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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  April 6, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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police now say these are middle school students on the attack. investigators are revealing a motive for their beat down. housing crisis. growing number of philadelphia renters are facing conditions like these in their homes. now city leaders are helping them fight back. 6:00 am thursday morning. we have you covered with all your weather headed your way. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we begin a soggy and stormy day. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and your most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill? >> light rain so far this morning. threat of severe weather is why we've issued a first alert for the entire viewing area later this morning and this afternoon, during the day today. that's when we will see those storms take shape. potentially severe storms, even hail is possible and heavy downpours. we've had so much rain lately, we could see a flood threat, especially in the suburbs and
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lehigh valley. it's light, scattered showers. first line has moved to the north. you can see the next line is starting to take shape. this is light rain moving through northeastern maryland portions of delaware and cumberland county in new jersey. another line of light showers moving through. and then later this morning and this afternoon, there are the severe storms. they're in north carolina and headed into virginia but are trending our way. radar screen for those who hit our area later this morning and this afternoon. chilly wind is blowing in the suburbs. 45 in new jersey. bundle up. rain falling in the lehigh valley, 46 degrees. just under the 50-degree mark in delaware. it will take most of the day for temperatures to warm to 60 degrees this afternoon. most of the day it will be colder than that. 50s for the suburbs. chance of storms at new jersey and at the shore and 54 degrees for the lehigh valley. delaware hits near 60 degrees later today.
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i'll break it down with the futurecast latest computer model that's been updated to show you when the heavier downpours are most likely to make it to your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first, let's see how the roads are dealing with this rain and the clouds this morning. jessica boyington has an update. >> dealing with reduced visibility in slippery spots for sure, bill. vine street expressway, approaching the schuylkill expressway. westbound side, flashing lights. starting to see a little bit better than we were ten minutes ago or so. either way, reduced visibility here. clearly slippery spots. few accidents in the exact same spot. westbound side, i think it looks like two lanes moving by right now, heading toward the schuylkill expressway. over in the shoulder right now with police activity and few vehicles that are involved. center city on the vine. again that's headed west on the eastbound side toward 95. looks okay. new jersey camera, 42 freeway around route 41. this is the northbound side. we watch that for delays moving
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through the philadelphia area or had to split off toward 295 and head toward trenton. for now we're doing okay. penns grove, you can see in between 295 and pennsville auburn road. back to you. >> you can count on the nbc 10 app for the latest traffic trouble storms may cause. you can get weather alerts and track rain to your neighborhood with our interactive radar. breaking news this morning. fire marshal is investigating two suspicious fires in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. someone started a fire by pouring flammable liquid on a porch on west allegheny avenue this morning. fire marshal is trying to determine if that fire was connected to a car fire. that happened around the block about the same time. about a block away, i guess. no one was hurt in either fire. new this morning, philadelphia police are searching for the man who shot a woman in the stomach and shin. officers were called to 57th and
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florence avenue. witness tell police the victim was arguing with a man who then fired six to seven shots. she is listed in stable condition. we have new details now about a brawl in the middle of king of prussia mall. police now say several main line middle school students are responsible for the fight. cell phone video of last week's incident quickly went viral. upper marion police confirm that the suspects are students at radnor middle school and could be charged in an attack against another student. in a statement the school said we were disheartened to learn from police that students from our district may have been involved. we are cooperating with police and do not tolerate this type of behavior. those students are now banned from the mall. and mall security met with police to adjust security measures and prevent something reich this happening again. three wilmington teenagers are charged in the death of a high school classmate. child psychologist testified
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that the dpirls couldn't have foreseen that 16 amy joyner-francis would have died following the fist fight. despite several punches in the fight, the state medical examiner ruled that she died of a pre-existing heart condition. the eric frein murder trial, jurors heard state troopers describe how they responded to the ambush attack at their barracks in blooming grove. one of them described looking into corporal dickson's eyes for signs of life and seeing nothing. corporal dickson was killed and trooper douglas was injured in the line of bullets. frein faces the death penalty if convicted. president trump will leave the white house to welcome china's president to his florida estate. both men are expected to discuss international trade during a brief visit to mr. trump's mar-a-lago resort. he is also expected to ask
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china's leader to help norwith north korea and kim jong-un. the so-called nuclear option to overcome a democratic filibuster. president's chief strategist is off the national security council. president trump removed steve bannon yesterday, reversing what some viewed as a controversial decision to give him access to high-level meetings. critics said it was inappropriate for a political adviser to play a role in national security matters. a white house representative says he was given a seat only as a check against then national security adviser michael flynn. now that flynn is gone, bannon is no longer needed. philadelphia clergy and city officials will investigate gun violence after a string of
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crimes. at least 25 shots were fired stiles street monday not far from the school. three people were killed. the surviving victim, police tell us, is not cooperating with the investigation. tracy? children of two firefighters killed in the line of duty won't have to worry about paying for their education. delaware fallen heroes scholarship fund awarded its first grants to three wilmington catholic schools. the money will support the children of lieutenants arty hope and christopher leach, both were killed battling a row house fire last september. a public meeting next week, proposed budget cuts have many parents upset. about a $5 million deficit. several plans are under consideration, furlough dozens of teachers and closing elementary school in two years. sky rocketing pension costs and
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budget issues in harrisburg. >> 6:07. 47 degrees. a first alert because of what will come today. take a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. it's already been a slightly wet morning. it's going to be much wetter as we go through the day. let's get your most accurate forecast. bill henley has that. >> it looks dry from that live view and live view of the airport, philadelphia international is live right now. you can see the cameras shaking. that's the wind that's blowing, the other part of the component. winds are 25 miles an hour in philadelphia. those winds will be getting stronger, especially this afternoon. it's making it feel cold this morning. windchill, feels-like temperature 39 in trenton. 38 in mt. holly. bundle up in allentown and wilmington. we'll see the temperature climb. we'll also see rain coming down. charlestown, upper chester county is seeing some rain. it just cleared westchester. dry inful did he hava, that's
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temporary. more showers just to the south. you see a line of some light showers. nothing heavy about this. no storms there. so far, the storms have missed us. this next batch will likely come oufr our way. severe storms moving through north carolina and into vergena are trending our way. we'll be watching for those as the day goes on. this morning, 7:00, yeah, light rain showers in philadelphia. that line moves through. we'll get some breaks in the precipitation at 9:00, but then steadier and potentially heavier rain starts moving in at 10:00 this morning, south jersey and portions of delaware, too. it swings into the philadelphia area at noontime and keeps moving to the north. then we're back to scattered light showers at 2:00 this afternoon. here is the line i'm concerned about. you can see it developing at 2:00 and swinging into lancaster and tensionally into berks county and lehigh valley. that could produce severe weather later today. and heavy downpours in philadelphia at 4:30 in the
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afternoon and scattered showers in delaware and into farther south and south jersey. we will get temperatures climbing into the low 60s in philadelphia. that's not going to happen until late this afternoon, possibly not until 6:00 this evening. suburbs, wind, chance of showers. lehigh valley, storm threat for later this morning and this afternoon. occasional showers, chance of thunderstorms for new jersey, the shore and wilmington as well. things are changing before we get to the weekend but you may not like what i have to say about the phillies home opener. >> uh-oh. >> we'll look at that in ten minutes. nothing to do with baseball either. >> just find the rain gear. >> take it with you. >> or watch it on nbc 10. >> oh, that's better! that's way better. >> ten minutes past 6:00 am. let's find out what's happening on the blue route. >> not the blue route yet. we'll get there, though. vine street expressway one last time, quick update moving
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through center city. this accident scene over into the right-hand shoulder. visibility is very poor. we're dealing with wet roads. few accidents in the same spot so far when we started our show around 4:30. over into the right-hand shoulder we had an earlier crash pushed over that way, creating westbound delays on the vine street expressway. westbound toward the schuylkill, we are back to normal. now we'll head over to the blue route and check in with our cameras there around the germantown pike, on-ramp right here. watch on and off ramps for slippery spots. route 202 looks okay, at least with the drive times right now. from route 30 to the schuylkill expressway. we'll end here with mass transit. modified schedule. new jersey transit a holiday schedule and septa's route 101, eastbound service dealing with ten-minute delays. back to you guys. constant changes in weight,
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the toll it takes on your health. plus highlighting harassment many women face on a daily basis. 12 after 6:00, straight ahead, an opening day surprise. this young philly fan has a big job for tomorrow's game. the honor he's getting, that's next.
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6:15. university is planning a shelter in place drill at the maine and health science campuses. emergency responses to severe weather, chemical releases. expect to hear warning sign sooi rens for three minutes around noon. t text alerts will be sent to students. an eviction crisis, people kicked out of their homes, many
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time times illegally. the city is now taking steps to make sure renters know their rights. the city reports that evictions effect one in 14 renters. leaders who held a meeting in german town last night say this could leave families homeless and cause children to lose access to their schools. the city said many are afraid to complain to their landlords for fear of evicted. >> i was under the impression she was going to have someone clean up but no, i had to do this in order to have a place to liv live. >> council members say the city will explore more resources on behalf of the tenants. tomorrow, phillies return to citizens bank park for the first time this season. >> very exciting. coverage starts here on nbc 10 at 2:00. in addition to the teams, fans will get to see one very special
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on-field moment. yesterday, fred alward found out he will toss out the ceremonial first pitch. he spends three days a week on dialysis at aig hospital for children. >> i'm nervous but not even nervous. even if i don't throw the pitch, the crowd is still going to love me. >> i love that! you know what? you're right. the crowd will still love you. it looks like he has a pretty good arm. i'm sure he will do just fine. >> if he does what he just did there -- >> they'll go craze. >> i -- the crowd will go wild. >> really nice honor. >> i hope the weather cooperates for him tomorrow. that would be really unfortunate. either way -- >> not a great day weatherwise. >> i know. we'll get to that. >> not for tomorrow. not for driving today either. >> no. we'll get to the weather in a
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minute. we'll get you to work first. a little bit of delays on 95 guys around cottman avenue. little bit of brake lights on our drive time as well. 19 minutes. we are seeing slowdowns there moving into center city. wood haven road to the vine. speeds are averaging into the 40s as well. slowdown on 95. water main break on route 48, somewhere between 295 right around here and pennsville auburn road. schuylkill express doing okay. you can see we're seeing some spots with yell o drive time hasn't increased up there yet. eastbound to center city doing a little bit worse not too bad. 15 total drive time from the blue route to the vine. ending with mass transit. amtrak modified schedule. holiday schedule for new jersey transit. spta route 101 service dealing with ten-minute residual delays
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and patco running on time or close to schedule. 6:19. now let's get you updated on the timing of all the wet weather, high winds. potentially severe storms today. >> i'm so surprised we had that story that temple was going to do a severe weather drill at noontime. you shouldn't be doing a drill on a day when there's a potential for severe schedule. you have to rethink that. i usually don't say that, but not today. not getting rain at penn landing. we have seen rain shower this is morning. heavy downpours and potentially severe weather in wilmington. look close, you can see the tarp on the infield. blue rocks home opener. not looking good for that. coming down heavier in the suburbs right now into montgomery county. that's not necessarily heavy rain, but more moderate showers
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moving through east pike land this morning and pottstown seeing that rain, too. threat of severe watering will come our way later today. first storms have missed us to the west. to the south you can see heavy, wet weather. this is light shower activity that's just starting to move into the area. the severe weather to the south, this is what's going to produce heavy downpours as it moves into our area later this afternoon. in fact, we could be in for some more flooding. heaviest rain looks set for the lehigh valley and some of the suburbs by the time this is done by tomorrow morning, looking close to two inches of rain. back over to an inch and a third in philly. wilmington, too. less in south jersey. that doesn't mean there's no threat there. there's a threat of severe weather and more showers are set fo r your friday. first alert for severe storms for the entire viewing area during the day today, especially later this morning and this afternoon. heavy downpours and a flood
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threat well. yes, showers still around tomorrow. not heavy rain. look at the temperatures. wind will be blowing during the game that's set to start at 3:05 tomorrow. will dry out by the ninth inning but the wind and cold will stay. things are looking nice, sunny. timing for the cherry blossom saturday, closer to 70 degrees sunday. hope to see you there. i'll be there. sunshine today, no. storms, 60 degrees. 40s tomorrow with the wind blowing to make it feel colder. sunshine for sunday and sunny. near 60 on saturday, near 70 sunday. 80 for monday and tuesday. it cools down a bit with showers on wednesday. back to normal this time of year with temperatures in the 60s thursday, friday and saturday. >> bill, thank you. 6:21. looking for an inside activity because of the rain today, there's a new spot for the families.
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still ahead, new option that involves lots of legos. plus, digging up the truth. a discovery school journalists made about their new principal that made her resign before she even started.
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game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
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happening today, the school district of philadelphia wants you, looking for 1,000 new teachers for next school year and will hold information sessions at its broad street headquarters this afternoon ahead of its annual recruiting campaign. >> good morning, everyone. jessica boyington, watching the roads this morning. reduced visibility as well. i'll have cameras and updates on that when i come back. for now, let's check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill
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henley. >> center city broad street is dry right now. no showers in the immediate area. some showers are starting to pop up in the region. 47 degrees with the wind blowing, it feels like it's closer to 39 at this hour. 6:26 at the time. i'll have your hour--hour neighborhood forecast just ahead. i'm katy zachry, live in dar darby, where a priest at this retirement home is accused of stealing from other priests. the surprising places he spent much of it.
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that left destruc ihour-by-hour timeline for w local catholic leader is dollars. theish things policemone high school vere
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about their principal that thro i'vai the same ssed le snow on >> potential for severeth issue alert for the late afternoon hours, tha take place with damaging lea ty where there's been anomejeey and philadelphia. i'm now seeing a heavy downpour that has just developed in montgomery county, falling at a rate of more than 1 1/3 inches an hour. more showers are coming in from the southwest. next round of showers are starting off light. we could see it fire up at any time this morning. it's more likely later this morning and this afternoon, we'll get some of that, the
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severe weather moving through virginia and north carolina. through it all, it will be chilly for most of the day. we're in the 40s right now. the wind is blowing, to make it feel even colder. 46 with rabe rain in the lehigh valley. philadelphia at 47 degrees. could see some showers and thunderstorms. 51 at noontime today. eventually we'll make it to 60 in the afternoon. most of the rest of the area will stay a little bit cooler. the exception will be new jersey. it will take all day to see temperatures come up. i'll break it down hour by hour with the futurecast to show you when the storms are most likely to reach your area. first, how the roads are dealing with the rain. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> moving through camden right now. just behind our graphic, right over in this direction, the camera has moved over a little bit further than we normally see it. either way, these lanes are headed toward the ben franklin
6:32 am
bridge. no backups yet but we'll start to see that later on in the morning commute. either way, getting into philadelphia. right now it's okay. delays in center city over to the vine, though. penns grove, water main break, closing down a portion of route 48 between 295 and pennsville road. looks okay for the most part. of course, this is through an intersection with the traffic light. we are seeing a little bit of brake lights there. other than that, doing okay. clearly rain on our camera lens. southbound toward the schuylkill. we'll start to see delays approaching that point. back to you guy. >> count on the nbc 10 app. we have you covered right there. traffic trouble that the storms may cause. you can get weather alerts as we track the potential for severe weather, track the rain right to your neighborhood with our interactive radar. delaware county monsignor is accused of stealing mony and blowing it on casinos, concerts and high-end dinners.
6:33 am
katy zachry, prosecutors are saying this goes back quite a while. >> reporter: the alleged theft took place for nearly a decade before anyone noticed or did anything about it, involving half a million dollars. the money was kept at a local bank, sharon savings. monsignor william dombro had sole access to the money. that came from priests who died and parishioners who left gifts in their will to the church. villa st. joseph in darby that houses retired priests and acts as a treatment center for priests who have been accused of sexual assault. court documents show he gambled most of the money. the whole situation disturbs people who live nearby. >> how did you get way with that for nine years? what kind of administration is over there that you allow that one person to have that much access to that type of money?
6:34 am
>> honsignor dombro is on administrative leave from villa st. joseph here in darby. his attorney tells us he is expected to plead guilty. if convicted he could face the rest of his life behind bars. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. the man accused of sexually assaulting teenagers and underage girls heads to for a pretrial hearing. police found more than a dozen underage girls living in his home. his trial is expected to begin in late may. the man accused of setting off bombs in new york city and jersey shore is asking the judge to move the trial to vermont. lawyers for ahmad rahimi say potential jurors may have been influenced by the media coverage. rachlt h michlt i is charged with detonating a pipe bomb during a race in seaside park and planting two pressure cooker bombs in the chelsea
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neighborhood of new york city. he has pled not guilty. 6:35. this just in. syria's foreign minister says his country never used and will not use chemical weapons. president trump says a suspected chemical attack on civilians in syr syria, quote, crossed a lot of lines. that attack earlier this week killed about 100 people, including women and children. president trump said the images of the victims made a deep impression on him. >> their deaths was an affront to humanity. these heinous acts by the assad regime will not be tolerated. >> nikki haley warned that the united states would take action if the u.n. security council doesn't act in response to the attack. a man is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend with the homemade air gun. >> stephanie roup was found shot in the chest in her driveway in
6:36 am
september. joseph razzler lived across the street. the two had dated but roupe ended the relationship and razzler was angry about the breakup. seeking justice for this cat they've named miracle maisy. someone tied her up, put her in a trash bag, doused her with gas. workers heard her cries as she was being crushed in a garbage track in reading and rescued her. $1,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction in the case. bicyclists are gearing up for a ride to honor a school teacher who was killed while cycling. known as mr. g, he was killed in penn's landing. the annual camden clean campaign is under way. the square and south
6:37 am
neighborhoods yesterday. today is the grand opening of the new lego land discovery center in montgomery county. traction features a philadelphiay land made up of more than 1 million lego bricks. so cool. it has rides, 4-d ma and space for kids to build their own creations. >> it may be a great place to go today. little bit later. take the kids. >> it is going to be a very wet day. we issued that first alert because the weather could get severe at points. >> let's check in with bill henley, the most accurate forecast. bill? starting off with lots of clouds and mainly light showers in philadelphia. and winds. you'll have to grab the heavy work this morning. spending any time outside. not just the umbrella you need. winds at 21 miles an hour in philadelphia will make it feel like it's in the 30s and low 40s
6:38 am
this morning. nowhere near that nice, beautiful afternoon we saw in the 60s yesterday. we're seeing clouds and rain. and that's going to keep things chilly for most of the day. look at the low 50s at 1:00 this afternoon. then as the showers taper off during the late afternoon hours, we could start to see temperatures really peak into the low 60s. it's going to take most of the day to get there. we've seen some rain in philadelphia. first showers are just to the north. they've swung through the area. there are some heavier downpours and some of the suburbs, however, in upper montgomery county, toward lehigh valley. getting past richmond, moving in toward northampton county edge past lehigh county, missing allentown. severe weather right now is happening in virginia as it moves out of north carolina. and this is on track for our area for this afternoon. we could see some heavy downpours before the stronger storms take shape. by 11:00 this morning -- in
6:39 am
fact, hour-by-hour, look at that line. inching into philadelphia. that moves in to the lehigh valley by noon. those storms are moving at 50 miles an hour. that's going to give us a break around 1:30 in the afternoon. look to the west. that is some fierce-looking weather that could swing into the area at 2:30 in the afternoon heavy downpours and some thunderstorms in the lehigh valley at 4:00. we'll see some scattered showers in delaware and south jersey. fast forward to 6:30. 6:30 in wilmington. important blue rocks have their home opener tonight at 6:35. it's not going to be great weather for that. chance of some showers. keep an eye on the sky if you're going to that game. 60 in center city. 50s with occasional showers and thunderstorms for the suburbs and lehigh valley. new jersey, on and off showers and potential for strong thunderstorms for jersey and the shore. and delaware near 59 degrees this afternoon with those
6:40 am
showers tapering off late this afternoon. look ahead phillies game tomorrow and weekend when i come back with the ten day on 10. >> thank you, bill. take a look at the schuylkill and vine. >> issues already out there. poor visibility, wet roads in some areas. let's get you updated. jess? >> vine street expressway through center city interchange. delays on the westbound side out of the center city area. moving toward south philadelphia. actually looking a little bit better. starting to see slow spots on most of the roads. in new castle, airport road between highway 37 and 95 because of earlier flooding. 422, delays there as well. only on the eastbound side we're doubling our drive time. typically a seven-minute trip if you're heading either direction really when there's no traffic. we're at 16 minutes. little over double what we normally see and average speeds are down into the now.
6:41 am
76 in gloucester city. right in our cameras at market street. looks okay. right here is the traffic moving toward the phil did he have area before the walt whitman bridge and 676 split through camden. back to you guys. yo-yo dieting may give you quick results but takes a toll on your body. >> the damage might not be worth your effort, doctors say. plus, look out below. flames shooting out of a manhole across new york city. makeover reveal. inside hard rock's multi-million dollar plan to transform the old taj mahal in atlantic city.
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♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. 6:45. this just in about ten minutes ago.
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faa has halted flights out of philadelphia. it's all due to the weather. foggy scene here from our camera in south philadelphia. bill henley will have more on the fog and storms in the forecast coming up in just two minutes. chris christie is halting payments to amtrak following a second derailment at penn station. monday's derailment is still slowing down commuters today. christie told nj transit to stop paying amtrak until they verify the northeast corridor is safe. they paid amtrak for maintenance. they hope to have full rail service restored by friday. check out this new video of a man hole blasting in the air in new york city. three man hole covers blew last night, launching flames and smoke into the streets of midtown manhattan. underground electric cable fire was to blame. no one was hurt. you may see yellow caution tape in some philadelphia neighborhoods. it's not to mark off crime
6:46 am
scenes. it's drawing attention to harassment women. the special cat call crime scene tape is part of a public art project, popping up near schools, construction sites and other public places where women say they've been harassed. >> the fact that we're viewed as objects that you can just holler at. >> where are we in society that women can't walk down the street without people calling things at them? >> the campaign hopes to raise awareness about unwanted stares, comments and end rape culture. getting first look at the newest casino in atlantic city. hard rock hotel and casino, which replaces the old trump ta mahal. hard rock international plans to invest more than $300 million to renovate it. new this morning, alaska airlines is adding a new option for travelers at philly international, a nonstop flight
6:47 am
to los angeles, starting in september. amazon refund can be coming your way if your kids made unauthorized app purchases, paying back $70 million after the company was found guilty of illegally billing customers between 2011 and 2016. amazon's app basically gave kids unlimited access to their parents' credit card. new this morning, yo-yo weight changes could be dangerous to people with heart issues. patients who lost and regained weight several times were at risk for heart attacks, strokes and even deaths. cardiologists say it's good for overweight patients to lose weight but they should try their best to keep it off. well, student journalists at a kansas high school are showing the power of the press. >> they interviewed their newly hired principal for their newspaper, did some research. students had questions about her credentials. they were curious.
6:48 am
the principal said she got her doctorate from corlins university. students couldn't find any proof that the university was a ledges mat accredited institution. >> the most common question is how did the school board not catch this earlier and not, you know, follow up on it and how did we watch it before everyone else? my response was i think we just did job as journalists. >> yes, you did. school administrators say they have a vetting process that would have caught the same thing. students just did it sooner. though, let me remind you, she had already been hired. she resigned before she ever started the job. good for them. tracy, being a journalist, journalists did research and found out that corln's university is in geneva. >> it has a website but doesn't list the location. good job, student journalists. >> indeed. lichlted visibility. just wait. it will be a wet day with potential for severe weather today. >> it's gotten worse since we're
6:49 am
on the air. most accurate forecast in the neighborhood. bill? >> visibility is not great. ground stop for arriving flights in philadelphia. heading out the door, though, this is what will greet you. clouds. we'll seen mainly light rain overnight. heavy showers and thunderstorms for the day today, especially later this morning and this afternoon. yes, there's a possibility of rain this evening for the blue rocks home opener. live view from the stadium in wilmington. during the day we'll see heavier downpours. trenton is seeing moderate showers. showers moving through the lehigh valley. pretty quiet right now philadelphia as far as rain is concerned. so far, heavier showers have stayed well to the west of the area. but that's going to change with this line of showers and thunderstorms to the south. these light rain showers move through. we'll be watching this next round,ing severe weather, has produced severe weather in north carolina. and it's quickly moving through
6:50 am
virginia with thunderstorm activity just firing up south of charlottesville. this is on track for our area later this morning and this afternoon. the thunderstorm risk, greater in delaware and south jersey than it is in philadelphia. and let's less likely in the lehigh valley. you'll get some heavier pours. by 6:00 this evening, close to an inch and a half in allentown, more than an inch and a half in readington. and those there may not be as much rain across delaware and south jersey, there will be heavy downpours with some thunderstorms. harbor township could see more than an inch of rain today. stormy day today. grab your umbrella. keep an ear toward the weather. grab our nbc app, too, to stay on top of the situation today. heavy rain is gone tomorrow. we'll still see rain showers and wind and cold. not a great day for baseball for the philly's home opener. this weekend, different story.
6:51 am
beautiful weather saturday and sunday. temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 sunday. warm-up for monday and tuesday, 80 degrees. mild wednesday. chance of some showers and back to normal for this time of year for thursday, friday and saturday. the good news is that we'll have great weather for the cherry blossom festival this weekend. lots of sunshine. sunday afternoon real winner for a high near 70 degrees. something to look forward to. >> indeed. i want to reiterate something you said, bill. now is a good time to download that nbc app if you don't have it. we'll track that severe weather and you can watch it right to your neighborhood. >> good advice. >> yeah. right? >> get the app. this poor visibility, what effect is it having on the roads? >> hard to see the roads behind me my camera here and cameras around girard avenue, southbound side moving toward center city,
6:52 am
25 minutes from woodhaven road to vine expressway. average speeds in the mid 30s or so. you can actually see the rain coming down, causing problems and delays. norristown, near main street and 295 in lawnside doesn't look that bad. southbound side here. traffic moving more toward philadelphia. really too bad. we'll end with the philadelphia international airport. checking in with that, traffic management program in effect for flights arriving to philly because of low clouds and weather conditions out there. also if you're heading to new york, watch for big delays there. they're dealing with some delays. either way, check your flight before you head out the door today, vai and tracy. >> always good advice. north philly's own dawn staley coming back home to be honored at her alma mater at dobbins high school. staley also coached basketball at temple and is a three-time olympic gold medalist.
6:53 am
love when she's home. the linc isn't the only place to see eagles green. nascar driver detail earn heart hardt jr. will be driving an eagles car. >> only problem for dale ea earnhardt jr. >> being a redskins fans it was hard to wrap my brain around it. hope my redskins pals won't disown me. >> you go to the poconos in car, they'll cheer you. earnhardt will be in the eagles car pocono race way june 11th. severe storms will roll through our area today. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything.
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this morning, we are following three high-profile court cases. >> the man charged with sexuallying teenagers and underage girls date back decades. testimony continues in the eric frein murder trial. corporal brian dickson was killed in the 2014 attack. frein faces the death penalty if found guilty. closing arguments expected in the trial of three wilmington teenagers charged in the death of a high school classmate. despite suffering from several punches in the school bathroom fight medical examiner ruled 16-year-old amy joyner-francis died of a pre-existing heart condition. good morning, everyone.
6:58 am
jessica boyington with one last check on the roads. schuylkill expressway, big delays on the westbound side. no real surprise here right around city avenue. moving toward more conshohocken. backing up before montgomery drive. watch for delays on the schuylkill. crash out in west conshohocken right around front street. new in this system. penns grove in new jersey, right 48. closure between 295. watch out for that. end here at the airport. no major delays but a traffic management in effect for flights arriving there. heading toward philly or new york, watch for delays there as well. check before you go. one minute before 7:00, light rain showers. we've seen one round move through. scattered light showers right now. what you see to the southwest what's concerning me for later this morning and this afternoon.
6:59 am
potential for severe weather for our area. it'sing our way. by 11:00 this morning, heavier downpours will swing through philadelphia, push into berks county 1:00 in the afternoon. we'll get a break and then more showers and thunderstorm activity by 3:00 this afternoon. through the day, it will be a chilly one. temperatures in the 40s. they'll peak near 60 this afternoon. it will take all day to get there. keep an eye on the sky. download the app and watch that as well. you can always get my first alert forecast on today's 101.1 fm. >> thank you, bill. nbc 10 app. >> app important today. thanks for watching. good morning. breaking overnight, a new tornado outbreak. at least nine in three states. the severe weather threat expanding today targeting more than 100 million people from florida all the way to new england.
7:00 am
ready to act? the president signals a major change of heart in syria after the suspected chemical attack on men, women and children. >> that crosses many, many lines. >> so what can the u.s. do? and with north korea posing an even bigger threat, the president sits down today with the one man who may be able to help. will china's president get tough on kim jong-un? we're live with the latest. and freak accident. dustin johnson, the world's number one golfer and favorite to win the masters, falls down a flight of stairs on the eve of


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