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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  April 7, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a child found safe after being taken off the streets of wilmington. and back on the tracks. amtrak service is returning to normal, but there are still safety concerns. 5:30 this friday morning. good morning. welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. i think it's going to be a pretty good day. we'll start with erika martin and the most accurate first alert weather forecast. that's right. we have at least favorable conditions for the phillies' home opener. a lot of the rain that we've been talking about even 48 hours ago, a lot of it won't be in the philly metro area. we'll start with the current temperatures. 46 for mt. holly. allentown. 45. the average high in philadelphia for this time of year is 60 degrees. look at the record high, 90 set back in 1929. we're not going to get there. we'll stay in the 40s. at least it's going to be a mainly dry day. now, feels-like temperatures now, it feels like 38 degrees in philadelphia. mt. holly, 41 for you.
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allentown, 39. coatesville, 37. that's expected because we have a shift in the winds. westerlies and west/southwesterlies. hour by hour starting at 5:30 a.m., you will see increasing clouds. notice the rain stays to the northwest. a mix for parts of mt. pocono. i don't think this will affect us locally in filphiladelphia. at noon, a popup, a return earlier. now it's pretty much dry with clouds. that's all we're going to see. the issue for the game will be those increasing wind speeds and wind gusts. that could top out at 40, 45 miles per hour. hour by hour, you see the winds clear as high pressure starts to develop. what about the weekend high temperatures, conditions for this weekend looking pleasant. 50s on saturday with lots of sunshine. sunday, seeing 60s, and then look at this -- let's go for 80s on monday. here's jessica with traffic.
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thanks. we're watching 95 this morning. our cameras around girard avenue. no problems reported so far. here is the southbound side. that's what's moving toward center city. we have a 13-minute drive time. no problems reported there either. southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. the p.a. turnpike looks the same. you see on our roadmap here, we are green. 21 minutes both directions. wekd and eastbound from route 1 to valley forge. moving to poulsbo in jersey. the exit off of 295 around exit 668, exit 18, 295 is here. 295 is open, but we have the on and off ramps blocked now because of an earlier warehouse fire that happened around 2:00 or so this morning. exit 17 and exit 19 are open. you can still access 295 that way. and you can also take the new jersey turnpike as your alternate. >> thank you. 5:32. 46 degrees outside. breaking developments this morning in syria following a u.s. missile strike. >> this morning there is growing reaction from across the globe and here at home. president trump ordered the
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strike on the syrian air base last night. 60 missiles were launched. at least six people were killed. this in reaction to the chemical attack that killed almost 100 people in syria this week. katy zachry joins us live. local lawmakers are reacting. tell us more. >> reporter: that's right. they are sounding off about the air strikes. most members of congress we're hearing from are supportive of this response from the president. but they say any escalation beyond missile or air strikes should go through congress to engage reaction from the american people. "the latest attack on innocent men, women, and children is horrific and appalling. if the u.n. does not take appropriate action, then the united states must." and democratic senator chris koonz from delaware had this response, "while i'm encouraged that the trump administration has felt compelled to act forcefully, i'm concerned that the united states is engaging
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further militariy in syria without a well thought out, comprehensive plan." it's images like this from tuesday's chemical attack that gripped the hearts of the world and prompted president trump to react with this military offensive. he ordered the attack after speaking with his military and national security teams. >> there can be no dispute that syria used banned chemical weapons, violated its obligations under the chemical weapons ban and under the security council. >> we've heard that france will hold an emergency defense meeting to discuss next steps in syria after the air strikes were carried out. nbc10 news. now to a developing story. a child kidnapped in new castle county is safe this morning. police continuing to search for her abductor. witnesses saw the 4-year-old girl being kidnapped on sugar plum court in the pike creek neighborhood around 7:00 last
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night. she was found unharmed two hours later in banning park. nbc10 was on the scene where the girl was kidnapped. witnesses said a man in a car literally scooped the little girl off the street and drove away. investigators say a passerby discovered her in the park about 20 minutes later. they said the abductor was driving a dark-colored sedan with tinted windows. and surveillance video from sunday appears to show a man trying to snatch a baby out of its stroller at the dunkin' donuts in center city. police say they talked to both the man and the baby's parents. the d.a.'s office will decide whether to file charges. more state troopers are expected to take the stand as the trial continues for accused cop killer eric frein. he arrived in court several hours late yesterday after sources say he had to be treated at the hospital because he hit his head on the sink while brushing his teeth in his jail cell. frein is charged with killing
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corporal brian dixon and wounding trooper alex douglas at their barracks. this morning, new jersey transit will be back running at full composite to and from new york just days after a train derailment. money me-- meantime, governor crist cyhris christie is considering suing amtrak to get millions back. also on amtrak concerns, federal regulators say positive train control technology is installed in all tracks along the northeast corridor. but that may not solve all safety problems. ptc is designed to slow a speeding train, but regulators told the railroad hearing in washington that the latest reports show that some will not pick up the signal. amtrak has a 2018 deadline to install the technology. it became an issue following the 2015 port richmond derailment that killed eight people and injured 200 others. 5:36.
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former vice president joe biden will attend a rally at the university of delaware to commemorate the opening of the biden institute. it will focus on developing public policy solutions on a variety of issues including economic, the environment, civil rights, women's rights, and criminal justice. take a look at what this strong storm did to this building in montgomery county yesterday. >> yeah. the materials building had its roof ripped off. the debris smashed down on the cars in the parking lot. no one was hurt. >> we were scared. i mean, the first step is you shouldn't be near the window. then we decided to take cover. we ran in the back. >> the debris with all the nails and everything, the whole roof. if anybody was walking that back lot, i'm sure there would have been fatalities. >> it appears that straight-line winds caused the damage. the company replaced this roof in the last year and a half.
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i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin with the most accurate forecast. the national weather service will have to go and assess the area to confirm whether it was straight-line winds or any type of microburst. this is something we'll keep you updated on social media if you follow us at nbc philadelphia. southwesterlies 20 miles per hour. the winds will shift westerly and west/northwesterlies, which means cooler air moving into our viewing area. in and around the philly metro area, andora, 44. rittenhouse, 46. port richmond currently at 46 degrees. summerton at 43. and warmer here, 46, although it will be unseasonably cold for today. seeing lots of low 40s for the lehigh valley. all allentown, 43. pittstown, 42. lenardsville, 41 degrees. and easton along with nazareth, 43 degrees. phillies home opener today, i again have been talking about the fact that it looks mainly dry for today. but it looks like we do have
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that wind that's an issue for this afternoon. wind gusts topping out at 40 miles per hour. sustained wind speeds 15 to 25 miles per hour. so we do have temperatures that are going to feel colder than those temperatures you're seeing up here. feels-like temperature in the upper 30s to low 40s. be sure you bundle up. i will time out any type of rain in just one moment. current winds right now, again, westerly, southwesterly. they're not very strong right now. they will start to increase as the day progresses. and here it is, satellite and radar image picking up on some light rain, just to the northwest. a little bit of a mix i think will make it to parts of the lehigh valley. perhaps mt. pocono. let's time this out. at 11:30 a.m., we see a line of really light showers moving into the lehigh valley, berks county. but by 12:30, there's really not much left. the atmosphere is very dry right now. a high-pressure system will start to develop, and that's pretty much going to start being the influence for this upcoming weekend. we will see lots of clouds. and again, i do think that the winds will be an issue.
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but you can see everything skirts us around the philly metro area. if anything, we may see a scattered shower. for the most part, it will remain dry, but it will be gusty. be sure you bundle up. >> all right. thank you. 5:40. let's get you to work. it's friday. we've still got one more day. >> jessica, looking at the vine street expressway. how's it looking? >> we look good. at least better than we looked yesterday. we had about four accidents in the exact same spot. right here on this westbound side yesterday morning. that was because of rain and slippery spots. now we're doing better, westbound toward the schuylkill expressway, no problems. eastbound toward 95, no problems there either. radner, watch for a downed tree taking out a portion of bryn mawr at castleton and county line road. a portion will be closed until that tree is out of the way. flooding, this is also on mlk drive between sweet briar and falls bridge. between the strawberry mansion area and east falls, watch for a closure on mlk drive. we'll end with mass transit. trenton train, 7218 running two
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cars short. expect overcrowding there. and they may start to express and bypass stops and stations. other than that, new jersey transit, amtrak, and patco running on time, and back to normal schedules. back to you. >> thank you. walking out. this morning, there's a prayer controversy in the delaware state senate. we'll tell you what happened that caused a couple of senators to get up and leave. and trapped on a train. a woman gets her head stuck in between doors. we'll tell you what other passengers did that is causing backlash. and rickles remembered. this morning, we look back on the life of a legendary comedian. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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a quarter to 6:00, and we
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continue to follow the impacts of the air strikes on syria. we're joined by assistant director of political science at university of camden. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> i guess the question in everybody's mind -- what's next? should the u.s. worry about retaliatio retaliation? >> that ball is in assad's court now and russia. but -- it's unlikely that assad or russia will retaliate against the u.s. what does increase is the possibility of miscalculation in the air for u.s. forces. also the possibility that assad's forces may try to make u.s. operations somewhat more difficult. >> let's talk about u.s. foreign policy and the impact that these strikes could have on that. >> these strikes hit a single target. they did not hit assad's surface-to-air missiles. they hit the airbase that housed the aircraft that executed the
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chemical attack. >> right. >> so this is not a large change from the status quo. this is a limited strike and serves as a warning to assad and russia. it does not in any way indicate that this is a large shift in u.s. foreign policy. >> a clear pledge to assad and to russia. -- clear message to assad and to russia. what message does it send to the global community? >> it gains credibility for the u.s. this is the outcome of the 2013 issue and 2011 issue on chemical weapons. for assad, the infamous red line. it shows that the u.s. is not willing to step up and stop the use of chemical weapons. >> thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. now switching gears. this morning, comedy fans are mourning a legend. don rickles died yesterday at the age of 80. >> sammy, you're black.
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i'm sorry. >> politically correct he was not, but don rickles and his rapid-fire insults lit up tv, casinos, and clubs for more than 50 years. the cominic -- comic known as mr. warmth was at roasts and appeared on johnny carson's "tonight show" more than 100 times. friends and co-stars placed flowers on the hollywood walk of fame. one fan called him the last of the best. rickles died of kid anyway failure at his -- kidney failure at his home in los angeles. a religious battle is brewing in the delaware state senate. two muslim men were invited to offer the opening prayer in the senate on wednesday. when they began reading a passage from the koran, republican state senators colin benini and dave lawson both got up and walked out. we spoke with senator lawson and one of the muslim men. >> we are in the shadows of the
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dover air force base morgue, and people are coming here by these people and not being killed by christians. >> i am as -- as american, as patriot, as anybody else. >> democrat david mcbride scolded lawson saying he was personally offended that the muslim guests would not feel welcomed. people are outraged by this video from new york. it shows passengers just walking by a woman who had her head stuck between the subway doors, and no one offered to help. >> is that incredible? >> we saw at least four people pass by this woman. transit worker eventually freed the woman. she said she was okay. the transit agency says the doors were open and the train was never in danger of moving. >> no one even stopped to be with her and start screaming for help or try -- aw. >> i wonder if they thought it was a prank, who knows? today is national beer day. >> you may choose to celebrate the unofficial holiday. whether you're having a cold one at the phillies game or hitting a happy hour at the end of the
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long workweek. today marks 83 years since an act went into effect to end prohibition. according to a recent poll, beer is the top beverage choice among people over the age of 21 who drink alcohol. i am not one of them. >> i'm not either. i'm not either. it's national -- where's national martini day? >> i'll look it up. >> i'll participate there. >> you don't drink beer? >> i didn't say anything. yes, i drink beer. i'm the quiet one. >> you celebrate -- >> we all celebrate. >> you have three for every one. it's friday, and if the weather's good, it's going to be national beer day every friday. >> yes, i'm excited. we have a really nice day on tap. we've been talking about rain -- >> on tap. >> ba-dum-bum. >> yes. >> i didn't catch that. i had not had my beer yet. my gosh. let's get to the phillies home game. you guys are getting me in trouble. it looks like temperatures today are pretty much going to be in the mid to upper 40s. we'll top out at 49 degrees, our
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expected high temperature in philadelphia. the big story for today will be the increasing wind speeds. 15 to 20 miles per hour. my concern would be any wind gust topping out at about 40, 45 miles per hour, of course, feels-like temperatures, that's something we have to talk about. it's going to feel like it's in the upper 30s to low 40s. hour-by-hour forecast, cannot show this enough today. you'll see clouds develop as the day progresses. maybe one isolated shower. everything stays to the northwest. parts of the lehigh valley, maybe mt. pocono. 12:30, there's not much going on. everything stays outside of the philly metro area. we have clouds contained in the area. but a high-pressure system will develop. everything will improve by later today into the weekend. looks like a nice weekend on tap. current wind profile out of the west/southwest.
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wilmington, 12 miles per hour. philadelphia, 10. for you, millville, 10. allentown, 14. atlantic city, calmer, 7 mile-per-hour wind speeds there. so current temperatures are mainly in the 40s. the average high for today in philadelphia is 60. we're only going to see upper 40s, current temperature in philadelphia, 46. atlantic city, 48. and 47 here. feels-like temperatures, of course, to consider that any time we start to see increasing wind speeds and that shift in those winds. it feels like 38 in philadelphia. feels like 45 in atlantic city. feels like 39 in allentown. and 40 in trenton. in their is not going to -- and this is not going to get better because of a shift in winds. the weekend highs looking good. i cannot emphasize that enough. an area of high pressure will be the weather maker. notice lots of sunshine in the forecast across the boards for saturday, sunday, and i'm even including monday. it looks like we'll top out at 80 degrees on monday. and the 68 to the jersey shore,
5:52 am
i'll bump us up to 75. sometimes the numbers don't punch through. 75 here. notice on saturday, seeing lots of sunshine. climbing to 50s for some, 60s for others. monday, a nice warmup. that will stay through tuesday. let me get out of your way. 80 on tuesday and a mix of sun and clouds. i took out the showers on wednesday. i went with mostly cloudy skies. 60s for thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. looks good. i'll have more information. follow us on social media for more updates. >> thanks. 6:08. and jessica, you asked for national martini day. the crack newsroom found out there is a national martini day -- june 19th. >> coming up real soon. good weather, we'll sit outside and have martinis. and in poulsbo, 295. we've been watching this for most of the morning. there was an earlier warehouse fire around the 2:00 marker. it was blocking off the on and
5:53 am
off ramps to exit 18 which is route 667 on 295. i can't see any of the emergency crews there anymore. there's no word that it's actually cleared yet. i'll have to check, double check back in with our traffic systems here. i can't even see any of the emergency crews anymore. it may be reopened. either way, it wasn't creating a huge problem. 295, as you see here, is still open. alternates all open and clear, as well, with no major delays. exit 17 was one. exit 19, or the new jersey turnpike. everything looks okay there. again, i'll double check in with 295 again to see if those on and off ramps are back open. in gloucester township, watch for a crash on the 42 freeway headed southbound. coming away from the philadelphia area, more toward the shore points. more headed toward circleville or so. at the blackwood/clementon road mark. back to you. >> thank you. a broadway dream comes true for a south jersey girl battling a serious illness. how she landed tickets to the hottest show in town and why it
5:54 am
meant so much to her. coming up at 6:00, the drive to save lives. a new effort starts to prevent deadly crashes. the interstate that will be on police radar up next.
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now we'll look at some of the stories from across our area. >> in bucks county a couple entered pleas on child endangerment charges for gifting their girls to a feasterville man. lee caplan took the girls in and allegedly fathered two children with one of the girls. yesterday, their mother pleaded guilty. her husband entered a no contest plea. cap laugher goes on trial next month -- caplan goes on trial next month. and a bridge that connects reading with west reading will open today. a ribbon cutting will be held for the buttonwood street bridge. a $14 million overhaul is finished on the bridge. a school in glossboro will reopening following a health scare yesterday. glassboro intermediate school was evacuated after a gas leak made students sick.
5:58 am
higher than carbon monoxide levels were found at the school. and wilmington will soon need a new top cop. police chief bobby cummings is retiring from the force after 32 years of service. his retirement will be effective next friday. the mayor will announce wimbledon's next police chief next week. and camden county college has a new president. yesterday don borden was installed as the fifth president of the school in blackwood. borden has deep roots in south jerseyy where he was a principal and the school superintendent. borden earned degrees from rowan university. and berks county is about to become the home to the second indoor veladrome in the country. the indoor cycling track is being built at albright college. this is what it will look like. the only other one in the u.s. is in california. we have a story about a wish that came true for a south jersey girl who's been in and out of the hospital. >> yeah. this is a great story. she went from egg harbor city to broadway to see the hottest show in town. of course, "hamilton."
5:59 am
14-year-old maddie banks is battling cystic fibrosis. her trips to and from the hospital caused her to miss a class trip to see "hamilton" in new york city. when the nonprofit take a breather found out, it surprised her with tickets to see the hit musical. >> i think it will be amazing. keep moving forward with it. >> last week she went to the doctor. she could have been admitted. and he was like, i'm not going to admit her because she's got to go to new york. do your best to get better and enjoy it. >> maddie saw the show last night. now she's up to date with the rest of her class. i saw in the shot, it looks like maddie didn't just go to see the show. it looks like she got car service. >> special treatment. right. we'll have to check back with you today to see how her time was yesterday. >> that must have fun. good for you. now for more of the stories we're following on "nbc10 news today" at 6:00 -- >> launching an attack, breaking overnight, the world is reacting
6:00 am
after president trump orders a missile attack on syria. we have new information on the dea deaths, the damage, and reaction. a 4-year-old taken. a little girl snatched off a delaware street. she is safe this morning. the search is underway for her kiss kidnapper. and baseball is back. the phillies make their grand return to citizens bank park this afternoon. we're live on the field ahead of the home opener this afternoon. anything better than home opener? >> nope. nope. a busy day. a lot to get to. 6:00 a.m., "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we'll get right to meteorologist erika martin and the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. hi. hi, conditions will be windy. be sure you have the jackets handy. only topping out at 49 in philadelphia, below the average of 60. you see the winds blowing already with the flag there. so keep in mind a windy day. gusty day in store. be sure you l


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