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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the parking lot around the back of the building. the company makes technology products. there was a security guard looking out the window while this all happened. no one was hurt here. there's some cant damage to the building as well as employee's cars. . three of them crushed underneath the remains of the roof that blew off. we spoke to a witness whos in one of the industrial buildings here. listen to what she had to say. >> it wassing and you just sea it was like a wind tunnel. >> the roof flew off. >> firefighters have now roped off that area where the roof is sitting on top of heavy cars. we kabt even see the cars. we wanted to take a closer look
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at that. we were told there's still a large portion of this roof hanging off the back. still unsafe in that area. we're live, drew smith, nbc 10 news. in delaware tonight check out this damage left behind by today's storms. a tree fell on to a car in greenville. two people were injured there. >> cars were pushing other cars out of this blooded road. this video after a heavy downpour. >> here's time lapse video on top of the venture aquarium. several lines of wet weather moved through really fast. >> what a difference a few hours makes. here's a live look at the expressway near city avenue. you can see the road is dry for the drive home. traffic is e flowing. >> here's a look at the radar. you can see the line of storms making its way out of our area.
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>> are we in. the clear? glenn schwartz has your most accurate first alert forecast. >> we're clear of the severe weather threat. there's still some rain on the radar that is ready to come in here. the storms that hit us are way up to the north. but we still do have some rain. just about to be getting it. we have one heavy shower or thunderstorm left. that is down in southern delaware near mills bo ro. that is about the only cell that is left. you can see lighter stuff here in the area. it's not totally over with, but the worst is long gone. but 8:00 still some rain up to the north. but mostly just dry weather. a lot of clouds can around. a little bit on the breezy side
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setting us up for some not so nice weather tomorrow. right now, temperatures are up to 57 in philadelphia. which they haven't gotten b to in awhile. 60 in atlantic city. it was in the 60s in southern jersey and in delaware during the day today. . they are barely up near 50 degrees up to the north. and a lot of us are going to be in the 40s during the day tomorrow. more on the phillies home opener forecast and some dramatic changes as we head through the weekend and next week. >> nbc 10 was with you at home for every second of this storm. download the nbc 10 app to get weather alerts to let you know when it's about to rain wherever you are. >> now to transit. trouble, new jersey's governor is slamming amtrak as riders deal with delays. there have been two derailments in recents. >> the other in late march.
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governor crihristie says he won give amtrak money. >> lauren is joining us live. amtrak taking some heat today from the governor. how is the rail line responding. >> the amtrak eo says the governor is upset and has a right to be. but he also says that withholding money won't solve any problems. on new jersey transit is, the schedule today still slowing down travel tr passengers going to new york. like aretha williams from philly. >> monday's derailment created a domino affect of delays. >> in this instance, we disappointed our customers. we understand that. >> governor christie says he will withhold some. in a a let tore amtrak, governor
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crihristie said the disregard f customers is is unacceptable to e me. he wants an independent examination. >> asking for that kind of accountability is not unreasonable. starting to withhold funds at this stage of the game is koubt productive. >> we asked the director of the railroad engineering and safety program at the university of delaware about the governor's move and how it could affect riders. >> he's complaining about the upkeep, but by withholding money, he could unintentionally make the situation worse. >> absolutely. because they are relying on that money for their maintenance. >> amtrak reported today that the two recent derailments were caused by track problems. they are doing a review of maintenance procedures. we just got some new information for commuters.
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new jersey transit confirm iingf everything goes as planned, they should be back on a regular schedule tomorrow morning. >> in new jersey tonight, school bus sex iist. authorities are vgting a 5-year-old student. police say an older student is responsible. south jersey bureau reporter found they are blaming to save money. >> special needs parents are speaking up. >> about the most alleged crime in between the public school bus. police say students witness the boy assault a girl. >> another student approached her and unzipped his pants and exposed himself and pushed her head to the groin area. >> reporter: no one has been charged. they are relying on witness interviews. and parents say there are no
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cameras aboard trenton's school buss. the district didn't go on camera, but told us it is investigating a sexually inappropriate incident involving students who depart at the school. administrators are cooperate in with police, parents and child protection agencies. >> it's bigger than our kids. >> an aid was present. she rushed him to the e.r. it happened in december. he's 4. but has since returned to his normal ride to school. >> when my son leaves to go to school, he's in their care. >> parents say the district's cost-saving move in the afternoon is in part to blame. they want answers and want age groups separated. >> they don't need to have junior high school students on
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the same bus. >> they plan to make perm nnt changes to protect student safety for the rest of the year. cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> the man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and injuring another says he hurt himself brushing his teeth today. eric frein is charged with killing a. trooper. sources confirm to nbc 10 that frein hit his head on the sink while brushing his teeth in his jail cell. frein was checked out at the hospital and the trial was delayed until after lunch. once the trial resumes, prosecutors told jurors they tracked frein down using evidence from inside a jeep found near the shooting scene. that included frein's driver's license. >> the parents charged with gifting their daughter to a man both entered pleas. the mom pled guilty. prosecutors say the couple gave their 14-year-old daughter to lee caplin after he helped them
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financially. >> caplin is awaiting trial on sex abuse charges. a legend of american comedy has doied. don rickles passed away today. >> he visited "the tonight show" more than 100 times. in recent years a new generation discovered his voice as mr. potato head. >> tomorrow the senate will vote for the supreme court nominee. this is a look at the debate happening in washington, d.c.
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the search is on for a bank robber. the fbi is saying the republic bank at 16th and walnut street was robbed at 10:30 this morning. the surveillance snapshots say the suspect showed a note demanding cash and took off. philadelphia's levying fines against contributing to the heroin epidemic in the fair hill neighborhoods. cohn rail will have to pay neurosurgeon $14,000 a day until it cleans up its property. >> it's their responsibility to maintain the property and hold
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them to it. >> in a statement they said that alone will not address the bigger issue. it hopes to work with the neighborhood to find a long-term solution. but if something isn't done, the city is ready to sue. tracking your tax dollars. philadelphia continues to rack up overtime costs. the city has spent more than $91 on overtime just in the tirs half of 201. that's nearly 0% of the money set aside for overtime. if that spending pace keeps up, they will go over the budget. remember the draft experience the starts april 27th, which could drive up costs even more. lawmakers versus law mmaker. how a prayer about peace turned into an argument in the delaware senate. storms are on the move, but these west winds are bringing in the cold weather. we have your most accurate forecast, next.
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storm damage, part of that building ripped off. these are live pictures from sky force 10 as they are zooming out. you can see how much damage there is on the side of thatting and on the roof. we can tell you that kevin hart
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wrapped up shooting a movie there. >> a senate showdown in delaware. two lawmakers walked out on muslim men reading the opening prayer. it was supposed to be a message about peace. >> other lawmakers fired back saying they won't accept that behavior. tim furlong has what happened inside that senate meeting. tz. >> two muslim men were invited to offer the opening prayer. . when they read the passage, two senators both chose to walk out during it. any regrets a day later? >> absolutely not. >> the prayers was about peace and justice, but from what he knows of the koran and sees around the world, he doesn't want it read in the state senate. >> we are in the shadows of the air force base morgue and our people are being killed by these people and not by christians. >> he expressed his displeasure and at the end of the session a
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democrat basically got up and scolded him. what about the man invited to the senate in the first place. >> i'm as american as anybody else. he doesn't think he has a right to discriminate because of what some other muslims are doing somewhere else. >> they have to grow up thinking that they will be mistrusted and nobody will trust them. that's not fair. >> he's send the invitation to talk it out, but he's first on his position. if it's under muslim rule, i failed. >> tim furlong, nbc news.
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locking down safe tirks the philadelphia sheriffs department are giving out free gun locks to anyone who wants one. the locks prevent guns from going off in its way to promote firearm safety throughout the city. . we have a link to those locks on our nbc 10 app. you can download it for free in the app store. new video just in from sky force 10 of a huge tree just ripped out by the roof. blocking delaware avenue in wilmington. crews are working to clear that from the road. just a massive tree right there. >> also new at 6:00, a lightning strike sparks a house fire. take a look at these pictures and the lower part of the home. you see the flames all the the bo of the screen. also check this out. another close call. a big tree went down narrowly missing a a home. no cars on that home.
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is the worst over? >> we keep seeing tree after tree. glenn schwartz is joining us with the most accurate forecast. >> the worst of it is over. it's going to be windy and it's going to get increasingly chilly as we go through the next 24 hours or so. we have 21 mile an hour wind out of the west. even though it's 57 degrees. that's bringing in cold air. delaware west at 21. we have sunshine out at least in parts of the area. so it's not like it was a couple hours ago when it was pouring. there was a lot of lightning in delaware. and all the rain helped make the ground a little looser so the wind could knock over trees a little easier. the temperatures, 43 degrees. redding, 46. flooetwood, 45.
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that's not looking good. you can see these storms moving rapidly up to the northeast. they are moving at 60 miles per hour at times. now some of the moisture wrapping back around coming back at us in chester and birks county. that's moving to the east. we have a little line of heavier showers right through the lehigh valley. that shower that was south of mills bo ro was just moved offshore of the delaware coastline. but this is just part of this huge system that affected the phillies game in cincinnati today. it was kind of nasty weather. that part of the storm is headed our way for tomorrow. that's why it's going to take awhile to improve here. to go through the evening, there are some showers around. so don't leave the windows open just yet. you wopt want to tomorrow because it's going to be so chilly and windy.
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a lot of clouds tomorrow. there's just no doubt about that. and some rain for the phil lies game. you're really going to be uncomfortable. temperatures in the 40s. feeling like 40. winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. that's just ugly. and for the rest of the area tomorrow, mostly in the 40s. fairmont at 47. redding at 45 degrees. a lot of clouds. a lot of wind. a lot of cold. it's going to get way better over the weekend. we'll tell you about that, coming up. i'm john clark. we'll tell you what went wrong for the phillies today in cincinnati. ryan howard gets a new job. and an eagles player presents a birds jersey. that's next. . bla vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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. i'm john clark. the phillies haven't won ab opening series in six years. they lose in cincinnati. clay buck hold gave up 4 runs in his debut. how about daniel nava. 1-0. then in the third, his second at bat. . it's 3-1. nava is the first philly to homer in each of his first two at bats in 15 years. only two others have dodd done it in modern phillies history. this is pitcher michael lo renson. pinch hitting. he's the first pitcher in baseball with a pinch hit homer in eight years. reds win, 7-4. phillies were 1 for 17 with runners in scoring position in the series.
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they struck out 32 times. >> we're striking out too much. i don't think we're striking out because of the third strike. i think we're getting pitches to hit early in the count we're fouling them off for whatever reason. just don't seem to be making good contact on the pitches they should be hitting. >> ryan howard has a new job. it's in the nl east. the braves signed him to a one-year minor league deal. he will report to aaa. could be back in the majors after a little bit. he goes from making $25 million to $750,000. back where it all started in an illustrious basketball career. another eagles enginejersey tim. alshon jeffrey presented dawn with her own jersey. they were all there celebrating dawn leading to the women's national championship. and it all started for dawn in
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philly. >> i think the people of north t philly and the people that support you, they paint the. picture. this is a beautiful picture to come back and share in a special moment of success. >> it even says on her phone, i'm from north philly. we're right back.
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♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ a calm canner evening compared to a few hours ago. a live look at a pretty boat house row. it was storming earlier. >> that moved out quickly. >> you couldn't see boat house row at one point. we still have shom showers this evening. but nothing like we saw earlier. tomorrow an ugly day. cloudy, windy, chilly, damp. the weekend is gorgeous. e gets warm r on saturday. and perfect on sunday. monday and tuesday, we're 80 degrees. so the phillies are home for quite awhile. tomorrow's game is the only one with bad weather. great weather for all the rest.
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>> monday is going to feel like summer. that's our news at 6:00. >> up next is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. see you back here at 11:00. . breaking news tonight a trump administration preparing options for a military strike in syria. is america about to go deeper into a bloody civil war after the chemical attack. amid a tense conversation over the north korea nuclear threat. president trump, the president of china and a high-stakes showdown in florida. palace intrigue. word of a power struggle with trump's son-in-law jared kushner. home genetic testing approved by the fda for the first time. at home tests for everything from parkinsons to late-stage alzheimer's. would you want to know? remembering done rickles who


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