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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a father gunned down. why his family believes someone was out to get him. >> stroller scare. what a man said before he try tried to grab this baby. how the nfl draft will shut
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down center city roads for weeks. i did not want my son to die like this. >> a mother in shock. her son gunned down at a stoplight. tonight she talks exclusively to nbc 10 about her loss. >> the victim was a father of six. now his moan mother wondering why he was killed. >> nbc 10's denise nakano is live along roosevelt boulevard where he was shot and his mother believes someone was after her son. >> reporter: that's right. she believes he was targeted here at this intersection and police believe this was no random act and they are following strong leads in this case. >> someone needs to say something. >> reporter: the sudden and tragic death of her son should serve as a wakeup call. >> i never thought this would happen to me. so that's why i'm so adamant
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about speaking out. >> reporter: she spoke with only nbc 10 tonight from her home. she shared memories of her 39-year-old son who was gunned down sunday morning. >> i did not want my son to die like this. and i'm sure any other mother would not want her son to die from gun violence. >> reporter: valentine died after a gunman in a white cadillac suv pulled beside him on the drive's side and shot him in the head and chest. she believes an argument at a club where he worked at a bouncer may have led to the shooting. >> they targeted him to kill him. they did. >> reporter: there are no arrests but she is confident that police will catch his killer. >> he enjoyed life. he did. dante wasn't a violent person and for him to be taken away from us is senseless. >> reporter: valentine leaves
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behind six children between the ages of 2 and 17. his family plans to hold a vigil at the intersection on monday at 7:00 p.m. i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, a police pursuit ended with a crash tonight. officers were chasing suspects in the white car for trying to run over a philadelphia police officer. they collided with the red car. no one was hurt. new details tonight about a man's attempt to snatch a child out of a stroller right there. philadelphia police want to talk to this baby's parents. the man was trying to abduct the child at a dunkin' donuts. the man yelled that's my baby, that's my baby. police know who he is but say they will need to talk to the couple and other witnesses. now to a developing story, military leaders in south korea are claiming north korea fired a
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ballistic missile into the waters off its east coast. it is unclear what type of missile was launched. south korean officials say it is in response to military drills. the trump administration is blaming syria's president for a suspected chemical attack that killed dozens of people. secretary of state rex tillerson says anyone using chemical weapons to attack his own people. at least 83 people were killed including 25 children. hundreds more were sickened in the attack. witnesses say it was carried out by jets operated by the russian and syrian governments. both are denying responsibility tonight. and this explosion caught on video at a nearby hospital while an activist was reporting on the aftermath of the gas attack. president trump calls it reprehensible and says it cannot be ignored. a first day in the testimony
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of the trial of cop killer eric frein. the jury heard from the 911 dispatcher who teared up when describing what it was like to hear the last words of corporal dixon. frein opened fire on them outside the blooming grove barracks. the defense talked to the jury for only a few minutes before opening statements. frein will not take the stand. his lawyers will use part of a four-hour interview to show the jury what they call the real eric frein. two people in the hospital after they were stabbed outside a daycare center. nbc 10 on the scene. police are telling us the victim struggled with the attacker, breaking the front window of the daycare center. so far, no arrests. the headaches continue for commuters traveling to penn station. it could take a few days to get train service back up to speed
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after the derailment. the crash did so much damage, eight tracks will be out of service possibly until friday. amtrak will continue its reduced schedule at least through tomorrow. we have our own traffic trouble in center city thanks to the nfl draft. >> that event doesn't start for three weeks but road closures start monday and could last into may. >> keith jones is live at the art museum. i drove by there today. a lot going on already. >> reporter: it will surprise you just how fast this is going up. take a look behind me. there is a barrier right here. we are at the top of the art museum. this will soon rise to become the nfl draft theater. but for visitors it pales in comparison to being able to run the steps. in just three weeks, a free nfl draft festival kicks off. but some don't care about it.
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>> i came all the way out here to film on the infamous rocky steps. and it's heart breaking. it's not happening now. >> reporter: this guy is readiying his camera, his sweatshirt reads doubt me. the rapper traveled the country from los angeles to find this. >> damn you, nfl. >> reporter: the traffic right now is nothing compared to what it will be like in a few weeks when the road closes. now the steps are covered. scaffolding surrounds george washington while big rigs infiltrate the oval. >> i'm not prepared for this at all. >> reporter: this resident has to drive in and out of philadelphia every day. now she's considering the train because starting next monday some parkway lanes will shut down, parts of spring garden will also close before massive closures are implemented.
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this is just phase one. look at all that red that lasts until may. >> i thought it would be a couple days before the event. i had no idea starting tonight they are going to be shutting it down. >> reporter: what is shutting down tonight is some parking. we are on top of the art miami steps. some residents think they were not given ample notices. some can't wait for the draft to be here and then leave philadelphia. for now live at the art museum, keith jones, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, a number of people arrested for illegally entering the u.s. from mexico plummeted. fewer than 12,500 people were caught crossing the border last month. that is a 71% decline from the number in february. officials say it's the lowest monthly figure in at least 17 years. and the former president of mexico ventured north of the
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border for an event at the world affairs council of philadelphia panel discussion. and fox talked about the future for immigrants, trade, and the war on drugs. a critic of president trump, he addressed the proposed border wall between the u.s. and mexico. >> who are going to pay for the wall? $35 billion. wouldn't it be better to tell trump, trump, open your mind? >> and the money for the wall would be better spent investing in border states and jobs programs with mexico. judge neil gorsuch's nomination is one step closer. mitch mcconnell filed a motion to end the debate on the nomination. democrats plan to filibuster. republicans are not expected to get the 60 votes needed for
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confirmation. they could use the so-called nuclear option so that only 51 votes are needed to confirm him. the candidates vying to be the next direct attorney of philadelphia were under one roof today for this candidate forum supported by the philadelphia bar association. and former philadelphia d.a. and another lawyer are suing to have the current d.a. removed from office. they say state law prevents williams from keeping his job because his law license has been suspended. williams says he will do administrative work as he fights federal bribery and extortion charges. dozens of people spoke out tonight against a proposal to close their local court. opponents say if that happens it would jeopardize public safety. the closure would force police to file cases in penn dale. that's about a 20-minute drive. some claim that if officers are
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out of town for hearings they may not be able to respond to an emergency in lower southampton. up next, what's more philadelphia than ben frankly. the city is remembering one of its favorite reenactors. thinking on her feet, a woman turns the gas pump on a man trying to steal her car. getting what you earned. you may be missing out on a big tax credit. tomorrow looks great. and then the rest of the week goes downhill. when to watch for thunderstorms and what's in store for the philly's home opener next at 11:00. ♪
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car. police caught up with him today and took him into custody. remembering ralph. you probably knew him as ben franklin. >> one of philadelphia's most popular reenactors has died. this man really such a fixture in this city. he will be missed. >> reporter: even in his later days after suffering a stroke he would still come out here to independence mall dressed to the nines to teach all of the children and all of those tourists here about america's first citizen, philly's own ben franklin. >> you'd often find him at the ben franklin grave site donning the iconic robe, glasses and colonial garb. >> to many of us he was ben franklin. >> reporter: he oversees the burial ground where archibald
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taught classes. >> he was a bridge between those who knew a little bit and those who wanted to know more. >> reporter: he first dressed up in michigan and came to philadelphia in 1982, a more fitting hometown, where he took the job so seriously -- >> with this ring -- >> that he and his wife, a betsey ross impersonator got married in full wardrobe. they fell in love with each other and with history. >> this woman is intelligent. this woman is beautiful. and the people absolutely loved her. >> reporter: fellow impersonators say that ralph archibald didn't just act the part, he lived it thanks to countless hours of study. >> there is something important about not dressing up and being a hokie mascot but really bringing history to life for people. >> reporter: in a city with monuments, plaques and a bridge dedicated to ben franklin, this
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partly cloudy reads to our ben franklin, ralph archibald, story teller and friend. >> archibald was 75 years old and shared the exact same birthday as the real ben franklin, january 17th. >> he'll live on in many memories. low enrollment numbers could force pennsylvania state owned universities to cut jobs and programs. chaney university and other state schools have been put on notice. the union warned that cuts could come next year. faculty members were also notified at other universities. enrollment has dropped by 20% since 2010 and plunged 53% at chaney. leaders in philadelphia are making a push to expand the city's pre-k program.
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the plan is to go from 2,000 slots to 3,000 next year. but that's on hold until a lawsuit over the beverage tax is resolved. a judge will hear arguments for the coalition against the soda tax tomorrow. the deadline to file taxes two weeks away. officials want to make sure that everyone is taking advantage of the programs that could put money in your pocket. specifically the earned income tax program. in 2015 nearly 1 million qualified and cashed in to the tune of $2 billion. but 197,000 residents missed out. turning now to our first alert weather. a lot going on this week. some thunderstorms to the philly's home opener. >> the weather team is here to help you get ready for it. let's start with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. tomorrow won't be bad, right? >> tomorrow is going to be great. but thursday we have some
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trouble. we have a first alert for the entire viewing area for pretty much the entire day for periods of heavy rain, localized flooding and possible severe thunderstorms with damaging winds in some places. too bad the phillies aren't playing tomorrow. we have a weird weather situation here. we've got east winds on one side, west winds on the other and a huge temperature contrast. 50 in trenton and near 70 in philadelphia. and even within the city of philadelphia, this is pretty amazing, too. well, 70 in center city for example it's 53 in northeast philly, 54 in parkwood within the same city. we've got a 16-degree temperature difference. a few showers in the poconos but that's not the big deal. this is the big deal. look at the swirl in this thing. that's a giant storm system and that's the one that's going to be affecting us as we go into
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thursday. so no problems for wednesday. wednesday night, the clouds come in and thursday morning, here's the rain. we've got several shots of showers, thunderstorms, heavy rain at times. morning rush, afternoon rush. into the evening hours. it just really nasty and the potential for flooding is greatest north of philadelphia. the potential for severe thunderstorms is greatest south of philadelphia. then after that, a different kind of problem and tammy souza has that. >> the threat of snow is in western pennsylvania. let's take a look at what's going to go on hour by hour. this is your friday. that's opening day and we could see some showers across the area during the ball game. so drizzles and light rain very possible. then we watch the cloud cover clear out.
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look at this. the winds turn instead of west, they turn to the northwest on saturday. we will see those clouds kind of scour out. i think we will hang on to a mix of sun and clouds for saturday turning into a beautiful and i mean a gorgeous day for sunday. let's take a look at what you can expect at the ballpark. bring a warm jacket and rain slicker. 40s will be optimistic with winds 15 to 20 miles an hour. breezy, cool, with a rain shower and a drizzle out there. the weekend improves though. we will see the mid and upper 50s with a mix of sun and clouds. look at all the 60s and all the sunshine. something to look forward to. >> that is perfect. the nfl isn't just for tv. fans will soon have a new way to watch their favorite team. that's next at 11:00. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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amazon says it secured the right to live stream thursday night football games next season. the "wall street journal" reports it gives them the right to stream ten games but you have to be an amazon prime member to watch. this company will be making uniforms for years to come. a company buying majestic cut a deal to continue making the merchandise right there in palmer township. john clark, you're talking eagles? >> they trade for a big player. the flyers with two prospects making their debuts. this year's possibly number one nba pick in the house. we go one kwlo-on-one with him .
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i'm john clark. one of the flyers defensive prospects making his nhl debut tonight. another making his debut from union college. one of the top players in the country with a chance to score. puck comes right to him. he whiffs. maybe first game jitters. we're scoreless. second period, sam rand showing speed. prevents taylor hall from getting a shot. good game from him. overtime, scoreless. john moore wins it for the devils. went to my phone and got a text from the coach who said
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you're going to be in the line-up tonight. see you at the rink. >> guys are smarter. just at the end of the career, other guy caught the puck. i love it. it's fun. >> really is fast. he's out of breath. the nets put up 141 points on the sixers tonight. that's the most points the sixers have given up at home in 26 years. he is on a 24-minute restriction tonight. it looked like the entire team was restricted. 81 points in the first half, the most points the sixers have given up in a half at home in 26 years. dario says he apologizes to phillies fans. look who came out of the tunnel tonight before the game, markell fultz. i asked him if he could picture
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himself coming out of that tunnel in the future. >> i can see it happening. i mean just -- i think it will be a great atmosphere. >> do you trust the process? >> no doubt. always. i mean, anybody who knows me knows i have been through a lot in my life. i always trust the process. the season going like this but the people are still here. the eagles have traded for jim jim jimmy journigan. and tony romo is requiritiring will be broadcasting games for cbs.
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tomorrow's a good day. >> yeah, especially compared to thursday and friday. tomorrow in the upper 60s close to 70 with sunshine. thursday, rainy periods, thunderstorms, maybe some flooding. friday, cold, windy and wet for the phillies. >> let's go next tuesday when it's 80. >> have a good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from universal orlando resort in the heart of sunny florida, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- blake shelton, scott eastwood, and featuring the legend


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