling what we have. average speeds into the teens already. that's approaching that scene, we're starting to see really big delays. you don't want to make 95 heading southbound or toward the center city area this morning. your best bet especially coming from new jersey and crossing one of the bridges and head down to 95 southbound that way, maybe stay in new jersey for a little bit longer. 130 to the ben franklin bridge to philadelphia that way. or take roosevelt boulevard. that's still green.
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make your way to the schuylkill expressway that way or head down broad and get your way to the vine street expressway. updates on this when i come back in about ten. back to you. >> thank you. a movie with a message returns to the big screen. we'll tell you why organizers hope it will shed some light on the current course of politics. and tricking the mailman. we'll show you how a couple used a piece of paper to pull off a unique april fool's joke. all new at 6:00, a new torte to keep philadelphia children fed. the proposed change to make sure kids don't have to go without a meal.
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good morning, everybody, jessica boyington watching the roads. breaking news, 95 at cottman avenue. we're watching the delay shot here approaching an accident scene involving two tractor-trailers and a diesel fuel spill. look at the drive time. 68 minutes southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. major and massive delays on 95. i will give you updates on how to get around it when i come back. >> see you then. now let's take you state by state and county by county for a look at some of the stories from
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across our area. >> in bucks county, investigators will be looking for the cause of this barn fire. sky force 10 was over the scene on smith school road last night. you see from the video flames and smoke shooting into the sky. no one was hurt. happening today at the jersey shore, a new tool in the effort to stop terrorists will go into play in atlantic city. the transportation security laboratory will open a new building next to the airport there. the government lab tests and develops security screening technology to find explosives. it was first created after the 1988 bombing of pan am 103 over lockerbie, scotland. carryout liquor sales are one step closer to expanding in pennsylvania. the house liquor control board passed a bill yesterday that would allow grocery stores, beer retailers, and restaurants sell carry-out spirits. officials estimate it would bring in more than $100 million in additional revenue. ♪ today phoenixville, chester
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county, and other towns with art house theaters will hold screenings of the film "1984." the movie based on george orwell's novel is about a man who rebels against an oppressive government. april 4th is the day he begins his protest. the theaters say they want to spark community conversation in a time where art programs and free speech are under attack. a pennsylvania mailman gets an april fool's message. >> you're going to love this story. a couple pulled a pretty clever trick. take a look at this. bill kelly and his wife of lewisburg got a really long piece of paper and folded it to look like an envelope. they stuck one end through the mail slot and waited. and moments later, the mailmain came and began pulling on the never-ending envelope only to see the words april fool's on the other end of it. good joke, and -- >> creativity in lewisburg. >> yeah. good sport by the mail man p.. i would have just left it. now for other stories that
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we're following on "nbc10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. -- >> reporter: >> home invaded. new overnight, armed men storm a philadelphia home and leave with a four-legged family member. going on trial, the man accused in a deadly ambush at a pennsylvania state police barracks begins the fight for his life. an easier ride. changes septa's making to get travelers to and from the airport faster. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's find out what's happening with the rain. we'll check had-- check in with meteorologist bill henley. there are a few spotty showers in new jersey. collingswood not seeing rain, but you see the roadway is still damp this morning. the showers are starting to thin out in the philadelphia area. not much left in lower bucks county into western mercer county. and this shower activity


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