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tv   Today  NBC  April 6, 2017 7:00am-9:59am EDT

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alert forecast on today's 101.1 fm. >> thank you, bill. nbc 10 app. >> app important today. thanks for watching. good morning. breaking overnight, a new tornado outbreak. at least nine in three states. the severe weather threat expanding today targeting more than 100 million people from florida all the way to new england. ready to act? the president signals a major change of heart in syria after the suspected chemical attack on men, women and children. >> that crosses many, many lines. >> so what can the u.s. do? and with north korea posing an even bigger threat, the president sits down today with the one man who may be able to help. will china's president get tough on kim jong-un? we're live with the latest. and freak accident. dustin johnson, the world's number one golfer and favorite to win the masters, falls down a flight of stairs on the eve of
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its opening round. can he recover in time to play this afternoon? and along for the ride -- >> here we go. >> let's do it. >> jimmy fallon gives carson a new tour of his thrilling universal orlando attraction. we are taking a race through new york with "the tonight show host" and helping him celebrate the grand opening on this thursday, april 6, 2017. >> from abc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. is there anyone more perfect we could have sent to check out the jimmy fam lollon ride that like getting dizzy? >> it looks like i'm downstairs at 30 rockefeller. they have done a good job making
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this place look like it. we are in orlando at the jimmy fallon ride. it is incredible. we'll talk to jimmy today. he had a lot of input into this ride, three years in the making. we have a big morning for you. it was fun. >> carson, work on that voice there. we'll talk to you in a few minutes. >> too much fun. severe weather is our top story. more tornadoes, more flooding rains battering the south. dangerous storms are taking aim at millions more firing up the east coast. al will have his forecast in just a moment, but let's start with kerry sanders out west in georgia this morning. hi, kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. 50,000 people this morning are waking up without electricity. meantime, at the airport in atlanta, it's a mess. more than 1600 flights were canceled due to the severe weather and the tornado outbreaks. that means there's a lot of people who slept on the floor there overnight. it will be a mess there this morning. and here in rural georgia, it's all about the cleanup. where i am right now is, was a
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chicken farm. as we can see from above, we have a live picture from our drone, the destruction here is total. the tornado dropped out of the sky at a time when, thankfully, nobody was here. but as you can see, the debris field goes just about in every direction for more than a mile. this morning in the southeast, a twisted path of destruction. powerful storms reducing entire neighborhoods to rubble. at least nine tornadoes reported through wednesday night. >> we didn't get a chance to get scared. >> reporter: 61 million people at risk overnight across 13 states. much of the damage is around here in stewart county, georgia. here, an 8-year-old was sitting in the hallway at home with her mom and two brothers when -- they heard the sound of a tornado barreling through the neighborhood. >> when it started raining, we checked out the windows and everything was like this.
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>> reporter: what do you think of that? >> it's horrible. >> reporter: up the road -- >> this is where my brother lives. >> reporter: trudy is thankful her brother was not home when the storm tore through his trailer. she was taking shelter close by. >> the inside of the roof was shaking. >> reporter: they all made it out unharmed. a couple hundred miles away, the ominous clouds forcing the masters to cancel its annual par 3 golf tournament for the first time in 56 years. nationwide, we've seen a lot of pictures like this, like we're looking at right now because there have been more than 350 tornadoes this season. in the state that has seen the most? right here in georgia, more than 85 twisters. savannah? matt? >> kerry sanders, thank you. al is standing over here. it just seems like a particularly active period right now. >> in fact, we've had more than 460 tornadoes this time of the
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year, which is more than double, the most we have seen since 2008. and we have more going on. we have severe thunderstorms making their way from florida all the way on up into the midatlantic states where we now have a tornado watch from richmond, norfolk, on into raleigh, north carolina. we're going to be watching this very closely over the next several hours. right now, we have an enhanced risk from salisbury, maryland, down to wilmington. 15 million people at risk for isolated tornadoes. the highest threat is going to be early this afternoon as this system pushes in. look for more strong storms. and moving into the northeast as well, with heavy rain, rain up to one inch per hour. that's why we have flood watches up for 47 million people in the northeast and new england. heavy rain, saturated ground and melting snow all leading to that. plus, wind advisories from chicago where they could have wind gusts from 60 miles an hour down to the southeast in roanoke. 69 million people at risk for
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high wind. guys, not only do we have the heavy rains and the risk of tornadoes, but with the winds, air travel and road travel is going to be a real big problem most of the day today. >> all right. thank you. >> we'll check back in in a moment. it's shaping up to be an eventful and busy day on multiple fronts for the trump administration. the white house is now suggesting they are open to purr seussing military suggestions in syria in the wake of the chemical attack. president trump saying that action crossed many, many lines. meanwhile, it looks like house republicans are set to leave for a two-week break without a deal on health care. while their senate counterparts are poised to go nuclear, so to speak, today to approve supreme court mom knee nominee neil gorsuch. and the north korean threat is said to be a main focus of talks and trade. we're covering it all this morning. we'll start with white house chief correspondent hallie jackson. hallie, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. the president is right now in the midst of his most serious foreign policy test yet. and he's handling syria with a shift. he's clearly horrified by what is happening there but not so clear what he's going to do next as he leaves the door open to possible military action. his teams talking tougher on russia back in washington. and a national security shake-up is raising questions on the wild west wing. this morning new questions about what president trump will do next after condemning the apparent chemical weapons attack in syria. >> that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me. my attitude toward syria and assad has changed very much. >> reporter: after tweeting in 2013, stay out of syria, the president's now acknowledging bashar al assad's actions have him reconsidering, even as he blamed his predecessor for not doing enough after past chemical attacks. >> the obama administration had a great opportunity to solve this crisis a long time ago when
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he set the red line in the sand. >> reporter: now the president says the syrian leader crossed a line with him. >> when you kill innocent children, innocent babies, babies, little babies, with a chemical gas, that crosses many, many lines, beyond a red line, many, many lines. >> reporter: still, no specifics about how the u.s. might respond. >> i'm not saying i'm doing anything, one way or the other, but i'm certainly not going to be telling you. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson calling out the kremlin for backing assad. >> we think it's time that the russians think carefully about the continued support of the assad regime. >> reporter: in front of the u.n. security council, an emotional moment from nikki haley showing graphic photos of the youngest victims. >> how many more children have to die before russia cares? >> reporter: all this in the wake of the white house shake-up. president trump's controversial chief strategist steve bannon ousted from the powerful national security council.
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"the new york times" reporting, he resisted, even threatening to quit if it happened. bannon now tells nbc news "the times" story is, quote, total nonsense. vice president pence insisting it's not a demotion. >> this is just a natural revolution to ensure the national security council is organized in a way that best serves the president. >> reporter: it comes as president trump targets someone who played a key national security role in the obama administration, susan rice, accusing her with no evidence of committing a crime by requesting the names of people connected to the trump team be unmasked. but experts say that's actually a routine part of a national security adviser's job. the president, yet again, making an unsubstantiated surveillance claim telling "the new york times" it's one of the big stories of our time. a spokesman for rice tells nbc, i'm not going to dignity the president's ludicrous charge with a comment.
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the president says he will explain his claim at the right time but didn't say when that time would be. he heads down here to mar-a-lago, palm beach, today. sources inside the administration indicate the divide inside his west wing is seeming to sharpen between the new york-based advisers who want to mold policy and the campaign originals who want to make sure the president keeps his promises. matt? savannah? >> hallie jackson in position for that critical meeting today, thank you. as we mentioned, president trump is kicking off a highly-anticipated summit with china's president at mar-a-lago today. it's the first face-to-face and comes at a dead call time in the u.s./china relationship. gabe gutierrez has more on that. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. together the u.s. and china make up 40% of the global economy. so the stakes could not be higher, especially with a glooming threat of north korea. this morning state-run media in china are stressing cooperation, but there are many challenges
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ahead for president trump, especially after his tough talk on china during his campaign. this morning president trump set for arguably the biggest meeting of his presidency face-to-face for the first time with president xi in mar-a-lago as the threat of north korea looms half a mile away. >> we have a problem. somebody is not doing the right thing and that is going to be more responsibility. >> reporter: the missile test ramping up the urgency as the president leans on wchina againt an erratic kim jong-un. if the chinese decide to help, that would be very good for china. if they don't, it won't be good for anyone. a senior white house official telling nbc news all options are on the table. also on the agenda, trade with china as north korea's dominant trade partner, mr. trump hoping to use it as leverage against the rogue nation. even as the president himself has repeatedly slammed china for its trade practices.
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>> we continue continue to allow china to rake our country. they have no respect for us. they think we're a bunch of dummies. >> reporter: but complicated the president's tough view on china, the trump businesses he's had there. he denies any conflict of interest because his sons run the business, his ties in other brand of clothing have been made in china along with ivanka's line. dozens of shipments of her clothing have arrived here, three in the last month according to customs records. trump's company also doing business with chinese government-owned banks, one renting the 20th floor of trump tower for $2 million a year. another, a lender on a nearly billion-dollar mortgage on a trump skyscraper in manhattan. and just five days after trump's election win, the chinese government approved a trump trademark that he had been battling to secure for ten years. two months later, more than two dozen other trump trademarks were approved. >> president trump has often said, business is about leverage. the concern here is that
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countries like china will have leverage over him, over ivanka trump, over jared kushner, because there's so much money at stake in their deals. >> reporter: president trump is expected to arrive here in palm beach this afternoon. a few hours ahead of the chinese president. the white house says not to expect any golf being played between the two leaders. matt and savannah orveg, of cou that sport is heavily frowned upon in communist china. >> gabe, thank you very much. we'll talk to the national director of the terrorism center and nicolle wallace. so much to discuss. we'll start with syria. the news conference yesterday was incredibly consequential in terms of what the president said, what he seemed to signal about his own change of heart, and suddenly it seems the administration is saying, well, perhaps military options and increased military action is on the table for us. what would that look like? what can we do? this is something you guys did in the obama administration, thought about, what are the options? >> it's incredibly hard and it's
7:14 am
even harder because it's a stark reversal from what has been said. in many ways, that gave emboldening to russia and syria. and the russian presence makes deep u.s. involvement hard. we have doubled the number of troops there, but having a no fly zone with russia is extremely difficult. we can get the choice of safehavens, it will be really tough without russian cooperation. >> you can't call -- donald trump can't call president putin and say, we're about to do this because putin and assad are working together. so the element of surprise is gone, and the risk of actually attacking an area where russian and syrian troops are intertwined is huge. >> matt, that's exactly right. what we have is not just assad, but we have a syrian/russian/iranian alliance. and because of that, that makes our geopolitical consequences of any involvement very difficult. so this is a red line. and the president is now going to face the same challenge obama did.
7:15 am
you draw it, you have to face the consequences and they are bad. >> rex tillerson blasted russia. nikki haley, blasted russia. and at the press conference, we saw on syria yesterday with president trump, he didn't mention russia once. this adds to what critics say of his, he's got blurred lines in a worldwide view of russia. >> listen, talking about military options, before you get to military options, you exhaust the sort of power of the bully pulpit. he hasn't started to use the bully pulpit to talk about russia having the blood of these children on his hands. he's never said that. and he now has a u.n. ambassador who made it perfectly clear that's her world view by holding up the pictures we just saw. he has a secretary of state who says very little, but even this quiet secretary of state has taken a tougher line on russia. so i think before you sit down and examine your military options, you exhaust the power of the american presidency's bully pulpit to condemn in the
7:16 am
harshest terms what russia is doing. >> now that we are good and depressed about the situation in syria, we'll turn to north korea, which most foreign policy experts say is worse. michael, this is where the rubber meets the road on tough talk. president trump said north korea has to be influenced by china, will get china to get in line, but if not, what are the options? >> well, the good news here is the president's been a little more consistent on being tough on china on a number of fronts. the challenge, of course, is we have had two administrations, bush and obama, both tried to be tough on china, to get china top leverage north korea with few results. what trump is facing is highly enriched uranium program with more and more nuclear weapons and long-range missiles. and that is tough. the options when you have an irrational leader with nuclear weapons are few and far "e new york times" a couple weeks ago that talkedut disposal. every onequen in terms of retaliation from the north
7:17 am
exactly. two of our japan and south korea, are icross hai. so our key is not present. and the hope for china iss gossip. of e president's victory now shoved outy uncil, these competes factions in the west winlg substantive effect, in going to sway president good n bad news. the good news is i talked a lot about the generals around donal citizens s night. generalalcmaster headingnsc. steve bannon is no lr it's a terrible sign in terms ot wing has become a f
7:18 am
that he put out a public statement saying, i was notgine appointee in the oba administration having done something like that. >> there wertoday. guys, thank you very muchwith.> powdown ofh. the confrontation plays out on t to block gorsuch by needed to republicans claim they will use light the so-called nuclear60 v for neil gorsuch andsful, a sim majority of 51 votes would be enough. >> a northern california woman is expected to survive after falling off a bridge while trying to take a selfie. officials say the woman and a group of friends were walking on the catwalk underneath the bridge when she attempted to
7:19 am
take a picture and then fell 60 feet onto the trail below. the woman was airlifted to a nearby hospital. the extent of her injuries hasn't been released publicly. the catwalks under the bridge are closed to the public. we'll get back to the story we told you about at the top of the show, drama at the masters as golf's premier event gets underway today. dustin johnson, he's the world's number one-ranked golfer, injured his lower back late wednesday after falling down some stairs at rental home in augusta, georgia. johnson's scheduled to tee off just after 2:00 today. his status now in question. last night doctors advised him to remain immobile and begin a regiment of anti-inflammatory medication and icing. johnson is optimistic to be ready to go for today's first round. but that's not the way you want to start. >> can you imagine? let's turn to mr. roker, you have a volatile map, kind of changing in front of your eyes. >> very much so. as we take a quick look at what is going on around the rest of
7:20 am
the country, besides the storms in the east, we have heavy rain moving into california and the pacific northwest. we'll look at that in more detail coming up in the next 30 detail coming up in the next 30 seconds. how's it going? detail coming up in the next 30 seconds. oh, it's going good. yeah? yeah, it's going great. this is my jam. what is that? what? the moment you realize the gardening gene skipped a generation. at lowe's, our grow together planting system takes the guess work out of creating a beautiful yard. all projects have a starting point. start with lowe's. hey, it looks good huh? not bad. now get 4 select 1-quart perennials for only $10 at the lowe's "refresh your outdoors event". good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab your umbrella. i'm tracking the potential for severe thunderstorms today. most of the day will be in the 40s and low 50s. winds blowing. storms later this morning for this afternoon for the suburbs and new jersey.
7:21 am
lehigh valley, 54 degrees. could heavy downpours in the lehigh valley. and delaware, occasional showers chance of strong thunderstorms, especially later this morning and this afternoon. have a great day. that's your latest weather. >> al,>> al, thank you very muc. coming up, new twists tied to the sexual harassment allegations against fox news star bill o'reilly as the president comes to his defense. and why more people in emergency situations are now calling uber instead of an ambulance. and why the company is not on board with that. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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you need the best network and the best unlimited. just $45 per line for four lines. i'm a people person. (drumming resumes) 7:26. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. poor visibility, rain moving through the area. potentially severe weather. bill henley has your most accurate severe weather forecast. bill? >> stronger storms for the entire viewing area possibly later this afternoon during the day today. chance of severe storms with damaging winds, possibly even hail. heavy downpours will add to the flood threat after all the rain we've had lately. not much rain right now. scattered showers are already moving on. we haven't had thunderstorms in the area. that will change that. those storms are moving toward d.c. and will be here later this morning and this afternoon. during the day, these heavy downpours could produce an inch
7:27 am
or two of rainfall finally tapering off this evening. let's get you on your ride to work. jessica boyington is watching an accident. where is it, jess? >> we've had a few accidents here already. a little bit of a peculiar thing. you need to watch through the vine street expressway on that westbound side. and approaching the schuylkill expressway. westbound vine, approaching the schuylkill expressway and the schuylkill jammed as well right around city avenue, king of prussia, really slow. >> jessica, thank you. a man assaulted of sexually assaulting teenage and underage girls heads back to court. underage girls, a dozen, living in his home. his trial is expected to start in may. thanks for watching. are allergies holding you back?
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♪ 7:30 now on a thursday morning, sixth day of april, 2017. we are in for a stormy day here in the northeast even though it's the opening of our minor league baseball season. we have mascots out on the plaza. so they won't feel the rain anyway in the big suits. >> but carson is in a good spot down in universal orlando. today is the opening day of jimmy fallon's new ride. carson is excited. we'll get to him in a few moments. another rough night across the south. violent storms once again battered that region. tornadoes caused heavy damage in alabama and georgia while parts of south carolina were hit with flash flooding. president trump welcomes china's xi jinping to mar-a-lago
7:31 am
today for the summit between the two biggest economies. it's the first face-to-face. and how to deal with north korea and trade are expected to be two topics dominating those talks. and the military pilot is out of the hospital this morning after a fiery crash near joint base andrews. this is video of the pilot parachuting to the ground after ejecting from the f-16. officials say its engine malfunctioned over a residential neighborhood. the pilot managed to guide that jet to a wooded area away from homes before it went down. now to the latest on the sexual harassment scandal facing fox news star bill o'reilly as president trump comes to o'reilly's defense. kate snow is here with more. hi, kate, good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah and matt. good morning. bill o'reilly could be facing a career threat that fox news paid $13 million over a dozen years to settle accusations a o'reilly
7:32 am
harassed five former employees. now with advertisers fleeing in droves, o'reilly is finding support from the most powerful man in the world. president trump providing backup for bill o'reilly. in an interview with "the new york times," the president addressed the growing scandal involving claims of sexual harassment against the embattled fox news star saying, he's a person i know well. he's a good person. adding, i think he shouldn't have settled. i don't think bill did anything wrong. >> if we're throwing around all these terms -- >> former fox news anchor rebecca gomez-diamond settled a lawsuit with o'reilly in 2011 saying, i'm truly disappointed and vilified all over again. such comments tell women they won't be believed. the president himself no stranger to the kinds of allegations now facing o'reilly. >> hello, how are you? >> reporter: mr. trump has denied sexual misconduct following the release of the
7:33 am
2005 tape threatening his campaign last year. on the tape you can hear him talking about bragging comments called locker room talk. since politics, the president has appeared on "the o'reilly factor" multiple times and is the most high profile defender. see speaking with me on msnbc, now criticizing the president and claiming more female employees from fox news could come forward. >> i've been flooded with calls, by the way, from fox news women all week. i'm happy to talk to them. >> reporter: so are there others out there that want to talk? >> there are many others. >> reporter: fox didn't respond to nbc's request about bloom's claim. congresswoman maxine waters was recently mocked by o'reilly on "fox & friends" which he later apologized for. >> i didn't hear what she said. i was talking about the james
7:34 am
brown wake. >> reporter: and telling chris hayes that o'reilly and president trump should be locked up. >> they need to go to jail. bill o'reilly needs to go to jail. >> reporter: all of it as the number of advertisers fleeing o'reilly's show tops 30. >> "the factor" begins right now. >> reporter: as for the host, he's staying silent, not addressing the allegations on air. his only response posted online saturday says in part, i'm vulnerable to lawsuits from individuals who want me to pay them to avoid negative publicity. only settling the cases, o'reilly says, to spare his children. so far, the uproar hasn't hurt his ratings. the 67-year-old is still crushing the competition, creating a dilemma for the network about how to deal with the growing fallout. in addition to his soaring ratings, o'reilly's new book, defending what he calls traditional values, has debuted on the new york times best seller list, showing he still has a loyal fan base. kate, thank you very much. >> now to an unusual trend when
7:35 am
it comes to people seeking emergency care. nbc's tammy leitner is in miami to explain what sounds like an unusual story. tammy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. i'm here in an uber with my driver, george. and millions of people take rideshare every day to get to restaurants, the gym, even appointments. but now a new trend is emerging, some sick people are calling an uber or lyft instead of an ambulance to get to the e.r. it's a sign of the times. more and more people calling an uber or lyft for a ride to the emergency room. skipping the more expensive and sometimes slower to respond ambulance. >> you think you might be having a baby. >> yeah. >> and you took an uber car. >> well, i didn't have a ride. >> yeah. okay. >> you don't want your water to break in your own car. >> reporter: drivers say it's becoming a trend. have you taken anybody to the emergency room? >> all the time. >> reporter: all the time? >> all the time.
7:36 am
>> reporter: chandra steel knew she needed to get to the e.r. fast. >> i was having some internal bleeding. >> reporter: a new yorker, chandra tried to hail a taxi, but somebody else grabbed it first. so she called for an uber. >> i was anxious about my medical conditionover a overall. i was concerned for the driver as well and didn't want to panic him. >> reporter: they got to the hospital and everything turned out fine, but not all drivers are happy to bring sick people. one wrote about a passenger who wanted to go to the e.r. with a badly cut hand. they didn't want to get blooed in their car so they called an uber. i said, no thanks, and drove off. some doctors warn taking a rideshare to techlt r. could be a risky ride. do you have concerns about patients coming in in a rideshare? >> if a person is having a life-threatening emergency, there's no better care than from a paramedic. >> reporter: uber is not a substitute for law enforcement
7:37 am
or medical professionals. in the event of a medical emergency, we encourage people to call 911. but a rideshare to the e.r. worked for chandra steel. >> i, of course, gave him five stars and wrote a nice little note with it. >> reporter: one other benefit, rather than waiting months to get a hefty ambulance bill, patients tell us they know exactly what the trip will cost them to the e.r. and with surge pricing, it's a lot less than an ambulance ride. back to you guys. >> tammy, thank you very much. >> i don't know about that. >> especially if you bleed in their car, they will give you a bad rating. >> it's a one-star ride right there. >> that's not good. anyway, we'll see what we've got. we were talking about all the storms and everything that's been happening. look at the severe storm reports over the last 24 hours. we had nine tornadoes reported, 111 hail reports, 122 wind reports. and we're going to see more of that today. in fact, we've got a severe thunderstorm warning down in central florida to the east of tampa. we're also looking at this
7:38 am
tornado watch in effect until 1:00 today from richmond, fayetteville, all the way down to cape hatteras. then out west, another big storm coming onshore. this is going to bring heavy rain, snow and wind into the pacific northwest and on eventually into central california. over the next five days, three to five inches of rain in parts of the pacific northwest and on do good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab your umbrella. i'm tracking showers and the potential for severe thunderstorms during the day today. eventually we'll warm to 60 degrees this afternoon. most of the day it will be in the 40s and low 50s. winds blowing. suburbs and new jersey, lehigh valley, 54 degrees. could see heavy downpours in the lehigh valley. delaware, occasional showers and chance of strong thunderstorms especially later this morning and this afternoon. have a great. get that weather any time you need it. check out the weather channel on
7:39 am
cable. guys? >> i'm smiling here because coming up, we're going to talk about a father with a sense of humor, a little child and the pictures you'll be talking about all day. >> does mom have a sense of humor, that's the question there. but first, new concerns over your fruits and vegetables after the proposed ban of a controversial pesticide is ♪ contrary to ancient wisdom... the sun doesn't rise, we do. yet, the more we travel, the more the world pushes back, coralling us and controlling us. so, we seek a place where we're given a choice... ...not just to get up, but to rise. ♪ ♪ it takes two to make ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ a thing go right ♪ ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪
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7:44 am
of the fruits and vegetables you are feeding your family. >> this has to do with a widely used and very controversial pesticide. the obama administration was trying to ban it, but now the trump administration is putting the brakes on that, saying it wants to help farmers. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has more on this. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning. here at the market where they sell organic produce, apples and oranges are pesticide-free, but finding organic can be difficult and it is almost always more expensive. this as there's growing controversy over a widely used pesticide that some research shows may be harmful to children. many of the fruits and vegetables you and your kids eat today first are treated to a regular dose of sun, water and pesticides. for the last 40 years, citrus grower john glass has depended on chlorpyrifos, a pesticide some studies suggest may be damaging to a child's brain. >> i think that's ridiculous.
7:45 am
>> reporter: using water as the substitute, glass showed us how colhlorpyrifo chlorpyrifos, a neurotoxin, is applied. >> if you do the proper application with material, it's safe. >> reporter: farmers say chlorpyrifos is the safest available. now they are relieved to hear under president trump the epa won't ban chlorpyrifos reversing efforts by the obama administration. patty goldman represents environmental groups who sued the epa. >> it's absolutely outrageous. epa has made findings for two-and-a-half years now that the pesticide is unsafe and particularly unsafe for children. >> reporter: in 2000, the epa banned chlorpyrifos in many household products like insecticides after research shows it caused nausea and dizziness in children. later children exposed
7:46 am
prenightly had increased odds of development ta developmental disorders. >> the children exposed to this chemical are more likely to have neurological problems. >> reporter: in 2013 obama's epa proposed to ban this pesticide in all foods, though the own scientific adviser posed this was inconclusive. last week scott pruitt agreed that using chlorpyrifos concluding the research remains unresolved. the ceo of dow chemical, the maker of the pesticide, seen here with the president applauded the decision. the company saying it is confident in the health and safety of its product. chlorpyrifos is one of the world east mo world's most widely used pesticide. here in the u.s., it is used on 50 crops from bus zell sprouts
7:47 am
to almonds. but this worries moms like natalie dalia. >> it is extremely important as a parent to know what your children are consuming, know what is going inside your body. >> i have three little kids, and we put an orange or a mandarin in their lunch every day. and yes, it has been sprayed with this material. it is not dangerous. >> reporter: though the pesticide is controversial, the epa says it will continue to be used by farmers across the country as more studies are conducted. meantime this morning, the usda is also weighing in, saying the epa's decision is grounded in science and evidence. matt and savannah, back to you guys. >> miguel almaguer, thank you. up next, why pepsi is apologizing to kendall jenner for the controversial protest ad. dylan is in for carson in the orange room with more (avo) did you know two areas of your brain can make it hard to lose weight? contrave is an fda-approved weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity
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7:51 am
with carson riding rides in orlando, dylan is over in the orange room. and you've got more on that pepsi kendall jenner ad. >> yes, we showed it to you yesterday. and it was pepsi's controversial commercial starring kendall jenner. it shows the model interrupting her photo shoot to join protesters in the street turning the outcry to celebration when she hands a police officer a soda. so critics called the spot tone-deaf with tweets like, that's it. kendall just fixed all social injustices. madonna called out the company by posting this picture
7:52 am
clutching a can of coke. and the ad caught the attention of martin luther king jr.'s daughter bernice. she tweeted this photo, if only daddy would have known about the power of pepsi. pepsi responded to king writing, we at pepsi believe in the legacy of dr. king and meant absolutely no disrespect to him and others who fight for justice. but the outcry was a little bit too much. and they couldn't ignore it. the company eventually took action writing in part, clearly we missed the park and apologize. we are removing the content and halting any further rollout. it was jenner's tweet sharing in the commercial in the first place to spark backlash. pepsi did apologize for putting jenner in this position. so it continues, guys? >> 24 hours later, not a surprising result there. thank you, dylan. just ahead, jimmy fallon takes carson on the ride of his life. and he'll join us live after and he'll join us live after your loc i no longer live with the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings.
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four minutes before 8:00. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. prepare for a wet day. let's get you uped with first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> a look at the showers and thunderstorms headed our way, racing toward washington, d.c. they have not made it to d.c. yet. they're on track for our area later this morning and this afternoon. right now, though, we're doing okay, getting through the morning commute with nothing more than some light rain and gusty winds. the winds are 23 miles an hour in coatesville. you don't need umbrella as much as you need a heavy coat this morning. 38 in mt. holly. 36 in trenton and 40 in philadelphia and wilmington. late this afternoon when the temperatures climb. during the afternoon we could see heavy downpours. getting ready to head out the door, a heads up. it's been a challenging morning commute. let's get you updated with that with jessica boyington. jess?
7:57 am
>> slippery spots and some delays as well. blue route around st. david's. right-hand shoulder an accident scene that pushed over that direction. three lanes are getting by again. even though we had lane restrictions earlier. we're watching residual delays on that southbound side. 42 freeway we're jammed here. pretty much at a crawl, route 41, showing that. toward philadelphia or 295, give yourself extra time before you head out the door. tracy? >> jessica, thank you for that. corporal brian dickson was killed and trooper alex douglas was injured in a trail of bullet s. frein could face the death penalty if found guilty. more than a million lego bricks, ride, cinema, space for kids to build their own creations. download the app so you can track the rain moving into your neighborhood. thanks for watching.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, bracing for the worst. this morning, more than 100 million americans in the path of a massive storm system that's already left a trail of destruction across the south. tornadoes ripping apart homes and bringing down trees. we're live on the scene. then star-packed studio 1a. kurt russell stops by to talk about celebrating 30 years with goldie hawn. plus, pierce brosnan stops by to talk about his new western in the sun. and road trip. >> oh, my god, you're doing it. >> so crazy. >> carson joins jimmy fallon an universal orlando to celebrate the grand opening of his remarkable new ride, "race through new york."
8:01 am
we have your first look, "today," thursday, april 6, 2017. ♪ >> hello, chicago, from new york city! >> from detroit to nyc, spring break! >> hello to you watching the "today" show at home. ♪ >> it's our first time in new york city and we love "today." >> we are from louisville, kentucky. and good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." it's a thursday morning, it's a rainy one. in fact, it's a two-umbrella day out on the plaza for dylan and me. and the guys, don't you want one? we'll go under this one. >> i should have brought a hat. >> exactly. >> what a guy. >> happy first day of minor league baseball season, that's great. as we said, carson has escaped
8:02 am
the crummy weather here. he's down in florida. and he's with the man of the morning at universal orlando resort, jimmy fallon as well. hey, guys. >> reporter: hey, guys. from 30 rock north to 30 rock south, this man, jimmy fallon, has recreated our comcast building here in orlando. and jimmy, today is the big day. this is all from -- you created the race ride through new york. >> i'm so excited. i can't wait for you to ride the ride. it's unbelievable. >> we rode it yesterday. the people are pumped up. we'll get the official day of "the race through new york" starring jimmy fallon. you're looking sharp, are you ready to do this? >> i'm so excited. it's like 30 rock here in orlando. >> 30 rock with good weather. guys, thank you so much. we'll check back in in a minute. but we'll get a check of the top stories of the morning. time for news at 8:00. >> reporter: i'm kerry sanders
8:03 am
and here's what is happening across the south. a very busy day in the week of nine tornadoes touching down. it has been a very busy tornado season with more than 460 tornadoes. as we take a look at the drone here, you can see here in rural georgia the devastation, while it is widespread, this was a chicken farm. if there's anything fortunate by being hit by a tornado, it is according to the farmer, that no one was here when the tornado hit. an unwelcomed sign of spring. this morning millions across five states are bracing for the worst as a dangerous line of severe weather churns east. the massive system already wreaked havoc across the south spawning a half dozen suspected tornadoes. in cordell, georgia, a men indianapol that's /* -- menacing funnel cloud shown across georgia.
8:04 am
thankfully, injuring no one. >> the roof was off the house. >> reporter: residents now left to assess the damage and pick up the pieces. after the violent storm, a moment of peace. the devastation offset by the picturesque glow of the setting sun. >> i'm retired as of today. >> reporter: joseph's days as a poultry farmer also coming to an end after losing half his farm to straight-line winds in january and now the rest lost wednesday to a tornado. >> you know, you do something for 31 years and somebody takes it a way from you, it's a sad day. >> reporter: in henry county, alabama, a similar scene. twisted metal and scattered debris. the aftermath of another likely tornado. >> i saw the sky getting dark. and then i saw the trees kind of like start doing this. >> reporter: the powerful storms also generating fierce lightning, pounding hail and heavy downpours across the region. in columbia, south carolina,
8:05 am
rain fell at two inches per hour. the deluge quickly flooding streets. as we take a live look at the picture from the drone here of the debris field, 50,000 people this morning are without electricity. and for those who are flying through atlanta, it is a mess. more than 1600 flights canceled there as a result of the tornadoes and the threats, which means a lot of people had to sleep on the floor last night. this morning, they are now waiting to leave as more passengers are arriving. it's going to be a miserable day for travel through the south today. matt? >> kerry sanders, thank you very much. president trump begins two days of high-stakes meetings today with china's leader. their summit at trump's florida estate comes a day after the latest provocative missile test by north korea. president trump is expected to pressure china to keep its rogue ally in check. he'll also try to make progress on trade issues that he blames for a loss of american jobs to china. in the meantime, the president is weighing his options after
8:06 am
condemning the syrian government's alleged use of chemical weapons on tuesday in the civil war in that country. a texas teenager is under arrest for leading police on a high-speed chase in a stolen ambulance. dash cam video shows that driver making dangerous maneuvers. police say the teen was being treated at a hospital emergency room when he bolted, hopped into the ambulance and took off. the chase ended when he ran into a curb and disabled the vehicle. officers moved in and they have now charged the young man with reckless driving, evading arrest and driving while intoxicated. coming up next, do you ever notice those little teeny holes in the airplane window? what are they for? the answer to the mystery coming up on "trending." carson? thanks, matt. coming up down here in florida, finally, we'll have the official opening of "race through new york" with this guy, jimmy fallon. >> my favorite part was going on the ride with you and we went
8:07 am
through times square, and you went, trl! trl! trl! >> we'll be back with you, red line, 20 minute delay. oh, no. (rhythmic clatter) can't get a signal? so annoying, right? yeah, and i'm late for a job interview. hey, man, can you just nix it, just for like two seconds? thank you. you need verizon. they have the largest, most reliable 4g lte network in america. it's made to work in places like this. with verizon unlimited, we could video chat the interview in hd right here. okay. hey, man, i'll cue you. (vo) when it really, really matters, you need the best network and the best unlimited. just $45 per line for four lines. i'm a people person. (drumming resumes) game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way.
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all right. 8:12. weav we're back and it's a good time to trend. dylan is joining us at the table. are we ready to go? >> yes. >> are you an inquisitive student, one of the students that looked beyond what they were told to look deeper? >> i did the bare minimum. >> really? you don't seem like that type. >> later i changed, but yes, slacker. >> a little bit. we love this. here's a group of students who really got a bright future ahead of them. they are from pittsburgh, kansas. they're getting a lot of attention this morning for their story in their high school newspaper. they were doing a profile on their school's new principal
8:13 am
when they noticed a few inconsistencies in her credentials. in other words, her resumé didn't add up. so what did they do? they dug deeper and found some things that just weren't right about her education and the degrees that she claimed to have. >> wow. >> so they spent about a month looking into this and then published the story on the front page of the school newspaper, which pretty quickly led to the principal resigning. >> wow! >> these are journalism students. >> that's terrific. >> they said they were surprised that in a short period of time, they found things that the school board never found when they hired the principal in the first place. >> wow. fascinating. well, speaking of inquisitive and the fact that i'm not, you've said on airplanes you notice the small tiny holes on the window. it's on every single plane. my head is in the clouds.
8:14 am
"time" magazine cleared up the mystery. yes, there's a tiny hole, it's called a breather hole, that regulates pressure between the window's inner and outer panes and regulates temperature between the cabin and the outside keeping the window fog-free. this sparked a debate this morning. where the hole really is, how it works, shall we call -- >> we need an expert. >> we need to call our lifeline. nbc's tom costello is on the phone covering aviation. tom, this riddle is in your hands now. >> reporter: it's called a bleed hole. and there are three window panes on every plexiglass on the plane. there's the scratch window, the inner pane and the outer pane. and the whole is between the inner pane and the outer pane. it equalizes air pressure but most importantly allows the moisture to drain out so that when you're at 30,000 feet or whatever, and the temperature outside suddenly drops to 70 degrees below zero, your windows
8:15 am
don't frost over. it's about equalizing air pressure and is about ensuring that your windows are frost-free. >> you're just full of facts, tom, thank you. >> if someone were to allege that the little hole were to be on the outside pane, what would you say to that person? >> that's a problem. >> okay. just checking. >> hey, tom? if a train leaves chicago at 7:00 and -- oh, nevermind. >> go back to work, tom. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and this one is our favorite story of the day. check out some photos that a dad is sharing. this is his 18-month-old daughter hannah driving a car and climbing a ladder, standing on the edge of a drop-off. before you get terrified of his parenting skills, know he has photoshopped all of this. his daughter hannah spent six months in the hospital.
8:16 am
thanks to a bone marrow transplant, he was able to take these pictures. he's using the pictures to, a, freak out his family, and b, to raise awareness for the condition she had. look at that. >> they look so real. >> 10 feet in the air, can you imagine if we showed mom those? >> i'm so gullible. how do you keep her so still? dylan, time for "pop starts." >> here we go. let's begin with john mayor. the singer's new album made waves after admitting his song "still feel like your man," is about his ex, katy perry. the video is now being dubbed this year's hotline bling after the dancing went viral. john dances with pandas. take a look. ♪ ♪ i still feel like your man i still feel like your man ♪ >> wow.
8:17 am
>> i don't know why, he just dances with pandas. >> where is left shark? >> you might be on to something there. and moving on to brad pitt. he stepped out for the "lost city 7" premier. now noticeably slimmer, he's kept a low profile since the split with angelina jolie. and chris pratt is known for his great sense of humor, particularly on social media. his latest passion project? a series he calls "what's my snack"? he's getting in shape for "jurassic world 2" sharing healthy meals and snacks from his trainer. in the last it post he showed off his rap skills. take a look. >> what's up? it's your boy chris pratt coming back with an episode of what's my snack? last chad and you ain't seen nothing. what's my snack? a carrot cake muffin. because i'm sitting here waiting to eat nothing. eating carrot cake muffin. eating carrot cake muffin.
8:18 am
what's my snack? >> and that is your "pop start." >> i like that. >> very good. >> dylan, thank you very much. mr. roker, you're busy. >> yes, we are. so let's show you -- >> whoa. >> you didn't put your blinker on. >> okay. it's dangerous in studio 1a. heavy thunderstorms now rolling through central florida. and we still have this tornado watch stretching from richmond down to fayetteville, also out into the outer banks of north carolina. you can see for today we do have an enhanced risk of thunderstorms. 15 million folks at risk, especially this afternoon. so we'll be watching that very closely. and we've got snow to talk about today into tomorrow. wet snow for the midwest and northeast. heavy snow for the appalachian mountains. as that pushes through, we're generally looking at through parts of eastern michigan, up to four to six inches of snow. but look at the big winner or loser, depending on how you feel
8:19 am
about it, down in west virginia. six to eight inches, some places . . good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. i'm tracking the potential for severe thunderstorms during the oh day today. eventually warming to 60 degrees in philadelphia. most of the day in the 40s and low 50s. winds blowing, storms later this afternoon and this afternoon for the suburbs and new jersey. the lehigh valley, 54 degrees. could see some heavy downpours in the lehigh valley. and delaware, a chance of strong thunderstorms, especially later this morning and this afternoon. have a great day. if you're heading out the door, don't forget to catch us on "today" show radio sirius xm channel 108. tomorrow, the donna mad show live. >>excited. let's head back to carson at universal orlando resort where he's getting the vip treatment
8:20 am
with our friend gymjimmy fallon. carson? >> reporter: mad, ittt, it's so. this is an amazing replica of our headquarters in new york city. i was one of the first to check out the ride and met up with jimmy in front of the attraction making me feel right at home here in orlando. have a look. ♪ >> it's jimmy fallon! >> it's carson daly! can you believe this? >> was it not enough to be the king of 30 rock in new york, you had to build 30 rock south in florida? look at this, "the tonight show starring jimmyit's race. >> it's a whole experience. >> here we are. first of all, i'm right in new york. it's like we are here. there's you. >> the floor is -- >> details, it's important to pay homage to those in front of you. lets walk into "the tonight show" history. it feels like a museum on your way to the ride. >> if it wasn't for these guys,
8:21 am
i would not be here. it's a roller coaster simulator. it's like going to "the tonight show" and the best tour of new york city. i swear that you'll ever have, ever. you could be a billionaire and go to new york city and not have this experience. let me take you upstairs. >> okay, let's go. ♪ >> okay. this is -- matt lauer, ladies and gentlemen, matt lauer. that's what he does on the weekend. ♪ ♪ welcome to the "today" show ♪ welcome carson and jimmy >> this is the ride right here. and we'll go through, of course, to pick up the 3-d glasses. >> this is just -- >> i'm so excited. i'm so happy i'm doing this. it feels like you're right in front of me. it's like, oh, my god. oh! it's so realistic.
8:22 am
get ready, get ready, oh, my gosh, you're doing it. >> freaking crazy. >> in five, four, three -- >> ready, set, go! >> whoo! ♪ >> hashtag! >> whoa! >> trl! look, trl! trl! go! >> we are in times square, no problem. >> i smell pizza. >> i smell pizza! that's real pizza! >> let's go to the moon! whoa! yea! >> congratulations, guys. you did it. >> that was so sick. that was so awesome. i want to do it again.
8:23 am
>> wait a second, i'm coming with. >> and guys, "race through new york with jimmy fallon" offic l officially opens today. you're seeing jimmy on the ticker parade with so many iconic characters here in orlando. we have the roots, steve higgin, and the hashtag panda from "the tonight show." they are all on the float with jimmy. he's about to cut the ribbon here in a second. that will cue the official opening of the ride. he'll walk over here and get a little interview from us. but it's really just so cool. i mean, this ride, i'm not a big roller coaster person, but the technology that they have used was so amazing to fly through the iconic moments of new york, the history that you get of "the tonight show" on nbc going back to 1954. of course, jimmy fallon, this was all his brain child. he pitched this ride back in 2009. and now three-and-a-half years in the making, it's what it took
8:24 am
to get this thing up and running. today it's official. we'll watch jimmy now with the official cutting of the ribbon. hi, higgins, how are you? hello, roots. there's the ribbon. hello, everybody. feels good to see you. >> say that two more times. >> save that one for later. we'll get some giant scissors up here in a second and we'll make it official. this is another great part of the ride, guys. you see jimmy with his family. his wife nancy and the girls are actually in the ride. nice little'ser egg the ee east. >> he could be announcing for president right now. >> it does look like that. it absolutely does. are you announcing your candidacy, they want to know? >> this is a big moment. i have to take my time to enjoy this. >> absolutely. >> can you take that out of my pocket? thank you very much. thank you. wrong pocket.
8:25 am
there's bob. it's a bigger deal when bob has arrived. thank you, guys, for coming out. i can't believe this is really happening. we have been working on this ride for three years. we have a "tonight show" ride. this is really happening. [ applause ] "the tonight show" -- "the tonight show" is all about fun and positivity and laughter and putting a smile on your face. and that is what this ride is all about. i'm so proud of it. as a kid from upstate new york, i never managed i would be a talk show host let alone have my own ride. it goes to show that if you keep dreaming big anything is possible. steve burke, ryan meyer, tom williams, bill davis, the entire universal creative team, everyone who works at the parks, everyone who works at the ride, the ride operators, the dancing
8:26 am
panda, the ride time gals, i see what these guys do behind the scenes, nobody does bigger nbc 10 news starts now. can't wait to check out that ride. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. let's check out your forecast for today. it's a wet one. bill henley with your most accurate neighborhood forecast, bill. >> it's a wet ride for all of us, tracy. rain in wilmington. the infield covered. the blue rocks have their home opener tonight. more rain on the way. right now, though, no steady rain in the area. that's already moved on. here come the storms. they're moving towards d.c. these are on track to move our way later this morning. and then another round this afternoon. we're in the 40s right now and the wind is blowing to make it feel even colder. 47 with rain in philadelphia. 48 in delaware. and new jersey is 44 degrees. late this afternoon, we'll top out near 60 degrees.
8:27 am
>> all right, bill, thanks. just about 8:30 if you're getting ready to head out the door. let's check on the roads. jessica boyington. >> we don't need any accidents for delays this morning. we are watching the schuylkill, montgomery drive cameras. average speeds into the 20s. there is also a crash in norristown on east logan street. tracy, back to you. >> happening today, north philly's own will come back home after her south carolina gamecocks won it in the ncaa finals. she is a three-time olympic gold medalist. another update in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. a great time to download it. track showers moving into your neighborhood. "today" show continues in just a couple of minutes. thanks for watching. stay dry. ♪
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[ drumroll ] we're back now, 8:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 6th day of april, 2017. and just moments ago, we watched jimmy fallon and his family cut the ribbon on his brand new ride down at universal orlando. it's called "race through new york. qug "and right now, he's standing by with carson.
8:31 am
guys? >> reporter: thank you, matt. jimmy, congratulations, big moment there. >> it's official, everybody! >> let's back up, you had your show down here all week, what has it been like to have "the tonight show" here? >> the best crowds. it's just the happiest place on earth. it's like four times the size of our crowd, so i'm losing my voice just screaming every night trying to do monologue jokes. but it's the greatest. it's a big party. >> one of the greatest thing about the ride is like you're going through to see jimmy's show, you don't feel like you're waiting in line. there's a real history of "the tonight show." you have jay leno on tonight, talk about the importance of the hosts that came before you. >> i just think if steve allen were around, he would be so psyched we are doing something like this. it's like technology meets history and i'm going tocan dra the ride. he doesn't like to see himself. he's a very humble guy, but there's a little -- there's a little spot for all the hosts and all their desks and memorabilia from the years they
8:32 am
>> and a couple easter eggs in the ride, we saw your wifeand t to you. >> if you're a fan of michael jackson, there'sg in there, a l. you have to find that one. but you go from everywhere from new york city in the subway, the east river, there's a shark in the east rion at one point. i moon, what was your favorite part besides seeing you in trl? >> it was so much fun, the experience, it really is an experience. congratulations, buddy. thank you for having us. >> thank you, "today" show. you guys are the best. thank you for being so supportive. >> congratulations to jimmy. and exact replica of 30 rock. do you think that means there's a mouse in the newsroom? >> yes, several. coming up, how lucky are we, kurt russell and pierce brosnan both here. kurt in both of the two biggest blockbusters and pierce making a triumphant reunion to tv. we have a lot to catch up with them about. but first, mr. roker, the
8:33 am
drizzly weather. >> we have to take a look at that and your weekend ahead. for tomorrow, high winds through the great lakes with wet weather in the pacific northwest. heavy rain down into california. sunshine through the gulf, which could continue on saturday. we have unseasonably mild weather. we are looking at wet weather continuing into california. sunday, sunday! unseasonably mild weather in the eastern third of the country. snow in the inner mountain regions up into the western and northern plains. and things finally dry out down throughcalifornia. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab your umbrella. i'm tracking showers and the potential for severe thunderstorms during the day today. eventually, we'll warm to 60 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia. but most of the day it's going to be in the 40s and low 50s. winds blowing, storms later this morning and afternoon for the suburbs and new jersey. the lehigh valley, 54 degrees. could see some heavy downpours in the lehigh valley. and delaware, occasional showers and a chance of strong thunderstorms, especially later this morning and this afternoon. have a great day.
8:34 am
a little concert breaking out here right now. where are you guys from? >> tipton. >> tipton, all right. there you go, very nice. don't forget, get yet your weat any time you need it. you go to the weather channel on cable. savannah? all right, al, thank you so much. well, kurt russell joined "the fast and furious team" as the mysterious federal agent mr. nobody. and he's back looking to recruit some extra muscle. take a look. >> what is training wheels talking about? what terms? >> confess to your crimes in berlin, treason, international espionage, massive destruction of property. you do that, we close the case. >> and? >> and the blacklist, germany loves that. officially you'll be a criminal. >> whoa, whoa, you need to work on your delivery, unofficially, you're off the books if you come work with me. >> kurt russell, good morning. >> how are you? >> you are kind of this dodge ji
8:35 am
mysterious character in this movie, mr. nobody. >> he doesn't really have a name. we don't know -- >> i'm just watching. >> the press notes describe your character, mr. nobody, as a square that is kind of intriguing. >> he's partially that and someone who did work at the cia, nsa, fbi, mafia, you snow? >> there's a lot of there there. >> some of them were probably good and some weren't. >> i heard the character was your idea. they came to you and you said, this is more interesting. >> just to try to find something that is right for the actor, that the actor can bring something to the screenplay and hopefully something in this case to the franchise that can be of value to it. something new. something that fits. something that's right. so we worked on it together.
8:36 am
and we came up with this idea. his name is not mr. nobody. he's just nobody. >> oh, not mr. nobody. >> they kind of refer to him as mr. nobody. >> you don't want to make him mad. >> but where he's going to go with these characters, with vin's character, in particular, becomes increasingly, what is this guy about? >> i smell sequel. do you know if you'll be in the next one? >> what i have enjoyed about the two i've been in, they work to make that movie as good as they can. and then hopefully they see that it deserves another shot. >> speaking of great movies, and i can't believe this, it's 30 years since "overboard." which is a movie i personally have seen 400 times. i love it. it's so funny and adorable. it's you and goldie. it's just one of my favorite movies. if it is on tv, i always watch it. and now i hear they are making a remake. so i ask you, how do you improve on perfection?
8:37 am
>> well, there's been a lot of talk about a lot of movies that i did, "escape from new york," and "overboard" i did with goldie together. all remakes face the challenge. and that is, hopefully they can find flaws to improve upon. you can find a reason to make the movie. i understand in the "overboard" they are talking about making, they are talking of flipping the character so that, i guess -- >> when the husband gets dumped? >> i guess, i don't know. when you flip the sexuality that way, a lot of challenges arise with it. so i don't know, good luck. that one was interesting to me because leslie dixon did a great job of writing a female fantasy and a male fantasy and putting them together in the same movie. >> and i have to say, it was also a kid's fantasy, too. >> it was a kid's pant sifantas. as goldie and i have gone through our life together, we have seen thousands of kids. you realize that it's the movie
8:38 am
scene one way, by a certain age group, and an older age group takes it a completely different way. >> you and goldie have chemistry, you may have noticed. do you think you would work together again? would you like to do another movie with her? >> yeah, i would work with her again. we always had careered going on and they weren't co-dependent and weren't forced into that position. goldie did the movies she did and that she does. i've done the ones that i've done. and not very often have they come together. we have never read things either that we were dying to do and saying, you know what? we should do this together. the last one that we read was "overboard." so sometimes there's a long time in between. >> that's a big dry spell. by the way, i heard that goldie is not necessarily a huge fan of the facial hair that you have been sporting. >> no, no. in between. >> look at that. it's a hall of facial hair. look at this. >> the guy in the middle is going to be on next month in "guardians of the galaxy."
8:39 am
that's ego, the living planet. >> that is the hateful eight guy. is that a prosthetic mustache or what would you call that? >> that's a mustache wearing a man. >> yeah. did you grow that thing? >> tarantino wanted me to have this big brush thing going on so i let it grow. >> my gosh, you sure did. wow. >> it's one of these when you're -- you want to get intimate. it's not good. >> say no more. >> it's early in the morning, isn't it? >> kurt russell, thank you so much. >> good talking with you. >> the movie opens next friday. also we have pierce brosnan here.
8:40 am
8:41 am
we are back now, 8:41, with
8:42 am
award-winning actor pierce brosnan. he's returning to television in a new series called "the sun" based on a best-selling novel. and he plays a ruthless cattle rancher and spoiling oil tycoon. take a look. >> i've lived all over the west. and this little patch of south texas i've decided to call home. it's good weather. >> yes, sir. >> we got oil, we got gas, we got monster bucks and quail coming out of our ears. so there's a good reason i chose to raise my family here. and i'm honored you all could come down and share with me. >> pierce, good morning, welcome back. >> good morning, matt. >> you start out with a contradiction. i was going to say this was the first western you have done. you have always wanted to do it. you actually did the western, you were just telling me, with
8:43 am
liam kn liam niesom a few years back. >> i don't say this is a western, so to speak. it's a wonderful book by phillip meyer. and if people like the book, they will like this show. he's a wonderful writer. it's set in texas 1950. >> without cementing it into the liam western genre, we were talking during the commercial break, i'm a fan of westerns, i love them. were you? >> i love them. >> what were some of your favorites? >> john wayne we spoke of, anything to do with ford, john ford made magnificent pieces, the searches. definitely growing up on the banks of the river in ireland, there's a young man in the late '50s, the westerns were a staple diet for everyone. >> but that leads into the most obvious topic to talk about today. you don't have a texas accent in real life. you have a little bit of an irish accent. how did you even go about trying
8:44 am
to master that texas drawl twang type thing? >> well, it was pretty tricky. i gave myself the grace of being an irishman and play this colonel, colonel eli mcculla. so there are celtic moves to the man's bones. in 1850, there would be second scotts and irish. >> i was listening in the clip and you have a lot of texas in that voice. >> well, good, i'm glad you said that. what did i listen to? i listened to wayne jennings and rick perry. at the end, a wonderful senator, ted poe, somehow he caught my imagination. i loved his voice and listened all the time. and then you're in texas. the job came in at the 11th hour. so for me i was -- >> back to television, how many years ago was "remmington steel"? >> '86 we went off the air.
8:45 am
>> television has changed a lot in those years. >> yes, competition is fierce. there's so much content and so many good shows. i've been actively looking to come back to tv because of -- "house of cards," "game of thrones" and seeing the robust quality of writing that is on tv. >> we run into each other every once in a while, not only here, but weirdly in other parts of the world. and i have always thought you have this incredible life. every time i see you, i say, how are you? what have you been doing? you tell me something to make me jealous, do you find the push and the pull and the tug of career harder and harder because you've got it so good in life? >> i don't know about that. listen, nothing comes with nothing. it's all about work. it's all about doing. i've been very lucky to have made a career and to be still at the table as an actor and still employed as an actor. i always have to fight for the stuff i want to do. >> do you really have to fight?
8:46 am
>> of course you do. of course you do. sometimes you have choices to act and sometimes you don't. but you have to pay the mortgage. i have responsibilities and children. >> so the look you gave me was to not tell people to stop calling, you were enjoying life so much, with the daggers coming out of your life. >> no, i enjoy life. i have a wonderful life and kids, sons, we have beautiful sons. and she's now back in the workforce. she's made a documentary called "poisoning paradise." she and i together are making movies. >> well, as a television guy, it's good to have you back on tv. >> thank you very much. >> especially in a family saga/western that i love so much. pierce, good to see you. cheers to you. and "the sun" premiers this sunday on amc. and do-it-yourself projects that can add flare to your home. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
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8:49 am
this morning on "upgrade your home today," the host of hgtv's property versions is helping newbies dive into the real estate business with her new show called "flipping virgins." but this morning she had diy projects. you promise these are easy? >> even if you are not a diy-er, you can do this. here's what we have, shoe bag herb garden. >> so cute. >> you have this at home. if not, buy it at the store for a few dollars. grab your favorite herbs and it's as simple as this and add a little extra potting dirt. this can hang in your kitchen near the window, as long as it gets sun, you can spray water on it. >> do you dump water in there? no. you spray. >> don't use canvas, use a
8:50 am
plastic shoe bag so it doesn't hold the moisture there for growing mold. >> okay. great. >> that's number one. >> super cute. now this is fun, this is using your belt. how do you do this? >> you can grab vintage belts, go to goodwill and get them for a few dollars or old belts in the back of your closet. make sure they are extra long, and loop two together. i buckled them in the front and in the back. and added some 2 by 4s. this is just as easy. i used pre-fab. you can get this from ikea. i don't think we paid $30 to put together this beautiful shelf. it's a custom piece and sturdy, as long as you anchor it. >> you have to anchor it up here but not down here. >> you don't have to, but you could if you wanted to secure it. nail, hammer, wood, belts, that's it. >> you've already done the hard part, which was the good idea. okay. now this is sort of to lighten up and brighten up. >> lighten and brighten, trying to get spring-time ready. go in the refrigerator and find
8:51 am
old mayonnaise jars, jam jars. i went to the dollar store and bought a few mason jars. all i did was wrap twine around them. you can use yarn or twine. flood white spray paint. spray paint over it. let it dry for a few hours and when you take off the yarn, throw some candles in there. if you line 20 of them on the back porch, so pretty at night. >> a little dinner party out on the patio, something like that. >> savannah, i believe in you. you can do this. >> and use a votive candle in there. that's it. very easy. >> now i'm going to put you to work. we are creating art here. go in your crisper. maybe you have an artichoke. once you cut the head, it creates this beautiful flower. that's exactly what i did. what is your favorite color? >> right here i would say yellow. >> so there we have sunshine. perfect for spring. and if you have an artichoke, you can do the same. >> i have to see this artichoke
8:52 am
business. >> i want you to see this one first. so you just push the head and then look at that. you have to push it pretty good. i used pink, but you can use any color you want. >> the stamp pads you get at the craft store. >> grab a frame, some craft paper, your favorite fruit or vegetable. >> your kids can do this. >> this looks more like a hydrangea when it is on. we are camera watching, i'm going to use your yellow since it is open. and just roll it around. okay. it makes a lot of noise. we'll see. well -- not that time. >> this is how it all comes together. >> you can make it as big as you want, as small as you want. you can use grid art. get super creative with it. but this adds a touch of spring to any home. >> it looks cute. each of these are great ideas. catch "flipping versions" on hgtv. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. 8:54 on a thursday. we're always telling you to check out "today" show radio on sirius xm 108. but did the you know there are other ways to listen to it? >> i'm so glad you asked. you can catch it anywhere, any time, in your car, walking around. use the seirius xm app. any connected device works.
8:55 am
al, what is the important show to air tomorrow? >> live, live, it's the "today" show confidential with don gnash and tom nazarello. we like to call them tom and naz. >> what time does that air? >> 2:00 p.m. live. and then it's repeated constantly until you finally put your head through a wall. >> have we ever been a guest on their show? >> yes, i was. >> i was on the first live broadcast. >> it got a huge response. >> i know. >> the other only thing more exciting is to be on a smucker's jar. so let's spin the jar and say hello to some nice folks. first of all, happy 100th birthday to jesse halland, a proud grandma from pula, washington. a chief petty officer in the navy for 22 years. and luke tarvin of los angeles, 100. rumor has it she makes the best burger you will ever test. yes! happy 100th president to nick cianci of pennsylvania.
8:56 am
a proud owner of a motel and restaurant for 30 years. and ada here. orlan myers of wisconsin, 101 years old and enjoys drinking coffee with pals. and yes, an afternoon martini. and last but not least, edna johnson, ohio state football fan. knows more about college nbc 10 news starts now. good thursday morning. just before 9:00. i'm tracy davidson. thanks for watching us this morning. it's a gloomy morning outside, and rain to come for most of the day. let's get you updated with meteorologist bill henley. he's got your most accurate neighborhood forecast. bill? >> clouds, wind, rain and chilly temperatures. that's what we're looking at this morning. look at the view from here at the nbc 10 studios. we haven't seen heavy rain yet but that's a possibility. we're not going to have to wait
8:57 am
much longer. it's moving into maryland, heading towards baltimore right now. showers and thunderstorms with some heavy downpours. there's more of those lining up to the southwest. the wet weather is just getting started. the winds, they're still going. 13 mile an hour wind in philadelphia. 20 miles per hour in coatesville. 37 degrees in coatesville. 39 with wind in philadelphia. and 37 in mount holly. later today is when we see the temperatures warm up to near 60 degrees. >> thanks, bill. now let's check conditions on the roads. nbc first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington, has you covered with that. >> tracy, we're watching wilson boulevard right now and approaching the ben franklin toll plaza. also seeing some pretty big delays moving into center city. driving down on 95, right around girard avenue, really reduced visibility. rain covering our camera, as well. 36 minutes for the drive time
8:58 am
southbound. >> this is a reminder now is a really good time to download our free nbc 10 app. you can get weather alerts and track the rain into your neighborhood with our interactive radar. this morning a fire marshall is investigating two suspicious fires in kensington. someone started a fire by pouring flammable liquid on a porch. fire marshals trying to determine if that fire is connected to a car fire a block away. i'm tracy davidson. thanks for watching.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take" kurt russell is here with not one but two blockbusters. then hear what caused zac efron to break out in tears. and we have something from one of the world's biggest stages. >> live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is "today's take." and good morning on a thursday, april 6, 2017. listening to the lush live by zan larson. >> if something is lush, it's -- >> it's rich. >> cheers to the lush life on
9:01 am
this thursday. >> like the life that we lead, for example, our life is so lush, we have emoji conversations. >> i have discovered, thanks to al roker, big mojis. >> they are like emojis but cartoon characters. >> i was texting and i always use the big smile, so 1980s, but that's all i have. so you saw the picture. what i was impressed with, your first big moji has the goatee. and the second one -- >> that looks thick. >> that does kind of look like your son. >> you put on waiting in your text. so i'm like, i have to figure out how to do this. so 48 hours later, i -- >> i was waiting a long time. >> so then yesterday in the middle of the day randomly i sent him a text and it was like this is awesome.
9:02 am
and we couldn't stop. and here's the problem. all of my friends got this one yesterday. this is sheinelle harassing al roker all day long. i'm kidding, look at all these -- we couldn't stop. so dylan, today, because i'm so into this, i made some for you, too. >> i don't have one. i have never used one before. >> i created this ten minutes ago. do you want to see? >> i love it. >> now you can join our thread. >> i kind of want that dress. you can make them really look like yourself. >> you can customize them. >> can we put that up and then look at dylan again? i did pretty well. >> you did. you really did. >> look at the teehee. now do your teehee. >> actually, props to our technical director, because to get that done that quickly. >> props to you guys. >> thank you. >> so how do i get them from you? >> you have to go on bitmoji and
9:03 am
create your own person. >> calvin is about to be annoyed because we will do it all day. so yesterday i was did giddy. i had parent teacher conferences, they split them up. yesterday i did the extra curriculars. kai is a genius kid, but he doesn't like to lose. he's so competitive. >> where does he get that from? >> i don't know. actually, my dad. the gym teacher -- why are you looking at me like that? do you think i'm a competitor? >> have you ever watched when we play these games? >> you think? okay, well, then kai is doomed because my husband is like -- point is, the gym teacher said, you know what? it's not a problem anymore. it was like, ah! >> he's not competitive anymore? >> you can be competitive but not to the point where you cry when you lose. the music teacher said, can you sing? because kai can sing.
9:04 am
i was like, really? >> so you were a proud mom. >> so he thinks i'm crazy for doing all the extra conferences. >> i don't think you're crazy if the school offers it. but i will -- in my own defense. >> don't try to be all nice now on television. >> let me say -- >> earlier he was like -- >> 30 years ago when courtney was a baby and doing -- not competitive, when courtney was a baby, all these things, i was right there. by the time you get to your third, okay, or especially like leyla going away to college in four months, i didn't even go to this last parent-teacher conference. she's got good grades. i know -- she's pretty much done. >> she's into college. >> heshe's done. she's cooked. she's baked. now i can focus on nick. and i go to the parent-teacher conferences. >> they are getting so fancy. so k calvin will probably have one at 1 or 2 years old.
9:05 am
>> when brian says, dylan, you have a conference with me this afternoon about calvin. that's basically what is going to happen. >> oh, okay. >> and it's great. it's great that they do -- but after a point, you're like -- >> i totally get it. i'm trying to think, did my mom go to conferences after seventh or eighth grade? >> how many times did you parents show up at school, other than the parent-teacher conference and the year-end assembly. >> i think you're right. like never. >> now we're at school constantly. we're choppering in. >> you're right. >> i haven't been told that stuff yet. lots to look forward to. >> you started with thank you cards yesterday. >> thank you cards are very hard to write. and i have to do them. and there are so many ways to put a picture on and ship it off. but i like to write handwritten thank you cards and finally got them all done yesterday. >> i hate when people say, they send the thank you e-mail. no, write a note.
9:06 am
>> write the card. >> are these thanks for the shower or just thanks for -- >> the shower ones i did. that was a while ago, but it still -- calvin is 3 1/2 years old. the picture is his birth announcement. so he's looking very young in the card. >> people are happy to get them. i have to tell you. so pictures, jimmy fallon has been in orlando all week celebrating the opening of his new ride. they cut the ribbon this morning. yesterday, dewayne johnson stopped by with him, and they decided to have some fun dressing up as mascots of themselves. those are freaky looking. >> they are. >> so they ran around the park greeting people. >> did they know that was him? >> the dewayne johnson was kind of -- >> were they in them? >> they were in them, i believe. >> that's funny. i think they did. >> yes, they were in them.
9:07 am
there you go. >> watch this moment. >> that's not right. okay. >> do we have a moment? >> well, one of this photo bombs is truly an epic moment. take a look. >> three, two, one. >> the rock, my man, my hero, since i was 5 years old. >> what's up, dude? can we get in the picture? no tears, no tears. nice to meet you. >> he's got a tattoo of you. let's get a picture. >> three, two, one. >> that is crazy. >> wow. >> watching a grown man cry, i love it. >> the tats. did he have a a due of him on
9:08 am
his leg? >> that's dedication. by the way, dwayne johnson will be here tomorrow with us. and our co-host will be ludacris. crazy. >> you should put a tattoo of the rock on your body. >> that's not happening. >> you sure? >> and chris on the other leg. >> i'm putting a tattoo of kurt russell on. coming up, zac efron tricked into acting. and kurt russell, he's going to join "the take" table to talk about how he got his start. >> where should he put the tattoo, kurt?
9:09 am
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9:12 am
to back. >> we'll talk about that but we want to get your thoughts on the next topic and brought you to the table. i know you love zac efron. we found out he was doing -- >> i've never met zac but -- >> you love him. >> i couldn't think of a way in my head to go in, so i was like -- >> these are transitions to al. >> zac is running to the tv right now. >> apparently zac is your best friend. >> i hate that guy. >> you know, it is funny, he got quiet, does he really love him? i don't know. how do you know. tell him about zac. >> zac was doing a facebook leiv with fans yesterday and admitted the reason he got into acting is because his parents tricked him. that's zac efron. his parents told him they were taking him to toys' r us.
9:13 am
he said he was never scared more in his life and started crying. but he went on to get the part in a play. how did you get your start? >> my parents beat me. >> parents were cruel back then, huh? >> my parents said -- my dad was an actor and i had a paper route. i was 9 years old. i had been onsets my dad was working on. and i saw all the fun they were having and it looked like a good thing. i was just becoming interested in baseball at the time. my dad was an ex-pro ballplayer. >> what didn't your dad do? >> i know. i wanted a bicycle for me and my sister, she wanted two bicycles, and found out you would get the new schwinns for $55. so my dad came home and talked about doing the picture with
9:14 am
roger maris and mickey mantle. the star was a 10-year-old kid. and i said, does he get to meet them and hang out and play ball? he said, yeah. he said, do you want to go in on this? and i said, yeah, i do. it was serendipitous. i didn't get the job but saw what it was. but when i did get a job, i did get the bicycle paid for. so i said, you found your boy. >> and his had in is also a nuclear physicist. that's fantastic. >> that's really cool. >> so you happened to be here on our favorite days, throwback thursday. we dug through the archives and found you as jungle boy on "gilligan's island." >> it's a boy. it's a jungle boy. >> you say jungle boy once more i'll -- >> a jungle boy! >> he said it, i didn't. >> you did? >> well, obviously, since there
9:15 am
is a jungle boy. >> how about you, mary ann. do you see it, too? >> it's not an it, skipper, it's a boy, it's a jungle boy. >> i suppose that if i turn around i'll see it, too. i see it! >> it's a younger russell. >> otherwise known as jungle boy! >> you've always had great hair. >> wow. >> do you remember that? >> oh, i remember it -- see, what is weird about our careers is we look at it from the inside. for me, that was like three weeks ago, you know? i still remember some of my lines. i didn't have very many. >> you just had to walk around with helmet hair. >> when you are 13 years old and have to do "gilligan's island" in a loin cloth and then go back to your public school, you learn how to handle yourself pretty quickly. >> at least you're name wasn't albert, you're a fat black kid when bill cosby came out. i would take jungle boy over that, i can tell you right now. let's show you what is going on
9:16 am
as far as your weather is concerned. >> you're not scarred at all. >> no, it hasn't left me scarred. severe thunderstorms are making their way through the central part of florida. we do have a tornado watch stretching from richmond down to the carolinas. and we'll be watching some strong storms pushing their way east. again for today, we have the risk of strong storms. 15 million people at risk for a strong storm or isolated tornado or two. and there's flooding to talk about from buffalo to boston down to philadelphia. heavy rain, saturated ground, melting snow. 47 million people could see some flooding. and high winds possible. chicago today could see wind . sts of over 60 miles per hour. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab your umbrella. tracking severe thunderstorms today. eventually, we'll warm to 60 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia. but most of the day, it's going to be in the 40s and low 50s. winds blowing, storms later this morning and this afternoon for the suburbs and new jersey. the lehigh valley, 54 degrees.
9:17 am
could see some heavy downpours in the lehigh valley. and delaware, occasional showers and a chance of strong thunderstorms, especially later this morning and this afternoon. have a great day. and that is your latest weather. coming up, we hope kurt is going to stick around. >> i like the way this show works. a bunch of laughs and then 15 million people are getting dumped on today. maybe we'll see you in a minute. he will talk about being on "the fate and the furious." and the long-time hollywood romance after these messages. you seek audience. yes, wise man. i'm confident in my credit score... just not about protecting it. confidence is a state of mind. find it in the free creditwise app from capital one. by providing your credit report, and alerts to changes, creditwise can give you credit....wiseness. if that's all, i'd like to get back to my chai tea. don't you mean tai chi? you tell me, greg. you tell me.
9:18 am
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9:21 am
we are having a great time with kurt russell this morning. he's back once again playing the mysterious mr. nobody in "the fate of the furious." >> he's a federal agent who operates outside the law. when he tries to convince dwayne johnson's character to join his team, he realizes his new protege has a lot to learn. >> what about your daughter? >> if you're not going to do it for your country, at least do it for your kid. >> oh, big mistake, kid. >> hold on. he's still working from the manual. he doesn't really know the rules. come on, give him a break. >> give me a break. >> lou. appreciate it. >> it's good to see you, nobody. >> you, too.
9:22 am
>> you know, he's a really nice and interesting guy, dwayne. >> in fact, he's going to be with us tomorrow. >> he's a cool guy. having had -- we had an interesting background, he played pro football in college. if rare conversations you have with an athlete, you usually have them later in life, but the honesty was really impressive and i learned a lot. he's one sharp cookie. a good guy, too. >> your character -- >> i do love him. >> that's official. this is not a knock against zac. >> i just don't know zac. i'm sure i would love zac. >> after watching this movie, mr. nobody, in a sense, even though it's not the -- you're not the star of the movie, you drive this movie. your character drives this movie. >> it does come in and out at the strangest times and sort of, it's like we were just saying, he's a character, that we're
9:23 am
similar, when i lean over and say, wait a minute, is this -- i want to catch up to speed. but mr. nobody does that for you. he comes in, it's almost like he turns to you and says, are you confused? he weighs things out for you and says, this is where we are going. it is exposition. it's a challenge as an actor, i have to say. but it's a lot of fun. it's fun to watch how the character fits into the story for the main characters that you're watching. yeah. >> the fact that he actually avoids a lot of the heavy lifting. >> right. >> totally. >> isn't that the plan? you put in that request? >> that's called wisdom. >> smart man. >> you know, i do heavy lifting in "guardians of the galaxy." >> i'm so excited for this to come out. >> and you are chris pratt's father? >> yes. this is a broad character, okay?
9:24 am
>> you would like that. >> and he's created his own world. and everything about him is creation. so yeah, it was a great -- these two things back-to-back were really fun to do back-to-back and have the opportunity to try to create characters that people will have a great time with and be memorable. >> how long did it take you to grow that beard? >> not too long. >> that was a head of hair. >> he's jungle boy. i forgot. >> i don't know, a couple months, i guess. but i guess these days, lately, it's just been mustaches and beards and -- i saved that for later in my career. i didn't do a lot of it early on. >> i love it. and can we offer congratulations to you, by the way, we have not mentioned this, but you and goldie hawn celebrating your 34th anniversary. 34 years. >> all that hand goes to goldie.
9:25 am
congratulations, honey. i can't believe you did it. >> did you do anything special? >> i have a -- well, what comes with age is alzheimer, i don't remember what i did. no, we had a regular day. so, look, we have a lot of fun in our lives and pulling out special days. i'm sure we did something special but i can't remember what it was. >> you have been such a delight. isn't that great? >> we don't want it to end. our stage manager is like -- "fate of the furious" hits theaters next friday, april 14th. coming up, don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase allergy relief delivers more complete relief. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause all your symptoms, including nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. flonase is an allergy nasal spray that works even beyond the nose. so you can enjoy every beautiful moment to the fullest.
9:26 am
flonase. 6>1 changes everything. nbc 10 breaking news. >> we do have breaking news in the murder trial in pike county. we just learned that frein was taken to the hospital. it's still not clear why. lawyers and the judge in the case are scheduled to talk around 10:00 a.m. testimony was expected to be continued today. frein is accused of ambushing two state troopers in 2014, killing one of them, and seriously injuring the other. we'll keep you updated on-air and on our nbc 10 app. now let's check the weather outside. it's a gloomy morning and rain is to come. first alert meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. bill? >> windy, wet and chilly. live view from wilmington, the stadium. the steady rain is just moving in. it's been kind of a misty morning so far. this is what's left, some thunderstorms.
9:27 am
the thunderstorm activity is starting to die down. there's still a possibility of hearing some thunder and seeing some lightning first thing this morning. but there are more storms lining up to the southwest. that's the wet weather just starting to move into the area that will continue into early this afternoon. add to that some strong gusty winds and the temperatures for now are really going nowhere. we're in the 40s by it feels like it's in the 30s with the wind blowing. tracy? >> all right, bill, thanks. now let's check the roads. there have definitely been a sfu issues. traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered. >> now we're just watching slow speeds, the blue route and route 1. both are okay, but we are seeing some pretty heavy drive times. 13 minutes on the northbound side, 95 up to route 1 with speeds also into the 20s there. also checking in with the schuylkill expressway, no major problems reported bullpen you can suh on the maps yellow into the red most heavy from the blue route to the vine. 26 minutes. >> i'm tracy davidson. you can get the latest news and breaking news we're following
9:28 am
and weather updates with the nbc 10 app.
9:29 am
9:30 am
it's been more than six decades since hugh heffner published the first "playboy" magazine. aturned "playboy" magazine into a huge multimillion empire. >> here is "american playboy: the hugh hefner story." take a look. >> every time somebody picks up "playboy" i don't want them to imagine him as a guy who can get the girl he wants. i want to teach him how, how to buy the right suit, the right bottle of wine, how uh to put music on when the girl comes over. i don't want to follow trends, i want to create them. >> and with us this morning,
9:31 am
hugh hefner's son cooper hefner. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is a ten-episode show about how your father started playboy. did anything surprise you as you did the research for this? >> well, we opened up the archive to amazon and steven david and focused on not just what typically is on the forefront of conversation, which is sexuality and the nudity, but really the civil rights activism and lgbtq activism in the early days of the company. >> and so many people talk about, you know, the joke is -- i read it for the articles, but the fact is that "playboy," besides the photography, really did some groundbreaking journalism, too. and your dad really kind of spirited that. >> yeah. i mean, again, when one takes a step back and thinks about the brand philosophy, the idea was that the company and him would challenge the sexual values but
9:32 am
also say, look, this is not something we should consider dirty or taboo. and it is really something that should be, you know, paired next to a sophisticated lifestyle and really quality content. and that was mind-blowing for the time. >> so last year you took over your father's role as "playboy's" chief creative officer. what now? you have the baton now. >> i con sum media and belong to a generation that consumes media entirely differently. i'm on my phone, i'm on digital. so for me, i step in and don't think about our business from the media content perspective as a magazine, i think about it as a digital publishing company. when we talk about the content strategy and media strategy, we are thinking how can we participate in correreating a platform in the social media. >> what is it like growing up next to the "playboy" mansion,
9:33 am
did you have parties? >> it was fun. i have stories in my head that are probably better for another time. >> well, i never knew that silk purple pajamas could be hereditary hereditary. >> that is the uniform. >> so you're born like that. >> this is what they put me into. yeah, it was and it is. >> cooper hefner. thank you so much. "american playboy: the h my day starts well before i'm even in the kitchen. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i need to shave my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® works like my body's insulin. releases slow and steady. providing powerful a1c reduction. i'm always on call. an insulin that fits my schedule is key. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ i can take tresiba® any time of day.
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9:38 am
lights, camera, action. more than 125 kids joined together to perform on one of the most iconic stages in the world, radio city music hall, as part of the 11th annual garden of dreams talent show. from singing to dancing, and everything in between. these remarkable kids embody the theme of this year's event, "beautiful dreams." >> for one night, we just let kids be kids. this is the night where nothing is wrong. it's like a dream. >> thank you! >> talent show in a once-in-a-lifetime experience for this 13-year-old spar shaw. >> i'm excited. i'm pumped. i'm ready to go out there and bring out my voice to every corner of the hall and just through my music share my story. >> spar is living with a rare disease called osteogenesis perfecta that causes his bones
9:39 am
to be easily to fracture. and for this singer, songer, rapper, performing is what he loves most. what is it about singing that you love? once you open your mouth, it seems like it is healing to some, inspiring for others, what is it for you? >> galileo says this is the language for god's young verse. and to me, music is my universe. it is deep rooted in my soul and my spirit. it's the perfect way to connect one's story to another. >> his inspiring story spreads the message of this organization, to help kids shine. what does this mean to you guys and how important is it to have this? >> i want the team to help kids that have gone through something special in their lives. actually, putting them on a
9:40 am
platform, they would have never ever dreamt of performing here at radio city music hall. >> is there any way you can give me a snip-it of it? ♪ make it a better place >> what are your dreams when we talk about dreams? >> i want to inspire people. >> also making her raud odio ci music hall debut is brianna hayes. on the stage, radio city music hall, it doesn't seem real. >> it doesn't seem real. it is like a once-in- a-lifetime chance. you have to do this, tell your story. >> what is your story? what would you they. >> my story doesn't define me, it makes me stronger. i was in foster care 14 going on 15. i remember feeling like it was my fault, like going into foster care was my fault.
9:41 am
>> give me a couple lines. >> all my life i wanted to be -- every kid on this stage is channeling their inner beauty. and they are letting it grow in so many lights, it's so beautiful. >> and as these rock star kids stand up and take their final bows, their smiles are a constant reminder of their beautiful dreams. last week the foundation had their garden of laughs event to raise $2.2 million to continue programs like talent show. if you would like to learn more about garden of dream, head to >> inspiring. >> and to play at radio city music hall. >> for anyone that would be huge, but for these kids -- >> that is one of the biggest stages in the world. >> let me tell you, these kids knocked it out of the park. the way they sing, they dance. >> and he was on harvey's show. >> yes. he is wise beyond his years for sure.
9:42 am
>> unlike me. not even close. let's show you what we have going on as far as your weather is concerned. we'll look at the weekend outlook to show you what is happening, starting off with tomorrow, we have some high winds around the great lakes, plenty of sunshine through the gulf coast. heavy rain moves into california, pacific northwest. heavy mountain snows in the sierra. saturday, unseasonably warm through the northern plains, but look at the mess out west, just a bit of a problem. sunshine the midatlantic states, gulf coast into the southwest. sunday, sunday! we expect to see unseasonably mild weather for the eastern third of the country. finally, starting to feel like spring. we've got wet weather through the upper mississippi river valley. things dry out in california. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. grab your umbrella. i'm tracking showers and the potential for severe thunderstorms during the day today. eventually, we'll warm to 60 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia. but most of the day, it's going to be in the 40s and low 50s. winds blowing, storms later this morning and this afternoon for the suburbs and new jersey.
9:43 am
the lehigh valley, 54 degrees. could see some heavy downpours in the lehigh valley. and delaware, occasional showers and a chance of strong thunderstorms, especially later this morning and this afternoon. have a great day. and that is your latest weather. well, she hit it big when a six-second video of her song "lost boy" changed her life. now ruth b. is bac he's a nascar champion who's faced thousands of drivers. she's a world-class swimmer who's stared down the best in her sport. but for both of them, the most challenging opponent was... pe blood clots in my lung. it was really scary. a dvt in my leg. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself. my doctor and i choose xarelto® xarelto®... to help keep me protected. xarelto® is a latest-generation blood thinner... ...that's proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots from happening again. in clinical studies, almost 98% of patients on xarelto® did not experience another dvt or pe.
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9:47 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> even in this age of youtube stars and social media, it's fascinating that a six-second video could catapult someone to super stardom. >> that's exactly what happened to canadian performer ruth b. two years ago when she posted herself singing "lost boy" and the internet exploded. >> well, now she's about to release her debut album, "safe haven" with her new single "if this is love." welcome back, ruth. good to see you. >> so good to see you. >> could you imagine when starting to post the videos this could possibly lead to this? >> i think i always hoped. i don't think you can see
9:48 am
anything like this coming, but i definitely knew that i loved music and would have been happehappey if it happened to my life. >> a lot of the videos included your fingerson the keyboard and not your face. why did you do that? >> i found if the camera was on my face people were talking about hair and makeup and i wanted it to be about the music. so i thought, if i show the keyboard, this is going to focus on the song. i wrote all the songs myself, so i think it is really a good way of capturing the past two years of my life in 12 songs. >> here we are. "if this is love" ruth b. ♪ it's been a long day and i'm trying to figure it out ♪ ♪ the way the words left your
9:49 am
mind out ♪ ♪ i feel broken shattered and new and i'm trying to figure it out ♪ ♪ if this is love ♪ why does it break me down why do you break me down ♪ ♪ if this is love ♪ why does it break me down why do you break me down noti notice ♪ ♪ it's been a long time since i felt the way that i do now ♪
9:50 am
♪ like i need you but i don't know how ♪ ♪ it's been a while since i smiled and i meant it for all my heart ♪ ♪ but the idea of leaving this behi behind, it tears me apart ♪ ♪ if this is love ♪ why does it break me down why do you break me down ♪ ♪ if this is love ♪ why does it break me down why do you break me down ♪ ♪ kiss me now and remind me why
9:51 am
i ever wanted to make you mine ♪ ♪ and even though it hurts in this moment i've always known it ♪ ♪ you're the other half of my broken heart ♪ ♪ if this is love ♪ why does it break me down why do you break me down ♪ ♪ if this is love ♪ why does it break me down why do you break me down ♪ ♪ even though it hurts in this
9:52 am
moment i have always known it ♪ ♪ you're the other half of my broken heart ♪ >> that was beautiful. >> beautiful. and we have to -- do you get mistaken for malia obama? >> i do get that a lot. it's funny, but yeah, it's great. >> i'll tell you, people are going to know you for that mu c music. "this is love" is available now. and the album is out for pre-order on may 5th. we'll be back, but first, this is "today" on nbc. grit.
9:53 am
some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide or stand up. at strayer university we've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america.
9:54 am
it will be fun, what's wrong with you people? >> we don't have enough time. >> look who is here?
9:55 am
>> so exciting. >> we thought he left us. >> we are going to learn self-defense moves. we are going to do a little fashion for easter. >> everything going on. >> everything. >> look how you guys are matchy-match. >> there you go. >> a case of the blues. we're just going to do this for an hour. >> that will be tv. >> a thrilling hour, yes. >> this is the longest tease in the history of the world. >> the one-time we have time and -- >> i have nothing to say. i have nothing
9:56 am
we have an update on breaking news in the eric frein murder trial in pike county. we have learned that frein was taken to the hospital around 8:00 this morning. we're still working to find out why. his trial has been delayed. we're told lawyers and the judge in the case will talk in just a few minutes. frein is accused of ambushing two state troopers in 2014, killing one of them and seriously injuring the other. we'll keep you updated on-air
9:57 am
and on our nbc 10 app. rain is moving in, the clouds are thickening. let's get you updated on that with meteorologist bill henley. >> showers and thunderstorms starting to move into the area, and the wind is blowing. it is chilly this morning. it feels like it's in the 30s. tracy? >> let's check the roads. first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington, watching those. >> tracy, we're watching a crash out in northeast, philadelphia on the northbound side, just around tyson avenue. part of the inner drive blocked there. you can see the delays moving in the northbound direction. southbound side moving just fine. but we also see some delays, just because of the rain. watching 422, as well. cameras around trooper road showing this big eastbound delay, that's because that traffic is headed towards the schuylkill expressway. moving towards the schuylkill expressway typically sees more delays and volume in the morning time. 13 minutes from 29 to the schuylkill. average speeds into the 40s. >> thanks for that. i'm tracy davidson. now is a perfect time if you don't already have it to download the nbc 10 app.
9:58 am
it's a free download. traffic the rain moving into your neighborhood and possibly severe weather conditions. thanks for watching. "today" shows continues in a couple of minutes.
9:59 am
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. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's thirsty thursday. april 6th. i have actor and comedian and doctor ken and my co host today and hooi'm delighted. >> that hurts. >> that's called "heaven south." >> it's called the bruise lie kathie lee. >> that didn't hurt d it? i just get very, very excited. >> i'm very excited t


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