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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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camden right now. and it's just past center city. we just got blasted with heavy rain that's already moved over to cherry hill. everything is moving fast here. and the rainfall rates, 1 to 2 inches per hour in the heaviest parts and in these green areas it's less than aen tenth of an inch. it really varies. . and lock at this. this is just one hour. how fast these storms have moved. they have moved at 60 miles per hour. so what went through philadelphia goes through brils in a few minutes. trenton at 4:25. hamilton at 4:27. and two minutes later it's out of here. there's the back edge. let's time the pd of the rain. by 4:35 in philadelphia. 5:10 in trenton. that's how fast everything is is moving. and it takes strong winds to e
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get those storms moving fast. meteorologist tammie souza has more on that. >> we are actually looking at fast winds coming in now out of the south. they were out of the southeast earlier. they are going to shift off to the southwest. wilmington, 35 mile an hour winds. we get up to lathen, 17 mile an hour winds. you add to that the damages that were. we had snapped trees in northern maryland. we had reports of tornadoes in virginia. let's go ahead and take a look at what happened here in our area. we did have a couple reports of small hail. but look at this in mount laurel. we picked up hail that was pea-size. that happened this afternoon. and we a also picked up hail that was in washington township. and pea-size hail was 1:35 this
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afternoon. we had 35 to 45 mile an hour wind gusts. with this last batch of rain that came through. you can see look at the heavier rainfall totals where you see the shades of blue. northwest of tld head out into parts of montgomery county. now we're going to add to these totals and we'll have more over the next couple hours in all the newscasts, but it's going to be a soaker off to anybody northwest of the city. >> have the nbc 10 app with you to be prepared. you can download it for free to get the radar and also severe weather alerts right on your smart phone. the passing of don rick ls. keith jones is live with that.
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>> he died today at the age of 90. he headlined clubs and casinos and turned insults into an art form. >> his career start ed after a stunt in the navy, but it didn't take off until e he started taking on hecklers in his audience. insults humor became his trademark. he visited the tonight show over 100 times producing classic momen moments. he died from kidney failure this morning at his home in los angeles. he was born in new york city in 1926. his wife barre baa is from philadelphia. now we checked. he perform ed at in atlantic ciy last june. coming up when i anchor the news at 5:00. keith jones, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news.
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it was reportedly sexually assaulted on her school bus. >> i had parents that are literally afraid to put their kid on the bus. >> these are kids that you'll have. investigators are saying an older student on the bus is responsible for this crime. >> i just checked with police and there are no charges at this time. also parents tell me that there are no cameras aboard trenton school buss. special needs she's nonverbal. so police are relying heavily on students who saw it happened. >> it happened at the end of the month. >> police con if you remembered they are activating the sexual assault of a girl who boarded
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the bus from the school last week. >> another student approached her and unzipped his ants and pushed her head towards his groin area. >> they told school administrators right away. . >> she's only 5. >> police and investigators with the special victims unit of the restaurants office would not confirmed if an aid was on the bus. or who has been interviewed. the school district is not responded to our questions about what happened and how. >> this is the fifth documented incident. it's two sexual assaults and three physical sexual assaults. >> one mother was rushed to the e.r. with a concussion in december and didn't want to show her face. >> these are kids that you'll have. >> they blame the district cost savings. carrying more children and fewer aids. >> i had had parents that are literally afraid to put their kid on the bus and that's
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ashame. >> reporter: we tried the superintendent to ask if the student has been suspended or rep rarimand reprimanded. cydney long, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 with exclusive video of cop killer eric frein leaving a poconos hospital this morning surrounded by police. investigators say frein hit his head while he was brushing his teeth in it the jail cell delaying day three of thiz trial. testify back underway this afternoon after that bizarre twist of events. deanna durante was there as it unfolded. >> reporter: the murder trial getting a late start as sources c confirming he slipped in his jail cell. he hit his head on the sink. this is eric frein as he's leaving the hospital. around 11:30 this morning still wearing his orange jump suit, he
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arrive d before noon under heav police presence. his parents waited for word on their son and moved to the torn's office. he's charged in the so far the jury has seen video of the dead lie shooting and heard from a a trooper who tried to rescue brian duction son who died and heard about alex douglas who was shot. the jury heard recordings of him calling tr help and asking to get to the hospital. troopers who testified so far describing it's feeling like the barracks were under atrack. more troopers are expected to take the stand today. it's not clear when we will hear from trooper alex dougs wilasdo. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 will be covering developments throughout this trial. count on us for daily updates on the air and on the nbc 10 app. to washington now where the path has been cleared for the nomination of president trump's supreme court pick. but not before an historic move.
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>> we have a live puckture from the senate floor. republicans changed the chambers rules during a showdown over high court nominee neil gorsuch. erin coleman is joining us with the breakdown of the events. >> they voted to use the nuclear option to clear the way for the confirmation of neil gorsuch. it allows the nominee to move to final confirmation with a simple majority of just a 51 votes opposed to 60 votes. democrats objected until the end, but the efforts to block gorsuch failed as expected. >> it changes the rules from here on out. that means it will be e easier for the majority party to confirm the nominee than the
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future no matter who is president. >> everyone likes to point the funger at the other side as the source of the distress. there's abundant blame to go around. >> pennsylvania senator took to social media to voice his support for neil gorsuch. >> president trump could not have chosen a better normminee d more qualified individual in the judicial mainstream. >> that is part of the video the republican senator posted on facebook. a final confirmation vote should come tomorrow. >> back to you guys. president trump is kick iin off a highly anticipated summit with china's president in florida today. the chinese leader ask wife arrived this afternoon for the first face to face meeting with trump. they delivered an ultimate um. north korea fired yet another ballistic missile yesterday.
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a shake up in the investigation into russian interference in the election. the head of the intelligence committee is stepping aside from that investigation. democrat hs alleged that the congressman was too close to president trump and cannot lead an impartial inquiry. >> secretary of state rex tillerson says the u.s. is considering a serious response following the chemical attack in syria. tuesday's attack killed 100 people including many churn. the government says it didn't use those chemical weapons, but secretary of state tillerson says he has no doubt they are responsible and even president trump says something should happen to syria. 20 minutes of nonstop news
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continues with chris christie calling out amtrak. >> he's threatening to withhold fund iing a after this derailme in new york disrupted new jersey transit service. christie said in a statement the recurring derailments at penn station new york indicate amtrak does not take their obligations seriously and have normt applie the considerable payments. lauren is joining us live from 30th street station with more on what the governor had to say. >> right now it could mean that amtrak has less money for maintenance as it deals with these two recent derailments. both were caused by track problems and one of them still causing headaches for commuters.
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>> you were expecting a train at a different time. >> yes, 1:44. now it's past that. >> the residents heading to new york on business. but new jersey transit today is still operating on a holiday schedule after a derailment at penn station on monday. >> trains will be back to normal friday morning. too late to e prevent this skait canning letter tr new jersey governor chris christie. he's saying to stop payments to amtrak that are supposed to help with maintenance arguing they are not doing a good job with the money. >> i understand the governor is upset. withdrawing funding is not going to solve any of the problems. >> reporter: nbc 10 went to an expert. >> what kind of an impact could that have? >> amtrak, as you probably know,
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is not swimming in federal money or state money or any money. >> alex is director of the railroad engineering and safety program at the university of delaware. he says it could cause deferred maintenance. >> if new jersey held this money than new york wut held this money and amtrak will not have the capital funds to replace which is replaced track which is quite extensive and then will be caught this a vicious down spiral. >> reporter: amtrak ceo said they are going to be working with the federal railroad administration and that he's also going to be leading a review of all of amtrak's maintenance procedures and bringing in independent experts. live at 30th street station, nbc 10 news. we have new video this afternoon of the pilot of a fighter jet parachuting out of his crashing plane.
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>> i hope he's okay. >> he's floating through a ploum of dark smoke that his jet sent up after plum etting sba the trees. the pay lot was on a training mission when the engine malfunctioned. the pilot was able to steer the jet away before ejecting. he was taken to the hospital and amazingly he doesn't have any serious injuries and no one else was hurt. employees in philadelphia want a new contract after working without one for eight months. they rallied on campus and say they have seen little progress in negotiations. the rally came today as the school board of trustees met. office staff are not happy with the college's proposals that include professors teaching more classes per semester. the last contract expired in august. penn state says it is opposed to an effort by graduate students to unionize. the grad students filed
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paraphernal paperwork to form a union. they said they should be allow ed to they released a letter opposed to the unionization effort. today brings a final send off for astronaut and senator john glen nearly three months after his passing. mourners gathered for a private funeral this morning in arlington national cemetery. . he was remembered at public events in it his home state of ohio after hi death last year. after a distinguished career as a fighter pilot, john glen became the first american to orbit the earth and served 24 years in the senate. he made history in 1998. he was 7 at the time. he died in sdes at the age of 85. a warning for distracted drivers in new jersey. literally the state will now send warning e letters to anyone
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who is caught driving while using their phones without a hands free device. drivers are urged to call the phone alert system with the license plate of any distracted drivers. it took until the first week of the season, but ryan howard has a new home. >> he signed a mine league deal with the braves. he spent 13 seasons with the phillies leading that team to a world series in 2008. he became a free agent when they bought out his contract at the end of last season. you can watch the phillies home opener here. our coverage starts tomorrow at 2:00. keith jones and erin coleman will be right there as well as chief meteorologist glenn schwartz and meteorologist tammie souza. that's tomorrow at 2:00 right here on nbc 10. as for today, taking a live look from citizens bank park. it's wet out there. it's draeary in had south phill.
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>> it's going to be lovely tomorrow, not as stormy. we're not going to see lightning, but it's going to be nasty weather wise. we have a lot of wind right now and that is pushing the rain away at the moment. you can see the southeast winds meeting the west winds gust to 35 miles per hour. wilmington at 33. that's bringi ining the drier an here. it's about time because we got pounded here. over the last three hours this stuff is move iing at 50 to 60 miles per hour. there's the dry air that is coming in. there's still leftover showers down by washington. we'll have to keep an eye on. the back edge of that rain is already come into chester. the heavy rain has. mount laurel, get some heavy rain.
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that part of the system is what's coming here tomorrow. how much rain fell? much of it right along the philadelphia and down toward dover, delaware. some of the amounts that we estimate d by radar 1 to 2 inchs of rain. locally a little bit more. nothing widespread reported yet. so by 5:00, most of this is all past us. we have lingering showers and a couple spots. look at that. it's pretty much over. tomorrow morning, lehigh valley, you see that. that's snow. you might get a little snow tomorrow morning. snow back in central pennsylvania. snow getting pretty close to the lehigh valley. it's possible. could get mixed in there. and we've got some rain showers from time to time across the
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area. cloudy, cold, windy, and nasty day. . . you can see some of those rain showers. we're not going to be seeing any sunshine. here's what we're going to be seeing. 20 to 30 miles per hour. gusting to 40. everybody stays in the 40s tomorrow. with those gusty winds, temperatures are well below normal. but when you add the wind in, it's going to be a windchill tomorrow as we play the game. could barely get above 50 degrees in parts of delaware. and maybe one little peek of sunshine in a couple spots. but boy, that's not the way things are going to be during the day tomorrow. look what happens as we go through the next several days. 47 to 56 to 66 to monday at 80 in philadelphia. up to 76 in allentown. now that sea breeze in wildwood, so it won't be quite as warm.
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dover up to 7 degr7 degrees. . we have a stretch of beautiful weather with a huge warming trend. broadway or bust. >> a jersey shore's teen forced her to miss out on a class trip of a lifetime. the special send off from her classmates to fulfill her dream in new york city. also a champions welcome for north philly native. the college basketball coach comes home just days after winning that national championship. teenager turned detective. the pictures on this boy's phone that tracked down tom brady's super bowl jersey. that's next at 4:00. first here's a look at the closing well on wall street. an up day all around on the markets.
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tracking heavy rain and thunderstorms in parts of our area this it afternoon. this is a live look from storm force 10. you could encounter some wet roads and heavy traffic so take it easy. check out these guys going on a booze run in it'll. this was on monday morning. the problem is they stole the drinks. they had a nearby pirate ship and leap over a gap before boarding the boat to grab the booze. the thieves seemed to notice the cameras recording their every move. but police are still looking for those guys. now that tom brady has his stolen jerseys back, he can thank a teenage patriots fan who helped crack the case.
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it was a tip from a 19-year-old sports collector that led authorities to the jerseys. the teen noticed one of the jerseys in a picture he received from a fellow collector. so he went to the fbi. now that teen is hoping his good deed earns him a meeting with his sports idol. >> you got to ask for a jersey. whether he give it is or not. tom brady was sporting his jersey from the super bowl. for the red sox at fenway park. hopefully they will get to meet. >> seems like a meeting would be the least he could do. stormy day full of strong winds and poun downpours. wet and colder as well. if you're headed to the phillies home opener, bring the rain gear and layers of clouds clothes. i'm tracking more on what you
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at longhorn, tonight's special, steakhouse cuts. featuring, for a limited time, the new delmonico ribeye, our tender flo's filet, and the juicy new york strip. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo. you can't fake steak. heavy rain across the region. look at the time lapse video from across the river. it's hard to see, but that is the philadelphia skyline behind us. clouds there. lightning took down a tree today. the pictures were went in by a
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viewer. the woman says she heard a loud bang and went outside to find branches on her yard. she also said she lost power. big backups on the expressway near city avenue. a live picture from our presidential city apartments m camera. pack your patience for your drive home. the heaviest of the rain gets moved out of most of the area. some spots still getting hit. those showers are not going to let up any time soon. meteorologist glenn schwartz is tracking where the system is and where it's headed next. >> we have seen quite a change just over the last hour in philadelphia. we had tremendous downpours and now the rain is just about to end. look at delaware. not a drop. and the sun is coming out. here's the back edge. just hitting south philly. but we still have rain over most of the city. lower bucs county and also burlington county, glosser
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county getting heavy rain. a solid heavy rain from allentown up to lehigh and easton. not as heavy as it was farther to the south an hour ago. we're talking still this time about less than an inch per hour. that's not as much of a threat as we saw earlier. how fast this is moving out. that's just one hour of a time lapse. we have some showers that may be headed towards southern delaware. . but for the most part we have seen the worst and as we go through the night tonight there's leftover showers north and west. not much to add to the problems. >> we have damage reports all over. down the eastern sea board. take a look at this.
4:32 pm
this is just today. this didn't include yesterday. all these represent trees, tornadoes, flooding rain, hail, all of this. . let's take a look at what happened in our area. they talked about the hail the last time i was hear. it was pea-size hail. we're taking a look at the wind gusts alock the jersey shore. so very gusty this afternoon. we have had a wind advisory with strong winds from the southeast. now they are turning to the south. these are some of the rainfall totals that we have seen. these are doppler estimated. an irvelg and a half in the
4:33 pm
area, we go to williams creek. we have 1.3 inches. we get out here perhaps toward corning. we have 1.7 inches. you get an idea certain areas underneath the thunderstorms picked up the heaviest rain. we'll be back in a little bit with more of the rainfall totals and any new damage reports. >> the nbc 10 app puts your neighborhood forecast at your fingertips. fus plus help you plan ahead for the weekend well. to basketball and coach dawn staley has been the talk of the town since her team clinched the championship on subd. >> so happy for her. she went back to her roots returning to a place where her love of the game really showed. rosemary connors is joining us to tell us about the homecoming in north philly. >> staley ruled the court at the national standout in the '80s. over the decades, her friends have watched her steady rise through the basketball ranks.
4:34 pm
in turn, she's been true to her school. school spirit was alive and well, palpable as dawn staley once a player here return ed to her stomping grounds. in a packed auditorium she was honored by top city brass and philadelphia sports icons. >> no one is surprised by her success. congratulations. >> in 1988 she was "usa today"'s national high school player of the year. tr there she went on to the university of virginia. then the olympics and prowomen's basketball. coaching led her back to philadelphia. and later to south carolina. >> it takes more than the current people in your life. it makes you reflect on all the people that have had a hand in your life my start was in north philly.
4:35 pm
in the projects. >> remembering her roots, she left the students with a lesson of hope. something she learned a few years ago when her team just missed the finals. >> what's delayed is not denied. and we are living proof because we have 2017 national champions. sometimes we don't want to do this, but we got to learn how to win by losing. >> don staley played pro ball here. i certainly remember watching her play during the franchise's one season in town. today we spoke to her after the ceremony about what's next. that part of the story during the 5:00 newscast. i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> we'll look forward to that. here's a look at the other stories we're following county by county. chester county, remembering victims of violent crimes. the center of chester county will hold the annual vigil in
4:36 pm
downing town. the service is schedule canned for tonight at 6:30 at the central presbyterian church. a pharmaceutical company specializing in treating animals is bringing 200 jobs. the firm plans to buy the tech parking. the company will build an office, research and development space. manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities at root 55 and 322. in camden county, the college has a new president. he was installed as the fifth president of the college today. he's deep roots in south jersey. he's been a principal and superintendent and has degrees from both rowan and glastbor. several parks are getting facelifts. they are installing sprinkler systems and adding fountains in nine parks. the area around city treasures have been restored to their original splender.
4:37 pm
a jersey shore teen has big dreams and not letting an illness get in her way. >> today she went to broadway, but not to perform. . somehow she fulfilled a wish in the big apple today. plus would you feel safer requesting a female driver for a ride? that's the reason behind a new ridesharing app. how it works, next at 4:00. all new at 5:00, phillies mayor is fed up. why he's blaming a company for not stopping the heroin crisis.
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the please touch museum one of the top ten in the country for families. it ranked number six by popular vote. there were 20 nominees. the frankly institute was number nine. a boston-based start up launched a ridesharing program
4:41 pm
that focuses on women. it's hoping to win over those who mie may not be comfortable sharing other services. it offers deeper background checks on its drivers. the app includes an sos button riders can link to an emergency contact. the company says it not only protects the person in the backseat but also the driver. especially at night, am i okay? men don't have to think about that. let's create a space for women to feel free to move safely. >> men can sign up, but have had no takers. this they do riders can request what agenda ir driver they prefer. taking a live look from storm force 10. a tree was struck by ning in northeast philadelphia. you see it down right there. the road blocked off because of it. we are getting some damage reports from the storms out there. >> they were moving so fast it's not hard to imagine wind gusts
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of 60 miles per hour. plus some hail in other regions. but it's moving out. what's moving in for the weekend? that's coming up next.
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it features an interactive lego-themed ride, a cinema and has ten philadelphia-themed play areas. >> look at everything, i'm super excited to try everything out. she told me all about this. i was so psyched to come here today. >> there are only nine discovery centers in the country. the eagles getting into the prom spirit. >> teams partnering with a nonprofit to help a teen get to his prom. marcus smith and members from unity in the community surprised
4:46 pm
a local student with an all expenses paid prom night. it includes prom tickets, suit, shoes, fresh haircut and a ride to the dance. the mom reached out to unity in the community after she realized she couldn't afford to send her son to the prom. >> i'm very grateful. my son wouldn't have been able to go to the prom otherwise. >> they lost everything during a recent fire at the family's home. how great is that. he's going to look sharp with that suit and fresh haircut. you can see how dark it is behind us. a live look now at the comcast technology center from our camera on top of the building. the skies are clearing to the left, but on the right side of the screen, pretty dark and stormy. the heaviest of the rain is
4:47 pm
moving out of some areas. >> and look what we've got behind me. just an hour ago, it was pouring rain. we had lightning all over the place. you can hardly see the skyline at all. now you can see everything and that is sun that's back out. winds coming out of the southwest bringing drier air in. very rapidly as you can tell. you can see that coming back. >> as you can see in much of the area, still in the northeast philly, heavier rain has gone east of salem. the heavy rain is totally ended in atlantic city. just about ended in long beach
4:48 pm
island. overall system is a huge one. the faillies are in cincinnati and that's what's headed our way for tomorrow. it's not going to be raining through the whole game, but we have some rain. hour by hour, we have isolated showers or storms to the south. also some showers up north. most of the rest of the day and night is going to be dry. then tomorrow we have the rain showers. we have cloudy skies and a chance of even a rain/snow mix in the poconos and maybe even some of the higher elevations in other areas of the valley and chester county. and that sets us up for the phillies tomorrow. not exactly great timing for the home opener. the wind is going to be blowing in from left field. making it harder to hit home runs as will the cold weather. temperatures in the 40s.
4:49 pm
the winds 15 to 25. feeling like about 40 or less. that looks like fun. not enough rain to rain the thing out. there's the rain. 20 to 30, gusts to 40. most places staying in the 40s with occasional rain and things are going to change dramatically by the weekend. take a look at this. here we go. friday, 47. but saturday, 56. sunday, 66. both days with sunshine. then by monday as we showed you earlier, up to 80 degrees. >> what a difference. >> had the home opener been today, no delay for sure. but tomorrow there won't be enough rain. >> the phillies get to play home games starting saturday through wednesday. the weather will be beautiful for every single one of them. >> nice stretch. thank you.
4:50 pm
the sun is out behind us now. >> making wishes come true for a jersey shore teen who needed good news to lift her spirits. >> how a trip to the big apple to see a big show is fulfilling a dream. coming up at 5:00, he was known as the insult comic. we look at the long career of don rickles.
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a girl who has been in and out of the hospital is having a wish come true. >> so happy for her. she's in new york city to see the musical everyone wants to see, hamilton. erin coleman is here now and it's all thanks to a local organization. >> take a breather is a
4:54 pm
nonprofit that grants wishes to kids fighting a specific illness. they heard hr about her story and had to step in. they were there as she got ready for her trip and shared this video of the big day. >> she loves to sing and act. her cystic fie bro sis sometimes gets in the way. >> i missed over 60 days because i've been hospitalized a lot. but i don't usually miss school that much anymore. it's just been a bad year. >> she also missed a class trip to see a musical on broadway. when take a breather found out, they made her wish come true surprising her with tickets to e see her favorite musical hamilton. >> i'm so excited to see hamilton. i can't wait. >> last week she went to the doctor and could have been admitted. he was like i'm not going to
4:55 pm
admit her because she's got to go to new york. so do your best to get better and enjoy it. she deserves it. >> keep moving forward. she's so grateful for the opportunity and hopes other kids battling cf can get a chance to have their wishes come true as well. next at 5:00, we are just getting video into the newsroom of the damage left behind from the storm from flooding inside the broad street line to cars stuck in the mud and trees down. we have you covered. plus we are look iing at th back end of this storm. you might even have sunshine in your neighborhood. but we are not done with the sprinkles. we'll talk about about all that. the war on heroin. one local company will have to pay up if it doesn't clean up the area known as ground zero for drugs.
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first at 5:00, thunder in and a lot of rain. strong winds ripped off a roof in montgomery county. all across the valley. >> we just got this picture in from wilmington. check this out. that's a huge tree that toppled over stretches across the street. this is in the highlands neighborhood.
4:59 pm
look at that. flooding on the broad street line. this with con cords getting drervelged with rain. it's nearly full. and over in east falls, the cars struggling to get through the flooded section. you can see both sides a of the road covered there with water. >> let's start with meteorologist tammie souza tracking what's left. this thing packed a punch. >> it did. in wilmington, over 50 mile an hour wind gusts. the ground is already saturated. so it didn't take a lot to get that tree over. you can actually see some places still socked in. lehigh valley is still look iin at rain and storms and clouds. new jersey still a bit cloudy. delaware you're clearing out. look at the sunshine. and also over philly. so things are starting to
5:00 pm
improve. the remainder of your even we could see a shower or storm. it could be very busy out there. if you're off to the north and the west of the city, this is the last of the storm system exiting the area. you can see at this point a huge amount of real estate is all clear from the storm system. let's take you on a little bit of a toor tour. towards philly, it's all clear. things have improved and across the area we're looking at temperatures that will fall off tonight into the lower 40s. we do have one last storm system that's going to be coming out of maryland and moving across delaware. it had a warning on it earlier. we'll keep a close eye on that one because that may provide some gusty winds. look at the size of this whole thi thing. a lot of snow on the backside. and still we're looking at the center of this thing that needs to cross our area. it's going to be late tomorrow night and early saturday when


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