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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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two men got out of an suv walked up the block and fired as many as 25 shots. the motive, an argument. but it's not clear over what. >> what we know is they walked up to them, both of them had guns and they fired multiple times striking all four and killing all three of them. >> today just footsteps away, students out enjoying the playground. detectives say shooters left in a small surks v and searching for those images. >> one had a weapon on him. that has been recovered. >> they were all known to police and have wrap sheets. >> he needs to be automobile to walk throughout the community and it needs to be safe tr them. >> we're going to flood the air with police. we're always worried about retaliation. we're always worried about them coming back and shooting more individuals in that area.
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>> now detectives inside here do have their hands on surveillance video. they tell us they will interview that lone survivor of the shooting. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 first alert weather, tracking a chance. for an isolated shower. nothing like the heavy down pours we heard overnight. but it could be damp in our area. it turned into a decent day today. . nbc 10 is at the station where these people waited for their train to arrive. don't be deceived by the calm before the storm. >> chief meteorologist tracking severe weather later this week. when is this going to hit us? >> it looks like thursday is the target day for the worst weather around.
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we have a lot of clouds and showers on the radar right now as you can see. and most of them are on the lighter side. the one that's a little heavier is just come through parts of philly and now going into new jersey. and you can see just a brief area of some very heavy rain. >> this is the next storm system that is going end to up on thursday producing a lot of rain here and even severe weather. and we have issued a first alert for the entire area for this system during the day on thursday. we could get one round of thunderstorms early in the morning and another round later
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in the day. periods of heavy rain localized flooding ask possible severe thunderstorms with damaging winds. 71 in philadelphia. 7 in atlantic city. 76 in wilmington and dover. it's extremely warm. it's going to be a warm evening and a warm day tomorrow, but more on the timing of that thursday severe weather coming up in a few minutes. >> the start of the trial of the man accused of dill kilning a state trooper and leading police on a hundredth. >> he will not testify on his own defense. >> tension is high and the time seems right to spark a fight. those are the words prosecutors say eric frein wrote to his parents in the event he got caught with the ambush of two state police officers in september of 2014. he's accused of e he hit brian
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dixon leaving work. he hit another trooper alex douglas. frein and the jury listened as prosecutors described in great detail the way the shotgun bullets tore through dixon's body as he tried to speak to troopers. they also say his lungs were filling with blood. the shooting caught on tape and jurors saw some of that and the struggle for. trooper alex douglas who came to the aid to attempt to get away after he was shot in it the hip. jurors saw him crawl into the l lobby of the barracks. by then it was too late as four troopers carried his body ins e inside. . prosecutors say he already died on the sidewalk out front. the jury was taken through frein's attempt to get away. a camp site just behind his parents house where police found handwritten notes about him shooting two cops. lawyers took just minutes to talk to the jury in his defense.
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the defense says this will show the jury the real eric frein. some of the evidence the jury has already seen handwritten notes and a letter he wrote to his parents. the notes are lists of the items that he needed for the ambush. they also showed off fphotos of his bedroom, the camp site and the airplane hanger and a vid e owe showing what bombs frein built would have done if exploded. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 will be covering developments throughout this trial. count on us for daily updates. local municipalities that rely on state police for local police services could soon pay a fee. a a a bill announced today would require the payment from places that don't currently pay tr their own police coverage. the bill would affect 90 communities in every county this our area except for
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philadelphia. if it approved, the plan would be expected to bring in $1.75 billion to the state over a ten-year period. now to breaking news. p payless is filing for chapter 10 and plans to close 400 stores as it reorganizes its business. to word yet if any stores in our area will shut down. payless has more than 4,000 locations around the world. a former philadelphia district attorney is suing to have the current d.a. removed from office. lynn a abraham and another lawyer say state law prevents from keeping his job because his law license is temporarily suspended. williams says he will stay in office doing administrative work as he fights federal bribery and extortion scharges. neither he or his lawyer have commented on the lawsuit.
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>> wrong doing in requesting to see the names of trump confidants kaugts caught up if foreign surveillance. >> susan rice says she wasn't drying to use that information for political gain. president trump and his team said there are leaks when it comes to national security. reports are alleging that a former obama official could be part of those leaks revealing confidential names to the public. rice says the allegations are false and that e she did not have the power to unmask or identify names and never revealed them publicly. president trump's vow to build a wall along the border is front and center at this senate committee hearing today. senator tom carper was at that hearing listening to testimony on protecting the border. the presidentments to fire 15,000 border agents within the next two years. republican health care plan may be coming back to life less than two weeks after flat lining
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mike pence is pitching a new bill to allow states to opt out of obamacare. pr paul ryan says there's a lot more work to be done. >> we're at that stage about how to move forward this a way that can get everybody to 216. it's important we don't win the votes of one group, but that we get the votes and the consensus of 216 members and is that's where we are right now. . >> ryan said conversations about the bill have been productive. >> also today washington president trump held a town hall with several business leaders talking about the current business climate. the president criticized red tape and promised to turn things around to run their companies more efficiently. president trump also made a bold promise when it comes to business regulations.
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>> not years, but over the last 25 years. you have regulations of what we are working on b and we are working on it right now. >> the president referenced the dodd-frank consumer and protection act. >> after a suspected chemical attack. now we want to warn you some of the video is disturbing here. the activists say the attack was among the worst they have seen since the syrian civil war began six years ago. a a human rights group says 58 people were killed. 11 of them children. some survivors here a. military officer here denied that syria was behind the attack. it's not clear if all those killed died from suffocation or hit by airstrikes in the area
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around the same time. president trump issued a statement cob demg the attack saying the chemical attack is reprehensible and not ignored by the civilized world. he goes on to to blame president obama that these actions are a consequence of the weakness and ir resolution. right now investigators are trying to investigate the body found this a pond in middletown. the new test and evaluation building is is at atlantic city international airport. researchers will develop new systems that can detect explosives. they will also test out nontraditional forms of explosives and say that will help them improve security. right now in russia, the
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subway stations in st. petersburg are back open after a bomb that killed 14 and injured dozens. they identified mhim as a 22 yoorld born in kyrgyzstan. they believe he's linked to islamic groups. police found another explosive device inside a backpack at a different station yesterday but it did not go off. the suspect's dna was on that bag as well. four subway stations were closed after someone called in a bomb threat. new jersey democrats are suing governor christie's administration over loosening restrictions on gun carry permits. they face a serious threat. before the rule only applied to people facing a specific threat that can't be avoided.
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new detail this is afternoon about the cause of death of a local mom who collapsed after running a half marathon. the pennsylvania coroner says the 36-year-old died of natural causes. autopsy results showed she suffered some type of bleeding in the stomach. she collapsed at the end of the race. crews gave her cpr but later died a at the hospital. the ncaa is reluctantly lifting the ban on holding championship events in north carolina. the organization says a new law passed in the state that repeals and replaces the controversial bathroom bill will make the state once again eligible. the ncaa did say it was a e reluctant decision by the board. this afternoon they are take in action to defend a school district that lets students use restrooms and locker rooms based on their gender identity. two conservative legal organizations filed a site
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against the school district to get the district to reverse its decision. transgender students just want to be accepted for who they are and e reversing the decision would be devastating to them. a teacher is testifying in the case of a student who died after a fight in a school bathroom. the teacher says he found the victim sitting on the floor. he says he asked her what happened and she said they snuck me and jumped me. prosecutors say the attack on joiner-francis was premeditated. they found two preexisting heart conditions which could have p y played a part in her death. a local township is giving the okay to tax relief for volunteer firefighters and emts. the board of supervisors announced they are moving forward with considering the ordinance to give tax credits on property and income. volunteer services already saved more than $2 million annually. drivers, watch out to make
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sure you're paying attention behind the wheel. we were there as officers catch out to catch distracted drivers. it's part of the you pay campaign. >> we investigated 2200 crashes and almost 870 of them were directly related to distracted drivering. they are the ones we know of. >> the chief said the mayor will pay overtime for the initiative. whatever it takes to keep all drivers a safe. rallies were held to highlight wage discrimination against women. this is video from washington where lawmakers talked about the importance of equal pay for wimp. equal payday was created 21 years ago by the national committee on pay equity. it's held every april to symbolize how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year.
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in 2015 women made about 80 cents for every dollar men herbed. continuing with a grand slam deal for a sports manufacturer. >> major league baseball will continue to make uniforms and fan ware at a tim furlong is joining us. a big win for the local economy. >> i bought lots of jerseys over the year. and every one that you buy, every single one has the little logo. a couple years that's going to change. the good news is the folk who is make all this gear in this building in the valley are going to continue to make the gear for the players and the world. every cub, ray, yankee or phillies player do it in a enginejersey made in the value . folks got nervous when they heard underarmor was going to take over. >> we have not known our future
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and today we know. >> employees got the word they will be making the gear for und underarmor. they are partnering up to make lots of stuff that will have the little ua logo and all be made right here. >> when they heard the news, everybody clapped. i was so happy to seat joy in their eyes. >> this gives me a chance stand up and say, look at us, we can do great things. >> they got back to work making jerseys and fans who want to dress like them. it was a good day here. >> we keep our minds ob our work. today is a great day of the news we wanted to hear. >> they have other contracts here, but major league bauble is the big one. lots thought they might have to find a new job, but most the
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major league baseball players union came together and hashed it out and figured out a way to get it done to keep all the people here making jerseys just like this one. speaking of baseball, here's a live look from citizens bank park. just three days they come back to south philly for the 2017 home opener against the nationals. nbc 10 will help welcome the phillies home. you can watch it at 3:05 here on nbc 10. remember to catch the pregame show on friday starting at 2:00. p.m. . we're kind of worried about what the weather is going to be doing on friday. >> if only we could have the weather we're experiencing right now, if we could have that opening day. it's not going to happen.
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>> it doesn't improve until the weekend. we have a first alert out for the whole viewing area for thursday. the day before the phil lies hoe opener. that's when the weather is going to be the roughest. possible se is veer thunderstorms. right now it's unseasonably warm and 72 degrees in philadelphia. up to 76 degrees. even at the beaches today, it's warm. we have a west wind. yesterday it was about 25 degrees colder because the wind come iing in off the cold ocean. today the temperatures are pretty uniform. it's all about wind direction at the shore. here we are with the radar. we have some isolated showers.
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ed any single spot won't be getting rain for that long. not in mountains, that's in north texas. so there's some wild weather going on out there that's headed in this direction. we're in the 70s across most of the area. but even in the 70s right at the beaches, 76 in northeast philly. it's going to be a warm night. temperatures are going to be y dry. there's tomorrow as we go through the day. . hardly any cloud cover. just a beautiful day out there. here comes the rain. this is thursday. look at that. that's in the morning rush getting pounded. thunderstorms, localized flooding and then more coming in during the day.
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there's more in the afternoon. this is really some very heavy rain. most of that is south of philadelphia. again, that's during the day on thursday. that's not when the phillies are trying to play friday. >> i wish hi better news about friday. take a look at this. i wanted to say half full. e we don't have severe weather on friday. the you can see the wunds are still coming in out of the west. there will be a west wind during the guam. and you can see that this rain dances around the area just kissing philly. and perhaps we're going to be looking at a a shower or some
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drizzle during the game. certainly cloud cover. cooler temperatures. and winds out of the west. then the winds turn out of the northwest for saturday and we clear out our weekend doesn't look half bad. and on sunday the same thing. but we make it right back to the 60s on sunday. not a shabby weekend. i just wish that friday was our saturday or our sunday. at this point carry that rain slicker with you to the game. we could see drizzle or a light shower. . we're going to be looking at temperatures only in the 40s. we will be looking at gusty winds anywhere from 15 to 20 miles per hour. here is is your weekend. 40s and rather dreary on friday. let's look at saturday. back to the 50s with that sunshine and a glorious weekend ahead. i call it drizzle to dazzle. >> from philadelphia to hollywood -- >> local toddler twins could be well underway to stardom after this viral video.
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how cute are they? this is the cutest video you'll see all day. the on point performance of these toddlers favorite princess movie. plus following the money trail. nbc 10 finds out who really is benefitting from philadelphia's beverage tax. and can you tell me how to get to capitol hill? the newest must want goes to washington with a a very important message. that's next at 4:00. first here's a look at the closing bell. they are all up today.
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a a new neighbor and is coming to sesame street. >> the head of her tv debut the newe esest muppet visited washin
4:26 pm
today. julia is at the heart of the new effort to promote better understanding of autism and reduce bullying because experts say a lack of understanding makes them a target. the meet julia episode will air next hond on pbs and hbo. as we take a live look, the sixers hit the hardwood and also hosting an autism awareness thiegt. it's part of the partnership with autism speaks, which is the leading autism advocacy organization. jobs and programs that could be on the chopping block for some of the universities. the warning for faculty and students and the impact it could have on our area. we have sunny, warm weather for tomorrow, but don't be deceived. strong storms are going to move in later in the week. when to expect them in your neighborhood in your most accurate weather forecast. all new on nbc 10 news at
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5:00, shut down at the shore. the discovery that has a bridge closed at the coast. what that could mean for your next trip to the beach. that story all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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raising questions about who is benefitting from philadelphia's soda tax. >> they want to make sure the city is sharing the wealth with the children who need it the most. we got a look at what the beverage tax is buying. >> there's concern they aren't reaching the most at risk children. >> there are only so many spots to go around. this is one of the places that got some of those pre-k slot this is year. as they look to next year, city council members are pushing to
4:31 pm
expand the map. inside this classroom, these students are three months into a new education. >> all this buzz about the beverage tax and universal pre-k, this is that classroom. >> they filled the 20 slots. >> it's paying for the materials and the salaries for the teachers. it's paying for equipment and technology ask paying for the space and the lights. >> the program started in january using funds from the city's beverage tax to fund at first 2,000 seat ace cross philadelphia. now as the mayor's education office makes its first budget report since the program launched, some council members are questioning whether it's reaching those who need it in low income areas. >> the reality is that the approximate s proximity of a pre-k ret much determines how much it's
4:32 pm
utilized. >> the council president asked about reaching more providers and areas like a section of his district next year. >> what's the strategy in terms of outreach and making sure that in the second round we get those targeted areas of most need. >> the chief education officer said they can do more outreach in those areas. back at the pre-school, providers who are already involved in other programs might know how to apply. but others might not. >> i definitely think the reach would have to be more public. they would have to announce it because if i'm in the field, if i'm in the know, i know. they are not going to do that until the lawsuit is resolved. in the next hour, we'll delve
4:33 pm
more into that. >> thank you. to weather, a a light jacket and sweatshirt kind of day out there today. nbc 10 was here along jamison avenue. the sun is kind of peeking through the center city skyline. it's a beautiful afternoon. >> look how nice it looks. too bad they are not playing baseball today. friday is a totally different story. you can also see just some isolated showers. the last of the heavier showers exiting long beach island. and that's about the lst of it.
4:34 pm
briefly heavy rain. they are all moving fast. it's not going to be just brief heavy rain on thursday. as much advanced notice as possible just to help you plan around some of this. thursday is when we're having this. possible severe thunderstorms. at least parts of the area. temperatures are in the 70s across most of the region. 62 in trenton. a shower has just moved by. it's going to be a warm evening. temperatures generally in the 60s. a few 50s in the suburbs. by 10:00 that's not a cold night. got another nice day tomorrow and it all goes downhill. more on the timing of the heavy rain coming up in a few minutes. >> here's a look at some of the other stories we're following
4:35 pm
county by county. . fus fushls say four other state schools are struggling with the drop in enrollment. they are getting the early warning now to figure out a a plan on how to avoid the cuts. >> the chief will step down against officials. that's in exchange for $250,000. they created a a new commissioner position he said it was in retaliation after he was krut call of the former mayor. . in montgomery county a learning
4:36 pm
could welcoming the newest member. they held a welcome breakfast for the service dog. kelly is going to help students with the anxioety and help with their speech. passover begins next week, but today more than 100 seniors gathered for an early passover sader. the passover test value begins at sunset on monday nieght. more marketable to younger cob assumers. >> pepsi has a new ad that it's taking a political tone. >> we'll show you the new face of the company it's one you'll probably recognize. . also this progress for patients with advanced melanoma. the new drug helping fight the disease. then all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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a bridge at the jersey shore shut down until further notice. >> it is ib convenient. >> what prompted the closure and how you'll have to go from town to town.
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featuring, for a limited time, the new delmonico ribeye, our tender flo's filet, and the juicy new york strip. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo. you can't fake steak. pregnant women with the zika virus did not necessarily give that virus to their newborn babies. a new report from the cdc shows 9 out of 10 women didn't pass on the virus to their babies. buts say testing can be tough because many people do not show any symptoms. a new drug may help the lyes of patients with advanced melano melanoma. researchers tested the drug on 60 patients. more than half shaw them shrink within a year. these findings still need to be confirmed in larger studies. a toddler is is showing the
4:41 pm
world why she's color blind and breaking stereotypes with her new baby doll. the less lest son we can all learn from this toddler's wise words. we have a first awe letter out for the heavy rain and strong storms later this week. when you can expect them. plus what you should take with you if you're headed to the phillies home opener. that's next on nbc 10 news at 4:00. new at 5:00, a win for the birds. they never set foot on the field, but the eagles managed to secure a victory today. that story all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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chelsea clinton putting to ris any rumors she's plab ingin run for office. she said this morning she's not interested in running right now,
4:45 pm
but she did not it rule out a future run. the tomorrower first daughter opened up a six-state book tour to promote "it's your world". . tonight pepsi has a new face representing the soda giant and it's one you might recognize. kendall jen ner is starring in the latest campaign. she takes over for sydney crawford as the new face of pepsi. a story about a little girl and her doll is going viral. all because of the way she answered a question about the doll she wanted. >> take a look. this little girl and her mom were buying this doll which is darker in complexion. the cha cashier asked if that was the doll she wanted. she said, yes, she's a a doctor like i'm a doctor. i'm a pretty girl and she's a
4:46 pm
pretty girl. her mom posted this and it went viral. after it was shared 183,000 times on facebook. and she has her doctor jacket on. what's not to love a about it all. >> it's refreshing. >> definitely. >> taking a live look from our camera on top of the adventure aquarium. the skies look dark and storm. there's a chance to see a shower this afternoon, but the real threat is later this week. >> that's why we have issued a first alert. this is for thursday, not tomorrow. thursday. and for the entire day, for the entire viewing area because we may get two separate rounds to of strong to severe weather. periods of heavy rain and possible severe thunderstorms. temperatures now in many parts of the area.
4:47 pm
72 in philadelphia. warmer in delaware. some parts of new jersey cooled down because of some showers that have come through. delaware, pretty warm. even in the southern part of the state, lewis, 78. look at that. remember yesterday. we were in the 40s. 40s and now it's 79 in bethany beach. 30 degree temperature jump in one day and the wind direction is the main cause. as you can see with the radar, there's not much to the west. there's not much coming our way. it looks like we're in the clear for the rest of the night. toms river getting one last heavy shower. you can see it moving off to the east.
4:48 pm
now as we go through the night tonight and into tomorrow, everything is nice and quiet. i beautiful day tomorrow. . temperatures near 80 degrees in the afternoon. but as we go into wednesday night and thursday morning, we're getting into the rain. and e we could get into some heavy rain thursday morning rush. but that's not it. we have more rounds of rain coming. midday hours, later in the afternoon, even during the afternoon rush, how much rain? when we total it all up, with what the rain that's fallen today and add that, we're talking about at least another inch of rain and the areas that are most vulnerable to flooding are north and west of philadelphia where just an inch of rain in a few hours time
4:49 pm
could cause flooding. the best chance of severe storms with dalking winds will be farther to the south. and then we look towards friday. >> just one word, snow. i got your attention. it worked. now you're watching. let me show you why. and let me tell you who may get it. the monster storm sl. we're picking it up at 10:00 thursday night. places like chicago and up through michigan looking at a swath of potentially some april show snow. this cold air behind the system. let's watch what happens. i don't think we're going to get snow on the ground here, but in the polk noex, you might see a little bit of snow mixing with rain and just plain snow. you can see the temperatures falling off. they are going to be cool for friday. look what happens. e we wake up friday morning. we have rain that's not too far
4:50 pm
in the distance. the system is not done with us. look at all the snow in western pennsylvania as it approaches you can see out toward the polk knows, we could see a little snow and have a little rain shower during the home opener. and it will be a cool day with winds out of the west at 15 to 20 miles per hour. cloud cover out there and temperatures struggling to be in the 40s. so it's not going to be the most pleasants of. we will not have snow on the field, but some of the outlying areas may see a little pith. so enjoy that 70 that you're going to see tomorrow. we don't see that again until next week. then we actually tossed in an 80 to make everybody feel better. >> and for trid, you might have to trade in the golf shurt for the raincoat. >> i'm wearing the parka.
4:51 pm
>> you're going to have the wind in your face. >> that's why you watch it here. thank you. these philadelphia twins really know how to let it go. next at 4:00, they are on point performance to their favorite movie that you have to see. plus all new at 5:00, cashier threatened, robber who used the cup in his hand to get what he wanted. video all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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we do business where you do business. ralph lauren will close the store on 5th avenue. it opened less than three years ago as a home for the polo br d
4:55 pm
brand. the closure is part of the restructuring plan to save $140 million a year. the store closed in center city last month. the store was at bellevue and broad on walnut street for 27 years before it closed. disney's "frozen" is a fan favorite still after all this time among kids everywhere. >> i'm hearing that song in my head. there's a viral video of two toddlers that's proof that can't be too young to be obsessed with the kids' musical. >> already showing signs of a future in hollywood. it's had more than 48 million views. the girls have seen the movie so times they can act out the scenes without watching the screen. the mom says she never thought it would go viral.
4:56 pm
. a lot of love right there in the room too. >> elsa would be so proud. several new stories for 5 0 5:00. >> we'll turn it over. >> all new at 5:00, what we're about to tell you could alter the next trip to the shore. >> a bridge closed until further notice. what caused the closure and you'll have to dpet from town to town. finally it feels like spring. . we have 70s around the area. sure there's a thunderstorm or two today. enjoy it because by thursday we're going to potentially be looking at severe weather. we'll talk about that with the full forecast, straight ahead. e erupting in applause. the awe announcement that has hundreds selling in one part of the area tonight.
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something beneath the surface. the discovery that has a bridge shut down with the busy tourist season just weeks away. home run, employees of a local company that make mlb merchandise learn if it their jobs are safe. biker banged up, aing mattress made for an unforgettable ride and may have saved his life. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts now. nbc 10 news at 5:00 begins with drivers doing u-turns and voicing their frustration about the sudden shown of a brej at
5:00 pm
the jersey shore. the race is on to have the bridge back open by memorial day. >> i'm keith jones. >> the inlet bridge is closed after the discovery of a crack in one of its piers. all new at 5:00, ted greenberg shows us the detour your next trip to the shore could include. tz. >> it's a pain in the butt. >> when he got to the inlet bridge, gary twigs was forced to make a u-turn after finding the span is is now closed until further notice. >> it is inconvenient. a very important link for these islands going back and forth. >> reporter: the 78-year-old bridge shut down after an inspection revealed a crack, movement is and severe deterioration in parts of the support structure. >> it's in unsafe condition. what was happening is the pilings were beginning to


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