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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 6, 2017 4:00am-4:27am EDT

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49 million americans in a 49 million americans in a flood watch as severe weather leaves a trail of damage and washing out the first day at the masters. >> and dozens and dozens of st advertising on fox's the o'reilly factor. a congresswoman says he should be arre biggest meeting of his career today. and pepsi yanks their new kendall jenner ad over massive backlash and s shoot a manhole r into the air on busiest streets. "early today" starts right now. i'm yasmine.
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>> and i'm frances rivera. in south carolina, heavy rain caused flash flooding, inundating colombia's me reside to safety during the storm. powerful bolts sparked dozens of fire throughout the tornado knocked down trees and peeled a roof right off t least nine tornadoes hit the region. over in augusta, the cancel the contest of the maim it was ever cancelled in the tournament's 63-year history. bill karins is tracking it all for us this morning. bill, where is the threat now? >> we're down in florida. later this morning we'll fire up a few newrichnd,
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norfolk. south of washington, d.c. isola damaging winds.floo watches, he saturate running high. we'll add another one to three n as we go throughout this afternoon and this evening, causing additional flooding tonight. >> all right. bill, thank you so much. we'll check in with you a little bit later. all against fox news star bill o'reilly is now growing. sponsors have abandoned after the network and the star reportedlyd harassment against him. defense saying he's a good person but maxine a very different take. >> it shouldn't be, in america, that you can sexually harass
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women and buy your way out of it because they're rich. if they continue to do this do, they need to go to jail. >> nbc's anne thompson has even >> as advertisers continue to flee the o'reilly o'reilly gain aid powerful defender against accusatio news female colleagues. coming to his nald trump. in an interview with the "new york times," trump called o'reilly a good person. o'reilly and fox news settled w million according to "the times" but d't think he should have settled, adding, i don't think bill d wrong. that infuriated attorney lisa bloom. calls from fox news women all week. >> now who claims o'reilly harassed her. >> and ipl i can't do that.
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>> trump has been accused of unwanted sexual conduct in the past and denied it. his comments about an actress during an "access hollywood" taping almosiled his his fame m vulnerable to lawsuits and he c. what the president has proclaimed as natiolexual assault and prevention month. anne thompson, nbc news, new i president donald trump now says u.s. action after the carried out in syria are now his respone rsibilie garden alongside king abdullah of jordan, he declared the horrific chemical attack as an affront to humanity, saying the attack has changed his mind about syria an >> these hateful actions cannot be tolerated.
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when you kill innt children, innocent babies, little babies, with awas so lethal, people were shocked to hear what gas it wassses a red line, many, many lines. many, manyell you it's already happened that my attitude toward ha will assad.y what, if any, action he despite cautioning against action himself in 2013,upside. still, mr. trump's new stance and the first real tesis america first doctrine comes as u.s. officials confirm it was, in fact,agent, quite u.n. ly sarin.
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ambassador nikki haley came out with rebuke and also blaat tse pictures. we cannot close ourlose our mine responsibility to act. cannot e responsibility for this. time and time again, without any factual basis, russia attempts to place blame on others. there is an obvious truth here that must be spoken. the truth is that assad, russia ave no interest in peace. how many more children die before russia cares? >> russia is saying assad quotel apon's depot but a cnrar open r.
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president trump will hmar-ao a china's president. vowing to korea alone, if necessary. though he admits he could use china's help. cou make for a tense two days as he used china a political punching bag on the campaign e china to rape our country. and that's w greest theft in th istory of the world. agenda? trade. with thesi chi with the massive trade deficits leader looks to if iing his own power there.
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the diplomacy playing out at mar-a-lago over the nengs few days could take the backseat to -- without any evidence, the president accused former secretary rice of committing crime. nbc hallie jackson has report. >> reporter: with the notable steve bannon. a source sd bannon was working on health care instead but his conspicuous no-show came hours after he was ousted fromury cou. the vice president, insisting it's not a demotion. >> just a natural evolution to ensure the national security council is organized in a way that best serves the president. >> a top white house offic says bannon was originally put on the committee as a mic check. bannon's goal, originally
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sources say, to break down the obama-era structure inside that national security team. led, at the time, by susan rice. she's in the president's crosshairs now as he accuses wi committing a crime, by requesting names that people e unmasked. >> there's nothing wrong, unexpected, illegal about doing that. what would be wrong and illegal is if she took that name and e the press. >> i leaked nothingnobody. >> the president, yet again, making aunsubstantiated surveillance claim, telling " t >> a lot of news ye ee more upd today. thank you to hallie jackson for also, pepsi now pulled a 2 1/2-minute ad featuring ke gives an officer in riotwidespread
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condemnation, with critics bad d trivlized the black lives matter movement, pepsi rt, saying, in company was trying to project a and understanding. clearly, we missed apologized. >> clearly we missed it, more power to them check in with bill karins with more on the severe weather today. florida is now the focus of wher >> yeah. potential for an isolated strong storm down there in areasa. as far as early this afternoon, here is the timing. we goou midatlantic region, washington, d.c., 2:00, 3:avy rain by this evening's commute moves into flood risk that will accompany that one to thre day ahead. goodrologist bill henley. rain has started in our area. it's light rain fal philadelphia toward the shore.
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moderate showers as far as thunderstorms are concerned has a look to the west to harrisburg. those are missing us. the next round ier. we've issued a first alert for potential for heavy rain, flooding a s update at 4:30. >> all right, bill. for "nbc 10 news today" -- >> we're learning more about this attack. the video has gone have narrowed down the search for the young suspec this week's train derailment is causing headaches for commurs. we'll tell you about the lingering problems and when things could get back to normal. >> grand opening today. first lego land opens to the public. we'll have a preview of what to. weather, traffic. all the news you need to know before you head out the i star today." get play proof kid's gear
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death struggle with a burglar. cameras caught it inside a jewelry srespded to a burglary progress. police say the suspect tried to ug officer's eyes and grab his gun. >> his fingers were going into my eye sockets. danger and needed to do whatever i could to get out alive. >> couldn't help but notice that thebr 23-year-old suspect was arrested, facesrgburglary and b okay. the secret service says it's suspending an employee that an agent one charged with soliciting a pros stituted the employee was off duty at th leave stripped of clearance and facilities pending disciplinary actions.
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. >> kelly dropped a bombshe bombshell. edgereo build a great and beautiful border wall across the country. >> i will say this, that it's unlikely that we will build a f sea to shining sea but it is very likely i'm c the men and women say we should put it. >> his comment comes as the trump administration reviews border wal contractors. >> that's a development. midtown, manhattan after three manholes caught fire andand flying into . terrifying stuff. one saw a cover shoot up 25 to 30 feet, and firefighters cordoned off the street. officials say these started after some electrical cables caught fire. injuries reported. >> so scary. these are busy streets of new york.
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ainot of people out there. good thing no one was hurt. not many sin election in another country tney spears. her concert in tel aviv forced the labor party to delay their election by one day. traffic jams and a lack of security staff were among the reasons party leaders gave for changing the election day. they also said many party supporters wanted to attend the concert. so instead ofbrit, can you have a later date, maybe reschedule, it's let us reschedule. >> hey brit. just ahead two journalists dig up dirt. aow do you get e your prom date? one epic attempt next. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate
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♪ people say i look gosling ♪ ♪ i know my vogt ain't great but please be my prom date ♪ ♪ emma stone please be the one snoelt >> what is that? that is a bold high school student, jacob, who decided to invite his celebrity crush emma stone to prom with his own spin on the "la la land" opening number.e video already has over 65,000 views. jacob is waiting for an answer from the oscar winner but says
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he has a backup date just in case. at least you know, he is sood of famous. >> come on, emma. go to prom with him. do a guy a favor. and principal of a kansas high school, stepping down before she even starts her job after a couple of students discovered that some of her credentials didn't add up. the hired principal said she earned her degrees from corllins university, the students found does not exist. >> the most common question is how did the school board not catch this earlier and not follow up on it and how did we catch it before any one else. my response is i think we just did our job as a journalist. >> some hard core journalists in the making. robertson says when she received her degrees there it was no issue adding that the students' concerns were not based on facts. >> the school board must be embarrassed. are you ready for a real
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in today's quick hits barry manilow revealed why he waited so long to come out as gay. the 73-year-old said he didn't want to disappoint his mostly female base. we all know they are hard core so a lot of them sticking by him. >> a woman accused of killing the father of her children posted one of the largest bails. tiffany a $35 million but doubled to 70 because her family and friends posted property. >> christian bale has his work cut out for him in talks to play dick cheney in a bio pic. also considered is steve carell and amy adams as lynne cheney. . come close, come close. i like that. [ all sounds come to a crashing halt ] stops working, n relier
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storms, damaging w what we' up against today. we're tracking it all as you head out the door this morning. mall brawl. young suspects accused of attacking a teenager at the king of prussia mall. monsignor charged, accused of skimming more than $5,000 from the catholic church. we've got you covered with the wild weather coming today. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai a. you can see the first alert radar and the flag whipping in the wind there in center city.
4:29 am
meteorologist bill tracking the storms with what to expect in your neighborhood with the most accurate forecast in town. bill? >> we're starting off with light rain from philadelphia to theme there. heavy showers and thunderstorms, at least the fs t the west. they're in the harrisburg area. we'll see some heavy rainfall to start with there. we'll get our share as there's more lining up to the southwest. this will be a big system. it will be with us through the day today. the potential for severe weather will be, in fact, for our entire viewing area during the day today. potential for periods of heavy rainfall could lead to some flooding and severe storms are also a possibility withnd and p. we're starting off in the 40s. got a little chilly overnight. 48 degrees right now. rain falling in philadelphia, jersey and lehigh valley. light wind out at 14 miles an hour, compared to what we'll see during the day. showers, thunderstorms with
4:30 am
gusty winds. philadelphia will reach 62 degrees this afternoon and 50s for the lehigh valley in nd tsuburbs. the shore up to 60 degrees today. i'll go through it hour by hour, to show you when those stronger storms are likely to reach your neighborhood. first jessica your first alert traffic. >> our cameras right around 20th street. watching right here. we have no problems reported right now. the roads are wet. picked out this camera. looks better than it did a minute ago. rain water is covering the lens. some of it has probably dripped off. vine street expressway is open inted problems. 95 looks okay. we're watching construction. right lane to 95 northbound ramp to eastbound vine street expressway is actually blocked right now with this construction project. we're keeping an eye on that for you with a trip southbound from woodhaven road to the


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